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CairusF050530-001.jpgAlex Cairus
CairusF050530-002.jpgCairus plat info
CalvertF050530-003.jpgThomas Calvert plat info
CampF050530-004.jpgUnidentified 1 of 4
CampF050530-005.jpgUnidentified 2 of 4
CampF050530-006.jpgLake Minnetonka The Old Lafayette Clubhouse in 1905
CampF050530-007.jpgUnidentified 4 of 4
CampF050530-008.jpgMajor G A Camp newspaper article
CampF050530-009.jpgMajor G A Camp
CampF050530-010.jpgGeorge A Camp article 1 of 3
CampF050530-011.jpgGeorge A Camp 2 of 3
CampF050530-012.jpgGeorge A Camp 3 of 3`
CampF050530-013.jpgMajor Camp note
CampIMG.jpgMajor G A Camp
CampbellF050530-014.jpgRobert Nathaniel Campbell 6-23-1920
CampbellF050530-015.jpgRobert Nathaniel Campbell 6-23-1920
CampbellF050530-017.jpgRay Campbell Family - Marion, Emma (mother), Ethel, Catherine, Baby james W
CampbellF050530-018.jpgBack of F050530-017
CampbellF050530-019.jpgRoy Campbell Family - left-Ethel (Campbell) Manney, Right-Marion (Campbell) Donner, Top-Lois rae (Campbell) Murphy, Bottom-Robert N Campbell
CampbellF050530-020.jpgEthel Campbell Manney
CampbellF050530-021.jpgCampbell notes
CampbellF050530-022.jpgCampbell notes
CampbellF050530-023.jpgJames Eldridge Campbell letter 1 of 3
CampbellF050530-024.jpgJames Eldridge....2 of 3
CampbellF050530-025.jpgJames Eldridge....3 of 3
CampbellF050530-026.jpgJonathan Campbell....2 of 2
CampbellF050530-027.jpgJonathan Campbell family notes 1 of 2
CampbellF050530-028.jpgMarion Campbell
CampbellF050530-029.jpgLois Rae Campbell
CampbellF050530-030.jpgJonathan Campbell note
CampbellF050530-031.jpgCampbell notes
CampbellF050530-032.jpgVirgil B Campbell memoire
CampbellF050530-033.jpgCampbell notes
CampbellF050530-034.jpgRobert N Campbell letter
CampbellF050530-035.jpgKate Campbell, daughter of Jonathon Campbell 1911
CampbellF050530-036.jpgRobert N Campbell notes
CampbellF050530-037.jpgCampbell notes
CampbellF050530-038.jpgCampbell - He Collects Antique Farm Engines article
CampbellF050530-039.jpgRev William Campbell family note
CampbellF050530-040.jpgNellie (Hatch) Campbell wife of William Campbell Jr, married 1892, born 1863 Juneau County, WI, daughter of Alfred H Hatch and Mary Ray Hatch, moved to Faribault, MN 1864, Died Minneapolis 1942
CampbellF050530-041.jpgMrs William Campbell Sr
CampbellF050530-042.jpgWill Campbell Jr., son of Rev. Will Campbell, born 1860, died 1914 in Stillwater, Buried at Lakewood Cementary, Minneapolis
CampbellF050530-043.jpgRev William Campbell Sr, Minister at Long Lake
CampbellF050530-044.jpgEthel Campbel Joslyn
CampbellF050530-045.jpgCampbell note
CampbellF050530-046.jpgCampbell family reunion
CampbellIMG.jpgJonathan Campbell note
CapronIMG.jpgElsie Isabell Capron obituary 1955 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 321
CapronIMG_0001.jpgAngeline M Capron memoriam 04-05-1907 - 03-26-1993
CarletonIMG.jpgHattie Carleton note: NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 246
CarlsonE-21_low.jpgA Fratzke's of Maple Plain L-R: than; Eddie; Verona [Carlson]; Ronald; Michella; Arl
CarlsonF050531-001.jpgCurt Carlson U of Mn sophomore
CarlsonF050531-002.jpgCurt Carlson Horation Alger Award
CarlsonF050531-003.jpgCurt Carlson Success newspaper article 1 of 2
CarlsonF050531-004.jpgCurt Carlson....2 of 2
CarlsonF050531-005.jpgArlene Carlson Operas Guilders
CarlsonF050531-006.jpgCurt Carlson and Skip Gage
CarlsonF050531-007.jpgCurt Carlson Passing the Torch article
CarlsonF050531-008.jpgCurt Carlson newspaper article
CarlsonF050531-009.jpgCurt Carlson newspaper article 1 of 2
CarlsonF050531-010.jpgCurt Carlson....2 of 2
CarlsonF050531-011.jpgArleen Carlson Holiday Benefit Tour article 1 of 2
CarlsonF050531-012.jpgArleen Carlson....2 of 2
CarlsonF050531-013.jpgCurt Carlson Carlson once again is richest Minnesotan
CarlsonF050531-014.jpgCurt Carlson and Skip Gage article 1 of 3
CarlsonF050531-015.jpgCurt Carlson and....2 of 3
CarlsonF050531-016.jpgCurt Carlson and....3 of 3
CarlsonF050531-017.jpgMarilyn Carlson Nelson article
CarlsonF050531-018.jpgMarilyn Carlson....3 of 5
CarlsonF050531-019.jpgMarilyn Carlson Nelson 1 of 5
CarlsonF050531-020.jpgMarilyn Carlson...2 of 5
CarlsonF050531-021.jpgMarilyn Carolson....4 of 5
CarlsonF050531-022.jpgMarilyn Carlson....5 of 5
CarlsonF050531-023.jpgCurt and Arleen Carlson 1 of 3
CarlsonF050531-024.jpgCurt and Arleen....2 of 3
CarlsonF050531-025.jpgCurt and Arleen....3 of 3
CarlsonF050531-026.jpgCurt Carlson home
CarlsonF050531-027.jpgCurt and Arleen Carlson
CarlsonF050531-028.jpgCurt Carlson home
CarlsonF050531-029.jpgCurt Carlson statue
CarlsonF050531-030.jpgCurt Carlson World spans 50 years
CarlsonF050531-031.jpgCurt Carlson The company would be nothing if not for him article
CarlsonF050531-032.jpgCurt Carlson Methods still employ deal-stalking and sweet-talking 1 of 2
CarlsonF050531-033.jpgCurt Carlson....2 of 2
CarlsonF050531-034.jpgCurt Carlson Entrepreneur, founder of Carlson Cos. remembered article
CarlsonF050531-035.jpgCurt and Arleen Carlson
CarlsonF050531-036.jpgDavid Carlson note
CarlsonF050531-037.jpgHugo Carlson note
CarlsonF050531-038.jpgHugo and Edna Carlson estate auction
CarlsonF050531-039.jpgHugo Carlson notes
CarlsonF050531-040.jpgHugo Carlson A dahlia for the record books article
CarlsonF050531-041.jpgHugo S Carlson funeral
CarlsonF050531-042.jpgCarlson notes
CarlsonF050531-043.jpgDavid Carlson on right
CarlsonF050531-044.jpgCarlson notes
CarlsonF050531-045.jpgPeter Carlson home in Maple Plain MN
CarlsonF050531-046.jpgPeter Carlson family of Maple Plain MN
CarlsonF050531-047.jpgLevi and Florence Carlson
CarlsonF050531-048.jpgLevi and Florence Carlson
CarlsonF050531-049.jpgPeter Carlson and family members
CarlsonF050531-050.jpgLevi Carlson of Maple Plain MN c1910
CarlsonF050531-051.jpgJohn Carlson notes
CarlsonF050531-052.jpgAlbert Carlson note
CarlsonF050531-053.jpgCurt Carlson Family Colony article
CarlsonF050531-054.jpgEdna Carlson (Hirt) obituary
CarlsonF050531-055.jpgAxel Carlson death
CarlsonF050531-056.jpgWilhelmina Carlson note
CarlsonF050531-057.jpgHugo and Edna Carlson
CarlsonF050531-058.jpgCurtis Carlson notes
CarlsonF050531-059.jpgCarlson - Skip and Barbara Carlson Gage
CarlsonF050531-060.jpgEsther Hammer
CarlsonF050531-061.jpgHugo and Edna Carlson Remembering the Good Old Days in Horticulture article 1 of 3
CarlsonF050531-062.jpgHugo and Edna....2 of 3
CarlsonF050531-063.jpgHugo and Edna....3 of 3
CarlsonF050531-064.jpgCarlson newspaper article
CarlsonF050531-065.jpgLevi Carlson, My Feed Mill ad
CarlsonF050531-066.jpgLevi Carlson Maple Plain Elevator Co, manager
CarlsonF050531-067.jpgCurt Carlson Successful businessman leaves legacy as philanthropist, civic booster article
CarlsonF050531-068.jpgCurt Carlson funeral
CarlsonF050531-070.jpgLeona Carlson Christianson interview
CarlsonF050531-071.jpgLeona Carlson Christianson note
CarlsonF050531-072.jpgJonas Carlson note
CarlsonF050531-073.jpgCarlson notes
CarlsonFratzke Cropped.jpgA Fratzke's of Maple Plain L-R: than; Eddie; Verona [Carlson]; Ronald; Michella; Arl
CarlsonIMG.jpgDavid A Carlson obituary NOTE: Original documetn located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 232
CarlsonIMG_0001.jpgCurtis L Carlson 1914-1999 memoriam 1 of 5
CarlsonIMG_0002.jpgCurtis L Carlson memoriam 2 of 5
CarlsonIMG_0003.jpgCurtis L Carlson memoriam 3 of 5
CarlsonIMG_0006.jpgAugust and Amanda Carlson
CarlsonIMG_0007.jpgAnne Carlson obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 322
CarlsonIMG_0008.jpgCarlson Granddaughter of Curt Carlson killed in auto accident in Vermont Julliet Evans Nelson
CarlsonIMG_0009.jpgCurt Carlson Sneak preview
CarlsonIMG_0010.jpgArlene and Curt Carlson pose with their grandchildren, Curt and Diana Nelson, whose parents are Dr Glen and Marilyn Nelson
CarlsonIMG_0011.jpgAnne Carlson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 329
CarlsonIMG_0012.jpgHugo Stenof Carlson obituary and memoriam NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 20
CarlsonIMG_0013.jpgHugo Stenof Carlson obituary NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 25
CarlsonIMG_0014.jpgFlorence Moline Carlson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 46
CarlsonIMG_0015.jpgFlorence Carlson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 50
CarlsonIMG_0016.jpgFlorence Moline Carlson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 50
CarlsonIMG_0017.jpgCarlson - Robert O Naegele obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 36
CarlsonIMG_0018.jpgThelma M Carlson obituary 03-26-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 12
CarlsonIMG_0019.jpgThelma Marie Carlson memoriam 01-29-1911 - 03-26-1984, her mother Laura married to George Reynolds of Crystal Bay NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 12
CarlsonIMG_0020.jpgCarlson - Douglas O. Naegele obituary 11-05-1988 NOTE: document lcoated in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 55
CarlsonIMG_0021.jpgFrederick J Carlson obituary 12-09-1981
CarltonF050531-074.jpgCarlton notes
CarltonF050531-075.jpgCharles Carlton note
CarltonIMG.jpgHattie Carlton note
CarmanF050531-077.jpgJohn Carman's first wife, mother of seven, Name: Jennie? Carman (see F050531-078)
CarmanF050531-078.jpgFrank Carman family, back of F050531-077
CarmanF050531-079.jpgFrank Carman
CarmanF050531-080.jpgAdella Carman, wife of Frank Carman
CarmanF050531-081.jpgJohn Carman's second wife
CarmanF050531-082.jpgMrs Frank Carman, Adelle
CarmanF050531-083.jpgFrank Carman
CarmanF050531-084.jpgChapman House Hotel 1989, see F050531-085
CarmanF050531-085.jpgBack of F050531-084
CarmanF050531-086.jpgCaroline Carman Byers, John Carman's oldest daughter, with husband?
CarmanF050531-087.jpgLizzie Carman
CarmanF050531-088.jpgFrank Carman
CarmanF050531-089.jpgCarman House, birth place of Frank Carman family, Photo taken 1953 when house was 90 years old
CarmanF050531-090.jpgJohn Carman history 1 of 3
CarmanF050531-091.jpgJohn Carman....2 of 3
CarmanF050531-092.jpgJohn Carman....3 of 3
CarmanF050531-093.jpgJ Carman Seales letter
CarmanF050531-094.jpgJ Carman Seales letter
CarmanF050531-095.jpgCarman notes
CarmanF050607-001.jpgCarman notes
CarmanF050607-002.jpgCarman notes
CarmanF050607-003.jpgGrace Carman Peterson, Jennie Carman Seales, last living grandchildren of John Carman, both cousins
CarmanF050607-004.jpgCarman letter
CarmanF050607-005.jpgCarman notes
CarmanF050607-006.jpgCarman letter
CarmanF050607-007.jpgJennie Carman Seales letter
CarmanF050607-008.jpgJoan Carmen letter
CarmanF050607-009.jpgJohn Carman letter
CarmanF050607-010.jpgCarman notes
CarmanF050607-011.jpgJohn Carman notes
CarmanF050607-012.jpgFrank Carman note
CarmanF050607-013.jpgCarmen notes
CarmanF050607-014.jpgJohn Carman plat info
CarmanF050607-015.jpgJohn Carman letter
CarmanF050607-016.jpgCarmen notes
CarmanF050607-017.jpgCarman notes
CarmanF050607-018.jpgCarman note
CarmanF050607-019.jpgCarman family note
CarmanF050607-020.jpgCarman note
CarmodyIMG.jpgMrs Maurice A Carmody obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 360
CarpenterF050608-001.jpgElmert Lawrence Carpenter notes
CarpenterF050608-002.jpgMrs E L Carpenter Womans Club Notes
CarpenterF050608-003.jpgE L Carpenter Fiddlers All, These Officers article
CarpenterF050608-004.jpgCarpenter notes
CarpenterF050608-005.jpgThomas K and Josphine B Carpenter sale of home
CarpenterF050608-006.jpgDr Carpenter article
CarpenterF050608-007.jpgGeraldine K Carpenter Obiturary
CarpenterF050608-009.jpgE L Carpenter
CarpenterF050608-010.jpgTom Carpenter, Auctioneer article
CarpenterF050608-011.jpgCarpenter newspaper article
CarpenterF050608-012.jpgCarpenter - Obituary of Paul V Eames, Carpenter and Clarke Co.
CarpenterF050608-014.jpgCarpenter - Historic home
CarpenterF050608-015.jpgCarpenter Buildings shelter history newspaper article
CarpenterF050608-016.jpgVincent Carpenter Cowbow country attracts lake people newspaper article
CarpenterF050608-017.jpgCarpenter letter
CarpenterF050608-018.jpgCarpenter note
CarpenterF050608-019.jpgTom Carpenter note
CarpenterF050608-020.jpgL Carpenter home 1997, built in 1923 by George C Tuttle family who lived in it until 1937
CarpenterF050608-021.jpgLakeside of L Carpenter home 1997
CarpenterF050608-022.jpgJamesway Barn at L Carpenter home 1997
CarpenterF050608-023.jpgL Carpenter home - rear entrance 1997
CarpenterF050608-024.jpgL Carpenter home - service drive 1997
CarpenterF050608-025.jpgL Carpenter home, view of Maxwell Bay from front yard 1997
CarpenterIMG.jpgCarpenter - Peggy Carpenter Fisher obituary 08-27-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 42
CarpentierIMG.jpgDaniel and Christine Carpentier obituary 1997 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 31
CarpentierIMG_0001.jpgRoy L Carpentier obituary 09-23-1983
CarrF050608-027.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050608-029.jpgCalvin Carr family notes
CarrF050608-031.jpgWill Carr notes
CarrF050608-033.jpgWilliam Wesley Carr note
CarrF050608-034.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050608-035.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050608-036.jpgJohn C Carr death
CarrF050608-037.jpgCarr - letter
CarrF050608-048.jpgCarr letter 1 of 4
CarrF050608-049.jpgCarr letter 2 of 4
CarrF050608-050.jpgCarr letter 3 of 4
CarrF050608-051.jpgCarr letter 4 of 4
CarrF050608-052.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050608-053.jpgCarr letter
CarrF050608-054.jpgCarr letter 1 of 3
CarrF050608-055.jpgCarr letter 2 of 3
CarrF050608-056.jpgCarr letter 3 of 3
CarrF050608-057.jpgCarr letter 1 of 6
CarrF050608-058.jpgCarr letter 2 of 6
CarrF050608-059.jpgCarr letter 3 of 6
CarrF050608-060.jpgCarr letter 4 of 6
CarrF050608-061.jpgCarr letter 5 of 6
CarrF050608-062.jpgCarr letter 6 of 6
CarrF050608-063.jpgCarr family notes
CarrF050608-064.jpgCarr Census report 1 of 3
CarrF050608-065.jpgCarr Census...2 of 3
CarrF050608-066.jpgCarr Census....3 of 3
CarrF050608-067.jpgCarr letter 1 of 5
CarrF050608-068.jpgCarr letter 2 of 5
CarrF050608-069.jpgCarr letter 3 of 5
CarrF050608-070.jpgCarr letter 4 of 5
CarrF050608-071.jpgCarr letter 5 of 5
CarrF050608-072.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050608-073.jpgCarr letter
CarrF050608-074.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050609-001.jpgCarr family tree 1 of 7
CarrF050609-002.jpgCarr family....2 of 7
CarrF050609-003.jpgCarr family....3 of 7
CarrF050609-004.jpgCarr family....4 of 7
CarrF050609-005.jpgCarr family....5 of 7
CarrF050609-006.jpgCarr family....6 of 7
CarrF050609-007.jpgCarr family....7 of 7
CarrF050609-008.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050609-009.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050609-010.jpgCarr letter 1 of 6
CarrF050609-011.jpgCarr letter 2 of 6
CarrF050609-012.jpgCarr letter 3 of 6
CarrF050609-013.jpgCarr letter 4 of 6
CarrF050609-014.jpgCarr letter 5 of 6
CarrF050609-015.jpgCarr letter 6 of 6
CarrF050609-016.jpgCarr letter 1 of 13
CarrF050609-017.jpgCarr letter 2 of 13
CarrF050609-018.jpgCarr letter 3 of 13
CarrF050609-019.jpgCarr letter 4 of 13
CarrF050609-020.jpgCarr letter 5 of 13
CarrF050609-021.jpgCarr letter 6 of 13
CarrF050609-022.jpgCarr letter 7 of 13
CarrF050609-023.jpgCarr letter 8 of 13
CarrF050609-024.jpgCarr letter 9 of 13
CarrF050609-025.jpgCarr letter 10 of 13
CarrF050609-026.jpgCarr letter 11 of 13
CarrF050609-027.jpgCarr letter 12 of 13
CarrF050609-028.jpgCarr letter 13 of 13
CarrF050609-030.jpgWilliam Wesley Carr notes
CarrF050609-032.jpgIsaac Dennis Carr notes
CarrF050609-034.jpgFannie Weeks Franklin Carr notes
CarrF050609-036.jpgMary Louise Carr Roberts notes
CarrF050609-038.jpgCarr notes
CarrF050609-040.jpgMary Louise Carr notes
CarrIMG.jpgDradama Gordon Carr note
CarrollF050609-041.jpgDeforest Carroll family
CarrollF050609-042.jpgCarroll notes
CarsonF050609-043.jpgJames Carson plat info
CarsonF050609-044.jpgJames Carson plat info
CarterIMG_0001.jpgPeggy Carter letter 09-1982 1 of 2
CarterIMG_0002.jpgPeggy Carter leter....2 of 2
CaseF050607-021.jpgMrs Benton Case newspaper article
CaseF050607-022.jpgMr and Mrs George P Case newspaper article
CaseF050607-023.jpgCase notes
CaseF050607-024.jpgBenton Case 87, retired business executive
CaseF050607-025.jpgMrs Charles Case newspaper article
CaseF050607-026.jpgCase NW Banco Honors Book Store Owner article
CaseF050607-027.jpgBenton J Case Man of the Year
CaseF050607-028.jpgBenton Case The Book Case, Inc. is Family Case Business article
CaseF050607-030.jpgClyde and Antoinette Case
CaseF050607-031.jpgCase Sunken barge was basis of first Case home on 'Phelps' article
CaseF050607-032.jpgOlive Crosby Case (Polly) Obituary
CaseF050607-033.jpgNewsome house after it was remodeled by George P Case c1910
CaseF050607-034.jpgCase notes
CaseF050607-035.jpgTerrance and grounds of Case House overlooking Long lake
CaseF050607-036.jpgSome of the prize Jersey cows Holmwood Farm, Jacob Scherer (man on left)
CaseIMG.jpgBenton Case obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 56
CaseIMG_0001.jpgHrnry M Case Certificate of Death 1849-1937
CaseIMG_0002.jpgLouis Joseph Case Certificate of Death 03-12-1827-03-20-1920
CaseIMG_0003.jpgAlvin Case Certificate of Death 08-05-1885 - 09-22-1923
CaseIMG_0004.jpgMary D Case Certificate of Death 04-13-1868 - 09-20-1916
CaseIMG_0005.jpgBenton Janney Case, Sr obituary
CashmoreIMG.jpgJohn D Cashmore obituary
CaswellIMG.jpgAustin B Caswell obituary 03-24-1980
CathcartF050609-045.jpgCathcart plat info
CavanaughF050609-046.jpgPatrick Cavanaugh family notes
CavanaughF050609-047.jpgWilliam Cavanaugh obituary
CavanaughF050609-048.jpgCavanaugh notes
CavanaughF050609-049.jpgCavanaugh plat info 1 of 2
CavanaughF050609-050.jpgCavanaugh plat....2 of 2
CavanaughIMG_0001.jpgCavanaugh - The Descendants of Patrick Cavanaugh 1832-1917 and Mary Ryan 1831-1912; NOTE: this is the Addendum dated 02-16-2007 1 of 2 and may be found in the Cavanaugh Family Folder
CavanaughIMG_0002.jpgCavanaugh - The Descendants....2 of 2
CeaserIMG.jpgJay Rodrick Ceaser obituary 08-05-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 44
CelinF050609-051.jpgCelin plat info
CenterwallF050614-058.jpgCenterwall family 1 of 4
CenterwallF050614-059.jpgCenterwall 2 of 4
CenterwallF050614-060.jpgCenterwall family 3 of 4
CenterwallF050614-061.jpgCenterwall family 4 of 4
CenterwallF050614-062.jpgChristine Centerwall Common School Certificate
CenterwallF050614-063.jpgChristine Centerwall letter of recommendation
CenterwallF050614-064.jpgW R Centerwall letter 1 of 3
CenterwallF050614-065.jpgW R Centerwall letter 2 of 3
CenterwallF050614-066.jpgW R Centerwall letter 3 of 3
CenterwallF050614-067.jpgCenterwall letter 1 of 2
CenterwallF050614-068.jpgCenterwall letter 2 of 2
CenterwallF050614-069.jpgCenterwall note
CenterwallF050614-070.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050614-071.jpgCenterwall - Peter Anderson
CenterwallF050614-072.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050614-073.jpgCenterwall - Richard R Wickerman memoire
CenterwallF050614-074.jpgLucille M Centerwall memoire
CenterwallF050614-075.jpgWillard Centerwall newspaper article
CenterwallF050614-076.jpgZora Centerwall newspaper article
CenterwallF050614-077.jpgZora Centerwall accident
CenterwallF050614-078.jpgDewey Centerwall newspaper article
CenterwallF050614-079.jpgZora Centerwall newspaper article
CenterwallF050614-080.jpgCenterwall - McWilliams joins council race newspaper article
CenterwallF050614-081.jpgChristine Centerwall Cowin Common School Certificate
CenterwallF050614-082.jpgCenterwall - Pfc Thomas R Lemmerman newspaper article
CenterwallF050614-083.jpgChristine Centerwall letter
CenterwallF050614-084.jpgChristine Centerwall
CenterwallF050614-085.jpgChristine Centerwall
CenterwallF050614-086.jpgCenterwall - East High School Commencement
CenterwallF050614-087.jpgCenterwall letter 1 of 2
CenterwallF050614-088.jpgCenterwall letter 2 of 2
CenterwallF050614-089.jpgCenterwall - note
CenterwallF050614-090.jpgCenterwall - James Renier newspaper article
CenterwallF050614-091.jpgBrandon Centerwall, editor of newspaper article 1 of 2
CenterwallF050614-092.jpgBrandon Centerwall....2 of 2
CenterwallF050614-093.jpgCenterwall Medina council denies landfill expansion bid newspaper article
CenterwallF050614-094.jpgJ W Centerwall family Card of Thanks
CenterwallF050614-095.jpgLucille M Centerwall memoire
CenterwallF050614-096.jpgChristine Centerwall Cowin diploma
CenterwallF050614-097.jpgChristine Centerwal Cowin Obituary
CenterwallF050614-098.jpgChristine Centerwall Certificate of Marriage
CenterwallF050615-0002.jpgJohn W Centerwall, Lulu Mae Centerwall, Christine Centerwall Cowin, Clara Centerwall Giebenhain
CenterwallF050615-0003.jpgVera C McWilliams 1899
CenterwallF050615-0004.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-001.jpgChristine Centerwall High School graduation 1900, North High Minneapolis MN
CenterwallF050615-005.jpgChristine Centerwall letter of recommendation
CenterwallF050615-006.jpgCenterwall - Vera C McWilliams memoire
CenterwallF050615-007.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-008.jpgJ W Centerwall Obituary
CenterwallF050615-009.jpgBill Centerwall Obituary
CenterwallF050615-010.jpgGrandparents of Christine Centerwall Cowin and a sister of her grandfather
CenterwallF050615-011.jpgDewey Centerwall
CenterwallF050615-012.jpgBruce Centerwall, Wayzata High Graduation photo 1926
CenterwallF050615-013.jpgVera McWilliams, left
CenterwallF050615-014.jpgCenterwall - Chriss Renier and Anna
CenterwallF050615-015.jpgAbbie Smith Centerwall
CenterwallF050615-016.jpgBrie and Vera? Centerwall
CenterwallF050615-017.jpgCenterwall - Honeywell names James Renier CEO newspaper article
CenterwallF050615-019.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-020.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-021.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-022.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-023.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-024.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-025.jpgCenterwall notes
CenterwallF050615-026.jpgCenterwall - Jenny Lemmerman
CenterwallF050615-027.jpgCenterwall - Seltz-Lemmer engagement anouncement
CenterwallF050615-028.jpgMrs J W Centerwall
CenterwallF050615-029.jpgW Centerwall The Truth About Hybrids article 1 of 2
CenterwallF050615-030.jpgW Centerwall....2 of 2
CenterwallF050615-031.jpgCenterwall - Chriss Renier article
CenterwallF050615-032.jpgChriss, Anna and Jessica Renier in memory of Thomas F Clark
CenterwallF050615-033.jpgW R Centerwall letter 1 of 2
CenterwallF050615-034.jpgW R Centerwall letter 2 of 2
CenterwallIMG.jpgLt. William Centerwall Awarded Oak Leaf Cluster NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 275
CenterwallIMG_0001.jpgJohn William Centerall obituary 1940
CenterwallIMG_0002.jpgChristine Centerwall, 1889 Autograph Album #5
CenterwallIMG_0003.jpgBruce Centerwall memoriam and Claire L Geibenhain obituary
CenterwallIMG_0004.jpgChristine Centerwall, 1888 Autograph Album #11
CenterwallIMG_0005.jpgJulia Centerwall, 1888 Autograph Album #4
CenterwallIMG_0006.jpgHoward Centerwall note
CenterwallIMG_0008.jpgJohn W Centerwall note
CenterwallIMG_007.jpgClaire [Centerwall] Gubenhaber note
ChamberlainF050615-035.jpgChamberlain letter 1 of 2
ChamberlainF050615-036.jpgChamberlain letter 2 of 2
ChanF050615-037.jpgThomas F Chan The Little Gallery
ChanF050615-038.jpgThomas F Chan Obituary
ChandlerF050615-039.jpgHenry H Chandler plat info
ChandlerF050615-040.jpgDarwin C Chandler newspaper article
ChapmanF050615-041.jpgMaude Chapman interview 1 of 3
ChapmanF050615-042.jpgMaude Chapman....2 of 3
ChapmanF050615-043.jpgMaude Chapman....3 of 3
ChapmanF050615-044.jpgChapman notes
ChapmanF050615-045.jpgCarrie Chapman School Day Reminiscenses poem
ChapmanF050615-046.jpgMaude Chapman 100th birthday
ChapmanF050615-047.jpgElizabeth M Chapman Obituary
ChapmanF050615-048.jpgChapman notes
ChapmanF050615-049.jpgChapman notes
ChapmanF050615-050.jpgCyrus Chapman plat info
ChapmanF050615-051.jpgWilliam Chapman plat info
ChapmanF050615-052.jpgWarren Chapman plat info
ChapmanF050615-053.jpgWarren Chapman plat info
ChapmanF050615-054.jpgChapman notes
ChapmanF050615-055.jpgMaude Chapman
ChapmanF050615-056.jpgChapman Fire Attacks Oldest Home newspaper article 1 of 2
ChapmanF050615-057.jpgChapman Fire....2 of 2
ChapmanF050615-058.jpgJohn and Malinda Chapman family notes
ChapmanF050615-062.jpgMaude Chapman 105th birthday
ChapmanF050615-063.jpgMaude Chapman Obituary
ChapmanF050615-064.jpgChapman Census 1 of 3
ChapmanF050615-065.jpgChapman census 2 of 3
ChapmanF050615-066.jpgChapman Census 3 of 3
ChapmanIMG_0002.jpgMrs George Champman of Long Lake and her brother, William Stubbs of Princeton. Stubbs' bay was namef for their father
ChapmanIMG_0003.jpgMyrtle Fay Chapman notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 24
ChapmanIMG_0004.jpgGeorge Chapman NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 268
ChapmanIMG_0005.jpgGeorge Chapman note
ChaseF050615-067.jpgChase notes
ChaseF050615-068.jpgChase notes
ChaseF050615-069.jpgChase notes
ChaseF050615-070.jpgJosiah H Chase newspaper article
ChaseF050615-071.jpgCapt Dudley Pike Chase notes
CheneyIMG.jpgRobert A Cheney obituary
ChenowethIMG.jpgJay Chenoweth obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 263
ChenowethIMG_0001.jpgMinnie Chenoweth
ChenowethIMG_0002.jpgMinnie Chenoweth, William Mills, sang How Great Thou Art
CheswickIMG.jpgGary Cheswick Orono chief bids farewell 01-03-2001
CheswickIMG_0001.jpgCheswick - "I've Got It Under Control A Parent'sGuide to the First Step" Dedicated to Officer Gary Cheswick, Orono Police Department 1991 NOTE: book located in Cheswick Family Folder 1 of 2
CheswickIMG_0002.jpgCheswick - "I've Got it Under Control?....2 of 2
ChilsonF050615-072.jpgVallours Chilson plat info
ChilsonF050615-073.jpgChilson notes
ChiltonF050615-074.jpgChiltons letter
ChiltonF050615-075.jpgChilton notes
ChiltonF050615-076.jpgElizabeth Chilton (Dixie) Obituary
ChiltonF050615-077.jpgChilton notes
ChiltonF050615-078.jpgChilton notes
ChiltonF050615-079.jpgChilton notes
ChiltonF050615-080.jpgChilton notes
ChiltonF050615-081.jpgChilton notes
ChiltonF050617-001.jpgChilton Family notes 1 of 5
ChiltonF050617-002.jpgChilton family....2 of 5
ChiltonF050617-003.jpgChilton family....3 of 5
ChiltonF050617-004.jpgChilton family....4 of 5
ChiltonF050617-005.jpgChilton family....5 of 5
ChowenF050612-001.jpgAnnie Chowen
ChowenF050612-002.jpgCaroline Gunn Chowen, wife of Joseph Chowen
ChowenF050612-003.jpgW S Chowen
ChowenF050612-005.jpgW S Chowen
ChowenF050612-006.jpgJ H Chowen
ChowenF050612-007.jpgAnne Chowen letter
ChowenF050612-008.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-009.jpgChowen house in Deephaven, L-R: (FL) Lou Chowen; Joseph Chowen and wife, Caroline, daughter Annie Chowen, DM (Mac)
ChowenF050612-011.jpgJoseph Chowen newspaper article
ChowenF050612-012.jpgArthur D Chowen
ChowenF050612-013.jpgWilliam S Chowen
ChowenF050612-015.jpgWilliam Streeter Chowen notes
ChowenF050612-016.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-017.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-018.jpgAnnie Chowen and her brothers
ChowenF050612-019.jpgSusan Chowen Gray
ChowenF050612-020.jpgSusan Chowen Gray
ChowenF050612-021.jpgJoseph Chowen Family Portrait
ChowenF050612-022.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-023.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-024.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-025.jpgAnnie Chowen
ChowenF050612-026.jpgBetsey Streeter Chowen, grandmother of Annie Chowen
ChowenF050612-027.jpgRebecca Tucker, aunt of Annie Chowen
ChowenF050612-028.jpgAnnie Chowen on left, Eliza Cunn Chowen sitting in front, Lou Chowen in back, Mack Chowen on right
ChowenF050612-029.jpgChowen letter
ChowenF050612-030.jpgAnnie Chowen Tales from Tonka article
ChowenF050612-031.jpgW S Chowen article
ChowenF050612-032.jpgChowen House Legacy of Past newspaper article
ChowenF050612-033.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-034.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-035.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-037.jpgE WM Chowen postcard
ChowenF050612-038.jpgChowen Corners: in Business Since 1906 newspaper article 1 of 2
ChowenF050612-039.jpgChowen Corners....2 of 2
ChowenF050612-040.jpgChowen family notes 1 of 2
ChowenF050612-041.jpgChowen family notes 2 of 2
ChowenF050612-042.jpgAnnie Chowen letter
ChowenF050612-043.jpgChowen notes
ChowenF050612-044.jpgChowen notes
ChowenIMG.jpgChowen note
ChowenIMG_0001.jpgJake Chowen NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 270
ChowenIMG_0002.jpgCharlotte A Chowen obituary
ChowenIMG_0003.jpgJohn Chowen note
ChristensonIMG.jpgAbe Christenson obituary
ChristiansIMG_0001.jpgAlvar Christians obituary
ChristliebF050617-006.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 1 of 2
ChristliebF050617-007.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 2 of 2
ChristliebF050617-008.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb Grave in Orange County, CA
ChristliebF050617-009.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb grave
ChristliebF050617-010.jpgChristlieb - Amy Wakefield
ChristliebF050617-011.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb
ChristliebF050617-012.jpgChristlieb - Amy Wakefield
ChristliebF050617-013.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb
ChristliebF050617-014.jpgBenny Christlieb, son of benjamin Franklin Christlieb and Amy Wakefield, who died in infancy
ChristliebF050617-015.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb house
ChristliebF050617-016.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb house 1976
ChristliebF050617-017.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb
ChristliebF050617-019.jpgChristlieb Geneology 1 of 3
ChristliebF050617-020.jpgChristlieb....2 of 3
ChristliebF050617-021.jpgChristlieb....3 of 3
ChristliebF050617-022.jpgDavid Christlieb info
ChristliebF050617-023.jpgIsaac Christlieb info
ChristliebF050617-024.jpgChristlieb Family Association letter
ChristliebF050617-025.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb Testament 1 of 10
ChristliebF050617-026.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....2 of 10
ChristliebF050617-027.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....3 of 10
ChristliebF050617-028.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....4 of 10
ChristliebF050617-029.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....6 of 10
ChristliebF050617-030.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....7 of 10
ChristliebF050617-031.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....8 of 10
ChristliebF050617-032.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....9 of 10
ChristliebF050617-033.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 10 of 10
ChristliebF050617-034.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb Certificate of Proof, California
ChristliebF050617-035.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb estate 1 of 11
ChristliebF050617-036.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....2 of 11
ChristliebF050617-037.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....3 of 11
ChristliebF050617-038.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....4 of 11
ChristliebF050617-039.jpgBenjam Franklin Christlieb....5 of 11
ChristliebF050617-040.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....6 of 11
ChristliebF050617-041.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 7 of 11
ChristliebF050617-042.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 8 of 11
ChristliebF050617-043.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....9 of 11
ChristliebF050617-044.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....10 of 11
ChristliebF050617-045.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb....11 of 11
ChristliebF050617-046.jpgI A Christlieb death
ChristliebF050617-047.jpgB H Christlieb letter
ChristliebF050617-048.jpgNed Christlieb letter 1 of 2
ChristliebF050617-049.jpgNed Christlieb letter 2 of 2
ChristliebF050617-050.jpgBenjamin R Christlieb letter
ChristliebF050617-051.jpgChristlieb article
ChristliebF050617-052.jpgNed Christlieb letter
ChristliebF050617-053.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb article
ChristliebF050617-054.jpgChristlieb family notes 1 of 3
ChristliebF050617-055.jpgChristlieb family notes 2 of 3
ChristliebF050617-056.jpgChristlieb family notes 3 of 3
ChristliebF050617-057.jpgChristlieb newspaper article
ChristliebF050617-058.jpgBenjamin F Christlieb writing to Mpls Tribune
ChristliebF050617-059.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb neewspaper article
ChristliebF050617-060.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb materials
ChristliebF050617-061.jpgIsac C Christlieb family notes
ChristliebF050617-062.jpgFrank B Christlieb Obituary
ChristliebF050617-063.jpgAddie Christlieb obituarty
ChristliebF050617-064.jpgChristlieb notes
ChristliebF050617-065.jpgIsaac Christlieb notes
ChristliebF050617-066.jpgChristlieb family notes 1 of 20
ChristliebF050617-067.jpgChristlieb....2 of 20
ChristliebF050617-068.jpgChristlieb....3 of 20
ChristliebF050617-069.jpgChristlieb....4 of 20
ChristliebF050617-070.jpgChristlieb....5 of 20
ChristliebF050617-071.jpgChristlieb....6 of 20
ChristliebF050617-072.jpgChristlieb....7 of 20
ChristliebF050617-073.jpgChristlieb....8 of 20
ChristliebF050617-074.jpgChristlieb....9 of 10
ChristliebF050617-075.jpgChristlieb....10 of 20
ChristliebF050617-076.jpgChristlieb....11 of 20
ChristliebF050617-077.jpgChristlieb....12 of 20
ChristliebF050617-078.jpgChristlieb....13 of 20
ChristliebF050617-079.jpgChristlieb....14 of 20
ChristliebF050617-080.jpgChristlieb....15 of 20
ChristliebF050617-081.jpgChristlieb....16 of 20
ChristliebF050617-082.jpgChristlieb....17 of 20
ChristliebF050617-083.jpgChristlieb....18 of 20
ChristliebF050617-084.jpgChristlieb....19 of 20
ChristliebF050617-085.jpgChristlieb....20 of 20
ChristliebF050617-086.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb notes 1 of 22
ChristliebF050617-087.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 2 of 22
ChristliebF050617-088.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 3 of 22
ChristliebF050617-089.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 4 of 22
ChristliebF050617-090.jpgBrenjamin Franklin Christlieb 5 of 22
ChristliebF050617-091.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 6 of 22
ChristliebF050617-092.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 7 of 22
ChristliebF050617-093.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 8 of 22
ChristliebF050617-094.jpgBenjamin Frnaklin Christlieb 9 of 22
ChristliebF050617-095.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 10 of 22
ChristliebF050617-096.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 11 of 22
ChristliebF050617-097.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 12 of 22
ChristliebF050617-098.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 13 of 22
ChristliebF050617-099.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 14 of 22
ChristliebF050617-100.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 15 of 22
ChristliebF050617-101.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 16 of 22
ChristliebF050617-102.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 17 of 22
ChristliebF050617-103.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 18 of 22
ChristliebF050617-104.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 19 of 22
ChristliebF050617-105.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 20 of 22
ChristliebF050617-106.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 21 of 22
ChristliebF050617-107.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb 22 of 22
ChristliebF050617-108.jpgIssac Christlieb Business Venture at the Mifflin Cross Roads article
ChristliebF050617-109.jpgNed Chrislip (Christlieb) Our Ancestors Immigration to America article 1 of 6
ChristliebF050617-110.jpgNed Christlieb....2 of 6
ChristliebF050617-111.jpgNed Christlieb....3 of 6
ChristliebF050617-112.jpgNed Christlieb....4 of 6
ChristliebF050617-113.jpgNed Christlieb....5 of 6
ChristliebF050617-114.jpgNed Christlieb....6 of 6
ChristliebF050617-115.jpgBenjamin F Christlieb
ChristliebF050617-116.jpgIssac A Christlieb
ChristliebF050617-117.jpgDavid R Christlieb
ChristliebF050617-118.jpgChristlieb family notes
ChristliebF050617-119.jpgBenjamin F Christlieb Moments to Remember article 1 of 2
ChristliebF050617-120.jpgBenjamin F Christlieb....2 of 2
ChristliebIMG-0001.jpgBenjamin F Christlieb family notes
ChristliebIMG.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb
ChristliebIMG_0009.jpgP A Christlieb note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 212
ChristliebIMG_0010.jpgV A Christlieb note
ChristliebIMG_0011.jpgChristlieb - Jacob's Ladder, Volume XXVIII, No 1, Spring 2011 NOTE: document located in Christlieb Family file
ChristliebIMG_0012.jpgChristlieb - Jacob's Ladder, Volume XVIII, No. 2, Summer 2011 NOTE; document located in Christlieb Family folder
ChristliebIMG_0013.jpgChristlieb - Jacobs Ladder Volume XVIIII, No. 4, Winter 2011-2012
ChristliebIMG_0014.jpgIsaac A Christlieb note
ChristliebIMG_0017.jpgChristlieb Family Assoc note
ChristliebIMG_0018.jpgChristlieb - The 4rd Biennial Reunion of the Christlieb-Chrislip-Crislip Family", July 8 & 9, 1989
ChristliebIMG_0020.jpgB F Christlieb note 1 of 2
ChristliebIMG_0021.jpgB F Christlieb note 2 of 2
ChristliebIMG_0022.jpgChristlieb note
ChristliebIMG_0023.jpgBenjamin Franklin Christlieb letter 07-07-1986
ChristliebIMG_0028.jpgChristlieb - note frm Margie Lauer
ChristmasF050612-052.jpgChristmas family notes
ChristmasF050612-053.jpgChristmas notes
ChristyF050612-054.jpgChristy interview 1 of 4
ChristyF050612-055.jpgChristy interview 2 of 4
ChristyF050612-056.jpgChristy interview 3 of 4
ChristyF050612-057.jpgChristy interview 4 of 4
ChristyF050612-058.jpgW P Christy article
ChristyF050612-059.jpgPaul L Christy Obituary
ChristyIMG.jpgDonald Christy obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 19
ChristyIMG_0001.jpgPaul L Christy obituary 10-24-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 61
ChurchillF050612-045.jpgChurchill Notes
ChurchillF050612-046.jpgChurchill notes
ChurchillF050612-047.jpgChurchill Along the Village Street article 1 of 2
ChurchillF050612-048.jpgChurchill Along....2 of 2
ChurchillF050612-049.jpgS R Churchill notes
ChurchillF050612-050.jpgSolomon Churchill note
ChurchillF050612-051.jpgSolomon Churchill from negative
ChuteF050612-060.jpgS H Chute plat info
ChuteF050612-061.jpgChute notes
ChuteF050612-062.jpgB J Chute Along the North Shores article
ChuteF050612-063.jpgChute Three Sisters from Minnetonka Mills article
CirpinskiF050613-001.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-002.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-003.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-004.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-005.jpgCirpinski interview 1 of 2
CirpinskiF050613-006.jpgCirpinski interview 2 of 2
CirpinskiF050613-007.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-008.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-009.jpgCirpinski - Frank C Kloss Jr Obituary
CirpinskiF050613-010.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-011.jpgJohn Cirpinski Obituary
CirpinskiF050613-012.jpgCirpinski - Buster Kloss
CirpinskiF050613-013.jpgCirpinski - Mrs Kloss newspaper article
CirpinskiF050613-014.jpgCirpinski - Annie Kloss birthday
CirpinskiF050613-015.jpgG Cirpinski newspaper article
CirpinskiF050613-016.jpgVictor C Cirpinski Obituary
CirpinskiF050613-017.jpgCirpinski - Annie Kloss Unique Art Forms newspaper article
CirpinskiF050613-018.jpgGottlieb Cirpinski note
CirpinskiF050613-019.jpgCirpinski - Annie Kloss Obituary
CirpinskiF050613-020.jpgCirpinski - Agnes Mabel Thornquist Moffit Obituary
CirpinskiF050613-021.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-022.jpgCirpinski - newspaper article
CirpinskiF050613-023.jpgCirpinski letter
CirpinskiF050613-024.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-025.jpgCirpinski note
CirpinskiF050613-026.jpgCirpinski - Annie Kloss note
CirpinskiF050613-027.jpgCirpinski - Minerva H Lepowski birthday
CirpinskiF050613-028.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-029.jpgCirpinski - Annie Emilie Kloss memoire
CirpinskiF050613-031.jpgCirpinski - Annie Kloss estate auction
CirpinskiF050613-032.jpgCirpinski letter
CirpinskiF050613-033.jpgGottlieb Cirpinski family tree 1 of 2
CirpinskiF050613-034.jpgGottlieb Cirpinski family tree 2 of 2
CirpinskiF050613-035.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-036.jpgG Cirpinski 73rd birthday
CirpinskiF050613-037.jpgG Cirpinski - newspaper article
CirpinskiF050613-038.jpgCirpinski - Arthur Lepowsky Obituary
CirpinskiF050613-039.jpgCirpinski - Annie Kloss 94th birthday
CirpinskiF050613-040.jpgCirpinski - Kathryn Kloss marriage
CirpinskiF050613-041.jpgCirpinski - Ronald Lepowsky Janet Bloemke marriage
CirpinskiF050613-042.jpgCirpinski - Ronald Arthur Lepowsky and Janet Pauline Bloemke
CirpinskiF050613-043.jpgArt Cipinski
CirpinskiF050613-044.jpgCipinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-045.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-046.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-047.jpgCirpinski notes
CirpinskiF050613-048.jpgCirpinski - Mayona Sundlin memoire
CirpinskiF050613-049.jpgCirpinski note
CirpinskiF050613-050.jpgG J Cirpinski thank you
CirpinskiF050613-051.jpgCirpinski - Junior Mission Band newspaper article
CirpinskiF050613-052.jpgM Cirpinski newspaper article
CirpinskiF050613-053.jpgCirpinski - Annie Kloss 90th birthday
CirpinskiIMG.jpgFredericka Cirpinski Death Claims Former Pioneer NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, Page 227
CirpinskiIMG_0005.jpgTheodore Gotleib Cirpinski note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 228
CirpinskiIMG_0006.jpgVictor C Cirpinski obituary
CirpinskiIMG_0007.jpgTheo Gottlieb Cirpinski note
ClarkF050613-0127.jpgClark letter 2 of 2
ClarkF050613-0128.jpgCalvin W Clark notes 1 of 2
ClarkF050613-0129.jpgCalvin W Clark notes 2 of 2
ClarkF050613-0130.jpgJames H Clark notes 1 of3
ClarkF050613-0131.jpgJames H Clark....2 of 3
ClarkF050613-0132.jpgJames H Clark....3 of 3
ClarkF050613-0133.jpgClark notes
ClarkF050613-0134.jpgClark notes
ClarkF050613-054.jpgClark family notes 1 of 10
ClarkF050613-055.jpgClark family notes 2 of 10
ClarkF050613-056.jpgClark family notes 3 of 10
ClarkF050613-057.jpgClark family notes 4 of 10
ClarkF050613-058.jpgClark family notes 5 of 10
ClarkF050613-059.jpgClark family notes 6 of 10
ClarkF050613-060.jpgClark family notes 7 of 10
ClarkF050613-061.jpgClark family notes 8 of 10
ClarkF050613-062.jpgClark family notes 9 of 10
ClarkF050613-063.jpgClark family notes 10 of 10
ClarkF050613-064.jpgClark family records 1 of 18
ClarkF050613-065.jpgClark family....2 of 18
ClarkF050613-066.jpgClark family....3 of 18
ClarkF050613-067.jpgClark family....4 of 18
ClarkF050613-068.jpgClark family....5 of 18
ClarkF050613-069.jpgClark family....6 of 18
ClarkF050613-070.jpgClark family....7 of 18
ClarkF050613-071.jpgClark family....8 of 18
ClarkF050613-072.jpgClark family....9 of 18
ClarkF050613-073.jpgClark family....10 of 18
ClarkF050613-074.jpgClark family....11 of 18
ClarkF050613-075.jpgClark family....12 of 18
ClarkF050613-076.jpgClark family....13 of 18
ClarkF050613-077.jpgClark family....14 of 18
ClarkF050613-078.jpgClark family....15 of 18
ClarkF050613-079.jpgClark family....16 of 18
ClarkF050613-080.jpgClark family....17 of 18
ClarkF050613-081.jpgClark family....18 of 18
ClarkF050613-086.jpgJames P Clark memoire
ClarkF050613-087.jpgCalvin W Clark death
ClarkF050613-088.jpgClark - Stuart D Dimond Obituary
ClarkF050613-089.jpgHelen Clark Giebenhain Obituary
ClarkF050613-090.jpgClark - Alice M Ford Obituary
ClarkF050613-091.jpgClavin W Clark death
ClarkF050613-092.jpgClark notes
ClarkF050613-093.jpgClark notes
ClarkF050613-094.jpgClark notes
ClarkF050613-095.jpgClark letter 1 of 2
ClarkF050613-096.jpgClark leter 2 of 2
ClarkF050613-097.jpgClark Reflections on Lake Minnetonka article
ClarkF050613-098.jpgIsrael Clark History of Early Days of Clark County article
ClarkF050613-099.jpgJ R Clark letter
ClarkF050613-100.jpgClark letter 1 of 2
ClarkF050613-101.jpgClark letter 2 of 2
ClarkF050613-102.jpgJohn Clark A Minneapolis Pioneer's Journal article
ClarkF050613-103.jpgJohn and Esther Clark 1 of 5
ClarkF050613-104.jpgJohn and Esther Clark....2 of 5
ClarkF050613-105.jpgJohn and Esther Clark....3 of 5
ClarkF050613-106.jpgJohn and Esther Clark.....4 of 5
ClarkF050613-107.jpgJohn and Esther Clark....5 of 5
ClarkF050613-108.jpgClark Stories of Clark County Wisconsin 1 of 3
ClarkF050613-110.jpgClark Stories....2 of 3
ClarkF050613-111.jpgClark Stories....3 of 3
ClarkF050613-112.jpgClark notes 1 of 8
ClarkF050613-113.jpgClark notes 2 of 8
ClarkF050613-114.jpgClark notes 3 of 8
ClarkF050613-115.jpgClark notes 4 of 8
ClarkF050613-116.jpgClark notes 5 of 8
ClarkF050613-117.jpgClark notes 6 of 8
ClarkF050613-118.jpgClark notes 7 of 8
ClarkF050613-119.jpgClark notes 8 of 8
ClarkF050613-120.jpgThomas Clark
ClarkF050613-121.jpgCharles M Clark notes
ClarkF050613-122.jpgJoseph Clark plot info
ClarkF050613-123.jpgJohn Rice Clark notes
ClarkF050613-124.jpgEdwin Clark notes
ClarkF050613-125.jpgRobert Clark notes
ClarkF050613-126.jpgCharles H Clark notes
ClarkF050613-127.jpgClark letter 1 of 2
ClarkIMG.jpgJames H Clark family notes. NOTE: document is located in Clark Family Folder
ClarkIMG_0001.jpgClark Notes 1 of 3
ClarkIMG_0002.jpgClark Notes 2 of 3
ClarkIMG_0003.jpgClark Notes 3 of 3
ClarkIMG_0007.jpgEdwin Clark note NOTE: original document located in boxs entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 219
ClarkIMG_0008.jpgJames P Clark note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 66
ClarkIMG_0009.jpgElizabeth Clarke notes, January 1978
ClarkIMG_0011.jpgMrs Thomas Clark, 1889 Autograph Album #14
ClarkIMG_0012.jpgMrs Thomas Clark, 1880 Autograph Album #3
ClarkIMG_0013.jpgMrs Thomas Clark, 1889 Autograph Album #14
ClarkIMG_0014.jpgEdwin Clark note
ClarkIMG_0015.jpgThomas S Clark obituary 1979
ClassenF050612-064.jpgClassen note
ClassenF050612-065.jpgHazel Classen and Mrs J J Classen newspaper article
ClassenF050612-066.jpgJ J Classen Womens League President
Classen_ClasenF050612-064.jpgClassen note
Classen_ClasenF050612-065.jpgHazel Classen and Mrs J J Classen newspaper article
Classen_ClasenF050612-066.jpgJ J Classen Womens League President
Classen_ClasenIMG_0001.jpgClasen family notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0002.jpgClassen unidentified
Classen_ClasenIMG_0003.jpgBeth Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0004.jpg? Lee Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0005.jpgPeter and Rose Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0006.jpgHenry Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0007.jpgClasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0008.jpgClasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0009.jpgPeter Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0010.jpgJake Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0011.jpgHenry Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0013.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0014.jpgGoldie Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0015.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel and Katheryn Allison Benefit 04-28-1977 Wayzata News
Classen_ClasenIMG_0016.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0017.jpgHenry Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0018.jpgA Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0019.jpgRose Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0020.jpgN Classen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0021.jpgNicholas Classen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0022.jpgElizabeth Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0023.jpgClasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0024.jpgClasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0025.jpgRose Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0026.jpgGoldie Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0027.jpgClasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0028.jpgClasen - note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0029.jpgClasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0030.jpgClasen Lake notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0031.jpgClasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0032.jpgKatherine Clasen Allison note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0034.jpgClassen - Kenneth Allison note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0035.jpgClassen unidentified
Classen_ClasenIMG_0036.jpgElbridge [Dutch] Clasen with Stanton Lundberg on right
Classen_ClasenIMG_0037.jpgClassen unidentified
Classen_ClasenIMG_0038.jpgClassen - In 1832 A law passed in England prohibiting employment of children.....
Classen_ClasenIMG_0039.jpgClasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0040.jpgClassen - Dayton Dry Goods Co advertisement
Classen_ClasenIMG_0041.jpgClassen - Amie Girling Requests the Pleasure of Your Company..... 10-20-1900
Classen_ClasenIMG_0042.jpgClassen - Magdlana Zimmermann, Osseo MN note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0043.jpgMrs Nick Classen postcard
Classen_ClasenIMG_0044.jpgMrs Nick Classen postcard
Classen_ClasenIMG_0045.jpgClassen - Fanny Kells and Leopold Wolter wedding invitation
Classen_ClasenIMG_0046.jpgClassen - handpainted cover of handmade note pad
Classen_ClasenIMG_0047.jpgClassen unidentified
Classen_ClasenIMG_0048.jpgClassen When the Heart Rules
Classen_ClasenIMG_0049.jpgNicholas Classen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0050.jpgMaster Herbert Classen - invitation 03-11-1902
Classen_ClasenIMG_0051.jpgClassen - Wm Donaldson & Co receipt
Classen_ClasenIMG_0052.jpgHerbert Classen postcard 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0053.jpgHerbert Classen postcard 2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0054.jpgHerbert Classen Robbinsdale Public Library card 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0055.jpgHerbert Classen Robbinsdale....2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0056.jpgClassen - Postal Service notice
Classen_ClasenIMG_0057.jpgClassen Postal Box Rental receipt
Classen_ClasenIMG_0058.jpgClassen - Rules and Regulations of the Farmer's & Mechanics Savings Bank of Minneapolis 1 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0059.jpgClassen - Rules.....2 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0060.jpgClassen - Rules....3 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0061.jpgClassen - Rules....4 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0062.jpgClassen - Rules....5 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0063.jpgHerbert Classen invitation
Classen_ClasenIMG_0064.jpgClassen note in foreign language 12-23-1885
Classen_ClasenIMG_0065.jpgL Clasen Boutell Bros receipt 04-25-1906
Classen_ClasenIMG_0066.jpgGrace Clasen note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0067.jpgClassen - ....Thresermons Review
Classen_ClasenIMG_0068.jpgClassen Boutell Bros receipt
Classen_ClasenIMG_0069.jpgClassen Letter 12-27-1911 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0070.jpgClassen Letter 12-29-1911 2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0071.jpgClassen letter 12-31-1898 1 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0072.jpgClassen letter 12-31-1898 2 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0073.jpgClassen letter 12-31-1898 3 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0074.jpgClassen letter 07-26-1886 1 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0075.jpgClassen letter 07-26-1886 2 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0076.jpgClassen letter 07-26-1886 3 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0077.jpgClassen - W J Holmes dealer in Fine Rugs mailing
Classen_ClasenIMG_0078.jpgClassen - W J Holomes notice
Classen_ClasenIMG_0079.jpgClassen - S H Green Stamps advertisement 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0080.jpgClassen - S & H Green Stamps....2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0081.jpgClassen letter 02-17-1880 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0082.jpgClassen letter 02-17-1880 2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0083.jpgNicholas Classen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0084.jpgClassen letter 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0085.jpgClassen letter 2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0086.jpgClassen letter 1 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0087.jpgClassen letter 2 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0088.jpgClassen letter 3 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0089.jpgClassen letter 03-19-1901 1 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0090.jpgClassen letter 03-19-1901 2 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0091.jpgClassen letter 03-19-1901 3 of 3
Classen_ClasenIMG_0092.jpgHerbert Clasen letter 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0093.jpgHerbert Clasen letter 2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0094.jpgClassen Civice 1 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0095.jpgClassen Civice 2 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0096.jpgClassen Civice 3 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0097.jpgClassen Civice 4 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0098.jpgClassen Civice 5 of 5
Classen_ClasenIMG_0099.jpgHazel Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0100.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel notes 05-10-1973
Classen_ClasenIMG_0101.jpgClassen - Enost Stubbs family bought a small portion of George Maxwell homestead.....
Classen_ClasenIMG_0102.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel notes 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0103.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel notes 2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0104.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0105.jpgRose Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0106.jpgJacob Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0107.jpgRose Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0108.jpgClasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0109.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0110.jpgJacob Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0111.jpgClasen Lake notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0112.jpgJacob Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0114.jpgClasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0115.jpgClasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0116.jpgRose Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0117.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0118.jpgCassen - Arnell & Christlieb receipt 07-28-1899
Classen_ClasenIMG_0119.jpgClassen - Kenneth W Allison Allison Named NSP Citizen of the Year
Classen_ClasenIMG_0120.jpgPeter Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0121.jpgClassen - Pioneers promote other pioneer history article
Classen_ClasenIMG_0122.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0123.jpgJacob Clasen Land Grant 1860
Classen_ClasenIMG_0124.jpgClassen - Grant Robins and M H Elliot announcement
Classen_ClasenIMG_0125.jpgOscar H Clasen notes and obituary 03-09-1976
Classen_ClasenIMG_0126.jpgKatrina Classen of Lakes Katrina and Classen Lake
Classen_ClasenIMG_0127.jpgPeter CLassen, son of pioneer Jacob Classen
Classen_ClasenIMG_0128.jpgMatt Clasen, brother of Jake Clasen
Classen_ClasenIMG_0129.jpgClasen - Sam Steiner, probably died about 1889 or 1880; Officer in the Swiss Army; father of Rose Clasen. He passed away in Europe
Classen_ClasenIMG_0130.jpgClassen girls - Left: Mame Dickey; Center: Goldie Koppel; Right: Catherine Allison
Classen_ClasenIMG_0131.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel (young girl) with Miss Ingstrom, who worked for Goldie's mother
Classen_ClasenIMG_0132.jpgClassen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0133.jpgJacob Clasen Jr note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0134.jpgClassen - Lawson on the Corner, Jenkins Minnesota postcard 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0136.jpgHenry Clasen A valuable team belonging to.... article 01-28-1915 The Reporter
Classen_ClasenIMG_0137.jpgPeter Clasen and Mrs Robertson surprised Henry Clasen.... Wayzata Reporter
Classen_ClasenIMG_0138.jpgMrs J J Clasen and Hazel Clasen notice from the Wayzata Reporter 05-27-1915
Classen_ClasenIMG_0139.jpgRose Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0140.jpgClasen Lake 10-01-1962
Classen_ClasenIMG_0141.jpgAugust Clasen is having his house remodeled....Wayzata Reporter 04-13-1916
Classen_ClasenIMG_0142.jpgJames Clasen is attending....notice Wayzata Reporter 04-05-1917
Classen_ClasenIMG_0143.jpgMrs Guy Dickey and Mamie Classen....notice Wayzata Reporter
Classen_ClasenIMG_0144.jpgMr & Mrs Peter Clasen birth announcement 10-22-1914
Classen_ClasenIMG_0145.jpgAugust Classen note Wayzata Reporter 1917
Classen_ClasenIMG_0146.jpgClassen unidentified
Classen_ClasenIMG_0147.jpgLaura? Allison, wife of Timothy Allison, son of Kenneth
Classen_ClasenIMG_0148.jpgClassen - Robert Allison obituary
Classen_ClasenIMG_0149.jpgClassen Ration Book Holder, The Shoe Mart contents of Ration Book are located in the Classen Family File Folder
Classen_ClasenIMG_0150.jpgClassen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0151.jpgClassen - Mrs Thos. Wiggs memoriam 08-22-1911
Classen_ClasenIMG_0152.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel and Kathryn Allison news article
Classen_ClasenIMG_0153.jpgClassen - Del Frink Auction notice
Classen_ClasenIMG_0154.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel and Kathryn Allison Hello girls' recall manning Long Lake phone switchboard 10-06-1976 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0155.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel and Kathryn Allison....2 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0156.jpgGoldie Koppel note
Classen_ClasenIMG_0157.jpgCassen - Mrs Robert Allison The American National Red Cross recognition
Classen_ClasenIMG_0158.jpgKathryn Clasen Allison Certificate of Confirmation
Classen_ClasenIMG_0159.jpgPeter Clasen
Classen_ClasenIMG_0160.jpgClassen - Kathryn Allison Long Lake Nursing Home recognition
Classen_ClasenIMG_0161.jpgJ J Clasen Grove Center article 06-08-1916
Classen_ClasenIMG_0162.jpgClassen - Mrs R J Allison Certificate of Membership to the United States Citizens Service Corps 09-14-1943
Classen_ClasenIMG_0163.jpgClassen - Mrs K Allison recognition from the United States Treasury War Finance Committee April 1943
Classen_ClasenIMG_0164.jpgElizabeth Clasen A Day of Days for Tonka's Trudie Tales from Tonka
Classen_ClasenIMG_0166.jpgElizabeth (Bess) Claen news article
Classen_ClasenIMG_0168.jpgRose Clasen ....Leaves Record of Unselfish Civic Service 09-19-1947
Classen_ClasenIMG_0169.jpgClasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0170.jpgJacob Clasen notes
Classen_ClasenIMG_0171.jpgClasen Long Lake Council agrees to reactivate study of city departments's space needs The Pioneer 10-23-1989
Classen_ClasenIMG_0176.jpgThe chairwoman of the lunch committee, Mrs Rose Clasen. Her forbears settled in the county in 1855
Classen_ClasenIMG_0177.jpgJohn Jacob Clasen NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 269
Classen_ClasenIMG_0178.jpgHenry Clasen NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 269
Classen_ClasenIMG_0179.jpgKathryn Clasen Allison "Grove Center Red Cross History" 1 of 2
Classen_ClasenIMG_0180.jpgKathryn Clasen Allison "Grove Center Red Cross History" 1 of 2
Clay1862 letter from Francis Clay.jpg1862 letter from Francis Clay - scan donated by Clay family
ClayClay women & children.jpgClay women and children - scan donated by Clay family
ClayF050614-001.jpgClay notes
ClayF050614-002.jpgClay notes
ClayF050614-003.jpgClay notes
ClayF050614-004.jpgClay notes
ClayF050614-005.jpgClay house
ClayF050614-006.jpgClay notes
ClayF050614-007.jpgJonothan Clay plat info
ClayF050614-008.jpgM Clay note
ClayF050614-009.jpgPriscila Clay notes 1 of 4
ClayF050614-010.jpgPriscilla Clay....2 of 4
ClayF050614-011.jpgPriscilla Clay....3 of 4
ClayF050614-012.jpgPriscilla Clay....4 of 4
ClayF050614-013.jpgFrancis Clay abstract
ClayF050614-014.jpgClay diary 1 of 25
ClayF050614-015.jpgClay diary 3 of 25
ClayF050614-016.jpgClay Diary 2 of 25
ClayF050614-017.jpgClay diary 4 of 25
ClayF050614-018.jpgClay diary 6 of 25
ClayF050614-019.jpgClay diary 5 of 25
ClayF050614-020.jpgClay diary 8 of 25
ClayF050614-021.jpgClay diary 7 of 25
ClayF050614-022.jpgClay diary 10 of 25
ClayF050614-023.jpgClay diary 9 of 25
ClayF050614-024.jpgClay diary 12 of 25
ClayF050614-025.jpgClay diary 11 of 25
ClayF050614-026.jpgClay diary 14 of 25
ClayF050614-027.jpgClay diary 13 of 25
ClayF050614-028.jpgClay diary 16 of 25
ClayF050614-029.jpgClay diary 15 of 25
ClayF050614-030.jpgClay diary 18 of 25
ClayF050614-031.jpgClay diary 17 of 25
ClayF050614-032.jpgClay diary 20 of 25
ClayF050614-033.jpgClay diary 19 of 25
ClayF050614-034.jpgClay diary 22 of 25
ClayF050614-035.jpgClay diary 21 of 25
ClayF050614-036.jpgClay diary 24 of 25
ClayF050614-037.jpgClay diary 23 of 25
ClayF050614-038.jpgClay diary 25 of 25
ClayF050614-039.jpgClay notes
ClayF050614-040.jpgClay - Pierce's Memorandum and Account Book
ClayF050614-041.jpgFrancis Clay CW Service Journal
ClayF050614-042.jpgClay plat info
ClayF050614-043.jpgHouse at Winona, Lake Pepin in background
ClayF050614-044.jpgFrancis Clay and wife at AWinona House
ClayF050614-045.jpgFrancis Clay
ClayF050614-046.jpgFrancis Clay's journal 1884 1 of 8
ClayF050614-047.jpgFrancis Clay's....3 of 8
ClayF050614-048.jpgFrancis Clay's....2 of 8
ClayF050614-049.jpgFrancis Clay's....5 of 8
ClayF050614-050.jpgFrancis Clay's....4 of 8
ClayF050614-051.jpgFrancis Clay's....7 of 8
ClayF050614-052.jpgFrancis Clay's....6 of 8
ClayF050614-053.jpgFrancis Clay's....8 of 8
ClayF050614-054.jpgClay notes
ClayF050614-055.jpgMarjorie Clay
ClayF050614-056.jpgLyman and Leland Clay
ClayF050614-057.jpgLyman and Leland Clay
ClayIMG_0001.jpgCharles A Clay....2 of 2
ClayIMG_0002.jpgCharles A Clay NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 276 and 277 page 1 of 2
ClayIMG_0003.jpgCharles A Clay note
ClayMatilda (Greer) & Francis Clay.jpgMatilda & Francis clay - scan donated by Clay family
ClayMatilda Clay & boys.jpgMatilda Clay and boys - scan donated by Clay family
CleavelandIMG.jpgBertha Cleaveland obituary March 1980
ClevelandF050612-067.jpgFlorence Cleveland Obituary
ClevelandF050612-068.jpgFlorence Cleveland Obituary
ClevelandF050618-001.jpgCleveland notes
ClevelandF050618-002.jpgGeorge Douglas Cleveland Obituary
ClevenF050618-003.jpgCleven notes
CloverIMG.jpgStephen Clover obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book nuer 3, page 46
ClysdaleF050618-004.jpgHoward and Lillie Clysdale court order
ClysdaleF050618-005.jpgPhyllis Ann Clysdale adoption notice
ClysdaleF050618-006.jpgH C Clysdale newspaper article
ClysdaleF050618-007.jpgFlorence Ester Clysdale marriage
ClysdaleF050618-008.jpgClysdale notes
CoatsF050618-009.jpgCoats notes
CoatsF050618-010.jpgJohn Coats
CoffeeF050618-011.jpgCoffee notes
CoffinF050618-012.jpgBarbara K Coffin newspaper article
CoffinF050618-013.jpgCoffin article
CoffinF050618-014.jpgCoffin family chart 1 of 5
CoffinF050618-015.jpgCoffin family....2 of 5
CoffinF050618-016.jpgCoffin family....3 of 5
CoffinF050618-017.jpgCoffin family....4 of 5
CoffinF050618-018.jpgCoffin family....5 of 5
CoffinF050618-019.jpgRobert Coffin notes 1 of 6
CoffinF050618-020.jpgRobert Coffin....2 of 6
CoffinF050618-021.jpgRobert Coffin....3 of 6
CoffinF050618-022.jpgRobert Coffin....4 of 6
CoffinF050618-023.jpgRobert Coffin....5 of 6
CoffinF050618-024.jpgRobert Coffin....6 of 6
CoffinF050618-025.jpgCoffin letter 1 of 2
CoffinF050618-026.jpgCoffin letter 2 of 2
CoffinF050618-027.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-001.jpgOvla C Coffin notes 1 of 2
CoffinF050620-002.jpgOvla C Coffin notes 2 of 2
CoffinF050620-003.jpgO C Coffin advertisement
CoffinF050620-004.jpgO C Coffin notes 1 of 9
CoffinF050620-005.jpgO C Coffin....2 of 9
CoffinF050620-006.jpgO C Coffin....3 of 9
CoffinF050620-007.jpgO C Coffin....4 of 9
CoffinF050620-008.jpgO C Coffin....5 of 9
CoffinF050620-009.jpgO C Coffin....6 of 9
CoffinF050620-010.jpgO C Coffin....7 of 9
CoffinF050620-011.jpgO C Coffin....8 of 9
CoffinF050620-012.jpgO C Coffin....9 of 9
CoffinF050620-013.jpgCoffin family info
CoffinF050620-014.jpgCoffin family antectodes 1 of 3
CoffinF050620-015.jpgCoffin family....2 of 3
CoffinF050620-016.jpgCoffin family....3 of 3
CoffinF050620-017.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-018.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-019.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-020.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-021.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-022.jpgFrank Coffin notes
CoffinF050620-023.jpgAbel Coffin Jr notes
CoffinF050620-024.jpgRobert B Coffin letter
CoffinF050620-025.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-026.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-027.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-028.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-029.jpgFrank Coffin family notes
CoffinF050620-030.jpgFrank and Jemima Coffin
CoffinF050620-031.jpgCoffin letter 1 of 5
CoffinF050620-032.jpgCoffin letter 2 of 5
CoffinF050620-033.jpgCoffin letter 3 of 5
CoffinF050620-034.jpgCoffin letter 4 of 5
CoffinF050620-035.jpgCoffin letter 5 of 5
CoffinF050620-036.jpgLaura Coffin family 1 of 3
CoffinF050620-037.jpgLaura Coffin....2 of 3
CoffinF050620-038.jpgLaura Coffin....3 of 3
CoffinF050620-039.jpgMary Coffin family
CoffinF050620-040.jpgElla Coffin family
CoffinF050620-041.jpgSam Coffin
CoffinF050620-042.jpgBarbara Coffin thank you
CoffinF050620-043.jpgCoffin letter 1 of 3
CoffinF050620-044.jpgCoffin letter 2 of 3
CoffinF050620-045.jpgCoffin letter 3 of 3
CoffinF050620-046.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-047.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-048.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-049.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-050.jpgRobert B Coffin from negative
CoffinF050620-051.jpgElizabeth Coffin notes 1 of 5
CoffinF050620-052.jpgElizabeth Coffin....2 of 5
CoffinF050620-053.jpgElizabeth Coffin....3 of 5
CoffinF050620-054.jpgElizabeth Coffin....4 of 5
CoffinF050620-055.jpgElizabeth Coffin....5 of 5
CoffinF050620-056.jpgElizabeth A Coffin Obituary
CoffinF050620-057.jpgBarbara Burns Coffin notes
CoffinF050620-058.jpgRobert Burns Coffin notes 1 of 3
CoffinF050620-059.jpgRobert Burns Coffin....2 of 3
CoffinF050620-060.jpgRobert Burns Coffin....3 of 3
CoffinF050620-061.jpgAdele Coffin decendants
CoffinF050620-062.jpgWilliam Archibald Coffin notes
CoffinF050620-063.jpgOrla C Coffin notes 1 of 2
CoffinF050620-064.jpgOrla C Coffin notes 2 of 2
CoffinF050620-065.jpgCoffin notes 1 of 3
CoffinF050620-066.jpgCoffin notes 2 of 3
CoffinF050620-067.jpgCoffin notes 3 of 3
CoffinF050620-068.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-069.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-070.jpgIbel Coffin letter
CoffinF050620-071.jpgSamuel Coffin family notes
CoffinF050620-072.jpgW J Coffin newspaper article
CoffinF050620-074.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-075.jpgW J Coffin note
CoffinF050620-076.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-077.jpgHugh Coffin Obituary
CoffinF050620-078.jpgCoffin letter 1 of 2
CoffinF050620-079.jpgCoffin letter 2 of 2
CoffinF050620-080.jpgCoffin family notes 1 of 5
CoffinF050620-081.jpgCoffin family....2 of 5
CoffinF050620-082.jpgCoffin family....3 of 5
CoffinF050620-083.jpgCoffin family....4 of 5
CoffinF050620-084.jpgCoffin family....5 of 5
CoffinF050620-085.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-086.jpgJohn Joseph Coffin notes
CoffinF050620-087.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinF050620-088.jpgGordon Coffin Dodd's Registered Land Survey
CoffinF050620-090.jpgLinda Coffin Orono's Top 10 article
CoffinF050620-091.jpgLinda Coffin
CoffinF050620-092.jpgCoffin - Brenda Borgert
CoffinF050620-093.jpgCoffin notes
CoffinIMG.jpgHugh Joseph Coffin notes
CoffinIMG_0018.jpgCoffin - "The Time of My Life" My First Thirty Years (1920-1950) by Barbara Knight Coffin NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
ColeF050620-202.jpgDonald Cole
ColeF050620-203.jpgDonald Cole VP NECA
ColeF050620-204.jpgCharles W Cole Obituary
ColeF050620-205.jpgGladys Cole Remembers article
ColeF050620-206.jpgDon and Deloris Cole
ColeF050620-207.jpgGladys Cole Recalls Mound in the 1890's article 1 of 2
ColeF050620-208.jpgGladys Cole....2 of 2
ColemanF050620-094.jpgColeman note
ColemanF050620-095.jpgMrs Willis Coleman note
ColemanF050620-096.jpgMrs Willis Coleman note
ColemanF050620-097.jpgColeman note
ColemanF050620-098.jpgJohn Coleman letter
ColemanF050620-099.jpgColeman - Brothers, John Alonzo Jr, Selden, Addison, Wilber, and Madison
ColemanF050620-100.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman Sr discrepancies
ColemanF050620-101.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman Sr notes
ColemanF050620-102.jpgColeman note
ColemanF050620-103.jpgLes Coleman letter 1 of 2
ColemanF050620-104.jpgLes Coleman letter 2 of 2
ColemanF050620-105.jpgColeman family notes 1 of 3
ColemanF050620-106.jpgColeman family notes 2 of 3
ColemanF050620-107.jpgColeman family notes 3 of 3
ColemanF050620-108.jpgColeman miscellany
ColemanF050620-109.jpgColeman notes
ColemanF050620-110.jpgColeman notes
ColemanF050620-111.jpgColeman early settlers 1 of 6
ColemanF050620-112.jpgColeman early....2 of 6
ColemanF050620-113.jpgColeman early....3 of 6
ColemanF050620-114.jpgColeman early....4 of 6
ColemanF050620-115.jpgColeman early....5 of 6
ColemanF050620-116.jpgColeman early....6 of 6
ColemanF050620-117.jpgAlonzo Coleman discrepancies
ColemanF050620-118.jpgJohn A Coleman notes
ColemanF050620-119.jpgColeman notes
ColemanF050620-120.jpgColeman info
ColemanF050620-121.jpgJohn A Coleman Jr
ColemanF050620-122.jpgColeman - Long Lake Post office history
ColemanF050620-123.jpgOld Coleman Drive in Long Lake
ColemanF050620-124.jpgLes Coleman notes 1 of 2
ColemanF050620-125.jpgLes Coleman notes 2 of 2
ColemanF050620-126.jpgColeman notes
ColemanF050620-127.jpgLes Coleman letter
ColemanF050620-128.jpgJohn Alanzo Coleman letter
ColemanF050620-131.jpgMrs Willis Coleman message
ColemanF050620-132.jpgMrs Willis Coleman greeting card
ColemanF050620-133.jpgMrs Willis Coleman greeting card
ColemanF050620-134.jpgMrs Willis Coleman re: John Coleman Jr
ColemanF050620-136.jpgWilber M Coleman letter
ColemanF050620-137.jpgWillis Coleman
ColemanF050620-138.jpgColeman notes
ColemanF050620-139.jpgColeman - 1909 Annual Report MN Horticulture Society 1 of 2
ColemanF050620-140.jpgColeman....2 of 2
ColemanF050620-141.jpgJ A Coleman article
ColemanF050620-142.jpgColeman - First Regiment Minnesota Volunteers article
ColemanF050620-143.jpgColeman newspaper article
ColemanF050620-144.jpgLes Coleman handwritten poem
ColemanF050620-145.jpgW Coleman article
ColemanF050620-146.jpgJohn A Coleman Sixth Legislatures 1864
ColemanF050620-147.jpgColeman notes
ColemanF050620-148.jpgCoelman notes
ColemanF050620-149.jpgAddison Coleman article
ColemanF050620-150.jpgJohn A Coleman Certificate of Death Record
ColemanF050620-151.jpgLes Coleman notes
ColemanF050620-152.jpgColeman - Hubachek Home
ColemanF050620-153.jpgJohn and Drusilla Coleman history 1 of 6
ColemanF050620-154.jpgJohn and Drusilla Coleman....2 of 6
ColemanF050620-155.jpgJohn and Drusilla Coleman....3 of 6
ColemanF050620-156.jpgJohn and Drusilla Coleman....4 of 6
ColemanF050620-157.jpgJohn and Drusilla Coleman....5 of 6
ColemanF050620-158.jpgJohn and Drusilla Coleman....6 of 6
ColemanF050620-159.jpgSeldon Coleman descendants
ColemanF050620-160.jpgAddison N Coleman decendants
ColemanF050620-161.jpgJohn A and Drusilla Coleman info
ColemanF050620-162.jpgLes Coleman Long Lake plat
ColemanF050620-163.jpg1860 Long Lake Plat map 1 of 2
ColemanF050620-164.jpg1860 Long Lake....2 of 2
ColemanF050620-165.jpgAlmon Byrd Coleman
ColemanF050620-166.jpgWillis Coleman
ColemanF050620-167.jpgColeman letter 1 of 2
ColemanF050620-168.jpgColeman letter 2 of 2
ColemanF050620-169.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman The Father of Long Lake 1 of 33
ColemanF050620-170.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....2 of 33
ColemanF050620-171.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....3 of 33
ColemanF050620-172.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....4 of 33
ColemanF050620-173.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....5 of 33
ColemanF050620-174.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman.....6 of 33
ColemanF050620-175.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman.....7 of 33
ColemanF050620-176.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman.....8 of 33
ColemanF050620-177.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman.....9 of 33
ColemanF050620-178.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman.....10 of 33
ColemanF050620-179.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman.....11 of 33
ColemanF050620-180.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....12 of 33
ColemanF050620-181.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....13 of 33
ColemanF050620-182.jpgJohn ALonzo Coleman....14 of 33
ColemanF050620-183.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....15 of 33
ColemanF050620-184.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....16 of 33
ColemanF050620-185.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....17 of 33
ColemanF050620-186.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....18 of 33
ColemanF050620-187.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....19 of 33
ColemanF050620-188.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....20 of 33
ColemanF050620-189.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....21 of 33
ColemanF050620-190.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....22 of 33
ColemanF050620-191.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....23 of 33
ColemanF050620-192.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....24 of 33
ColemanF050620-193.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....25 of 33
ColemanF050620-194.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....26 of 33
ColemanF050620-195.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....27 of 33
ColemanF050620-196.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....28 of 33
ColemanF050620-197.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....29 of 33
ColemanF050620-198.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....30 of 33
ColemanF050620-199.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....31 of 33
ColemanF050620-200.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....32 of 33
ColemanF050620-201.jpgJohn Alonzo Coleman....33 of 33
ColemanIMG.jpgAlmon Coleman obituary Rites Held for Last Survivor of Pioneer Family 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 303
ColemanIMG_0006.jpgColeman letter 1 of 2
ColemanIMG_0007.jpgColeman letter 2 of 2
ColemanIMG_0009.jpgLes Coleman letter 04-07-1993
ColemanIMG_0010.jpgLes Coleman letter 04-15-1993
ColemanIMG_0011.jpgLeslie Coleman letter 03-15-1993 1 of 2
ColemanIMG_0012.jpgLeslie Coleman letter ...2 of 2
ColemanIMG_0013.jpgHarry Coleman note. NOTE: original document lcoated in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 253
ColemanIMG_0014-1.jpgColeman "Coleman Family Line Nine Generations" "Family of John Alonzo Coleman 2004 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
ColemanIMG_0014.jpgDwight Coleman, son of John 01-1878
ColemanIMG_0015.jpgDwight Coleman notes
ColemanIMG_0016.jpgHarry Coleman note
ColemanIMG_0017.jpgHarry W Coleman memoriam 09-04-1899 - 11-01-1979
ColgroveIMG.jpgCora E Colgrove obituary 12-20-1989 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 76
CollinsF050620-209.jpgCollins family notes
CollinsF050620-210.jpgCornelius Collins plat info
CollinsF050620-211.jpgCollins notes
CollinsF050620-212.jpgBernadette Collins newspaper article
CollinsF050620-213.jpgBernadette Collins
CollinsF050620-214.jpgCollins notes
CollinsF050620-215.jpgCollins note
CollinsIMG.jpgJ R Collins letter 04-15-1989
CollinsIMG_0001.jpgPhyllis Ann [Clysdale] Collins obituary 02-24-1987
CollinsIMG_0002.jpgBessie May Drysdale Collins note
CollitonIMG.jpgMary Colliton 2 oldiers Were First Whites to See Minnetonka
ColtonF050621-001.jpgColton plat info
CommersIMG.jpgGeorge P Commers obituary NOTE: original documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 330
ComptonF050621-002.jpgMilton Compton
ComptonIMG.jpgMitton Compton obituary 09-08-1978
CondelF050621-003.jpgCondel note
CondelF050621-004.jpgMr and Mrs Condel newspaper article
ConditF050621-005.jpgDr L Irving Condit Obituary
ConditF050621-006.jpgCondit note
ConklinF050621-007.jpgConklin B&Bs, births and retirement article
ConklinF050621-008.jpgConklin notes
ConklinF050621-009.jpgConklin notes
ConklinF050621-010.jpgConklin notes
ConklinF050621-011.jpgConklin notes
ConklinF050621-012.jpgGrace M Conklin Obituary
ConklinF050621-013.jpgConklin house
ConleyF050621-014.jpgJos S Conley plat info
ConnerIMG.jpgEugene A Connor note. NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 247
ConoverF050621-015.jpgConover notes
ConoverF050621-016.jpgConover letter
ConoverF050621-017.jpgConover notes
ConoverF050621-018.jpgConover note
ConoverF050621-019.jpgE A Conover advertisement
ConoverF050621-020.jpgConover notes
ConoverF050621-021.jpgConover notes
ConoverF050621-022.jpgNellie Conover newspaper article
ConoverF050621-023.jpgConover notes
ConoverF050621-024.jpgA R Conover newspaper article
ConoverF050621-025.jpgNellie Conover Obituary
ConoverF050621-026.jpgBonnie Conover letter
ConoverF050621-027.jpgMayor Conover newspaper article
ConoverF050621-028.jpgE A Conover advertisement
ConoverF050621-029.jpgEugene Conover article
ConoverF050621-030.jpgEugene L Conover marriage
ConoverF050621-031.jpgE A Conover
ConoverF050621-032.jpgConover notes
ConoverF050621-033.jpgConover notes
ConoverF050621-034.jpgE A Conover advertisement 1937
ConoverF050621-035.jpgConover newspaper article
ConoverF050621-037.jpgConover letter
ConoverIMG.jpgNellie Bonney Conover NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 289
ConoverIMG_0001.jpgBonney L Conover obituary Star Tribune 09-23-1982
ConoverIMG_0002.jpgMrs Nellie Bonney Conover note
ConoverIMG_0003.jpgEugene A Conover note
ConzetF050622-001.jpgDoris J Conzet Re-Elect Mayor poster
ConzetF050622-002.jpgDoris Conzet
ConzetF050622-003.jpgMartin Conzet plat info
ConzetF050622-004.jpgConzet notes
ConzetF050622-005.jpgConzet notes
ConzetF050622-006.jpgConzet notes
ConzetF050622-007.jpgConzet family notes
CookF050621-038.jpgCook - interview with Mrs T L Dickey
CookF050621-039.jpgAmy B Cook memoir
CookF050621-040.jpgDr Henry Cook death
CookIMG.jpgWilliam Cook Genealogy NOTE: Pedigree Chart 11-06-1991 located in Cook Family File
CookIMG_0003.jpgCook - Ruby Wyatt and Ted Wyatt
CookIMG_0004.jpgCook - Nellie Meinke graduated at Linwood Kansas 05-09-1912
CookIMG_0006.jpgWillis Cook family census 1 of 3
CookIMG_0007.jpgWillis Cook family....2 of 3
CookIMG_00070.jpgCook - Meinke Bower Merchandise
CookIMG_0008.jpgWillis Cook family....3 of 3
CookIMG_0009.jpgCook - Eva Meinke
CookIMG_0010.jpgCook - Meinke's house at Lindwood, Kansas
CookIMG_0011.jpgCook - Will Meinke
CookIMG_0012.jpgEmma Cook Meinke
CookIMG_0013.jpgCook - Nellie Meinke and two girls
CookIMG_0014.jpgClaude Cook note
CookIMG_0015.jpgW Cook note
CookIMG_0016.jpgCook family descendants note
CookIMG_0017.jpgCook note
CookIMG_0018.jpgCook note
CookIMG_0019.jpgCook note
CookIMG_0020.jpgCook note
CookIMG_0021.jpgCook note
CookIMG_0022.jpgCook notice of death of Ed Meinke
CookIMG_0023.jpgMs Cook note
CookIMG_0024.jpgCook - Hazel Foster note
CookIMG_0025.jpgWm Cook note
CookIMG_0026.jpgCook note
CookIMG_0027.jpgCook - Mrs Glenn ZumBrunnen letter 1 of 2
CookIMG_0028.jpgCook - Mrs Glenn ZumBrunnen....2 of 2
CookIMG_0029.jpgCook - Mrs Glenn ZumBrunnen letter 1 of 2
CookIMG_0030.jpgCook - Mrs Glenn ZumBrunnen letter....2 of 2
CookIMG_0031.jpgCook notes
CookIMG_0032.jpgCook notes
CookIMG_0033.jpgCook - note from Emma G J Meinke
CookIMG_0034.jpgCook notes
CookIMG_0035.jpgCook - Copy of letter sent by member Mrs Emma Meinke from Linwood, KS, to be read at Old Settlers Picnic in August 1950. She was in her late 80's at that time. 08-12-1950
CookIMG_0036.jpgWillis and Sabina Cook family tree
CookIMG_0037.jpgCook notes
CookIMG_0038.jpgCook - copy of a letter written by Emma Cook Meinke from Linwoodk, KS to Happy Hour Club 07-09-1932
CookIMG_0039.jpgWilliam Cook family notes
CookIMG_0040.jpgWilliam Cook Family Group Record 1 of 3
CookIMG_0041.jpgWilliam Cook Family....2 of 3
CookIMG_0042.jpgWilliam Cook Family....3 of 3
CookIMG_0043.jpgCook - Willliam Wright Family group record
CookIMG_0044.jpgCook - William Bower Family Group Record
CookIMG_0045.jpgCook - Martin L Wright Family Group record
CookIMG_0046.jpgCook - Jack Wright Family Group Record
CookIMG_0047.jpgW Cook note
CookIMG_0048.jpgWilliam Cook obituary
CookIMG_0049.jpgCook family notes
CookIMG_0050.jpgCook - note written in Round Robin letter of Happy Hour Club 07-09-1932
CookIMG_0051.jpgCook - letter to Happy Hour Club 07-09-1932 1 of 3
CookIMG_0052.jpgCook letter written to Happy Hour Club....2 of 3
CookIMG_0053.jpgCook letter to Happy Hour Club....3 of 3
CookIMG_0054.jpgFrancis Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0055.jpgJacob Cooke Family Group Record
CookIMG_0056.jpgJacob Cooke Family Group Record
CookIMG_0057.jpgJacob Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0058.jpgJacob Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0059.jpgJacob Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0060.jpgJacob Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0061.jpgStephen Cooke Family Group Record 1 of 2
CookIMG_0062.jpgStephen Cooke Family Group Record 2 of 2
CookIMG_0063.jpgAbel Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0064.jpgWilliam Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0065.jpgAbel Willis Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0066.jpgWilliam Guy Cook Family Group Record
CookIMG_0067.jpgCook notes
CookIMG_0069.jpgCook - Ed Meinke
CookIMG_0073.jpgWillis Abel Cook note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 225
CookIMG_0074.jpgRaymond A Cook obituary 02-08-1987, kin of Schoenings NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 12
CookIMG_0075.jpgGrace Plant Cook note
CookIMG_0076.jpgW Abel Cook note
CopelandF050624-001.jpgMatthew Copeland plat info
CopelandF050624-002.jpgSamuel Copeland notes
CopelandF050624-003.jpgCopeland notes
CopelandF050624-004.jpgCopeland notes
CopelandF050624-005.jpgWilliam Copeland marriage
CopelandF050624-006.jpgCopeland notes
CopelandIMG.jpgGuy E Copeland obituary 03-05-1981
CorcoranF050624-007.jpgP B Corcoran note
CordellF050624-008.jpgCordell notes
CordellF050624-009.jpgCordell notes
CordellF050624-010.jpgSimon Cordell plat info
CornwallF050624-011.jpgSamuel Cornwall plat info
CottonF050624-012.jpgJames Cotton plat info
CouperIMG.jpgEdgar J Couper obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 272
CourtneyF050624-013.jpgGarnet V. Courtney Baker memoir
CourtneyF050624-014.jpgGarnet V Courtney Baker Obituary
CourtneyF050624-015.jpgCelia M Courtney memoir
CourtneyF050624-016.jpgCelia M Courtney funeral
CourtneyF050624-017.jpgPeter James Courtney Murder at the Lake article 1 of 5
CourtneyF050624-018.jpgPeter James Courtney....2 of 5
CourtneyF050624-019.jpgPeter James Courtney....3 of 5
CourtneyF050624-020.jpgPeter James Courtney....4 of 5
CourtneyF050624-021.jpgPeter James Courtney....5 of 5
CourtneyF050624-022.jpgCourtney notes
CourtneyF060602-098.jpgBarnadine Anne Courtney - Mrs William Edward Johnston
CourtneyIMG.jpgCelia Courtney obituary 06-21-1987 NOTE original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 34
CourtneyIMG_0001.jpgCelia M Courtney memoriam 01-19-1904 - 06-20-1987 NOTE original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 34
CourtneyIMG_0003.jpgKelly N Courtney memoriam 12-01-1909 - 08-09-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 45
CovertIMG.jpgRaymond Covert notes
CowdenF050624-023.jpgCowden notes
CowdenF050624-024.jpgCowden notes
CowdenF050624-025.jpgSarah Jane and James S Cowden
CowdenF050624-026.jpgJane Cowden postcard
CowdenF050624-027.jpgCowden notes
CowdenF050624-028.jpgJane Cowden letter
CowdenF050624-029.jpgCowden letter
CowdenF050624-030.jpgJane Cowden note
CowdenF050624-031.jpgSarah Jane Cowden First Female Teacher at Long Lake, MN 1858 1 of 9
CowdenF050624-032.jpgSarah Jane Cowden....2 of 9
CowdenF050624-033.jpgSarah Jane Cowden....3 of 9
CowdenF050624-034.jpgSarah Jane Cowden....4 of 9
CowdenF050624-035.jpgSarah Jane Cowden 5 of 9
CowdenF050624-036.jpgSarah Jane Cowden 6 of 9
CowdenF050624-037.jpgSarah Jane Cowden....7 of 9
CowdenF050624-038.jpgSarah Jane Cowden....8 of 9
CowdenF050624-039.jpgSarah Jane Cowden home and grave site 9 of 9
CowdenF050624-040.jpgJames Cowden family notes
CowdenF050624-041.jpgJames S Cowden diary 1 of 23
CowdenF050624-042.jpgJames S Cowden....2 of 23
CowdenF050624-043.jpgJames S Cowden....3 of 23
CowdenF050624-044.jpgJames S Cowden....4 of 23
CowdenF050624-045.jpgJames S Cowden....5 of 23
CowdenF050624-046.jpgJames S Cowden....6 of 23
CowdenF050624-047.jpgJames S Cowden....7 of 23
CowdenF050624-048.jpgJames S Cowden....8 of 23
CowdenF050624-049.jpgJames S Cowden....9 of 23
CowdenF050624-050.jpgJames S Cowden....10 of 23
CowdenF050624-051.jpgJames S Cowden....11 of 23
CowdenF050624-052.jpgJames S Cowden....12 of 23
CowdenF050624-053.jpgJames S Cowden....13 of 23
CowdenF050624-054.jpgJames S Cowden....14 of 23
CowdenF050624-055.jpgJames S Cowden....15 of 23
CowdenF050624-056.jpgJames S Cowden....16 of 23
CowdenF050624-057.jpgJames S Cowden....17 of 23
CowdenF050624-058.jpgJames S Cowden....18 of 23
CowdenF050624-059.jpgJames S Cowden....19 of 23
CowdenF050624-060.jpgJames S Cowden....20 of 23
CowdenF050624-061.jpgJames S Cowden....21 of 23
CowdenF050624-062.jpgJames S Cowden....22 of 23
CowdenF050624-063.jpgJames S Cowden....23 of 23
CowlesF050624-064.jpgJosiah Cowles descendants
CowlesF050624-065.jpgJohn Cowles Jr newspaper article
CowlesF050624-066.jpgJohn Cowles Jr Wide Range of Houses to Be on Display article 1 of 2
CowlesF050624-067.jpgJohn Coles Jr....2 of 2
CowlesF050624-068.jpgCowles newspaper article1 of 2
CowlesF050624-069.jpgColes newspaper....2 of 2
CowlesF050624-070.jpgSage Cowles Portrait of a Dancer article 1 of 5
CowlesF050624-071.jpgSage Cowles....2 of 5
CowlesF050624-072.jpgSage Cowles....3 of 5
CowlesF050624-073.jpgSage Cowles....4 of 5
CowlesF050624-074.jpgSage Cowles....5 of 5
CowlesF050624-075.jpgJohn Cowles Jr newspaper article
CowlesIMG.jpgJohn Cowles Jr ....Named Harper's Board Chairman 1968
CowlesIMG_0001.jpgRussell Cowles obituary 02-24-1979
CoxF050626-001.jpgWilliam Cox notes
CoxF050626-002.jpgWilliam Cox notes
CoxF050626-003.jpgEdgar Cox notes 1 of 4
CoxF050626-004.jpgEdgar Cox....2 of 4
CoxF050626-005.jpgEdgar Cox....3 of 4
CoxF050626-006.jpgEdgar Cox....4 of 4
CoxF050626-007.jpgCox notes
CoxF050626-008.jpgCox notes
CoxF050626-009.jpgCox notes
CoxF050626-010.jpgCox notes
CoxF050626-011.jpgEdgar R Cox memoir
CoxF050626-012.jpgEdgar R Cox newspaper article
CoxF050626-013.jpgEdgar R Cox Obituary
CoxF050626-014.jpgRay Cox newspaper article
CoxF050626-015.jpgMr and Mrs Raymond Cox 50th anniversary
CoxF050626-016.jpgRay Cox 90th birthday
CoxF050626-017.jpgMr and Mrs Lewis A Cox 50th anniversary
CoxF050626-018.jpgDavid Cox
CoxF050626-019.jpgJames and Bernie Cox
CoxF050626-020.jpgLoren, Lucy and Lyle Cox
CoxF050626-021.jpgLoren Cox
CoxF050626-022.jpgLoren Cox marriage
CoxF050626-023.jpgV M Cox barn raising
CoxF050626-024.jpgCox Brothers advertisement
CoxF050626-025.jpgCox family
CoxF050626-026.jpgCox family
CoxF050626-027.jpgCarl G Cox memoir
CoxF050626-028.jpgHoward S Cox Obituary
CoxF050626-029.jpgThilda Caroline Nelson Cox Obituary
CoxF050626-030.jpgCox notes
CoxF050626-031.jpgCox - Jim Wiley and wife, friends of Henry Cox
CoxF050626-032.jpgHenry Cox, standing, other man unknown 1917
CoxF050626-033.jpgHenry Cox
CoxF050626-034.jpgFreeman Cox
CoxF050626-035.jpgRay and Marie Cox 8-16-1980
CoxF050626-036.jpgCox Farm - Threshing Rig 1980
CoxF050626-037.jpgDavid and Lucina Cox home 1890, Maple Plain. Dave was brother of Vincent Cox. Lucinda's maiden name was Fogleman, Lucinda was sister to Catherine Fogelman, who married a Cox
CoxF050626-038.jpgCox notes
CoxF050626-039.jpgBrian Cox
CoxF050626-040.jpgCarl Cox
CoxF050626-041.jpgCox note
CoxF050626-042.jpgBrian Cox
CoxF050626-043.jpgBernadine Cox
CoxF050626-044.jpgLarry Cox engagement
CoxF050626-045.jpgCharles A Cox 1956
CoxF050626-047.jpgThilda Cox
CoxF050626-048.jpgMr and Mrs Carl Cox
CoxF050626-049.jpgCox family notes 1 of 15
CoxF050626-050.jpgCox family....2 of 15
CoxF050626-051.jpgCox family....3 of 15
CoxF050626-052.jpgCox family....4 of 15
CoxF050626-053.jpgCox family....5 of 15
CoxF050626-054.jpgCox family....6 of 15
CoxF050626-055.jpgCox family....7 of 15
CoxF050626-056.jpgCox family....8 of 15
CoxF050626-057.jpgCox family....9 of 15
CoxF050626-058.jpgCox family....10 of 15
CoxF050626-059.jpgCox family....11 of 15
CoxF050626-060.jpgCox family....12 of 15
CoxF050626-061.jpgCox family....13 of 15
CoxF050626-062.jpgCox family....14 of 15
CoxF050626-063.jpgCox family....15 of 15
CoxF050626-064.jpgCox - Emil Jubert memoir
CoxF050626-065.jpgThilda Caroline Nelson Cox Obituary
CoxF050626-066.jpgEdgar R Cox Obituary
CoxF050626-067.jpgDonald B Cox newspaper article
CoxF050626-068.jpgCox family notes 1 of 2
CoxF050626-069.jpgCox family notes 2 of 2
CoxF050626-070.jpgCox decesdants 1 of 3
CoxF050626-071.jpgCox descendants 2 of 3
CoxF050626-072.jpgCox descendants 3 of 3
CoxF050626-073.jpgCox notes
CoxF050626-074.jpgGuy Dickey, left, Allen Cox, right
CoxF050626-075.jpgCox - Green families 1 of 9
CoxF050626-076.jpgCox-Green....2 of 9
CoxF050627-001.jpgCox-Green....3 of 9
CoxF050627-002.jpgCox-Green....4 of 9
CoxF050627-003.jpgCox=Green....5 of 9
CoxF050627-004.jpgCox-Green....6 of 9
CoxF050627-005.jpgCox-Green....7 of 9
CoxF050627-006.jpgCox-Green....8 of 9
CoxF050627-007.jpgCox-Green////9 of 9
CoxF050627-008.jpgCox family notes 1 of 16
CoxF050627-009.jpgCox family....2 of 16
CoxF050627-010.jpgCox family....3 of 16
CoxF050627-011.jpgCox family....4 of 16
CoxF050627-012.jpgCox family....5 of 16
CoxF050627-013.jpgCox family....6 of 16
CoxF050627-014.jpgCox family....7 of 16
CoxF050627-015.jpgCox family....8 of 16
CoxF050627-016.jpgCox family....9 of 16
CoxF050627-017.jpgCox family....10 of 16
CoxF050627-018.jpgCox family....11 of 16
CoxF050627-019.jpgCox family....12 of 16
CoxF050627-020.jpgCox family....13 of 16
CoxF050627-021.jpgCox family....14 of 16
CoxF050627-022.jpgCox family....15 of 16
CoxF050627-023.jpgCox family....16 of 16
CoxF050627-024.jpgCox note
CoxF050627-025.jpgCox family notes 1 of 4
CoxF050627-026.jpgCox family notes 2 of 4
CoxF050627-027.jpgCox family notes 3 of 4
CoxF050627-028.jpgCox family notes 4 of 4
CoxF050627-029.jpgCarl Cox interview
CoxF050627-031.jpgCox family notes
CoxF050627-032.jpgCox family notes 1 of 2
CoxF050627-033.jpgCox family notes 2 of 2
CoxF050627-034.jpgMrs Henry Cox Sugarin' Time article 1 of 6
CoxF050627-035.jpgMrs Henry Fox....2 of 6
CoxF050627-036.jpgMrs Henry Fox....3 of 6
CoxF050627-037.jpgMrs Henry Fox....4 of 6
CoxF050627-038.jpgMrs Henry Fox....5 of 6
CoxF050627-039.jpgMrs Henry Fox....6 of 6
CoxF050627-040.jpgCox notes 1 of 4
CoxF050627-041.jpgCox notes 2 of 4
CoxF050627-042.jpgCox notes 3 of 4
CoxF050627-043.jpgCox notes 4 of 4
CoxF050627-044.jpgCox - Esther Stinson Obituary
CoxF050627-045.jpgCox - Esther Mae Stinson memoir
CoxF050627-046.jpgWilliam Cox letter
CoxF050627-047.jpgMattie Cox Obituary
CoxF050627-048.jpgRaymond Cox Obituary
CoxF050627-049.jpgCharles Albert Cox memoir
CoxF050627-050.jpgCharles Cox auction notice
CoxF050627-051.jpgCox notes
CoxF050627-052.jpgCox notes
CoxF050627-053.jpgLewis A Cox memoir
CoxF050627-054.jpgCox - Helen irene Cole memoir
CoxF050627-055.jpgMarie J Cox memoir
CoxF050627-056.jpgRaymond Cox memoir
CoxF050627-057.jpgCharles Cox Obituary
CoxF050627-058.jpgCox - Henry C Green memoir
CoxF050627-059.jpgH A Cox newspaper article
CoxF050627-060.jpgCox note
CoxF050627-061.jpgDavid Cox article
CoxF050627-062.jpgCarl G Cox Obituary
CoxF050627-063.jpgCox letter
CoxF050627-064.jpgCox notes
CoxF050627-065.jpgWilliam Cox note
CoxF050627-066.jpgHenry Cox family notes 1 of 2
CoxF050627-067.jpgHenry Cox....2 of 2
CoxF050627-068.jpgCox letter
CoxF050627-069.jpgMax and Daryl Cox invite
CoxF050627-070.jpgMary Jo Cox engagement
CoxF050627-071.jpgHenry Cox homestead notice
CoxF050627-072.jpgCox letter
CoxF050627-073.jpgCox Four generations of farming article 1 of 2
CoxF050627-074.jpgCox Four....2 of 2
CoxF050627-075.jpgHenry Cox home
CoxF050628-001.jpgCox - Heindrick Cranbert notes
CoxIMG.jpgJimmy Cox ...Admires the blue ribbon won by his calf, Lucky.
CoxIMG_0001.jpgEleanah Cox Land Registeration 1 of 4
CoxIMG_0002.jpgEleanah Cox....2 of 4
CoxIMG_0003.jpgEleanah Cox....3 of 4
CoxIMG_0004.jpgEleanah Cox....4 of 4
CoxIMG_0005.jpgJoseph Cox - Land Registration
CoxIMG_0006.jpgRichard Cox - Land Registration
CoxIMG_0007.jpgPeter Cox Land Registration 1 of 2
CoxIMG_0008.jpgPeter Cox land registration 2 of 2
CoxIMG_0009.jpgNancy Cox land registration
CoxIMG_0010.jpgWilliam Cox Land Registration
CoxIMG_0011.jpgWilliam Henry Cox Land Registration
CoxIMG_0012.jpgJeremiah Cox Land Registration 1 of 2
CoxIMG_0013.jpgJeremiah Cox Land Registration 2 of 2
CoxIMG_0014.jpgHenry Cox note
CoxIMG_0015.jpgHenry Cox Pioneer Sorghum Maker Active at 87, August 1950 Mpls Tribune. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 283
CoxIMG_0016.jpgMattie Cox obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 305
CoxIMG_0017.jpgHenry Cox interview 1 of 13
CoxIMG_0018.jpgHenry Cox....2 of 13
CoxIMG_0019.jpgHenry Cox....3 of 13
CoxIMG_0020.jpgHenry Cox....4 of 13
CoxIMG_0021.jpgHenry Cox....5 of 13
CoxIMG_0022.jpgHenry Cox....6 of 13
CoxIMG_0023.jpgHenry Cox....7 of 13
CoxIMG_0024.jpgHenry Cox....8 of 13
CoxIMG_0025.jpgHenry Cox....9 of 13
CoxIMG_0026.jpgHenry Cox....10 of 13
CoxIMG_0027.jpgHenry Cox....11 of 13
CoxIMG_0028.jpgHenry Cox....12 of 13
CoxIMG_0029.jpgHenry Cox....13 of 13
CoxIMG_0030.jpgHenry Cox obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
CoxIMG_0031.jpgMarie J Cox obituary 05-23-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 19
CoxIMG_0032.jpgMarie J Cox memoriam 09-16-1897 - 05-28-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 19
CoxIMG_0033.jpgRaymond Cox obituary 1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 37
CoxIMG_0035.jpgRaymond Cox memoriam 10-30-1891 - 07-27-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, apge 37
CoxIMG_0036.jpgGrace A Cox obituary 11-26-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 66
CoxIMG_0037.jpgAnne Elizabeth Cox note
CoxIMG_0038.jpgJohn Cox note
CoxIMG_0039.jpgV Monroe Cox note
CoxIMG_0040.jpgLewis A Cox memoriam 11-16-1903 - 05-16-1983
CoxIMG_0041.jpgLewis A Cox obituary
CrahanIMG.jpgAnna B Crahan obituary
CramF050701-001.jpgCatharine Cram Obituary
CranbertF050628-001.jpgHeindrick Cranbert notes
CraneF050628-002.jpgP B Crane
CraneF050628-003.jpgP B Crane estate auction
CraneF050628-004.jpgP B Crane letter
CraneF050628-005.jpgP B Crane farm
CraneF050628-006.jpgP B Crane farming 1 of 3
CraneF050628-007.jpgP B Crane farming....2 of 3
CraneF050628-008.jpgP B Crame farming....3 of 3
CraneF050628-009.jpgP B Crane bank certification
CraneF050628-010.jpgP B Crane article
CraneF050628-011.jpgP B Crane certification
CraneF050628-012.jpgP B Crane article
CraneF050628-013.jpgP B Crane testimonal
CraneF050628-015.jpgCrane notes
CrawfordF050628-016.jpgRobert W Crawford, DR newspaper article
CrawfordF050628-017.jpgLLoyd A Crawford memoir
CrawfordF050628-018.jpgCrawford notes
CrawfordF050628-019.jpgNancy Crawford descendants 1 of 2
CrawfordF050628-020.jpgNancy Crawford....2 of 2
CrawfordIMG.jpgMary F Crawford obituary
CrawfordIMG_0001.jpgLloyd Crawford obituary 05-02-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 24
CrawfordIMG_0002.jpgLloyd A Crawford memoriam 03-31-1911 - 06-02-1985 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 24
CreelmanF050628-021.jpgCreelman family notes 1 of 5
CreelmanF050628-022.jpgCreelman family....2 of 5
CreelmanF050628-023.jpgCreelman....3 of 5
CreelmanF050628-024.jpgCreelman family....4 of 5
CreelmanF050628-025.jpgCreelman family....5 of 5
CreelmanF050628-026.jpgCarol Creelman obituary
CreelmanF050628-027.jpgCreelman note
CreelmanF050628-028.jpgCreelman letter 1 of 2
CreelmanF050628-029.jpgCreelman letter 2 of 2
CreelmanF050628-030.jpgCreelman note
CreelmanF050628-031.jpgCreelman notes
CreelmanF050628-032.jpgJames William Creelman note
CreelmanF050628-033.jpgJames William Creelman and wife Mary Jane Creelman. Homestead at Parkers lake 1875
CreelmanF050628-034.jpgJames William Creeland 1910 at Parkers Lake Farm. B 1-31-1842 D 12-30-1914, son of Samuel IV
CreelmanF050628-035.jpgJames William Creelman
CreelmanF050628-036.jpgCreeland - Mary Jane Campbell b 9-13-1838 d10-15-1918, daughter of Henry M Campbell and Eleanor C Rutherford
CreelmanF050628-037.jpgCreelman Generation Pedigree Chart 1 of 3
CreelmanF050628-038.jpgCreelman Generation....2 of 3
CreelmanF050628-039.jpgCreelman Generation....3 of 3
CremerF050628-040.jpgCremer note
CressyF050628-041.jpgCressy notes
CressyF050628-042.jpgCressy notes
CressyF050628-043.jpgCressy notes
CressyF050628-044.jpgHelen Cressey
CressyIMG.jpgElliea Anna [Stein] Cressy obituary 11-27-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 38
CressyIMG_0001.jpgElliea Anna Cressy obituary 12-11-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 42
CressyIMG_0002.jpgAlvina Cressy obituary 03-27-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 21
CriglerF050628-045.jpgCrigler family notes
CriglerF050628-046.jpgCrigler notes
CriglerF050628-047.jpgCrigler - Joseph Crooker plat info
CriglerF050628-048.jpgCrigler - Joseph Crooker note
CrislipIMG.jpgNed Crislip letter 02-28-1991
CrosbyF050629-001.jpgThomas M Crosby Gained Board in July '60
CrosbyF050629-002.jpgThomas M Crosby Sr
CrosbyF050629-003.jpgThomas and Elia Crosby home purchase
CrosbyF050629-004.jpgThomas M Crosby
CrosbyF050629-005.jpgRita Ann Crosby death
CrosbyF050629-006.jpgRita Ann Crosby Obituary
CrosbyF050629-007.jpgMrs Crosby Anti-Suffrage Meeting
CrosbyF050629-008.jpgAlice Crosby Webster Obituary
CrosbyF050629-009.jpgThomas M Crosby Sr
CrosbyF050629-010.jpgEsther V Crosby Obituary
CrosbyF050629-011.jpgCarolyn Crosby Hogan Obituary
CrosbyF050629-012.jpgCrosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-013.jpgThomas M Crosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-014.jpgThomas Crosby Jr article
CrosbyF050629-015.jpgKitty Crosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-016.jpgCharlie Crosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-017.jpgCrosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-018.jpgJohn Crosby 1 of 3
CrosbyF050629-019.jpgJohn Crosby....2 of 3
CrosbyF050629-020.jpgJohn Crosby....3 of 3
CrosbyF050629-021.jpgEsther V Crosby Obituary
CrosbyF050629-022.jpgKitty Crosby
CrosbyF050629-023.jpgThomas Crosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-024.jpgMary Eugenie Crosby marriage
CrosbyF050629-025.jpgKitty Crosby
CrosbyF050629-026.jpgCrosby notes
CrosbyF050629-027.jpgCrosby notes
CrosbyF050629-028.jpgEsther V Crosby Obituary
CrosbyF050629-029.jpgThomas Crosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-030.jpgF M Crosby marriage
CrosbyF050629-031.jpgKitty Crosby Orono School Board
CrosbyF050629-032.jpgCrosby notes
CrosbyF050629-033.jpgJohn Crosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-034.jpgThomas Crosby newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-035.jpgCrosby notes
CrosbyF050629-036.jpgCrosby - Carolyn Foundation
CrosbyF050629-037.jpgCrosby family story
CrosbyF050629-038.jpgHenry S Crosby Jr newspaper article
CrosbyF050629-039.jpgThomas M Crosby Jr note
CrosbyF050629-040.jpgThomas M Crosby Obituary
CrosbyF050629-041.jpgThomas M Crosby dinner
CrosbyF050629-042.jpgJohn Crosby The Public and Service of John Crosby article 1 of 7
CrosbyF050629-043.jpgJohn Crosby....2 of 7
CrosbyF050629-044.jpgJohn Crosby....3 of 7
CrosbyF050629-045.jpgJohn Crosby....4 of 7
CrosbyF050629-046.jpgJohn Crosby....5 of 7
CrosbyF050629-047.jpgJohn Crosby....6 of 7
CrosbyF050629-048.jpgJohn Crosby....7 of 7
CrosbyF050629-049.jpgJohn Crosby
CrosbyF050629-050.jpgEugenia Crosby memoir 1 of 26
CrosbyF050629-051.jpgEugenia Crosby....2 of 26
CrosbyF050629-052.jpgEugenia Crosby....3 of 26
CrosbyF050629-053.jpgEugenia Crosby....4 of 26
CrosbyF050629-054.jpgEugenia Crosby....5 of 26
CrosbyF050629-055.jpgEugenia Crosby....6 of 26
CrosbyF050629-056.jpgEugenia Crosby....7 of 26
CrosbyF050629-057.jpgEugenia Crosby....8 of 26
CrosbyF050629-058.jpgEugenia Crosby....9 of 26
CrosbyF050630-001.jpgEugenia Crosby....10 of 26
CrosbyF050630-002.jpgEugenia Crosby....11 of 26
CrosbyF050630-003.jpgEugenia Crosby....12 of 26
CrosbyF050630-004.jpgEugenia Crosby....13 of 26
CrosbyF050630-005.jpgEugenia Crosby....14 of 26
CrosbyF050630-006.jpgEugenia Crosby....15 of 26
CrosbyF050630-007.jpgEugenia Crosby....16 of 26
CrosbyF050630-008.jpgEugenia Crosby....17 of 26
CrosbyF050630-009.jpgEugenia Crosby....18 of 26
CrosbyF050630-010.jpgEugenia Crosby....19 of 26
CrosbyF050630-011.jpgEugenia Crosby....20 of 26
CrosbyF050630-012.jpgEugenia Crosby....21 of 26
CrosbyF050630-013.jpgEugenia Crosby....22 of 26
CrosbyF050630-014.jpgEugenia Crosby....23 of 26
CrosbyF050630-015.jpgEugenia Crosby....24 of 26
CrosbyF050630-016.jpgEugenia Crosby....25 of 26
CrosbyF050630-017.jpgEugenia Crosby....26 of 26
CrosbyIMG-1.jpgElla Crosby "My Story...Ella Crosby" with Steve LeBeau NOTE: Located in the Family Bound Editions in the vault
CrosbyIMG.jpgJohn Crosby elect John Crosby for 42 B...
CrosbyIMG_0001.jpgThomas Manville Crosby obituary, married Ella Pillsbury 1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 36
CrosbyIMG_0002.jpgRita Ann R Crosby obituary
CrosseF050628-049.jpgWilliam Mentor Crosse 1 of 5
CrosseF050628-050.jpgWilliam Mentor Crosse 2 of 5
CrosseF050628-051.jpgWilliam Mentor Crosse 3 of 5
CrosseF050628-052.jpgWilliam Mentor Crosse 4 of 5
CrosseF050628-053.jpgWilliam Mentor Crosse 5 of 5
CrouchIMG.jpgJim Crouch Bamkruptcies
CrouyleyIMG.jpgDonovan E Crouley obituary 06-02-1982
CroweF050630-018.jpgCrowe notes
CroweF050630-019.jpgT J Crowe A Flag on Every School House
CroweF050630-020.jpgCrowe family notes
CrowningshieldIMG.jpgHelen [Corcoran] Crowingshield obituary 10-05-1979
CruikshankF050630-021.jpgMiles Cruikshank aka The Candy Man
CruikshankF050630-022.jpgCruikshank family notes 1 of 4
CruikshankF050630-023.jpgCruikshank....2 of 4
CruikshankF050630-024.jpgCruikshank....3 of 4
CruikshankF050630-025.jpgCruikshank....4 of 4
CruikshankF050630-026.jpgCruikshank - Wayzata Auto Livery and Feed Stables
CruikshankF050630-028.jpgR T Cruikshank newspaper article
CruikshankF050630-031.jpgCruikshank notes
CruikshankF050630-033.jpgRobert Cruikshank death
CruikshankF050630-034.jpgSarah Jane Cruikshank notes
CruikshankF050630-035.jpgCruikshank notes
CruikshankF050630-036.jpgCruikshank letter
CruikshankF050630-037.jpgCruikshank letter
CruikshankF050630-038.jpgChester H Cruishank Obituary
CruikshankF050630-039.jpgCruikshank notes
CruikshankF050630-040.jpgCruikshank family
CruikshankF050630-041.jpgBarbara Cruikshank marriage
CruikshankF050630-042.jpgMr and Mrs Albert Cruikshank 50 years
CruikshankF050630-043.jpgCruikshank letter
CruikshankF050630-044.jpgMargaret Cruikshank card of thanks
CruikshankF050630-045.jpgMr and Mrs Albert Cruikshank 50 years
CruikshankF050630-046.jpgCruikshank note
CruikshankF050630-047.jpgAlice Cruishank newspaper article
CruikshankF050630-049.jpgCruikshank notes
CruikshankF050630-050.jpgCruikshank notes
CruikshankF050630-051.jpgCruikshank - Walter Zastrow Obituary
CruikshankF050630-052.jpgCruikshank notes 1 of 5
CruikshankF050630-053.jpgCruikshank....2 of 5
CruikshankF050630-054.jpgCruikshank....3 of 5
CruikshankF050630-055.jpgCruikshank notes 4 of 5
CruikshankF050630-056.jpgCruikshank....5 of 5
CruikshankF050630-057.jpgCruikshank - A record of 70 families their homesteads and geneologies 1 of 72
CruikshankF050630-058.jpgCruikshank-....2 of 72
CruikshankF050630-059.jpgCruikshank....3 of 72
CruikshankF050630-060.jpgCruikshank....4 of 72
CruikshankF050630-061.jpgCruikshank....5 of 72
CruikshankF050630-062.jpgCruikshank....6 of 72
CruikshankF050630-063.jpgCruikshank....7 of 72
CruikshankF050630-064.jpgCruikshank....8 of 72
CruikshankF050630-065.jpgCruikshank....9 of 72
CruikshankF050630-066.jpgCruikshank....10 of 72
CruikshankF050630-067.jpgCruikshank....11 of 72
CruikshankF050630-068.jpgCruikshank....12 of 72
CruikshankF050630-069.jpgCruikshank....13 of 72
CruikshankF050630-070.jpgCruikshank....14 of 72
CruikshankF050630-071.jpgCruikshank....15 of 72
CruikshankF050630-072.jpgCruikshank....16 of 72
CruikshankF050630-073.jpgCruikshank....17 of 72
CruikshankF050630-074.jpgCruikshank....18 of 72
CruikshankF050630-075.jpgCruikshank....19 of 72
CruikshankF050630-076.jpgCruikshank....20 of 72
CruikshankF050630-077.jpgCruikshank....21 of 72
CruikshankF050630-078.jpgCruikshank....22 of 72
CruikshankF050630-079.jpgCruikshank....23 of 72
CruikshankF050630-080.jpgCruikshank....24 of 72
CruikshankF050630-081.jpgCruikshank....25 of 72
CruikshankF050630-082.jpgCruikshank....26 of 72
CruikshankF050630-083.jpgCruikshank....27 of 72
CruikshankF050630-084.jpgCruikshank....28 of 72
CruikshankF050630-085.jpgCruikshank....29 of 72
CruikshankF050630-086.jpgCruikshank....30 of 72
CruikshankF050630-087.jpgCruikshank....31 of 72
CruikshankF050630-088.jpgCruikshank....32 of 72
CruikshankF050630-089.jpgCruikshank...33 of 72
CruikshankF050630-090.jpgCruikshank....34 of 72
CruikshankF050630-091.jpgCruikshank....35 of 72
CruikshankF050630-092.jpgCruikshank....36 of 72
CruikshankF050630-093.jpgCruikshank....37 of 72
CruikshankF050630-094.jpgCruikshank....38 of 72
CruikshankF050630-095.jpgCruikshank....39 of 72
CruikshankF050630-096.jpgCruikshank....40 of 72
CruikshankF050630-097.jpgCruikshank....41 of 72
CruikshankF050630-098.jpgCruikshank....42 of 72
CruikshankF050630-099.jpgCruikshank....43 of 72
CruikshankF050630-100.jpgCruikshank....44 of 72
CruikshankF050630-101.jpgCruikshank....45 of 72
CruikshankF050630-102.jpgCruikshank....46 of 72
CruikshankF050630-103.jpgCruikshank....47 of 72
CruikshankF050630-104.jpgCruikshank....48 of 72
CruikshankF050630-105.jpgCruikshank....49 of 72
CruikshankF050701-001.jpgCruikshank....50 of 72
CruikshankF050701-002.jpgCruikshank....51 of 72
CruikshankF050701-003.jpgCruikshank....53 of 72
CruikshankF050701-004.jpgCruikshank....52 of 72
CruikshankF050701-005.jpgCruikshank....54 of 72
CruikshankF050701-006.jpgCruikshank....55 of 72
CruikshankF050701-007.jpgCruikshank....58 of 72
CruikshankF050701-008.jpgCruikshank....57 of 72
CruikshankF050701-009.jpgCruikshank....56 of 72
CruikshankF050701-010.jpgCruikshank....59 of 72
CruikshankF050701-011.jpgCruikshank....60 of 72
CruikshankF050701-012.jpgCruikshank....61 of 72
CruikshankF050701-013.jpgCruikshank....62 of 72
CruikshankF050701-014.jpgCruikshank....63 of 72
CruikshankF050701-015.jpgCruikshank....64 of 72
CruikshankF050701-016.jpgCruikshank....68 of 72
CruikshankF050701-017.jpgCruikshank....67 of 72
CruikshankF050701-018.jpgCruikshank....66 of 72
CruikshankF050701-019.jpgCruikshank....65 of 72
CruikshankF050701-020.jpgCruikshank....71 of 72
CruikshankF050701-021.jpgCruikshank....70 of 72
CruikshankF050701-022.jpgCruikshank....69 of 72
CruikshankF050701-023.jpgCruikshank....72 of 72
CruikshankIMG-0014.jpgChester Harold Cruikshank memoriam 2 of 3
CruikshankIMG.jpgAlice Cruikshank memoriam 12-04-1991
CruikshankIMG_0006.jpgCruikshank The Surnames of Scotland by Black 2 of 2
CruikshankIMG_0007.jpgCruikshank Surnames of Scotland note 1 of 2
CruikshankIMG_0008.jpgLois M Cruikshank obituary 03-22-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 17
CruikshankIMG_0009.jpgMadelyn Harris Collins Cruikshank obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 42
CruikshankIMG_0010.jpgMarely Harris Collins +
CruikshankIMG_0011.jpgChester H Cruikshank obituary 02-20-1983
CruikshankIMG_0012.jpgAlbert E Cruikshank obituary
CruikshankIMG_0013.jpgAudrey Lila Cruikshank obituary 04-08-1983
CruikshankIMG_0015.jpgChester Harol Cruikshank 1913-1983 memoriam 1 of 3
CruikshankIMG_0016.jpgChester Harold Cruikshank memoriam 3 of 3
CunninghamF050701-024.jpgCunningham notes
CunninghamF050701-025.jpgCunningham notes
CunninghamF050701-026.jpgCunningham notes
CunninghamF050701-027.jpgCunningham notes
CunninghamF050701-028.jpgCunningham notes
CunninghamF050701-029.jpgJohn Cunningham newspaper article
CunninghamF050701-031.jpgElla Cunningham marriage
CurtisF050701-032.jpgCurtis family notes
CurtisF050701-033.jpgCurtis notes
CurtisIMG.jpgMarnie Curtis Van Dusen obituary NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 16
CurtisIMG_0002.jpgCurtis - Caroline Van Dusen obituary NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 20
CurtisIMG_0003.jpgClyde Case obituary 02-26-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 11
CurtisIMG_0004.jpgMargaret Curtis obituary 02-25-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 11
CurtisIMG_0005.jpgWilliam F Curtis obituary, lived in Stubbs Bay