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BabcockF050412-001.jpgBabcock notes
BabcockF050412-002.jpgG M Babcock Obituary
BabcockF050412-003.jpgAugustus Babcock Property Notes
BabcockF050412-004.jpgNotation of Diary 1858
BabcockF050412-005.jpgBabcock Review of Diary 1858
BabcockF050412-006.jpgBabcock notes - 1858 1 of 5
BabcockF050412-007.jpgBabcock notes....2 of 5
BabcockF050412-008.jpgBabcock notes....3 of 5
BabcockF050412-009.jpgBabcock notes....4 of 5
BabcockF050412-010.jpgBabcock notes....5 of 5
BabinF050412-011.jpgEdwin Babin Property Location
BaerF050412-013.jpgMargaret Baer memoir
BaertF050412-014.jpgHal J Baert letter
BaileyF050412-015.jpgAlvin Coe Bailey Family Notes
BaileyF050412-016.jpgBailey Ancestral Chart
BaileyF050412-017.jpgA C Bailey notes
BaileyF050412-018.jpgA.C. Bailey Notes
BaileyF050412-019.jpgSquire Bailey
BaileyF050412-020.jpgKay Bailey News Article 1987
BaileyF050412-021.jpgKay Bailey News Article continued
BaileyF050412-022.jpgAlvin C Bailey notes
BaileyF050412-023.jpgMargaret Bailey Obituary
BaileyF050412-024.jpgAlvin C Bailey notes
BaileyF050412-025.jpgMr and Mrs Boyd Bailey News Article
BaileyF050412-026.jpgMr. and Mrs. Boyd Bailey News Article continued
BaileyF050412-027.jpgMr. and Mrs. Boyd Bailey News Article continued
BaileyF050412-028.jpgKay Bailey News Article
BaileyF050412-029.jpgKay Bailey News Article
BaileyF050412-030.jpgKay Bailey News Article continued
BaileyF050412-031.jpgKay Bailey receipe
BaileyIMG_0001.jpgKay Bailey, Lynette Gyllenblad 1 of 2
BaileyIMG_0002.jpgKay Bailey 2 of 2
BailtifIMG.jpgR L Bailtif note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 214
BailtifIMG_0001.jpgR L Bailtif
BakerF050412-032.jpgWyman and Leonard Baker Property Description
BakerF050412-033.jpgBailey notes
BakerF050412-035.jpgJohn M. Baker Obituary
BakerF050412-036.jpgJoe Baker
BakerF050412-037.jpgJoe Baker
BakerF050412-040.jpgBaker notes
BakerF050412-041.jpgJohn H Baker Obituary
BakerF050412-042.jpgAgnes Baker Martin Obituary
BakerF050412-043.jpgJohn M Baker note
BakerF050412-044.jpgJohn M Baker letter
BakerF050412-045.jpgBaker Pedigree Chart
BakerIMG.jpgIla Baker obituary 1956 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 357
BakerIMG_0001.jpgHenry Baker notes NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 216
BakerIMG_0002.jpgGarnet C Baker obituary 1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 5
BakerIMG_0003.jpgJoseph Baker note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 251
BakerIMG_0004.jpgMargaret E Baker memoriam 12-30-1906 - 09-25-1988 nee Hallson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 58
BakerIMG_0005.jpgHenry Baker note
BakerIMG_0006.jpgJoseph Baker note
BakerIMG_0007.jpgWilliam Baker
BakerIMG_0008.jpgGeorge R Baker obituary 01-15-1981
BallF050412-046.jpgMinor Ball history
BallF050413-001.jpgBall notes
BallF050413-002.jpgMiner Ball Diary and Records
BallF050413-004.jpgMiner Ball letter
BallF050413-005.jpgMiner Ball News Article
BallF050413-006a.jpgMiner Ball
BallF050413-007.jpgMiner Ball
BallF050413-008.jpgHenry Ball notes
BallF050413-009.jpgMiner Ball notes
BallF050413-010.jpgMiner Ball Diary
BallF050413-011.jpgRuth Ball Gage letter
BallF050413-012.jpgMiner Ball letter
BallF050413-013.jpgBall note
BallantyneIMG.jpgAngeline Ballantyne obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 2, page 351
BalserF060602-055.jpgSusan Baker, Bernard Juran marriage
BankerIMG.jpgHenry Banker note
BantaF050413-014.jpgBanta notes
BantaF050413-015.jpgNellie Banta Stubbs
BantaF050413-015a.jpgWillard J and Nellie L Stubbs
BantaF050413-017.jpgBanta Dredge Co News Article
BantaF050413-018.jpgNellie Banta note
BantleF050413-019.jpgBantle History
BantleF050413-020.jpgAnton Bantle
BantleF050413-021.jpgBantle News Article
BantleIMG_0001.jpgMargie Bantle letter from Janet Dyck 06-15-1984
BantleIMG_0002.jpgMargie Bantle - letter from Bantle Family Historian, Anne Freisinger 10-15-1984 1 of 2
BantleIMG_0003.jpgMargie Bantle - letter....2 of 2
BantleIMG_0004.jpgBantle family notes
BantleIMG_0005.jpgBantle family notes
BantleIMG_0007.jpgBantle family notes
BarbeauF050413-022.jpgGeorge Barbeau plat info
BarbeauF050413-023.jpgBarbeau notes
BardwellF050413-024.jpgSarah Bardwell
BardwellF050413-025.jpgFrank Bardwell
BardwellF050413-026.jpgAlice Bardwell
BardwellF050413-027.jpgBardwell Undertaking Co.
BardwellF050413-028.jpgMrs M F Bardwell
BardwellF050413-029.jpgCharles S Bardwell
BardwellF050413-030.jpgMaurice F Bardwell Obituary
BardwellF050413-031.jpgBardwell Funeral Services
BardwellF050413-032.jpgMrs W C Bardwell
BardwellF050413-033.jpgJelon Bardwell
BardwellIMG.jpgMaurice Frank Bardwell obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 298
BarfknechtIMG.jpgErnest J Barfknecht obituary 05-12-1983
BarfknechtIMG_0001.jpgR Barfknecht
BarfknechtIMG_0002.jpgR Barfknecht Receipt for Personal Property Taxes for the Year 1919, Maple Plain, MN 1 of 2
BarfknechtIMG_0003.jpgR Barfknecht Receipt....2 of 2
BarkowF050413-034.jpgCharles Barkow II wedding photo
BarkowF050413-035.jpgBarkow Plat
BarkowF050413-036.jpgCharlie Barkow III
BarkowF050413-037.jpgCharlie Barkow II
BarkowF050413-038.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter
BarkowF050413-039.jpgCharles Barkow
BarkowF050413-040.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter
BarkowF050413-041.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter cont'd
BarkowF050413-042.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter cont'd
BarkowF050413-043.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter cont'd
BarkowF050413-044.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter cont'd
BarkowF050413-045.jpgCharles R. Barkow letter
BarkowF050413-046.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter
BarkowF050413-047.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter cont'd
BarkowF050413-048.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter
BarkowF050413-049.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter cont'd
BarkowF050413-051.jpgCharlie Barkow III
BarkowF050413-053.jpgCharlie R Barkow letter
BarkowF050413-055.jpgCharlie R. Barkow letter
BarkowF050413-056.jpgBarkow plat map
BarkowF050413-057.jpgCharlie II and Charlie III Barkow
BarkowF050413-058.jpgCharles Barkow Homestead
BarkowF050413-059.jpgCharles Barkow II and Fred Barkow
BarkowF050413-060.jpgCharlie Barkow II wedding photo
BarkowF050413-061a.jpgClara and Charlie Barkow
BarkowF050413-062.jpgFred and Ann Barkow
BarkowF050413-063.jpgCharles Barkow
BarkowF050413-064.jpgCharles Barkow II notes
BarkowF050413-066.jpgCharles and Fred Barkow Farmers' Directory
BarkowF050413-067.jpgCharles Barkow
BarkowF050413-068.jpgCharles Barkow notes
BarkowF050413-069.jpgCharlie Barkow plat map
BarkowF050413-070.jpgMrs. Barkow Obituary and Fred Barko Ad
BarkowF050413-071.jpgBarkow Photos notation
BarkowF050413-072.jpgCharles Barkow
BarkowF050413-073.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter
BarkowF050413-074.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter
BarkowF050413-078.jpgCharlie Barkow III letter cont'd
BarkowF050413-079.jpgCharlie Barkow II
BarkowF050413-080.jpgCharles Barkow
BarkowF050413-081.jpgCharlie Barkow Declaration for Invalid Pension
BarkowF050413-083.jpgCharlie Barkow General Affidavit
BarkowF050413-085.jpgCharles Barkow
BarkowF050413-086.jpgCharles and Ann Barkow
BarkowF050413-087.jpgCharles Barkow II
BarkowF050413-090.jpgCharles Barkow
BarkowF050413-097.jpgFred Barkow sale of property
BarkowF050413-098.jpgFred Barkow and John Barkow sale of property
BarnardIMG.jpgFlorence [Marshall] Barnard obituary, taught at Hill School, Crystal Bay
BarnesF050414-023.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 4
BarnesF050414-024.jpgEugene V Barnes....2 of 4
BarnesF050414-025.jpgEugene V Barnes....3 of 4
BarnesF050414-026.jpgEugene V Barnes....4 of 4
BarnesF050414-039.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 2
BarnesF050414-040.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 2
BarnesF050414-041.jpgEugene Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-042.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-044.jpgEugene V. Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-045.jpgEugne V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-046.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-047.jpgEugne V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-048.jpgEugne V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-049.jpgGene and Judy Barnes
BarnesF050414-054.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 3
BarnesF050414-055.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 3
BarnesF050414-056.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 3 of 3
BarnesF050414-058.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 2
BarnesF050414-059.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 2
BarnesF050414-060.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-061.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 5
BarnesF050414-062.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 5
BarnesF050414-063.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 3 of 5
BarnesF050414-064.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 4 of 5
BarnesF050414-065.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 5 of 5
BarnesF050414-066.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 2
BarnesF050414-067.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 2
BarnesF050414-068.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-069.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 2
BarnesF050414-070.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 2
BarnesF050414-071.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-072.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-073.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 2
BarnesF050414-074.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 2
BarnesF050414-075.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 3
BarnesF050414-076.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 3
BarnesF050414-077.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 3 of 3
BarnesF050414-078.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 3
BarnesF050414-079.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 3
BarnesF050414-080.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 3 of 3
BarnesF050414-081.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-082.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-083.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-084.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 4
BarnesF050414-085.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 4
BarnesF050414-086.jpgEugene V Banres letter 3 of 4
BarnesF050414-087.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 4 of 4
BarnesF050414-088.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-089.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-090.jpgBarnes Marriage Records
BarnesF050414-093.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 2
BarnesF050414-094.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 2
BarnesF050414-095.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050414-096.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 4
BarnesF050414-097.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 4
BarnesF050414-098.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 3 of 4
BarnesF050414-099.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 4 of 4
BarnesF050414-100.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 5
BarnesF050414-101.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 5
BarnesF050414-102.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 3 of 5
BarnesF050419-001.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 6
BarnesF050419-002.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 5 of 5
BarnesF050419-003.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 4 of 5
BarnesF050419-004.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 6
BarnesF050419-005.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 3 of 6
BarnesF050419-006.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 4 of 6
BarnesF050419-007.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 5 of 6
BarnesF050419-008.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 6 of 6
BarnesF050419-009.jpgBarnes Bibliography
BarnesF050419-010.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050419-011.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 2
BarnesF050419-012.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 2 of 2
BarnesF050419-013.jpgJames Wilson Barnes notes 1 of 2
BarnesF050419-014.jpgJames Wilson Barnes....2 of 2
BarnesF050419-015.jpgElbridge Small Barnes Descendants 1 of 17
BarnesF050419-016.jpgElbridge Small Barnes....2 of 17
BarnesF050419-017.jpgElbridge Small Barnes....3 of 17
BarnesF050419-018.jpgElbridge Small Barnes...4 of 17
BarnesF050419-019.jpgElbridge Small Barnes 5 of 17
BarnesF050419-020.jpgElbridge Small Barnes....6 of 17
BarnesF050419-021.jpgElbridge Small Barnes....7 of 17
BarnesF050419-022.jpgElbridge Small Barnes....8 of 17
BarnesF050419-023.jpgElbridge Small Barnes....9 of 17
BarnesF050419-024.jpgElbridge Small Barnes....10 of 17
BarnesF050419-025.jpgElbridge Small Barnes 11 of 17
BarnesF050419-026.jpgElbridge Small Barnes 12 of 17
BarnesF050419-027.jpgElbridge Small Barnes 13 of 17
BarnesF050419-028.jpgElbridge Small Barnes 14 of 17
BarnesF050419-029.jpgElbridge Small Barnes 15 of 17
BarnesF050419-030.jpgElbridge Small Barnes 16 of 17
BarnesF050419-031.jpgElbridge Small Barnes 17 of 17
BarnesF050419-032.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 11
BarnesF050419-033.jpgEugene V Barnes 2 of 11
BarnesF050419-034.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 3 of 11
BarnesF050419-035.jpgEugene V Barnes....4 of 11
BarnesF050419-037.jpgEugene V Barnes....5 of 11
BarnesF050419-038.jpgEugene V Barnes....6 of 11
BarnesF050419-039.jpgEugene V Barnes....7 of 11
BarnesF050419-040.jpgEugene V Barnes....8 of 11
BarnesF050419-041.jpgEugene V Barnes....9 of 11
BarnesF050419-042.jpgEugene V Barnes....10 of 11
BarnesF050419-043.jpgEugene V Barnes....11 of 11
BarnesF050419-044.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050419-045.jpgEugene V Barnes letter
BarnesF050419-046.jpgEugene V Barnes letter 1 of 4
BarnesF050419-047.jpgEugene V Barnes....2 of 4
BarnesF050419-048.jpgEugene V Barnes....3 of 4
BarnesF050419-049.jpgEugene V Barnes....4 of 4
BarnesF050419-050.jpgShepard Barnes letter
BarnesF050419-051.jpgWill Barnes
BarnesF050419-052.jpgJohn Barnes
BarnesF050419-053.jpgMargaret Barnes Obituary
BarnesF050419-054.jpgJohn Barnes Misc. Notes
BarnesF050419-056.jpgR S Barnes News Article
BarnesF050419-057.jpgJ W Barnes
BarnesF050419-064.jpgElbridge Small Barnes
BarnesF050419-065.jpgShepard Barnes Plat Info
BarnesF050419-066.jpgShepard and Will Barnes Plat Info
BarnesF050419-067.jpgBarnes note
BarnesF050419-068.jpgMargaret Barnes Newspaper Article
BarnesF050419-069.jpgBarnes notes
BarnesF050419-070.jpgBarnes notes cont'd
BarnesF050419-072.jpgBarnes Newspaper article
BarnesF050419-073.jpgWill Barnes
BarnesF050419-076.jpgMargaret Barnes Newspaper article
BarnesF050419-077.jpgBarnes notes
BarnesF050419-078.jpgBarnes Vital Records
BarnesF050419-079.jpgShepard Barnes Family
BarnesF050419-080.jpgShepard Barnes Familty cont'd
BarnesF050419-081.jpgS S Barnes notes
BarnesF050419-082.jpgBarnes Civil War notes
BarnesF050419-083.jpgShepard Barnes Railroad property
BarnesF050419-084.jpgGeorge D Barnes Plat Info
BarnesF050419-099.jpgBarnes Decendants
BarnesF050419-100.jpgBarnes Decendants
BarnesF050419-105.jpgBarnes Plat Info
BarnesF050419-106.jpgBarnes Notes
BarnesF050419-107.jpgBarnes notes
BarnesF050419-108.jpgBarnes notes
BarnesF050419-109.jpgBarnes notes
BarnesF050419-110.jpgBarnes notes
BarnesIMG_0009.jpgMartha Barnes note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 231
BarnesIMG_0010.jpgSydney V Barnes obituary 12-21-1987 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 5
BarnesIMG_0011.jpgMartha Barnes note
BarnesIMG_0012.jpgWillie Elbridge Barnes note
BarnettF050413-099.jpgBarnett notes
BarnettF050413-100.jpgBarnett notes
BarnettF050413-101.jpgA C Barrett
BarnhartF050413-102.jpgBarnhart Plat Info
BarrettF050413-101.jpgA C Barrett
BarrettF050413-103.jpgC C Barrett
BarrettF050413-104.jpgRaymond Barrett
BarrettF050413-105.jpgAlbert C Barrett
BarrettF050413-106.jpgA C Barrett
BarrettF050413-107.jpgDouglas Wm Barrett Obituary
BarrettF050413-108.jpgRea Barrett
BarrettF050413-109.jpgAlice Barrett
BarrettF060602-002.jpgBride Caroline Barrett, Groom Hoover Kelley, Bridesmaid on far right: Laverne St John
BarrettF060602-005.jpgCaroline Barrett, Roger Meyer
BarrettF060602-006.jpgCaroline Barrett & Roger Meyer
BarrettF060602-033.jpgCaroline Barrett
BarrettF060602-091.jpgBeatrice Barrett
BarrettIMG.jpgCarolyn Barrett, Wayzata High School 1936
BarrettIMG_0001.jpgAlbert C Barrett note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 233
BarrettIMG_0002.jpgDouglas Wm Barrett obituary and notes 01-23-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 4
BarrettIMG_0003.jpgFrank A Barrett obituary April 1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r9, page 10
BarrettIMG_0005.jpgAlbert Cecil Barret note
BartellF050413-110.jpgAugusta Gusty Bartell
BartellF050413-111.jpgAugusta Gusty Bartell
BartellIMG.jpgRev C M Bartel note
BarthelF050413-114.jpgFelix J Barthel
BarthelF050413-115.jpgBarthel Familty Reunion
BarthelF050413-116.jpgMary Relindis Barthel, Sister
BarthelF050413-117.jpgBarthel Family Farm
BarthelF050413-118.jpgLeo and Lillian Barthel
BarthelF050413-119.jpgLeo and Lillian Barthel
BarthelIMG.jpgFelix Barthel obituary 07-09-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 34
BartlettF050413-120.jpgBartlett notes
BartlettF050413-121.jpgBartlett notes
BartlettF050413-122.jpgBartlett notes
BartlettF050413-123.jpgBartlett notes
BartlettF050413-124.jpgBartlett notes
BartowF050413-125.jpgBarto notes
BartowF050413-126.jpgBarto notes
BartowF050413-127.jpgJoseph A Barto
BartowF050413-128.jpgBarto Notes
BartowF050413-129.jpgBarto notes
BartowF050413-130.jpgBartow notes
BartowF050413-131.jpgSamuel Bartow
BartowF050413-132.jpgSamuel Bartow
BartowF050413-133.jpgSamuel Bartow cont'd
BartowF050413-134.jpgJoseph A Barto Obituary
BartowF050413-141.jpgSamuel Bartow note
BartowF050413-142.jpgSamuel Bartow notes
BartowF050413-143.jpgMaggie Bartow notes
BartowF050413-144.jpgBarto notes
BartowF050413-145.jpgRobert Bartow letter
BartowF050413-146.jpgJoseph A Barto letter
BartowF050413-147.jpgRobert W Bartow notes
BartowF050413-148.jpgBartow notes
BartowF050413-149.jpgMary Bartow notes
BartowF050413-150.jpgR W Bartow letter
BartowF050413-151.jpgR W Bartow family tree
BartowF050413-152.jpgR W Bartow Decendants
BartowF050413-153.jpgThomas C Barto info
BartowF050413-154.jpgSamuel Bartow notes
BartowF050413-155.jpgMargaret Bartow notes
BartowF050413-156.jpgSamuel Bartow notes
BassettF050413-159.jpgDaniel Bassett News Article
BassettF050413-160.jpgJoel Bassett notes
BatdorfF050425-001.jpgMN Farm Bureau State Committee
BatdorfF050425-002.jpgMrs John Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050425-003.jpgRev Norman Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050425-004.jpgAlvin Batdorf news article
BatdorfF050425-005.jpgClara Bentley
BatdorfF050425-006.jpgW C Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-007.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-008.jpgDr and Mrs Niles Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050425-009.jpgFrank Mross newspaper article
BatdorfF050425-010.jpgBatdorf note
BatdorfF050425-011.jpgRev Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050425-012.jpgJoe and Albert Batdorf
BatdorfF050425-013.jpgNorman Batdorf
BatdorfF050425-014.jpgRev Norman Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-015.jpgSam and Randi Batdorf
BatdorfF050425-016.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-017.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-020.jpgNorman Batdorf newspaper article 1 of 2
BatdorfF050425-021.jpgNorman Batdorf....2 of 2
BatdorfF050425-022.jpgAlbert Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050425-023.jpgMartha and Ennis Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050425-024.jpgNiles and Mary Batdorf
BatdorfF050425-026.jpgMr and Mrs Ennis Batdorf
BatdorfF050425-027.jpgBarton Batdorf
BatdorfF050425-028.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-029.jpgBatdorf Family Tree 1 of 2
BatdorfF050425-030.jpgBatdorf family tree 2 of 2
BatdorfF050425-031.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-032.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-033.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-034.jpgWilliam Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050425-036.jpgMelvin Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050425-037.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-038.jpgW C Batdorf note
BatdorfF050425-039.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-041.jpgW C Batdorf memoire
BatdorfF050425-042.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-043.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-044.jpgMary Batdorf memoire
BatdorfF050425-045.jpgMr and Mrs Ennis Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050425-046.jpgNorman Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050425-047.jpgLeona Batdorf and Elden Anderson
BatdorfF050425-048.jpgCharlotte Batdorf Stevens
BatdorfF050425-049.jpgHoward and Tillie Batdorf article
BatdorfF050425-050.jpgAlmeda and Albert Batdorf Children
BatdorfF050425-051.jpgGordon E Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050425-052.jpgFrank E Batdorf hearing petition
BatdorfF050425-053.jpgGordon Batdorf newspaper article 1 of 2
BatdorfF050425-054.jpgGordon Batdorf....2 of 2
BatdorfF050425-055.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-056.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-057.jpgElden and Leona Batdorf Anderson family tree
BatdorfF050425-058.jpgCharles Batdorf Jr
BatdorfF050425-059.jpgDr Niles Batdorf
BatdorfF050425-060.jpgHoward Batdorf
BatdorfF050425-061.jpgJohn Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-062.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-063.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-064.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-066.jpgVerna Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050425-068.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-069.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050425-070.jpgHarvey Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050428-001.jpgDora Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-002.jpgDora Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-003.jpgJohn Jacob Batdorf ancestors
BatdorfF050428-004.jpgRev Norman Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050428-006.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-007.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-008.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-009.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-010.jpgDouglas G Batdorf note
BatdorfF050428-011.jpgJacob Batdorf note
BatdorfF050428-014.jpgRev Norman Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050428-015.jpgGeorge Batdorf Mound Council
BatdorfF050428-016.jpgAllen Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050428-017.jpgHenry Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050428-018.jpgGordon Batdorf newspaper article
BatdorfF050428-019.jpgElizabeth Batdorf
BatdorfF050428-020.jpgRev Norman Batdorf
BatdorfF050428-021.jpgRev Norman Batdorf
BatdorfF050428-022.jpgBatdorf note
BatdorfF050428-023.jpgDewey Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050428-024.jpgMelvin Batdorf Tintype
BatdorfF050428-027.jpgBatdorf - Women's Camp
BatdorfF050428-028.jpgMelvin Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050428-029.jpgWilliam Batdorf Obituary
BatdorfF050428-030.jpgJohn Batdorf ...buys J.B. Publications
BatdorfF050428-031.jpgGordon Batdorf Toy Time Again 1 of 2
BatdorfF050428-032.jpgGordon Batdorf....2 of 2
BatdorfF050428-033.jpgBatdorf - Joanne Sue engagement
BatdorfF050428-034.jpgWilliam Scott Batdorf
BatdorfF050428-035.jpgJoanne Mross
BatdorfF050428-036.jpgBatdorf - Vickie Lynn engagement
BatdorfF050428-037.jpgBethel Methodist Church Anniversary
BatdorfF050428-038.jpgBatdorf - Bethel...2 of 17
BatdorfF050428-039.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....3 of 17
BatdorfF050428-040.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....4 of 17
BatdorfF050428-041.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....5 of 17
BatdorfF050428-042.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....6 of 17
BatdorfF050428-043.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....7 of 17
BatdorfF050428-044.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....8 of 17
BatdorfF050428-045.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....9 of 17
BatdorfF050428-046.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....10 of 17
BatdorfF050428-047.jpgBatdorf - Bethel.... 11 of 17
BatdorfF050428-048.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....12 of 17
BatdorfF050428-049.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....13 of 17
BatdorfF050428-050.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....14 of 17
BatdorfF050428-051.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....15 of 17
BatdorfF050428-052.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....16 of 17
BatdorfF050428-053.jpgBatdorf - Bethel....17 of 17
BatdorfF050428-054.jpgNiles and Mary Batdrof notes
BatdorfF050428-055.jpgB Niles and Berit Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-056.jpgWildred Leona Verna Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-057.jpgMargaret and Corrine Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-058.jpgDorothy and Tillie Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-059.jpgAlmeda Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-060.jpgEva Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-061.jpgEnnis and Isella Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-062.jpgClinton Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-063.jpgRay Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-064.jpgHarvey Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-065.jpgBetty Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-066.jpgGladys Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-067.jpgLorraine and Eleanor Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-068.jpgViola and Charlotte Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-069.jpgBatdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-070.jpgWilliam Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-071.jpgDewey, Loren and David L Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-072.jpgRobert and Gordon Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-073.jpgKaren J, Roberta L, Anne Marie Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-074.jpgBatdorf see next screen for names
BatdorfF050428-075.jpgSee F050428-074
BatdorfF050428-076.jpgIda Mae Batdorf notes 1 of 2
BatdorfF050428-077.jpgIda Mae Batdorf....2 of 2
BatdorfF050428-078.jpgMarion O Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-079.jpgWalter Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-080.jpgRosa Lee, Marilyn J, Shirlene Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050428-081.jpgWilliam Batdorf see F050428-082
BatdorfF050428-082.jpgSee F05042-081
BatdorfF050429-001.jpgBarton Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-002.jpgJoseph Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-003.jpgNorman Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-004.jpgDora Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-005.jpgHenry Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-006.jpgBarton and Jill Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-007.jpgDouglas G Batdorf
BatdorfF050429-008.jpgBarton Family notes
BatdorfF050429-009.jpgLidia Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-010.jpgJohn Batford notes
BatdorfF050429-011.jpgMarie Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-012.jpgWilliam Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-013.jpgClarence Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-014.jpgWilliam Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-015.jpgKathleen Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-016.jpgEugene Francis Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-017.jpgElizabeth A Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-018.jpgDoris Mae Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-019.jpgHelen Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-020.jpgDouglas George Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-021.jpgVirginia Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-022.jpgPearl Batdorf notes
BatdorfF050429-023.jpgMarg Batdorf notes
BatdorfIMG.jpgMary Batdorf memoriam 12-07-1958
BatdorfIMG01.jpgEleanor [Batendorf] Mross - Tim Schoenhofen and Anissa Marshall engagement announcement
BatdorfIMG_0001.jpgMary Batdorf memoriam 12-07-1958
BatdorfIMG_000101.jpgDescendanta of Mary E [Batdorf] and Henry Keckhafer 1 of 4
BatdorfIMG_0002.jpgMary Batdorf (Mrs Niles) obituary
BatdorfIMG_000202.jpgDescendanta....2 of 4
BatdorfIMG_000303.jpgDescendanta....3 of 4
BatdorfIMG_000404.jpgDescendanta....4 of 4
BatdorfIMG_0005.jpgBatdorf family notes 1 of 4
BatdorfIMG_0006.jpgBatdorf family notes 2 of 4
BatdorfIMG_0007.jpgBatdorf family notes 3 of 4
BatdorfIMG_0008.jpgBatdorf family notes 4 of 4
BatdorfIMG_0009.jpgMartha I Batdorf obituary 1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 22
BatdorfIMG_0011.jpgHarland W Batdorf obituary 04-04-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 21
BatdorfIMG_0012.jpgRev Howard A Batdorf memoriam 02-07-1910 - 10-12-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 48
BatdorfIMG_0013.jpgRev Howard A Batdorf ...., pastor to Indians, dies 10-13-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 60
BatdorfIMG_0014.jpgDewey Batdorf note
BatdorfIMG_0015.jpgRobert Batdorf note
BatdorfIMG_0016.jpgEnnis O Batdorf obituary 11-19-1980
BatdorfIMG_0017.jpgEnnis O Batdorf obituary 1979
BatdorfIMG_0018.jpgRussell Batdorf obituary 05-10-?
BatdorfIMG_0024.jpgBatdorf - "The Batdorf Family Genealogy Report" 1671 to 2000-5 NOTE: Located in Vault - Family Bound Edition
BatdorfIMG_00401.jpgLena Batdorf obituary May 1982
BathurstF050414-020.jpgElla Bathurst death
BathurstF050414-021.jpgBathurst notes
BathurstF050414-022.jpgElla Bathurst Obituary
BathurstIMG.jpgJohn Bathurst note
BatsonF050414-001.jpgSam Batson letter 1 of 3
BatsonF050414-002.jpgSam Batson letter 2 of 3
BatsonF050414-003.jpgSam Batson letter 3 of 3
BatsonF050414-004.jpgPioneer Museum article
BatsonF050414-005.jpgSam Batson newspaper article
BatsonF050414-006.jpgJohn Batson rural route carrier....
BatsonF050414-007.jpgMrs S W Batson Adenoids
BatsonF050414-008.jpgBarton misc. newspaper articles
BatsonF050414-009.jpgCynthia Batson
BatsonF050414-010.jpgJohn Batson Please bring me a letter 1 of 2
BatsonF050414-011.jpgJohn Batson....2 of 2
BatsonF050414-012.jpgBatson notes
BatsonF050414-013.jpgBatson Historical Walking Tour
BatsonF050414-014.jpgCynthia and Tom Batson
BatsonF050414-015.jpgTom Batson
BatsonF050414-016.jpgMrs Sam Batson
BatsonF050414-018.jpgTom Cynthia Phillip John (future mailman) c1918 Bat
BatsonF050414-019.jpgSamuel Batson
BatsonIMG.jpgBatson - Standard Oil Company 04-10-1933
BatsonIMG_0001.jpgTom Batson note
BatsonIMG_0023.jpgBatson - "Batson Family Genealogy" Revised to May 1, 1949 NOTE: located in Vault, Family Bound Edition
BauerF050413-161.jpgElizabeth Bauer - Medina - Lived next to Wolsfelds
BauerIMG.jpgElmer M Bauer obituary
BauerIMG_0001.jpgFred Bauer, Sr obituary 10-06-1982
BaumeisterF050429-024.jpgAnton Baumeister plat info
BaumgartnerF050413-162.jpgSebastian Baumgartner plat info
BayerF050413-163.jpgBayer notes
BayerF050413-164.jpgMiles Bayer
BayerF050413-165.jpgDuncan and Ann Bayer death
BayerIMG.jpgMiles Bayer - homesteaded property in Litchfield, Minnesota.....06-01-1874 NOTE: remainder of document located in Bayer Family Folder
BazilleIMG_0001.jpgCharles Bazille article in the Minnesota Historical Society Collections
BazilleIMG_0002.jpgMr and Mrs John A Bazille wedding announcement for niece Corinne Lillian Verigosen 07-09-1978
BazilleIMG_0003.jpgJohn A Bazille ...Pioneer, Is Dead
BazilleIMG_0042.jpgMr and Mrs John A Bazille announce marriage of niece Corinne Lillian Vergosen 07-09-1978
BeachF050429-025.jpgLaura Beach
BeachF050429-026.jpgJudd and Lucretia Beach
BealF050429-027.jpgJacob and Matilda Beal
BealF050429-028.jpgClarence Beal Obituary
BealF050429-029.jpgJacob Beal
BealF050429-030.jpgBeal - Marilyn Hamilton announce candidacy
BealF050429-031.jpgClara Mildred Beal memoir
BealF050429-032.jpgClarence and Clara Beal 50th Anniversary
BealF050429-033.jpgClarence and Clara Beal
BealF050429-034.jpgClarence Beal
BealF050429-035.jpgClarence Beal 85th birthday
BealF050429-036.jpgAlonzo Beal
BealF050429-037.jpgJacob Beal Obituary
BealF050429-038.jpgJacob Beal
BealF050429-040.jpgClarence Beal note
BealF050429-041.jpgClarence Beal Obituary
BealF050429-042.jpgClarence Beal
BealF050429-043.jpgEdward Marion Beal Obituary
BealF050429-044.jpgMariette Beal ...returns from Washington citizenship tour
BealF050429-045.jpgJacob Beal
BealF050429-047.jpgMarion Beal Rockford Craft Sale
BealF050429-048.jpgBeal Family Notes
BealF050429-049.jpgClarence Beal 50th anniversary
BealF050429-050.jpgClarence Beal newspaper article
BealF050429-051.jpgEdward Beal Obituary
BealF050429-052.jpgGrant Beal Obituary
BealIMG.jpgAlonzo Beal obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 274
BealIMG_0001.jpgBeal - Jacob Beal notes 1 of 2
BealIMG_0017.jpgClara Beal
BealIMG_0018.jpgClara Beal note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 4
BealIMG_0019.jpgClara Mildred Beal memoriam 12-12-1899 - 01-11-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 4
BealIMG_0020.jpgClara Beal obituary 01-11-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r9, page 4
BealIMG_0023.jpgEva Batdorf Beal note
BealIMG_0024.jpgUlysses Grant Beal note
BealIMG_0025.jpgClarence L Beal memoriam 02-13-1893 - 02-26-1980
BealIMG_0026.jpgClarence L Beal obituary 02-27-1980
BealIMG_0027.jpgClarence L Beal obituary 1980
BeanF050429-053.jpgStephen Bean
BeanF050429-054.jpgJ Bean notes
BeardsleyF050429-057.jpgBeardsley notes
BeardsleyF050429-058.jpgDick Beardsley ...trains for 1984 Olympic Trial Marathon
BeardsleyIMG.jpgLyman Beardsley obituary 07-10-1979
BechtoldIMG.jpgMinnie Bechtold obituary
BeckF050429-059.jpgJohn Beck notes
BeckIMG.jpgKate Campbell Beck notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, inside cover
BeckerF050429-060.jpgE W Becker Obituary
BeckerF050429-061.jpgAnna Becker note
BeckerF050429-063.jpgE W Becker
BeckerF050429-064.jpgNick Becker newspaper article
BeckertF050429-065.jpgBeckert note
BeckwithF050429-066.jpgGeorge and Helen Beckwith Pink Palace' tour....
BedellIMG.jpgVictor G Bedell obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 325
BedenF050429-067.jpgJohn Beden plat info
BedenF050429-068.jpgBeden notes
BedenF050429-069.jpgJohn O Beden
BederwoodIMG.jpgBederwood0 - unidentified
BeemanF050429-070.jpgBeeman notes
BeerF050402-046.jpgBeer family....40 of 103
BeerF050402-048.jpgBeer family....43 of 103
BeerF050502-001.jpgBeer Family
BeerF050502-002.jpgHilton Beer newspaper articles
BeerF050502-003.jpgHilton Beer letter 1 of 2
BeerF050502-004.jpgHilton Beer....2 of 2
BeerF050502-005.jpgJohn Beer
BeerF050502-006.jpgJ H Beer and Hilton Beer newspaper articles
BeerF050502-007.jpgBeer Family History
BeerF050502-008.jpgBeer family....2 of 103
BeerF050502-009.jpgBeer family.... 3 of 103
BeerF050502-010.jpgBeer family....4 of 103
BeerF050502-011.jpgBeer family....5 of 103
BeerF050502-012.jpgBeer family....6 of 103
BeerF050502-013.jpgBeer family....7 of 103
BeerF050502-014.jpgBeer family....8 of 103
BeerF050502-015.jpgBeer family....9 of 103
BeerF050502-016.jpgBeer family....10 of 103
BeerF050502-017.jpgBeer family....11 of 103
BeerF050502-018.jpgBeer family....12 of 103
BeerF050502-019.jpgBeer family....13 of 103
BeerF050502-020.jpgBeer family.....14 of 103
BeerF050502-021.jpgBeer family....15 of 103
BeerF050502-022.jpgBeer family....16 of 103
BeerF050502-023.jpgBeer family....17 of 103
BeerF050502-024.jpgBeer family....18 of 103
BeerF050502-025.jpgBeer family....19 of 103
BeerF050502-026.jpgBeer family....20 of 103
BeerF050502-027.jpgBeer family....21 of 103
BeerF050502-028.jpgBeer family....22 of 103
BeerF050502-029.jpgBeer family....23 of 103
BeerF050502-030.jpgBeer family....24 of 103
BeerF050502-031.jpgBeer family....25 of 103
BeerF050502-032.jpgBeer family....26 of 103
BeerF050502-033.jpgBeer family....27 of 103
BeerF050502-034.jpgBeer family....28 of 103
BeerF050502-035.jpgBeer family....29 of 103
BeerF050502-036.jpgBeer family....30 of 103
BeerF050502-037.jpgBeer family....31 of 103
BeerF050502-038.jpgBeer family....32 of 103
BeerF050502-039.jpgBeer family....33 of 103
BeerF050502-040.jpgBeer family....34 of 103
BeerF050502-041.jpgBeer family....35 of 103
BeerF050502-042.jpgBeer family....36 of 103
BeerF050502-043.jpgBeer family....37 of 103
BeerF050502-044.jpgBeer family....38 of 103
BeerF050502-045.jpgBeer family....39 of 103
BeerF050502-046.jpgBeer family....41 of 103
BeerF050502-047.jpgBeer family....42 of 103
BeerF050502-048.jpgBeer family....44 of 103
BeerF050502-049.jpgBeer family....45 of 103
BeerF050502-050.jpgBeer family....46 of 103
BeerF050502-051.jpgBeer family....47 of 103
BeerF050502-052.jpgBeer family....48 of 103
BeerF050502-053.jpgBeer family....49 of 103
BeerF050502-054.jpgBeer family....50 of 103
BeerF050502-055.jpgBeer family....51 of 103
BeerF050502-056.jpgBeer family....52 of 103
BeerF050502-057.jpgBeer family....53 of 103
BeerF050502-058.jpgBeer family....54 of 103
BeerF050502-059.jpgBeer family....55 of 103
BeerF050502-060.jpgBeer family....56 of 103
BeerF050502-061.jpgBeer family....57 of 103
BeerF050502-062.jpgBeer family....58 of 103
BeerF050502-063.jpgBeer family....59 of 103
BeerF050502-064.jpgBeer family....60 of 103
BeerF050502-065.jpgBeer family....61 of 103
BeerF050502-066.jpgBeer family....62 of 103
BeerF050502-067.jpgBeer family....63 of 103
BeerF050502-068.jpgBeer family....64 of 103
BeerF050502-069.jpgBeer family....65 of 103
BeerF050502-070.jpgBeer family....66 of 103
BeerF050502-071.jpgBeer family....67 of 103
BeerF050502-072.jpgBeer family....68 of 103
BeerF050502-073.jpgBeer family....69 of 103
BeerF050502-074.jpgBeer family....70 of 103
BeerF050502-075.jpgBeer family....71 of 103
BeerF050502-076.jpgBeer family....72 of 103
BeerF050502-077.jpgBeer family....73 of 103
BeerF050502-078.jpgBeer family....74 of 103
BeerF050502-079.jpgBeer family....75 of 103
BeerF050502-080.jpgBeer family....76 of 103
BeerF050502-081.jpgBeer family....77 of 103
BeerF050502-082.jpgBeer family....78 of 103
BeerF050502-083.jpgBeer family....79 of 103
BeerF050502-084.jpgBeer family....80 of 103
BeerF050502-085.jpgBeer family....81 of 103
BeerF050502-086.jpgBeer family....82 of 103
BeerF050502-087.jpgBeer family....83 of 103
BeerF050502-088.jpgBeer family....84 of 103
BeerF050502-089.jpgBeer family....85 of 103
BeerF050502-090.jpgBeer family....86 of 103
BeerF050502-091.jpgBeer family....87 of 103
BeerF050502-092.jpgBeer family....88 of 103
BeerF050502-093.jpgBeer family....89 of 103
BeerF050502-094.jpgBeer family....90 of 103
BeerF050502-095.jpgBeer family....91 of 103
BeerF050502-096.jpgBeer family....92 of 103
BeerF050502-097.jpgBeer family....93 of 103
BeerF050502-098.jpgBeer family....94 of 103
BeerF050502-099.jpgBeer family....95 of 103
BeerF050502-100.jpgBeer family....96 of 103
BeerF050502-101.jpgBeer family....97 of 103
BeerF050502-102.jpgBeer family....98 of 103
BeerF050502-103.jpgBeer family....99 of 103
BeerF050502-104.jpgBeer family....100 of 103
BeerF050502-105.jpgBeer family....101 of 103
BeerF050502-106.jpgBeer family....102 of 103
BeerF050502-107.jpgBeer family....103 of 103
BeerIMG_0037.jpgHilton George Beer obituary 06-13-1971
BeerVivian Oliver Beer.jpgVivian Oliver Beer - married to Merle Beer
BeginF050506-001.jpgBegin notes
BeginF050506-002.jpgLouis Begin plat info
BeginF050506-003.jpgEugene Begin death
BeginF050506-004.jpgMaxine Begin
BeginF050506-005.jpgTeressa Begin death 1 of 2
BeginF050506-006.jpgTeressa Begin....2 of 2
BehrensIMG.jpgDan Behrens on roofing expedition to Nigeria 07-16-1979
BehrnsIMG_0001.jpgLeonard R Behrns memoriam 09-24-1989 - 07-10-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r7, page 23
BelangerIMG.jpgGeraldine (Gerry) M Belanger obituary October 2011
BellF050502-108.jpgJames Ford Bell Jr Obituary
BellF050502-109.jpgJames Ford Bell Obituary
BellF050502-110.jpgJames Ford Bell memorie
BellF050502-111.jpgJames Ford Bell Memorial Wing
BellF050502-112.jpgJames Ford Bell note
BellF050502-113.jpgBell notes
BellF050502-114.jpgBell notes
BellF050502-115.jpgBarbara Bell
BellF050502-116.jpgSara and Ford W Bell
BellF050502-117.jpgJames Ford Bell death
BellF050502-118.jpgBell notes
BellF050502-119.jpgBarbara Bell newspaper article
BellF050502-120.jpgJames F and Louise H Bell gift
BellF050502-121.jpgBell misc newspaper articles
BellF050502-122.jpgBarbara Bell notes
BellF050502-123.jpgJames Ford Bell Jr newspaper article
BellF050502-125.jpgDr. Mourney Bell
BellF050502-126.jpgJames Ford Bell dedication ceremony
BellF050502-127.jpgJames Ford Bell newspaper article
BellF050502-128.jpgJames Ford Bell
BellF050502-129.jpgBelford: Wildlife Refuge article 1 of 2
BellF050502-130.jpgBelford....2 of 2
BellIMG.jpgDr Robert M Bell note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 257
BellIMG_0001.jpgDr R M Bell note
BellIMG_0002.jpgMrs R M Bell note
BellIMG_0003.jpgCheryl Bell-Esterly obituary 09-02-2011, of the Ward girls who livede in Medina Morningside for many years.
BellIMG_0004.jpgBell - Cecil J Watson, MD obituary 04-13-1983
BelllowsIMG.jpgCharles Sanger Bellows obituary 1993
BemisF050502-131.jpgBemis plat info
BengtsonIMG.jpgClara Bengtson Redeen NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 291
BenjaminF050502-132.jpgMrs. A E Benjamin Obituary
BenjaminF050502-133.jpgMary Benjamin Obituary
BenjaminF050502-134.jpgBenjamin Family notes
BenjaminF050502-135.jpgBenjamin notes
BenjaminF050502-136.jpgDonald C Bennyhoff
BennettF050502-137.jpgTheodore Bennett death
BennettF050502-138.jpgBennett Brothers Livery Barn
BennettF050502-139.jpgRussell H Bennett
BennettF050502-140.jpgBennett - Roger Stubbs, J W Bennett, Christine Centerwall Cowlin, Mrs J W Bennett, 1941
BennettF050502-141.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050502-142.jpgRobert Bennett
BennettF050503-001.jpgMiriam F Bennett
BennettF050503-002.jpgHelen Bennett 1 of 5
BennettF050503-003.jpgHelen Bennett 2 of 5
BennettF050503-004.jpgHelen Bennett 3 of 5
BennettF050503-005.jpgHelen Bennett 4 of 5
BennettF050503-006.jpgHelen Bennett 5 of 5
BennettF050503-007.jpgEllen Bennett
BennettF050503-008.jpgR W Bennett
BennettF050503-009.jpgBennett Children
BennettF050503-010.jpgBennett family
BennettF050503-011.jpgIda Bennett
BennettF050503-012.jpgTucker Bennett
BennettF050503-013.jpgEden Bennett plot info
BennettF050503-014.jpgQuaker Bennett
BennettF050503-015.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050503-016.jpgEffie May Bennett letter 1 of 2
BennettF050503-017.jpgEffie May Bennett letter 2 of 2
BennettF050503-018.jpgBennett family info 1 of 3
BennettF050503-019.jpgBennett family....2 of 3
BennettF050503-020.jpgBennett family...3 of 3
BennettF050503-021.jpgBennett - Clauson Lockwood marriage certificate
BennettF050503-023.jpgIda Bennett death cert.
BennettF050503-024.jpgBennett Bros Livery Stable
BennettF050503-025.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050503-026.jpgBennett Pedigree Chart
BennettF050503-027.jpgEffie Bennett letter 1 of 11
BennettF050503-028.jpgEffie Bennett....2 of 11
BennettF050503-029.jpgEffie Bennett....3 of 11
BennettF050503-030.jpgEffie Bennett....4 of 11
BennettF050503-031.jpgEffie Bennett....5 of 11
BennettF050503-032.jpgEffie Bennett....6 of 11
BennettF050503-033.jpgEffie Bennett....7 of 11
BennettF050503-034.jpgEffie Bennett....8 of 11
BennettF050503-035.jpgEffie Bennett....9 of 11
BennettF050503-036.jpgEffie Bennett....10 of 11
BennettF050503-037.jpgEffie Bennett....11 of 11
BennettF050503-038.jpgBennett Quaker Settlers Colony
BennettF050503-039.jpgSolomon Bennett
BennettF050503-040.jpgSolomon Bennett letter
BennettF050503-041.jpgR A Bennett
BennettF050503-042.jpgBennett letter
BennettF050503-043.jpgEffie Mae Bennett letter 1 of 2
BennettF050503-044.jpgEffie Mae Bennett letter 2 of 2
BennettF050503-045.jpgBennett letter
BennettF050503-046.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050503-047.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050503-048.jpgBennett letter 1 of 2
BennettF050503-049.jpgBennett letter 2 of 2
BennettF050503-050.jpgBennett The Quaker Settler Colony
BennettF050504-001.jpgSolomon and Anna Bennett
BennettF050504-002.jpgBennett letter
BennettF050504-003.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050504-004.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050504-005.jpgMrs Solomon Bennett newspaper article
BennettF050504-006.jpgMrs Solomen Bennett notes
BennettF050504-007.jpgBennett Bros Livery Stable newspaper article
BennettF050504-008.jpgLee Hutton Town Toppers
BennettF050504-009.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050504-010.jpgIsaac Skinner Bennett
BennettF050504-011.jpgBob Bennett
BennettF050504-012.jpgLemond Bennett
BennettF050504-013.jpgLemond Bennett
BennettF050504-014.jpgIda Lockwood Bennett
BennettF050504-015.jpgBob Bennett home
BennettF050504-016.jpgEffie Bennett
BennettF050504-017.jpgEffie Bennett Taylor Children
BennettF050504-018.jpgEffie Bennett letter 1 of 5
BennettF050504-019.jpgEffie Bennett....2 of 5
BennettF050504-020.jpgEffie Bennett....3 of 5
BennettF050504-021.jpgEffie Bennett....4 of 5
BennettF050504-022.jpgEffie Bennett....5 of 5
BennettF050504-023.jpgBennetts of Independence
BennettF050504-024.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050504-025.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050504-026.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050504-027.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050504-028.jpgBennett notes
BennettF050504-029.jpgBennett notes
BennettIMG.jpgIda Lockwood Bennett Death Takes Last Charter Member of Crystal Bay Church NOTE: Original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
BennettIMG_0001.jpgBennett unidentified
BennettIMG_0002.jpgBennett - Rear: L-R: Jack and Leva Bennett
BennettIMG_0003.jpgBennett - August and Anna Meyer
BennettIMG_0004.jpgBennett - Mrs Paul Kraffin, Lena Bennett's mothers cousin
BennettIMG_0005.jpgBennett - Amanda Dol's; Lena Bennett's mothers cousin
BennettIMG_0006.jpgBennett - Lena Bennett's mothers Aunt Brecht Family when they were small
BennettIMG_0007.jpgBennett - Aunt Clara Getman in California
BennettIMG_0008.jpgBennett - Miss Freda Partington, age 4 years 08-04-1904; Lena Bennett's mothers cousin
BennettIMG_0009.jpgBennett - unidentified
BennettIMG_0010.jpgBennett - Sylvia Hartman, Lena Bennett's mouthers cousin
BennettIMG_0011.jpgBennett - Lena's Bennett cousins wife and son, Ben Morse
BennettIMG_0012.jpgBennett - Slyvia Hartman, Lena Bennet's mothers cousin; father Uncle William Hartman at Williston, North Dakota
BennettIMG_0013.jpgBennett - Freda Partington; Lena Bennett's mothers cousin
BennettIMG_0014.jpgBennett - unidentified
BennettIMG_0015.jpgBennett - Earl G
BennettIMG_0016.jpgBennett - Frena Dressel; Lena Bennett's mothers friend
BennettIMG_0017.jpgBennett - unidentified
BennettIMG_0018.jpgBennett - Lester Havesack; Lena Bennett's cousin
BennettIMG_0019.jpgBennett - Celia? Getman
BennettIMG_0020.jpgBennett - Mrs J Brecht; Lena Bennett's cousins wife by marriage
BennettIMG_0021.jpgBennett - Lester Dol's; Lena Bennett's mothers cousins child
BennettIMG_0022.jpgBennett - Frank Krauser
BennettIMG_0023.jpgBennett - Grandma Blakney and Earle Griswold, Minneapolis, MN 1911
BennettIMG_0025.jpgHerman Bennett obituary 04-12-1985. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 19
BennettIMG_0026.jpgCorey W Bennett obituary 12-06-1980
BennisIMG.jpgGeorge E Bennis obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 19
BensingIMG.jpgCharles P Bensing obituary 05-28-1985, King of Dr Newhall NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 22
BensonF050504-030.jpgMary T Benson Obituary
BensonF050504-031.jpgBenson notes
BensonF050504-032.jpgBenson notes
BensonF050504-033.jpgMarty T Benson Obituary
BensonF050504-034.jpgMary T Benson Obituary
BensonF050504-035.jpgWlater Benson death
BensonF050504-036.jpgWalter (Dick) Benson
BensonF050504-037.jpgMary Benson
BensonF050504-038.jpgSnoke House 1980
BensonF050504-039.jpgJessie Benson
BensonF050504-040.jpgJessie Benson flipside inscription
BensonF050504-041.jpgJension Benson 1988 Jessie Benson
BensonF050504-042.jpgJessie Benson letter 1 of 4
BensonF050504-043.jpgJessie Benson....2 of 4
BensonF050504-044.jpgJessie Benson....3 of 4
BensonF050504-045.jpgJessie Benson....4 of 4
BensonF050504-046.jpgJessie Benson postcard 1959 to Mrs Otto Miller
BensonF050504-047.jpgJessie Benson postcard 1953 to Roger Stubbs
BensonF050504-048.jpgJessie Benson postcard 1979 to Avery Stubbs
BensonF050504-049.jpgJessie Benson postcard 1960 to Lottie Miller
BensonF050504-050.jpgShower 1927 for Jessie Benson lots of old timers at her parents home
BensonF050504-051.jpgJessie Benson letter 1 of 6
BensonF050504-052.jpgJessie Benson....2 of 6
BensonF050504-053.jpgBenson notes
BensonF050504-054.jpgJessie Benson....3 of 6
BensonF050504-055.jpgJessie Benson....4 of 6
BensonF050504-056.jpgJessie Benson....5 of 6
BensonF050504-057.jpgJessie Benson....6 of 6
BensonF050504-058.jpgJessie Benson letter to Avery Stubbs 1 of 9
BensonF050504-059.jpgJessie Benson....2 of 9
BensonF050504-060.jpgJessie Benson....3 of 9
BensonF050504-061.jpgJessie Benson....4 of 9
BensonF050504-062.jpgJessie Benson....5 of 9
BensonF050504-063.jpgJessie Benson....6 of 9
BensonF050504-064.jpgJessie Benson...7 of 9
BensonF050504-065.jpgJessie Benson....8 of 9
BensonF050504-066.jpgJessie Benson....9 of 9
BensonF050504-067.jpgMary Benson letter 1 of 3
BensonF050504-068.jpgMary Benson....2 of 3
BensonF050504-069.jpgMary Benson....3 of 3
BensonF050504-070.jpgJessie Benson memoire written to Avery Stubbs
BensonF050504-071.jpgJessie Benson Jacks 1 of 4
BensonF050504-072.jpgJessie Benson Jacks 2 of 4
BensonF050504-073.jpgJessie Benson Jacks 3 of 4
BensonF050504-074.jpgJessie Benson Jacks 4 of 4
BensonF050504-075.jpgJessie Benson 1927 shower (some names)
BensonF050504-076.jpgBengston Benson Family from Sweden
BensonF050504-077.jpgJoan Lattin and Dick Benson, 1975 Orono City Offices
BensonF050504-078.jpgGeorge Benson
BensonF050504-079.jpgMr and Mrs George M Benson
BensonIMG.jpgJim Benson Long Lake council appoints Jim Benson to vacated seat
BensonIMG_0001.jpgCharlotte Ann Benson obituary
BensonIMG_0002.jpgCharlotte Benson obituary
BensonIMG_0003.jpgAudrey J Dieter [Benson{ obituary
BensonIMG_0005.jpgNancy Benson notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 13
BensonIMG_0006.jpgNielson - Ralph A Pomerleau obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 35
BensonIMG_0007.jpgEarl Ray Benson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 267 1 of 2
BensonIMG_0008.jpgEarl R Benson....2 of 2
BensonIMG_0009.jpgEarl Ray Benson note
BensonIMG_0010.jpgWilliam R Benson note
BensonIMG_0011.jpgBenson - William J Solyst obituary 08-25-1978
BensonIMG_0012.jpgLillian Anderson Benson note
BensonIMG_01.jpgWalter R Benson and Lorraine E Feser Marriage License Application notice
BentleyF050504-080.jpgBentley notes
BentleyF050504-081.jpgClara Bentley 72 years later...
BentleyF050504-082.jpgClara Bentley 72 years later...
BergIMG.jpgEvelyn L Berg obituary 08-31-2010
BergIMG_0001.jpgEvelyn Lucille Berg memoriam 1 of 2
BergIMG_0002.jpgEvelyn Lucille Berg memoriam 2 of 2
BergIMG_0003.jpgEvelyn Berg church bulletin 1 of 2 09-05-2010
BergIMG_0004.jpgEvelyn Berg Church Bulletin 2 of 2
BergIMG_0006.jpgRobert C Berg obituary March 1979
BergerIMG.jpgIrvin O Berger obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 2, page 355
BerglundF050504-083.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-085.jpgEsther M Berglund Obituary
BerglundF050504-086.jpgRoland J Berglund Obituary
BerglundF050504-087.jpgRoland Berglund
BerglundF050504-088.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-089.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-090.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-091.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-092.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-093.jpgLeft John or Ivan Berglund
BerglundF050504-094.jpgJ E Berglund note
BerglundF050504-095.jpgJ E Berglund letter
BerglundF050504-096.jpgRoland Berglund notes
BerglundF050504-097.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-098.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-099.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050504-100.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050505-001.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050505-002.jpgBerland notes
BerglundF050505-003.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050505-004.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050505-005.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050505-006.jpgRolland Esther Bergland State Bank of Long Lake
BerglundF050505-007.jpgRoland Bergland family info
BerglundF050505-008.jpgMr and Mrs John Berglund
BerglundF050505-009.jpgMr and Mrs Berglund newspaper article
BerglundF050505-010.jpgJudith A Miller memoir
BerglundF050505-011.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050505-012.jpgJudith Miller WHCP Member in Good Standing
BerglundF050505-013.jpgEsther Berglund Obituary
BerglundF050505-014.jpgBerglund postcard 1948
BerglundF050505-015.jpgBerglund interview by Avery Stubbs 1974
BerglundF050505-016.jpgRoland J Berglund Obituary
BerglundF050505-017.jpgHoward S Berglund Obituary
BerglundF050505-018.jpgRoland Berglund newspaper article
BerglundF050505-019.jpgBerglund notes
BerglundF050505-020.jpgEmma Charlotte Berglund memoir
BerglundF050505-021.jpgJ E Berglund church bulletin
BerglundF050505-022.jpgRoland Bergland
BerglundF050505-023.jpgUnidentified letter 1 of 2
BerglundF050505-024.jpgUnidentified letter 2 of 2
BerglundF050505-025.jpgHoward Berglund
BerglundF050505-026.jpgLillian Berglund
BerglundF050505-028.jpgRoland Berglund Log School Restoration
BerglundF050505-029.jpgRoland and Esther Berglund 50th Anniversary
BerglundF050505-030.jpgRoland Berglund My Life and Traveling Adventures 1 of 36
BerglundF050505-031.jpgRoland Berglund....2 of 36
BerglundF050505-032.jpgRoland Berglund....3 of 36
BerglundF050505-033.jpgRoland Berglund....4 of 36
BerglundF050505-034.jpgRoland Berglund....5 of 36
BerglundF050505-035.jpgRoland Berglund....6 of 36
BerglundF050505-036.jpgRoland Berglund....7 of 36
BerglundF050505-037.jpgRoland Berglund....8 of 36
BerglundF050505-038.jpgRoland Berglund....9 of 36
BerglundF050505-039.jpgRoland Berglund....10 of 36
BerglundF050505-040.jpgRoland Berglund....11 of 36
BerglundF050505-041.jpgRoland Berglund....12 of 36
BerglundF050505-042.jpgRoland Berglund....13 of 36
BerglundF050505-043.jpgRoland Berglund....14 of 36
BerglundF050505-044.jpgRoland Berglund....15 of 36
BerglundF050505-045.jpgRoland Berglund....16 of 36
BerglundF050505-046.jpgRoland Berglund....17 of 36
BerglundF050505-047.jpgRoland Berglund....18 of 36
BerglundF050505-048.jpgRoland Berglund....19 of 36
BerglundF050505-049.jpgRoland Berglund....20 of 36
BerglundF050505-050.jpgRoland Berglund....21 of 36
BerglundF050505-051.jpgRoland Berglund....22 of 36
BerglundF050505-052.jpgRoland Berglund....23 of 36
BerglundF050505-053.jpgRoland Berglund....24 of 36
BerglundF050505-054.jpgRoland Berglund....25 of 36
BerglundF050505-055.jpgRoland Berglund....26 of 36
BerglundF050505-056.jpgRoland Berglund....27 of 36
BerglundF050505-057.jpgRoland Berglund....28 of 36
BerglundF050505-058.jpgRoland Berglund....29 of 36
BerglundF050505-059.jpgRoland Berglund....30 of 36
BerglundF050505-060.jpgRoland Berglund....31 of 36
BerglundF050505-061.jpgRoland Berglund....32 of 36
BerglundF050505-062.jpgRoland Berglund....33 of 36
BerglundF050505-063.jpgRoland Berglund....34 of 36
BerglundF050505-064.jpgRoland Berglund....35 of 36
BerglundF050505-065.jpgRoland Berglund....36 of 36
BerglundIMG.jpgMarilyn Judith Berglund and Marlin Lyle Bloom marriage announcement
BerglundIMG_0001.jpgMarilyn Berglund and Lorraine Feser Senior High open house 06-08-1950
BerglundIMG_0002.jpgScott Marlin Bloom-Berglund birth announcement March 27, ?
BerglundIMG_0003.jpgMarilyn Berglund-Bloom wedding announcement
BerglundIMG_0004.jpgMarilyn Judith Berglund-Bloom wedding announcement
BerglundIMG_0005.jpgHoward S Berglund obituary 11-03-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 46
BerglundIMG_0006.jpgHoward S Berglund obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 46
BergmanIMG.jpgMelville Bergman
BergquistF050505-066.jpgDale Bergquist The secret?....
BergquistIMG.jpgRoger K Bergquist obituary 05-07-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 21
BergquistIMG_0001.jpgRoger K Bergquist obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 22
BergquistIMG_0002.jpgDeWayne Bergquist memoriam 07-22-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 42
BergquistIMG_0003.jpgDeWayne D Bergquist memoriam 01-09-1935 - 07-22-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 43
BergquistIMG_0004.jpgDeWayne Bergquist obituary 01-09-1935 - 07-22-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 42
BergquistIMG_0005.jpgBetty Ann Bergquist obituary 02-06-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 6
BergstromIMG.jpgR Bergstrom, MD letter 02-22-2008
BerklundF050505-068.jpgHenry Berklund
BerklundF050505-069.jpgBerklund letter to Mr and Mrs Howard White 12/15/56
BerklundF050505-070.jpgBerklund notes
BerklundF050505-071.jpgMr and Mrs Berklund newspaper article
BerkmanF050505-067.jpgChristopher Berkman
BerningF050505-072.jpgDon Berning A new Berning era
BerningF050505-073.jpgAnn Berning Obituary
BerningF050505-075.jpgDonald Berning thank you to City Council of Albertville
BernsteinF050505-076.jpgBernstein notes
BernsteinF050505-077.jpgBernstein notes
BerquistF050505-078.jpgBerquist notes
BerquistF050505-079.jpgBerquist interview
BerquistF050505-080.jpgBerquist notes
BerquistF050505-081.jpgJohn Berquist newspaper article
BerquistF050505-082.jpgLawrence A Berquist Obituary
BerquistF050505-083.jpgLawrence A Berquist memory
BerquistIMG.jpgChristina Berquist NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 278
BerquistIMG_0001.jpgChristine Berquist note
BerryF050505-085.jpgBarry family info
BerryF050505-086.jpgWilliam Berry death
BerryF050505-087.jpgMaynard L Berry Obituary
BerryF050505-088.jpgWilliam Berry Citizen of the Year
BerryF050505-089.jpgJefferson Berry death of child
BerryF050505-090.jpgBerry notes
BerryF050505-091.jpgWilliam T Berry newspaper article 1 of 2
BerryF050505-092.jpgWilliam T Berry....2 of 2
BerryIMG.jpgWinifred Berry obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 270
BerryIMG_0001.jpgJoyce McLaughlin Berry note NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r8, page 41
BerryIMG_0002.jpgWilliam T Berry obituary 1980
BerthaiumeF050506-007.jpgCharles Berthiaume plat info
BerthaiumeIMG.jpgEliza Mary Berthiaume obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 331
BertramF050505-093.jpgBertram history
BertramF050505-094.jpgBertram notes
BerubeF050505-095.jpgFrancis Berube
BerubeF050505-096.jpgBerube notes
BerubeF050505-097.jpgFrancis Berube 1 of 2
BerubeF050505-098.jpgFrancis Berube 2 of 2
BerubeF050505-099.jpgLilly Berube Daniel notes
BerubeF050505-100.jpgFrancis Berube plat info
BestlerIMG_0001.jpgTrudi Bestler letter to WHCPA 11-07-1988
BestorF050506-008.jpgMrs George W Bestor postcard
BestorF050506-009.jpgGeo Bestor Stone Wall
BestorF050506-010.jpgBestor Family address
BestorF050506-011.jpgBestor barn and garage fire
BestorF050506-012.jpgGeo Bestor note
BestorF050506-013.jpgBestor Fruitland Farm info
BestorF050506-014.jpgGeorge W Bestor Estate newspaper article 1 of 4
BestorF050506-015.jpgGeorge W Bestor....2 of 4
BestorF050506-016.jpgGeorge W Bestor....3 of 4
BestorF050506-017.jpgGeorge W Bestor....4 of 4
BickfordF050506-018.jpgBob Bickford
BickfordF050506-019.jpgBob Bickford
BickfordF050506-020.jpgNan Bickford wedding, Jean Hawking Shaw on right
BickfordF050506-021.jpgIrene Bickford
BickfordF050506-022.jpgBickford notes
BickfordF050506-023.jpgBickford notes
BickfordF050506-024.jpgBickford notes
BickfordF050506-025.jpgBickford ntoes
BickfordF050506-026.jpgGuy Rawlings Bickford memoire
BickfordF050506-027.jpgBickford notes
BickfordF050506-028.jpgBickford marriage
BickfordF050506-029.jpgGuy R Bickford newspaper article
BickfordF050506-030.jpgMrs Guy Bickford newspaper article
BickfordF050506-031.jpgMrs Guy Bickford newspaper article 1 of 2
BickfordF050506-032.jpgMrs Guy Bickford....2 of 2
BickfordF050506-033.jpgBickford notes
BickfordF050506-034.jpgBickford letter 1 of 2
BickfordF050506-035.jpgBickford letter 2 of 2
BickfordF050506-036.jpgMrs Guy Bickford invitation to lunch with President and Mrs Hoover
BickfordF050506-037.jpgMr and Mrs Guy Bickford
BickfordF050506-038.jpgBickford Family info
BickfordF050506-039.jpgMoses Bickford letter
BickfordF050506-040.jpgMoses Bickford letter
BickfordF050506-041.jpgBickford list of Quartermaster's Stores
BickfordF050506-043.jpgBickford list of Quartmaster Stores
BickfordIMG.jpgLuellal C Bickford obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 49
BilbyIMG.jpgEthel E Bilby obituary and notes 09-15-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 65
BillsF050506-068.jpgAlden Bills
BillsF050506-069.jpgBills notes
BillsF050506-070.jpgBills notes
BilodeauF050506-044.jpgBilodeau notes
BilodeauF050506-045.jpgPeter Bilodeau plat info
BilodeauF050506-046.jpgBilodeau notes
BilodeauF050506-047.jpgRuth G Bilodeau Obituary
BilodeauF050506-048.jpgPeter Bilodeau 1 of 3
BilodeauF050506-049.jpgPeter Bilodeau 2 of 3
BilodeauF050506-050.jpgPeter Bilodeau 3 of 3
BilodeauF050506-051.jpgPeter Biledeaux Estate settlement
BilodeauF050506-052.jpgBilodeau family tree 1 of 2
BilodeauF050506-053.jpgBilodeau family tree 2 of 2
BilodeauF050506-054.jpgBilodeau notes
BilodeauF050506-056.jpgBilodeau notes
BilodeauF050506-057.jpgBilodeau notes
BilodeauF050506-058.jpgBilodeau living conditions and disease
BilodeauF050506-059.jpgBilodeau notes
BilodeauF050506-060.jpgBilodeau letter from the Governor to Commanding Officer
BilodeauF050506-061.jpgBilodeau Summary 1 of 2
BilodeauF050506-062.jpgBilodeau Summary 2 of 2
BilodeauF050506-063.jpgLouis Billodeau 1 of 5
BilodeauF050506-064.jpgLouis Bilodeau 2 of 5
BilodeauF050506-065.jpgLouis Bilodeau 3 of 5
BilodeauF050506-066.jpgBilodeau family tree 4 of 5
BilodeauF050506-067.jpgLouis Bilodeau 5 of 5
BinghamIMG.jpgNellie Bingham 1886 Autograph Album #8
BirdIMG.jpgGrace M Bird obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 13
BiskeyF050506-071.jpgBiskey....2 of 30
BiskeyF050506-072.jpgBiskey Family History: Pioneers of the Old Northwestern Frontiers 1 of 30
BiskeyF050506-073.jpgBiskey....3 of 30
BiskeyF050506-074.jpgBiskey....4 of 30
BiskeyF050506-075.jpgBiskey....5 of 30
BiskeyF050506-076.jpgBiskey....6 of 30
BiskeyF050506-077.jpgBiskey....7 of 30
BiskeyF050506-078.jpgBiskey....8 of 30
BiskeyF050506-079.jpgBiskey....9 of 30
BiskeyF050506-080.jpgBiskey....10 of 30
BiskeyF050506-081.jpgBiskey....11 of 30
BiskeyF050506-082.jpgBiskey....12 of 30
BiskeyF050506-083.jpgBiskey....13 of 30
BiskeyF050506-084.jpgBiskey....14 of 30
BiskeyF050506-085.jpgBiskey....15 of 30
BiskeyF050506-086.jpgBiskey....16 of 30
BiskeyF050506-087.jpgBiskey....17 of 30
BiskeyF050506-088.jpgBiskey....18 of 30
BiskeyF050506-089.jpgBiskey....19 of 30
BiskeyF050506-090.jpgBiskey....20 of 30
BiskeyF050506-091.jpgBiskey....21 of 30
BiskeyF050506-092.jpgBiskey....22 of 30
BiskeyF050506-093.jpgBiskey....23 of 30
BiskeyF050506-094.jpgBiskey....24 of 30
BiskeyF050506-095.jpgBiskey....25 of 30
BiskeyF050506-096.jpgBiskey....26 of 30
BiskeyF050506-097.jpgBiskey....27 of 30
BiskeyF050506-098.jpgBiskey....28 of 30
BiskeyF050506-099.jpgBiskey....29 of 30
BiskeyF050506-100.jpgBiskey....30 of 30
BittermanIMG.jpgBrenda Bitterman Bitterman Barn Trojan Tribune 05-08-2009
BjeldeIMG.jpgAndrew Bjelde Heart Hospital Laborer Drops Dead of Attack 06-02-1958
BlacketerIMG_0001.jpgWesley Blacketer note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 235 1 of 2
BlacketerIMG_0002.jpgWesley Blacketer note.....2 of 2
BlacketerIMG_0003.jpgWestly Blacketer note 1 of 2
BlacketerIMG_0004.jpgWestly Backeter note 2 of 2
BlackmarrIMG_0001.jpgShirley Blackmarr
BlackmarrIMG_0002.jpgBlackmarr - Phillip Braden
BlackmarrIMG_0003.jpgRhoda Blackmarr with Jean and Shirley
BlackmarrIMG_0004.jpgWayne Blackmarr
BlackmarrIMG_0005.jpgWayne and Shirley Blackmarr
BlackmarrIMG_0006.jpgWayne T Blackmarr obituary 1992
BlackmarrIMG_0007.jpgRhoda Blackmarr obituary 08-01-1979
BlackwelderF050507-001.jpgIra Blackwelder Era ends with McKown farm auction
BlackwelderF050507-002.jpgDavid McKowns, Pat Meyer, Time McKown
BlackwelderF050507-003.jpgIra McKown
BlackwelderF050507-004.jpgBlackwelder notes
BlackwelderF050507-005.jpgIra Blackwelder Estray Notice
BlackwelderF050507-006.jpgMr and Mrs Ira Blackwelder newspaper article
BlainIMG.jpgAlonzo Blain family notes
BlainIMG_0001.jpgHenry J Blain obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 357
BlainIMG_0002.jpgGeorge Blain and father, Harness shop in Long Lake
BlaineF050507-007.jpgAlonzo Blaine Diary
BlaineF050507-008.jpgSarah Blain Obituary
BlaineF050507-009.jpgNellie Blain Obituary
BlaineF050507-010.jpgGeorge A Blain Harness and Shoe Repair Shop
BlaineF050507-011.jpgBlaine notes
BlaineF050507-012.jpgNellie Blain diary 1 of 9
BlaineF050507-013.jpgNellie Blaine 2 of 9
BlaineF050507-014.jpgNellie Blaine 3 of 9
BlaineF050507-015.jpgNellie Blaine 4 of 9
BlaineF050507-016.jpgNellie Blaine 5 of 9
BlaineF050507-017.jpgNellie Blaine 6 of 9
BlaineF050507-018.jpgNellie Blaine 7 of 9
BlaineF050507-019.jpgNellie Blaine 8 of 9
BlaineF050507-020.jpgNellie Blaine, Hallie Pierce, Elmer Pierce, Chester Pierce, George Pierce, Aunt Kate Pierce, Sidney Pierce, Mrs Sidney Pierce 9 of 9
BlaineF050507-021.jpgNellie Blaine diary
BlaineF050507-022.jpgBlaine 1 of 25
BlaineF050507-023.jpgBlaine 2 of 25
BlaineF050507-024.jpgBlaine - Back left Art Lepow? Back 2nd from left George Blaine 3 of 25
BlaineF050507-025.jpgBlaine 4 of 25
BlaineF050507-026.jpgBlaine 5 of 25
BlaineF050507-027.jpgBlaine 6 of 25
BlaineF050507-028.jpgBlaine 7 of 25
BlaineF050507-029.jpgBlaine 8 of 25
BlaineF050507-030.jpgBlaine 9 of 25
BlaineF050507-031.jpgBlaine 10 of 25
BlaineF050507-032.jpgBlaine 11 of 25
BlaineF050507-033.jpgBlaine 12 of 25
BlaineF050507-034.jpgBlaine 13 of 15
BlaineF050507-035.jpgBlaine 14 of 25
BlaineF050507-036.jpgBlaine 15 of 25
BlaineF050507-037.jpgBlaine 16 of 25
BlaineF050507-038.jpgBlaine 17 of 25
BlaineF050507-039.jpgBlaine 18 of 25
BlaineF050507-040.jpgBlaine 19 of 25
BlaineF050507-041.jpgBlaine 20 of 25
BlaineF050507-042.jpgBlaine 21 of 25
BlaineF050507-043.jpgBlaine 22 of 25
BlaineF050507-044.jpgBlaine 23 of 25
BlaineF050507-045.jpgBlaine - Crocket's Hill Flood at Moorhead 1897
BlaineF050507-046.jpgBlaine 24 of 25
BlaineF050507-047.jpgBlaine 25 of 25
BlaineF050507-049.jpgBlaine - Elect Charles W Nelson
BlaineF050507-050.jpgBlaine - Sophia and Julia Amundsen of Menomonie, Wisconsin, friends of Celia and Susie while in Fountain City
Blainef050507-051.jpgBlaine - Robert Rasmussen home at Casperson, Minnesota
BlaineF050507-052.jpgBlaine - Aunt Julia
BlaineF050507-053.jpgBlaine - Aunt Kate Pierce, Sidney Pierce and wife and 3 children/Josie Pierce, Gerald and Ed Pierce
BlaineF050507-055.jpgBlaine -back of photo says Kindly Return to Ruth Rasmussen
BlaineF050507-056.jpgBlaine - Christine Elizabeth, notes in German on back
BlaineF050507-057.jpgBlaine - Back of photo says to Geo. and Alice
BlaineF050507-058.jpgBlaine - Finland store November 16, 1924
BlaineF050507-059.jpgBlaine - Mr and Mrs Youngberg
BlaineF050507-061.jpgBlaine - Dahlen Bros: Nels, Andrew, Lewis, John, Severt, Ole
BlaineF050507-062.jpgBlaine - Rev. Gundle
BlaineF050507-064.jpgBlaine - Back of postcard shown in F050507-063
BlaineF050507-065.jpgBlaine - George Blaine on Rum River
BlaineF050507-066.jpgBlaine - Kenny Bollum middle, George Blaine right
BlaineF050507-068.jpgBlaine - C W Harrison letter
BlaineF050507-069.jpgBlaine - copy of loose letter 1 of 3
BlaineF050507-070.jpgBlaine - copy....2 of 3
BlaineF050507-071.jpgBlaine - copy....3 of 3
BlaineIMG.jpgGeorge Blaine
BlaineIMG_0001-001.jpgGeorge Blaine home next to fire station on Highway No 12
BlaineIMG_0001-002.jpgGeorge A Blain
BlaineIMG_0001.jpgGeorge Blain standing on Minneapolis Return Flve machine
BlaineIMG_0002.jpgBlain - Palm Mill at Wanaska
BlaineIMG_0003.jpgGeorge Blaine and others
BlaineIMG_0022.jpgBlain - Nellie Blain Diary 1904 and 1905 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
BlaisdellF050507-072.jpgBlaisdell notes
BlaisdellF050507-073.jpgBlaisdell diary
BlaisdellF050507-074.jpgHelen Blaisdell Obituary
BlaisdellF050507-075.jpgBlaisdell notes
BlaisdellF050507-076.jpgBlaisdell notes
BlaisdellF050507-077.jpgMrs A H Blaisdell
BlaisdellF050507-078.jpgMary M Blaisdell pension record
BlaisdellF050507-079.jpgJohn Marshall Blaisdell Military Service Records
BlaisdellF050507-080.jpgMarshall Blaisdell
BlaisdellF050507-082.jpgMarshall Newton Blaisdell note
BlaisdellF050507-083.jpgMarshall Newton Blaisdell letter
BlaisdellF050507-084.jpgMarshall Blaisdell affidavit
BlaisdellF050507-085.jpgBlaisdell letter from Dept of the Interior
BlaisdellF050507-086.jpgMarshall Newton Blaisdell
BlaisdellF050507-087.jpgMarshall Newton Blaisdell receipt of property sold
BlakemanF050507-088.jpgWilliam Blakeman plat info
BlanchIMG.jpgVicki Blanck Horse and Rider
BleakleyF050507-089.jpgMisses Bleakley newspaper article
BleakleyF050507-090.jpgLetter from Bleakley Boys
BleakleyF050507-091.jpgVelva Duffy and Mildred Bleakley
BleakleyF050507-092.jpgTed Bleakley newspaper article
BleakleyF050507-093.jpgEd Bleakley newspaper article
BleakleyF050507-094.jpgMary G Bleakley Secretary of the Wayzata Womens Club
BleakleyF050507-095.jpgLetter from Will and Ted Bleakley
BleakleyF050507-096.jpgBleakley notes
BleakleyIMG.jpgFrank Bleakley obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 267
BleakleyIMG_0001.jpgEulalia (Arta) Bleakley obituary 01-23-1978
BleakleyIMG_0002.jpgEulailia (Arta) Bleakley obituary 01-02-1978
BlevinsIMG.jpgVera Blevins - postcard unidentified
BlissF050507-097.jpgErskine Bliss info
BlissF050507-098.jpgErskine A Bliss death info
BlissF050507-099.jpgErskine A Bliss info
BlivenIMG.jpgVera D Bliven Order for Hearing of Final Ccount and Petition for Distbribution: 06-26-1973
BlodgetIMG.jpgJean Fountain Blodgett obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 51
BlodgetIMG_0001.jpgDorothy Blodgett obituary 1979
BloomIMG.jpgElmer E Bloom obituary 1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 74
BloomIMG_0001.jpgMerle Marie Bloom memoriam 05-11-1905 - 04-08-1978
BloomIMG_0002.jpgMrs Merle Bloom obituary 1978
BloomIMG_0004.jpgMerle Bloom obituary 04-09-1978
BlowIMG.jpgCharlie Blow obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 357
BockF050507-100.jpgJohn BJohn Bock was actually John Beck AKA for index
BockF050507-101.jpgHerbert H Bock memoire
BodeF050508-001.jpgBode notes
BodineF050508-002.jpgBodine notes
BoehnerIMG.jpgHarley M Boehner obituary
BoehnerIMG_0001.jpgHarley H Boehner memoriam 07-02-1903 - 06-10-1982
BoentgenIMG_0001.jpgAdam Boentgen, Army Spc. Long Lake offers insight into his service in Iraq 1 of 2
BoentgenIMG_0002.jpgAdam Boentgen, Army Spc. Long....2 of 32
BoesinF050508-003.jpgBoesin plat info
BofferdingF050508-004.jpgNicholas Bofferding plat info
BofferdingF050508-005.jpgBofferding notes
BofferdingF050508-006.jpgW H Bofferding Co advertisement
BofferdingF050508-007.jpgMarguertea Bofferding info
BofferdingF050508-008.jpgBofferding historical house
BofferdingF050508-009.jpgPeter Bofferding family tree 1 of 9
BofferdingF050508-010.jpgPeter Bofferding....2 of 9
BofferdingF050508-011.jpgPeter Bofferding....3 of 9
BofferdingF050508-012.jpgPeter Bofferding....4 of 9
BofferdingF050508-013.jpgPeter Bofferding....5 of 9
BofferdingF050508-014.jpgPeter Bofferding....6 of 9
BofferdingF050508-015.jpgPeter Bofferding....8 of 9
BofferdingF050508-016.jpgPeter Bofferding....7 of 9
BofferdingF050508-017.jpgPeter Bofferding....9 of 9
BofferdingF050508-018.jpgBofferding map of historic houses
BohnF050508-019.jpgCora Bohn Chase interview
BohnF050508-020.jpgBohn info 1 of 2
BohnF050508-021.jpgBohn info 2 of 2
BohnF050508-022.jpgCora Bohn Chase letter 1 of 2
BohnF050508-023.jpgCora Bohn Chase letter 2 of 2
BohnF050508-024.jpgMrs Walter S Chase letter
BohnF050508-025.jpgBohn Pioneer Club newspaper article
BohnF050508-026.jpgBohn Syphon Refigerators newspaper article
BohnF050508-027.jpgBohn notes
BohnF050508-028.jpgBohn notes
BohnF050508-029.jpgBohn notes
BohnF050508-030.jpgBohn plat info
BohnIMG.jpgGebhard C Bohn obituary
BohnIMG_0001.jpgGebhard C Bohn obituary August 1982
BokuskyF050526-039.jpgLouis Bokusky Delano Newsleader 11-16-1987
BokuskyIMG_0001.jpgBonnie Bokusky (Nellie A) memoriam 1 of 2
BokuskyIMG_0002.jpgBonnie Bokusky (Nellie A) memoriam 02-01-1916 - 05-08-1987 2 of 2
BokuskyIMG_0003.jpgFrank Kokusky memoriam 1 of 2
BokuskyIMG_0004.jpgFrank Kokusky memoriam 02-06-1873 - 12-16-1962
BolanderF050509-051.jpgBonander notes
BolanderIMG.jpgIvar S Bolander obituary ca 01-05-1980
BolingerIMG.jpgEd Bolinger and mule team
BollF050508-031.jpgBoll The Laker Sept 18 1974 page 3
BollF050508-032.jpgGermain Boll
BollIMG.jpgAndrew J (Andy) Boll obituary 05-05-1980
BollIMG_0001.jpgAndrew J Boll obituary 05-06-1980
BollumF050508-033.jpgBollum - Effie Bollum, ?, Ken Bollum
BollumF050508-034.jpgJohn Bollum WHCPA Icecream Social 1986
BollumF050508-035.jpgJohn Bollum
BollumF050508-036.jpgJohn Bollum, ?, ?
BollumF050508-038.jpgCaroline Bollum
BollumF050508-039.jpgEffie M Bollum Obituary
BollumF050508-040.jpgKenneth Bollum Obituary
BollumF050508-041.jpgBollum notes
BollumF050508-042.jpgKenneth Bollum, County Commissioner Campaign sign
BollumF050508-043.jpgBollum notes
BollumF050508-044.jpgJohn Bollum
BollumF050509-001.jpgKenneth Bollum
BollumF050509-002.jpgKenneth M Bollum marriage
BollumF050509-003.jpgKenneth Bollum memoire
BollumF050509-004.jpgCarolyn Bollum engagement
BollumF050509-005.jpgJohn Bollum Long Lake farm newspaper article
BollumF050509-006.jpgBollum ancestry
BollumF050509-007.jpgKenneth Bollum US Certificate of Appreciation
BollumF050509-008.jpgKenneth Bollum family reunion newspaper article
BollumF050509-009.jpgKenneth (John) Bollum Obituary
BollumF050509-010.jpgKenneth M Bollum State Bank of Long Lake cashier
BollumF050509-011.jpgKenneth John Bollum memoire
BollumF050509-012.jpgKenneth John Bollum funeral
BollumF050509-013.jpgKenneth Bollum letter
BollumF050509-014.jpgKenneth Bollum Obituary
BollumF050509-015.jpgKenny Bollum Birthday
BollumF050509-016.jpgKenneth Bollum files for Commissioner
BollumF050509-017.jpgKenneth Bollum in memory of
BollumF050509-018.jpgBollum notes
BollumF050509-019.jpgThe Bollum Clan
BollumF050509-021.jpgBollum Clan 1982 1 of 24
BollumF050509-022.jpgBollum Clan....2 of 24
BollumF050509-023.jpgBollum Clan....3 of 24
BollumF050509-024.jpgOle Johansen Bollum family info 4 of 24
BollumF050509-025.jpgBollum clan....5 of 24
BollumF050509-026.jpgBollum clan....6 of 24
BollumF050509-027.jpgBollum clan....7 of 24
BollumF050509-028.jpgBollum clan....8 of 24
BollumF050509-029.jpgBollum clan....9 of 24
BollumF050509-030.jpgBollum clan....10 of 24
BollumF050509-031.jpgBollum clan....11 of 24
BollumF050509-032.jpgBollum clan....12 of 24
BollumF050509-033.jpgBollum clan....13 of 24
BollumF050509-034.jpgBollum clan....14 of 24
BollumF050509-035.jpgBollum clan....15 of 24
BollumF050509-036.jpgBollum clan....16 of 24
BollumF050509-037.jpgBollum clan....17 of 24
BollumF050509-038.jpgBollum clan....18 of 24
BollumF050509-039.jpgBollum clan....19 of 24
BollumF050509-040.jpgBollum clan....20 of 24
BollumF050509-041.jpgBollum clan....21 of 24
BollumF050509-042.jpgBollum clan....22 of 24
BollumF050509-043.jpgBollum clan....23 of 24
BollumF050509-044.jpgBollum family map 24 of 24
BollumIMG.jpgKenneth Bollum Town Topper Here's A Quick Look At The Minneapolis Star 08-07-1961
BollumIMG_0001.jpgJohn Bollum postcard 1 of 1
BollumIMG_0002.jpgJohn Bollum Postcard 2 of 2 NOTE: document located in Bollum Family Folder
BollumIMG_0003.jpgMrs Kenneth Bollum postcard 1 of 2
BollumIMG_0004.jpgMrs Kenneth Bollum postcard 2 of 2 NOTE: document located in Bollum Family Folder
BollumIMG_0005.jpgKenneth Bollum postcard 1 of 2
BollumIMG_0006.jpgKenneth Bollum postcard 2 of 2
BollumIMG_0007.jpgJohn Bollum postcard 1 of 2
BollumIMG_0008.jpgJohn Bollum postcard 2 of 2
BollumIMG_0009.jpgKenneth Bollum postcard 1 of 2
BollumIMG_0010.jpgKenneth Bollum postcard 2 of 2
BollumIMG_0012.jpgBollum - unidentified2
BollumIMG_0013.jpgMrs K Bollum postcard 1 of 2
BollumIMG_0014.jpgMrs K Bollum postcard 2 of 2
BollumIMG_0016.jpgKenneth M Bollum "A Tribute to Long Lake"
BollumIMG_0017.jpgCaroline Bollum note
BoltonF050509-045.jpgGeorge Bolton death 1 of 2
BoltonF050509-046.jpgGeorge Bolton death 2 of 2
BoltonF050509-047.jpgJennie Bolton marriage
BoltonF050509-048.jpgAnne E Bolton Obituary
BoltonF050509-049.jpgGeorge W Bolton newspaper article
BoltonF050509-050.jpgHarriet Bolton marriage
BonarIMG.jpgIza Doris Bonar memoir 04- 10-1913 - 06-02-1982, daughter of Lida McCanne's
BonarIMG_0001.jpgDoris Bonar obituary
BonineIMG.jpgBenjamin Bonine 1 of 2
BoschIMG.jpgHubert (Hip) Bosch obituary
BosmaIMG.jpgJohn Bosma Sr memoriam 01-19-1986 - 10-12-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 57
BostwickIMG.jpgAmos Bostwick
BostwickIMG_0001.jpgEliza Bostwick, age 88, 07-14-1902.
BothwellF050509-052.jpgBothwell plat info
BottineauF050528-079.jpgPierre Bottineau - young
BottineauF050528-080.jpgPierre Bottineau - old
BottineauF050528-081.jpgPierre Bottineau MN Historical Society publication 1 of 14
BottineauF050528-082.jpgPierre Bottineau....2 of 14
BottineauF050528-083.jpgPierre Bottineau....3 of 14
BottineauF050528-084.jpgPierre Bottineau....4 of 14
BottineauF050528-085.jpgPierre Bottineau....5 of 14
BottineauF050528-086.jpgPierre Bottineau....6 of 14
BottineauF050528-087.jpgPierre Bottineau....7 of 14
BottineauF050528-088.jpgPierre Bottineau....8 of 14
BottineauF050528-089.jpgPierre Bottineau....9 of 14
BottineauF050528-090.jpgPierre Bottineau....10 of 14
BottineauF050528-091.jpgPierre Bottineau....11 of 14
BottineauF050528-092.jpgPierre Bottineau....12 of 14
BottineauF050528-093.jpgPierre Bottineau....13 of 14
BottineauF050528-094.jpgPierre Bottineau....14 of 14
BoucherF050509-070.jpgBoucher plat info
BoucherF050509-071.jpgBoucher photo
BourgeoisF050509-072.jpgJohn Bourgeois plat info
BourgeoisF050509-073.jpgJohn Bourgeois info
BourgeoisF050509-074.jpgBorgeois notes
BourgeoisIMG.jpgIda Hamel Bourgeois obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 356
BoveyF050509-053.jpgHoward Bovey newspaper article
BoveyF050509-054.jpgFrank Bovey newspaper article
BoveyF050509-055.jpgF A Bovey thank you
BoveyF050509-056.jpgFrank A Bovey invitation
BoveyF050509-057.jpgC C Bovey lost dog
BoveyF050509-058.jpgMartin Koon Bovey Obituary
BoveyF050509-059.jpgBovey notes
BoveyF050509-060.jpgMartin K Bovey Obituary
BoveyF050509-061.jpgBovey notes
BoveyF050509-062.jpgBovey notes
BoveyF050509-063.jpgElizabeth Bovey Obituary
BoveyF050509-064.jpgBovey - Katherine Stevens wedding
BoveyF050509-065.jpgRuth Bovey Stevens Donor Profile
BoveyF050509-066.jpgBovey - Kate Koon Bovey newspaper article
BoveyF050509-067.jpgBovey - Lake Minnetonka Overtview 11-19-1984
BoveyF050509-068.jpgBovey newspaper article
BoveyF050509-069.jpgSue Bovey newspaper article
BoveyIMG.jpgCharles Cranston Bovey obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Boko Number 2, page 337
BoveyIMG_0001.jpgCharles Argalis Bovey obituary 06-13-1978
BowenF050509-075.jpgHerbert Lincoln Bowen Obituary
BowenF050509-076.jpgH L Bowen Obituary
BowenF050509-077.jpgBowen notes
BowenF050509-078.jpgBowen notes
BowenF050509-079.jpgBowen notes
BowenF050509-080.jpgBowen letter 1 of 5
BowenF050509-081.jpgBowen....2 of 5
BowenF050509-082.jpgBowen....3 of 5
BowenF050509-083.jpgBowen....4 of 5
BowenF050509-084.jpgBowen....5 of 5
BowenIMG.jpgFernie Bowen obituary 12-15-1972
BowersF050509-085.jpgBowers notes
BowersF050509-086.jpgThe Jano Skipper 4-7-1970
BowersF050509-087.jpgElija Bowers family
BowersF050509-088.jpgElija Bowers Jr family
BowersF050509-089.jpgElijan Bowers Family notes
BowersF050509-090.jpgH L Bowers note
BowersIMG.jpgHelen E Bowers obituary NOTE; orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 12
BowmanIMG.jpgFrank R Bowman 12-24-2007 obituary
BowmanIMG_0001.jpgFrank R Bowman 12-24-2007 obituary
BowmanIMG_0002.jpgFrank R Bowman memoriam
BoyceF050509-091.jpgBoyce family note
BoydF050509-092.jpgBoyd note
BoylanF050509-093.jpgMichael and Andrew Boylan plat info
BoylanF050509-094.jpgSteve Boylan ...named director of Longhorn Association
BoyntonF050509-095.jpgBoynton plat info
BrachF050509-100.jpgBrach letter
BrachF050509-101.jpgBrach - Anna P Brask Obituary
BrachF050509-102.jpgBrach notes
BrachF050509-103.jpgBrach notes
BrackenF050509-104.jpgBracken notes
BrackenF050509-105.jpgOle Bracken notes
BrackenF050509-106.jpgHalvor and Lena Bracken
BrackenF050509-107.jpgOle R Bracken birth certificate
BrackenIMG_0001.jpgBracken Land Patent Search 1 of 2
BrackenIMG_0002.jpgBracken Land Paatent Search 2 of 2
BracketIMG.jpgGeorge Bracket note
BrackettF050511-102.jpgRussell Brackett ...digs into Minnetonka place names for area history 1 of 3
BrackettF050511-103.jpgRussell Brackett....2 of 3
BrackettF050511-104.jpgRussell Brackett....3 of 3
BrackettF050511-105.jpgBrackett and Menage Real Estate Agency
BrackettF050511-106.jpgGeorge A Brackett Wayzata Weekly News
BrackettF050511-107.jpgMary Brackett newspaper article
BrackettF050511-108.jpgBrackett - Clifford and Molly Meacham
BrackettF050511-109.jpgC R Brackett farm inspection
BrackettF050511-110.jpgBrackett purchase of home
BrackettF050524-001.jpgGeorge Augustus Brackett Genealogy 1 of 27
BrackettF050524-002.jpgGeorge A Brackett....2 of 27
BrackettF050524-003.jpgGeorge A Brackett....3 of 27
BrackettF050524-004.jpgGeorge A Brackett....4 of 27
BrackettF050524-005.jpgGeorge A Brackett....5 of 27
BrackettF050524-006.jpgGeorge A Brackett....6 of 27
BrackettF050524-007.jpgGeorge A Brackett....7 of 27
BrackettF050524-008.jpgGeorge A Brackett....8 of 27
BrackettF050524-009.jpgGeorge A Brackett....9 of 27
BrackettF050524-010.jpgGeorge A Brackett....10 of 27
BrackettF050524-011.jpgGeorge A Brackett....11 of 27
BrackettF050524-012.jpgGeorge A Brackett....12 of 27
BrackettF050524-013.jpgGeorge A Brackett...13 of 27
BrackettF050524-014.jpgGeorge A Brackett....14 of 27
BrackettF050524-015.jpgGeorge A Brackett....15 of 27
BrackettF050524-016.jpgGeorge A Brackett....16 of 27
BrackettF050524-017.jpgGeorge A Brackett....17 of 27
BrackettF050524-018.jpgGeorge A Brackett....18 of 27
BrackettF050524-019.jpgGeorge A Brackett....19 of 27
BrackettF050524-020.jpgGeorge A Brackett....20 of 27
BrackettF050524-021.jpgGeorge A Brackett....21 of 27
BrackettF050524-022.jpgGeorge A Brackett....22 of 27
BrackettF050524-023.jpgGeorge A Brackett....23 of 27
BrackettF050524-024.jpgGeorge A Brackett....24 of 27
BrackettF050524-025.jpgGeorge A Brackett....25 of 27
BrackettF050524-026.jpgGeorge A Brackett....26 of 27
BrackettF050524-027.jpgGeorge A Brackett....27 of 27
BrackettF050524-028.jpgC R Brackett auction 1 of 4
BrackettF050524-029.jpgC R Brackett....2 of 4
BrackettF050524-030.jpgC R Brackett....3 of 4
BrackettF050524-031.jpgC R Brackett....4 of 4
BrackettF050524-032.jpgBrackett newspaper article 1 of 9
BrackettF050524-033.jpgBrackett....2 of 9
BrackettF050524-034.jpgBrackett....3 of 9
BrackettF050524-035.jpgBrackett....4 of 9
BrackettF050524-036.jpgBrackett....5 of 9
BrackettF050524-037.jpgBrackett....6 of 9
BrackettF050524-038.jpgBrackett....7 of 9
BrackettF050524-039.jpgBrackett....8 of 9
BrackettF050524-040.jpgBrackett....9 of 9
BrackettF050524-041.jpgGeorge Brackett Prominent Pioneer
BrackettF050524-042.jpgRussell D Brackett newspaper article
BrackettF050524-043.jpgBrackett notes
BrackettF050524-044.jpgBrackett notes
BrackettF050524-045.jpgJudd Brackett Edina Realty
BrackettF050524-046.jpgRussell D Brackett Obituary
BrackettF050524-047.jpgBrackett - Meadowbrook Farm View 1934
BrackettF050524-048.jpgBrackett - Meadowbrook Farm View 1920
BrackettF050524-049.jpgThomas S Brackett Obituary
BrackettF050524-050.jpgBrackett family info
BrackettF050524-051.jpgBrackett notes
BrackettF050524-052.jpgC R Brackett advertisement
BrackettF050524-053.jpgBrackett letter
BrackettF050524-054.jpgJudd Bracket newspaper article 1 of 2
BrackettF050524-055.jpgJudd Brackett 2 of 2
BrackettF050524-056.jpgJudd Brackett Wayzata Chamber of Commerce
BrackettF050524-057.jpgRussell D Bracket newspaper article
BrackettF050524-058.jpgJudd Brackett....2 of 2
BrackettF050524-059.jpgJudd Bracket Glory Years of the Lake Minnetonka Area 1 of 2
BrackettF050524-060.jpgJudd Brackett Assuming his father's hobby is a challenge for ....
BrackettF050524-061.jpgMrs John Brackett newspaper article
BrackettF050524-062.jpgG A Brackett Bogus Nobleman Long Known as 'Man Who Fooled a Continent' 1 of 5
BrackettF050524-063.jpgG A Brackett....2 of 5
BrackettF050524-064.jpgG A Brackett...3 of 5
BrackettF050524-065.jpgG A Brackett....4 of 5
BrackettF050524-066.jpgG A Brackett....5 of 5
BrackettF050524-067.jpgJohn Brackett guest speaker
BrackettF050524-068.jpgRussell Brackett newspaper article
BrackettF050524-069.jpgBrackett notes
BrackettF050524-070.jpgRussell D Brackett note
BrackettF050524-071.jpgBrackett notes
BrackettF050524-072.jpgBrackett notes
BrackettF050524-073.jpgBrackett notes
BrackettF050524-074.jpgBracket notes
BrackettF050524-075.jpgGeorge A Brackett Weekly News, Inc
BrackettF050524-076.jpgGeorge A Brackett death 1 of 8
BrackettF050524-077.jpgGeorge A Brackett....2 of 8
BrackettF050524-078.jpgGeorge A Brackett....3 of 8
BrackettF050524-079.jpgGeorge A Brackett....4 of 8
BrackettF050524-080.jpgGeorge A Brackett....5 of 8
BrackettF050524-081.jpgGeorge A Brackett....6 of 8
BrackettF050524-082.jpgGeorge A Brackett....7 of 8
BrackettF050524-083.jpgGeorge A Brackett....8 of 8
BrackettF050712-134.jpgBrackett notes
BrackettF050712-135.jpgRussell Bracket WHPA
BrackettF050712-136.jpgBrackett letter
BrackettIMG.jpgRussell Brackett introduction
BrackettIMG_0001.jpgRussell D Brackett obituary
BrackettIMG_0002.jpgRussell Brackett obituary 03-28-?
BrackettIMG_003.jpgRussell D Brackett obituary
BradenF05051-093.jpgBraden family history 2 of 3
BradenF050510-065.jpgEmily and Earl Braden Earl was business partner of Ernest E Hocking
BradenF050510-066.jpgIda Braden, wife of Robert Braden
BradenF050510-067.jpgRobert Braden, brother of Ed Braden, wife was Ida
BradenF050510-068.jpgSamuel Braden family info
BradenF050510-069.jpgEmily K Braden memoire
BradenF050510-070.jpgBraden family notes 1 of 2
BradenF050510-071.jpgBraden family notes 2 of 2
BradenF050510-072.jpgBraden Letters from the Boys
BradenF050510-073.jpgEarl Roy Braden marriage
BradenF050510-074.jpgF G Braden sale of mare
BradenF050510-075.jpgM H Braden birth of son
BradenF050510-076.jpgJanette Braden marriage
BradenF050510-077.jpgPat Braden newspaper article
BradenF050510-078.jpgFrank Braden Obituary
BradenF050510-079.jpgE G Braden Puts in New Wells
BradenF050510-080.jpgSalvesen Braden family 1 of 6
BradenF050510-081.jpgSalvesen Braden....2 of 6
BradenF050510-082.jpgSalvesen Braden....3 of 6
BradenF050510-083.jpgSalvesen Braden....4 of 6
BradenF050510-084.jpgSalvesen Braden....5 of 6
BradenF050510-085.jpgSalvesen Braden....6 of 6
BradenF050510-086.jpgBraden letter
BradenF050510-087.jpgMary Ellen Braden info
BradenF050510-088.jpgR Doris Braden Dode profile
BradenF050510-089.jpgBraden - money order payable to William Mason
BradenF050510-090.jpgBraden notes
BradenF050510-091.jpgBraden notes
BradenF050510-092.jpgBraden family history 1 of 3
BradenF050510-093.jpgBraden family history 3 of 3
BradenF050510-094.jpgMary Ellen Braden letter
BradenF050510-095.jpgBraden news release
BradenF050510-096.jpgBraden Katie and Kirsten Frohnmayer newspaper article
BradenF050510-097.jpgMary Ellen Braden descendants
BradenF050510-098.jpgBraden newspaper article NEA
BradenF050510-099.jpgBraden - Frohmeyer letter 1 of 2
BradenF050510-100.jpgBraden-Frohmeyer letter 2 of 2
BradenF050510-101.jpgJohn Braden descendants
BradenF050510-102.jpgBraden notes
BradenF050510-103.jpgBraden - Frohnmayer newspaper article
BradenF050510-104.jpgBraden Family takes to road 28 times in one day
BradenF050510-105.jpgBraden letter
BradenF050510-107.jpgNettie Braden birthday
BradenF050510-108.jpgWill Braden's house lakeside on Main Street, moved to Brown Road across from St. Georges Church
BradenF050510-109.jpgBraden notes
BradenF050510-110.jpgBraden notes
BradenF050510-111.jpgBraden notes
BradenF050510-112.jpgAngus Braden brother of Ed. Civil War soldier died from injuries in Washington DC, buried at Arlington
BradenF050510-113.jpgFrank Braden
BradenF050510-115.jpgBraden Peoples magazine 1 of 5
BradenF050510-116.jpgBraden Peoples....2 of 5
BradenF050510-117.jpgBraden Peoples....3 of 5
BradenF050510-118.jpgBraden Peoples....4 of 5
BradenF050510-119.jpgBraden Peoples....5 of 5
BradenF050510-120.jpgBraden family history 1 of 42
BradenF050511-001.jpgBraden....2 of 42
BradenF050511-002.jpgBraden....3 of 42
BradenF050511-003.jpgBraden....4 of 42
BradenF050511-004.jpgBraden....5 of 42
BradenF050511-005.jpgBraden....6 of 42
BradenF050511-006.jpgBarden....7 of 42
BradenF050511-007.jpgBraden....8 of 42
BradenF050511-008.jpgBarden....9 of 42
BradenF050511-009.jpgBarden....10 of 42
BradenF050511-010.jpgBraden....11 of 42
BradenF050511-011.jpgBarden....12 of 42
BradenF050511-012.jpgBraden....13 of 42
BradenF050511-013.jpgBraden....14 of 42
BradenF050511-014.jpgBarden....15 of 42
BradenF050511-015.jpgBarden....16 of 42
BradenF050511-016.jpgBraden....17 of 42
BradenF050511-017.jpgBraden....18 of 42
BradenF050511-018.jpgBarden....19 of 42
BradenF050511-019.jpgBarden....20 of 42
BradenF050511-020.jpgBraden....21 of 42
BradenF050511-021.jpgBraden....22 of 42
BradenF050511-022.jpgBraden....23 of 42
BradenF050511-023.jpgBraden....24 of 42
BradenF050511-024.jpgBraden....25 of 42
BradenF050511-025.jpgBraden....26 of 42
BradenF050511-026.jpgBraden....27 of 42
BradenF050511-027.jpgBraden....28 of 42
BradenF050511-028.jpgBraden....29 of 42
BradenF050511-029.jpgBraden....30 of 42
BradenF050511-030.jpgBraden....31 of 42
BradenF050511-031.jpgBraden....32 of 42
BradenF050511-032.jpgBraden....33 of 42
BradenF050511-033.jpgBraden....34 of 42
BradenF050511-034.jpgBraden....35 of 42
BradenF050511-035.jpgBraden....36 of 42
BradenF050511-036.jpgBraden....37 of 42
BradenF050511-037.jpgBraden....38 of 42
BradenF050511-038.jpgBraden....39 of 42
BradenF050511-039.jpgBraden....40 of 42
BradenF050511-040.jpgBraden....41 of 42
BradenF050511-041.jpgBraden....42 of 42
BradenF050511-042.jpgBraden The Ancient Limists of the Forest of Braden 1 of 8
BradenF050511-043.jpgBraden....2 of 8
BradenF050511-044.jpgBraden....3 of 8
BradenF050511-045.jpgBraden....4 of 8
BradenF050511-046.jpgBraden....5 of 8
BradenF050511-047.jpgBraden....6 of 8
BradenF050511-048.jpgBraden....7 of 8
BradenF050511-049.jpgBraden....8 of 8
BradenF050511-051.jpgBraden letter 1 of 2
BradenF050511-052.jpgBraden letter 2 of 2
BradenF050511-053.jpgBraden letter 1 of 5
BradenF050511-054.jpgBraden letter 2 of 5
BradenF050511-055.jpgBraden letter 3 of 5
BradenF050511-056.jpgBraden letter 4 of 5
BradenF050511-057.jpgBraden letter 5 of 5
BradenF050511-058.jpgBraden letter 1 of 2
BradenF050511-059.jpgBraden letter 2 of 2
BradenF050511-060.jpgBraden letter 1 of 2
BradenF050511-061.jpgBraden letter 2 of 2
BradenF050511-062.jpgBraden letter 1 of 4
BradenF050511-063.jpgBraden letter 2 of 4
BradenF050511-064.jpgBraden letter 3 of 4
BradenF050511-065.jpgBraden letter 4 of 4
BradenF050511-066.jpgBraden letter 1 of 4
BradenF050511-067.jpgBraden letter 2 of 4
BradenF050511-068.jpgBraden letter 3 of 4
BradenF050511-069.jpgBraden letter 4 of 4
BradenF050511-070.jpgBraden letter 1 of 3
BradenF050511-071.jpgBraden letter 2 of 3
BradenF050511-072.jpgBraden letter 3 of 3
BradenF050511-073.jpgBraden letter 1 of 6
BradenF050511-074.jpgBraden letter 2 of 6
BradenF050511-075.jpgBraden letter 3 of 6
BradenF050511-076.jpgBraden letter 4 of 6
BradenF050511-077.jpgBraden letter 5 of 6
BradenF050511-078.jpgBraden letter 6 of 6
BradenF050511-079.jpgBraden letter 1 of 7
BradenF050511-080.jpgBraden letter 2 of 7
BradenF050511-081.jpgBraden letter 3 of 7
BradenF050511-082.jpgBraden letter 4 of 7
BradenF050511-083.jpgBraden letter 5 of 7
BradenF050511-084.jpgBraden letter 6 of 7
BradenF050511-085.jpgBraden letter 7 of 7
BradenF050511-086.jpgBraden letter 1 of 2
BradenF050511-087.jpgBraden letter 2 of 2
BradenF050511-088.jpgBraden info on Adams Archibald, ESQ 1 of 7
BradenF050511-089.jpgBraden info....2 of 7
BradenF050511-090.jpgBraden info....3 of 7
BradenF050511-091.jpgBraden info....4 of 7
BradenF050511-092.jpgBraden info....5 of 7
BradenF050511-093.jpgBraden info....6 of 7
BradenF050511-094.jpgBraden info....7 of 7
BradenF050511-095.jpgElizabeth Braden note
BradenF050511-096.jpgBraden - Captain Gladwin obituary 1 of 2
BradenF050511-097.jpgBraden - Captain....2 of 2
BradenF050511-098.jpgBraden family tree 1 of 3
BradenF050511-099.jpgBraden family tree 2 of 3
BradenF050511-100.jpgBraden family tree 3 of 3
BradenIMG.jpgBraden Family Photos may also be found on a CD located in Braden Family Folder
BradenIMG_0001.jpgMary Barden Parker, wife of James Parker, wife of Samuel Archibald 2nd M. 1778-1859, Age 81; Pioneer Cemetary Mid Musguodoboit, Nova Scotia
BradenIMG_0002.jpgDavid Arnold Burbank obituary
BradenIMG_0003.jpgEarl R Braden 1887-1952, Wayzata Minnesota
BradenIMG_0004.jpgHenry T Wombley 10-08-1820 - 04-05-1905; Lucilla K Twombley 07-18-1828 - 03-03-1905
BradenIMG_0005.jpgWilliam Braden 03-18-1891 - Union Cemetery, Wayzata/Long Lake, MN
BradenIMG_0006.jpgBraden - Our Darling Dora 12-16-1890 tombston
BradenIMG_0007.jpgEarl R Braden and Emily E Braden tombston; NOTE: Original photo located in Braden Family File
BradenIMG_0008.jpgElizabeth Guild [Logan] Braden, wife of Robert Logan Braden, arr. Wayzata area 05-08-1868 from Nova Scotia; grandmother of Mettie May Rome, whose grave stone is the small one next to Elizabeth - Old Wayzata Cemetery by Universalist Church
BradenIMG_0009.jpgElizabeth Guild [Logan] Braden, wife of Robert Logan Braden; arr. Wayzata area 05-08-1868 from Nova Scotia - Old Wayzata Cemetery by Universalist Church
BradenIMG_0010.jpgElizabeth Guild [Logan} Braden, wife of Robert Logan Braden arr. Wayzata area 05-08-1868 from Nova Scotia - Old Wayzata Cemetery by Universalist Church
BradenIMG_0011.jpgJeanette NettieMay Rome dided at age 11 of diptheria; oldest daughter/child of Horace B and Jennie [Braden} Rome - Old Wayzata Cemetery
BradenIMG_0012.jpgJeanette Jennie [Braden] Rome Moore, Wayzata MN tombstone
BradenIMG_0013.jpgRoyal Corbin Moore, Wayzata boat builder; 2nd husband of Jeanette Jennie [Braden] Rome Moore, Wayzata MN
BradenIMG_0014.jpgIda B 1881-1970 and Albert Cruikshank 1878-1937 tombstone
BradenIMG_0015.jpgEmily K Braden tombstone 1895-1973, Wayzata MN
BradenIMG_0016.jpgAlbert B Cruikshank Jr 1903-1982, Wayzata MN tombstone
BradenIMG_0017.jpgMargaret J Cruikshank tombstone 1904-1998, WayzATA mn
BradenIMG_0018.jpgEarl R Braden 1887-1952 tombstone Wayzata, MN
BradenIMG_0019.jpgMindard Haskill Braden 1872-1918 tombstone, Wayzata, MN
BradenIMG_0020.jpgBraden Family tomstone
BradenIMG_0022.jpgC Horace B Rome tombstone
BradenIMG_0024.jpgSamuel Braden tombstone
BradenIMG_0025.jpgMary Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia
BradenIMG_0026.jpgDora and William Braden tombstone
BradenIMG_0027.jpgEmily K Braden 1895-1973 tombstone
BradenIMG_0028.jpgElizabeth Guild Logan Braden, wife of Robert L Braden, parents of Jeannette Braden Rome Moore; grandmother of Fred M Rome. Photo taken about 1888.
BradenIMG_0029.jpgFranklin [Frank] Braden, son of Robert Logan and Elizabeth [Guild Logan] Braden; frank's mother was buried at the old cemetery in Wayzata
BradenIMG_0030.jpgRobert L Braden; husband of Elizabeth Braden, born about 1829. grandfather Fred Rome. Photo taken about 1893
BradenIMG_0031.jpgJeanette Jennie [Braden] Rome Moore; daughter of Robert Logan and Elziabeth [Guild Logan] Braden. Jennie is buried next to her 2nd husband, Royal C Moore, boatbuilder, in Wayzata. Her first husband was Horace B Rome. NOTE: Photo and tin type are located in Braden family folder
BradenIMG_0032.jpgBraden unidentified
BradenIMG_0033.jpgMary Maizie [Braden] Loveless, daughte rof Robert Logan and Elizabeth Guild [Logan] Braden. She married Joseph Page Loveless and spent her life in Worthington, Minnesota
BradenIMG_0034.jpgMinard Haskill Braden; son of Robert Logan and Elizabeth [Guild Logan] Braden. Minard and his mother are buried in Wayzata, MN
BradenIMG_0035.jpgFrank Braden 1852-1915 NOTE: tintype
BradenIMG_0036.jpgRome-Braden marriage in Elk, 10-02-1876 by Rev H B TUttle, Mr. H B Rome of Minneapolis, and Miss Jennie Braden, of Elk; Worthing Advance 10-05-1876
BradenIMG_0037.jpgBraden - Death Claims Another of Our Pioneers Mrs Jennie B Moore obituary 1 of 2
BradenIMG_0038.jpgBraden - Death..... 2 of 2
BradenIMG_0039.jpgEarl Braden Rites Held for Earl Braden, Wayzata Buiness Pioneer NOTE: Original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minures, Book Number 2, page 274
BradenIMG_0040.jpgEdmund Gould Braden note - He died on January 1924 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 222
BradenIMG_0041.jpgHelen Harrington Braden NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 275
BradenIMG_0042.jpgHelen Harrington Braden note
BradenIMG_0043.jpgEdward Gould Braden note
BradenIMG_0044.jpgEdward Gould Braden note
BradfieldF050509-108.jpgG W Bradfield
BradfordF050510-001.jpgGeorge Bradford info
BradfordF050510-002.jpgGeorge W Bradford death
BradfordF050510-003.jpgBradford family history 1 of 4
BradfordF050510-004.jpgBradford family....2 of 4
BradfordF050510-005.jpgBradford family....3 of 4
BradfordF050510-006.jpgBradford family....4 of 4
BradfordF050510-007.jpgBradford letter 1 of 6
BradfordF050510-008.jpgBradford....2 of 6
BradfordF050510-009.jpgBradford....3 of 6
BradfordF050510-010.jpgBradford....4 of 6
BradfordF050510-011.jpgBradford....5 of 6
BradfordF050510-012.jpgBradford....6 of 6
BradfordF050510-013.jpgBradford letter
BradfordF050510-014.jpgMrs jimmy A Bradford postcard
BradfordF050510-015.jpgQuincy Q Bradford history 1 of 7
BradfordF050510-016.jpgQuincy Q Bradford....2 of 7
BradfordF050510-017.jpgQuincy Q Bradford....3 of 7
BradfordF050510-018.jpgQuincy Q Bradford....4 of 7
BradfordF050510-019.jpgQuincy Q Bradford....5 of 7
BradfordF050510-020.jpgQuincy Q Bradford....6 of 7
BradfordF050510-021.jpgQuincy Q Bradford....7 of 7
BradfordF050510-022.jpgBradford notes
BradfordF050510-023.jpgPercy Bradford Obituary
BradfordF050510-024.jpgBradford family history
BradfordF050510-025.jpgQuincy Q Bradford Obituary
BradfordF050510-026.jpgArthur Bradford
BradfordF050510-027.jpgBradford family info 1 of 3
BradfordF050510-028.jpgBradford family....2 of 3
BradfordF050510-029.jpgBradford family....3 of 3
BradfordF050510-030.jpgBradford notes
BradfordF050510-031.jpgBradford notes
BradfordF050510-032.jpgBradford notes
BradfordF050510-033.jpgBradford notes
BradfordF050510-034.jpgBradford notes
BradfordF050510-035.jpgBradford letter 1 of 2
BradfordF050510-036.jpgBradford letter 2 of 2
BradfordF050510-037.jpgGeorge and LeRoy Bradford letter
BradfordF050510-038.jpgBradford letter
BradfordF050510-039.jpgBradford letter
BrakeF050510-040.jpgHezekia Brake info
BrakeF050510-041.jpgBrake notes
BrakeF050510-042.jpgBrake notes
BrakeIMG_0021.jpgHezekiah Brake - Excerpts "On Two Continents" , original in Minnesota Historical Society NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
BramanF050510-045.jpgBraman notes
BramanF050510-046.jpgDavid Braman Obituary
BrandenbergF050510-043.jpgJohn A Brandenburg Obituary
BrandenbergF050510-044.jpgErwin Brandenberg anniversary
BrandenbergIMG.jpgDella E Brandenburg obituary
BrandenburgIMG.jpgJohn A Brandenburg Jr obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 327
BrandenburgIMG_0001.jpgDonald F Brandenburg obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, apge 50
BrandenburgIMG_0002.jpgDonald F Brandenburg obituary 09-11-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 46
BrandonF050510-047.jpgBrandon notes
BrandonF050510-048.jpgIngmar Brandon memoir
BrandonF050510-049.jpgGerald A Brandon newspaper article
BrandonF050510-050.jpgLieutenant Gerald A Brandon
BrandonF050510-051.jpgIngmar Brandon
BrandonF050510-052.jpgIda M Brandon Obituary
BrandonF050510-053.jpgBrandon note
BrandonF050510-054.jpgBrandon notes
BrandonF050510-055.jpgJesse Brandon letter
BrandonF050510-056.jpgBrandon letter
BrandonF050510-057.jpgBrandon letter 1 of 2
BrandonF050510-058.jpgBrandon letter 2 of 2
BrandonF050510-059.jpgBrandon Delano Eagle excerpts 1 of 2
BrandonF050510-060.jpgBrandon notes
BrandonF050510-061.jpgBrandon Eagle....2 of 2
BrandonF050510-062.jpgBrandon notes
BrandonF050510-063.jpgBrandon notes
BrandonF050510-064.jpgBrandon notes
BrandonIMG.jpgGerald Allen Brandon obituary NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 16
BraschF050509-096.jpgChristian and Chrisotpher Brasch info 1 of 2
BraschF050509-097.jpgChristian....2 of 2
BraschF050509-098.jpgChristian Brasch plat info
BraschF050509-099.jpgBrasch note
BrastadIMG.jpgSalve Gundersen Brastad obituary NOTE: original documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 326
BreenIMG.jpgP J Breen obituary
BreenIMG_0001.jpgFlorence Breen Maple Plain Treasurer is A-Number 1 Village Native
BreenIMG_0002.jpgP J Breen notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 258
BreenIMG_0003.jpgR Breen note
BrehmIMG.jpgL Otto Brehm obituary 07-1978
BridgesF050524-084.jpgSamuel Austin Bridges info
BridgesF050524-085.jpgBridges - Alvin Cor Squire Bailey
BridgesF050524-086.jpgBridges notes
BriggsF050524-087.jpgBriggs notes
BriggsF050524-088.jpgGerry Briggs
BrileyF050524-089.jpgJames Delahunt Briley family info
BrileyF050524-090.jpgSamuel Briley family history
BrileyF050524-091.jpgMrs Jane Briley death
BrileyF050524-092.jpgBriley notes
BrileyF050524-093.jpgBriley notes
BrileyF050524-094.jpgBriley notes
BrileyF050524-095.jpgBriley notes
BrileyF050524-096.jpgBriley notes
BrileyF050524-097.jpgBriley letter 2 of 2
BrileyF050524-098.jpgBriley letter 1 of 2
BrileyF050524-099.jpgMrs Samuel Briley death
BrileyF050524-100.jpgBriley notes
BrileyF050524-101.jpgBriley notes
BrileyF050524-102.jpgClousen Briley newspaper article
BrileyF050524-103.jpgH Briley (Armstrong)
BrileyIMG.jpgClaude E Briley obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 327
BrileyIMG_0001.jpgHazel Briley obituary
BrileyIMG_0002.jpgR Louis Briley 03-28-1985 NOTE: original document located in Annual Meeting Minutes, book 4, page 13
BrileyIMG_0003.jpgViolet J Briley obituary 03-21-1893
BrooksF050527-047.jpgDuke Earl Brooks
BrooksF050527-048.jpgBrooks Family history
BrooksF050527-049.jpgBrooks postcard 1911
BrooksF050527-050.jpgAlbert Brooks note
BrooksF050527-052.jpgBrooks notes
BrooksF050527-053.jpgMrs O Brooks, postcard
BrooksF050527-054.jpgBrooks notes
BrooksF050527-055.jpgBrooks postcard
BrooksF050527-056.jpgBrooks postcard
BrooksF050527-057.jpgBrooks postcard
BrooksF050527-058.jpgBrooks postcard
BrooksF050527-059.jpgBrooks postcard
BrooksF050527-060.jpgBrooks postcard
BrooksF050527-061.jpgBrooks postcard
BrooksF050527-062.jpgBrooks four postcards
BrooksF050527-063.jpgRuth Anna Brooks letter 1 of 2
BrooksF050527-064.jpgRuth Anna Brooks letter 2 of 2
BrooksF050527-065.jpgBrooks - Margaret Bare letter 1 of 5
BrooksF050527-066.jpgBrooks-Margaret....2 of 5
BrooksF050527-067.jpgBrooks-Margaret....3 of 5
BrooksF050527-068.jpgBrooks-Margaret....4 of 5
BrooksF050527-069.jpgBrooks-Margaret....5 of 5
BrooksF050527-070.jpgBrooks note
BrooksF050527-071.jpgBrooks notes
BrooksF050527-072.jpgAlbert Brooks
BrooksF050527-073.jpgBrooks - Four Generations
BrooksF050527-074.jpgJ Brooks note
BrooksF050527-075.jpgJoyce Brooks Willard info 1 of 2
BrooksF050527-076.jpgJoyce Brooks Willard....2 of 2
BrooksF050527-077.jpgBrooks Warranty Deed
BrooksF050527-078.jpgBrooks legal document 1 of 6
BrooksF050527-079.jpgBrooks legal....2 of 6
BrooksF050527-080.jpgBrooks Warranty Deed
BrooksF050527-081.jpgBrooks legal....3 of 6
BrooksF050527-082.jpgBrooks legal....4 of 6
BrooksF050527-083.jpgBrooks - Warranty Deed
BrooksF050527-084.jpgBrooks legal....5 of 6
BrooksF050527-085.jpgBrooks legal....6 of 6
BrooksF050527-086.jpgSherman Ardello Brooks War Service Certificate
BrooksF050527-087.jpgSherman A Brooks Certificate of Marriage
BrooksF050527-088.jpgBrooks - Last Wills and Testaments of Wm E and Mary B Stubbs 1 of 5
BrooksF050527-089.jpgBrooks - Last....2 of 5
BrooksF050527-090.jpgBrooks - Last....3 of 5
BrooksF050527-091.jpgBrooks - Last....4 of 5
BrooksF050527-092.jpgBrooks - Last....5 of 5
BrooksF050527-093.jpgBrooks letter 1 of 4
BrooksF050527-094.jpgBrooks....2 of 4
BrooksF050527-095.jpgBrooks....3 of 4
BrooksF050527-096.jpgBrooks....4 of 4
BrooksF050527-097.jpgBrooks letter 1 of 2
BrooksF050527-098.jpgBrooks letter 2 of 2
BrooksF050527-099.jpgBrooks notes
BrooksF050527-100.jpgBrooks notes
BrooksF050527-101.jpgJulie Brooks birthday greeting
BrooksF050527-102.jpgEarl Duke Brooks, Constable at Big Island Amusement Park
BrooksF050527-103.jpgRuth A Grave, age 18, she married Warner Brooks
BrooksF050528-001.jpgBrooks photo
BrooksF050528-002.jpgAlbert Brooks
BrooksF050528-003.jpgBrooks postcard
BrooksF050528-004.jpgAlbert and Ruth Brooks
BrooksF050528-005.jpgWright Brooks newspaper article
BrooksF050528-006.jpgWatkins Products
BrooksF050528-007.jpgBrooks notes
BrooksF050528-008.jpgO W Brooks telephone bill
BrooksF050528-009.jpgOscar Brooks letter
BrooksF050528-010.jpgMrs J Brooks receipt
BrooksF050528-011.jpgO W Brooks receipt from Abbott Hospital
BrooksF050528-012.jpgO W Brooks receipt of services
BrooksF050528-013.jpgO W Brooks letter
BrooksF050528-014.jpgOscar W Brooks Certificate of Title to Motor Vehicle
BrooksF050528-015.jpgOscar W Brooks bill from NAAB Brothers
BrooksF050528-016.jpgOscar W Brooks Automobile Insurance Policy
BrooksF050528-017.jpgOscar W Brooks automible purchase
BrooksF050528-018.jpgOscar W Brooks statement of Real Estate Taxes
BrooksF050528-019.jpgBrooks letter
BrooksF050528-021.jpgOscar W Brooks letter
BrooksF050528-022.jpgOscar Brooks construction agreement
BrooksF050528-023.jpgBrooks specifications for School Bus garage
BrooksF050528-024.jpgBrooks chimney construction plans
BrooksF050528-025.jpgBrooks letter
BrooksF050528-026.jpgSherman A Brooks letter and receipt
BrooksF050528-027.jpgAlbert J and Oscar W Brooks burial expenses 1 of 3
BrooksF050528-028.jpgBrooks - Albert J and....2 of 3
BrooksF050528-029.jpgBrooks - Albert J and....3 of 3
BrooksF050528-030.jpgAlbert J Brooks letter
BrooksF050528-031.jpgS A Brooks letter regarding plot
BrooksF050528-032.jpgA J Brooks receipt for burial plot
BrooksF050528-033.jpgAlbert J Brooks cemetery deed
BrooksF050528-034.jpgBrooks Association Deed
BrooksF050528-035.jpgOscar and Julia Brooks Satisfaction of Mortgage 1 of 4
BrooksF050528-036.jpgOscar and ....2 of 4
BrooksF050528-037.jpgA J Brooks Contract for Deed
BrooksF050528-038.jpgOscar and....3 of 4
BrooksF050528-039.jpgOscar and Julie Brooks Satisfaction of Mortgage
BrooksF050528-040.jpgOscar and....4 of 4
BrooksF050528-041.jpgOscar W Brooks Special Warranty Deed
BrooksF050528-042.jpgOscar W Brooks legal document 1 of 5
BrooksF050528-043.jpgOscar W....2 of 2
BrooksF050528-044.jpgOscar W Brooks....2 of 5
BrooksF050528-045.jpgOscar W Brooks Mortgage Deed 1 of 2
BrooksF050528-046.jpgOscar W Brooks....3 of 5
BrooksF050528-047.jpgAlbert J Brooks Warranty Deed
BrooksF050528-048.jpgOscar W Brooks....4 of 5
BrooksF050528-049.jpgAlbert J Brooks Quit-Claim Deed
BrooksF050528-050.jpgOscar W Brooks....5 of 5
BrooksF050528-051.jpgBrooks three Warranty Deeds 1 of 3
BrooksF050528-052.jpgOscar W Brooks....4 of 8
BrooksF050528-053.jpgBrooks three....2 of 3
BrooksF050528-054.jpgOscar W Brooks....5 of 8
BrooksF050528-055.jpgBrooks three....3 of 3
BrooksF050528-056.jpgOscar W Brooks....6 of 8
BrooksF050528-057.jpgBrooks Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed and Earnest Money Contract 1 of 2
BrooksF050528-058.jpgOscar W Brooks....7 of 8
BrooksF050528-059.jpgBrooks Warranty....2 of 2
BrooksF050528-060.jpgOscar W Brooks....8 of 8
BrooksF050528-061.jpgBrooks Earnest Money Contract
BrooksF050528-062.jpgOscar W Brooks Earnest Money Contract of Sale
BrooksF050528-063.jpgOscar W Brooks Property Assessment
BrooksF050528-064.jpgOscar W Brooks Abstract of Title 1 of 8
BrooksF050528-065.jpgOscar W Brooks....2 of 8
BrooksF050528-066.jpgOscar W Brooks....3 of 8
BrooksF050528-067.jpgJohn Brooks Obituary
BrooksF050528-068.jpgSherol Brooks
BrooksF050528-069.jpgAnson Strong Brooks Obituary
BrooksF050528-070.jpgBrooks family info
BrooksF050528-071.jpgGlenn Brooks Obituary
BrooksF050528-073.jpgBrooks - Enscription says Picture of Grampa Brooks fathers and this brother's grave and widow.
BrooksF050528-074.jpgMarney Brown Brooks A Pioneer's Legacy The Story of Sheldon Brooks 1 of 5
BrooksF050528-075.jpgMarney Brown Brooks....3 of 5
BrooksF050528-076.jpgMarney Brown Brooks....2 of 5
BrooksF050528-077.jpgMarney Brown Brooks....4 of 5
BrooksF050528-078.jpgMarney Brown Brooks....5 of 5
BrooksF060602-054.jpgJulie C Brooks Obituary
BrooksIMG.jpgAlbert Brooks note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 1, page 219
BrooksIMG_0001-3.jpgAlbert Brooks note
BrooksIMG_0001.jpgMarian Hall Brooks notes
BrooksIMG_0002.jpgWilson Earl Brooks note
BrooksIMG_0003.jpgMarney [Brown] Brooks obituary 02-04-2012
BrooksIMG_0004.jpgHazel [van Hagen] Brooks obituary July 1979
BrosIMG.jpgHelen Drennen Bros obituary 04-24-1980
BrowellF050524-104.jpgBrownell plat info
BrownB060115-001.jpgBrown newspaper article
BrownB060115-002.jpgWalter W Brown in uniform at Des Moines, IA. Born 8-21-1868 D. 8-31-61
BrownB060115-003.jpgBrown newspaper article
BrownB060115-004.jpgJames B Brown Obituary
BrownB060115-005.jpgOliver B Brown Obituary
BrownB060115-006.jpgMrs L Brown Obituary
BrownB060115-007.jpgWalter W Brown Obituary
BrownB060115-008.jpgBrown newspaper article Old Long Lake Hotel
BrownB060115-009.jpgBrown Thanksgiving Dinner, Machine Gun Battalion 1 of 2
BrownB060115-010.jpgBrown Thanksgiving....2 of 2
BrownB060115-011.jpgLottie Coyle Brown
BrownB060115-012.jpgLottie Coyle Brown shortly before her death B. 1865 D. 1893
BrownB060115-013.jpgWalter Brown at age 18 B. 8-21-1886 D. 8-31-1961
BrownB060115-014.jpgBrown Commencement Exercises
BrownB060115-016.jpgWalter Brown at age 8. Son of Joseph Cadwalader Brown and Lottie Estella Coyle Brown. Walter married Evelyn Mary Hatcher on 9-22-1920 in Minneapolis
BrownB060115-018.jpgJoAnne Charlotte Brown Diploma
BrownB060115-019.jpgMrs Florence R Griswold Dearing, mother of Mrs Florence M Dearing Sumner
BrownB060115-020.jpgBrown Marriage Certificate
BrownB060115-021.jpgWalter Brown Honorable Mention
BrownB060115-022.jpgOliver B Brown discharge paper
BrownB060115-023.jpgJoseph C Brown B. 12-15-1848 D. 10-15-1931
BrownB060115-024.jpgJoseph C Brown B 12-15-1848 D. 10-15-1931
BrownB060115-025.jpgWalter Webster Brown, son of Joseph and Lottie Brown
BrownB060115-026.jpgWalter Webster Brown, son of Joseph and Lottie Brown
BrownB060115-027.jpgJoanne C Brown Grade School Diploma
BrownB060115-028.jpgWalter Webster Brown, son of Joseph and Lottie Brown
BrownB060115-029.jpgLong Lake Women Auxillary Legion
BrownB060115-030.jpgWalter W Brown newspaper article
BrownB060115-031.jpgWalter W Brown American Expeditionary Forces letter
BrownB060115-033.jpgBrown - Poster Men Who Led the Allies to Victory in World War One
BrownB060115-034.jpgBrown - Who Can Tell 88th Division Show 1 of 5
BrownB060115-035.jpgBrown - Who....2 of 5
BrownB060115-036.jpgBrown - Who....3 of 5
BrownB060115-037.jpgBrown - Who....4 of 5
BrownB060115-038.jpgBrown - Who....5 of 5
BrownB060115-039.jpgWalter Brown report card
BrownB060115-040.jpgWalter Brown post card
BrownB060115-041.jpgWalter Brown postcard
BrownB060115-043.jpgBrown - War Over Minneapolis Daily Times
BrownB060115-044.jpgBrown newspaper article
BrownB060115-048.jpgJoseph C Brown B. 12-15-1848 D. 10-15-1931
BrownB060115-053.jpgBrown The New Pets
BrownB060115-054.jpgFlorence R Griswold and Frances Griswold
BrownB060115-055.jpgBrown - Long Lake Oddfellows at Union Cemetary on Memorial Day c. 1900. Tenth from left: Joseph Brown
BrownB060115-056.jpgKey to photograph of Long Lake Oddfellows c.1900 shown in B060115-055 jpg
BrownB060115-057.jpgBrown Local Cooper Shop in 1878
BrownB060115-058.jpgBrown newspaper article This Was Long Lake in 1878
BrownB060115-059.jpgBrown newspaper article Long lake's Main Street in 1878
BrownB060115-061.jpgWalter W Brown....2 of 2
BrownB060115-062.jpgWalter W Brown Honarable Discharge 1 of 2
BrownB060115-063.jpgJoAnne Brown 3 months old, born 7-8-1921
BrownB060115-064.jpgJoanne Charlotte Brown graduation program
BrownB060115-067.jpgJoseph Brown Obituary
BrownB060115-068.jpgBrown Versailles & Les Trianons
BrownB060115-069.jpgBrown Souvenir from Spokane Washington No. 1
BrownB060115-071.jpgBrown - Max Chapin
BrownB060115-072.jpgBrown - Mrs Matilda Chapin
BrownB060115-073.jpgBrown - Wife of Rudolph Griswold
BrownB060115-074.jpgBrown - Rudolph Griswold
BrownB060115-075.jpgBrown - Martha Griswold
BrownB060115-076.jpgBrown - Gilbert G Griswold
BrownB060115-077.jpgBrown - Dr. Lueker?
BrownB060115-080.jpgBrown - Ringlets - Anne Armsbury Emma Ware
BrownB060115-083.jpgBrown - Lorenza (Lora) Griswold Slocumb
BrownB060115-085.jpgBrown - Lorenza (Lora) Griswold Slocumb
BrownB060115-087.jpgBrown - Charles Slocumb
BrownB060115-088.jpgBrown - Mrs. Lorenza Slocumb
BrownB060115-089.jpgBrown - Gilbert G Griswold
BrownB060115-090.jpgBrown - Martha Griswold
BrownB060115-091.jpgBrown - Charles W Dearing
BrownB060115-092.jpgBrown - Mrs Cora Wilber
BrownB060115-093.jpgBrown - Husband of Cora Wilber
BrownF050528-095.jpgEnscripition: Our Cottage
BrownF050528-098.jpgEnscription: Grandma Brown (Mary Armstrong Brown), Walter Brown, Marian-1897. Three generations, my mother, grandfather and great grandfather
BrownF050528-099.jpgBrown's cottage
BrownF050528-100.jpgBrown Enscription: Summer 1913 Fun in Lake Minnetonka. Mrs Barraclaugh and Walter R Brown in boat, My Peterson in rear
BrownF050528-101.jpgBrown Enscription: Cottage, Lk Minnetonka, Mother Brown (Mary Armstrong), Aunt Maudie, WRB, Marian, Pudge the Dog, Marian - My Mother
BrownF050528-102.jpgBrown location of cottage
BrownF050528-103.jpgBrown letter 1 of 4
BrownF050528-104.jpgBrown....2 of 4
BrownF050528-105.jpgBrown....3 of 4
BrownF050528-106.jpgBrown....4 of 4
BrownF050528-107.jpgBrown letter 1 of 2
BrownF050528-108.jpgBrown letter 2 of 2
BrownF050528-109.jpgBrown Walter and Jessies marriage
BrownF050528-110.jpgBrown City of Orono map
BrownF050529-001.jpgWlater R Brown marriage
BrownF050529-003.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-004.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-006.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-007.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-008.jpgBrown letter 1 of 2
BrownF050529-009.jpgBrown letter 2 of 2
BrownF050529-010.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-011.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-012.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-014.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-015.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-016.jpgBrown - Mtka Cottage-Walter R Brown Family
BrownF050529-017.jpgBrown - Mtka Cottage-Walter R Brown family, note big flag flying behind windmill
BrownF050529-018.jpgBrown - Log cabin on Lk Minnetonka property 1890, Clarence and Walter Brown
BrownF050529-019.jpgBrown - Enscription: Mary Armstrong Brown, Interview of Lk Minnetonka 07-04-1898
BrownF050529-020.jpgBrown - Enscritpion: Cottage, Lk Minnetonka, Mother Brown (Mary Armstrong), Aunt Maudie, WRB, Marian, Pudge the Dog. Marian-My Mother
BrownF050529-021.jpgOliver B Brown Obituary
BrownF050529-022.jpgOliver B Brown discharge paper
BrownF050529-023.jpgJospeh G Brown family history
BrownF050529-024.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-025.jpgWalter W Brown newspaper article
BrownF050529-027.jpgBrown memories
BrownF050529-028.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-029.jpgWalter W Brown Obituary
BrownF050529-030.jpgMarcella A Brown memorie
BrownF050529-031.jpgWalter Webster Brown memoire
BrownF050529-032.jpgMilton (Buster) Brown memoire
BrownF050529-033.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-034.jpgBrown - L-R: Dr. Everett Lilico, Joanne Brown, Hugh Turnham and signing Bette Skreen
BrownF050529-035.jpgJ B Brown excertp from newspaper article
BrownF050529-036.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-037.jpgJames B Brown letter
BrownF050529-038.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-039.jpgJoAnne Brown King letter
BrownF050529-040.jpgRuth Brown
BrownF050529-041.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-042.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-043.jpgJames B Brown letter
BrownF050529-044.jpgJoAnne Brown King letter 1 of 2
BrownF050529-045.jpgJoAnne Brown King letter 2 of 2
BrownF050529-046.jpgJames B Brown letter
BrownF050529-047.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-048.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-049.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-050.jpgCharlie Brown newspaper article 1 of 2
BrownF050529-051.jpgCharlie Brown 2 of 2
BrownF050529-052.jpgEarle Brown farm newspaper article
BrownF050529-054.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-055.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-056.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-057.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-058.jpgEarle Brown farm newspaper article
BrownF050529-059.jpgAnna Brown newspaper article
BrownF050529-060.jpgAnna Brown info
BrownF050529-061.jpgJames Brown plat info
BrownF050529-062.jpgJoyce Brown note
BrownF050529-063.jpgSchelin Brown info
BrownF050529-065.jpgJoAnne Brown King letter
BrownF050529-066.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-067.jpgSam Brown info
BrownF050529-068.jpgBrown - Mrs. A Young Obituary
BrownF050529-069.jpgWilliam Fred and Barbara Brown descendants
BrownF050529-070.jpgBrown letter
BrownF050529-071.jpgJames B Brown family info
BrownF050529-072.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-073.jpgBelle Brown on left
BrownF050529-074.jpgBelle Brown on right
BrownF050529-075.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-076.jpgEvelyn Brown memoire
BrownF050529-077.jpgBrown Mary Belle Ruff Obituary
BrownF050529-078.jpgWalter Brown notes
BrownF050529-079.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-080.jpgJoAnne Brown King letter
BrownF050529-081.jpgMichael Brown marriage
BrownF050529-082.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-083.jpgOliver Brown
BrownF050529-084.jpgBrown notes
BrownF050529-085.jpgBrown article 1 of 2
BrownF050529-086.jpgBrown article 2 of 2
BrownF050529-087.jpgWalter Brown info 1 of 2
BrownF050529-088.jpgWalter Brown info 2 of 2
BrownF050529-089.jpgJoAnne Brown King note
BrownF050529-090.jpgJoAnne Brown King letter
BrownF050529-091.jpgMilton J (Buster) Brown Obituary
BrownF050529-092.jpgBrown note
BrownF050529-093.jpgBrown note
BrownF050529-094.jpgMary Belle Brown Diploma
BrownIMG.jpgJoseh Brown home on Symes Street, Long Lake, Minnesota; was built as a flour mill in 1902 by Adolph Beckner; L to R: L Brown, Gale Brown; Evan Brown (Lois Landberg, mother); Buster Brown; B ?
BrownIMG_0001-1.jpgBrown "First Edition of "Long Lake News" Was Also the Last; On Display at Hill School" august 1959
BrownIMG_0001.jpgMichael J (Mike) Brown obituary
BrownIMG_000101.jpgMarcella Brown obituary 01-22-1990
BrownIMG_0002-1.jpgJoAnne C Brown - Graduation Commencement Announcement
BrownIMG_0002.jpgMichael Brown - 2 bikers die in head-on crash as road trip begins 1 of 2
BrownIMG_000202.jpgMilton [Buster] Brown memoriam 11-04-1903 - 10-16-1977
BrownIMG_0003-1.jpgWalter W Brown, 08-21-1868 - 08-31-1961, taken at DesMoines, Iowa 1917
BrownIMG_0003.jpgMichael Brown - 2 bikers....2 of 2
BrownIMG_000303.jpgMarcella A Brown memoriam 1 of 2
BrownIMG_0004-1.jpgBrown - Swede Redpath (Lloyd); Buster Brown; John Pritchet; Phil Stubbs; Charlie Naab; Walter Brown; Herb Ross Deer Hunting
BrownIMG_0004.jpgMichael Brown - Farewell to longtime fire chief
BrownIMG_000404.jpgMarcella A Brown memoriam 05-15-1906 - 01-22-1990 2 of 2
BrownIMG_0005-1.jpgBrown - Lottie Brown 1865-1893, taken shortly before her death
BrownIMG_0005.jpgMichael Brown Motorcylce crash leads to deaths
BrownIMG_0006-1.jpgWalter Webster Brown, age 8 years 08-21-1886 - 08-31-1961, son of Joseph Cardwalader Brown and LOttie Estella [Coyle} Brown. He married Evelyn Mary [Hatcher} 09-22-1920 in Minneapolis, Mn
BrownIMG_0006.jpgMichael Brown - Remembering....3 of 3
BrownIMG_0007-1.jpgWalter Brown, age 18, 08-21-1886 - 08-31-1961
BrownIMG_0007.jpgMichael Brown Remembering Mike Brown 1 of 3
BrownIMG_0008-1.jpgJoanne C Brown Grade School Diploma 06-25-1935
BrownIMG_0008.jpgMichael Brown -Remembering....2 of 3
BrownIMG_0009-1.jpgBrown "Old Long Lake Hotel in 1907"
BrownIMG_0009.jpgMike Brown Former Long Lake Fire Chief Brown killed in crash 07-23-2009 1 of 2
BrownIMG_0010-1.jpgBrown - Back row: Bea Dumas; Myra LaStrange Anderson; Helen Getten; Rawena Johnson; Evelyn Brown; Daisy Reiser; Martha Stemmer; Florence Holmberg; Gladys Johnson; Laura Leslie; Emma Neiss; Elsie Wakefield. American Legion Auxiliary, Ernest Aseltine Post, Wayzata, MN, Memorial Day at Union Cemetery, Long Lake, MN in 1940s
BrownIMG_0010.jpgMike Brown Former Long Lake Fire Chief....2 of 3
BrownIMG_0011-11.jpgJoseph C Brown, born 12-15-1848 - 10-15-1931
BrownIMG_0011.jpgM J Brown Buster
BrownIMG_0012-1.jpgLottie Coyle Brown 1865-1893; Jim Crady
BrownIMG_0012.jpgMarcella Dunn Brown
BrownIMG_0013-1.jpgJoseph C Brown 12-15-1848 - 10-15-1931
BrownIMG_0013.jpgLutie Almeda Brown obituary 1953. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 297
BrownIMG_0014-1.jpgWalter Webswter Brown 08-21-1868 - 08-31-1961, Lottie Estella Coyle and Joseph Brown
BrownIMG_0014.jpgCharlie Brown Charlie Brown's death saddens Lake Minnetonkans and the 'Senate'
BrownIMG_0015-1.jpgJ C Brown calling card
BrownIMG_0015.jpgCharlie Brown Real 'Good Old Charlie Brown' Found peace in final days 1 of 3
BrownIMG_0016-1.jpgJoAnne Brown King 07-18-1921, three months old
BrownIMG_0016.jpgCharlie Brown Good Old....2 of 3
BrownIMG_0017-1.jpgWalter W Brown Honorable Discharge from the United States Army 01-036-1922
BrownIMG_0017.jpgCharlie Brown Good old....3 of 3
BrownIMG_0018-1.jpgWalter W Brown Enlistment Record
BrownIMG_0019-1.jpgOliver B Brown Enlistment paper 1 of 2
BrownIMG_0020-1.jpgOliver B Brown Enlistment paper 2 of 2
BrownIMG_0020.jpgMarcella Brown obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 7
BrownIMG_0021-1.jpgJoseph C Brown 12-15-1848 - 10-15-1931
BrownIMG_0021.jpgJoseph Brown note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 257
BrownIMG_0022-1.jpgWalter W Brown taken at Camp Dodge, Iowa 1917 08-21-1868 - 08-31-1961
BrownIMG_0022.jpgJoseph Brown note
BrownIMG_0023-1.jpgWalter Brown report card, age 14 years 09-08-1900
BrownIMG_0023.jpgNancy [Voigt] Brown obituary 09-14-2011
BrownIMG_0024.jpgBrown - postcard from Evelyn Hatcher 1 of 2
BrownIMG_0025.jpgBrown - postcard from Evelyn Hatcher 1 of 2
BrownIMG_0026.jpgWalter Brown postcard from George Hooper
BrownIMG_0027.jpgWalter Brown, son of Joseph and Lottie [Coyle] Brown, 08-21-1886 - 08-31-1961
BrownIMG_0028.jpgWalter Webster Brown, son of Lottie Estella Coyle and Joseph C Brown 08-21-1868 - 08-31-1961
BrownIMG_0029.jpgWalter Webster Brown Certificate of Marriage 09-22-1920
BrownIMG_0030.jpgWalter Brown - Marshall Public Schools Honorable Mention 1900-1901
BrownIMG_0031.jpgBrown - Odd Fellows, Long Lake, MN, Memorial Day, probably around 1900, Union Cemetery, Long Lake, MN 1 of 2
BrownIMG_0032.jpgBrown - Odd Fellows, Long Lake, MN, Memorial Day, probably around 1900, Union Cemetery, Long Lake, MN 1 of 2
BrownIMG_0033.jpgWalter W Brown "Long Lake Farmer Ignores First Hand Abe Lincoln Tales" 03-29-1956
BrownIMG_0034.jpgBrown "Local Cooper Shop in 1878"
BrownIMG_0035.jpgBrown "Axes Destroy Well Known Landmark of Minnetonka"
BrownIMG_0036.jpgBrown "This was Long Lake in 1878"
BrownIMG_0037.jpgBrown "Long Lake's Main Street in 1878"
BrownIMG_0038.jpgJames B Brown obituary
BrownIMG_0039.jpgMrs Lottie Brown obituary 1893
BrownIMG_0040.jpgOliver B Brown obituary 06-29-1888
BrownIMG_0041.jpgWalter W Brown obituary September 1961
BrownIMG_0042.jpgJoseph Brown obituary 1931
BruescalerF050524-105.jpgBruescaler notes
BruggerF050524-106.jpgBrugger plat info
BrunelleF050524-107.jpgBrunelle plat info
BrunkF050524-108.jpgJohn and Mary Brunk
BrunkF050524-109.jpgMary Brunk
BrunkF050524-110.jpgMary Brunk
BruschweilerF050524-111.jpgAugust Bruschweiler
BruschweilerF050524-113.jpgBruschweiler Asking Must Grow Out of Attitude
BruschweilerF050524-114.jpgBruschweiler note
BruschweilerF050524-115.jpgAugust Bruschweiler note
BruschweilerF050524-116.jpgWill and Bertha Bruschweiler note
BruschweilerF050525-001.jpgAugust Bruschweiler newspaper article
BruschweilerF050525-002.jpgBruschweiler newspaper article
BruschweilerF050525-003.jpgBruschweiler note 1 of 2
BruschweilerF050525-004.jpgBruschweiler....2 of 2
BruschweilerF050525-005.jpgBruschweiler note
BruschweilerF050525-006.jpgWilliam Bruschweiler newspaper article
BruschweilerF050525-007.jpgHattie Bruschweiler Davis note
BruschweilerF050525-008.jpgHattie Bruschweiler Davis note
BruschweilerF050525-009.jpgHattie Bruschweiler Davis note 1 of 2
BruschweilerF050525-010.jpgHatie Bruschweiler Davis....2 of 2
BruschweilerF050525-011.jpgHenrietta L Bruschweiler Davis (Hattie) note
BruschweilerF050525-012.jpgHattie Bruschweiler Davis note
BruschweilerF050525-013.jpgHattie Bruschweiler Davis letter
BruschweilerF050525-015.jpgBrushweiler note
BruschweilerF050525-016.jpgBilly Brushweiler note
BruschweilerF050525-017.jpgBruschweiler Holy Week Services
BruschweilerF050525-018.jpgBruschweiler note
BruschweilerF050525-019.jpgBruschweiler note
BruskillIMG.jpgBruskill - Creek running on to Lake Minnetonka, gift from Virginia E Bruskill 02-08-1978
BryantF050525-020.jpgJacob Bryant memoir 1 of 5
BryantF050525-021.jpgJacob Bryant....2 of 5
BryantF050525-022.jpgJacob Bryant....3 of 5
BryantF050525-023.jpgJacob Bryant....4 of 5
BryantF050525-024.jpgJacob Bryant....5 of 5
BryantF050525-025.jpgJacob Bryant notes
BryantF050525-026.jpgKen Bryant Texaco Service Station receipt
BryantF050525-027.jpgClayton Bryant Obituary
BryantF050525-028.jpgJacob Bryant notes
BryantF050525-029.jpgMrs Jacob Bryant notes
BryantF050525-030.jpgRufus Bryant Obituary
BryantF050525-031.jpgLouise Bryant newspaper article
BryantF050525-032.jpgJacob Bryant plat info
BryantF050525-033.jpgMrs R I Bryant newspaper article
BryantF050525-034.jpgElizabeth Bryant notes
BryantF050525-035.jpgBryant notes
BryantF050525-036.jpgMinnie and Fred Lawrence, Minnie married a Bryant
BryantF050525-037.jpgBryant note
BryantF050525-038.jpgBryant note
BryantF050525-039.jpgIrene L Bryant Obituary
BryantF050525-040.jpgBryant note
BryantF050525-041.jpgLottie Lawrence
BryantF050525-042.jpgIrene L Bryant Obituary
BryantF050525-043.jpgBryant - May Lawrence death
BryantF050525-045.jpgBryant - Lawrence family notes
BryantF050525-046.jpgDr C J Bryant interview
BryantF050525-047.jpgEliza Bryant Allen letter
BryantF050525-048.jpgKenneth Bryant estate auction
BryantF050525-049.jpgMarilyn Bryant newspaper article
BryantF050525-050.jpgMarilyn Bryant A Women's Advocate newspaper article
BryantF050525-051.jpgJacob Bryant note
BryantF050525-052.jpgMarilyn Bryant Evolution of a Feminist 1 of 5
BryantF050525-053.jpgMarilyn Bryant....2 of 5
BryantF050525-054.jpgMarilyn Bryant....3 of 5
BryantF050525-055.jpgMarilyn Bryant....4 of 5
BryantF050525-056.jpgMarilyn Bryant....5 of 5
BryantF050525-057.jpgEllen Bryant Goodsell letter 1 of 3
BryantF050525-058.jpgEllen Bryant....2 of 3
BryantF050525-059.jpgEllen Bryant....3 of 3
BryantF050525-060.jpgMarilyn Bryant Goodsell family info 1 of 6
BryantF050525-061.jpgMarilyn Bryant....2 of 6
BryantF050525-062.jpgMarilyn Bryant....3 of 6
BryantF050525-063.jpgMarilyn Bryant....4 of 6
BryantF050525-064.jpgMarilyn Bryant....5 of 6
BryantF050525-065.jpgMarilyn Bryant....6 of 6
BryantIMG_0002.jpgClayton George Bryant memoriam 03-02-1906 - 02-28-1985 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 8
BryantIMG_0003.jpgWinnefred M Bryant memoriam 01-24-1907 - 11-17-1992
BryantIMG_0004.jpgCameron Clayton Bryant note
BryantIMG_0005.jpgJames C Bryant Sr obituary July 1980
BryantIMG_0006.jpgJames C Bryant Sr obituary 07-19-1980
BryceIMG.jpgIsabelle H Bryce obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 12
BryceIMG_0001.jpgAlexander Bryce obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 8, page 62
BuckF050525-066.jpgWilliam P Buck
BuckF050525-067.jpgWilliam P Buck
BuckF050525-068.jpgBuck notes
BuckF050525-069.jpgBuck notes
BuckF050525-070.jpgBuck notes
BuckF050525-071.jpgBuck newspaper article
BuckF050525-072.jpgBuck History Are Pared Away...
BuddF050525-073.jpgBudd family notes 1 of 2
BuddF050525-074.jpgBudd family notes 2 of 2
BuddF050525-075.jpgDaniel Budd violin
BuddF050525-076.jpgM Budd Maple Plan Motor Co
BuddF050525-077.jpgClay Budd Obituary
BuddF050525-078.jpgBudd - Irene Schultz Hohage memoire
BuddF050525-079.jpgIrene Budd Schultz golden wedding
BuddF050525-080.jpgMatthew Budd injured
BuddF050525-081.jpgBudd Family
BuddF050525-082.jpgBudd - R R Schultz (Dick) 60 years
BuddF050525-083.jpgGladys Budd marriage
BuddF050525-084.jpgHenry and Eliza Budd notes
BuddF050525-085.jpgBudd family notes 1 of 3
BuddF050525-086.jpgBudd family....2 of 3
BuddF050525-087.jpgBudd family...3 of 3
BuddF050525-088.jpgThomas M Budd marriage
BuddF050525-089.jpgThomas M Budd marriage
BuddF050525-090.jpgDavid Budd note
BuddF050525-091.jpgCallista Ann Stratton Budd
BuddF050525-092.jpgCasper Budd
BuddF050525-093.jpgBudd family notes 1 of 2
BuddF050525-094.jpgBudd family notes 2 of 2
BuddF050525-095.jpgAnna Budd marriage
BuddF050525-096.jpgJohn Budd notes 1 of 2
BuddF050525-097.jpgJohn Budd notes 2 of 2
BuddF050525-098.jpgBudd - Stratton family notes
BuddF050525-099.jpgBudd notes
BuddF050525-100.jpgCasper Budd notes
BuddF050525-101.jpgBudd - Howard Township info 1 of 3
BuddF050525-102.jpgBudd - Howard....2 of 3
BuddF050525-103.jpgBudd - Howard....3 of 3
BuddF050526-001.jpgBudd - Stratton,Budd,Horton info 1 of 35
BuddF050526-002.jpgBudd -....2 of 35
BuddF050526-003.jpgBudd -....3 of 35
BuddF050526-004.jpgBudd - ....4 of 35
BuddF050526-005.jpgBud -....5 of 35
BuddF050526-006.jpgBudd -....6 of 35
BuddF050526-007.jpgBudd -....7 of 35
BuddF050526-008.jpgBudd....8 of 35
BuddF050526-009.jpgBudd....9 of 35
BuddF050526-010.jpgBudd....10 of 35
BuddF050526-011.jpgBudd....11 of 35
BuddF050526-012.jpgBudd....12 of 35
BuddF050526-013.jpgBudd....13 of 35
BuddF050526-014.jpgBudd....14 of 35
BuddF050526-015.jpgBudd....15 of 35
BuddF050526-016.jpgBudd....16 of 35
BuddF050526-017.jpgBudd....17 of 35
BuddF050526-018.jpgBudd....18 of 35
BuddF050526-019.jpgBudd....19 of 35
BuddF050526-020.jpgBudd....20 of 35
BuddF050526-021.jpgBudd....21 of 35
BuddF050526-022.jpgBudd....22 of 35
BuddF050526-023.jpgBudd....23 of 35
BuddF050526-024.jpgBudd....24 of 35
BuddF050526-025.jpgBudd....25 of 35
BuddF050526-026.jpgBudd....26 of 35
BuddF050526-027.jpgBudd....27 of 35
BuddF050526-028.jpgBudd....28 of 35
BuddF050526-029.jpgBudd....29 of 35
BuddF050526-030.jpgBudd....35 of 35
BuddF050526-031.jpgBudd....30 of 35
BuddF050526-032.jpgBudd....31 of 35
BuddF050526-033.jpgBudd....32 of 35
BuddF050526-034.jpgBudd....33 of 35
BuddF050526-035.jpgBudd....34 of 35
BuddIMG.jpgHoward Budd 1918
BuddIMG_0002.jpgCasper Budd
BuddIMG_0003.jpgCasper Budd letter 07-03-1992
BuddIMG_0013.jpgCharles Budd obituary
BuddIMG_0014.jpgBudd Land Patent Search Results 1 of 2
BuddIMG_0015.jpgBudd Land Patent Search Results 2 of 2
BuddIMG_0016.jpgHoward E Budd obituary 09-20-1958, married in 1957, Ella wife of Harry Beck NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 4, page 37
BuddIMG_0017.jpgClaude M [Hans] Budd obituary 12-08-1983
BuddIMG_0018.jpgClaude Merrit Budd memoriam 11-18-1897- 12-08-1983
BuffingtonIMG.jpgArthur Buffington obituary 07-18-1990
BuffingtonIMG_0001.jpgJuliet Hazard Buffington obituary 11-08-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 65
BukoskiIMG_0001.jpgJacob (Jakob) Bukoski deed information 1857-1941 1 of 8
BukoskiIMG_0002.jpgJacob (Jakob) Bukoski deed information 1857-1941 2 of 8
BukoskiIMG_0003.jpgJacob (Jakob) Bukoski deed information 1857-1941 3 of 8
BukoskiIMG_0004.jpgJacob (Jakob) Bukoski deed information 1857-1941 4 of 8
BukoskiIMG_0005.jpgJacob (Jakob) Bukoski deed information 1857-1941 5 of 8
BukoskiIMG_0006.jpgJacob (Jakob) Bukoski deed information 1857-1941 6 of 8
BukoskiIMG_0007.jpgJacob (Jakob) Bukoski deed information 1857-1941 7 of 8
BukoskiIMG_0008.jpgJacob (Jakob) Bukoski deed information 1857-1941 8 of 8
BukoskyF050526-036.jpgBukowski Bukoske Bukowsky note
BukoskyF050526-037.jpgBukosky notes
BukoskyF050526-038.jpgLouis Bukosky newspaper article
BukoskyF050526-039.jpgLouis Bokusky Delano Newsleader 11-16-1987
BukoskyIMG_0001.jpgBukowski Genealogy Format 1 of 6
BukoskyIMG_000101.jpgHenry Michael Bukosky memoriam 1 of 2
BukoskyIMG_0002.jpgBukowski Genealogy....2 of 6
BukoskyIMG_000202.jpgHenry Michael Bukosky memoriam 05-22-1892 - 10-13-1973 2 of 2
BukoskyIMG_0003.jpgBukowski Genealogy....3 of 6
BukoskyIMG_0004.jpgBukowski Genealogy....4 of 6
BukoskyIMG_0005.jpgBukowski Genealogy....5 of 6
BukoskyIMG_0006.jpgBukowski Genealogy....6 of 6
BukoskyIMG_0007.jpgBukoski - letter from Walter and Edith Ernst 07-15-1977
BukoskyIMG_0014 (7).jpgGertrude Bukowksi 03-01-1880 - 05-04-1976. Approx. year of photo 1900
BukoskyIMG_0014 (8).jpgGertrude Bukowski Schumacher 03-01-1880 - 05-04-1976. m. 11-05-1902 approx year of photo 1910
BukoskyIMG_0014.jpgGertrude Bukowsky Gertie 1880-1976
BukoskyIMG_0015.jpgGerti Bukowski Schumacher
BukoskyIMG_0016.jpgHenry Bukosky m. Mary St Schuller
BukoskyIMG_0017.jpgJacob and Kathrene Bukosky head stone
BukoskyIMG_0018.jpgBukowsky - L-R: Barbara Adams Offerman; Jacob Bukosky; Catherine Adams Bukosky; Henry Bukosky
BukoskyIMG_0019.jpgPaul Bukosky m. Emma Blanchette with Mabel Hughes (Emma's brother?)
BukoskyIMG_0020).jpgPaul Bukowsky and Sophie, approx yr of photo 1935
BukoskyIMG_0020-1.jpgBukosky - Bukosky Family in the 1970s and 1980s NOTE: located in Vault - Family Bound Edition
BukoskyIMG_0021.jpgRaymond F Bukosky obituary 01-20-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 6
BullF050526-040.jpgBull notes
BullF050526-041.jpgDaniel Bull Obituary
BullF050526-042.jpgBenjamin Seth Bull Jr Obituary
BundyIMG.jpgIda J Dickey Bundy note
BurandtF050526-043.jpgCob Brandt ...And His Thwarted Windmill Dream 1 of 2
BurandtF050526-044.jpgCob Brandt....2 of 2
BurandtF050526-045.jpgCob Brandt Windmill fighter is tilted by red tape
BurattoIMG_0001.jpgBap Buratto In Appreciation 1 of 3
BurattoIMG_0002.jpgBap Buratto and Family In Appreciation....2 of 3
BurattoIMG_0003.jpgBap Buratto.....3 of 3
BurbankIMG.jpgDavid Arnold Burbank obituary
BurgF050526-049.jpgJohn Berg notes
BurgF050526-050.jpgJohn Burg Obituary
BurgF050526-051.jpgJohn Burg letter
BurgF050526-052.jpgJohn Burg notes
BurgF050526-053.jpgShirley Burg note
BurgF050526-054.jpgBurg note
BurgF050526-055.jpgJohn Burg family info
BurgF050526-056.jpgEkka Deisting Burg birth
BurgF050526-057.jpgJohn Jacob Burg birth
BurgF050526-058.jpgKary (Kamie) Cecilia Weiser Burg Lawler birth
BurkF050526-059.jpgWilliam Burk plat info
BurkeF050526-060.jpgEdward Burke and Richard Burk plat info
BurkeF050526-061.jpgGeorge W Burke descendants
BurkeF050526-062.jpgEvelyn Burke Irish Night
BurkeF050526-063.jpgEvelyn Burke Burke takes first
BurkeF050526-064.jpgEvelyn Burke ...Nominated for State Honor
BurkeF050526-065.jpgEvelyn Burke
BurkeF050526-066.jpgEvelyn Burke Getting the Lowdown on High Society 1 of 7
BurkeF050526-067.jpgEvelyn Burke....2 of 7
BurkeF050526-068.jpgEvelyn Burke....3 of 7
BurkeF050526-069.jpgEvelyn Burke....4 of 7
BurkeF050526-070.jpgEvelyn Burke....5 of 7
BurkeF050526-071.jpgEvelyn Burke....6 of 7
BurkeF050526-072.jpgEvelyn Burke....7 of 7
BurkeIMG_0001.jpgEvelyn Burke, life-long journalist, dies at 90
BurkeIMG_0002.jpgEvelyn Burke Burke's passing will be mourned by many who loved her newswriting
BurkeIMG_0004.jpgEvelyn Burke obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 16
BurkeIMG_0005.jpgEvelyn M Burke obituary NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 16
BurkeIMG_0006.jpgMrs John M Burke note
BurkhardtF050526-073.jpgJohn Burkhardt turns 100 newspaper article (1967)
BurkhardtF050526-076.jpgMerle Burkhardt
BurkhardtF050526-077.jpgEmma Burkhardt Obituary
BurkhardtF050526-078.jpgMr and Mrs Floyd Burkhard 50th anniversary
BurkhardtF050526-079.jpgJohn Burkhardt 105th birthday
BurkhardtF050526-080.jpgFloyd Burkhardt newspaper article
BurkhardtF050526-081.jpgJohn A Burkhardt 105th birthday newspaper article (1972)
BurkhardtF050526-082.jpgDarrel Burkhardt article
BurkhardtF050526-083.jpgMr and Mrs Floyd C Burkhardt newspaper article
BurkhardtF050526-084.jpgFloyd C Burkhardt Obituary
BurkhardtF050526-085.jpgJohn Burkhardt interview
BurkhardtF050526-086.jpgBurkhardt notes
BurkhardtF050526-087.jpgFloyd Burkhardt - Minnesota Dahlia Society
BurkhardtF050526-088.jpgBurkhardt - Mrs Mary Seth newspaper article
BurkhardtF050526-089.jpgEmma Burkhardt death
BurkhardtF050526-091.jpgJohn Burkhardt shoveling snow, unknown date
BurkhardtF050526-092.jpgNell? Burkhardt, Photo from Jane Neilson
BurkhardtF050526-093.jpgFloyd Burkhardt tribute 1 of 2
BurkhardtF050526-094.jpgFloyd Burke....2 of 2
BurkhardtF050526-095.jpgDarrel Burkhardt letter 1 of 3
BurkhardtF050526-096.jpgDarrel Burkhardt....3 of 3
BurkhardtF050526-097.jpgDarrel Burkhardt....2 of 3
BurkhardtF050526-098.jpgBurkhardt notes
BurkhardtF050526-099.jpgJohn A Burkhardt memoire
BurkhardtF050526-101.jpgDarrell Burkhardt editor
BurkhardtF050526-102.jpgJohn Burkhardt 100th birthday
BurkhardtF050526-103.jpgJohn Burkhardt Obituary
BurkhardtF050526-104.jpgMrs Burkhardt note
BurkhardtF050526-105.jpgBurkhardt notes
BurkhardtF050526-106.jpgBurkhardt family 1 of 3
BurkhardtF050526-107.jpgBurkhardt family 2 of 3
BurkhardtF050526-108.jpgBurkhardt family 3 of 3
BurkhardtIMG.jpgMr and Mrs Floyd Burkhart of Long Lake Silver Wedding Anniversary announcement
BurkhardtIMG_0001.jpgBurkhart - unidentified2
BurkhardtIMG_0002.jpgMrs J Burkhardt
BurkhardtIMG_0004.jpgLillian Burkhardt obituary, had a son Daryl NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 37
BurkhardtIMG_0005.jpgFloyd C Burkhardt obituary 12-29-1896 - 01-25-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r9, page 7
BurkhardtIMG_0006.jpgFloyd C Burkhard obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 13
BurkhardtIMG_0007.jpgFloyd C Burkhardt note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 13
BurkhardtIMG_0008.jpgFloyd C Burkhardt memoriam 12-29-18969 - 01-25-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 13
BurkhardtIMG_003.jpgEmma Emilia Burkhard obituary 1953. Note: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 295
BurmasterF050526-109.jpgLorena Burmaster newspaper article
BurnesF050526-110.jpgBurnes family notes
BurnesF050526-111.jpgBurnes notes
BurnesF050526-113.jpgGeorge M Burnes Obituary
BurnesF050526-114.jpgCharles D Burnes newspaper article
BurnesF050526-115.jpgBurnes landmark home newspaper article
BurnesF050526-118.jpgBurns notes
BurnesF050526-119.jpgClinton H Burnes letter
BurnesF050526-120.jpgBurnes family
BurnesF050526-121.jpgBurnes notes
BurnesF050526-122.jpgCharles Burnes newspaper article
BurnesF050526-123.jpgBurnes notes
BurnesF050526-124.jpgGeorge Burnes letter
BurnesF050526-125.jpgCharles Burnes notes
BurnesF050526-126.jpgBurnes School
BurnesF050526-127.jpgBurnes family info
BurnesF050526-128.jpgCharles Burnes newspaper article
BurnesF050526-129.jpgBurnes notes
BurnesF050526-130.jpgGeorge M Burnes Pioneer Sketches
BurnesF050526-131.jpgBurnes notes
BurnesF050526-132.jpgBurnes notes
BurnesF050526-133.jpgBurnes notes
BurnesF050526-134.jpgGeorge Burnes notes
BurnesF050526-135.jpgMrs Charles Burns obituary of Mrs Wm Dobson
BurnesF050526-136.jpgGeorge and Charles Burnes notes
BurnesF050526-137.jpgBurnes family photos
BurnesF050526-138.jpgAmelia Burnes taken from negative
BurnesF050526-139.jpgOliver Burnes taken from negative
BurnesF050526-140.jpgCharles Burnes taken from negative
BurnesF050526-141.jpgDr Catherine Burnes and Diana Burnes (Campbell) taken from negative
BurnesF050526-142.jpgBurnes notes
BurnesF050526-143.jpgBurns notes
BurnesF050526-144.jpgBurns notes
BurnesF050526-145.jpgBurns notes
BurnesF050526-146.jpgBurns notes
BurnesF050526-147.jpgBurns notes
BurnesF050526-148.jpgBurnes Schools were important to early settlers
BurnesF050526-149.jpgCatherine Burnes article
BurschF050526-151.jpgEdwin Bursch Obituary
BurschF050526-152.jpgEdwin and Georgia Bursch 50th anniversary
BurschfieldF050526-047.jpgBurschfield aka Burchfield, put in index
BurschfieldF050526-048.jpgBurschfield notes
BurtIMG.jpgAngeline Burt obituary 12-04-1981
BurtonF050526-154.jpgElla Burton Obituary
BurtonF050526-155.jpgBurton place description
BurtonF050526-156.jpgLindley James Burton The 1938 Call O'Pan
BurtonF050526-157.jpgLindley James Burton
BurtonF050526-158.jpgJohn Cotton Burton article
BurtonF050526-159.jpgJohn Cotton Burton
BurtonF050526-160.jpgWard C Burton article
BurtonF050526-161.jpgBurton - poem by Lorna Butterfield
BurtonF050526-162.jpgBurton Excerpts from Memoire's
BurtonF050526-163.jpgWard Burton article
BurtonF050526-164.jpgWard Burton historic home newspaper article
BurtonF050526-165.jpgHazen and Alice Burton info 1 of 2
BurtonF050526-166.jpgHazen and Alice.....2 of 2
BurtonF050526-167.jpgBurton family article 1 of 2
BurtonF050526-168.jpgBurton family article 2 of 2
BurtonF050526-169.jpgBurton An Island of Time
BurtonF050526-170.jpgWard Burton article
BurtonIMG.jpgTom Burton Deephaven sailor ready for Inland Lake Yachting Regatta
BuschbomIMG.jpgWilma Bernice [Sellers] Buschbom obituary 12-18-2011
BuseF050526-153.jpgBuse note
BuseIMG_0001.jpgFrederick Mohrmann Delcaration of Recruit 08-31-1864
BuseIMG_0003.jpgBusse marriage notebook
BuseIMG_0004.jpgMary Buse family tree
BuseIMG_0005.jpgCharles Buse (Carl) Family Group No 1
BuseIMG_0006.jpgBuse family notes 1 of 5 NOTE: See Family file D-FF3
BuseIMG_0007.jpgBuse family notes 2 of 5
BuseIMG_0008.jpgBus family notes 3 of 5
BuseIMG_0009.jpgBuse family notes 4 of 5
BuseIMG_0010.jpgBus family notes 5 of 5
BuseIMG_0011.jpgBus family notes 5 of 5
BuseIMG_0012.jpgBuse - Thelma Krueger note 1 of 3
BuseIMG_0013.jpgBuse - Thelma Kruger....2 of 3
BuseIMG_0014.jpgBuse - Thelma Kruger....3 of 3
BuseIMG_0015.jpgBuse - German, Schwerin, Neuenkirchen, (Hagenow) - vital records 1 of 2
BuseIMG_0016.jpgBuse - German....2 of 2
BuseIMG_0017.jpgBuse - letter 1 of 3
BuseIMG_0018.jpgBuse - letter 2 of 3
BuseIMG_0019-1.jpgBuse - Genealogical resarch of the family in the 1970s and 1980s, 2005 by Margaret "Margie" Thies Lauer NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
BuseIMG_0019.jpgBuse - letter 3 of 3
BuseIMG_0020.jpgBuse - Marriages 1 of 4 NOTE: See Family File D-FF-3
BuseIMG_0021.jpgBuse - Marriages....2 of 4
BuseIMG_0022.jpgBuse - Marriages....3 of 4
BuseIMG_0023.jpgBuse - Marriages....4 of 4
BuseIMG_0024.jpgBuse - Letter 05-15-1991 1 of 3
BuseIMG_0025.jpgBuse - Letter....2 of 3
BuseIMG_0026.jpgBuse - Letter...3 of 3
BuseIMG_0027.jpgMary Buse information
BuseIMG_0028.jpgBuse - Cemetery data
BuseIMG_0029.jpgBuse Family Tree
BuseIMG_0030.jpgBuse - Minnie Mohrman Gasper Cemetery Data 1 of 2
BuseIMG_0031.jpgBuse - Minnie Mohrmann Gaspar....2 of 2
BuseIMG_0032.jpgBuse - Gasper 1900 Minnesota Census 1 of 2
BuseIMG_0033.jpgBuse - Gasper....2 of 32
BuseIMG_0034.jpgBuse - family notes
BuseIMG_0035.jpgBuse - 1900 Minnesota Census
BuseIMG_0036.jpgBuse - 1905 Minnesota Census
BuseIMG_0037.jpgBuse - 1910 Minnesota Census
BuseIMG_0038.jpgMary Buse family Parish Records (First Draft) 1 of 4
BuseIMG_0039.jpgMary Buse family....2 of 4
BuseIMG_0040.jpgMary Buse family....3 of 4
BuseIMG_0041.jpgMary Buse family....4 of 4
BuseIMG_0042.jpgBuse family notes 1 of 16 NOTE: See originals in Family File D-FF3
BuseIMG_0043.jpgBuse family./...2 of 16
BuseIMG_0044.jpgBuse family....3 of 16
BuseIMG_0045.jpgBuse family....4 of 16
BuseIMG_0046.jpgBuse family....5 of 16
BuseIMG_0047.jpgBuse family....6 of 16
BuseIMG_0048.jpgBuse family....7 of 16
BuseIMG_0049.jpgBuse family....8 of 16
BuseIMG_0050.jpgBuse family....9 of 16
BuseIMG_0051.jpgBuse family....10 of 16
BuseIMG_0052.jpgBuse family....11 of 16
BuseIMG_0053.jpgBuse family....12 of 16
BuseIMG_0054.jpgBuse family....13 of 16
BuseIMG_0055.jpgBuse family....14 of 16
BuseIMG_0056.jpgBuse family....15 of 16
BuseIMG_0057.jpgBuse family....16 of 16
BuseIMG_0059.jpgDonna Johnson, her mother Mary kruger wife of the late John Kruger, descendent of Charlotte Buse. Visit in October 1977
BuseIMG_0060.jpgCharlotte Buse Kruger
BuseIMG_0061.jpgFred and Charlotte Buse Kruger, 150 Morris Street, West Toledo, Ohio
BuseIMG_0062.jpgBuse - Carl Denger, Gladys Sharpe Degner
BuseIMG_0063.jpgMary Buse Sievert headstone 1 of 2
BuseIMG_0064.jpgMary Buse Sievert Mohrmann Weier bornd 1822-1887
BuseIMG_0065.jpgMrs Fred Buse postcard
BuseIMG_0067.jpgMary Buse Sievert headstone 2 of 2
BushIMG.jpgDoris Mulliken Bush notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, inside cover
BushnellF050527-001.jpgChester Bushnell notes
BushnellF050527-002.jpgChester Bushnell notes 1 of 2
BushnellF050527-003.jpgBushnell - The Old Clark House
BushnellF050527-004.jpgChester Busnell notes 2 of 2
BushnellF050527-005.jpgOrlando H Bushnell notes
BushnellF050527-006.jpgChester Bushnell notes
BushnellF050527-007.jpgWilliam Bushnell Obituary
BushnellF050527-008.jpgBushnell family notes
BushnellF050527-009.jpgBushnell note
BushnellF050527-010.jpgBushnell hotel and house notes
BushnellF050527-011.jpgBushnell notes
BushnellF050527-012.jpgByron E Bushnell plat info
BushnellF050527-013.jpgW P Bushnell letter
BushnellF050527-014.jpgAlexia Bushnell newspaper article
BushnellF050527-015.jpgWilliam Bushnell Treasurer's Annual Statement
BushnellF050527-016.jpgWilliam Bushnell Obituary
BushnellF050527-017.jpgBushnell notes
BushnellF050527-018.jpgBushnell - William L Dickey home
BushnellF050527-019.jpgBushnell notes
BushnellF050527-020.jpgWilliam Bushnell article
BushnellF050527-021.jpgBushnell Family Genealogy 1 of 56
BushnellF051008-072.jpgBushnell....2 of 56
BushnellF051008-073.jpgBushnell....16 of 56
BushnellF051008-074.jpgBushnell....3 of 56
BushnellF051008-075.jpgBushnell....17 of 56
BushnellF051008-076.jpgBushnell....4 of 56
BushnellF051008-077.jpgBushnell....18 of 56
BushnellF051008-078.jpgBushnell....5 of 56
BushnellF051008-079.jpgBushnell....19 of 56
BushnellF051008-080.jpgBushnell....6 of 56
BushnellF051008-081.jpgBushnell....20 of 56
BushnellF051008-082.jpgBushnell....7 of 56
BushnellF051008-083.jpgBushnell....21 of 56
BushnellF051008-084.jpgBushnell....8 of 56
BushnellF051008-085.jpgBushnell....22 of 56
BushnellF051008-086.jpgBushnell....9 of 56
BushnellF051008-087.jpgBushnell....23 of 56
BushnellF051008-088.jpgBushnell....10 of 56
BushnellF051008-089.jpgBushnell....24 of 56
BushnellF051008-090.jpgBushnell....11 of 56
BushnellF051008-091.jpgBushnell....25 of 56
BushnellF051008-092.jpgBushnell....12 of 56
BushnellF051008-093.jpgBushnell....26 of 56
BushnellF051008-094.jpgBushnell....13 of 56
BushnellF051008-095.jpgBushnell....27 of 56
BushnellF051008-096.jpgBushnell....14 of 56
BushnellF051008-097.jpgBushnell....28 of 56
BushnellF051008-098.jpgBushnell....15 of 56
BushnellF051008-099.jpgBushnell....29 of 56
BushnellF051008-100.jpgBushnell....30 of 56
BushnellF051008-101.jpgBushnell....31 of 56
BushnellF051008-102.jpgBushnell....32 of 56
BushnellF051008-103.jpgBushnell....33 of 56
BushnellF051008-104.jpgBushnell....34 of 56
BushnellF051008-105.jpgBushnell....35 of 56
BushnellF051008-106.jpgBushnell....36 of 56
BushnellF051008-107.jpgBushnell....37 of 56
BushnellF051008-108.jpgBushnell....37 of 56
BushnellF051008-109.jpgBushnell....38 of 56
BushnellF051008-110.jpgBushnell....45 of 56
BushnellF051008-111.jpgBushnell....39 of 56
BushnellF051008-112.jpgBushnell....43 of 56
BushnellF051008-113.jpgBushnell....40 of 56
BushnellF051008-114.jpgBushnell....44 of 56
BushnellF051008-115.jpgBushnell....41 of 56
BushnellF051008-116.jpgBushnell....42 of 56
BushnellF051008-117.jpgBushnell....46 of 56
BushnellF051008-118.jpgBushnell....51 of 56
BushnellF051008-119.jpgBushnell....47 of 56
BushnellF051008-120.jpgBushnell....52 of 56
BushnellF051008-121.jpgBushnell....48 of 56
BushnellF051008-122.jpgBushnell....53 of 56
BushnellF051008-123.jpgBushnell....49 of 56
BushnellF051008-124.jpgBushnell....54 of 56
BushnellF051008-125.jpgBushnell....50 of 56
BushnellF051008-126.jpgBushnell....55 of 56
BushnellF051008-127.jpgBushnell letter 56 of 56
BushnellF051008-128.jpgBurshnell note
BushnellIMG_0017-1.jpgBushnell - Genealogy Francis and Franklin Busnell, by George Eleazer Bushnell 1945 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
ButhirstIMG.jpgJohn Burthirst NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1
ButlerF050527-022.jpgJeorge J Butler plat info
ButterfieldF050527-023.jpgFrank Butterfield
ButterfieldF050527-024.jpgBrian George Butterfield marriage
ButterfieldF050527-025.jpgElaine Butterfield dedication of hymnal
ButterfieldF050527-026.jpgC F Butterfield note
ButterfieldF050527-027.jpgGeorge F Butterfield The Florist
ButterfieldF050527-028.jpgButterfield Flowers theft of van
ButterfieldF050527-029.jpgF J Buttefield note
ButterfieldF050527-030.jpgButterfield - Butterfields Flower Shop sold article
ButterfieldF050527-031.jpgViola and George Butterfield
ButterfieldIMG.jpgF J Butterfield in very amateur drama, Stubbs Bay
ButterfieldIMG_0001.jpgMrs Frank Butterfield - Sisters Plan to Carry off Honey Honors at Fair Mpls Journal 1 of 2
ButterfieldIMG_000101.jpgButterfield, Minnesota Territorial Pioneer as told by George Butterfield to Old Settlers Picnic Program 08-16-1952 1 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000102.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....2 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000103.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....3 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000104.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....4 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000105.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....5 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000106.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....6 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000107.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....7 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000108.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....7 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000109.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....8 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000110.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....9 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000111.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....10 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000112.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota 11 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000113.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....12 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000114.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....13 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000115.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....14 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000116.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....15 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000117.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....16 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000118.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....17 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000119.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....Sarah Butterfield with Sadie Butterfield, James Butterfield daughter....18 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000120.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....Butterfield house on Highway 12 in 2008....19 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000121.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....Butterfield barn on Highway 12 in 2008....20 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000122.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....22 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_000123.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....23 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_0002.jpgMrs Frank Butterfield - Sisters....2 of 2
ButterfieldIMG_00124.jpgGeorge Butterfield Hennepin County Park Bureau 02-18-1977
ButterfieldIMG_00125.jpgFrank J Butterfield note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 249
ButterfieldIMG_0024.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....Mrs Frank Butterfield obituary 24 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_0025.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....25 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_0026.jpgThe Butterfield, Minnesota....26 of 26
ButterfieldIMG_0126.jpgGeorge Franklin Butterfield obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 48
ButterfieldIMG_0127.jpgViola M Butterfield memoriam 05-20-1899 - 06-07-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 25
ButterfieldIMG_0128.jpgGeorge Franklin Butterfield memoriam 09-11-1897 - 12-05-1985 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 49
ButterfieldIMG_0129.jpgGeorge Butterfield Lord's Day Evening obituary NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 4, page 49
ButterfieldIMG_0130.jpgElaine Butterfield note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 38
ButterfieldIMG_0131.jpgElaine J Butterfield obituary 08-03-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 39
ButterfieldIMG_0133.jpgElaine J Butterfield memoriam 01-12-1927 - 08-03-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 39
ButterfieldIMG_0134.jpgButterfield - Ken Kozachok Deck the halls!
ButterfieldIMG_0135.jpgFrank J Butterfield note
ButterfieldIMG_0136.jpgNellie Butterfield, 1876 Autograph Album #2
ButterfieldIMG_0137.jpgSusie E [Scheer] Butterfield obituary
ButterfieldIMG_0138.jpgSusie E Butterfield memoriam 05-23-1893 - 12-01-1982
ButterfieldIMG_0139.jpgGeorge and Viola Butterfield baby card from Bederwood Woman's Club
ButzF050527-032.jpgButz notes
ButzF050527-033.jpgButz notes
ButzF050527-034.jpgButz plat info
ButzIMG.jpgGeorge, Frank, John Butz
ButzIMG_0001.jpgBarbara Butz memoriam 1 of 2
ButzIMG_0002.jpgBarbara Butz memoriam 02-16-1872 - 04-15-1962
BuzzelF050527-035.jpgBuzzel plat info
ByersF050527-036.jpgByers family notes
ByersF050527-037.jpgByers notes
ByersF050527-038.jpgByers notes
ByersF050527-039.jpgDuncan Byers
ByersF050527-040.jpgMrs Duncan Byers
ByersF050527-041.jpgByers notes
ByersF050527-042.jpgByers notes
ByersF050527-043.jpgByers notes
ByersF050527-044.jpgByers notes
ByersF050527-045.jpgDuncan and Anna Byers note
ByersF050527-046.jpgByers note