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EastmanEastman-20050712-001.jpgWelles Eastman interview
EastmanEastman-20050712-002.jpgEastman-Upton Co newspaper article
EastmanEastman-20050712-003.jpgSarah Eastman and Welles Eastman articles
EastmanEastman-20050712-004.jpgWelles Eastman Minneapolis History article
EastmanEastman-20050712-005.jpgEastman family notes
EastmanEastman-20050712-006.jpgEastman family notes
EastmanEastman-20050712-007.jpgW W Eastman article 1 of 4
EastmanEastman-20050712-008.jpgW W Eastman article 2 of 4
EastmanEastman-20050712-009.jpgW W Eastman article 3 of 4
EastmanEastman-20050712-010.jpgW W Eastman article 4 of 4
EbbeckeGeorge A Ebbecke002.jpg"IN LOVING MEMORY OF GEORGE A EBBECKE OCT. 26
EbbeckeGeorge A Ebbecke003.jpgGeorge A Ebbecke
EbbeckeGeorge A Ebbecke004.jpg"The Life and Stories of George Ebbecke- ""Those were the days"" page 1 of 6"
EbbeckeGeorge A Ebbecke005.jpgpage 2 of 6
EbbeckeGeorge A Ebbecke006.jpgpage 3 of 6
EbbeckeGeorge A Ebbecke007.jpgpage 4 of 6
EbbeckeGeorge A Ebbecke008.jpg5 of 6
EbbeckeGeorge A Ebbecke009.jpgpage 6
EbertEbert-20120104-002.jpg"Fred Ebert NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EbertEbert-20120107-003.jpg"Henry L (Shorty) Ebert obituary 09-03-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EbertEbert-20120107-004.jpg"Henry (Shorty) Ebert obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EbertEbert-20120314-001.jpgFred Ebert note
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-001.jpgTom Eckdahl article
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-002.jpgA Ione Eckdahl memoir
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-003.jpgSusan Eckdahl engagement
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-004.jpgAvis Ione Eckdahl Obituary
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-005.jpgTom Eckdahl article
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-006.jpgSusan Jane Eckdahl marriage
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-007.jpgEckdahl engagements
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-008.jpg"Curt E Eckdahl
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-009.jpgThomas Eckdahl article
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-010.jpgElizabeth Eckdahl marriage
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-011.jpgEckdahl article
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-012.jpgRev and Mrs Carl E Eckdahl newspaper article
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-013.jpgTom Eckdahl
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-014.jpgRay Eckdahl
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-015.jpgEckdahl - Fred W Radde III article 1 of 2
EckdahlEckdahl-20050712-016.jpgEckdahl - Fred W Radde III....2 of 2
EckesEckes-20050712-001.jpgF J Eckes estate auction
EckesEckes-20050712-002.jpgPhilip J Eckes 100th birthday
EckesEckes-20050712-003.jpgPhilip J Eckes funeral
EckesEckes-20050712-004.jpgLeonard Eckes Momument Company advertisement
EckesEckes-20050712-005.jpgPhilip J Eckes memoir
EckesEckes-20050712-006.jpgEckes notes
EckesEckes-20050712-007.jpgGeraldine Eckes Gerry notes
EckesEckes-20111210-008.jpg"Mark J Eckes obituary 02-17-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EckesEckes-20111228-009.jpg"Loretta J [nee Etzel] Eckes obituary 9-26-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EckesEckes-20111228-010.jpg"Mark J Eckes obituary 02-15-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EckesEckes-20120315-011.jpgBlanche B Eckes obituary
EckesEckes-20120427-012.jpgIrene E Eckes obituary 1981
EckhoffEckhoff-20120102-001.jpg"Barbara Eckhoff obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-001.jpgEckstrom family notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-002.jpgEckstrom - Eleanor E Neilson memoir
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-003.jpgCarl Eckstrom (Extrom) death
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-004.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-005.jpg"Eckstrom - Reference Book for Hakansdotter Family
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-006.jpg"L to R: Emma Martinson
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-007.jpgEleanor Eckstrom Neilson
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-008.jpg"Sarah and Albert Eckstrom 50th anniversary
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-009.jpgAlbert Ekstrom note
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-010.jpgS Marie Eckstrom
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-011.jpgRuth Eckstrom
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-012.jpgEleanor Eckstrom Neilson
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-013.jpgSarah Berg Ekstrom memoir
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-014.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-015.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-016.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-017.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-018.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-019.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-020.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-021.jpgEckstrom notes
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-022.jpgKarl and Kristeen Eckstrom
EckstromEckstrom-20050713-023.jpgEckstrom - Reference book Ingrid Hokansdotter Her Parents and Seven Generations of Her Sons and Daughters
EckstromEckstrom-20111128-024.jpg"Alec Eckstrom notes. The last paragraph reads Through his long illness he was sustained by a stron
EckstromEckstrom-20120314-025.jpgAlex Eckstrom note
EckstromEckstrom-20160502-026.JPGCarl Eckstgrom Family - Seated: Albert Eckstrom; Carl Eckstrom; Mrs Carl Eckstrom;Frank Eckstrom. Center L-R: Betty Felt; Alphia Eckstrom; Matilda Johannessen; Ella Lounberg. Back L-R: Fred Eckstrom; Augusta Eckstrom Located in Photo Gallery R13
EddyEddy-20050713-001.jpgHenry R Eddy plat info
EddyEddy-20050713-002.jpgLouie Eddy newspaper article
EddyEddy-20050713-003.jpgVernon Eddy article
EddyEddy-20050713-004.jpgE W Eddy article
EddyEddy-20050713-005.jpgEddy notes
EddyEddy-20050713-006.jpgEddy notes
EddyEddy-20050713-007.jpgEddy - Big Island's Various Names newspaper article
EddyEddy-20050713-010.jpgHenry R Eddy
EddyEddy-20050713-011.jpgElisabeth M Joslin Eddy
EddyEddy-20050713-012.jpgEddy diary 1 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-013.jpgEddy diary 2 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-014.jpgEddy diary 3 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-015.jpgEddy diary 4 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-016.jpgEddy diary 5 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-017.jpgEddy diary 6 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-018.jpgEddy diary 7 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-019.jpgEddy diary 8 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-020.jpgEddy diary 9 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-021.jpgEddy diary 10 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-022.jpgEddy diary 11 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-023.jpgEdd ydiary 12 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-024.jpgEddy diary 13 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-025.jpgEddy diary 14 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-026.jpgEddy family notes
EddyEddy-20050713-027.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 1 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-028.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 2 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-029.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 3 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-030.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 4 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-031.jpgHenry R Eddy 5 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-032.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 6 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-033.jpgHenry R Eddy 7 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-034.jpgHenry R Eddy 8 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-035.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 9 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-036.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 10 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-037.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 11 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-038.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 12 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-039.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 13 of 14
EddyEddy-20050713-040.jpgHenry R Eddy diary 14 of 14
EdgarEdgar-20050713-001.jpgRobert Edgar notes
EdgarEdgar-20050713-002.jpgEmma Edgar Obituary
EdgarEdgar-20050713-003.jpgEdgar notes
EdgarEdgar-20050713-004.jpgEdgar notes
EdgarEdgar-20050713-005.jpgEdgar notes
EdgarEdgar-20050713-006.jpgEdgar notes
EdgertonEdgerton-20050713-001.jpgWilliam R Edgerton plat info
EdholmEdholm-20120102-001.jpg"Olive D Edholm obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EhlersEhlers-20050713-001.jpgEhlers notes
EhlersEhlers-20050713-002.jpgEhlers notes
EhlersEhlers-20050713-003.jpgEhlers - Elizabeth Holbrook moire
EhlersEhlers-20050713-004.jpgWilliam Ehlers note
EhlersEhlers-20050713-005.jpgElizabeth Ehlers Hohlbrook
EhlersEhlers-20120314-006.jpgMargaret Ehlers note
EhlersEhlers-20160502-007.JPGAlex R Frick Located in Photo Gallery T02A
EhlersEhlers-20160502-008.JPGMary [Winnen] Frick 1861-1928 Located in Photo Gallery T02B
EhlersEhlers-20160504-009.JPGAlex Frick House. Alex was the son of Elias Frick and Mary was the daughter of Peter Winnen. They were old settlers on the 40 acres on the East shore of Gleason Lake and the 40 acres on Vicksburg Lane where the large school now stands. The property was bought at that time for $16.00 per acre. Everything was wooded. They built a small house on that property. Then in 1920 they moved to Wayzata. Located in Photo Gallery T02C
EidemEidem-20111201-001.jpg"Virginia Lee Ediem obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EiseleEisele-20160227-001.jpg"L to R: George Turnham
EisingerEisinger-20050712-003.jpgEisinger Pony Farm article
EisingerEisinger-20050712-004.jpgFrank Eisinger interview
EisingerEisinger-20050712-005.jpgJennie Eisinger 13th birthday
EisingerEisinger-20050712-006.jpgHarry Eisinger 50th anniversary
EisingerEisinger-20050713-007.jpgFrank Eisinger interview
EisingerEisinger-20050713-008.jpgMary Eisinger retirement
EisingerEisinger-20050713-009.jpg"Mary Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-010.jpgKermit Eisinger Family Album 1944
EisingerEisinger-20050713-011.jpgJennie M Wasgatt Obituary
EisingerEisinger-20050713-012.jpgAnna Eisinger Obituary
EisingerEisinger-20050713-013.jpgJohn Eisinger card of thanks
EisingerEisinger-20050713-014.jpgMr and Mrs Clifford Eisinger golden wedding
EisingerEisinger-20050713-015.jpgSchley Eisinger Obituary
EisingerEisinger-20050713-016.jpgKermit Eisinger in uniform
EisingerEisinger-20050713-017.jpgHoward Eisinger newspaper article
EisingerEisinger-20050713-018.jpgO H Eisinger Bud Letter to Editor
EisingerEisinger-20050713-019.jpgRuth Eisinger article
EisingerEisinger-20050713-020.jpgDavid Eisinger marriage
EisingerEisinger-20050713-021.jpgSandra Eisinger newspaper article
EisingerEisinger-20050713-022.jpgFred Eisinger newspaper article
EisingerEisinger-20050713-023.jpgEisinger newspaper article
EisingerEisinger-20050713-024.jpgFrank Eisinger interview
EisingerEisinger-20050713-025.jpgFrank Eisinger interview
EisingerEisinger-20050713-026.jpgFrank Eisinger family notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-027.jpgFrank Eisinger Obituary
EisingerEisinger-20050713-028.jpgEisinger notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-029.jpgJim Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-030.jpgMarjorie Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-031.jpgKermit and Margaret Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-032.jpgKermit & Margaret Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-034.jpgFred Eisinger death
EisingerEisinger-20050713-035.jpgSchley Eisinger memoir
EisingerEisinger-20050713-036.jpgFrank Eisinger memoir
EisingerEisinger-20050713-037.jpgJohn Eisinger 32nd anniversary
EisingerEisinger-20050713-038.jpgJames Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-039.jpgFrank Eisinger article
EisingerEisinger-20050713-040.jpgJohn Eisinger note
EisingerEisinger-20050713-041.jpgO H Eisinger Bud Letter to the Editor
EisingerEisinger-20050713-042.jpgEisinger notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-043.jpgEisinger notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-044.jpgEisinger notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-045.jpgEisinger notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-046.jpgEisinger notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-047.jpgEisinger notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-048.jpgEisinger notes
EisingerEisinger-20050713-049.jpgFred Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-050.jpgSchley Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-052.jpgFred and Harry Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-053.jpgFrank Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-055.jpg"Orlo Eisinger Bud
EisingerEisinger-20050713-056.jpg"Virgil Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-057.jpgHarley Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-058.jpg"Eisinger - Woodhill crew. L-R: 1-George Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-059.jpgEisinger - men working at Brackett's Point. John Eisinger is 2nd from left in front. Frank Eisinger is 2nd from right in front
EisingerEisinger-20050713-060.jpgFrank Eisinger as a young man. Enlarged section of F050713-053
EisingerEisinger-20050713-061.jpg"John Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20050713-062.jpgEisinger - men working at Brackett's Point. Includes John Eisinger kneeling with shovel. See F050713-057
EisingerEisinger-20050713-063.jpgJohn Eisinger kneeling with shovel and vest
EisingerEisinger-20050713-064.jpgJohn Eisinger family. See F050713-059 for names
EisingerEisinger-20050713-065.jpgEisinger Family Tree 1 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-066.jpgEisinger family....2 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-067.jpgEisinger family....3 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-068.jpgEisinger family....4 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-069.jpgEisinger family....5 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-070.jpgEisinger family....6 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-071.jpgEisinger family....7 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-072.jpgEisinger family....8 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-073.jpgEisinger family....9 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-074.jpgEisinger family....10 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-075.jpgEisinger family....11 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-076.jpgEisinger family....12 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20050713-077.jpgEisinger family....13 of 13
EisingerEisinger-20060613-078.jpgHarry Eisinger Obituary
EisingerEisinger-20060613-079.jpgMr and Mrs Harry Eisinger 50th anniversary
EisingerEisinger-20060613-080.jpgMr and Mrs Harry Eisinger 50th anniversary
EisingerEisinger-20100922-082.jpgRobert Eisinger The Spirit Was There 06-24-1951
EisingerEisinger-20100922-083.jpg"Harriet Eisinger weds C Vincent Vensas July 14
EisingerEisinger-20111007-081.jpgDave Eisinger Weather conditions heighten fire risk in metro area
EisingerEisinger-20111108-084.jpgGeorge and Margaret Eisinger Family history of their donation of a Kerosine/Prism Chandelier 01-11-2011
EisingerEisinger-20111201-085.jpg"Margaret Eisinger obituary 03-20-1990 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EisingerEisinger-20111225-086.jpg"Schley Eisinger memoriam 08-18-1898 - 02-13-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EisingerEisinger-20111228-087.jpg"Ida M Eisinger obituary 12-15-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EisingerEisinger-20111228-088.jpg"Ida M Eisinger memoriam 07-13-1889 - 12-15-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EisingerEisinger-20120107-089.jpg"Howard Eisinger note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EisingerEisinger-20120107-090.jpg"Howard Eisinger writes about June M Van Nyhuis NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EisingerEisinger-20120314-091.jpgJohn Eisinger note
EisingerEisinger-20120429-092.jpgFrank K Eisinger obituary 12-05-1980
EisingerEisinger-20120806-093.jpgFrank Eisinger wedding annoncement 11-28-1915
EisingerEisinger-20120806-094.jpgFrank Eisinger memroaim 06-14-1889 - 12-05-1980
EisingerEisinger-20120806-095.jpg"F K Eisinger - Dayton Department Store float
EisingerEisinger-20120806-096.jpg"Frank Eisinger ""Historical society interviewed Mr Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20120806-097.jpg"Eisinger - ""Eisinger Ponies Lead Lives of Shetland Rileys"" NOTE: document located in Eisinger Family Folder"
EisingerEisinger-20120816-098.jpgGeorge Eisinger family home
EisingerEisinger-20120816-099.jpgGeorge Eisinger home NOTE: the lamp hanging above the table in the Victorian Room originally hung in this home
EisingerEisinger-20120816-100.jpg"George Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20120828-102.jpgJohn Eisinger Family Chronological Lineage of Eisinger Ancestors
EisingerEisinger-20150120-101.jpgRuth Eisinger
EisingerEisinger-20160502-001.JPGFrank and Victoria Eisinger On the right: Fred Eisinger Located in Photo Gallery A18
EisingerEisinger-20160502-002.JPGJohn Eisinger family. Front: Vern 1904-1996-John's son; Clifford Eisinger 1904-?; Jennie [Eisinger] Wasgatt 1901-1954. Middle: Schley Eisinger 1898-1984; John Eisinger 1857-1940; Susan [Geminder] Eisinger 1862-1914; Katherine [Eisinger] Bliss 1906-1967; Margaret [Eisinger] Powerll 1893-1924. Back: John Eisinger 1882-1937; Martha [Schumann] Eisinger 1884-1976; Frank Eisinger 1889-1980; Fred Eisinger 1895-1970; Harry Eisinger 1887-1965 and George Eisinger 1891-1973 Located in Photo Gallery C18
EisingerEisinger001.jpgClifford Eisinger
EisingerEisinger003.jpgSchley Eisinger
EisingerEisinger005.jpg"Margaret Elizabeth Diem married Kermit John Eisinger Sept. 16
EisingerEisinger006.jpgHanley and Sis Eisinger Kids of Harry Eisinger
EisingerEisinger007.jpgJohn Eisinger
EisingerEisinger008.jpg"Eisinger Brothers Left to right: Schley
EisingerFred Eisinger001.jpg-
EitelEitel-20050713-001.jpgGeorge D Eitel Obituary
EitelEitel-20050713-002.jpgGeorge Eitel Obituary
EitelEitel-20050713-003.jpgGeorge Eitel memoir
EitelEitel-20050713-004.jpg"George G Eitel
EitelEitel-20050713-005.jpgGeorge G Eitel death
EitelEitel-20050713-006.jpgGeorge G Eitel death
EitelEitel-20101018-007.jpgGeorge Eitel 'Frugal' man's will surprises church
EitelEitel-20110929-008.jpgwilma Mary Eitel obituary 12-19-1
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-001.jpgEmory Eldridge
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-002.jpgEldridge family notes 1 of 7
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-003.jpgEldridge family....2 of 7
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-004.jpgEldridge family....3 of 7
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-005.jpgLyman Eldridge home....4 of 7
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-006.jpgEldridge family....5 of 7
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-007.jpgEldridge family....6 of 7
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-008.jpgEldridge family....7 of 17
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-009.jpgEldridge notes
EldridgeEldridge-20050713-010.jpgEldridge notes
EllicotEllicot-20050713-001.jpgWilliam Ellicot plat info
EllicotEllicot-20050713-002.jpgEllicot notes
ElliottElliott-20110615-002.jpgDorothy M Elliott memoriam 01-02-1914 - 01-17-2011
ElliottElliott-20110615-003.jpgDorothy Maxine Elliott Memorial Service 01-22-2011
ElliottElliott-20110615-004.jpgElliott - Edward Hursh Miller funeral service 04-14-2007
ElliottElliott-20111109-001.jpg"Kenneth Elliott obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
ElliottElliott-20111201-005.jpg"Charles Elliott obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitle Annual Meeting Minutes
ElliottElliott-20120315-006.jpgBernice Mary Elliott obituary 08-29-1978
EllisCarol Ellis001.jpgCarol Ellis is a friend of Rosa Asao who died June 14 ?
EllisEllis-20050713-003.jpgJohn J Ellis plat info
EllisEllis-20050713-004.jpgGlen Ellis plat info
EllisEllis-20050713-005.jpgTom Ellis (Trapper)
EllisEllis-20050713-006.jpgNancy E Ellis family notes
EllisEllis-20050713-007.jpgMike Ellis Person of the Year 1999
EllisEllis-20050713-008.jpgJ Thomas Ellis marriage to Ruby Marr 1913
EllisEllis-20050713-009.jpgEllis family notes
EllisEllis-20050714-010.jpgEllis - Ruby M Keeler notes
EllisEllis-20050714-011.jpgJames Thomas Ellis
EllisEllis-20050714-012.jpgJames Thomas Ellis notes
EllisEllis-20050714-013.jpgEllis family
EllisEllis-20050714-014.jpgEllis Family notes
EllisEllis-20050714-015.jpgNancy Ellis note
EllisEllis-20050714-016.jpg"James Thomas and Ruby Ellis grandchildren. L-R: Judy
EllisEllis-20050714-017.jpg"James Thomas and Ruby Ellis great-grandchildren
EllisEllis-20060509-018.jpg"Art Flam
EllisEllis-20060509-019.jpgKendall Ellis (Mike) and his first car
EllisEllis-20060509-020.jpgKendall Ellis (Mike) in May 1942
EllisEllis-20060509-021.jpgArt Flam
EllisEllis-20060509-022.jpgEllis - L-R: Walter Thomas (Trapper) Ellis and Paul & Beverly Naab in 1945
EllisEllis-20060509-023.jpg"Ellis - Back view of most of us on 07-04-1938
EllisEllis-20060509-024.jpg"Kendall Ellis (Mike) c. 1950
EllisEllis-20060509-025.jpgMarilyn and Trapper Ellis in 1931
EllisEllis-20060509-026.jpg"Bob Benson and Walter Tommy ""Trapper"" Ellis in March 1945"
EllisEllis-20060509-027.jpgEllis - George and Dorothy Lind
EllisEllis-20060509-028.jpg"Ellis - Clifford C Lee of Uhrichsville
EllisEllis-20060510-030.jpg"Ellis - taken c.1923 Front: Glen
EllisEllis-20060510-031.jpgRuby Ellis and children: Glen and Arthur Ellis
EllisEllis-20060510-035.jpg"Ellis - Taken on a Sunday
EllisEllis-20060510-036.jpgGordy and Lois Keeler Bauer - she is Mikes moms sister.
EllisEllis-20060510-037.jpg"Ellis - Jacqueline Delaroche
EllisEllis-20060510-038.jpgKendall Ellis (Mike) at age 2.5
EllisEllis-20060510-039.jpg"Ellis -Glens wife Margorie
EllisEllis-20060510-040.jpgMike Ellis back row middle -light blue shirt with arms crossed.
EllisEllis-20060613-041.jpg"Extreme Left: Edwin Naab
EllisEllis-20060613-043.jpg"Back L-r: ?Crawford
EllisEllis-20060613-044.jpgGertrude Ellis Hall memoir 1959
EllisEllis-20060624-034.jpg"Ellis -back row: Art Ellis
EllisEllis-20060701-045.jpg"Art Flam
EllisEllis-20110407-046.jpg"Arthur Ellis
EllisEllis-20110407-047.jpgMike Ellis 57-year-old letter finally catches wup with Long lake War veteran Lakeshore Weekly News 04-17-2001
EllisEllis-20110609-048.jpgPatricia Pat Ellis obituary 11-26-2010
EllisEllis-20111007-049.jpgEllis Charges cut in father-son burglary case
EllisEllis-20111128-050.jpg"Ruby Keeler Ellis
EllisEllis-20120314-051.jpgRuby K Ellis note
EllisEllis-20120402-052.jpgInez Ellis obituary
EllisEllis-20120402-053.jpgInez M Ellis memoriam 04-24-1909 - 09-30-1983
EllisEllis-20160502-001.JPGRuby Keeler Ellis 1889-1929 Located in Photo Gallery A22 (Mike Ellis mother)
EllisEllis-20160502-002.JPGJames Thomas Ellis 1878-1960 Located in Photo Gallery A23 (Mike Ellis father)
EllisEllis-20170109-001.jpgKendall Mike Ellis at old carriage house at WHCPA 4/1983
EllisEllis-20170217-001.jpg"Ellis brothers-Glen
EllisEllisHale wedding001.jpgW.Thomas Ellis weds Patricia Hale 6-17-1950
EllisPatricia Ellis-20161012-001.jpg"Memorial Service for Patricia Ellis December 4
EllisPatricia Ellis-20161012-002.jpgIn Loving Memory of Patricia H. Ellis 2010
ElsenElsen-20050714-002.jpgRandy Elsen engagement
ElsenElsen-20050714-003.jpgElsen notes
ElsenElsen-20130403-001.jpgElizabeth J. Elsen 1892-1986
ElwellElwell-20050714-001.jpgElwell notes
ElwellElwell-20050714-002.jpgElwell notes
EmersonEmerson-20110930-001.jpgA Keith Emerson obituary 02-24-1982
EmersonEmerson-20120330-002.jpgA Keith Emerson obituary 02-20-1982
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-001.jpgEmpanger notes
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-002.jpgDoris Empanger Obituary
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-003.jpgEmpanger notes
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-004.jpgEmpanger notes
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-005.jpgJoseph H Empenger family note
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-006.jpgEmpenger letter 1 of 4
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-007.jpgEmpenger letter 2 of 4
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-008.jpgEmpenger letter 3 of 4
EmpangerEmpanger-20050714-009.jpgEmpanger letter 4 of 4
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-001.jpg"William von Ende - 1st settlers in Hassan Twp.
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-002.jpgWilliam Ende Land Purchase Document
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-003.jpg"William Ende - Land Purchase Hassan Twp
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-004.jpgWilliam Ende - early settling in MN - Page 1 of 2
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-005.jpgWilliam Ende - early settling in MN Page 2 of 2
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-006.jpgWilliam Ende - Family Group Sheet - Page 1 of 4
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-007.jpgWilliam Ende - Family Group Sheet - Page 2 of 4
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-008.jpgWilliam Ende - Family Group Sheet - Page 3 of 4
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-009.jpgWilliam Ende - Family Group Sheet - Page 4 of 4
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-010.jpgWilliam Ende - Descendant Report - Page 1 of 5
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-011.jpgWilliam Ende - Descendant Report - Page 2 of 5
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-012.jpgWilliam Ende - Descendant Report - Page 3 of 5
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-013.jpgWilliam Ende - Descendant Report - Page 4 of 5
EndeEnde-2017-03-29-014.jpgWilliam Ende - Descendant Report - Page 5 of 5
EngelEngel-20050714-001.jpgGordon Engel Distinguished Alumni
EngelEngel-20050714-002.jpgEngel notes
EngelEngel-20050714-003.jpgJacob Engel plat info
EngelEngel-20050714-004.jpgJohn Engel note
EngelEngel-20050714-005.jpgHenry Engel family
EngelEngel-20050714-006.jpg"Henry Engel and Lizzie Merz bridal couple
EngelEngel-20050714-007.jpg"Henry Engele farm
EngelEngel-20050714-008.jpgRev. Vernon Engele
EngelEngel-20050714-009.jpgRev. Philip Engele 1941
EngelEngel-20050714-010.jpgRev. Alfred Engele
EngelEngel-20110825-011.jpgPeter Engel obituary
EngelEngel-20170215-001.jpgEngel - Jamison and family killed in Nebraska crash
EnglandEngland-20120429-001.jpgGertrude [Butterfield] England note
EnglandEngland-20120429-002.jpgGertrude V England memoriam 11-24-1895 - 08-06-1981
EnglandEngland-20120510-003.jpg"Raymond England
EnglandEngland-20161231- (2).jpgRoy Pratt (RP) England at his ranch in S.D. about 1950 near White River
EnglandEngland-20161231- (3).jpg"Seated Roy Pratt (RP) Englad and Emily (Miller) England Back Row: l to r: ?
EnglandEngland-20161231-.jpgEmily (Miller) England child is Doris Marie England about 1916
EnglundEnglund-20050714-001.jpgEngland/Englund notes
EnglundEnglund-20050714-002.jpgEngel family notes
EnglundEnglund-20050714-003.jpgEnglund notes
EppelEppel-20050714-001.jpgEppel notes
EppelEppel-20050714-002.jpgEppel notes
EppelEppel-20050714-003.jpgChas. Eppel advertisement
ErdlandErdland-20050714-001.jpgMr and Mrs Erdland of Medina
EricksonErickson-20110930-001.jpgHaley Erickson ...selected as Orono's 2011 Athena winner 04-09-2011
EricksonErickson-20110930-002.jpgEmma Erickson letter 08-18-1974
EricksonErickson-20120104-003.jpg"Charles B Erickson NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EricksonErickson-20120314-004.jpgCharles B Erickson note
EricsonEricson-20050714-001.jpgSara Marie Ericson memoir
EricsonEricson-20050714-002.jpgPalmer N Ericson memoir
ErlandsonErlandson-20050714-001.jpgErlandson family note
ErnstErnst-20050714-002.jpg"Katie Ernst and grandaughters: Linda
ErnstErnst-20050714-003.jpgJohn Ernst plat info
ErnstErnst-20050714-004.jpgTony Ernst stricken with diptheria
ErnstErnst-20050714-005.jpgErnst notes
ErnstErnst-20050714-006.jpgErnst notes
ErnstErnst-20050714-008.jpgWalter Ernst newspaper article
ErnstErnst-20050714-009.jpgWalter Ernst
ErnstErnst-20050714-011.jpgErnst - Decendants of Bernard Roehl 1 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-012.jpgErnst - Descendants....2 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-013.jpgErnst - Descendants....3 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-014.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 4 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-015.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 5 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-016.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 6 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-017.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 7 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-018.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 8 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-019.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 9 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-020.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 10 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-021.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 11 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-022.jpgErnst - Descendants.... 12 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-023.jpgErnst - Descendants....13 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-024.jpgErnst - Descendants....14 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-025.jpgErnst - Descendants....15 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-026.jpgErnst - Descendants....16 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-027.jpgErnst - Descendants....17 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-028.jpgErnst - Descendants....18 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-029.jpgErnst - Descendants....19 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-030.jpgErnst - Descendants....20 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-031.jpgErnst - Descendants....21 of 22
ErnstErnst-20050714-032.jpgErnst - Descendants....22 of 22
ErnstErnst-20101018-033.jpgWalter Ernst History 100 years in the making article
ErnstErnst-20101020-034.jpgBrigitta (Lydie) Ernst memoriam 05-06-1987 1 of 2
ErnstErnst-20101020-042.jpgBrigitta (Lydie) Ernst memoriam 2 of 2
ErnstErnst-20101106-037.jpgCatherine Ernst Liturgy for 100th Birthday 1 of 4
ErnstErnst-20101106-044.jpgCatherine Ernst....2 of 4
ErnstErnst-20101106-045.jpgCatherine Ernst....3 of 4
ErnstErnst-20101106-047.jpgCatherine Ernst....4 of 4
ErnstErnst-20101106-048.jpgErnst - Letter.....2 of 2
ErnstErnst-20101106-049.jpgErnst - Letter to cousins 06-10-1982 1 of 2
ErnstErnst-20110108-036.jpg"Walter Ernst 100th Birthday
ErnstErnst-20110108-038.jpgErnest Ahlstrom History 100 years in the making Minneapolis Star Tribune 09-12-2007
ErnstErnst-20110108-039.jpgWalter Ernst Pioneer museum plans to double in size to display items now in storage
ErnstErnst-20110127-035.jpgCatherine Ernst memoriam 1 of 2
ErnstErnst-20110127-043.jpgRichard A Ernst memoriam 12-07-1903 - 08-11-1985
ErnstErnst-20110127-046.jpgCatherine Ernst memoriam 05-02-1880 - 01-14-1981 2 of 2
ErnstErnst-20110509-040.jpgWalter A Ernst letter 06-30-2008 1 of 2
ErnstErnst-20110509-041.jpgWalter A Ernst letter 06-30-2008 2 of 2
ErnstErnst-20111012-050.jpgWalter Ernst request for research 03-27-2007
ErnstErnst-20111205-052.jpg"Richard A Ernst obituary 08-13-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
ErnstErnst-20120427-054.jpg"Mrs Catherine (Milbert) Ernst obituary
ErnstErnst-20120729-055.jpg"Walter A Ernst obituary 104 years old
ErnstErnst-20120729-056.jpgWalter A Ernst memoriam 01-21-1908 - 07-07-2012
ErnstErnst-20120729-057.jpgWalter A Ernst Mass of Resurrection 07-12-2012 NOTE: remainder of document located in Ernst Family Folder
ErnstErnst-20120828-051.jpg"Ernst - ""Ernst and allied families"" by Walter Ernst
ErnstErnst-20120828-053.jpg"Ernst - ""Ernst and allied families"" by Walter Ernst
ErnstErnst-20160502-058.JPGMaria P Ernst Located in photo gallery T31
EslerEsler-20111205-001.jpg"Marilyn Esler obituary 01-14-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EsterlyEsterly-20111109-001.jpg"Milton A Esterly obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EtzelEtzel-20050714-001.jpgAngie Etzel
EtzelEtzel-20050714-002.jpgLori Etzel
EtzelEtzel-20050714-003.jpgJoseph Etzel marriage
EtzelEtzel-20050714-004.jpg"Leonard Etzel Man models wood Hamel depot
EtzelEtzel-20050714-005.jpgLeonard Etzel.....2 of 3
EtzelEtzel-20050714-006.jpgLeonard Etzel....3 of 3
EtzelEtzel-20050714-007.jpgEtzel notes
EtzelEtzel-20110615-009.jpgMarie Margaret Etzel memoriam 2 of 4
EtzelEtzel-20110615-010.jpgMarie Margaret Etzel memoriam 4 of 4
EtzelEtzel-20110615-011.jpgMarie Margaret Etzel memoriam 1918-2007 1 of 4
EtzelEtzel-20110615-012.jpgMarie Margaret Etzel memoriam 3 of 4
EtzelEtzel-20110615-013.jpgMarie M Etzel memoriam 07-25-1918 - 07-01-2007
EtzelEtzel-20110929-014.jpgLeonard Lenny Edward Etzel memoriam 1 of 2
EtzelEtzel-20110929-015.jpgLeonard Edward Etzel memoriam 2 of 2
EtzelEtzel-20111026-008.jpg"Elizabeth Etzel obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EtzelEtzel-20120406-016.jpgNorma C [Hughes] Etzel obituary
EugsterEugster-20111231-001.jpg"George Eugster obituary 08-03-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EvansEvans-20050714-001.jpgEva A Evans Obituary
EvansEvans-20050714-002.jpgEva A Evans memoir
EvansEvans-20050714-003.jpgEvans notes
EvansEvans-20050714-004.jpgEvans Generation Listing 1 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-005.jpgEvans Generation....2 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-006.jpgEvans Generation....3 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-007.jpgEvans Generation....4 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-008.jpgEvans Generation....5 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-009.jpgEvans Generation....6 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-010.jpgEvans Generation....7 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-011.jpgEvans Generation....8 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-012.jpgEvans Generation....9 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-013.jpgEvans Generation....10 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-014.jpgEvans Generation....11 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-015.jpgEvans Generation....12 of 13
EvansEvans-20050714-016.jpgEvans Generation....13 of 13
EvansEvans-20120102-017.jpg"Reeta Evans obituary 08-06-1993 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes
EwingEwing-20050714-001.jpgGordon Ewing note