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DahlF050702-001.jpgJoseph and Florence Dahl
DahlF050702-002.jpgDr Arthur I Dahl obituary
DahlF050702-003.jpgDahl newspaper article
DahlF050702-004.jpgBorghild Dahl newspaper article 1 of 2
DahlF050702-005.jpgBorhild Dahl....2 of 2
DahlIMG.jpgGrace Lee Dahl obituary
DahlIMG_0001.jpgBoghild M Dahl obituary 02-23-1984, lived at Sandy Beach, Saga Hill and wrote Minnetonka Summers NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 6
DahlIMG_0002.jpgMargaret Dahl obituary 1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 87
DAHLENIMG.jpgRalph Dahlen note
DahlgrenIMG_0001.jpgJohannes Dahlgren 1820-1899
DahlgrenIMG_0002.jpgEva Dahlgren - wife of Johannes 1820-1899
DahlgrenIMG_0003.jpgEveline Clara Dahlgren; Hjalmar Headon Dahlgren; Alice Rosina Dahlgren 1889
DahlgrenIMG_0005.jpgAnders Dahlgren; Hjaahnsar Headon Dahlgren; Eveline Clara Dahlgren; Alice Rosina Dahlgren; Anna Marie Dahlgren - Spokane Washington
DahlgrenIMG_0007.jpgEvaline Dahlgren
DahlgrenIMG_0009.jpgDalgren unidentified
DahlgrenIMG_0010.jpgDahlgren - unidentified
DahlgrenIMG_0011.jpgDahlgren - unidentified
DahlgrenIMG_0013.jpgAnders Dahlgren and ?
DahlgrenIMG_0014.jpgDahlgren - Alice; Eveline; Anna
DahlgrenIMG_0015.jpgJacob Dahlgren obituary
DahlgrenIMG_0016.jpgJacob and Emily Dahlgren
DahlgrenIMG_0017.jpgDahlgren - unidentified
DahlgrenIMG_0018.jpgDahlgren - Unidentified
DahlgrenIMG_0019.jpgDahlgren - Anna Lundberg
DahlgrenIMG_0020.jpgDahlgren - Denalda, Evelyn, Marie Lundberg
DahlgrenIMG_0021.jpgDahlgren - Edward and Clara Norstad
DahlgrenIMG_0022.jpgDahlgren postcard
DahlgrenIMG_0023.jpgDahlgren - Granma Norsted; Nicolinas mother
DahlgrenIMG_0024.jpgMarie Dahlgren - Johannes sister
DahlgrenIMG_0025.jpgDahlgren - Edward and Clara Norstad
DahlgrenIMG_0026.jpgDahlgren - Ida Olson
DahlgrenIMG_0027.jpgDahlgren - unidentified
DahlgrenIMG_0028.jpgDahlgren - unidentified
DahlgrenIMG_0029.jpgDahlgren - daughter of Aaron Dahlgren; died 11-06-1904
DahlgrenIMG_0031.jpgJohannes Dahlgren grave marker
DahlquistF050702-006.jpgDahlquist notes
DahlstromF050702-007.jpgDahlstrom notes
DahlstromF050702-009.jpgDahlstrom - Vera D Bliven memoir
DahlstromF050702-012.jpgDahlstrom note
DahlstromIMG.jpgDahlstrom-Bewen Collection 10-16-72
DalenIMG_0001.jpgAdelle Dalen obituary 07-15-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 34
DalenIMG_0002.jpgAdelle M Dalen memoriam 10-30-1927 - 07-15-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 34
DalenIMG_0003.jpgAdelle Dalen ....60; was longtime teacher, librarian 07-20-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 35
DalenIMG_0008.jpgMary Beth Dalen Obituary 01-07-1999
DalrympleF050702-013.jpgMrs John Dalrymple article
DalrympleF050702-014.jpgOliver Dalrymple Bonanza Farmer 1 of 3
DalrympleF050702-015.jpgOliver Dairymple...2 of 3
DalrympleF050702-016.jpgOliver Dairymple....3 of 3
DalrympleF050702-017.jpgOliver Dalrymple note
DalrympleF050702-019.jpgBernice Dalrymple Obituary
DalrympleF050702-020.jpgMrs Dalyrmple
DalrympleF050702-021.jpgDalrymple notes 1 of 3
DalrympleF050702-022.jpgDalyrmple Notes 2 of 3
DalrympleF050702-023.jpgDalrymple Notes 3 of 3
DalrympleF050702-024.jpgWilliam Dalrymple advertisement
DalrympleF050702-025.jpgDalrymple Home article
DalrympleF050702-026.jpgMrs John Dalrymple newspaper article
DalrympleF050702-027.jpgCynthia Dalrymple marriage
DalrympleF050702-028.jpgOliver Dalrymple article
DalrympleF050702-029.jpgMr and Mrs John S Dalyrmple and Florence Anne Dalrymple article
DalrympleF050702-030.jpgMr and Mrs John S Darlymple, daughters: Anne and Cynthia
DalrympleF050702-031.jpgOliver Dalrymple note
DalrympleF050702-032.jpgOliver Dalrymple note
DalrympleF050702-033.jpgAnne Dalrymple Mothers Day
DalrympleIMG.jpgEvelyn C Dalrymple obituary 10-21-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 63
DamIMG_0001.jpgFrederik K Dam obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 6, page 25
DanforthF050702-034.jpgRichard Danforth note
DanforthF050702-035.jpgDanforth plat info
DanforthF050702-036.jpgDanforth note
DanielsF050702-037.jpgP Danielle Sr interview
DanielsF050702-038.jpgDaniels notes
DanielsF050702-039.jpgDaniels Nursery advertisement
DanielsF050702-040.jpgFranc P Daniels How to Build a Lawn
DanielsF050702-041.jpgDaniels notes
DanielsF050702-042.jpgFritz Daniels plat info
DanielsF050702-043.jpgFranc P Daniels Late Runner Plants Should Be Destroyed article
DanielsF050702-044.jpgDaniels letter
DanielsF050702-045.jpgDaniels Nursery Inc A Guide to the Best Hardy Plants
DanielsF050702-046.jpgDaniels Nursery Invitation
DanielsF050702-047.jpgDaniels Nursery
DanielsF050702-048.jpgDaniels Nursery advertisement
DanielsF050702-049.jpgDaniels Nursery Daniels Guide to Better Landscaping and Gardening
DanielsF050702-050.jpgDaniels Nursery welcome
DanielsIMG.jpgFranc Daniels, Sr - Daniels Nursery and Landscape, Long Lake, MN article
DanielsIMG_0001.jpgFranc P Daniels obituary
DanielsIMG_0002.jpgFranc P Daniels, Sr obituary November 1979
DanielsonF050702-051.jpgDanielson notes 1 of 2
DanielsonF050702-052.jpgClarence E Danielson memoir
DanielsonF050702-053.jpgDanielson Notes 2 of 2
DanielsonIMG.jpgMabel Marion Danielson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
DanielsonIMG_0001.jpgElizabeth [Kuntz] Danielson note
DarstIMG.jpgArlene Darst obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 29
DartF050702-056.jpgDart notes
DartF050702-057.jpgS O Dart death
DartF050703-001.jpgDart letter
DartF050703-002.jpgCecil Dart accident
DartF050703-003.jpgCecil Dart 9th birthday
DartF050703-004.jpgA T Dart advertisement
DartF050703-005.jpgDart notes
DartF050703-006.jpgMaxine Dart (Sis) memoir
DartF050703-007.jpgDart family notes
DartF050703-008.jpgAl Dart info
DartF050703-009.jpgMuriel Dart Groff newspaper article 1 of 4
DartF050703-010.jpgMuriel Dart Groff 2 of 4
DartF050703-011.jpgMuriel Dart Groff 3 of 4
DartF050703-012.jpgMuriel Dart Groff 4 of 4
DarthF050702-054.jpgDarth notes 1 of 2
DarthF050702-055.jpgDarth Notes 2 of 2
DarthIMG.jpgSwan and Agusta Darth family research 05-27-2006
DaughertyF050703-013.jpgOle Daughtety (Byron) owned the little store (site of Pappagilio) near Widsten School
DaughertyF050703-014.jpgOle Daugherty taught riding at the house arena which ultimately became the St Louis Park Roller Rink
DaughertyF050703-015.jpgOle Daugherty (Byron)
DaughertyF050703-016.jpgBud Doughtery Foot Ball Game article
DaughertyF050703-017.jpgVint Daughtery article
DaughertyF050703-018.jpgRihcard Daugherty (Budd) marriage
DaughertyF050703-019.jpgJarvis Daughtery article
DaughertyF050703-020.jpgDaugherty notes
DaughertyF050703-021.jpgDaugherty & Son advertisement
DaughertyF050703-022.jpgBud Daughtery article
DaughertyF050703-023.jpgDaugherty family notes 1 of 3
DaughertyF050703-024.jpgDaugherty Family Notes 2 of 3
DaughertyF050703-025.jpgDaugherty Family Notes 3 of 3
DavenportIMG.jpgFrederick Alvin Davenport obituary 10-29-1978
DavenportIMG_0001.jpgFrederic A Davenport memoriam 08-13-1905 - 10-29-1978
DavidIMG_0001.jpgAnna L David family information 1 of 2
DavidIMG_0002.jpgAnna L David family information 2 of 2
DaviesF050703-026.jpgSarah Jane Davies Obituary
DaviesF050703-027.jpgSarah Jane Davies
DavisF050703-028.jpgDavis notes 1 of 2
DavisF050703-029.jpgDavis Notes 2 of 2
DavisF050703-030.jpgDonald D Davis
DayF050703-031.jpgGeorge Day memories 1 of 23
DayF050703-032.jpgGeorge Day....2 of 23
DayF050703-033.jpgGeorge Day....3 of 23
DayF050703-034.jpgGeorge Day....4 of 23
DayF050703-035.jpgGeorge Day....5 of 23
DayF050703-036.jpgGeorge Day....6 of 23
DayF050703-037.jpgGeorge Day....7 of 23
DayF050703-038.jpgGeorge Day....8 of 23
DayF050703-039.jpgGeorge Day....9 of 23
DayF050703-040.jpgGeorge Day....10 of 23
DayF050703-041.jpgGeorge Day....11 of 23
DayF050703-042.jpgGeorge Day....12 of 23
DayF050703-043.jpgGeorge Day....13 of 23
DayF050703-044.jpgGeorge Day....14 of 23
DayF050703-045.jpgGeorge Day....15 of 23
DayF050703-046.jpgGeorge Day....16 of 23
DayF050703-047.jpgGeorge Day....17 of 23
DayF050703-048.jpgGeorge Day....18 of 23
DayF050703-049.jpgGeorge Day....19 of 23
DayF050703-050.jpgGeorge Day....20 of 23
DayF050703-051.jpgGeorge Day....21 of 23
DayF050703-052.jpgGeorge Day....22 of 23
DayF050703-053.jpgGeorge Day....23 of 23
DayF050703-054.jpgAbel W Day newspaper article
DayF050703-055.jpgJoseph Day farm home 1 of 2
DayF050703-056.jpgJoseph Day farm home 2 of 2
DayF050703-057.jpgA W Day calling card
DayF050703-058.jpgDay - thank you
DayF050703-059.jpgJohn Day article
DayF050703-060.jpgElmer Day advertisement
DayF050703-061.jpgNathanial Day Obituary
DayF050703-062.jpgPaul Day advertisement
DayF050703-063.jpgElmer Day advertisement
DayF050703-064.jpgRobert H Day memoir
DayF050703-065.jpgPaul Day
DayF050703-066.jpgDay notes 1 of 2
DayF050703-067.jpgDay notes 2 of 2
DayF050703-068.jpgElsie Day article
DayF050703-069.jpgLowell Day collapses
DayF050703-070.jpgPaul Day Obituary
DayF050703-071.jpgLowell Day Your Neighbor newspaper article
DayF050703-072.jpgDay Marker in Groveland Cemetary 1985
DayF050703-073.jpgDay - Mrs Stephen O Gates Obituary
DayF050703-074.jpgPaul W Day advertisement
DayF050703-075.jpgPaul Day advertisement
DayF050703-076.jpgA W Day advertisement
DayF050703-077.jpgElsie Day Your Neighbor
DayF050703-078.jpgMr and Mrs Earl W Day
DayF050703-079.jpgDay notes
DayF050703-080.jpgDay Notes
DayF050703-081.jpgDay notes
DayF050703-082.jpgDay notes
DayF050703-083.jpgDay notes
DayF050703-084.jpgGeorge E Day notes
DayF050703-085.jpgMrs Stephen Gates death
DayF050703-086.jpgEnos Day plat info
DayF050703-087.jpgGeorge Day notes
DayF050703-088.jpgAlbert Day death
DayF050703-089.jpgDay family notes
DayF050703-090.jpgFrancis Day plat info
DayF050703-091.jpgDay notes
DayF050703-092.jpgGeorge Day Minnetonka Reminiscences 1 of 7
DayF050703-093.jpgGeorge Day....2 of 7
DayF050703-094.jpgGeorge Day....3 of 7
DayF050703-095.jpgGeorge Day....4 of 7
DayF050703-096.jpgGeorge Day....5 of 7
DayF050703-097.jpgGeorge Day....6 of 7
DayF050703-098.jpgGeorge Day....7 of 7
DayF050703-099.jpgGeorge Day notes 1 of 49
DayF050703-100.jpgGeorge Day Notes 2 of 49
DayF050703-101.jpgGeorge Day notes 3 of 49
DayF050703-102.jpgGeorge Day notes 4 of 49
DayF050703-103.jpgGeorge Day Notes 5 of 49
DayF050703-104.jpgGeorge Day notes 6 of 49
DayF050703-105.jpgGeorge Day notes 7 of 49
DayF050703-106.jpgGeorge Day notes 8 of 49
DayF050703-107.jpgGeorge Day notes 9 of 49
DayF050703-108.jpgGeorge Day notes 10 of 49
DayF050703-109.jpgGeorge Day notes 11 of 49
DayF050703-110.jpgGeorge Day notes 12 of 49
DayF050703-111.jpgGeorge Day notes 13 of 49
DayF050703-112.jpgGeorge Day notes 14 of 49
DayF050703-113.jpgGeorge Day notes 15 of 49
DayF050703-114.jpgGeorge Day notes 16 of 49
DayF050703-115.jpgGeorge Day notes 17 of 49
DayF050703-116.jpgGeorge Day notes 18 of 49
DayF050703-117.jpgGeorge Day notes 19 of 49
DayF050703-118.jpgGeorge Day notes 20 of 49
DayF050703-119.jpgGeorge Day notes 21 of 49
DayF050703-120.jpgGeorge Day notes 22 of 49
DayF050703-121.jpgGeorge Day notes 23 of 49
DayF050703-122.jpgGeorge Day notes 24 of 49
DayF050703-123.jpgGeorge Day notes 25 of 49
DayF050703-124.jpgGeorge Day notes 26 of 49
DayF050703-125.jpgGeorge Day notes 27 of 49
DayF050703-126.jpgGeorge Day notes 28 of 49
DayF050703-127.jpgGeorge Day notes 29 of 49
DayF050703-128.jpgGeorge Day notes 30 of 49
DayF050703-129.jpgGeorge Day notes 31 of 49
DayF050703-130.jpgGeorge Day notes 32 of 49
DayF050703-131.jpgGeorge Day notes 33 of 49
DayF050703-132.jpgGeorge Day notes 34 of 49
DayF050703-133.jpgGeorge Day notes 35 of 49
DayF050703-134.jpgGeorge Day notes 36 of 49
DayF050703-135.jpgGeorge Day notes 37 of 49
DayF050703-136.jpgGeorge Day notes 38 of 49
DayF050703-137.jpgGeorge Day notes 39 of 49
DayF050703-138.jpgGeorge Day notes 40 of 49
DayF050703-139.jpgGeorge Day notes 41 of 49
DayF050703-140.jpgGeorge Day notes 42 of 49
DayF050703-141.jpgGeorge Day notes 43 of 49
DayF050703-142.jpgGeorge Day notes 44 of 49
DayF050703-143.jpgGeorge Day notes 45 of 49
DayF050703-144.jpgGeorge Day notes 46 of 49
DayF050703-145.jpgGeorge Day notes 47 of 49
DayF050703-146.jpgGeorge Day notes 48 of 49
DayF050703-147.jpgGeorge Day notes 49 of 49
DayF050703-148.jpgEmily Day notes
DayF050703-149.jpgDay Family History 1 of 3
DayF050703-150.jpgDay Family History 2 of 3
DayF050703-151.jpgDay Family History 3 of 3
DayF050703-152.jpgEarl Day death
DayIMG.jpgAlbert W Day and Grace O Douglass obituaries
DayIMG_0001-01.jpgGeorge Day memoire 1 of 18
DayIMG_0001.jpgRobert Day Estate letter 06-05-1992 1 of 2
DayIMG_0002-02.jpgGeorge Day....2 of 18
DayIMG_0002.jpgRobert Day Estate letter 06-05-1992 2 of 32
DayIMG_0003-03.jpgGeorge Day....3 of 18
DayIMG_0003.jpgRobert H Day Order and Notice of Hearing on Petition for Formal Probate of Will and Appointment for Personal Representative in Unsupervised Administration and Notice to Creditors 1 of 3
DayIMG_0004-04.jpgGeorge Day....4 of 18
DayIMG_0004.jpgRobert H Day Order and Notice....2 of 3
DayIMG_0005-05.jpgGeorge Day....5 of 18
DayIMG_0005.jpgRobert H Day Order and Notice....3 of 3
DayIMG_0006-06.jpgGeorge Day....6 of 18
DayIMG_0006.jpgRobert Day Last Will 1 of 8
DayIMG_0007-07.jpgGeorge Day....7 of 18
DayIMG_0007.jpgRobert Day Last Will 2 of 8
DayIMG_0008-08.jpgGeorge Day....8 of 18
DayIMG_0008.jpgRobert Day last Will 3 of 8
DayIMG_0009-09.jpgGeorge Day....9 of 18
DayIMG_0009.jpgRobert Day Last Will 4 of 8
DayIMG_0010-10.jpgGeorge Day....10 of 18
DayIMG_0010.jpgRobert Day Last Will 5 of 8
DayIMG_0011-11.jpgGeorge Day....11 of 18
DayIMG_0011.jpgRobert Day Last Will 6 of 8
DayIMG_0011_1.jpgDay - "Decendants of Enos Day and Betsey Waters of Milton, Vermont", Lorraine Hall Keith 2006 Also, includes Gray family and the A W Day Family NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
DayIMG_0012-12.jpgGeorge Day....12 of 18
DayIMG_0012.jpgRobert Day Last Will 7 of 8
DayIMG_0013-13.jpgGeorge Day....13 of 18
DayIMG_0013.jpgRobert Day Last Will 8 of 8
DayIMG_0014-14.jpgGeorge Day....14 of 18
DayIMG_0014.jpgRobert Day 1991 Interest Income of Beneficiary WHPA
DayIMG_0015-15.jpgGeorge Day....15 of 18
DayIMG_0015.jpgRobert Day letter to attorneys Johnson & Madigan 03-08-1992 1 of 2
DayIMG_0016-16.jpgGeorge Day....16 of 18
DayIMG_0016.jpgRobert Day letter 03-18-1992 2 of 2
DayIMG_0017-17.jpgGeorge Day....17 of 18
DayIMG_0018-18.jpgGeorge Day....18 of 18
DayIMG_0019.jpgAlbert W Day obituary NOTE: original document lcoated in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 337
DayIMG_0020.jpgRobert H Day obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 4
DayIMG_0021.jpgMargaret Day notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 4
DayIMG_0022.jpgRobert H Day obituary 02-05-1930 - 01-26-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 4
DayIMG_0023.jpgBernice Creelman Day memoriam 08-14-1891 - 04-02-1978
DayIMG_0024.jpgBernice M Day [Creelman] notes
DayIMG_0025.jpgBernice N [Creelman] Day obituary
DayIMG_0026.jpgElsie I Day obituary 05-12-1982
DayIMG_0027.jpgJohn Day note
DayIMG_0028.jpgJanet E day obituary 10-19-1983
DayIMG_0029.jpgNathaniel J Day obituary 01-06-1907 - 02-19-1981
DayIMG_0030.jpgPaul W Day obituary
DayIMG_0031.jpgJohn Day note
DayIMG_0032.jpgPaul W Day obituary 06-23-1979
DaytonF050703-153.jpgGeorge D Dayton
DaytonF050703-154.jpgDayton testimony
DaytonF050703-155.jpgDayton testimony 2 of 5
DaytonF050703-156.jpgDayton testimony 3 of 5
DaytonF050703-157.jpgDayton testimony 4 of 5
DaytonF050703-158.jpgDayton testimony 5 of 5
DaytonF050703-159.jpgJosephine Dayton Blair Obituary
DaytonF050703-160.jpgMrs G Nelson Dayton
DaytonF050703-161.jpgDayton - David Draper Jr Obituary
DaytonF050703-162.jpgDayton - Boulder Bridge article
DaytonF050703-163.jpgDayton notes
DaytonF050703-164.jpgMarion McDonald Dayton Obituary
DaytonF050703-166.jpgDayton Company, The advertisement
DaytonF050703-167.jpgDayton postcard 1926
DaytonF050703-168.jpgDayton notes
DaytonF050703-169.jpgDayton notes
DaytonF050703-170.jpgGeorge D Dayton II note
DaytonF050703-171.jpgDayton Lake Minnetonka Executive Country Estates
DaytonF050703-172.jpgDayton estate restoration newspaper article
DaytonF050703-173.jpgDayton - Boulder Bridge Farm advertisement
DaytonF050703-174.jpgDayton - Boulder Bridge Farm advertisement
DaytonF050703-175.jpgDayton The Dayton Dynasty 1 of 10
DaytonF050703-176.jpgDayton....2 of 10
DaytonF050703-177.jpgDayton...3 of 10
DaytonF050703-178.jpgDayton....4 of 10
DaytonF050703-179.jpgDayton....5 of 10
DaytonF050703-180.jpgDayton....6 of 10
DaytonF050703-181.jpgDayton....7 of 10
DaytonF050703-182.jpgDayton....8 of 10
DaytonF050703-183.jpgDayton....9 of 10
DaytonF050703-184.jpgDayton....10 of 10
DaytonF050703-185.jpgGeo D Dayton note
DaytonF050703-186.jpgDayton farm
DaytonF050703-187.jpgDayton - Boulder Bridge Farm
DaytonF050703-188.jpgDayton farming article
DaytonF050703-189.jpgG Nelson Dayton newspaper aticle
DaytonF050704-001.jpgWallace Dayton
DaytonF050704-002.jpgWallace C Dayton receives national award
DaytonF050704-003.jpgDonald C Dayton article
DaytonF050704-004.jpgMary Lee Dayton
DaytonF050704-005.jpgWallace Dayton honary guardian
DaytonF050704-006.jpgDayton Tales from Tonka article 1 of 2
DaytonF050704-007.jpgDayton Tales... 2 of 2
DaytonF050704-008.jpgDayton Relected by Society of Fine Arts article
DaytonF050704-009.jpgMrs Donald C Dayton article
DaytonF050704-010.jpgDonald Dayton quits as chairman article
DaytonF050704-011.jpgDonald C Dayton article
DaytonF050704-012.jpgGrace Dayton Obituary
DaytonF050704-013.jpgDonald Dayton Obituary
DaytonF050705-001.jpgDonald Dayton death
DaytonF050705-002.jpgKenneth Dayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-003.jpgBruce Dayton article
DaytonF050705-004.jpgDayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-005.jpgGeorge Dayton
DaytonF050705-006.jpgKenneth N Dayton article
DaytonF050705-007.jpgDonald Dayton memoriam
DaytonF050705-008.jpgDayton - Avis Heneman death
DaytonF050705-009.jpgDayton - newspaper article
DaytonF050705-010.jpgKen Dayton
DaytonF050705-011.jpgBruce Dayton
DaytonF050705-012.jpgDayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-013.jpgDayton Hudson newspaper article
DaytonF050705-014.jpgGeorge Draper Dayton II Obituary
DaytonF050705-015.jpgDayton Hudson newspaper article
DaytonF050705-016.jpgGeorge Draper Dayton
DaytonF050705-017.jpgDayton Hudson newspaper article
DaytonF050705-018.jpgGeorge Draper Dayton article
DaytonF050705-019.jpgMark Dayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-020.jpgDayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-021.jpgMark Dayton
DaytonF050705-022.jpgDayton - Control marriage
DaytonF050705-023.jpgMark Dayton donation
DaytonF050705-024.jpgDayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-025.jpgJeff Dayton
DaytonF050705-026.jpgJeff Dayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-027.jpgWallace C Dayton given national honor
DaytonF050705-028.jpgRobert J Dayton article 1 of 3
DaytonF050705-029.jpgRobert J Dayton 2 of 3
DaytonF050705-030.jpgRobert J Dayton 3 of 3
DaytonF050705-031.jpgBruce Dayton note
DaytonF050705-032.jpgDayton newspaper article 1 of 2
DaytonF050705-033.jpgDayton....2 of 2
DaytonF050705-034.jpgMark Dayton campaign
DaytonF050705-035.jpgKenneth Dayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-036.jpgMark Dayton attack on Durenberger
DaytonF050705-037.jpgMark Dayton article 1 of 4
DaytonF050705-038.jpgMark Dayton article 2 of 4
DaytonF050705-039.jpgMark Dayton article 3 of 4
DaytonF050705-040.jpgMark Dayton 4 of 4
DaytonF050705-041.jpgMark Dayton open letter to Mark Dayton
DaytonF050705-042.jpgDayton tries dirty-trick politics article
DaytonF050705-043.jpgJudson McDonald Dayton engagement
DaytonF050705-044.jpgMark Dayton article
DaytonF050705-045.jpgBruce Dayton
DaytonF050705-046.jpgMark Dayton to run for U S Senate
DaytonF050705-047.jpgMark Dayton article
DaytonF050705-048.jpgDayton No, Senator Durenberger Social Security is Not Welfare article
DaytonF050705-049.jpgMark Dayton article
DaytonF050705-051.jpgMark Dayton article
DaytonF050705-052.jpgMark Dayton
DaytonF050705-053.jpgJeffrey Dayton article
DaytonF050705-054.jpgMark Dayton seeks support for not-quite US Senate campaign
DaytonF050705-055.jpgDayton article
DaytonF050705-056.jpgWallace Dayton given national honor
DaytonF050705-057.jpgDayton - Control wedding
DaytonF050705-058.jpgMark Dayton Listening to Minnesota article
DaytonF050705-059.jpgElizabeth Dayton marriage
DaytonF050705-060.jpgDayton Hudson Corporation newspaper article
DaytonF050705-061.jpgDayton - Draper McDonald Jaffray engagement
DaytonF050705-062.jpgRalph McDonald Dayton engagement
DaytonF050705-063.jpgDonald and Lucy Dayton sale of home
DaytonF050705-064.jpgMark and Alida Dayton divorce
DaytonF050705-065.jpgWallace Dayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-066.jpgMark Dayton newspaper article
DaytonF050705-067.jpgMark Dayton Convention Notebook
DaytonF050705-068.jpgJud and Lisa Dayton newspaper article 1 of 2
DaytonF050705-069.jpgJudd and Lisa Dayton....2 of 2
DaytonF050705-070.jpgWallace C Dayton sues 'The Bile Speaks' church group
DaytonF050705-071.jpgDayton family member sues church group
DaytonF050705-072.jpgMark and Alida Dayton separation 1 of 2
DaytonF050705-073.jpgMark and Alda Dayton.... 2 of 2
DaytonF050705-074.jpgDayton An Heiress Vs. a Pastor
DaytonF050705-075.jpgDayton heiress wins suit to get $6.6 million back 1 of 2
DaytonF050705-076.jpgDayton heiress....2 of 2
DaytonF050705-077.jpgG Nelsen Dayton note
DaytonF050705-078.jpgDayton - The Spirit of Southdale article 1 of 8
DaytonF050705-079.jpgDayton The Spirit... 2 of 8
DaytonF050705-080.jpgDayton The Spirit... 3 of 8
DaytonF050705-081.jpgDayton The Spirit... 4 of 8
DaytonF050705-082.jpgDayton The Spirit.... 5 of 8
DaytonF050705-083.jpgDayton The Spirit... 6 of 8
DaytonF050705-084.jpgDayton The Spirit.... 7 of 8
DaytonF050705-085.jpgDayton The Spirit.... 8 of 8
DaytonF050705-086.jpgBetsy Dayton Blind Faith article 1 of 15
DaytonF050706-001.jpgBetsy Dayton....2 of 15
DaytonF050706-002.jpgBetsy Dayton....3 of 15
DaytonF050706-003.jpgBetsy Dayton....4 of 15
DaytonF050706-004.jpgBetsy Dayton....5 of 15
DaytonF050706-005.jpgBetsy Dayton....6 of 15
DaytonF050706-006.jpgBetsy Dayton....7 of 15
DaytonF050706-007.jpgBetsy Dayton....8 of 15
DaytonF050706-008.jpgBetsy Dayton....9 of 15
DaytonF050706-009.jpgBetsy Dayton....10 of 15
DaytonF050706-010.jpgBetsy Dayton....11 of 15
DaytonF050706-011.jpgBetsy Dayton....12 of 15
DaytonF050706-012.jpgBetsy Dayton....13 of 15
DaytonF050706-013.jpgBetsy Dayton....14 of 15
DaytonF050706-014.jpgBetsy Dayton....15 of 15
DaytonF050706-015.jpgDayton newspaper article
DaytonF050706-016.jpgDayton Hudson selling its jewelry operations
DaytonF050706-017.jpgJudy and Kenneth Dayton
DaytonF050706-018.jpgDayton Hudson awards $1.4 million in grants
DaytonF050706-019.jpgDayton's Minneapolis store
DaytonF050706-020.jpgDayton Hudson article 1 of 2
DaytonF050706-021.jpgDayton Hudson Corp article
DaytonF050706-022.jpgDayton Hudson....2 of 2
DaytonF050706-023.jpgDayton newspaper article
DaytonF050706-024.jpgDayton Company....2 of 2
DaytonF050706-025.jpgDayton Company advertisement 1 of 2
DaytonF050706-026.jpgDayton - newspaper article
DaytonF050706-027.jpgDayton - P Gerald Mills 1 of 2
DaytonF050706-028.jpgDayton - P....2 of 2
DaytonF050706-029.jpgDayton Company advertisement 1940
DaytonF050706-030.jpgDayton Hudson grants for jobs, arts unveiled
DaytonF050706-031.jpgDayton Company advertisement 1935
DaytonF050706-032.jpgDayton Boulder Bridge Farm Co advertisement 1 of 8
DaytonF050706-033.jpgDayton Boulder....2 of 8
DaytonF050706-034.jpgDayton Boulder....3 of 8
DaytonF050706-035.jpgDayton Boulder....4 of 8
DaytonF050706-036.jpgDayton Boulder....5 of 8
DaytonF050706-037.jpgDayton Boulder....6 of 8
DaytonF050706-038.jpgDayton Boulder....7 of 8
DaytonF050706-039.jpgDayton Boulder.....8 of 8
DaytonIMG_0001.jpgGeorge D Dayton II obituary 10-15-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 63
DaytonIMG_0002.jpgGeorge D Dayton II obituary 10-20-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 61
DaytonIMG_0003.jpgDonald C Dayton obituary
DaytonIMG_0004.jpgJane Poole Dayton obituary
DaytonIMG_0005.jpgBruce B Dayton Anniversary of an Art Lover 1 of 4
DaytonIMG_0006.jpgBruce B Dayton Anniversary....2 of 4
DaytonIMG_0007.jpgBruce B Dayton Anniversary....3 of 4
DaytonIMG_0008.jpgBruce B Dayton Anniversary....4 of 4
DaytonIMG_0009.jpgMarion McDonald Dayton obituary 02-07-1982
DaytonIMG_0046.jpgDayton - "Our Story George Draper Dayton II" family ancestral charts NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
DaytonIMG_0052.jpgDayton - "Our Story" by George Draper Dayton II as told to Judith Vick NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
De SantisIMG_0001.jpgGary DeSantis obituary 2011
De SantisIMG_0002.jpgGary DeSantis Bicyclist killed in crash owned Lake Minnetonka marina
DeatonIMG.jpgMarybelle Deaton obituary 1993 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 20
DeCampF050706-040.jpgWard DeCamp Buzz Obituary
DeCampF050706-041.jpgElva DeCamp marriage
DeCampF050706-042.jpgE E DeCamp death
DeCampF050706-043.jpgWard DeCamp Buzz Obituary
DeCampF050706-044.jpgW DeCamp, chef
DeCampF050706-045.jpgDeCamp newspaper article
DeCampF050706-046.jpgDeCamp notes
DeCampF050706-047.jpgDeCamp notes
DeCampF050706-048.jpgDeCamp receipt
DeCampF050706-049.jpgMardelle DeCamp Candy Making
DeCampF050706-050.jpgWard (Buzz) & Mardelle DeCamp, Tom & Dan Warner
DeCampF050706-051.jpgDoris DeCamp Wayzata High 1935 Grad photo
DeCampF060204-031.jpgMeyers - Mardell DeCamp article
DeCampF060602-001.jpgDeCamp - unidentified
DeCampF060602-002.jpgBride Caroline Barrett, Groom Hoover Kelley, Bridesmaid on far right: Laverne St John
DeCampF060602-003.jpgDeCamp - Bonnie Todd
DeCampF060602-004.jpgDeCamp - Lorraine DuPrey
DeCampF060602-005.jpgDeCamp - Caroline Barrett, Roger Meyer
DeCampF060602-006.jpgDeCamp - Caroline Barrett, Roger Meyer
DeCampF060602-007.jpgDeCamp - L-R: Doris Perry, Margaret Curtis, Merle Stubbs, Mrs Jorde, Mary Snoke, Luverne S?
DeCampF060602-008.jpgDeCamp - Bonnie Todd in 1928
DeCampF060602-009.jpgDeCamp - Extreme Left: Naab, Extreme Right: Ellis
DeCampF060602-010.jpgDeCamp - Mrs Krueger, Ms Linstrom in March 1928
DeCampF060602-013.jpgDeCamp - Muriel Anderson in 1937
DeCampF060602-014.jpgDeCamp - Walter and Edith Gotsch in 1938
DeCampF060602-015.jpgDeCamp - Irma Olsen and Mrs Fred Fields
DeCampF060602-016.jpgDeCamp - Hattie Luby
DeCampF060602-017.jpgDeCamp - Kathryn Mather
DeCampF060602-018.jpgDeCamp - Mary Stumpf who married Virgil Eisinger, daughter of August Stumpf and Alice Rixon, sister of George Stumpf
DeCampF060602-019.jpgIrma Olson and LaVerne St John
DeCampF060602-021.jpgDecamp - Arthur Ellis
DeCampF060602-023.jpgDeCamp - Esther Sapko
DeCampF060602-024.jpgDeCamp - L-R: Merrill Anderson, Kay Mather, Mr Walkup, Gwendolyn Martinson
DeCampF060602-025.jpgDeCamp - Kay Mather Turnham
DeCampF060602-027.jpgDeCamp - Walter and Edith Gotsch
DeCampF060602-028.jpgDeCamp - Walter Horn, Pastor of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Mpls, 1937
DeCampF060602-029.jpgDeCamp - Etta Schendel
DeCampF060602-030.jpgDeCamp - Kay Turnham in 1937
DeCampF060602-031.jpgDeCamp - Mrs Lloyd Kelley and Mrs S Thompson
DeCampF060602-032.jpgDeCamp - Mrs Horn, Mrs Walkup, Kay and Larry
DeCampF060602-033.jpgDeCamp - Caroline Barrett
DeCampF060602-034.jpgDeCamp - Charles Howe and Mr Horn in 1937
DeCampF060602-037.jpgDeCamp - Mr Walkup in 1937 at camp at Lake Pulaski in Buffalo, MN
DeCampF060602-038.jpgDeCamp - Florence Fields and irma Olson in 1940
DeCampF060602-039.jpgBack L-r: ?Crawford, Edward Klotter, Vivian Nicholson, Arthur Ellis, Luverne?, Pauline Daugherty, Gladys Crawford, George Smith, Edwin Naab, ? Lawrence. Middle, L-R: Mary Lou Roberts, Rosilla Todd, Harriet Eisinger, Margie Talbert, Martha Colberg, Dorothy Holland, Benedict Helmin. Front, L-R: Merton Eastlick, Kendall Ellis, Lawrence Larson
DeCampF060602-040.jpgLaverne St. John, Vivian Nicholson, Pauline Claughisty, Edwin
DeCampF060602-042.jpgMardelle DeCamp notes
DeCampF060602-044.jpgWayzata Days of '49
DeCampF060602-045.jpgDeCamp - ....rural welfare division....
DeCampF060602-046.jpgDeCamp - Harry Eisinger Obituary
DeCampF060602-047.jpgDeCamp - Crawford Gustafson Obituary
DeCampF060602-048.jpgDeCamp - Waldon G Hentschel Obituary
DeCampF060602-049.jpgDeCamp - Arthur F Lepowsky Obituary
DeCampF060602-050.jpgDeCamp - Joseph B Rosch Obituary
DeCampF060602-051.jpgDeCamp - Alma Hallson Obituary
DeCampF060602-052.jpgDeCamp - Ingred Ringnier Kelley Obituary
DeCampF060602-053.jpgDeCamp - Fred A Anderson Obituary
DeCampF060602-054.jpgDeCamp - Julie C Brooks Obituary
DeCampF060602-055.jpgDeCamp - Susan Baker, Bernard Juran marriage
DeCampF060602-056.jpgDeCamp - Dorothy Snoke Stratiff Obituary
DeCampF060602-057.jpgDeCamp - Mr and Mrs Harry Eisinger 50th anniversary
DeCampF060602-058.jpgDeCamp - Evelyn Gorman Obituary
DeCampF060602-059.jpgDeCamp - James Stanek Obituary
DeCampF060602-060.jpgDeCamp Scouts Sing in Cold article
DeCampF060602-061.jpgDeCamp - Putnam Dana McMillan Obituary
DeCampF060602-062.jpgDeCamp - Thomas D and Sharon Hopf marriage
DeCampF060602-063.jpgDeCamp - Jane Strand Ritchie Obituary
DeCampF060602-064.jpgDeCamp - Charlotte M Swensen Obituary
DeCampF060602-065.jpgDeCamp - Ronald Oliver Obituary
DeCampF060602-066.jpgDeCamp - Katherine Miller
DeCampF060602-067.jpgDeCamp - Corinne Marlon McGinnis engagement
DeCampF060602-068.jpgDeCamp - Richard Mooney, Richard H Payton Obituaries
DeCampF060602-069.jpgDeCamp - Mr and Mrs Harry Eisinger 50th anniversary
DeCampF060602-070.jpgDeCamp - Gertrude Ellis Hall memoir
DeCampF060602-072.jpgDeCamp - Mr and Mrs David W Waggoner and triplets
DeCampF060602-073.jpgDeCamp - Five Coeds
DeCampF060602-074.jpgDeCamp - Richard C Mooney memoir
DeCampF060602-076.jpgDeCamp - Howard C White memoir
DeCampF060602-077.jpgDeCamp - Corinne Marion McGinnis marriage
DeCampF060602-078.jpgDeCamp - Joyce Marie Harvath marriage
DeCampF060602-079.jpgDeCamp - Lynn McGil marriage
DeCampF060602-081.jpgDeCamp - Diane Dorothy Hawkinson marriage
DeCampF060602-082.jpgDeCamp - Marlene Joy Anderson marriage
DeCampF060602-083.jpgDeCamp - Nancy Jane Olander marriage
DeCampF060602-084.jpgDeCamp - Charlotte M Swensen memoir
DeCampF060602-085.jpgKen Turnham and Graydon McCulley World Boy Scout Jamboree in Hungary
DeCampF060602-086.jpgKen Turnham and Graydon McCulley World Boy Scout Jamboree in Hungary
DeCampF060602-090.jpgBenefit exhibit and tea at the home of Mrs Charles C Webber of Crystal Bay, Lake Minnetonka. Mrs Dwight Minniek, left, Mrs E M Boyadjian and ?
DeCampF060602-091.jpgDeCamp - Beatrice Barrett
DeCampF060602-092.jpgDeCamp - Heinrich E Herbig Bravery Medal
DeCampF060602-094.jpgnewspaper articles
DeCampF060602-095.jpgPatricia Stephenson and Beatrice Barrett
DeCampF060602-097.jpgDeCamp - Minerva Pepinsky, Anne Courtney
DeCampF060602-098.jpgBarnadine Anne Courtney - Mrs William Edward Johnston
DeCampF060602-099.jpgDeCamp - Mrs Mable Persian article
DeCampF060602-100.jpgDeCamp - Ruth Turnham
DeCampIMG.jpgRichard E DeCamp (Mike) obituary 01-03-1992
DeCampIMG_0001.jpgRichard E Mike DeCamp obituary
DeCampIMG_0005-01.jpgClarence Schroeder Joseph Kuka
DeCampIMG_0006.jpgArlene DeCamp obituary 10-22-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 45
DeCampIMG_0011.jpgClarence Schroeder Joseph Kuka
DeCampIMG_0012.jpgRichard E Mike DeCamp obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 6
DeCampIMG_0013.jpgSarah DeCamp note
DeckerF050706-052.jpgDecker New Acquisitions article
DeckerF050706-053.jpgDecker notes
DeedsIMG.jpgElmer P Deeds obituary
DeeringF050706-055.jpgDeering notes
DeeringF050706-056.jpgDeering - V Nelson boarding Florence Deering boat
DeeringF050706-057.jpgDeering - Florence Deering boat, June 1985
DeeringF050706-058.jpgDeering note
DeeringF050706-059.jpgCharles W Deering article
DeeringF050706-060.jpgDeering Deering's Island article
DeeringF050706-061.jpgDeering notes
DeeringF050706-062.jpgFlorence Deering The Person
DeeringIMG.jpgFlorence Deering boat
DeeringIMG_0001.jpgErnest Ford Bederwood Items 02-22-1917
DeeringIMG_0002.jpgDeering unidentified
DeeringIMG_0003.jpgDeering unidentified
DeidricksonF050706-054.jpgJane Diedrickson plat info
DeLaittreF050706-067.jpgBarbara DeLaittre Friends of the Institute article
DeLaittreF050706-068.jpgCarolyn DeLaittre Obituary
DeLaittreF050706-069.jpgDeLaittre notes
DeLaittreF050706-070.jpgJohn DeLaittre
DeLaittreF050707-001.jpgDeLaittre unidentified
DeLaittreF050707-002.jpgMr and Mrs Karl DeLaittre newspaper article
DeLaittreF050707-003.jpgJohn DeLaittre Introducing our Directors F & M Savings Bank
DeLaittreF050707-005.jpgDeLaittre Mansion Will Be Demolished article
DeLaittreF050707-006.jpgDeLaittre newspaper article
DeLaittreF050707-007.jpgDeLaittre Model Home
DeLaittreF050707-008.jpgCalvin DeLaittre Obituary
DeLaittreF050707-009.jpgCalvin DeLaittre
DeLaittreF050707-012.jpgDeLaittre - Bovey-DeLaittre Lumber Co notes
DeLaittreF050707-013.jpgBarbara DeLaittre article
DeLaittreF050707-014.jpgCarter Delaittre article
DeLaittreF050707-015.jpgCarter DeLaittre
DeLaittreF050707-016.jpgDeLaittre notes
DelamaterF050707-017.jpgBlanche Delamater
DeMossF050707-018.jpgDeMoss note
DennisF050707-019.jpgDennis notes
DennisF050707-020.jpgDennis notes
DennisIMG.jpgPhebe and George Dennis marriage
DennisIMG_0001.jpgGrace E Dennis obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 6, page 15
DennyF050707-021.jpgPearl K Denny memoir
DennyF050707-022.jpgWilliam M Denny memoir
DennyF050707-023.jpgWilliam F Denny article
DennyF050707-024.jpgRuth E Denny descendants 1 of 3
DennyF050707-025.jpgRuth E Denny....2 of 3
DennyF050707-026.jpgRuth E Denny....3 of 3
DennyIMG.jpgPearl K Denny obituary and memoriam, W F Denny & Co advertisement NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 30
DermanF050707-030.jpgJared S Derman plat info
DermanF050707-031.jpgDaniel W Derman plat info
Des LauriersIMG.jpgDonald Des Lauriers Something needed doing? Donny D was there obituary 12-17-1907
Des LauriersIMG_0001.jpgKim Des Lauriers and Kris Hicks engagement announcement
Des LauriersIMG_0002.jpgAlfred E DesLauriers obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
DesmIMG.jpgC S (Bryan) Desm obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitiled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Numger 2, page 361
DettloffF050707-027.jpgJohn Dettloff newspaper article
DettloffF050707-028.jpgMarion Dettloff 80th birthday
DettloffF050707-029.jpgCedric E Dettloff memoir
DettloffIMG_0001.jpgCedric Dettloff obituary 02-13-1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 13
DettloffIMG_0002.jpgCedric E Dettloff memoriam 02-11-1917 - 02-11-1992 1 of 2 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 14
DettloffIMG_0003.jpgCedric E Dettloff memoriam.....2 of 2
DettloffIMG_0005.jpgCedric E Dettloff obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 14
DettloffIMG_0006.jpgCedric E Dettloff obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 14
DevanyF050707-032.jpgCatherine Deveny plat info
DevanyIMG.jpgJohn Parker Devany note
DeverauxF050707-033.jpgWilliam J Devereaux newspaper article
DeverauxIMG.jpgDr T J Devereau 57th Birthday Wayzata Turns Out To Fete Doctor, his wife, Barbara Wasgatt, Shirley Hedican and Connie Johnson
DewesIMG_0001.jpgCynthia Dewes letter 06-15-1983
DewesIMG_0002.jpgCynthia Dewes letter 06-09-1983 1 of 2
DewesIMG_0003.jpgCynthia Dewes letter 06-09-1983 2 of 2
DexterF050707-034.jpgEverett Dexter Obituary
DexterF050707-035.jpgHenry Dexter lost cows
DexterF050707-036.jpgEverett Dexter Obituary
DexterF050707-037.jpgDexter - Lorena E Sonenstahl Obituary
DexterF050707-038.jpgDorothy Dexter estate sale
DexterF050707-039.jpgEverett I Dexter memoir
DexterF050707-040.jpgDexter newspaper article
DexterF050707-041.jpgDorothy Dexter (Jo) My Legacy
DexterF050707-042.jpgPaul Dexter, Private, Company E, 13th Reg US Marine Corp, December 1918
DexterF050707-043.jpgEverett Dexter letter to residents
DexterF050707-044.jpgDexter notes
DexterF050707-045.jpgEverett Dexter Long Lake Mayor
DexterF050707-046.jpgDexter We Build a Barn 1 of 3
DexterF050707-047.jpgDexter We build....2 of 3
DexterF050707-048.jpgDexter We Build.... 3 of 3
DexterF050707-049.jpgEleanor Dexter
DexterF050707-050.jpgDexter notes
DexterF050707-051.jpgDexter notes
DexterF050707-052.jpgHenry Dexter article
DexterF050707-053.jpgDexter notes
DexterIMG.jpgEleanor Dexter obituary 09-05-1915 - 12-17-2010
DexterIMG_0001.jpgEverett Dexter obituary 03-18-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 12
DezielF050707-054.jpgWilliam Deziel note
DezielF050707-055.jpgRichard Deziel marriage
DezielF050707-056.jpgDeziel Family Has Grown in Plymouth 100 Years article
DezielF050707-057.jpgDeziel notes
DickeyF050707-058.jpgLiza Dickey Manning
DickeyF050707-059.jpgLeft: Clarence Dickey, Right: William Milbert
DickeyF050707-060.jpgDickey - Eliza Manning (left)
DickeyF050707-061.jpgY L Dickey interview
DickeyF050707-062.jpgMrs Donald Dickey marriage
DickeyF050707-063.jpgEliza Dickey Manning 105 years old
DickeyF050707-064.jpgDickey notes
DickeyF050707-065.jpgEliza Dickey Manning A Lady of the Ages article 1 of 3
DickeyF050707-066.jpgEliza Dickey Manning....2 of 3
DickeyF050707-067.jpgEliza Dickey Manning 3 of 3
DickeyF050707-068.jpgMiles Dickey article 1 of 2
DickeyF050707-069.jpgMiles Dickey article 2 of 2
DickeyF050707-070.jpgEliza A Dunbrack Dickey Obituary 1 of 2
DickeyF050707-071.jpgEliza A Dunbrack 2 of 2
DickeyF050707-072.jpgPat Dickey newspaper article
DickeyF050707-073.jpgMiles Dickey decendants
DickeyF050707-074.jpgEleazer Dickey descendants
DickeyF050707-075.jpgFlorence Dickey obituary
DickeyIMG.jpgMiles Dickey, librarian in Wayzata, MN and niece Ida Dickey
DickeyIMG01.jpgMiles Dickey, librarian Wayzata, Minnesota and niece, Ida Dickey
DickeyIMG_0001.jpgEliza Dickey marriage announcement
DickeyIMG_0002.jpgEliza A Dunbrack Dickey
DickeyIMG_0003.jpgHarold Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0004.jpgDickey - Robert and Deborah Milbrath, Leslie and Lynn
DickeyIMG_0005.jpgDickey - Lynn Milbrath and Mark D Eckerline wed
DickeyIMG_0006.jpgGoslin Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0007.jpgW L Dickey birthday party
DickeyIMG_0008.jpgClarence Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0009.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0010.jpgA C Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0011.jpgA P Dickey Livery and Boarding Stable.... advertisement 1912
DickeyIMG_0012.jpgJospephine Dickey 1911
DickeyIMG_0013.jpgW L Dickey Grading, Teaming Excavating, Etc advertisement 1912
DickeyIMG_0014.jpgAnnie Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0015.jpgAnnie Dickey
DickeyIMG_0016.jpgJennie Dickey 1912
DickeyIMG_0017.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0018.jpgWill Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0019.jpgEliz Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0020.jpgDickey Natural Systems Medina council seeks revocation of firm's permit 09-17-1985
DickeyIMG_0021.jpgJ Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0022.jpgHarrison Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0023.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0024.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_00240.jpgElbert Jim Dickey obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 273
DickeyIMG_00241.jpgBill Dickey ...Now 85, Not Noticeably Slowed Down NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 273
DickeyIMG_00242.jpgWilliam L Dickey obituary
DickeyIMG_00243.jpgWilliam Lydiard Dickey obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 320
DickeyIMG_00244.jpgMiles McInnes Dickey note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 213
DickeyIMG_00245.jpgHarrison G Dickey Jr obituary 05-09-1985 NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 21
DickeyIMG_00246.jpgLeslie E Tower obituary 08-02-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 32
DickeyIMG_0025.jpgNellie Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0026.jpgGuy Dickey
DickeyIMG_0027.jpgGuy Dickey
DickeyIMG_0028.jpgA P Dickey advertisement 01-14-1917 Wayzata Reporter
DickeyIMG_0029.jpgEliza Dickey Wayzata Reporter
DickeyIMG_0030.jpgViva Bell Dickey Wayzata Reporter 10-21-1915
DickeyIMG_0031.jpgDonna Dickey Lawrence note 1987
DickeyIMG_0032.jpgGuy Dickey & Co advertisement
DickeyIMG_0033.jpgDonna [Dickey] Lawrence obituary 12-25-1986
DickeyIMG_0034.jpgW L Dickey, Contractor advertisement Wayzata Reporter 02-04-1915
DickeyIMG_0035.jpgJennie Dickey Surprise Wedding 06-20-1918
DickeyIMG_0036.jpgDonna Dickey notice Wayzata Reporter 03-30-1916
DickeyIMG_0037.jpgMrs Guy Dickey notice
DickeyIMG_0038.jpgW L Dickey notice Wayzata Reporter
DickeyIMG_0039.jpgDickey - Samual and Marjorie Milliren
DickeyIMG_0040.jpgAlice Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0041.jpgMrs Dan [Margaret] Dickey
DickeyIMG_0042.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0043.jpgR B Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0044.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0045.jpgEliza Dickey marries Jerome E Cycmanick
DickeyIMG_0046.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0047.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0048.jpgPatricia C Dickey Bankruptcies The Minneapolis Star 12-04-1975
DickeyIMG_0049.jpgJoslin Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0050.jpgDon Dickey Honorary St Paul Police, Minn badge
DickeyIMG_0051.jpgJeanette Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0052.jpg? sister of Josephine Dickey; daughter of ANdrew Dickey, Wayzata, MN
DickeyIMG_0053.jpgMiles Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0054.jpgMurray Dickey death notice
DickeyIMG_0055.jpgArnold E Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0056.jpgW L Dickey Oil Station note
DickeyIMG_0058.jpgMrs Miles Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0059.jpgDickey - Left: S J Turnham; Right: Percy Stewart
DickeyIMG_0060.jpgDonald Dickey Republican National Convention attendee 06-21-1948
DickeyIMG_0061.jpgDickey - MIke Watry?
DickeyIMG_0062.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0063.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0064.jpgMiles Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0065.jpgAndy Dickey and Josephine Smith note
DickeyIMG_0066.jpgHarrison Dickey death notice
DickeyIMG_0067.jpgArt Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0068.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0069.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0070.jpgElize Dickey death notice
DickeyIMG_007101.jpgOttis Dickey notes
DickeyIMG_007202.jpgDickey notes
DickeyIMG_007303.jpgDickey notes
DickeyIMG_007404.jpgMIles Dickey note
DickeyIMG_007505.jpgDonna Dickey far right
DickeyIMG_0076.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0077.jpgGuy Dickey obituary
DickeyIMG_0078.jpgMiles Dickey
DickeyIMG_0079.jpgDickey - Bob Milbrath Family
DickeyIMG_0080.jpgDickey family note
DickeyIMG_0081.jpgClaren Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0082.jpgAndy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0083.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0084.jpgJennie Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0085.jpgDickey see Favrow File
DickeyIMG_0086.jpgEliza Dickey Manning Wayzata Historical Societ6y annual meeting features storyteller Gasch.....celebration of the 90th birthday of Eliza
DickeyIMG_0087.jpgDickey notes
DickeyIMG_0088.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0089.jpgElzie Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0090.jpgEliz Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0091.jpgMarie E DIckey memoriam 02-20-1978
DickeyIMG_0092.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0093.jpgDickey Milbrath, Cashmore to wed Feb 14th 01-30-1986
DickeyIMG_0094.jpgDon Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0095.jpgDonna Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0096.jpgBill Dickey Sr note
DickeyIMG_0097.jpgGuy Dickey notes
DickeyIMG_0098.jpgGuy Dickey notes
DickeyIMG_0099.jpgArthur Dickey notes
DickeyIMG_0100.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0101.jpgWm Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0102.jpgLaura Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0103.jpgDon Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0104.jpgBill Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0105.jpgRob Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0106.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0107.jpgBill Dickey
DickeyIMG_0108.jpgC H Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0109.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0110.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0111.jpgIda Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0112.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0113.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0114.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0115.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0116.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0117.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0118.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0119.jpgGuy Dickey barn in Long Lake
DickeyIMG_0120.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0121.jpgElza Dickey Manning note
DickeyIMG_0122.jpgMrs Guy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0123.jpgArt Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0124.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0125.jpgMiles Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0126.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0127.jpgGilbert Jim Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0128.jpgViola [Dickey] Watry? note
DickeyIMG_0129.jpgEliza Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0130.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0131.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0132.jpgArt Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0133.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0134.jpgEliza Dickey Manning The New Century Wayzata Community Church December 1981
DickeyIMG_0135.jpgH C Dickey notes
DickeyIMG_0136.jpgA P Dickey newspaper article August 1938
DickeyIMG_0137.jpgPatty Dickey newspaper photo
DickeyIMG_0138.jpgThe Dickeys: A Family Story The Wayzata Gazette 1 of 3
DickeyIMG_0139.jpgThe Dickeys....2 of 3
DickeyIMG_0140.jpgThe Dickeys:....3 of 3
DickeyIMG_0141.jpgDickey note 10-18-1978
DickeyIMG_0142.jpgDickey Notes prepared by Avery Stubbs 1 of 4
DickeyIMG_0143.jpgDickey notes....2 of 4
DickeyIMG_0144.jpgDickey notes....3 of 4
DickeyIMG_0145.jpgDickey Notes....4 of 4
DickeyIMG_0146.jpgDickey Notes 11-06-1981 1 of 2
DickeyIMG_0147.jpgDickey notes 11-06-1981 2 of 2
DickeyIMG_0148.jpgDickey notes
DickeyIMG_0149.jpgDickey letter 09-05-1966
DickeyIMG_0150.jpgMr and Mrs Patterson and daughter Florence taken in Canada; Florence married to Donald Dickey
DickeyIMG_0151.jpgThe Dickey History cover. NOTE: remainder may be found in Dickey Family File
DickeyIMG_0152.jpgDon Dickey; Bob Weiser; Ernie Hocking; Eddie Mergens; Kipp Hale; Lawrence Short 03-03-1954
DickeyIMG_0153.jpgDickey NOTE: original may be found in the Dickey Family file
DickeyIMG_0154.jpgDickey L-R: Ronald Rye Dickey; C Dickey ?; Miles Dickey
DickeyIMG_0155.jpgDan Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0156.jpgClarece? Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0157.jpgDickey - Bunny magnuson Peterson; Lucy Wakefield ?; Marg Fldiad?; Mrs Pat Dickey
DickeyIMG_0158.jpgDon Dickey, Wayzata 1953
DickeyIMG_0159.jpgDickey Love Lorraine April 1947
DickeyIMG_0160.jpgPat Dickey Waytonka spans half a century Wayzata Sailor 04-06-1987
DickeyIMG_0161.jpgDickey notes
DickeyIMG_0162.jpgDonna Dickey Lawrence Family Group Records NOTE: cover only, remainder may be found in Dickey Family file
DickeyIMG_0163.jpgR B Dickey notes
DickeyIMG_0164.jpgR B Dickey notes
DickeyIMG_0165.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0166.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0167.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0168.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0169.jpgWm Dickey farm; Hybrid corn crop sent 1980; 2645 Watertown Road, Orono
DickeyIMG_0170.jpgDickey farm 1980
DickeyIMG_0171.jpgDickey unidentified
DickeyIMG_0172.jpgBud Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0173.jpgE Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0174.jpgDickey Eliza Manning remembers Wayzata News 09-29-1980
DickeyIMG_0175.jpgW C Dickey home 307 South Manitoba
DickeyIMG_0176.jpgDickey The Sandpiper
DickeyIMG_0177.jpgDickey Lake note
DickeyIMG_0178.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0179.jpgWill Dickey's road building crew, early 1900s 03-16-1901
DickeyIMG_0180.jpgMiles Dickey 02-16-1898
DickeyIMG_0181.jpgR B Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0182.jpgDan Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0183.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0184.jpgHannah G Dickey and Frank Faviow wedding announcement
DickeyIMG_0185.jpgDickey Lake note
DickeyIMG_0186.jpgDickey Family records 1 of 13
DickeyIMG_0187.jpgDickey family....2 of 13
DickeyIMG_0188.jpgDickey family....3 of 13
DickeyIMG_0189.jpgDickey family....4 of 13
DickeyIMG_0190.jpgDickey family....5 of 13
DickeyIMG_0191.jpgDickey family....6 of 13
DickeyIMG_0192.jpgDickey family....7 of 13
DickeyIMG_0193.jpgDickey family....8 of 13
DickeyIMG_0194.jpgDickey family....9 of 13
DickeyIMG_0195.jpgDickey family....10 of 13
DickeyIMG_0196.jpgDickey family....11 of 13
DickeyIMG_0197.jpgDickey family....12 of 13
DickeyIMG_0198.jpgDickey family....13 of 13
DickeyIMG_0199.jpgWill Dickey - The new Athena Antiques shop located on Manitoba Avenue - Wayzata Ways 07-20-1977 1of 2
DickeyIMG_0200.jpgWill Dickey - The new.... 2 of 2
DickeyIMG_0201.jpgDickey - Growing Up in Old Wayzata - Tales from Tonka 03-12-1984 1 of 2
DickeyIMG_0202.jpgDickey Growing up....2 of 2
DickeyIMG_0203.jpgEliza Dickey International Women's Day - Wayzata Weekly News 03-12-1984
DickeyIMG_0204.jpgDonald M Dickey Convention Day Dawns in Chicago 07-07-1952 NOTE: remainder of document located in Dickey Family files.
DickeyIMG_0205.jpgSamuel Dickey family notes
DickeyIMG_0206.jpgDickey letter 11-02-1981 1 of 2
DickeyIMG_0207.jpgDickey letter 11-02-1981 2 of 2
DickeyIMG_0208.jpgEliza A Dunbrack Dickey - Reporter 10-15-1914 NOTE: document may be found in Dickey Family folder
DickeyIMG_0209.jpgDickey letter February 1987
DickeyIMG_0210.jpgDickey photos
DickeyIMG_0211.jpgEliza Dickey Manning 90th birthday
DickeyIMG_0212.jpgDickey notes
DickeyIMG_0213.jpgMiles Dickey Wayzata Weekly News 11-20-1986
DickeyIMG_0214.jpgC H Dickey Young American Up-to-Date 03-11-1915
DickeyIMG_0215.jpgPatty Dickey rolls cornstalk logs to mark.... Sun Newspapers 11-25-1981 1 of 2
DickeyIMG_0216.jpgPatty Dickey rolls.....2 of 2
DickeyIMG_0217.jpgPat Dickey Wayzata Rotary celebrates 40 years
DickeyIMG_0218.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0219.jpgPat Dickey Convergence: Cemermonies to be held at 250 sites Mpls Star & Tribune 08-15-1987
DickeyIMG_0220.jpgPat Dickey marks 80th milestone - Sun Newspapers 12-12-1983
DickeyIMG_0221.jpgDickey correction
DickeyIMG_0222.jpgDonald Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0223.jpgFlorence Patterson Dickey
DickeyIMG_0224.jpgW L Dickey Contractor
DickeyIMG_0225.jpgEliza Dickey Manning A bit of history Wayzata Sailor 07-28-1986
DickeyIMG_0226.jpgEliza Dickey Manning article - Wayzata Weekly News 08-14-1986
DickeyIMG_0227.jpgDickey note
DickeyIMG_0228.jpgMrs Harrison G Dickey - Star Tribune 03-10-1918
DickeyIMG_0229.jpgMiles Dickey Benign Blaze Ends Local Landmark Sun Newspapers 08-22-1968
DickeyIMG_0230.jpgGretchen Ann Dickey Nevada Honeymoon
DickeyIMG_0231.jpgElize Dickey deed information
DickeyIMG_0232.jpgArt Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0233.jpgMarie E Dickey funeral service 02-20-1978 NOTE: remainder of document may be found in Dickey Family file
DickeyIMG_0234.jpgDickey notes
DickeyIMG_0235.jpgDickey - Dickeys reign triumphant in horse world 09-27-1978 1 of 2
DickeyIMG_0236.jpgDickey Dickeys reign.....2 of 2
DickeyIMG_0237.jpgDickey - The Changing Scene; Dickey-Milbert Gas Station - Weekly News, Inc. 09-05-1985 1 of 2
DickeyIMG_0238.jpgDickey The Changing Scene....2 of 2
DickeyIMG_0239.jpgV Dickey
DickeyIMG_0247.jpgDarwin L Dickey obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 25
DickeyIMG_0251.jpgElizabeth Haumerson Dickey obituary 09-25-1986
DickeyIMG_0252.jpgMurray Dickey NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 274
DickeyIMG_0253.jpgMrs Andrew P Dickey NOTE; document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 284
DickeyIMG_0254.jpgMarie [Mayme] Dickey notes
DickeyIMG_0255.jpgMarie [Mayme] Dickey obituary 1978
DickeyIMG_0256.jpgMrs Andrew N Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0257.jpgArthur Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0258.jpgGuy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0259.jpgMrs Guy Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0260.jpgMiles McInnes Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0261.jpgMurray Dickey note
DickeyIMG_0262.jpgAndrew P Dickey note
DiesenF050707-076.jpgDiesen notes
DiesenF050707-077.jpgRoger Diesen
DiesenF050707-078.jpgRoger Diesen newspaper article
DiesenF050707-079.jpgEveline Diesen letter 1 of 2
DiesenF050707-080.jpgEveline Diesen letter 2 of 3
DiesenF050707-081.jpgEveline Diesen letter 3 of 3
DiesenF050707-082.jpgDiesen notes
DiesenF050707-083.jpgRoger Diesen
DiesenF050707-084.jpgRoger Diesen man is hooked on bass fishing article
DiesenF050707-085.jpgRoger Diesen Friends & Neighbors article 1 of 2
DiesenF050707-086.jpgRoger Diesen....2 of 2
DiesenF050707-087.jpgRoger Diesen Crow River News article
DiesenF050707-088.jpgJanice Diesen Obituary
DiesenF050707-089.jpgRoger Diesen article
DiesenF050707-090.jpgRoger Diesen
DiesenF050707-091.jpgEveline Diesen letter
DiestingF050706-063.jpgDiesting notes
DiestingF050706-064.jpgDiesting letter 1 of 2
DiestingF050706-065.jpgDiesting letter 2 of 2
DiestingF050706-066.jpgDiesting notes
DillmanF050707-092.jpgJacob James Dillman funeral
DillmanF050707-093.jpgJim Dillman newspaper article
DillmanF050707-094.jpgMary E Dillman Obituary
DillmanF050707-095.jpgEben Dillman Obituary
DillmanF050707-096.jpgDavid Dillman farm auction
DillmanF060624-043.jpgJacob Dillman
DillmanIMG-0003.jpgDillman family note
DillmanIMG-0208.jpgJake Dillmand and wife
DillmanIMG.jpgMrs Eben Dillman Solicits for Community Fund....
DillmanIMG_0001.jpgDillman postcard
DillmanIMG_000101.jpgDillman Ye Gueste Booke Autographs 1 of 2 NOTE: Remainder may be found in Dillman Family File
DillmanIMG_0002.jpgDillman - St Patrick's Day Souvenir card
DillmanIMG_000202.jpgDillman Ye Gueste Booke 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0004.jpgEben Dillman Cherished Memories cover. NOTE: remainder may be found in the Dillman Family File
DillmanIMG_0005.jpgEben Dillman Cherished....2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0006.jpgChristine Winnen Dillman memoriam. NOTE: remainder may be found in the Dillman Family FIle 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0007.jpgChristine Winnen Dillman....2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0008.jpgMary Dillman - Wayzata Reporter 11-13-1913 Photo in Gallery
DillmanIMG_0009.jpgRuth Dillman notes
DillmanIMG_0010.jpgDillman Long Lake News Wayzata Reporter 11-12-1914
DillmanIMG_0011.jpgMary Brown Dillman photo gallery note
DillmanIMG_0012.jpgDillman Birthday Surprise Wayzata Reporter 11-09-1916
DillmanIMG_0013.jpgMary Dillman Birthday Party Wayzata Reporter 11-09-16
DillmanIMG_0014.jpgDillman Birthday Surprise original copy
DillmanIMG_0015.jpgDillman Birthday Party Wayzata Reporter November 1917
DillmanIMG_0016.jpgMrs James Dillman notice
DillmanIMG_0017.jpgDillman Photo Gallery notes
DillmanIMG_0018.jpgRuth Dillman postcard 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0019.jpgRuth Dillman postcard 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0020.jpgMrs J D Dillman notice
DillmanIMG_00207.jpgKatherine Dillman Ladenburg notes 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0021.jpgDillman A Bicentennial Observance Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Death of John SIdney Archibald 1 of 9
DillmanIMG_0022.jpgDillman A Bicentennial....2 of 9
DillmanIMG_0023.jpgDillman A Bicentennial....3 of 9
DillmanIMG_0024.jpgDillman A Bicentennial....4 of 9
DillmanIMG_0025.jpgDillman A Bicentennial....5 of 9
DillmanIMG_0026.jpgDillman A Bicentennial....6 of 9
DillmanIMG_0027.jpgDillman A Bicentennial....7 of 9
DillmanIMG_0028.jpgDillman A Bicentennial....8 of 9
DillmanIMG_0029.jpgDillman A Bicentennial....9 of 9
DillmanIMG_0030.jpg'Gentle Willard Dillman, Lover of Good Books' Minnesota Memories
DillmanIMG_0031.jpgS J Dillman letter 1 of 4
DillmanIMG_0032.jpgS J Dillman letter 2 of 4
DillmanIMG_0033.jpgS J Dillman letter 3 of 4
DillmanIMG_0034.jpgS J Dillman letter 4 of 4
DillmanIMG_0035.jpgJohn Dillman notes
DillmanIMG_0036.jpgSolon Dillman notes
DillmanIMG_0037.jpgSolon Dillman notes
DillmanIMG_0038.jpgSolon Dillman notes
DillmanIMG_0039.jpgS T Dillman notes Wayzata Reporter 05-27-1915
DillmanIMG_0040.jpgDillman August Commencement, 1965
DillmanIMG_0041.jpgRuth Dillman Eugenie Smith engagement announcement
DillmanIMG_0042.jpgDillman Family History 1 of 9
DillmanIMG_0043.jpgDillman Family....2 of 9
DillmanIMG_0044.jpgDillman Family....3 of 9
DillmanIMG_0045.jpgDillman Family....4 of 9
DillmanIMG_0046.jpgDillman Family....5 of 9
DillmanIMG_0047.jpgDillman Family....6 of 9
DillmanIMG_0048.jpgDillman Family....7 of 9
DillmanIMG_0049.jpgDillman Family....8 of 9
DillmanIMG_0050.jpgDillman Family....9 of 9
DillmanIMG_0051.jpgDillman From Minnesota to Montana for Gold in the 1860s
DillmanIMG_0052.jpgChristopher and Catherine Dillman notes
DillmanIMG_0053.jpgBen Dillman
DillmanIMG_0054.jpgDillman The Daisy Dillman Band
DillmanIMG_0055.jpgDillman - Daisy Dillman Benefit Concert 06-15-1980
DillmanIMG_0056.jpgDillman home
DillmanIMG_0057.jpgRuth C Dillman
DillmanIMG_0058.jpgJames Dillman obituary 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0059.jpgJames Dillman obituary 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0060.jpgMrs E Dillman
DillmanIMG_0061.jpgDillmanMrs E Dillman artical - Wayzata Reporter 08-22-1945
DillmanIMG_0062.jpgWillard Dillman artical Early Days
DillmanIMG_0063.jpgDaisy E Dillman obituary
DillmanIMG_0064.jpgDavid Dillman auction 03-20-1968
DillmanIMG_0065.jpgDillman notes 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0066.jpgDillman notes 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0067.jpgDillman notes
DillmanIMG_0068.jpgJacob Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0069.jpgDaisy Ellen Dillman In Remembrance.... Weekly News, Inc. 04-01-1985
DillmanIMG_0070.jpgDavid Dillman Farm Bureau Executive Committee L-R seated: Carl Wimmergren; Mrs Walter Hawkins; Robert Hamilton L-R standing: Russell Johnson; David Dillman; Wm. Hawkins
DillmanIMG_0071.jpgDillman notes 12-19-1940
DillmanIMG_0072.jpgDillman Dillman Farm Subject for Writers Historical Essay
DillmanIMG_0073.jpgSolon T Dillman Get Out and Vote Wayzata Reproter 09-30-1915
DillmanIMG_0074.jpgJim Dillman family
DillmanIMG_0075.jpgJames and Linda Dillman, Theresa, Kathryn & Jacob
DillmanIMG_0076.jpgJames Dillman farm Historic Farms of Over 100 Years
DillmanIMG_0077.jpgS T Dillman note 05-27-1915
DillmanIMG_0078.jpgDavid James Dillman Worshop Service in Memory of 09-04-1980
DillmanIMG_0079.jpgDillman Your Right to Know Minnetonka Record 10-02-1958
DillmanIMG_0080.jpgMr and Mrs E Dillman Silver Wedding
DillmanIMG_0081.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0082.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0083.jpgMrs Willard Dillman notes 1969
DillmanIMG_0084.jpgDillman notes
DillmanIMG_0085.jpgDillman My Mother's Life 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0086.jpgDillman My Mother's Life 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0087.jpgDillman Remembering Mom 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0088.jpgDillman Remembering Mom 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0089.jpgRaymond L Dillman notes 1 of 3
DillmanIMG_0090.jpgRaymond L Dillman notes 2 of 3
DillmanIMG_0091.jpgRaymond L Dillman notes 3 of 3
DillmanIMG_0092.jpgDillman notes
DillmanIMG_0093.jpgDaisy Dillman ...and some friends celebrate her 100 years of life Star Tribune 06-18-1980
DillmanIMG_0094.jpgDaisy Ellen Dillman letter 09-15-1966
DillmanIMG_0095.jpgDaisy Dillman Three cheers for Daisy Dillman! She'll be '100' Lake Minnetonka Sailor 06-16-1980
DillmanIMG_0096.jpgDaisy Dillman Three cheers for Daisy! 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0097.jpgDaisy Dillman Three.....2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0098.jpgDaisy Dillman ....namesake of band, dies at 104 03-20-1985
DillmanIMG_0099.jpgMrs Willard Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0100.jpgDaisy E Dillman obituary 03-16-1985
DillmanIMG_0103.jpgJim Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0104.jpgDaisy Ellen Dillman Flag Collection Given to Legion by Mrs Dillman Herald 11-10-1966
DillmanIMG_0105.jpgDaisy Dillman A Collection of American flags.....
DillmanIMG_0106.jpgMrs Willard Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0107.jpgDillman map of City of Marshall, Minnesota
DillmanIMG_0108.jpgJacohb Dillman family homestead. Map of a portion of Lyon County, Minnesota
DillmanIMG_0109.jpgJacob Dillman homestead notes
DillmanIMG_0110.jpgDaisy Dillman celebrates 07-22-1975
DillmanIMG_0111.jpgDavid Dillman Auctioneers' 'Sold' Ends Area Farm Operation 04-06-1968 1 of 5
DillmanIMG_0112.jpgDavid Dillman Auctioneers.....2 of 5
DillmanIMG_0113.jpgDavid Dillman Auctioneers....3 of 5
DillmanIMG_0114.jpgDavid Dillman Auctioneers....4 of 6
DillmanIMG_0115.jpgDavid Dillman Auctioneers....5 of 5
DillmanIMG_0116.jpgDaisy Dillman ...dies at 104 Excelsior Sailor
DillmanIMG_0117.jpgJim Dillman letter to WHCPA
DillmanIMG_0118.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0119.jpgJim, Linda, Tressie and Katie Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0120.jpgGeorge Dillman Spring by Willard Dillman 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0121.jpgGeorge Dillman Spring 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0122.jpgJacob Dillman Father Goes to the Hills 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0123.jpgJacob Dillman Father Goes to the Hills 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0124.jpgDillman A Journeys End
DillmanIMG_0126.jpgDillman Grandmother Dillman
DillmanIMG_0127.jpgDillman Grandmother Dillman
DillmanIMG_0128.jpgDillman family ntoes 1 of 8
DillmanIMG_0129.jpgDillman family notes 2 of 8
DillmanIMG_0130.jpgDillman family 3 of 8
DillmanIMG_0131.jpgDillman family 4 of 8
DillmanIMG_0132.jpgDillman family 5 of 8
DillmanIMG_0133.jpgDillman family 6 of 8
DillmanIMG_0134.jpgDillman family 7 of 8
DillmanIMG_0135.jpgDillman family 8 of 8
DillmanIMG_0136.jpgChristopher George Dillman 1 of 20
DillmanIMG_0137.jpgChrisopher George Dillman 2 of 20
DillmanIMG_0138.jpgChristopher Dillman 3 of 20
DillmanIMG_0139.jpgChristopher George Dillman 4 of 20
DillmanIMG_0140.jpgChristopher Dillman 5 of 20
DillmanIMG_0141.jpgChristopher Dillman 6 of 20
DillmanIMG_0142.jpgChristopher Dillman 7 of 20
DillmanIMG_0143.jpgChristopher Dillman 8 of 20
DillmanIMG_0144.jpgChristopher Dillman 9 of 20
DillmanIMG_0145.jpgChristopher Dilman 10 of 20
DillmanIMG_0146.jpgChristopher Dillman 11 of 20
DillmanIMG_0147.jpgChristopher Dillman 12 of 20
DillmanIMG_0148.jpgChristopher Dillman 13 of 20
DillmanIMG_0149.jpgChristopher Dillman 14 of 20
DillmanIMG_0150.jpgChristopher Dillman 15 of 20
DillmanIMG_0151.jpgChristopher Dillman 16 of 20
DillmanIMG_0152.jpgChristopher Dillman 17 of 20
DillmanIMG_0153.jpgChristopher Dillman 18 of 20
DillmanIMG_0154.jpgChristopher Dillman 19 of 20
DillmanIMG_0155.jpgChristopher Dillman 20 of 20
DillmanIMG_0156.jpgDillman - George Peter Ladenburg 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0157.jpgGeorge Peter Ladenburg 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0158.jpgDillman family tree
DillmanIMG_0159.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0160.jpgDillman - Orlando Francis Woodward and Nancy Ladenburg Woodard notes
DillmanIMG_0161.jpgAnn Dillman Scott letter
DillmanIMG_0162.jpgJim Dillman WHCPA business card
DillmanIMG_0163.jpgHistory of Dillman Family note
DillmanIMG_0164.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0165.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0166.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0167.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0168.jpgDillman family notes
DillmanIMG_0169.jpgGeorge Christopher Edwin Dillman; James Edwin Dillman
DillmanIMG_0170.jpgDillman For defense against Indians,......
DillmanIMG_0171.jpgWillard Dillman Monoscripts 10-17-1913
DillmanIMG_0172.jpgTheresa Marie Dillman The Christian Baptism 03-06-1977
DillmanIMG_0173.jpgEben Dillman
DillmanIMG_0174.jpgEben Dillman; Lena big house
DillmanIMG_0175.jpgEben and Tana Dillman house, Wayzata
DillmanIMG_0176.jpgJohn and Willis Dillman
DillmanIMG_0177.jpgEben and Annette Dillman
DillmanIMG_0178.jpgDillman notes
DillmanIMG_0179.jpgDillman notes
DillmanIMG_0180.jpgDillman notes
DillmanIMG_0181.jpgKate Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0182.jpgDillman notes See Ladenberg family files
DillmanIMG_0183.jpgDillman unidentified
DillmanIMG_0184.jpgDillman - Solon; Alice Griswold
DillmanIMG_0185.jpgDillman unidentified
DillmanIMG_0186.jpgDillman unidentified
DillmanIMG_0187.jpgJames Dillman
DillmanIMG_0188.jpgDillman - Amy Russell on left?
DillmanIMG_0189.jpgDillman - Wolsfeld Lake
DillmanIMG_0190.jpgDillman unidentied
DillmanIMG_0191.jpgDillman - Spencer Smith
DillmanIMG_0192.jpgSolon Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0193.jpgDillman family acknowledged 05-05-1989
DillmanIMG_0194.jpgJ Dillman
DillmanIMG_0195.jpgJames Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0196.jpgDonna Dillman Rubacha letter 03-10-1990
DillmanIMG_0197.jpgDillman Bicentennial & Reunion 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0198.jpgDillman Bicentennial & Reunion 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0199.jpgDillman letter 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0200.jpgDillman letter 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0201.jpgChristopher Jacob Dillman notes
DillmanIMG_0202.jpgChristopher Dillman notes 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0203.jpgChristopher Dillman notes 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0204.jpgCatherine Dunbach Dillman notes 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0205.jpgCatherine Dunbach Dillman notes 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0206.jpgKatherine Dillman Ladenburg notes 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0209.jpgDillman - Gracie Fern Michael
DillmanIMG_0210.jpgDillman A Human Life, Memories of a Pioneer by HIS Oldest BOY inside cover of book. NOTE: book may be found in Dillman Family Folder
DillmanIMG_0211.jpgDillman letter found inside of A Human Life book 12-17-1969
DillmanIMG_0213.jpgDillman A Human Life....Table of contents 1of 3
DillmanIMG_0214.jpgDillman A Human Life Table of contents 2 of 3
DillmanIMG_0215.jpgDillman A Human Life Table of Contents 3 of 3
DillmanIMG_0216.jpgDaisy Dillman ...and some friends.... article 2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0217.jpgAhlstrom, Dillman, Neddermeyer Picnic 1950, NOTE: photo located in Ahlstrom Family Folder
DillmanIMG_0218.jpgCristina Winnen Dillman -Center; seated with moustache - Eben Dillman 1913
DillmanIMG_0219.jpgEben Dillman c. 1920s
DillmanIMG_0220.jpgMr and Mrs Edben Dillman Pioneer Couple Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary NOTE: Original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, Page 266
DillmanIMG_0225.jpgDillman Ho! for the Gold Fields 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0226.jpgDillman Ho!...2 of 2
DillmanIMG_0227.jpgDillman They Ride.....2 of 5
DillmanIMG_0228.jpgDillman They Ride....2 of 5
DillmanIMG_0229.jpgDillman They Ride....3 of 5
DillmanIMG_0230.jpgDillman They ride....4 of 5
DillmanIMG_0231.jpgDillman They ride....5 of 5
DillmanIMG_0232.jpgChristine Dillman obituary 1 of 2
DillmanIMG_0233.jpgChristine Dillman obituary 1 of 2 NOTE: original documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 330
DillmanIMG_0234.jpgJames Dillman note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 210
DillmanIMG_0235.jpgMary Dillman note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 220
DillmanIMG_0236.jpgMiles Dillman obituary
DillmanIMG_0239.jpgRuth Dillman Tilgner [Smith] obituary 06-23-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 35
DillmanIMG_0240.jpgJacob J Dillman obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 18
DillmanIMG_0241.jpgJacob James Dillman memoriam 07-11-1980 - 04-09-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 19
DillmanIMG_0242.jpgJames Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0243.jpgMary Dillman note
DillmanIMG_0244.jpgGeorge and son, Edwin Dillman
DillmanIMG_0245.jpgDillman - Willard Dillman Memoirs "A Human Life" 1934 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
DillmanIMG_0246.jpgDillman - Pvt Henry F Dilloman, Co G 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry by Henry E Wahl NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
DillmanIMG_0248.jpgDillman/Walsh NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
DimondF050707-097.jpgDimond notes
DimondF050707-098.jpgA S Dimond notes
DimondF050707-099.jpgS Dimond letter
DimondF050707-100.jpgDimond Spirit of '76' oil painting... newspaper article
DimondF050707-101.jpgA S Dimond
DimondF050707-102.jpgAS Dimond Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society brochure
DimondF050707-103.jpgS D Dimond note
DimondF050707-104.jpgDimond notes
DimondF050707-105.jpgDimond family record 1 of 20
DimondF050707-106.jpgDimond family....2 of 20
DimondF050710-001.jpgDimond family....3 of 20
DimondF050710-002.jpgDimond family....4 of 20
DimondF050710-003.jpgDimond family....5 of 20
DimondF050710-004.jpgDimond family....6 of 20
DimondF050710-005.jpgDimond family....7 of 20
DimondF050710-006.jpgDimond family....8 of 20
DimondF050710-007.jpgDimond family....9 of 20
DimondF050710-008.jpgDimond family....10 of 20
DimondF050710-009.jpgDimond family....11 of 20
DimondF050710-010.jpgDimond family....12 of 20
DimondF050710-011.jpgDimond family....13 of 20
DimondF050710-012.jpgDimond family....14 of 20
DimondF050710-013.jpgDimond family....15 of 20
DimondF050710-014.jpgDimond family....16 of 20
DimondF050710-015.jpgDimond family....17 of 20
DimondF050710-016.jpgDimond family....18 of 20
DimondF050710-017.jpgDimond family....19 of 20
DimondF050710-018.jpgDimond family....20 of 20
DimondF050710-019.jpgDimond Mendota in 1855 by Stuart D Dimond 1 of 4
DimondF050710-020.jpgDimond Mendota....2 of 4
DimondF050710-021.jpgDimond Mendota....3 of 4
DimondF050710-022.jpgDimond Mendota....4 of 4
DimondF050710-023.jpgDimond Family Record
DimondIMG.jpgStuard D Dimond obituary 10-25-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 43
DingmanF050710-024.jpgDingman notes
DingmanF050710-025.jpgHarry Leander Dingmann engagement
DingmanIMG.jpgTeresa M Dingmann obituary February 2012
DitschIMG_0055.jpgLong Lake - Dolores Ditsch obituary daughter of Margaret Snicker 07-14-1998
DitterF050710-026.jpgAmor J Ditter family history 1 of 14
DitterF050710-027.jpgArmond J Ditter....2 of 14
DitterF050710-028.jpgArmond J Ditter....3 of 14
DitterF050710-029.jpgArmond J Ditter....4 of 14
DitterF050710-030.jpgArmond J Ditter....5 of 14
DitterF050710-031.jpgArmond D Ditter....6 of 14
DitterF050710-032.jpgArmond D Ditter....7 of 14
DitterF050710-033.jpgArmond D Ditter....8 of 14
DitterF050710-034.jpgArmond D Ditter....9 of 14
DitterF050710-035.jpgArmond D Ditter....10 of 14
DitterF050710-036.jpgArmond D Ditter....11 of 14
DitterF050710-037.jpgArmond D Ditter....12 of 14
DitterF050710-038.jpgArmond D Ditter....13 of 14
DitterF050710-039.jpgArmond D Ditter....14 of 14
DitterF050710-040.jpgAnthony Ditter, note
DitterF050710-041.jpgDitter Cooling & Heating advertisement
DitterF050710-042.jpgL Ditter
DitterF050710-044.jpgLeo Ditter note
DitterF050710-045.jpgAnthony L Ditter note
DitterF050710-046.jpgCaroline Ditter newspaper article
DitterF050710-047.jpgAnna Ditter newspaper article
DitterF050710-048.jpgTony Ditter Obituary
DitterF050710-049.jpgDitter, Inc advertisement
DitterF050710-050.jpgDitter, Inc establishment
DitterF050710-051.jpgTony Ditter Obituary
DitterF050710-052.jpgAnthony J Ditter, Lt Obituary
DitterF050710-053.jpgTheresa M Ditter newspaper article
DitterF050710-054.jpgMath Ditter marriage
DitterF050710-055.jpgJohn Ditter death
DitterF050710-056.jpgDitter family notes
DitterF050710-057.jpgDitter notes
DitterF050710-058.jpgDitter Notes
DitterF050710-059.jpgDitter notes
DitterIMG.jpgElizabeth C Ditter Obituary. NOTE: Original document locted in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 300
DitterIMG_0001.jpgSister Benitia Ditter obituary April 1955 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 360
DitterIMG_0002.jpgMarie S Ditter obituary
DittyF050711-001.jpgOrel Ditty Obituary
DittyF050711-002.jpgOral Ditty death
DittyF050711-003.jpgEdna Ditty marriage
DittyF050711-004.jpgMrs Cis Ditty
DittyF050711-005.jpgDean Ditty note
DittyF050711-006.jpgPerty Ditty Obituary
DittyF050711-007.jpgDitty Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning advertisements
DittyF050711-008.jpgPerry Ditty death
DittyF050711-009.jpgDitty Three generation plumbing business flourishing in Delano article 1 of 2
DittyF050711-010.jpgDitty Three... 2 of 2
DittyF050711-011.jpgDitty notes 1 of 9
DittyF050711-012.jpgDitty notes 2 of 9
DittyF050711-013.jpgDitty notes 3 of 9
DittyF050711-014.jpgDitty notes 5 of 9
DittyF050711-015.jpgDitty notes 4 of 9
DittyF050711-016.jpgDitty notes 6 of 9
DittyF050711-017.jpgDitty notes 9 of 9
DittyF050711-018.jpgDitty notes 7 of 9
DittyF050711-019.jpgDitty notes 8 of 9
DittyF050711-020.jpgJane Ditty plat info 1 of 2
DittyF050711-021.jpgJane Ditty....2 of 2
DittyF050711-022.jpgJane E Ditty plat info
DittyF050711-023.jpgElizabeth Ditty note
DittyF050711-024.jpgDitty note
DittyF050711-025.jpgDean Ditty address
DittyF050711-026.jpgDean Ditty note
DittyF050711-027.jpgJohn and Jane Ditty plat info
DittyF050711-028.jpgDean Ditty note
DittyF050711-029.jpgDitty notes
DittyF050711-030.jpgDitty - Lewis Cemetery notes
DittyF050711-031.jpgBlanche C Ditty marriage
DittyF050711-032.jpgDean and Peggy Ditty birth of boy
DittyF050711-033.jpgElla Ditty note 8-18-1886
DittyF050711-034.jpgDitty notes
DittyF050711-035.jpgDean Ditty notes
DittyF050711-036.jpgDitty notes
DittyF050711-037.jpgOrel Ditty Obituary
DittyF050711-038.jpgEdna Ditty newspaper article
DittyF050711-039.jpgClayton Ditty newspaper article
DittyF050711-040.jpgJoan Ditty
DittyF050711-041.jpgDave Ditty newspaper article
DittyF050711-042.jpgJoan Ditty newspaper article
DittyF050711-043.jpgDave Ditty newspaper article
DittyF050711-044.jpgRichard Ditty newspaper article
DittyF050711-045.jpgRich Ditty wins baseball honor article
DittyF050711-046.jpgRhonda Ditty marriage
DittyF050711-047.jpgRich Ditty induction
DittyF050711-048.jpgMildred L Ditty Shaver Obituary
DittyF050711-049.jpgMr and Mrs Perry Ditty 50th anniversary
DittyF050711-050.jpgEdna C Ditty Pearson Obituary
DittyF050711-051.jpgDitty Plumbing and Heating advertisement
DittyF050711-052.jpgDitty - Mildred L Shaver memoir
DittyF050711-053.jpgDave Ditty newspaper article
DittyF050711-054.jpgJoan Ditty article
DittyF050711-055.jpgDean Paul Ditty article
DittyF050711-056.jpgJoan Ditty will compete in state pageant
DittyF050711-057.jpgDave Ditty newspaper article
DittyF050711-058.jpgJeanne Ditty
DittyF050711-059.jpgJoan Ditty Miss Minnesota pageant.... 1 of 2
DittyF050711-060.jpgJoan Ditty 2 of 2
DittyF050711-061.jpgJoan Ditty
DittyF050711-062.jpgPerry Ditty Citizen of the Year
DittyF050711-063.jpgJeanne Ditty
DittyF050711-064.jpgJeanne Ditty
DittyF050711-065.jpgDitty plat info
DittyF050711-066.jpgDitty - Olson-Peterson Family 1 of 3
DittyF050711-067.jpgDitty - Olson-Peterson family 2 of 3
DittyF050711-068.jpgDitty - Olson-Peterson family 3 of 3
DittyF050711-069.jpgDean Ditty note
DittyF050711-070.jpgDitty family tree
DittyIMG.jpgAnnette G Ditty obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 305
DittyIMG_0001.jpgPerry R Ditty obituary 09-15-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 53
DixF050711-071.jpgDix family notes
DixF050711-072.jpgDix newspaper article
DixF050711-073.jpgDix notes
DixF050711-074.jpgHerman and Dora Dix note
DixF050711-075.jpgMilton Dix article
DixF050711-076.jpgE Dix plat info
DixF050711-077.jpgRuth Dix
DixonF050711-078.jpgDixon note
DobsonF050711-079.jpgMarguerite Anderson Dobson family was in lumber business article
DobsonF050711-080.jpgDobson note
DoeltzF050711-084.jpgDelta family notes
DoeltzF050711-085.jpgDr Doeltz of Markville (Crystal Bay) residence, 1910 taken by Alice Griswold Ford
DoeltzF050711-086.jpgDoeltz notes
DoeltzF050711-087.jpgInscription reads: At home, 1925 NE 59th Ave., Portland, Oregon
DoerrF050711-088.jpgHenry Doerr
DoerrF050711-089.jpgHenry Doerr Obituary
DoerrF050711-091.jpgHenry Doerr article
DoerrF050711-092.jpgMrs George V Doerr Opens Arcola Home article
DoerrF050711-093.jpgChloe Doerr 1936
DoerrF050711-094.jpgDoerr notes
DoerrIMG.jpgAnn RDoerr obituary 05-26-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 26
DoerrIMG_0001.jpgDoerr - Katherine B Yerk [Warner Erdall] obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 11
DoerrIMG_0002.jpgMary Grace Cotton Doerr obituary 02-0-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, apge 5
DoerrIMG_0003.jpgMary Grace Cotton Doerr obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 5
DoerrIMG_0073.jpgDoer - "Doer Ways a Legacy" by Henry Doerr NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
DokkenF050711-081.jpgMrs John Dokken article
DokkenF050711-082.jpgElla M Dokken
DokkenF050711-083.jpgElla Dokken wins teaching award article
DolsIMG.jpgCatherine and Jaster Dols
DomningF050711-095.jpgDomning plat info
DonaldsonF050711-096.jpgDonaldson notes
DonaldsonF050711-097.jpgWilliam Donaldson
DonaldsonF050711-098.jpgWilliam Donaldson
DongoskeIMG_0001.jpgEmma Emelie Dongoske obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 2, page 353
DongoskeIMG_0002.jpgBervia D Dongoske obituary 08-12-1980
DorferF050711-099.jpgDorfer article
DorferF050711-100.jpgBlanche Dorfer
DormanF050711-101.jpgDorman notes
DornbachIMG.jpgJohn L Dornbach obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
DorrIMG.jpgCobb Dorr note
DorrelIMG.jpgRobert Dorrel obituary, Life Time Member NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 28
DorrelIMG_0001.jpgLaVonne W Dorrel obituary 03-06-2012
DorweilerF050711-102.jpgCornelius Dorweiler death
DorweilerF050711-103.jpgCornelius O Dorweiler Obituary
DorweilerF050711-104.jpgH J Dorweiler article
DorweilerF050711-105.jpgDorweiler Hamel Banking Family Affair article
DorweilerF050711-106.jpgHarry Dorweiler death
DorweilerF050711-107.jpgMr and Mrs Nealie Dorweiler 50th anniversary
DorweilerF050711-108.jpgCornelius O Dorweiler newspaper article
DorweilerF050711-109.jpgCornelius O Dorweiler Obituary
DorweilerF050711-110.jpgHarry Dorweiler Obituary
DorweilerF050711-111.jpgHarry Dorweiler death
DorweilerF050711-112.jpgHarry Dorweiler A Man to Remember article
DoschIMG.jpgClarence M Dosch memoriam 04-26-1971 - 08-27-1985 NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 35
DoschIMG_0001.jpgClarence M Dosch (Uncle Clancy) obituary 08-28-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 35
DouglasF050711-113.jpgDouglas notes
DouglasF050711-114.jpgDouglas notes
DouglasF050711-115.jpgDouglas notes
DouglasF050711-116.jpgBessie P Douglas Obituary
DouglasF050711-117.jpgDouglas The Douglas Mystery newspaper article
DouglasIMG.jpgBessie P Douglas obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 353
DoyleF050711-118.jpgDoyle Family Reunion
DoyleF050711-119.jpgDoyle notes
DoyleF050711-120.jpgDoyle notes
DoyleF050711-121.jpgDoyle family notes 1 of 3
DoyleF050711-122.jpgDoyle family notes 2 of 3
DoyleF050711-123.jpgDoyle family notes 3 of 3
DoyleF050711-124.jpgDoyle - Benjamin F St John memoir
DoyleF050711-125.jpgAngie, Curtis and Almeda Doyle
DoyleF050711-126.jpgLou and Otis Doyle
DoyleF050711-127.jpgDoyle - Mary Stubbs, wife of Henry
DoyleF050711-128.jpgAlmeda Doyle
DoyleF050711-129.jpgAlma? Doyle, wife of Otis
DoyleF050711-130.jpgHenry Doyle, father of Almeda Doyle-Stubbs
DoyleF050711-131.jpgGrampa Doyle
DoyleF050711-132.jpgDoyle notes
DoyleF050711-133.jpgdoyle notes
DoyleF050711-134.jpgMrs Doyle death
DoyleF050711-135.jpgRuth Doyle 1924
DoyleF050711-136.jpgDoyle Reunion note 1 of 7
DoyleF050711-137.jpgDoyle reunion notes 2 of 7
DoyleF050711-138.jpgDoyle reunion notes 3 of 7
DoyleF050711-139.jpgDoyle reunion notes 4 of 7
DoyleF050711-140.jpgDoyle reunion notes 5 of 7
DoyleF050711-141.jpgDoyle reunion notes 6 of 7
DoyleF050711-142.jpgDoyle reunion notes 7 of 7
DoyleF050711-143.jpgUncle Will Sayre, Charlie Stubbs, Uncle Wallace, Uncle Loney
DoyleF050711-144.jpgDoyle - Stubs house before completion
DoyleF050711-145.jpgDoyle - Grampa and Grandma Stubbs old house
DoyleF050711-146.jpgDoyle - Four Generations: seated Hanna Larkin Doyle, R: Almeda Stubbs, L: Adie Stafford, Front: Edith Stafford
DoyleF050711-147.jpgDoyle - Chas W Stubbs calling card
DoyleF050711-148.jpgDoyle letter
DoyleF050711-149.jpgHenry Doyle letter 1 of 2
DoyleF050711-150.jpgHenry Doyle Letter 2 of 2
DoyleIMG.jpgDoyle - Thank you card from the Family of Almeda Sellman
DoyleIMG_0001.jpgMrs A A Doyle, grandma St Johns brother
DoyleIMG_0002.jpgCurtis Doyle
DoyleIMG_0003.jpgMr & Mrs Alvin Doyle, grandma St Johns brother
DoyleIMG_0004.jpgJohn Doyle family tree
DoyleIMG_0005.jpgEverett A Mellon obituary 08-1983
DrakeF050711-151.jpgDrake notes
DrakeF050711-152.jpgBenjamin Drake notes
DrakeF050711-153.jpgDrake letter
DrakeF050711-154.jpgDrake & Drake bill
DrakeF050711-155.jpgMrs Benjamin Drake Sr death
DrakeF050711-156.jpgBenjamin Drake political advertisement
DrakeF050711-157.jpgBenjamin Drake Jr Obituary
DrakeF050711-158.jpgDrake article
DrakeF050711-159.jpgDrake notes
DrakeF050711-160.jpgDrake notes
DrakeF050711-161.jpgDrake notes
DrakeF050711-162.jpgDrake notes
DrakeF050711-163.jpgBenjamin Drake Estate of Joseph W Mason, Deed 1 of 5
DrakeF050711-164.jpgBenjamin Drake Estate... 2 of 5
DrakeF050711-165.jpgBenjamin Drake Estate.... 3 of 5
DrakeF050711-166.jpgBenjamin Drake Estate.... 4 of 5
DrakeF050711-167.jpgBenjamin Drake Estate.... 5 of 5
DrakeIMG.jpgEdna Ashley Drake note
DraperF050711-168.jpgDraper - Bob and Flora Wheat, Eliner Draper's sister
DraperF050711-169.jpgLydia Draper Anglemeyer, mother of Harry Draper who lived at Stubbs Bay
DraperF050711-170.jpgMaud Esther Draper marriage
DraperF050711-171.jpgDraper notes
DraperF050711-172.jpgNoah Draper note
DraperF050711-173.jpgDraper notes 1 of 8
DraperF050711-174.jpgDraper Notes 2 of 8
DraperF050711-175.jpgDraper Notes 3 of 8
DraperF050711-176.jpgDraper Notes 4 of 8
DraperF050711-177.jpgDraper Notes 5 of 8
DraperF050711-178.jpgDraper Notes 7 of 8
DraperF050711-179.jpgDraper Notes 8 of 8
DraperF050711-180.jpgDraper Notes 6 of 8
DraperIMG.jpgJohn Buthurst note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 253
DraperIMG_0001.jpgElmer G Draper note
DresselF050712-001.jpgMr and Mrs henry P Dressel 50 years anniversary
DresselF050712-002.jpgHenry and Kate Dressel 60th anniversary
DresselF050712-003.jpgPaul F Dressel Obituary
DresselF050712-004.jpgHenry and Kate Dressel 60th anniversary
DresselF050712-005.jpgArdis Augusta Dressel memoir
DresselF050712-006.jpgEmerson Dressel retirement
DresselF050712-007.jpgLinda Pauline Dressel memoir
DresselF050712-008.jpgDressel notes
DresselIMG.jpgClarence Dressel obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 62
DresselIMG_0001.jpgHenry Paul Dressel obituary 06-23-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 28
DresselIMG_0002.jpgWilliam August Dressel obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 29
DresselIMG_0003.jpgHerbert Dressel obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 52
DresselIMG_0004.jpgThelma Dressel obituary 08-20-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 52
DresselIMG_0005.jpgWilliam E Dressel obituary 09-29-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 56
DresselIMG_0006.jpgNorman Dressel obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 8
DresselIMG_0007.jpgElizabeth Lena [nee Dressel] Noreen obituary 02-24-1989 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 29
DresselIMG_0008.jpgElizabeth Noreed obituary 04-24-1989 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 29
DresselIMG_0009.jpgMrs Abbin Dressel Christmas greeting 1of 2
DresselIMG_0010.jpgMrs Abbin Dressel Christmas greeting 2 of 2
DresselIMG_0011.jpgKathryn M Dressel obituary 1992
DresselIMG_0012.jpgMartin P Dressel obituary 01-13-1982
DresselIMG_0013.jpgAnna Dressel note
DresselIMG_0014.jpgFlora M Dressel obituary 08-01-1979
DresselIMG_0015.jpgHerbert C Dressel obituary 08-31-1979
DresselIMG_0016.jpgAlbin Dressel obituary
DreveskrachtIMG.jpgArthur Dreveskracht obituary 1956
DrogoschF050712-009.jpgDora Drogosch Obituary
DrogoschF050712-010.jpgDrogosch notes
DrueschF050712-011.jpgSerfus Druesch plat info
DrysdaleF050712-012.jpgCharles Drysdale interview with Grace Hill
DrysdaleF050712-013.jpgCharles Drysdale family notes
DrysdaleF050712-014.jpgHarriet Drysdale article
DrysdaleF050712-015.jpgHarvey Drysdale article
DrysdaleF050712-016.jpgDrysdale notes
DrysdaleF050712-017.jpgDrysdale notes
DrysdaleF050712-018.jpgDrysdale notes
DrysdaleF050712-019.jpgDrysdale notes
DrysdaleIMG.jpgIda May Richards Drysdale obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 335
DrysdaleIMG_0001.jpgEdward R Drysdale obituary NOTE: original located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page?
DrysdaleIMG_0002.jpgGeorge E Drysdale note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 221
DrysdaleIMG_0003.jpgNellie [Budd] Drysdale obituary 02-20-1874
DrysdaleIMG_0004.jpgGeorge A Drysdale note
Du PreyF060602-004.jpgLorraine DuPrey
DudleyF050712-020.jpgWilliam Dudley home burns
DudleyF050712-021.jpgWilliam Dudley Clark article
DudleyF050712-022.jpgWilliam and Ann Dudley articles
DudleyF050712-023.jpgAnn Dudley article
DudleyF050712-025.jpgDudley - interview with S D Dimond
DudleyF050712-026.jpgWilliam Dudley notes
DudleyF050712-027.jpgDudley notes
DudleyF050712-028.jpgDudley notes
DudleyF050712-029.jpgDudley notes
DudleyF050712-030.jpgDudley notes
DudleyIMG_0001.jpgKenneth Dudley - Our Home....2 of 2
DudleyIMG_0002.jpgKenneth Dudley - Our Home is now Under New Management 1 of 2
DuffF050712-062.jpgDuff notes
DuffF050712-063.jpgPhilip Sherman Duff Jr article
DuffF050712-064.jpgPhilip Sherman Duff
DuffF050712-065.jpgNicholas Duff Obituary
DuffF050712-066.jpgDuff - Robert G Dunn article
DuffF050712-067.jpgDuff - Robert G Dunn
DuganIMG.jpgVincent J Dugan obituary NOTE: Original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 330
DumasF050712-068.jpgRoger Dumas In quest of a career article
DumasF050712-069.jpgDumas family notes 1 of 3
DumasF050712-070.jpgDumas family notes 2 of 3
DumasF050712-071.jpgDumas family notes 3 of 3
DumasF050712-072.jpgEd Dumas Obituary
DumasF050712-073.jpgDumas notes
DumasF050712-074.jpgKathryn and Robert Dumas 50 years
DumasF050712-075.jpgBeatrice Marie Dumas Obituary
DumasF050712-076.jpgRoger Dumas article
DumasF050712-077.jpgBeatrice Dumas Obituary
DumasF050712-078.jpgTheresa Marie Dumas
DumasF050712-079.jpgTheresa marie Dumas memoir
DumasIMG.jpgTheresa Marie Dumas obituary 1992
DumasIMG_0001.jpgKathryn Dumas All in the Family 1 of 2
DumasIMG_0002.jpgKathryn Dumas All in the Family 2 of 2
DumasIMG_0003.jpgBeatrice Dumas obituary
DumasIMG_0004.jpgBeatrice M Dumas obituary
DumasIMG_005.jpgJanet Dumas McGuire obituary 05-29-2012
DunbrackF050712-033.jpgAlexander Dunbrack descendants 1 of 8
DunbrackF050712-034.jpgAlexander Dunbrack....2 of 8
DunbrackF050712-035.jpgAlexander Dunbrack....3 of 8
DunbrackF050712-036.jpgAlexander Dunbrack....4 of 8
DunbrackF050712-037.jpgAlexander Dunbrack....5 of 8
DunbrackF050712-038.jpgAlexander Dunbrack....6 of 8
DunbrackF050712-039.jpgAlexander Dunbrack....7 of 8
DunbrackF050712-040.jpgDunbrack family notes 8 of 8
DunbrackF050712-041.jpgIsabelle Cruikshank Dunbrack, from negative in file
DunbrackF050712-042.jpgDunbrack family notes
DunbrackF050712-043.jpgJohn Dunbrack family notes 1 of 10
DunbrackF050712-044.jpgJohn Dunbrack....2 of 10
DunbrackF050712-045.jpgJohn Dunbrack....3 of 10
DunbrackF050712-046.jpgJohn Dunbrack....4 of 10
DunbrackF050712-047.jpgJohn Dunbrack....5 of 10
DunbrackF050712-048.jpgJohn Dunbrack....6 of 10
DunbrackF050712-049.jpgJohn Dunbrack....7 of 10
DunbrackF050712-050.jpgJohn Dunbrack....8 of 10
DunbrackF050712-051.jpgJohn Dunbrack....9 of 10
DunbrackF050712-052.jpgJohn Dunbrack....10 of 10
DunbrackF050712-053.jpgEliza A Dunbrack Dickey
DunbrackF050712-054.jpgDunbrack letter 1 of 5
DunbrackF050712-055.jpgDunbrack letter 2 of 5
DunbrackF050712-056.jpgDunbrack letter 3 of 5
DunbrackF050712-057.jpgDunbrack letter 4 of 5
DunbrackF050712-058.jpgDunbrack letter 5 of 5
DunbrackF050712-059.jpgCatherine Dunbrack Dillman note
DunbrackF050712-060.jpgDunbrack note
DunbrackF050712-061.jpgDunbrack notes
DunbrackIMG_0001.jpgSabelle Dunbrack Murchy, Long Lake
DunlapIMG.jpgAlma Dunlap
DunnF050712-031.jpgJohn Dunn family notes 1 of 2
DunnF050712-032.jpgJohn Dunn family notes 2 of 2
DunnIMG.jpgLeonard Dunn obituary
DunnIMG_0001.jpgDoraline M Dunn memoriam 1 of 2
DunnIMG_0002.jpgDoraline M Dunn memoriam 2 of 2
DunnIMG_0003.jpgJim Dunn Receives hockey award 06-30-2007
DunnIMG_0004.jpgElnora M Dunn obituary 1953. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 295
DunnIMG_0005.jpgDoraline M Dunn obituary 10-20-1989 - 09-13-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 52
DunnIMG_0007.jpgDoraline M Dunn obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, box numbe 8, page 50
DunnIMG_0008.jpgDoris Dunn obituary 05-29-1978
DunnIMG_0009.jpgDoris K Dunn newspaper article
DunnIMG_0010.jpgLaura A Dunn memoriam and obituary 08-13-1897 -06-29-1982
DunnIMG_0011.jpgMary Dunn note 1 of 2
DunnIMG_0012.jpgMary Dunn note 2 of 2
DunwoodyF050712-080.jpgWilliam H Dunwoody notes
DunwoodyF050712-081.jpgDunwoody notes
DunwoodyF050712-082.jpgDunwoody mansion
DunwoodyF050712-083.jpgDunwoody farm auction
DunwoodyF050712-084.jpgWilliam H Dunwoody death
DunwoodyF050712-085.jpgWilliam H Dunwoody Industrial Institute
DunwoodyF050712-086.jpgWilliam H Dunwoody lake home, Lake Minnetonka c1905
DunwoodyF050712-087.jpgKate Dunwoody Hall Sheltering the Innocent 1 of 3
DunwoodyF050712-088.jpgKatie Dunwoody newspaper article
DunwoodyF050712-089.jpgKate Dunwoody....2 of 3
DunwoodyF050712-090.jpgKate Dunwoody....3 of 3
DunwoodyF050712-091.jpgDunwoody mansion
DunwoodyF050712-092.jpgDunwoody Hall will house 172 girls article 1 of 3
DunwoodyF050712-093.jpgDunwoody Hall....2 of 3
DunwoodyF050712-094.jpgDunwoody Hall....3 of 3
DunwoodyF050712-095.jpgDunwoody Tops article
DunwoodyF050712-096.jpgDunwoody mansion1 of 2
DunwoodyF050712-097.jpgDunwoody mansion 2 of 2
DunwoodyF050712-098.jpgDunwoody Mt Curve Place article
DunwoodyF050712-100.jpgDunwoody - Ernest Jergensen article
DunwoodyF050712-101.jpgDunwoody notes
DunwoodyF050712-102.jpgDunwoody notes
DunwoodyF050712-103.jpgDunwoody notes
DunwoodyIMG.jpgDunwoody - Woodhill Farm Annual Herd Catalogue 1903 NOTE: complete booklet located in the Dunwoody Family Folder
DupontF050712-104.jpgDupont notes
DupontF050712-105.jpgAlaric W Dupon Obituary
DupontF050712-106.jpgLouis H Dupont Obituary
DupontF050712-107.jpgBrasyl A Dupont memoir
DupontF050712-108.jpgLena Dupont memoir
DupontF050712-109.jpgUnidentified photo in a 1937 HS Grad frame
DupontF050712-110.jpgUnidentified photo in file
DupontIMG.jpgAlphonse Dupong obituary 1953. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 300
DupontIMG_0001.jpgAlthonse Dupont memoriam 1 of 2
DupontIMG_0002.jpgAlthonse Dupont memoriam 09-07-1879 - 12-21-1953 2 of 2
DupontIMG_0003.jpgLena Dupont memoriam 1 of 2
DupontIMG_0004.jpgLena Dupont memoriam 12-20-1893 - 02-16-1958 2 of 2
DupontIMG_0005.jpgKathryn Ellen obituary NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 7
DupontIMG_0006.jpgMark Reece Dupong notes
DurantF050712-111.jpgDurant family notes 1 of 3
DurantF050712-112.jpgDurant family notes 2 of 3
DurantF050712-113.jpgDurant family notes 3 of 3
DurantF050712-114.jpgJoseph C Durant Obituary
DurantF050712-115.jpgDurant's Restaurant advertisment
DurantF050712-116.jpgDurant - Arnold P Nelson Obituary
DurantF050712-117.jpgJ C Durant advertisement
DurantF050712-118.jpgJ C Durant advertisement
DurantF050712-119.jpgDurant notes
DurantF050712-120.jpgJoseph C Durant death
DurantIMG.jpgElizabeth Rees Durant NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 269
DurantIMG_0001.jpgJosephine [nelson] Durant notes
DurantIMG_0002.jpgMark Durant obituary 01-13-1978
DurantIMG_0003.jpgElizabeth Durant note
DurdaIMG.jpgJoseph Durda obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 53
DurfeeF050712-121.jpgDurfee family notes
DurfeeF050712-122.jpgHannah Durfee descendants
DurfeeF050712-123.jpgDurfee notes
DurfeeF050712-124.jpgDurfee notes
DurfeeF050712-125.jpgSarah Durfee note
DurkeeF050712-126.jpgMiles Durkee note
DusoskiIMG.jpgMartha K [Wozniak] Dusoski obituary 05-29-1978
DusoskiIMG_0001.jpgEdward J Dusoski memoriam 1 of 2
DusoskiIMG_0002.jpgEdward J Dusoski memoriam 02-12-1896 - 06-26-1958 2 of 2
DutcherIMG.jpgCatherine L Dutcher obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 34
DwinnellsF050712-130.jpgMary Dwinnels and Henry Chase
DwinnellsF050712-131.jpgDwinnell notes
DwinnellsF050712-132.jpgDwinnells notes
DwinnellsF050712-133.jpgDwinnells notes
DwyerF050712-127.jpgDwyer Family newspaper article
DwyerF050712-128.jpgMichael Dwyer plat info
DwyerF050712-129.jpgGlen Dwyer note
DyeIMG.jpgChristine Dye NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1
DyeIMG_0001.jpgChristine Dye note