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AbelF050329-002.jpgTy Abel newspaper article
AbelF050329-003.jpgTy Abel newspaper article part 2
AckerIMG_0001.jpgMrs Frank Acker
AckerIMG_0002.jpgFrabj Acjer
AckerIMG_0003.jpgWilliam Acker grave marker 1868-1870
AckerIMG_0004.jpgAcker - Doyle grave marker
AckerIMG_0005.jpgLaura, Flora and Frank Acker
AckerIMG_0006.jpgFrank Acker family tree 1 of 3
AckerIMG_0007.jpgFrank Acker family....2 of 3
AckerIMG_0008.jpgFrank Acker family....3 of 3
AdairF050331-001.jpgAdair family notes 1 of 2
AdairF050331-002.jpgAdair Family Notes 2 of 2
AdamsF050331-003.jpgRep Salisbury Adams ....GOP House leader, to retire
AdamsF050331-004.jpgSalisbury Adams ...on the issues
AdamsF050331-005.jpgAdams Family references
AdamsIMG-0010.jpgBarbara 1826-1899 and Michael Adams 1821-1900 headstones
AdamsIMG.jpgCatherine Adams Bukowksi 04-1852 - 11-1939
AdamsIMG_0001.jpgAnthony J Adams memoriam 1 of 2
AdamsIMG_0002.jpgAnthony J Adams memoriam 2 of 2
AdamsIMG_0003.jpgElizabeth Adams memoriam 1 of 2
AdamsIMG_0004.jpgElizabeth Adams memoriam 05-26-1872 - 10-14-1971 2 of 2
AdamsIMG_0005.jpgClifford A Adams memoriam 1 of 2
AdamsIMG_0006.jpgClifford A Adams memoriam 12-18-1919 - 11-20-1979
AdamsIMG_0008.jpgGertrude Adams Loeffler January 1862-1943, Phillip Loeffler born January 1859. Wedding Photo 1883
AdamsIMG_0009.jpgMichael Adams Certificate of Death 03-21-1866 - 03-10-1938
AdamsIMG_0010.jpgGertrude Ada,s Certificate of Death 11-08-1888 - 12-12-1910
AdamsIMG_0011.jpgAnthony J Adams Certificate of Death 03-10-1864 - 09-04-1955
AdamsIMG_0015.jpgNathan C Adams obituary 12-1978
AdamsIMG_0038.jpgAdams Family Bound Edition, 2005 NOTE: located in Vault - Family Bound
AdamsIMG_014.jpgMr A J Adams obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 352
AgnewF050331-006.jpgMary (Agnew) Arens Hormel Commercial
AgnewF050331-007.jpgBob Agnew, Luce Line Conductor
AhernIMG.jpgRose Ahern obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 361
AhlquistIMG.jpgSusan J Ahlquist obituary 02-10-1987, grand daughter of Flroence (Redpath) Ahlquist NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 12
AhlquistIMG_0001.jpgAmy Sue Ahlquist obituary
AhlquistIMG_0002.jpgWalter Ahlquist obituary 10-28-1978
AhlquistIMG_0003.jpgWalater Ahlquist obituary 10-27-1978
AhlquistIMG_0004.jpgSally Anne Ahlquist obituary December 1979
AhlquistIMG_0005.jpgFlorence I Ahlquist obituary 07-26-1983
Ahlstrom043010A.jpgArvid Ahlstrom - Getting the mail on his John Deere
Ahlstrom41310-1.jpgArvid Bertha Bob & Mary Ahlstrom with dog Rusty 1941
Ahlstrom41310-2.jpgBertha & Mary Ahlstromn at John Ahlstrom Sr's farm 1939
Ahlstrom41310-2_0001.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom children- 1948- front to back: Don, Bob, Gladys, Mary & Betsy
Ahlstrom41310-2_0002.jpgMary Ahlstrom's Confirmation with Grandparents John & Mary Merz about 1949
Ahlstrom41310-2_0003.jpgMary Ahlstrom's Confirmation Back row: Mary Merz, Mary, Bertha. Front row: Gladys & Don
Ahlstrom41310-3.jpgMary Ahlstrom with dog Rusty summer 1942
Ahlstrom41310-4.jpgBob & Mary Ahlstrom Walker Oct 2001
Ahlstrom41310-5.jpgMary Ahlstrom Graduation from Orono HS 1956
Ahlstrom41310_0001.jpgBob & Mary Ahlstrom 1941
Ahlstrom41310_0002.jpgMary Betsy & Bob Ahlstrom about 1943 or 1944
Ahlstrom41310_0003.jpgMary & Bob & Arvid Ahlstromn at Medicine Lake Farm about 1943
Ahlstrom41310_0004.jpgArvid with his 1923 Model T Ford he paid $65 for. Hit by a minister on Sunday morning at Stubbs Bay
Ahlstrom41310_0005.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom & Mary Walker at Grand Canyon AZ
Ahlstrom42010-2.jpgArvid Ahlstrom with sons Joe, Don. Bob & Arvid
Ahlstrom42010-3.jpgJohn Gardner husband of Anita Ahlstrom & Roger Piclo husband of Betsy Ahlstrom. Family picture
Ahlstrom420104_0001.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom & 8 kids. Back row: Don, Anita, Linda, Joe, Betsy, Bob. Muddle row: Gladys, Arvid, Bertha. Seated: Mary
Ahlstrom420104_0002.jpgBertha Ahlstrom & Grandson Steve Kotslik visitinbg during family picnic
Ahlstrom420104_0003.jpgJohn Gardner, husband of Anita Ahlstrom and Don Ahlstrom visiting at a family picnic
Ahlstrom420104_0004.jpgArvid Ahlstrom chatting with Granddaughter Vickie Ahlstrom Braegelmann and Great Granddaughter Alexandrs Braegelmann
Ahlstrom420104_0005.jpgBertha & Arvid Ahlstrom 1975
Ahlstrom42010_0001.jpgMary & Betsy Ahlstrom around 1950
Ahlstrom42010_0002.jpgMary & Don Ahlstrom at Medina farm before house remodel about 1948
Ahlstrom42010_0003.jpgArvid Ahlstrom Family at Hillside cemetary front row: Bob, Gladys. Middle row: Mary, Betsy, Don. Back Row: Arvid Bertha
Ahlstrom42710-1_0001.jpgKris & Betsy Kotalik - Merz Family Reunion
Ahlstrom42710-1_0002.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom & 8 kids Arvid's 80th Birthday Party. Back row: Don, Gladys, Joe, Betsy, Linda. Front row: Anita Mary, Bertha, Bob. Seated: Arvid
Ahlstrom42710-1_0003.jpgBob & Arvid Ahlstrom at Arvid's 80th Birthday Party
Ahlstrom42710-1_0004.jpgMary Walker & Bertha Ahlstrom fishing
Ahlstrom42710-1_0005.jpgAxel & Ella Ahlstrom at Axel 85th Birthday Party
Ahlstrom42710-2.jpgMary Ahlstrom Walker with Great Niece Jackie Forniak
Ahlstrom43010-1_0001.jpgArvid Ahlstrom with Granddaughter Diane Walker Eyler
Ahlstrom43010-1_0002.jpgLarry Walker & Mary Ahlstrom Walker 1982
Ahlstrom43010-1_0003.jpgMary Ahlstrom Walker Family. Back Row: John, Debby, Denny. Front Row: Larry, Mary, Diane Walker about 1982
Ahlstrom43010-1_0004.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom's 50 Weddinbg Anniversary. L to R: Linda Moriarity, Bertha, Ella & Axel Ahlstrom
Ahlstrom43010-1_0005.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom
Ahlstrom43010-1_0006.jpgBertha Merz Ahlstrom July 2000
Ahlstrom43010-1_0007.jpgBob Ahlstrom and daughters Wendy Meyer and Shelley Schaust frying fish for a family get together
Ahlstrom43010-1_0008.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom
Ahlstrom43010-1_0009.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom on Arvid's 89th Birthday
Ahlstrom43010-1_0010.jpgArvid Ahlstrom Getting the mail. June 1998
Ahlstrom524101_0001.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom with 8 kids-back row Bob, Linda, Joe. Middle row Betsy, Arvid, Bertha, Gladys. Front Row Mary, Don. Anita 1998 or 1999
Ahlstrom524101_0002.jpgArvid Ahlstrom Bertha Ahlstrom at Don's house about 1999
Ahlstrom524101_0003.jpgArvid Ahlstrom on his 89th Birthday
Ahlstrom524101_0004.jpgDiane & Mary Walker at Diane's marriage to Jim Eyler
Ahlstrom524101_0005.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom at Zane Grey (author)'s cabin near Payson AZ
Ahlstrom524101_0006.jpgGoing fishing Arvid Ahlstrom & Mary Walker--Arvid's cabin
Ahlstrom524101_0007.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom & Mary Ahlstrom Walker June 1998
Ahlstrom524101_0008.jpgBob & daughter Wendy & Shelley frying fish for a family get-together
Ahlstrom524101_0009.jpgArvid Ahlstrom at 50th wedding anniversary 1987
Ahlstrom524101_0010.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom Merz 1936 at Margaret Turnham's /Barnes house
Ahlstrom524101_0011.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom 1937
Ahlstrom524101_0012.jpgCover print of Arvid & Bertha Ahlstrom's family thank-you note
Ahlstrom524101_0013.jpgText of Arvid & Bertha Ahlstrom family thank-you note
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid Eulogy_0001.jpgArvid Ahlstrom Eulogy, p1
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid Eulogy_0002.jpgArvid Ahlstrom Eulogy pg 2
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid Eulogy_0003.jpgArvid Ahlstrom Eulogy Pg 3
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid Eulogy_0004.jpgAhlstrom Arvid Eulogy Page 4
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid wedding photos_0001.jpgArvid Ahlstrom/Bertha Merz Wedding September 28, 1937
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid wedding photos_0003.jpgL & R Andy, Ade, Axel, Arvid Ahlstrom, Bertha Merz, Johnny Ahlstrom, Sally Merz, Albert Ahlstrom & Norbie Merz. Arvid & Bertha Ahlstrom's wedding September 28, 1935
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid _0001.jpgArvid Ahlstrrom's memoirs pg 1
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid _0002.jpgArvid Ahlstrom's memoirs, p2
AhlstromAhlstrom Arvid _0003.jpgArvid ahlstrom's memoirs, p3
AhlstromAhlstrom B Eulogy_0001.jpgAhlstrom, Bertha Eulogy Page 1
AhlstromAhlstrom B Eulogy_0002.jpgAhlstrom, Bertha, Eulogy Page 2
AhlstromAhlstrom Family, 1975 Names.jpgAhlstrom Family, 1975 names (hand-writing of names on back of photo)
AhlstromAhlstrom Family, 1975 picture.jpgAhlstrom Family, 1975 Top row: Pat Moriarity, Shelly Ahlstrom, John Gardner, Denny Walker, Larry Walker, Diane Walker, Joe Ahlstrom, Diane Ahlstrom, Bob Ahlstrom, Dick Kotalik, Don Ahlstrom, Linda Ahlstrom. 2nd row: Linda Moriarity, Debbie Walker, Anita Gardner (holding Craig), Mary Walker, Arvic Ahlstrom, Bertha Ahlstrom, Betsy Kotalik, Gladys Pelkey. 3rd row: Kris Kotalik, John Walker, Steve Kotalik, Mike Ahlstrom, Bill Pelkey. Bottom Row: Scott Gardner, Vickie Ahlstrom, Amy Ahlstrom, Tom Pelkey, Pam Pelkey, Wendy Ahlstrom
AhlstromArvid, 1936.jpgArvid Ahlstrom, 1936
AhlstromArvid-Bertha Ahlstrom History_0001.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom History - Page 1
AhlstromArvid-Bertha Ahlstrom History_0002.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom Family History - Page 2
AhlstromArvid-Bertha Ahlstrom History_0003.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom Family History - Page 3
AhlstromArvid-Bertha Ahlstrom History_0004.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom Family History - Page 4
AhlstromArvid-Bertha Ahlstrom History_0005.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom Family History - Page 5
AhlstromArvid-Bertha Ahlstrom History_0006.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom Family History - Page 6
AhlstromArvid-Bertha Ahlstrom History_0007.jpgArvid & Berthat Ahlstrom Family History - Page 7
AhlstromBertha Ahlstrom Remembrances_0001.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Rememberances Page 1
AhlstromBertha Ahlstrom Remembrances_0002.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Rememberances Page 3
AhlstromBertha Ahlstrom Remembrances_0003.jpgBertha Ahlstroms Rememberances Page 2
AhlstromBertha Ahlstrom Remembrances_0004.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Rememberances - Page 4
AhlstromBertha Ahlstrom Remembrances_0005.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Rememberances - Page 5
AhlstromBertha Ahlstrom Remembrances_0006.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Rememberances - Page 6
AhlstromBertha Ahlstrom Remembrances_0007.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Rememberances - Page 7
AhlstromBertha and Linda.jpgBertha Ahlstrom & Linda Moriarity date unknown
AhlstromBertha Merz Ahlstrom.jpgBertha Merz Ahlstrom at her & Arvid's 1st home at Stubbs Bay in 1937
AhlstromBertha Merz.jpgBertha Merz, 1936
AhlstromBertha&Arvid.jpgBerth Merz & Arvid Ahlstrom, 1936
AhlstromBertha's Writings_0001.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Writings - Page 1
AhlstromBertha's Writings_0002.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Writings - Page 2
AhlstromBertha's Writings_0003.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Writings - Page 3
AhlstromBertha's Writings_0004.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Writings - Page 4
AhlstromBertha's Writings_0005.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Writings - Page 5
AhlstromBertha's Writings_0006.jpgBertha Ahlstrom's Writings - Page 6
AhlstromBob & Betty Ahlstrom in wisc.jpgBob & Betty hlstrom in Wisconsin with Ericson cousins during WWII
AhlstromCopy (2) of 42010-2.jpgArvid Ahlstrom with sons Joe, Don. Bob & Arvid
AhlstromCopy of 41310-2_0001.jpgAhlstrom unidentified
AhlstromCopy of 41310_0001.jpg-
AhlstromCopy of 42010-2.jpgArvid Ahlstrom with sons Joe, Don. Bob & Arvid
AhlstromCopy of 524101_0002.jpg-
AhlstromDon and Linda.jpgDon & Linda Ahlstrom Sunday coffee at Bertha & Arvid's
AhlstromF050331-007.jpgAhlstrom Family Notes
AhlstromF050331-008.jpgAndy Ahlstrom
AhlstromF050331-009.jpgBob and Dianne Ahlstrom / Bertha Ahlstrom
AhlstromF050331-010.jpgAndy Ahlstrom & Harold King
AhlstromF050331-011.jpgMarion Ahlstrom Obit
AhlstromF050331-012.jpgArvid & Betha Ahlstrom
AhlstromHoly Name News 9-37_0001.jpgBertha Merz Ahlstrom wedding shower news article
AhlstromHoly Name News 9-37_0002.jpgArvid & Bertha Ahlstrom wedding news article
AhlstromHoly Name News 9-37_0003.jpgBertha Merz Ahlstrom Shower news article
AhlstromIMG.jpgAhlstrom, Dillman, Neddermeyer Picnic 1950 NOTE: identification of thos in photo located in Ahlstrom Family Folder
AhlstromIMG_0001.jpgEdna Ahlstrom obituary January 1982
AhlstromKip Hale Opens New Cafe.jpgKip Hale Opens New Cafe News Article
AhlstromMary Ahlstrom at 1.jpgMary Ahlstrom at 1 yr old, 1939
AhlstromMary Walker's Memories_0001.jpgMary Walker's Memories - Page 1
AhlstromMary Walker's Memories_0002.jpgMary Walker's Memories - Page 2
AhlstromMary Walker's Memories_0003.jpgMary Walker's Memories - Page 3
AhlstromMary Walker's Memories_0004.jpgMary Walker's Memories - Page 4
AhlstromMary Walker's Memories_0005.jpgMary Walker's Memories - Page 5
AhlstromMary Walker's Memories_0006.jpgMary Walker's Memories - Page 6
AhlstromMary Walker's Memories_0007.jpgMary Walker's Memeries - 007
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0001.jpgAndy Ahlstrom, date unknown
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0002.jpgAndy Ahlstrom, during World War II
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0003.jpgAndy Ahlstrom, date unknown
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0004.jpgAndy Ahlstrom at Excelsior Nursing Home
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0005.jpgAndy Ahlstrom, date unknown
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0006.jpgAndy Ahlstrom during World War II
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0007.jpgAndy Ahlstrom during World War II
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0008.jpgAndy Ahlstrom during World War II
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0009.jpgAndy Ahlstrom on leave during World War II at Medicine Lake house of Arvid and Bertha Ahlstrom
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0010.jpgJohn, Andy, Axel, and Arvid Ahlstrom
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0011.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom memoriam 02-03-1906 - 04-27-1981
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0012.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Military Discharge papers 1 of 3
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0013.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Military.....2 of 3
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0014.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Military....3 of 3
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0015.jpgAhlstrom - To All Relatives and Friends of Service Men From Our District newspaper article
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0016.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom :Long Lake to Honor Service Boys Tonight 02-26-1942 newspaper article
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0017.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Here Are Questions Draft Registrants Must Answer article 1940
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0018.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Sugar Ration Qualifying Sheet 04-23-1942
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0019.jpgSgt. Andrew Ahlstrom newspaper article
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0020.jpgSgt Andrew Ahlstrom of Long Lake newspaper article
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0021.jpgAdolph Ahlstrom , WT3/C writes to wonder what's become of the Herald....12-28-1944 The Minnetonka Herald
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0022.jpgAdolph Ahlstrom, C&R, Co. X, Navy Pier.... article in Minnetonka Herald 08-12-1943
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0023.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom - Norbert Merz still somewhere in the Pacific, with a change in APO number. The Minnetonka Herald 08-12-1943
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0024.jpgAdolph Ahlstrom and Sgt Andrew Ahlstrom newspaper article 09-28-1944
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0025.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Report of Induction of Selective Service Man 1 of 2
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0026.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Report of Induction.... 2 of 2
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0027.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Army Qualification 03-11-1942
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0028.jpgSgt Andrew Ahlstrom letter from the Office of the Post Engineer 08-29-1945
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0029.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom - The United States of America honors the memory of Andrew Ahlstrom from President Ronald Reagan
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0030.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Service Record cover. NOTE: this document in its entirety may be found in the Ahlstrom, Andrew family file.
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0031.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States membership card 11-20-1952
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0032.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0033.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom memoriam 02-03-1906 - 04-27-1981
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0034.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom obituary
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0035.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0036.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0037.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0038.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0039.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0040.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0041.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0042.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0043.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0044.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0045.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom postcard, Casablanca-Boulevard De La Gare
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0046.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom 194?
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0047.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0048.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0049.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0050.jpgAndrwe Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0051.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0052.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0053.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0054.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0055.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0056.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0057.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0058.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0059.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0060.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0061.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0062.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0063.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom unidentified
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0064.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Mascot Royal
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0065.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Grenache
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0066.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom War Ration Book Four. NOTE: Document contains intact stamps and may be found in the Ahlstrom, Andrew Family Folder 1 of 2
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0067.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom War Ration Book Four....back cover 2 of 2
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0068.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Army Exchange Service Ration Card....2 of 2
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0069.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Army Exchange Service Ration Card 04-28-1944 - 06-26-1944 1 of 2
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0070.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom - Phamplet distributed to servicemen and women by Franklin D Roosevelt 1 of 3
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0071.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom - Phamplet....3 of 3
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0072.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom - Phamplet....2 of 3
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0073.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom Christmas Program 1944 cover. NOTE: remainder of this program is located in Ahlstrom, Andrew Family Folder.
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0074.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom NOTE: the contents of this envelope include dog tags and uniform apparel and is located in the Andrew Ahlstrom Family Folder
Ahlstrom, AndrewIMG_0075.jpgAndrew Ahlstrom obituary 04-28-1981
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0001.jpgJohn Ahlstrom 1873-1943 notes
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0002.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Father 1873-1943, Ystad, Sweden passport picture
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0003.jpgEmma Ahlstrom, Wintrhop, MN 1882-1920
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0004.jpgJohn and Emma Ahlstrom notes
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0005.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - L-R: Arvid; Axel; Adolph; Albert, ?
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0006.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - L-R: John (Father); Albert; Arvid; Axel; Adolph
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0007.jpgAxel and Ella Ahlstrom 1939
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0008.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - L-R: Andy; Albert; Axel; Arvid 1967
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0009.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - L-R: Aaron and Alan (Arlan Ahlstrom family)
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0010.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Art Ahlstrom Family L-R: Eric; Katie; Lisa; Art 1998
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0011.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Art Ahlstrom Family L-R: Kate; Art; Lisa; Eric 1998
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0012.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - L-R: Axel; Ella; Arlen; Art 1963
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0013.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Art and Arlen 1995
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0014.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Family photo 1995
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0015.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Arlen Ahlstrom Family - Aaron and Alan
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0016.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Arlen Ahlstrom Family, Aaron and Arlan
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0017.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Four Generations: Axel; Art; Eric; Austin
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0018.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Aaron and Alexander (son); Arlen Ahlstrom's grandson
Ahlstrom, AxelIMG_0019.jpgAhlstrom, Axel - Art Ahlstroms grandchildren. L-R: Carson Lynch; Austin Ahlstrom; Aiden Lynch; Kameryon Ahlstrom
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG.jpgJohn and Bertha Ahlstrom
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0001.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr Census Medina 1860
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0002.jpgGrandpa John Ahlstrom's Steamer Contract from Copenhagen to Quebec, Canada 07-20-1893
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0003.jpgMrs Ahlstrom newspaper article, Hennepin County Herald 06-29-1920
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0004.jpgMrs Ahlstrom newspaper article, Hennepin County Herald 03-18-1920
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0005.jpgAdolph Ahlstrom newspaper article, Hennepin County Herald 02-26-1920
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0006.jpgEmma Ahlstrom obituary, Minneapolis Tribune 04-08-1920
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0007.jpgMrs Ahlstrom death notice, Hennepin County Hearld 04-08-1920
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0008.jpgJohn Ahlstrom Sr Census information 1849-1905 NOTE: See Family Folder for unscanned Census Document Population Schedule 1 of 4
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0009.jpgJohn Ahlstrom....2 of 4
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0010.jpgJohn Ahlstrom....3 of 4
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0011.jpgJohn Ahlstrom....4 of 4
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0012.jpgAhlstrom History, January 1996 1 of 3
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0013.jpgAhlstrom History....2 of 3
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0014.jpgAhlstrom History....3 of 3
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0015.jpgJohn Ahlstrom World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 1 of 2
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0016.jpgJohn Ahlstrom World War....2 of 2
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0017.jpgAdolph Ahlstrom, A.S. article, Minnetonka Herald, during World War II
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0018.jpgJohn Ahlstrom Sr Certificate of Death
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0019.jpgJohn Ahlstrom obituary 04-08-1943
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0020.jpgAdolph Ahlstrom Certificate of Death 12-01-1956
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0021.jpgBertha Merz/Arvid Ahlstrom wedding 09-28-1937. L to R: Andy Ahlstrom; Ade Ahlstrom; Axel Ahlstrom; Arvid and Bertha; Johnny Ahlstrom; Sally Merz; Albert Ahlstrom; Norbie Merz
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0022.jpgArvid Ahlstrom/Bertha Merz wedding 09-28-1937
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0023.jpgOla Ahsltrom in Swedish Army uniform in early 1890s. John Ahlstrom Sr.'s brother
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0024.jpgAnna and Elna Ahlstrom in Ystad Sweden. Mother and sister of John Ahlstrom, Sr. Date unknown
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0025.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. date unknown
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0026.jpgAhlstrom, John Sr. - hillside where John Ahlstrom Sr lived in a dugout in the late 1890's after coming from Sweden
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0027.jpgOldest grandchildren of John Ahlstrom, Sr - Mary (Arvid); Ronnie (Johnnie)' Betsy (Arvid); Bob (Arvid) Ahlstrom, about 1944 at Arvid's Medicine Lake Farm
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0028.jpgOldest Grandchildren of John Ahlstrom, Sr. - L to R: Bob (Arvid); Betsy (Arvid); Ronnie (Johnnie); Pat (Albert); Mary (Arvid); Ahlstrom, about 1944
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0029.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. grandchildren at his grave site. L to R: Gladys, Barb, Betsy, Dick, Bob, Mary & Pat. Memorial Day-Hillside Cemetery
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0030.jpgEmma Ahlstrom and six boys. L to R: Emma; Johnny; Arvid; Axel; Albert; Andrew; and Adolph Ahlstrom
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0031.jpgBob and Mary Ahlstrom with Aunt Marion Ahlstrom during World War II at Arvid's Medicine Lake farm
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0032.jpgArvid and Axel Ahlstrom, 1917
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0033.jpgBob and Mary Ahlstrom with Uncle Adolph Ahlstrom during World War II
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0034.jpgAde Ahlstrom and car, date unknown
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0035.jpgEmma Carolina Lindahl Ahlstrom, date unknown
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0036.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. date unknown
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0037.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. The 10-20 McCormick Deering. L to R: John Ahlstrom, Sr. by tractor; Johnny on tractor; Adolph and Arvid on Binder
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0038.jpgMary Ahlstrom at John Ahlstrom Sr.'s house with dog? about 1943
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0039.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. - Ahlstrom families having a picnic at Taylor's Falls. L to R: Mary; Johnnie; Bob; Betsy; Bertha; Louise; Pat and Albert during World War II
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0040.jpgAdolph and Marion Ahlstrom during World War II
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0041.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. - Front row: Adolph and Mary Ahlstrom. Back Row: Lane Peterson; Ella Ahlstrom; Eleanor Peterson; Bertha Ahalstom on fishing trip
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0042.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. - Ade; Al; Arvid; Andy Ahlstrom 1956
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0043.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. - Johnny; Andy; Axel; Arvid Ahlstrom 1975
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0044.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. - Arvid and Axel Ahlstrom on Axel 85th birthday. Arvid and Axel are the only living sons of John Ahlstrom, Sr. and Emma Carolina Lindahl (father John Peter Lindahl). There were six boys.
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0045.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. family note
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0046.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. - Ella Norma Ahlstrom death certificate 05-13-2010
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0047.jpgJohn Ahlstrom, Sr. - Axel Ahlstrom death certificate 06-09-2004
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0048.jpgAxel Ahlstrom memoriam 07-07-1910 - 06-09-2004
Ahlstrom, John SrIMG_0049.jpgElla N Ahlstrom memoriam 11-15-1917 - 05-13-2010
AiryIMG_0029.jpgJohn M Airy Family Bound Edition, "The John Airy and William Pray Famiies" NOTE: Located in Vault, Family Bound 1 of 2
AiryIMG_0030.jpgJohn M and Mary [Jones] Airy amd William and Mary [Jones}[Airy] Pray Family Bound Edition, "The John Airy and William Pray Famiies" NOTE: Located in Vault, Family Bound 2 of 2
AkersonIMG.jpgMary Akerson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 360
AlbaughF050331-013.jpgCross reference to Albay
AlbeeAlbee, DJ & Myrtle, Wayzata HS graduation abt 1934.jpgDJ & Myrtle Albee, Wayzata High School graduation, about 1933
AlbeeAlbee, Drane pickling apples w friends.jpgDrane Albee picking apples with friends
AlbeeF050331-014.jpgDrane J. Albee Interview
AlbeeF050331-015.jpgMyrtle Marion Albee, 1878 - 1957
AlbeeF050331-016.jpgDoris Albee Information
AlbeeF050331-017.jpgDoris Jewett Albee Ferrell / Nancy Ferrell Geng
AlbeeIMG.jpgSusan D Albee obituary
AlbersIMG.jpgWalter P Albers obibuary 0912-1985 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Number 4, page 37
AlbinsonF050331-018.jpgAlbinson Funeral Chapel, Minneapolis
AlbinsonF050331-019.jpgTom and Donna Albinson with daughter Sarah, 1989
AlbinsonIMG.jpgKent Albinson obituary 10-16-1988. 10-16-1988 NOTE: document lcoated in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 56
AlbinsonIMG_0001.jpgKent Albinson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 61
AlbinsonIMG_0002.jpgPaul Albinson obituary October 1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 63 1 of 2
AlbinsonIMG_0003.jpgPaul Albinson obituary....2 of 2
AlbinsonIMG_0004.jpgElmer W Albinson obituary 02-16-1980
AldrittF050331-020.jpgFlorence Aldritt 1982 Obituary
AldrittF050331-021.jpgDagney and Clayton Aldritt, 1981
AldrittF050331-022.jpgStephen and Mary Aldritt, 1984
AldrittF050331-023.jpgLincoln and Harriette Aldritt, 1979
AldrittF050331-024.jpgFlorence Aldritt notes
AldrittF050331-025.jpgAldritt/Mann/Stubbs/Hale references
AldrittIMG.jpgLinc Aldritt
AldrittIMG_0001.jpgFlorence A Aldritt obituary 05-10-1982
AlgerF050331-026.jpgAlger/Ernst/Ellis/Hall/Gertz/Mauen references
AlgerF050331-027.jpgShelly Alger, 1990
AlgerF050331-028.jpgShelly alger, 1987
AlgerF050331-029.jpgShelly Alger
AlgerF050331-030.jpgLee alger, 1984
AlgerF050331-031.jpgDan and Mary (Secora) Alger, 1982
AlgerF050331-032.jpgJim Jaunicula and Loren Alger
AlgerF050331-033.jpgArt Zitsloff, Dan alger, Harold Theisen and John Olson, 1990
AlgerF050331-034.jpgSandy Alger and Bonnie Gabrelcik
AlgerF050331-035.jpgMarion Alger
AlgerF050331-036.jpgWm Alger notes
AlgerF050331-037.jpgSandy Alger On Power, Light Meets Letter to the Editor
AlgerF050331-038.jpgEnos and Celia Algers notes
AlgerF050331-042.jpgLoren Alger obituary
AlgerF050331-043.jpgAnna Alger 11-02-1987
AlgerF050331-044.jpgMark Alger
AlgerF050331-045.jpgLoren and Betty Alger, 1987
AlgerF050331-046.jpgLoren Alger
AlgerF050331-047.jpgDebbie Alger 30th birthday
AlgerF050331-048.jpgJerry Hayes and Dan Alger (Dolly and Lady)
AlgerF050331-049.jpgShelly Alger
AlgerIMG.jpgElaine Mae Alger memoriam 03-29-1931 - 12-14-2010
AlgerIMG_0001.jpgElaine Mae Alger obituary 12-13-2010
AlgerIMG_0002.jpgAlger - Nancy E Charlton obituary 12-16-2010
AlgerIMG_0003.jpgAlger - Karin von Bluecher obituary 01-10-1924 - 12-15-2010
AlgerIMG_0004.jpgHoward L Alger obituary
AlgerIMG_0005.jpgDaniel W Alger obituary
AlgerIMG_0006.jpgDaniel W Alger memoriam 09-28-1890 - 05-14-1981
AllF050331-050.jpgAll Family Notes
AllF050331-051.jpgJohn and Harriet (Rice) All/Children: Frank, charles, Ellen, Perry - reference
AllF050331-052.jpgJohn All letter 1 of 2
AllF050331-053.jpgJohn All letter 2 of 2
AllF050331-054.jpgJohn All letter
AllF050331-055.jpgCharles and Frieda all reference
AllIMG.jpgHarriet All photo album note
AlleeF050401-001.jpgAllee Family Notes
AlleeF050401-002.jpgGeorge Allee
AlleeF050401-003.jpgGeo. Allie article
AlleeF050401-004.jpgGeorge Allee (Alley)
AllenF050401-005.jpgAllen Great-Grandma Meets Her First Indian Brave
AllenF050401-006.jpgEdward Allen notes
AllenF050401-007.jpgAllen - Minnesota Presbyterian March 1964 Another Native Son Returns on Furlough
AllenF050401-008.jpgKathryn Allen Memorial
AllenF050401-009.jpgAllen family notes
AllenF050401-010.jpgPeg Leg Ed Allen
AllenF050401-011.jpgEd Allen notes
AllenF050401-012.jpgAllen notes
AllenF050401-013.jpgCharles Allen notes
AllenF050401-014.jpgEd Allen? notes
AllenF050401-015.jpgAllen - Bertha Juck Dzuik
AllenF050401-016.jpgMartha Allen obituary 05-03-1867
AllenF050401-017.jpgAllen - Ethel Dziuk Jack and Jill moved in to stay.....
AllenIMG_0001.jpgKathryn Allen obituary 04-11-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 19
AllenIMG_0003.jpgKathryn Allen obituary 04-11-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 20
AllenIMG_0004.jpgKathryn Allen memoriam 07-29-1905 - 03-27-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 20
AllenIMG_0005.jpgGuy E Allen obituary 11-15-1979, age 85, his mother was sister to Dorothy Mccully's mother
AllisonF050401-019.jpgKathryn R Allison memorial
AllisonF050401-020.jpgKathryn Allison 09-1986
AllisonF050401-021.jpgRobert Allison obituary
AllisonF050401-022.jpgViolet Allison weds Jacob Freund
AllisonF050401-023.jpgAllison/Freund/Brooks reference
AllisonF050401-024.jpgK Allison notes
AllisonF050401-025.jpgRobert G Allison notes
AllisonIMG.jpgKenneth W Allison obituary 12-21-2007
AllisonIMG_0001.jpgRobert Allison obituary
AltendorfIMG.jpgElizabeth Maria Altendorf obituary 09-28-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 53
AltendorfIMG_0001.jpgCarl Altendorf obituary 03-17-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, apge 28
AltendorfIMG_0002.jpgMichael G Altendorf obituary 07-15-1982
AlwinIMG.jpgElizabeth A Alwin
AmbruchF050401-026.jpgAmbruch Meat Market
AmbruchF050401-027.jpgFred Amburch sails for Germany
AmbruchF050401-028.jpgFred Ambruch, Excelsior Motorcyle 1913
AmesF050401-030.jpgAmes Family Notes
AmesF050401-031.jpgGeorge Ames note
AmesIMG.jpgBrian Andrew Ames obituary 08-15-1978
AmlundIMG.jpgMatilda Amland obituary
AndersenIMG.jpgHelmer Andersen memorial service notice NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 13
AndersonF050401-032.jpgN. (Squeaky) Anderson
AndersonF050401-033.jpgN. Squeaky Anderson farm purchased by McCulley's
AndersonF050401-034.jpgLaura Anderson, 1988
AndersonF050401-035.jpgSusan Anderson
AndersonF050401-036.jpgDr. Jack Anderson
AndersonF050401-037.jpgGerald Arthur Anderson memorial
AndersonF050401-038.jpgAndrew Pete Anderson notes
AndersonF050401-039.jpgPatsey Anderson notes
AndersonF050401-040.jpgJerry Anderson tractor accident
AndersonF050401-041.jpgS C Albert Anderson memorial
AndersonF050401-042.jpgAugust and Elin (Erickson) Anderson notes
AndersonF050401-043.jpgRev. Earnest Anderson Remembrance of (90) Christmases past
AndersonF050401-044.jpgSwan Anderson
AndersonF050401-045.jpgSwan Anderson Family Notes 1 of 2
AndersonF050401-046.jpgSwan Anderson Family notes 2 of 2
AndersonF050401-047.jpgA Anderson notes
AndersonF050401-048.jpgJohn H Anderson Memorial
AndersonF050401-049.jpgJessie M Anderson Memorial
AndersonF050401-050.jpgRaymond E Anderson Memorial
AndersonF050401-051.jpgMuriel Mills Anderson Wedding Announcement
AndersonF050401-052.jpgRaymond E Anderson obituary
AndersonF050401-053.jpgHanna Anderson obituary
AndersonF050401-054.jpgBradford andrews notes
AndersonF050401-055.jpgRay Anderson notes
AndersonF050401-056.jpgRay Anderson Auction notice 08-27-1979
AndersonF050401-057.jpgPete Anderson notes
AndersonF050401-058.jpgGust Anderson notes
AndersonF050401-059.jpgAnderson notes
AndersonF050401-060.jpgAnderson - unidentified home
AndersonF050401-061.jpgHarold Anderson
AndersonF050401-062.jpgVictor Anderson
AndersonF050401-064.jpgHelga Anderson
AndersonF050401-065.jpgVin and Anna Anderson
AndersonF050401-066.jpg? Anderson notes
AndersonF050401-067.jpgDr Burion (Bud) Anderson obituary
AndersonF050401-068.jpgCarl Anderson and Ruth Laberge
AndersonF050401-069.jpgIda Anderson, 1974
AndersonF050401-070.jpgAnderson of Crystal Bay notes 1 of 2
AndersonF050401-071.jpgAnderson of Crystal Bay notes 2 of 2
AndersonF050401-072.jpgAnderson - Early Memories of Dorothy McCulley 1 of 3
AndersonF050401-073.jpgAnderson - Early Memories ..... 2 of 3
AndersonF050402-001.jpgAnderson Early Memories.... 3 of 3
AndersonF050402-002.jpgSigfried Anderson Golden Circle
AndersonF050402-003.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 1 of 9
AndersonF050402-004.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 2 of 9
AndersonF050402-005.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 3 of 9
AndersonF050402-006.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 4 of 9
AndersonF050402-007.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 5 of 9
AndersonF050402-008.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 6 of 9
AndersonF050402-009.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 7 of 9
AndersonF050402-010.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 8 of 9
AndersonF050402-011.jpgJohn Anderson Family Notes 9 of 9
AndersonF050402-012.jpgGeorge Anderson Sr notes
AndersonF050404-001.jpgBernice Anderson
AndersonF050404-002.jpgHazel Anderson
AndersonF050404-003.jpgSigfred Anderson notes
AndersonF050404-004.jpgPhilip J. Anderson
AndersonF050404-005.jpgS. C. Herbert Anderson
AndersonF050404-006.jpgAxel Anderson Family note
AndersonF050404-007.jpgAxel Anderson Family biography 1 of 7
AndersonF050404-008.jpgAxel Anderson biography 2 of 7
AndersonF050404-009.jpgAxel Anderson biography 3 of 7
AndersonF050404-010.jpgAxel Anderson biography 4 of 7
AndersonF050404-011.jpgAxel Anderson biography 5 of 7
AndersonF050404-012.jpgAxel Anderson biography 6 of 7
AndersonF050404-013.jpgAxel Anderson biography 7 of 7
AndersonF050404-014.jpgAxel Anderson letter of 02-25-1905 1 of 4
AndersonF050404-015.jpgAxel Anderson Letter 1905 2 of 4
AndersonF050404-016.jpgAxel Anderson letter 1905 3 of 4
AndersonF050404-017.jpgAxel Anderson Letter 1905 4 of 4
AndersonF050404-018.jpgElden and Leona Anderson 50th Anniversary 1989
AndersonF050404-019.jpgJamie Anderson letter to Avery Stubbs 06-06-1987
AndersonF050404-020.jpgGladys Anderson notes
AndersonF050404-021.jpgGladys anderson, sister of Elden
AndersonF050404-022.jpgJulius Anderson notes
AndersonF050404-023.jpgJugert Anderson notes
AndersonF050404-024.jpgGladys (Anderson) and Forest Osgood
AndersonF050404-025.jpg_______? Anderson of Independence notes
AndersonF050404-026.jpgForest Osgood
AndersonF050404-027.jpgSteve Anderson Missionary Freed
AndersonF050404-028.jpgClaire and son Steve Anderson 1 of 2
AndersonF050404-029.jpgSteve Anderson Missionary from Medina freed in Sudan
AndersonF050404-030.jpgClare Anderson 2 of 2
AndersonF050404-031.jpgSteve Anderson Minneapolis native among 4 kidnapped by Sudanese rebels
AndersonF050404-032.jpgStephen Anderson Freed missionary from Medina.....
AndersonF050404-033.jpgWallace and Claire Anderson Family of kidnapped missionary finds solace in letter
AndersonF050404-034.jpgGov. Wendell Anderson Time cover
AndersonF050404-035.jpgChas Anderson - Wayzata Reporter
AndersonF050404-036.jpgMr and Mrs Charlie Anderson article
AndersonF050404-037.jpgHazel Anderson notes 1 of 2
AndersonF050404-038.jpgHazel Anderson Holmes notes 2 of 2
AndersonF050404-039.jpgGeorge E Anderson obituary
AndersonF050404-040.jpgBernice M Anderson letter to the Editor
AndersonF050404-041.jpgIreve V Anderson, To the Editor, Wayzata Weekly News 08-19-1985
AndersonF050404-042.jpgCharles Anderson-Ice dealer at Stubbs Bay obituary
AndersonF050404-043.jpgNels Anderson notes
AndersonF050404-044.jpgCharles Anderson, Mound notes
AndersonF050404-045.jpgPaul A Anderson memorial
AndersonF050404-046.jpgAndy Daniel Anderson Artist Takes Practical Matters 1st, Art 2nd 05-05-1966
AndersonF050404-047.jpgWendell Anderson Life out of office 11-21-1982 1 of 7
AndersonF050404-048.jpgWendell Anderson Life..... 2 of 7
AndersonF050404-049.jpgWendell Anderson Life..... 3 of 7
AndersonF050404-050.jpgWendell Anderson Life.... 4 of 7
AndersonF050404-051.jpgWendell Anderson Life... 5 of 7
AndersonF050404-052.jpgWendell Anderson Life... 6 of 7
AndersonF050404-053.jpgWendell Anderson Life... 7 of 7
AndersonF060602-013.jpgMuriel Anderson in 1937
AndersonF060602-053.jpgFred A Anderson Obituary
AndersonF060602-082.jpgMarlene Joy Anderson marriage
AndersonIMG-01.jpgDonald A Anderson memoriam 12-15-1915 - 08-25-1990
AndersonIMG.jpgGeorge W Anderson obituary
AndersonIMG_0002.jpgDonald A Anderson Obituary
AndersonIMG_0005.jpgBernice M Anderson obituary
AndersonIMG_0006.jpgKelly Anderson and Richard Swartwood graduation announcements
AndersonIMG_0041.jpgLong Lake - Melvin Anderson obituary
AndersonIMG_0042.jpgPasel and Hugh Anderson
AndersonIMG_0043.jpgJack Anderson family information
AndersonIMG_0044.jpgJamie and Polly Anderson letter 04-25-1987
AndersonIMG_0046.jpgHarold August Anderson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 324
AndersonIMG_0048.jpgCarl Robert Anderson obituary NOTE: Original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 328
AndersonIMG_0049.jpgWayne Anderson notes NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 33
AndersonIMG_0050.jpgJessie Anderson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 3
AndersonIMG_0051.jpgJessie M Anderson obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 3
AndersonIMG_0053.jpgSarah Anderson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 5
AndersonIMG_0054.jpgSarah M Anderson memorial service 06-04-1904 - 02-14-1984 1 of 2 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 5
AndersonIMG_0055.jpgSarah M Anderson memorial.....2 of 2
AndersonIMG_0056.jpgMrs Ernest (Elfrida) Anderson obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, apge 51
AndersonIMG_0057.jpgRev Ernest W Anderson and family Cards of Thanks NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 51
AndersonIMG_0058.jpgElfrida Marie Anderson memoriam 03-11-1900 - 09-17-1988 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, apge 51
AndersonIMG_0059.jpgElfrida Marie Anderson service bulletin 1900-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 52
AndersonIMG_0060.jpgAda Barrett Anderson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, apge 291
AndersonIMG_0061.jpgEmelia Anderson obituary 05-07-1989 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, pge 28
AndersonIMG_0062.jpgFrithiof H Anderson obituary
AndersonIMG_0063.jpgAda Barret Anderson note
AndersonIMG_0064.jpgRaymond E Anderson obituary 02-03-1983
AndersonIMG_0066.jpgRaymond E Anderson obituary
AndersonIMG_0067.jpgHenry F Anderson obituary 03-26-1983
AndersonIMG_0068.jpgMarie Edna [Anderson] Stern obituary March 1983
AndersonIMG_0069.jpgGrank B Anderson obituary 01-25-1900 - 09-25-1981
AndersonIMG_0070.jpgFrank B Anderson obituary 09-25-1981
AndersonIMG_0071.jpgFrank Anderson note
AndersonIMG_0072.jpgEarl M Anderson obituary
AndersonIMG_0073.jpgJohn H Anderson "blamed in man's death"
AndersonIMG_0074.jpgJohn H Anderson obituary 09-12-1903 - 03-30-1980
AndersonIMG_0075.jpgArthur Anderson note
AndrewsF050405-001.jpgMary Field Andrews, Dolly Sarah and Frank
AndrewsF050405-002.jpgThomas F Andrews
AndrewsF050405-003.jpgThomas F Andrews
AndrewsF050405-004.jpgThomas Andrews and son, Frank
AndrewsF050405-005.jpgJessie Fuller Andrews obituary
AndrewsF050405-006.jpgAndrews - postage paid receipt
AndrewsF050405-007.jpgCarpenter & Andrews receipt
AndrewsF050405-008.jpgGeorge Andrews notes
AndrewsF050405-009.jpgAndrews How to take Your Summer Vacation Without Neglecting Business 1 of 2
AndrewsF050405-010.jpgAndrews - How to take...... 2 of 2
AndrewsF050405-011.jpgArlington Heights Lake Minnetonka
AndrewsF050405-012.jpgAndrews grocery items 1 of 4
AndrewsF050405-013.jpgAndrews Grocery Items 2 of 4
AndrewsF050405-014.jpgAndrews Grocery Items 3 of 4
AndrewsF050405-015.jpgAndrews Grocery Items 4 of 4
AndrewsF050405-016.jpgSewald Andrews retired top executive of General Mills
AndrewsF050405-017.jpgLaVerne, Maxene and Patty Andrews sisters article 1 of 2
AndrewsF050405-018.jpgAndrews sisters article 2 of 2
AndrewsF050405-019.jpgSewall D Andrews obituary
AndrewsF050405-020.jpgGeorge Andrews
AndrewsF050405-021.jpgGeorge Andrews note 1855
AndrewsF050405-022.jpgMaxene Andrews ....having a ball as a single 10-21-79 article 1 of 2
AndrewsF050405-023.jpgMaxene Andrews ...having a ball.... 2 of 2
AndrewsF050405-024.jpgGeorge C Andrews notes 1 of 2
AndrewsF050405-025.jpgGeorge C Andrews notes 2 of 2
AndrewsF050405-026.jpgAndrews home built around 1880
AndrewsF050405-027.jpgPioneere Home Retains Charm of Early Years Andrews home
AndrewsF050405-028.jpgAndrews Home
AndrewsF050405-029.jpgAndrews - Concord April 8 1856 note
AndrewsF050405-030.jpgF F Andrews Sr, St Anthony Minnesota note from Auditors Office
AndrewsF050405-031.jpgAndrews The Story of a Man and his Idea 1 of 6
AndrewsF050405-032.jpgAndrews The Story of .... 2 of 6
AndrewsF050405-033.jpgAndrews The Story of.... 3 of 6
AndrewsF050405-034.jpgAndrews The Story of ... 4 of 6
AndrewsF050405-035.jpgAndrews The Story of ... 5 of 6
AndrewsF050405-036.jpgAndrews The Story of.... 6 of 6
AndrewsIMG.jpgFrank H Andrews Sr obituary 1934 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 320
AndrusIMG.jpgLois L Babe Andrus obituary
AnkenyF050406-001.jpgDe Walt H Ankeny birth of son 06-10-1990 and Charles Willett Chuck Ankeny engagement to Rebecca Marie Wolcott 08-03-1984
AnkenyF050406-002.jpgPete and Margie Ankeny ...hosted Maestro's Circle Dinner 06-29-1989
AnkenyF050406-003.jpgW P Ankeny Minneapolis in 1857 article
AnkenyF050406-004.jpgAnkeny - July 1989 Minn Historical Newsletter
AnkenyF050406-005.jpgDonald Hosmer Ankeny engagement to Nancy Dahl
AnkenyF050406-006.jpgPete and Margie Ankeny international gala May 8 article 04-27-1983
AnkenyF050406-007.jpgD H (Pete) Ankeny ...Elected to Society's Executive Council 12-1988
AnkenyF050406-008.jpgMichael Ankeny artcile 11-28-1989
AnkenyF050406-009.jpgDonald Hosmer Ankeny, Nancy Dahl marriage announcement 08-08-1979
AnkenyF050406-010.jpgD H Ankeny Jr To head Chamber of Commerce
AnkenyF050406-011.jpgDewalt Ankeny Jr It's been smooth sailing all the way for First Bank chief 1 of 3
AnkenyF050406-012.jpgDewalt Ankeny Jr 2 of 3
AnkenyF050406-013.jpgDewalt Ankeny Jr 3 of 3
AnkenyF050406-014.jpgW P Ankeny Prominent Pioneers
AnkenyF050406-015.jpgDeWalt (Pete) Ankeny Jr ....reportedly ousted from First Bank 1 of 2
AnkenyF050406-016.jpgDeWalt (Pete) Ankeny Jr 2 of 2
AnkenyF050406-017.jpgMargie Ankeny Being There article
AnkenyF050406-018.jpgHarriett Dayton Ankeny and Dr Edmund Phelsp Chute engagement announcement
AnkenyF050406-019.jpgSarah Kendall (Sally) Ankeny/Jame Tobia (Toby) Reiley marriage
AnkenyF050406-020.jpgAnkeney Family Notes 1 of 3
AnkenyF050406-021.jpgAnkeny Family Notes 2 of 3
AnkenyF050406-022.jpgAnkeny Family Notes 3 of 3
AnkenyIMG.jpgAnkeny - Hugh Harrison obituary 06-07-1987 NOTE orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 31
ApgarF050406-023.jpgApgar Family Notes 1 of 3
ApgarF050406-024.jpgApgar Family Notes 2 of 3
ApgarF050406-025.jpgApgar Family Notes 3 of 3
ApgarF050406-026.jpgWayzata Reporter article - Bessie Apgar
ArchambeauF050406-027.jpgArchambeau letter to Avery Stubbs 08-04-1987, 1 of 2
ArchambeauF050406-028.jpgArchambeau letter 2 of 2
ArchibaldF050406-029.jpgArchibald Family Reference
ArchibaldF050406-030.jpgMaxine Archibald letter to Mr Stubbs 04-05-1968 1 of 3
ArchibaldF050406-031.jpgMaxine Archibald letter 2 of 3
ArchibaldF050406-032.jpgMaxine Archibald 3 of 3
ArchibaldF050406-033.jpgArchibald Family Reunion 1 of 3
ArchibaldF050406-034.jpgFamily Reunion 2 of 3
ArchibaldF050406-035.jpgA Brief Family History by Maxine Archibald Larson
ArchibaldF050406-036.jpgFamily Reunion 3 of 3
ArchibaldIMG.jpgHerbert Archibald note
ArchibaldIMGIMG.jpgDavid Archibald letter 2 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0001-1.jpgMaxine Archibald Larson "A Brief Family History" 1of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0001-2.jpgMaxine Archibald Larson "A Brief History" 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0001.jpgArchibald family notes 1 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_000101.jpgWilliam Archibald born 110 Nova Scotia, died 1894 Minneapolis, Minnesota; Diana Hutchinson born 1822 Nova Scotia, died 1864 Long Lake, Minnesota
ArchibaldIMG_0001144.jpgArchibald letter 01-15-1988 1 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0002.jpgArchibald family....2 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_000202.jpgSamuel and Ella Archibald; lived in Oklahoma; Children: Hazel, Mary and Paul
ArchibaldIMG_0002145.jpgArchibald letter....2 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0003.jpgArchibald family....3 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_000303.jpgDavid Archibald and Mathilda Conzet - David born 1845 Nova Scotia, married in 1885 and lived at Bay lake, Minnesota. Children: Ethel (Dillman), Earl, Elsie (Sinclair), Elizabeth (Esswine-Wagner), Marie. Photo was taken before Marie was born
ArchibaldIMG_0003143.jpgArchibald letter....3 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0004.jpgArchibald family....4 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_000404.jpgHerbert Archibald family
ArchibaldIMG_0004144.jpgArchibald letter....4 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0005.jpgArchibald family....5 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0005145.jpgArchibald letter....5 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_0006.jpgArchibald family....6 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_000606.jpgSam Archibald
ArchibaldIMG_0006146.jpgArchibald letter....6 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0007.jpgArchibald family....7 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_000707.jpgThe David Archibalds
ArchibaldIMG_0007147.jpgArchibald letter....7 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0008.jpgArchibald family....8 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_000808.jpgThe Herbert Archibalds
ArchibaldIMG_0008148.jpgArchibald letter....8 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0009.jpgArchibald family....9 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_000909.jpgElizabeth Archibald 1843-1915
ArchibaldIMG_0009149.jpgArchibald letter....9 of 9
ArchibaldIMG_0010.jpgArchibald - Robert Burns Coffin, 08-02-1838 Guilford County, NC - 08-23-1918 Seattle Washington. Married Elizabeth Archibald 11-19-1869 Minnetrista, MN and lived near Maple Plain, Minnesota. Children: Orla Chance, William Archibald. Moved to Deerwood, Minnesota 1873. They lived about four years on Robert Archibald place.
ArchibaldIMG_0010150.jpgClara Underhill married Herbert Archibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0011.jpgRobert Archibald and Christine Olson 1937
ArchibaldIMG_0011151.jpgArchibald Pioneers of Deerwood by A J Crane, 1988
ArchibaldIMG_0012.jpgClara Archibald 1861-1946
ArchibaldIMG_0012152.jpgWilliam Archibald 1860 Census Record Medina Township
ArchibaldIMG_0016.jpgArchibald family notes
ArchibaldIMG_0017.jpgMaxine Archibald Little Sketches of Big People
ArchibaldIMG_0017157.jpgArchibald Family notes
ArchibaldIMG_0018.jpgWilliam Archibald
ArchibaldIMG_0019.jpgLee Archibald
ArchibaldIMG_0020.jpgWilliam Archibald notes 1 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0021.jpgWilliam Archibald notes 2 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0022.jpgWilliam Archibald notes 3 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0023.jpgWilliam Archibald notes 4 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0024.jpgArchibald Picnic L-R: Gene Archibald?; Lee Archibald; Ben Shrewsbury; Herbert Archibald; Bess Eswine Wagner?; Dick Eswine; Tillie Archibald; Grandma Archibald; Dorothy Archibald Tronsard; Diana Shrewsbury; Jean Shrewsbury; Mark Shrewsbury
ArchibaldIMG_0025.jpgArchibald letter 1 of 6
ArchibaldIMG_0026.jpgArchibald letter 3 of 6
ArchibaldIMG_0027.jpgArchibald letter 4 of 6
ArchibaldIMG_0028.jpgArchibald letter 5 of 6
ArchibaldIMG_0029.jpgArchibald letter 2 of 6
ArchibaldIMG_0030.jpgArchibald letter 6 of 6
ArchibaldIMG_0030170.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0031171.jpgArchibald family notes
ArchibaldIMG_0032.jpgArchibald ntoe
ArchibaldIMG_0032172.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0033173.jpgClara Archibald obituary
ArchibaldIMG_0034.jpgArchibald letter 05-02-1983 1 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0034174.jpgSusan Archibald family notes
ArchibaldIMG_0035.jpgArchibald letter 05-02-1983 2 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0035175.jpgArchibald family notes
ArchibaldIMG_0036.jpgArchibald letter 05-02-1983 3 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0036176.jpgDavid Archibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0037.jpgArchibald letter 05-02-1983 4 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0037177.jpgWilliam Archibald
ArchibaldIMG_0038.jpgDavid Archibald letter 1 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0038178.jpgWilliam Archibald 1880 Census Record Medina Township
ArchibaldIMG_0039.jpgDavid Archibald letter 3 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0039179.jpgKate Archibald O'Connell interview
ArchibaldIMG_0040.jpgElsie Archibald article Wayzata Reporter 1917
ArchibaldIMG_0040180.jpgArchibald The Long Lake Museum 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0041.jpgGene Archibald 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0041181.jpgArchibald The Long Lake Museum 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0042.jpgGene Archibald 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0042182.jpgArchibald Account of Migration of early Archibalds to Minnesota Territory by Kathryn O'Connell 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0043.jpgKathryn Winifred O'Connell [nee Archibald] Kathryn O'Connell faced the homesteading challenges head-on The Pioneer 08-05-1987 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0043183.jpgArchibald Account....2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0044.jpgKathryn Winifred O'Connell [nee Archibald]......2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0044184.jpgWilliam and Diana [Hutchenson] Archibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0045.jpgArchibald letter from Connie Hodges 08-10-1987
ArchibaldIMG_0045185.jpgArchibald Pictures
ArchibaldIMG_0046.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell family notes
ArchibaldIMG_0046186.jpgArchibald Family compiled by Avery Stubbs
ArchibaldIMG_0047.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell Springtime Will Return 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0047187.jpgArchibald - Pioneers of Deerwood by A. J Crane 1 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0048.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell Springtime....2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0048188.jpgPioneers of Deerwood....2 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0049.jpgDarlene Archibald - Covenant Bible College, 245 21st Street E., Prince Albert Saskatchewan, Volume 36
ArchibaldIMG_0049190.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....3 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0050.jpgDarlene Archibald Covenant Bible College Darlene a ...inspiring voice...studious...talkitive...embroidery...
ArchibaldIMG_0050191.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....4 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0051.jpgDarlene Archibald Covenant Bible College
ArchibaldIMG_0051192.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....5 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0052.jpgArchibald - Margie Bailey
ArchibaldIMG_0052193.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....6 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0053.jpgArchibald - Margie Bailey
ArchibaldIMG_0053194.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....7 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0054.jpgArchibald - Margie Bailey
ArchibaldIMG_0054195.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....8 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0055.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell My Prairie Prince . One of two peoms read at Kathryn's funeral 07-15-1987
ArchibaldIMG_0055196.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....9 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0056.jpgWalter Scott Archibald poem Lines To A Grasshopper
ArchibaldIMG_0056197.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....10 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0057.jpgArchibald Civil war story recalled Great Grandmother Margaret Benanko
ArchibaldIMG_0057198.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....11 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0058.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 1 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0058199.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....12 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0059.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 2 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0059200.jpgArchibald - Pioneers....13 of 13
ArchibaldIMG_0060.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 3 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0060201.jpgWalter S Archibald 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0061.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 1 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0061202.jpgWalter S Archibald 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0062.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 2 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0062203.jpgDavid Archibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0063.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 3 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0063204.jpgArchibald notes 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0064.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 4 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0064205.jpgArchibald notes 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0064207.jpgkate Archibald O Connell notes
ArchibaldIMG_0064208.jpgEdward T Tronsgard obituary 03-22-1986, wife-Dorothy NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 16
ArchibaldIMG_0065.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 1 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0066.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 2 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0067.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 3 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0068.jpgArchibald letter 1 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0069.jpgArchibald letter 2 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0070.jpgArchibald letter 3 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0071.jpgArchibald letter 4 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0072.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 1 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_0073.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 2 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_0074.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 3 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_0075.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell letter 4 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_0076.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell 5 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_0077.jpgArchibald letter 1 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0078.jpgArchibald letter 2 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0079.jpgArchibald letter 3 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0080.jpgArchibald letter 4 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_0081.jpgEdward T Tronsgaard memoriam 09-15-1895 - 03-22-1986 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0082.jpgEdward T Tronsgard memoriam 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0083.jpgKathryn O'Connell postcard 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0084.jpgKathryn O'Connell postcard 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0085.jpgKathryn O'Connell letter 10-04-1981 1 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0086.jpgKathryn O'Connell letter 10-04-1981 2 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0087.jpgKathryn O'Connell letter 3 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_0090.jpgKathryn O'Connell letter 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0091.jpgKathryn O'Connell letter 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0092.jpgKathryn Winifred Archibald O'Connell memoriam 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0093.jpgKathryn Winifred Archibald O'Connell memoriam 02-04-1888 - 07-11-1987 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_0094.jpgKathryn Winifred Archibald O'Connell obituary
ArchibaldIMG_0095.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0096.jpgLee Archibald note
ArchibaldIMG_0097.jpgDorothy Archibald Trensgard at age 23
ArchibaldIMG_0098.jpgEugene Archibald note
ArchibaldIMG_0099.jpgLee Archibald and Elsie Sundberg marriage 08-12-1916 Wayzata Reporter
ArchibaldIMG_0100.jpgMr & Mrs Herbert Archibald artical, Wayzata Reporter 09-02-1915
ArchibaldIMG_0101.jpgDorothy Archibald notice, Wayzata Reporter 02-22-1917
ArchibaldIMG_0102.jpgWalter Archibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0104.jpgEugene Leslie Archibald and Phyllis Vorsnick marriage, Wayzata Reporter
ArchibaldIMG_0105.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0106.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0107.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_0108.jpgEugene Archibald obituary. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 299
ArchibaldIMG_0114.jpgArchibald - Family Bound Edition "The Archibald Family of Nova Scotia" by Allan E Marble NOTE: Located in Vault, Family Bound
ArchibaldIMG_0145.jpgDorothy [Archibald] Tronsgard obituary
ArchibaldIMG_0910.jpgNahemi Archibal note - NW College Alumni News 1984
ArchibaldIMG_0911.jpgRobert Archibald obituary 04-30-1940
ArchibaldIMG_0912.jpgArchibald - Dorothy Tronsgard
ArchibaldIMG_0913.jpgWalter Scott Archibald LInes to a Grasshopper
ArchibaldIMG_0914.jpgArchibald - Edward Tronsgard obituary
ArchibaldIMG_0915.jpgDavid Archibald Biographical 1881
ArchibaldIMG_0916.jpgLeon Archibald obituary 12-07-1971
ArchibaldIMG_0918.jpgDorothy Archibald Tronsgard Whater 'Appened to Itinerant Doctor? Mpls Star 12-05-1959
ArchibaldIMG_0919.jpgArchibald Poems by The Archibalds of Long Lake 1902-1982 NOTE: document located in Archibald Family file
ArchibaldIMG_0920.jpgLee A Archibald obituary 02-28-1978
ArchibaldIMG_10001.jpgArchibald Winds and Rain 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10002.jpgArchibald Winds and Rain 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10003.jpgArchibald - Maxine Larson notes
ArchibaldIMG_10004.jpgArchibald Ski the Best 1 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10005.jpgArchibald Ski the Best 2 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10006.jpgArchibald Ski the Best 3 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10007.jpgClara Archibald note
ArchibaldIMG_10008.jpgEugene Archibald
ArchibaldIMG_10009.jpgArchibald Reunion
ArchibaldIMG_10010.jpgArchibald - Jim ?
ArchibaldIMG_10012.jpgWilliam Archibald 1810-1894 NOTE: original What Is it? may be found in the Archibald family file
ArchibaldIMG_10014.jpgArchibald - The three eldest children of Herbert and Clara Archibald. Marjory center; Eugene at left; Kathryn (Kate); circa 1890
ArchibaldIMG_10016.jpgArchibald Postcard Calgary and the Canadian Rockies NOTE: original may be found in the Archibald family file
ArchibaldIMG_10033.jpgFlorence Archibald note
ArchibaldIMG_10035.jpgFlorence Archibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_10036.jpgArchibald Memories of Grandpa Wm Archibald....1 of 6 NOTE: Remainder may be found in the Archibald family file
ArchibaldIMG_10042.jpgArchibald letter 07-14-1983 1 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10043.jpgArchibald letter 2 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10044.jpgArchibald letter 3 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10045.jpgWm Archibald notes 1 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_10046.jpgArchibald notes 2 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_10047.jpgArchibald notes 3 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_10048.jpgArchibald notes 4 of 4
ArchibaldIMG_10049.jpgArchibald A Human Life
ArchibaldIMG_10050.jpgArchibald HIstorical and Genealogical Record of the First Settlers of Colchester County Nova Scotia....1 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10051.jpgArchibald Historical....2 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10052.jpgArchibald Historical....3 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10053.jpgArchibald Historical....4 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10054.jpgArchibald Historical....5 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10055.jpgArchibald Historical....6 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10056.jpgArchibald Historical....7 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10057.jpgArchibald Historical....7 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10058.jpgArchibald Historical....8 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10060.jpgArchibald A Lanesboro Report of 1884 1 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10061.jpgArchibald A Lanesboro....2 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10062.jpgArchibald A Lanesboro....3 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10063.jpgArchibald A Lanesboro 4 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10064.jpgArchibald A Lanesboro....5 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10065.jpgArchibald A Lanesboro....6 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10066.jpgArchibald A Lanesboro....7 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10067.jpgArchibald A Lanesboro....8 of 8
ArchibaldIMG_10068.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_10069.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_10070.jpgArchibald letter 02-22-1988
ArchibaldIMG_10071.jpgArchibald note 1 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10072.jpgArchibald note 2 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10073.jpgArchibald note 3 of 3
ArchibaldIMG_10074.jpgKate Archibald O'Connell note
ArchibaldIMG_10075.jpgArchibald - Crow Wing County Artist-historian Paints History at 73 Sarah Throp Heald 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10076.jpgArchibald Crow Wing....Sarah Throp Heald 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10077.jpgArchibald Golden Thoughts poems cover. NOTE: Remainder may be found in the Archibald Family File
ArchibaldIMG_10078.jpgArchibald family notes
ArchibaldIMG_10079.jpgArchibald ntoe
ArchibaldIMG_10080.jpgArchibald note 06-16-1915
ArchibaldIMG_10081.jpgDorothy Archibald Tronsgard
ArchibaldIMG_10082.jpgArchibald Autumn Reflections by Kathryn A O'Connell
ArchibaldIMG_10083.jpgKate Archibald note
ArchibaldIMG_10084.jpgArchibald Central Lutheran Church 1919-1969
ArchibaldIMG_10085.jpgArchibald Over 5000 dead in Galveston Hurrican
ArchibaldIMG_10086.jpgArchibald Letter from Buster Soarles 1988
ArchibaldIMG_10087.jpgArchibald Poetry Reflects Love for Animals, Nature from Lifestyle 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10088.jpgArchibald Poetry Reflects Love for Animals, Nature 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10089.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_10091.jpgArchibald letter from Beth Draheim 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10092.jpgArchibald letter from Beth Draheim 2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10093.jpgArchibald letter from Dorothy 10-10-1971
ArchibaldIMG_10095.jpgKathryn Archibald O'Connell Canada's Peace River
ArchibaldIMG_10097.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_10098.jpgArchibald note
ArchibaldIMG_10107.jpgDavid and Herbert Archibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_10108.jpgLois Fuller Archibald Thornton, Maxine Archibald Larson, Margaret Archibald Zenanko By the Shores of Gitche-Gumee. By the Shining Big-Sea-Waters
ArchibaldIMG_10109.jpgArchibald note
ArchibaldIMG_10110.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_10111.jpgWilliam and Diana [Hutchinson[ Archibald family notes
ArchibaldIMG_10112.jpgArchibald letter from Kathryn A O'Connell 06-08-1979 1 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_10113.jpgArchibald letter....2 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_10114.jpgArchibald letter....3 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_10115.jpgArchibald letter....4 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_10116.jpgArchibald letter....5 of 5
ArchibaldIMG_10117.jpgArchiblad notes 1 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10118.jpgArchibald notes 2 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10119.jpgArchibald notes....3 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10120.jpgArchibald notes....4 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10121.jpgArchibald notes....5 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10122.jpgArchibald notes....6 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10123.jpgArchibald notes....7 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10124.jpgArchibald notes....8 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10125.jpgArchibald notes....9 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10126.jpgArchibald notes....10 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10127.jpgArchibald notes....11 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10128.jpgArchibald notes....12 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10129.jpgArchibald notes....13 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10130.jpgArchibald notes....14 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10131.jpgArchibald notes....15 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10132.jpgArchibald notes....16 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10133.jpgArchibald notes....17 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10134.jpgArchibald notes....18 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10135.jpgArchibald notes....19 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10136.jpgArchibald notes....20 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10137.jpgArchibald notes....21 of 21
ArchibaldIMG_10138.jpgArchibald notes
ArchibaldIMG_10139.jpgJohn F Archibald note
ArchibaldIMG_10140.jpgAn Archibald was killed in this storm
ArchibaldIMG_10141.jpgArchibald The Blue Noses November 1978 1 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10142.jpgArchibald The Blue Noses....2 of 2
ArchibaldIMG_10143.jpgArchibald To Ruth and Spencer
ArchibaldIMG_10144.jpgHerbert Archibald note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 223
ArensF050406-036.jpgAnother Generation Staying on at the Farm article - Otto Arens
ArensF050406-037.jpgDiapers as well as cornstalks, wave in the chill breeze at Arens' farm
ArensF050406-038.jpgBrenda, Lynette and father Tom Arens
ArensF050406-039.jpg....First Snowfall and In Doorway of the Dairy Barn
ArensF050406-040.jpgArens - Unidentified
ArensF050406-041.jpgArens - undentified
ArensF050406-042.jpgFranz Arenz plat notes
ArensF050406-043.jpgArens (Arehns) History
ArensF050406-044.jpgRonald James Arens engagement to Cathie Linn Warren
ArensF050406-045.jpgMark Arens
ArensIMG.jpgMargaret Arens obituary 1954
ArensIMG_0001.jpgFranz and Anna Arens Family notes 1 of 8
ArensIMG_0002.jpgFranz and Anna Arens....2 of 8
ArensIMG_0003.jpgFranz and Anna Arens....3 of 8
ArensIMG_0004.jpgFranz and anna Arens....4 of 8
ArensIMG_0005.jpgFranz and Anna Arens....5 of 8
ArensIMG_0006.jpgFranz and Anna Arens....6 of 8
ArensIMG_0007.jpgFranz and Anna Arens....7 of 8
ArensIMG_0008.jpgFranz and Anna Arens....8 of 8
ArensIMG_0009.jpgMarie Arens obituary 05-31-1980
AretzIMG_0001.jpgNellie Aretz memoriam 01-30-1890 - 08-23-1956
AretzIMG_0002.jpgHerbert Aretz memoriam 03-03-1924 - 07-13-1952
AretzIMG_0003.jpgRosella Aretz and Lester Otto Wedding dance invitation 06-04-1957
AretzIMG_0004.jpgHerbert Aretz son
AretzIMG_0067.jpgLong Lake - Anthony (Tony) F Aretz obituary
AretzIMG_0073.jpgLong Lake - Aretz Celeste M obituary
AreyF050406-046.jpgArey Family Notes
AreyIMG.jpgDr Hugh C Arey NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 275
AreyIMG_0001.jpgDr H Arey note
ArmstrongF050406-047.jpgArmstrong family notes 1 of 2
ArmstrongF050406-048.jpgArmstrong Family Notes 2 of 2
ArmstrongF050406-049.jpgJ A Armstrong notes
ArmstrongF050406-050.jpgHistory of Minneapolis John A Armstrong
ArmstrongIMG.jpgArthur P Armstrong obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 325
ArnaoIMG.jpgMary Anne (Schiller) Arnao obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 45
ArnaoIMG_0001.jpgCharles C Arnao obituary 09-1978
ArnoldIMG.jpgLecile Arnold obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 326
AsaoIMG.jpgTheodore Ted Asao obituary 01-08-2008; Owner of Ted'S Pharmacy in Long Lake
AshleyF050407-002.jpgAshley Family Notes
AshleyF050408-001.jpgAshley Family Tree 1 of 3
AshleyF050408-002.jpgAshley Family Tree 2 of 3
AshleyF050408-003.jpgAshley Family Tree 3 of 3
AshleyF050408-004.jpgMargaret Ashley letter 03-08-1980 1 of 2
AshleyF050408-005.jpgMargaret Ashley letter 2 of 2
AshleyF050408-006.jpgAshley family notes
AshleyF050408-007.jpgMargaret E Van Dyke letter to Avery Stubbs 01-12-1989 1 of 2
AshleyF050408-008.jpgMargaret E Van Dyke letter 2 of 2
AshleyF050408-009.jpgDorothy Ellis Hartig obituary
AshleyF050408-010.jpgL to R: Katie Ellis; Jane S__; Edna ___' Lois Durant; Father Chas A ____
AshleyF050408-011.jpgKatie Ellis 1920
AshleyF050408-012.jpgCarrie Neff; Cora McKenzie; Kitty Ellis; Jenni Sta__; Edna Drake; Lois Durant
AshleyF050408-013.jpgPenny Candy Ashley Family
AshleyF050408-014.jpgMargaret Ellis Van Dyke note to Roger H Stubbs 12-07-1960
AshleyF050408-015.jpgAshley Family Notes 1 of 2
AshleyF050408-016.jpgAshley Family Notes 2 of 2
AshleyF050408-017.jpgDorothy E Hastig? letter to Avery Stubbs 08-01-1993 1 of 2
AshleyF050408-018.jpgunidentified letter from George and Eleanor
AshleyF050408-020.jpgMargaret E Van Dyke letter 06-23-89 1 of 2
AshleyF050408-021.jpgMargaret E Van Dyke 06-23-89 letter 2 of 2
AshleyF050408-022.jpgClutches Eyes are Going Sightless Minneapolis article dated 09-28-1909 1 of 2
AshleyF050408-023.jpgMinneapolis printed article 2 of 2
AshleyF050408-024.jpgKatherine Ellis letter to Jack 11-02-1909
AshleyF050408-025.jpgMargaret E Van Dyke letter to WHCPA 09-21-1987
AstropeF050409-001.jpgThomas Astrope biography 1 of 3
AstropeF050409-002.jpgThomas Astrope biography 2 of 3
AstropeF050409-003.jpgThomas Astrope biography 3 of 3
AstropeF050410-003.jpgThomas Astrope notes 1 of 6
AstropeF050410-004.jpgThomas Astrope notes 2 of 6
AstropeF050410-005.jpgThomas Astrope notes 3 of 6
AstropeF050410-006.jpgThomas Astrope notes 4 of 6
AstropeF050410-007.jpgThomas Astrope notes 5 of 6
AstropeF050410-008.jpgAstrope notes 6 of 6
AstropeF050410-009.jpgHenry Astrope 1 of 2
AstropeF050410-010.jpgHenry Astrope 2 of 2
AtendorfF050410-011.jpgAtendorf family notes
AtkinsonF050410-012.jpgFamily notes 1 of 2
AtkinsonF050410-013.jpgFamily Notes 2 of 2
AtkinsonF050410-014.jpgDorothy Atkinson Rood obituary
AtkinsonF050410-015.jpgOrono Man Named Aqua Commodore - Harold M Atkinson
AtkinsonF050410-019.jpgMiss Atkinson, Samuel Chace Wakefield engagement announcement, daughter of Mr and Mrs Harold E Atkinson, son of Mr and Mrs Lyman E Wakefield
AtkinsonF050410-020.jpgFrederick G Atkinson obituary
AtkinsonF050410-021.jpgHarold and Margaret Atkinson Tribune article 09-12-1989
AtkinsonF050410-022.jpgWilliam Atkingson - Barbara Allen engagement anouncement 09-09-1940
AtkinsonF050410-023.jpgJames G Bennett Buys Atkinson Home - Mrs Frederick Atkinson, 104 Groveland Terrace
AtkinsonF050410-024.jpgAtkinson Memoirs
AtkinsonF050410-025.jpgFred Atkinson A Fascinating Game
AtkinsonF050410-16.jpgMrs Minnie Frances Atkinson obituary
AtkinsonF050410-17.jpgMargaret Ann Atkinson
AtkinsonF050410-18.jpgMargaret Ann Atkinson 09-29-1940
AtwaterF050410-026.jpgAtwater Family notes 1 of 2
AtwaterF050410-027.jpgAtwater Family notes 2 of 2
AtwaterF050410-028.jpgBarbara Flanagan editorial note with reference to the Atwater house
AtwaterF050410-029.jpgArea History - Isaac Atwater an Historic Look at One of the City's Prominent Founding Fathers article 1 of 7
AtwaterF050410-030.jpgArea History continued 2 of 7
AtwaterF050410-031.jpgArea History continued 3 of 7
AtwaterF050410-032.jpgArea History continued 4 of 7
AtwaterF050410-033.jpgArea History continued 5 of 7
AtwaterF050410-034.jpgArea History continued 6 of 7
AtwaterF050410-035.jpgArea History continued 7 of 7
AtwaterIMG.jpgAtwater - Abstract of Title NOTE: remainder of document located in Atwater Family Folder
AtwoodF050329-023.jpgHezekiah Atwood
AtwoodF050329-025.jpgJennie Atwood Pratt 1 of 3
AtwoodF050329-026.jpgJennie Atwood Pratt 2 of 3
AtwoodF050329-027.jpgJennie Atwood Pratt 3 of 3
AtwoodF050329-028.jpgJoshua Atwood letter 1 of 2
AtwoodF050329-029.jpgJoshua Atwood letter 2 of 2
AtwoodF050329-030.jpgJennie A Pratt Timber Wolves Stalked Men in Pioneer Days 06-26-1949
AtwoodF050329-031.jpgReceipes 1 of 3
AtwoodF050329-032.jpgReceipes 2 of 3
AtwoodF050329-033.jpgReceipes 3 of 3
AtwoodF050329-034.jpgHezekeah and Abbie Atwood
AtwoodF050329-035.jpg12716 Minnetonka Blvd - Jean Raymond home
AtwoodF050329-036.jpg12716 Minnetonka Boulevard-Historical site
AtwoodF050330-001.jpgAbby Tuttle Atwood Richardson diary excerpts 1 of 6
AtwoodF050330-002.jpgAbby Tuttle Atwood.....2 of 6
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AtwoodF050330-007.jpgAtwood family tree
AtwoodF050330-008.jpgL-R: Maude [Crack] Cooper; Jennie [Atwood] Pratt; Margaret [Gibb] Millam; Emma [Atwood] Gilmore
AtwoodF050330-009.jpgJim and Jennie Pratt family
AtwoodF050330-011.jpgHezekiah S Atwood notes
AtwoodF050330-012.jpgAbby Tuttle Atwood, Richardson notes
AtwoodF050330-013.jpgAtwood notes
AtwoodF050330-014.jpgAbby Richardson letter
AtwoodF050330-015.jpgJennie Atwood Pratt Pioneer Woman Recalls Fear of Raiding Indians article
AtwoodF050330-016.jpgJennie Atwood Pratt Old Rail Fence Corner
AtwoodF050330-017.jpgEmma E Mehitable Atwood Gilmore obituary
AtwoodF050330-018.jpgJennie Pratt There is a Santa 12-13-1939
AtwoodF050330-019.jpgJennie Pratt 1938 article
AtwoodF050330-020.jpgJames Pratt notes
AtwoodF050330-021.jpgHezekiah Atwood marriages, births and deaths
AtwoodF050330-022.jpgAtwood notes
AtwoodF050330-023.jpgEmma Gilmore & Jennie Pratt
AtwoodF050330-024.jpgHester Tuttle notes
AtwoodF050330-025.jpgNancy Atwood Pattee obituary
AtwoodF050330-026.jpgJennie A Pratt letter 1 of 2
AtwoodF050330-027.jpgJennie A Pratt letter 2 of 2
AtwoodIMG.jpgGrace A Atwood obituary 12-19-1981
AtwoodIMG_0001.jpgMarion [Woodward] Atwood obituary 08-08-1892 - 03-08-1980
AuldIMG.jpgJ H Auld Vets Day Chimes Have Golden Tone This Year 50th Anniversary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 410
AustinF050330-028.jpgAustin Family Notes 1 of 2
AustinF050330-029.jpgAustin Family Notes 2 of 2
AustinF050330-030.jpgChandler Austin obituary