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FaberF050719-001.jpgFaber's Millinery advertisement
FaberF050719-002.jpgPeter Faber advertisement
FaberF050719-003.jpgPeter Faber note
FaddenF050719-004.jpgRose Fadden Special Servant
FaddenF050719-005.jpgRay Faden death
FaddenF050719-006.jpgRamon M Fadden memoir
FaddenF050719-007.jpgClifford M Fadden memoir
FaddenF050719-008.jpgWayne Fadden note
FaddenF050719-009.jpgRamon Merlin Fadden funeral
FaddenF050719-010.jpgRamon Faden funeral service
FaddenF050719-011.jpgRaymond Radden obituary
FaddenIMG.jpgSorina Rose Fadden engagement announcement 0820-2005
FaddenIMG_0001.jpgClifford M Fadden obituary 02-17-1981
FaddenIMG_0002.jpgClifford M Fadden obituary 02-17-1981
FairbanksIMG.jpgEleanor A Fairbanks obituary
FalkIMG.jpgHerman C Falk obituary 06-25-1897 - ?
FalkIMG_0001.jpgAnn J [Falk] Leitz obituary 12-09-1981
FargoF050719-012.jpgFargo notes
FarmerIMG.jpgJacob Farmer Long Lake youth earns Farmers Union award
FarnonF050719-013.jpgCharles Farnon plat info
FarrellF050719-014.jpgDavid C Ferrell home 1881
FarrellIMG.jpgWarren D Farrell obituary March 1978
FarringtonF050719-015.jpgC W Farrington plat info
FarringtonF050719-016.jpgFarrington notes
FassettF050719-017.jpgFassett notes
FaueF050719-018.jpgJohn Faue note
FaueF050719-019.jpgMr and Mrs Edwin Faue 50th anniversary
FaueF050719-020.jpgMargaret Faue note
FaueF050719-021.jpgHarold and Anita Faue 40th anniversary
FaueF050719-022.jpgJosephine A Faue memoir
FaueF050719-023.jpgMrs Marion Faue estate auction
FaueF050719-024.jpgMargaret L Faue funeral service
FaueF050719-025.jpgHenry Faue plat info
FaueF050719-026.jpgFaue notes
FaueF050719-027.jpgFaue notes
FaueIMG.jpgRose M Faue obituary 09-25-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 39
FaueIMG_0001.jpgRev Mathias Gerald Faue obituary 02-20-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 12
FaueIMG_0002.jpgFloyd A Faue obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 10
FaueIMG_0003.jpgMargaret L Faue obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 76
FaueIMG_0004.jpgMargaret Faue obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 83
FaueIMG_0005.jpgWilfred F Faue obituary
FaueIMG_0006.jpgEdiwn E Faue obituary 04-05-1980
FaueIMG_0007.jpgEdwin E Faue obituary 1980
FavrowF050719-028.jpgFavrow notes
FavrowF050719-029.jpgFrank Favro and Hannah Dickey
FeatherstoneF050719-030.jpgRobert A Featherstone letter
FeatherstoneF050719-031.jpgR P Featherstone Letter to the Editor
FeatherstoneF050719-033.jpgHarriet Featherstone Thank You
FeatherstoneF050719-034.jpgFeatherstone notes
FeatherstoneF050719-035.jpgFeatherstone newspaper article
FeatherstoneF050719-036.jpgRobert A Featherstone Radio Communicator article
FeatherstoneF050719-037.jpgFeatherstone memories
FeatherstoneF050719-038.jpgRobert Featherstone
FeatherstoneF050719-039.jpgHarriet Featherstone letter 1 of 2
FeatherstoneF050719-040.jpgHarriet Featherstone letter 2 of 2
FeatherstoneF050719-041.jpgHarriet Featherstone interview 1 of 4
FeatherstoneF050719-042.jpgHarriet Featherstone interview 2 of 4
FeatherstoneF050719-043.jpgHarriet Featherstone interview 3 of 4
FeatherstoneF050719-044.jpgHarriet Featherstone interview 4 of 4
FeatherstoneF050719-045.jpgJoseph Featherstone note 1 of 3
FeatherstoneF050719-046.jpgJoseph Featherstone note 2 of 3
FeatherstoneF050719-047.jpgJoseph Featherstone note 3 of 3
FeatherstoneF050719-048.jpgHarriet Featherstone note 1 of 3
FeatherstoneF050719-049.jpgHarriet Featherstone note 2 of 3
FeatherstoneF050719-050.jpgHarriet Featherstone note 3 of 3
FeatherstoneF050719-051.jpgJoe Featherstone notes
FeatherstoneF050719-052.jpgHarriet Featherstone notes
FeatherstoneF050719-053.jpgHarriet Featherstone note
FeatherstoneF050719-054.jpgHarriet Featherstone note
FegerF050719-055.jpgJacob Feger plat info
FeigalIMG_0010.jpgDavid William Feigal, Dr. Obituary 10-31-1998
FeldmanIMG.jpgTerry D Feldman obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 30
FeltesF050719-056.jpgFeltes notes
FendersonF050719-057.jpgAbby Fenderson plat info
FergusonF050719-058.jpgFerguson interview with Mrs Nellie Wright
FergusonF050719-059.jpgMrs L D Ferguson article
FergusonF050719-060.jpgLydia Ferguson notes 1 of 4
FergusonF050719-061.jpgLydia Ferguson notes 2 of 4
FergusonF050719-062.jpgLydia Ferguson notes 3 of 4
FergusonF050719-063.jpgLydia Ferguson notes 4 of 4
FergusonF050719-064.jpgWilliam Henry Ferguson plat info
FergusonF050719-065.jpgLydia Ferguson American Artists
FergusonF050719-066.jpgWilliam Ferguson plat info
FergusonF050719-067.jpgLydia Ferguson gallery show
FergusonF050719-068.jpgFerguson interview with Nellie Wright
FergusonF050719-069.jpgFerguson notes
FergusonF050719-070.jpgFerguson notes
FergusonF050807-001.jpgLydia Ferguson newspaper article
FergusonF050807-002.jpgLydia Ferguson article
FergusonF050807-003.jpgLydia Ferguson Journal charts early day article 1 of 2
FergusonF050807-004.jpgLydia Ferguson Journal... 2 of 2
FergusonF050807-005.jpgWilliam H and Lyida Ferguson One Pioneer Family article
FergusonF050807-006.jpgWilliam Ferguson Jr death
FergusonF050807-007.jpgWilliam H Ferguson 1854
FergusonF050807-008.jpgLydia Ferguson 1854
FergusonF050807-009.jpgLydia Ferguson gallery show
FergusonF050807-010.jpgWilliam Ferguson Reflections on Lake Minnetonka article
FergusonF050807-011.jpgLydia Ferguson diary entry
FergusonF050807-012.jpgWilliam H Ferguson U.S. Bounty Land grant
FergusonF050807-013.jpgLydia Ferguson 100 years of Deephaven history in new book article
FergusonF050807-014.jpgWilliam H Ferguson A Granddaughter's Recollections article
FergusonF050807-015.jpgHenry, Robert, and Mary Ferguson newspaper article
FergusonF050807-016.jpgFerguson notes
FergusonF050807-017.jpgFerguson notes
FergusonF050807-018.jpgC Ferguson note
FergusonF050807-019.jpgFerguson diary 1 of 21
FergusonF050807-020.jpgFerguson diary 2 of 21
FergusonF050807-021.jpgFerguson diary 3 of 21
FergusonF050807-022.jpgFerguson diary 4 of 21
FergusonF050807-023.jpgFerguson diary 5 of 21
FergusonF050807-024.jpgFerguson diary 6 of 21
FergusonF050807-025.jpgFerguson diary 7 of 21
FergusonF050807-026.jpgFerguson diary 8 of 21
FergusonF050807-027.jpgFerguson diary 9 of 21
FergusonF050807-028.jpgFerguson diary 10 of 21
FergusonF050807-029.jpgFerguson diary 11 of 21
FergusonF050807-030.jpgFerguson diary 12 of 21
FergusonF050807-031.jpgFerguson diary 13 of 21
FergusonF050807-032.jpgFerguson diary 14 of 21
FergusonF050807-033.jpgFerguson diary 15 of 21
FergusonF050807-034.jpgFerguson diary 16 of 21
FergusonF050807-035.jpgFerguson diary 17 of 21
FergusonF050807-036.jpgFerguson diary 18 of 21
FergusonF050807-037.jpgFerguson diary 19 of 21
FergusonF050807-038.jpgFerguson diary 20 of 21
FergusonF050807-039.jpgFerguson diary 21 of 21
FergusonIMG.jpgMary Ferguson obituary NOTE: originla documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 328
FergusonIMG_0001.jpgWilliam H Ferguson note
FernaldF050807-040.jpgJohn Fernald plat info
FernandezF050807-041.jpgMario Fernandez Orono Man paints '84 pheasant stamp article 1 of 2
FernandezF050807-042.jpgMario Fernandez....2 of 2
FerodowillF050807-044.jpgFrank X Ferodowill
FerodowillF050807-045.jpgFerodowill notes
FerrellF050807-046.jpgDavid Compton Ferrell
FerrellF050807-047.jpgDavid Compton Ferrell family
FerrellF050807-048.jpgSophronia Ferrell
FerrellF050807-049.jpgReg Ferrell
FerrellF050807-050.jpgDavid Compton Ferrell and wife by house, with dog, from old negative
FerrellF050807-051.jpgFerrel family Bible records 1 of 3
FerrellF050807-052.jpgFerrell family bible records 2 of 3
FerrellF050807-053.jpgFerrell family bible records 3 of 3
FerrellF050807-054.jpgFerrell interview with Fay Johnston Pierce
FerrellF050807-055.jpgFerrell - data from Sumner Johnston family scrapbook
FerrellF050807-056.jpgFerrell Bible notes
FerrellF050807-057.jpgFerrell notes
FerrellF050807-058.jpgR E Ferrell notes
FerrellF050807-059.jpgSophronia Ferrell notes
FerrellF050807-060.jpgWm Oran Ferrell life history 1 of 2
FerrellF050807-061.jpgWm Oran....2 of 2
FerrellF050807-062.jpgDavid Compton Ferrell notes
FerrellF050807-063.jpgFerrell - Sumner Johnston note
FerrellF050807-064.jpgSophronia Ferrell note
FerrellF050807-065.jpgFerrell - Richard Lyman family history
FerrellF050807-066.jpgReginald E Ferrell death
FerrellF050807-067.jpgLaura Ferrell memoir
FerrellF050807-068.jpgFerrell - Faye Johnston Pierce granddaughter note
FerrellF050807-069.jpgWard Ferrell newspaper article
FerrellF050807-070.jpgRichard G Ferrell memoir
FerrellF050807-071.jpgReginald E Ferrell memoir
FerrellF050807-072.jpgBarbara Jane Ferrell engagement
FerrellF050807-073.jpgRichard G Ferrell Obituary
FerrellF050807-074.jpgFerrell notes
FerrellF050807-075.jpgFerrell notes
FerrellF050807-076.jpgFerrell notes
FerrellF050807-077.jpgReginald E Ferrell estate auction
FerrellF050807-078.jpgDavid C Ferrell, grandfather of Reg Ferrell. He lived in Groveland and then Wayzata
FerrellF050807-079.jpgDavid Compton Ferrell 60th anniversary
FerrellIMG_0001.jpgDon Ferrell obituary 05-25-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitired Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 17
FerrellIMG_0002.jpgDonald R Ferrell memoriam 10-10-1920 - 05-22-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 17
FerrellIMG_0003.jpgEugene Ferrell note
FerrellIMG_0004.jpgLaura Ferrell obituary
FerrellIMG_0005.jpgLaura Ferrell memoriam 09-071895 - 11-29-1982
FerrinIMG.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin memoriam 11-21-2009
FerrinIMG_0001.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin Memoriam 1 of 2
FerrinIMG_0002.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin Memoriam 2 of 2
FerrinIMG_0004.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin memoriam
FerrinIMG_0005.jpgHelen Merle [Stubbs] Ferrin obituary
FerrinIMG_0006.jpgAllison Ferrin note NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 35
FerrinIMG_0007.jpgHelen V [Eide] Ferrin obituary 07-05-1979
FerrinMerel Ferrin Obit_0001.jpgHelen Merle Ferring memoriam 1 of 2
FerrinMerel Ferrin Obit_0002.jpgHelen Merle Ferring memoriam 2 of 2
FerrinMerel Ferrin Obit_0003.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin memoriam
FerrinMerel Ferrin Obit_0004.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin memoriam 1 of 3
FerrinMerel Ferrin Obit_0005.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin memoriam 2 of 3
FerrinMerel Ferrin Obit_0006.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin memoriam 3 of 3
FerrinMerel Ferrin Obit_0007.jpgHelen Merle Ferrin (Stubbs) obituary
FeserF050808-001.jpgMike Feser notes
FeserF050808-002.jpgTony Feser Wayzata green thumb.... article 1 of 2
FeserF050808-003.jpgTony Feser....2 of 2
FeserF050808-004.jpgTony Feser article 1 of 2
FeserF050808-005.jpgTony Feser article 2 of 2
FeserF050808-006.jpgLeo Feser 1918
FeserF050808-007.jpgTony Feser 1-5-1977
FeserF050808-008.jpgDonald Feser 1926
FeserF050808-009.jpgFeser - Mrs Richard C klein, daughter of Mike
FeserF050808-010.jpgLeo Feser
FeserF050808-011.jpgTony Feser newspaper article
FeserF050808-012.jpgLeo Feser Honored
FeserF050808-013.jpgLeo Feser death
FeserF050808-014.jpgFred Feser advertisement
FeserF050808-015.jpgL J Feser, Mgr The Fruit Savers
FeserF050808-016.jpgMike Feser notes
FeserF050808-017.jpgGrace Feser - receipt
FeserF050808-018.jpgLeo Feser Honored
FeserF050808-019.jpgMike Feser notes
FeserF050808-020.jpgM K Feser notes
FeserF050808-021.jpgLeo J Feser Letter to the Editor
FeserF050808-022.jpgFeser notes
FeserF050808-023.jpgFeser note
FeserF050808-024.jpgMike Feser takes Avery Stubbs on historical tour 1 of 7
FeserF050808-025.jpgMike Feser takes....2 of 7
FeserF050808-026.jpgMike Feser takes....3 of 7
FeserF050808-027.jpgMike Feser takes....4 of 7
FeserF050808-028.jpgMike Feser takes....5 of 7
FeserF050808-029.jpgMike Feser takes....6 of 7
FeserF050808-030.jpgMike Feser....7 of 7
FeserF050808-031.jpgTony Feser Named Citizen of the Year article
FeserF050808-032.jpgLeo J Feser Statement of Intent
FeserF050808-033.jpgFeser notes
FeserF050808-034.jpgLeo J Feser memoir
FeserF050808-035.jpgFeser family notes
FeserF050808-036.jpgLeo J Feser Golf Course Superintendents Assoc of America
FeserF050808-037.jpgM K Feser (Mike) advertisement
FeserF050808-038.jpgEdna R Feser Obituary
FeserF050808-039.jpgMike Feser
FeserF050808-040.jpgFred Feser article
FeserF050808-041.jpgLeo J Feser - A Suggestion article
FeserF050808-042.jpgFeser - Bernadette Klein Zoo still struggles
FeserF050808-043.jpgM K Feser notes 1 of 3
FeserF050808-044.jpgM K Feser notes 2 of 3
FeserF050808-045.jpgM K Feser notes 3 of 3
FeserF050808-046.jpgFeser - newspaper article
FeserF050808-047.jpgFeser - Virginia L Rumpsa Obituary
FeserF050808-048.jpgFeser - Bernie Klein
FeserF050808-049.jpgBernie Klein Hennepin County Commissioner District 5
FeserF050808-050.jpgBernie Klein newspaper article
FeserF050808-051.jpgFeser - Bernie Klein
FeserF050808-052.jpgFeser - Mike Rumpzas 25th anniversary
FeserF050808-053.jpgM K Feser (Mike) advertisement
FeserF050808-054.jpgBob Feser notes 1 of 3
FeserF050808-055.jpgBob Feser notes 2 of 3
FeserF050808-056.jpgBob Feser notes 3 of 3
FeserF050808-057.jpgMike Feser takes Avery Stubbs on Woodhill Country Club Hills tour 1 of 5
FeserF050808-058.jpgMike Feser takes....2 of 5
FeserF050808-059.jpgMike Feser takes....3 of 5
FeserF050808-060.jpgMike Feser takes....4 of 5
FeserF050808-061.jpgMike Feser takes....5 of 5
FeserF050808-062.jpgFeser - James J Hill house article
FeserF050808-063.jpgTony Feser
FeserF050808-064.jpgFeser - Norenberg house door entry
FeserF050808-065.jpgJane (Hatcher) Mattila with quilt
FeserF050808-066.jpgFeser - Laurie Merz and Bassoon Students at WHCPA
FeserF050808-068.jpgM K Feser ration book
FeserF050808-069.jpgFeser notes
FeserF050808-070.jpgGrace D Feser war ration book
FeserF050808-072.jpgMinnetonka Mills?
FeserF050808-073.jpgMrs Maylin Feser collection
FeserIMG-0007.jpgBob Feser note 01-29-2010
FeserIMG-Img.jpgRuth Marian Feser, daughter of Mr and Mrs Leo J Feser, - James Dudley Hale wedding announcement 06-15-1951
FeserIMG.jpgLorraine Feser and Marilyn Berglund hold a join reception and graduation open house
FeserIMG_0001-01.jpgBernie Klein baby shower 1955
FeserIMG_0001.jpgRuth Marian Feser, daughter of Mr and Mrs Leo J Feser, wedding announcement
FeserIMG_0002.jpgBertha R Feser obituary August 5, ?
FeserIMG_0003.jpgBernadette Feser wedding shower invitation May 3, ?
FeserIMG_0004.jpgLorraine Esther marriage invitation 05-29-1954, daughter of Mr and Mrs Maylin K Feser
FeserIMG_0005.jpgBernedette Feser Wayzata Sr High Commencement Exercise announcement
FeserIMG_0006.jpgHackmann wins GCSAA's Leo Feser Award
FeserIMG_0007.jpgEsther Rumpsa obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 59
FeserIMG_0008.jpgFlorence Ice Feser obituary 1992
FetterF050808-075.jpgMarde Fetter Swanson Johnson interview
FetterF050808-076.jpgOphelia Fetter Obituary
FetterF050808-077.jpgFetter - Wallace L Swanson notes
FetterF050808-078.jpgFetter notes
FetterF050808-079.jpgFetter notes
FetterF050808-080.jpgFetter notes
FetterF050808-081.jpgFetter notes
FetterF050808-082.jpgFetter notes
FetterIMG.jpgOphilia Catherine [Lyons] Fetter note
FetterlyF050808-084.jpgFetterley - Blank families 1 of 2
FetterlyF050808-085.jpgFetterley-Blank Families 2 of 2
FetterlyF050808-086.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF050808-087.jpgMr and Mrs J A Fetterly note
FetterlyF050808-088.jpgHazel Fetterly note
FetterlyF050808-089.jpgO Fetterly note
FetterlyF050808-090.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF050808-091.jpgFetterly Letter
FetterlyF050808-092.jpgFetterley notes
FetterlyF050808-093.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF050808-094.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF050808-095.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF050808-096.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF050808-097.jpg905 South Old Crystal Bay Road, Fetterly house 1980
FetterlyF050808-098.jpgMr and Mrs Fetterly Piano Recital
FetterlyF050808-100.jpgMyrtle Fetterley Shower, June 1913
FetterlyF050808-101.jpgFetterley recollections 1 of 32
FetterlyF050808-102.jpgFetterly recollections 2 of 32
FetterlyF050808-103.jpgFetterly recollections....3 of 32
FetterlyF050808-104.jpgFetterly recollections 4 of 32
FetterlyF050808-105.jpgFetterly recollections 5 of 32
FetterlyF050808-106.jpgFetterly recollections 6 of 32
FetterlyF050808-107.jpgFetterly recollections 7 of 32
FetterlyF050808-108.jpgFetterly recollections 8 of 32
FetterlyF050808-109.jpgFetterly recollections 9 of 32
FetterlyF050808-110.jpgFetterly recollections 10 of 32
FetterlyF050808-111.jpgFetterly recollections 11 of 32
FetterlyF050808-112.jpgFetterly recollections 12 of 32
FetterlyF050808-113.jpgFetterly recollections 13 of 32
FetterlyF060604-001.jpgO Fetterly note
FetterlyF060604-002.jpgHazel Fetterley article
FetterlyF060604-003.jpgMr and Mrs J A Fetterly article
FetterlyF060604-004.jpgCarl Fetterley Obituary
FetterlyF060604-005.jpgMr and Mrs Fetterly Piano Recital
FetterlyF060604-006.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF060604-007.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF060604-008.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF060604-010.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF060604-011.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF060604-012.jpgFetterly interview
FetterlyF060604-013.jpgFetterly notes
FetterlyF060604-014.jpgFetterly recollections 14 of 32
FetterlyF060604-015.jpgOscar Fetterly recollections of
FetterlyF060604-016.jpgFetterly recollections 15 of 32
FetterlyF060604-017.jpgFetterly recollections 16 of 32
FetterlyF060604-018.jpgFetterly recollections 17 of 32
FetterlyF060604-019.jpgFetterly recollections 18 of 32
FetterlyF060604-020.jpgFetterly recollections 19 of 32
FetterlyF060604-021.jpgFetterly recollections 20 of 32
FetterlyF060604-022.jpgFetterly recollections 21 of 32
FetterlyF060604-023.jpgFetterly recollections 22 of 32
FetterlyF060604-024.jpgFetterly recollections 23 of 32
FetterlyF060604-025.jpgFetterly recollections 24 of 32
FetterlyF060604-026.jpgFetterly recollections 25 of 32
FetterlyF060604-027.jpgFetterly recollections 26 of 32
FetterlyF060604-028.jpgFetterly recollections 27 of 32
FetterlyF060604-029.jpgFetterly recollections 28 of 32
FetterlyF060604-030.jpgFetterly recollections 29 of 32
FetterlyF060604-031.jpgFetterly recollections 30 of 32
FetterlyF060604-032.jpgFetterly recollections 31 of 32
FetterlyF060605-007.jpgFetterly recollections 32 of 32
FetterlyIMG.jpgOscar Fetterley Family information
FetterlyIMG_0001.jpgEdith Fetterly - Milton Ronning, husband, obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbrer 9, page 8
FetterlyIMG_0002.jpgFetterly family history
FetterlyIMG_0003.jpgElsie Fetterley obituary 11-22-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 68
FetterlyIMG_0004.jpgArthur Fetterly note
FetterlyIMG_0005.jpgFetterley - John K Reid Sr obituary
FetterlyIMG_0006.jpgEdith {Fetterly] Ronning note
FickF050808-083.jpgJohn Fick plat info
Field FolderIMG_0001.jpgRebecca Field Local photographer reaching out to North Minneapolis
Field FolderIMG_0002.jpgRebecca Field Long Lake naturalist.... 2 of 3
Field FolderIMG_0003.jpgRebecca Field Long Lake naturalist and photographer releases book 1 of 3
Field FolderIMG_0004.jpgRebecca Field Long Lake naturalist.... 3 of 3
FiliatreauF050808-115.jpgFrances Fillatreau note
FiliatreauF050808-116.jpgFrancis R Fillatreau
FinkIMG.jpgDonald P Fink obituary 04-26-1983
FinleyF050808-117.jpgFinley notes
FishF050808-118.jpgFish - C A Huntsberger Obituary
FishF050808-119.jpgLeman Fish Obituary
FishF050808-120.jpgFish - Frank J Schommer Obituary
FishF050808-121.jpgFish - Gretta Hazzard Thompson Obituary
FishF050808-122.jpgFish - Burton E McCune Obituary
FishF050808-123.jpgFish - Jane Dunbrack Lydiard death
FishF050808-124.jpgFish - Ella B Rosander Obituary
FishF050808-125.jpgL L Fish Wanted ad
FishF050808-126.jpgL L Fish want ad
FishF050808-128.jpgL L Fish article
FishF050808-129.jpgGrace Fish
FishIMG.jpgLeman Fish obituary
FishIMG_0004.jpgLeman Fish obituary 1954
FisherF050808-130.jpgFisher notes
FisherF050808-131.jpgMrs Dan Fisher death
FisherF050808-132.jpgFisher notes
FisherIMG.jpgFrancis Fisher note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 215
FisherIMG_0001.jpgHenry Fisher note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 226
FisherIMG_0002.jpgHenry Fisher note
FisherIMG_0003.jpgFrances Fisher note
FittsF050808-133.jpgCyrus B Fitts plat info
FitzerIMG.jpgAnna Fitzer obituary. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 299
FitzpatrickF050808-134.jpgLou Fitzpatrick note
FitzsimmonsIMG.jpgDonald J Fitzsimmons obituary
FlangerF050808-135.jpgIsaac Flanger plat info
FlanneryIMG.jpgFlannery - Back L-R: Theresa Egel Flannery; Leone Michael Flannery. Front L-R: Herb; LaBelle; Keneth. @1913 Living on farm. McGinty Road, where Cargill is now.
FlanneryIMG_0001.jpgMeghan Flannery notes 1 of 4
FlanneryIMG_0002.jpgMeghan Flannery notes 2 of 4
FlanneryIMG_0004.jpgMargaret Flannery notes 3 of 4
FlanneryIMG_0005.jpgMargaret Flannery notes 4 of 4
FlanneryIMG_0006.jpgMeg Flannery "Helping history come to life" 02-262011
FlemingF050809-011.jpgAnn Fleming notes 1 of 3
FlemingF050809-012.jpgAnn Fleming notes 2 of 3
FlemingF050809-013.jpgAnn Fleming notes 3 of 3
FlemingF050809-014.jpgFleming family notes
FlemingF050809-015.jpgWilliam Fleming notes 1 of 2
FlemingF050809-016.jpgWilliam Fleming notes 2 of 2
FlemingF050809-017.jpgJohn L Fleming notes
FlemingF050809-018.jpgFleming note
FlemingF050809-019.jpgFleming - A Human Life, Chapter Ten, Grandfather Fleming article
FlemingF050809-020.jpgFleming notes
FlemingF050809-021.jpgFleming letter
FlemingF050809-022.jpgFleming - letter from Chris Jensen?
FlemingF050809-023.jpgAnnie Fleming descendants
FlemingF050810-001.jpgJohn Fleming see F050810-002
FlemingF050810-002.jpgWilliam C Fleming 4 of 4
FlemingF050810-003.jpgFleming - Dorus A Keyes and Emily Ann (Fleming) Keyes see F050810-004
FlemingF050810-004.jpgWilliam C Fleming 3 of 4
FlemingF050810-005.jpgChloe Ann Noris Fleming see F050810-006
FlemingF050810-006.jpgWilliam C Fleming 2 of 4
FlemingF050810-007.jpgWilliam C Fleming see F05081-008
FlemingF050810-008.jpgWilliam C Fleming 1 of 4
FlemingF050810-009.jpgFleming - Andrew Dunbrack see F050810-010 1 of 5
FlemingF050810-010.jpgFleming - Andrew....5 of 5
FlemingF050810-011.jpgFleming - Janet Dunbrack Lydiard see F050810-012
FlemingF050810-012.jpgFleming - Andrew....4 of 5
FlemingF050810-013.jpgChloe Ann (Fleming) Dunbrack Dillman see F050810-014
FlemingF050810-014.jpgFleming Andrew....3 of 5
FlemingF050810-015.jpgFleming - Hannah Lydiard see F050810-016
FlemingF050810-016.jpgFleming - Andrew....2 of 5
FlemingF050810-017.jpgRachel Turnham Fleming
FlemingF050810-018.jpgRachel Fleming Daguerrotype
FlemingF050810-019.jpgJohn Fleming Jr., Daguerrotype
FlemingF050810-020.jpgFleming letter
FlemingF050810-021.jpgFleming letter 1 of 23
FlemingF050810-022.jpgFleming letter 2 of 23
FlemingF050810-023.jpgFleming letter 3 of 23
FlemingF050810-024.jpgFleming letter 4 of 23
FlemingF050810-025.jpgFleming letter 5 of 23
FlemingF050810-026.jpgFleming letter 6 of 23
FlemingF050810-027.jpgFleming letter 7 of 23
FlemingF050810-028.jpgFleming letter 8 of 23
FlemingF050810-029.jpgFleming letter 9 of 23
FlemingF050810-030.jpgFleming letter 10 of 23
FlemingF050810-031.jpgFleming letter 11 of 23
FlemingF050810-032.jpgFleming letter 12 of 23
FlemingF050810-033.jpgFleming letter 13 of 23
FlemingF050810-034.jpgFleming letter 14 of 23
FlemingF050810-035.jpgFleming letter 15 of 23
FlemingF050810-036.jpgFleming letter 16 of 23
FlemingF050810-037.jpgFleming letter 17 of 23
FlemingF050810-038.jpgFleming letter 18 of 23
FlemingF050810-039.jpgFleming letter 19 of 23
FlemingF050810-040.jpgFleming letter 20 of 23
FlemingF050810-041.jpgFleming letter 21 of 23
FlemingF050810-042.jpgFleming letter 22 of 23
FlemingF050810-043.jpgFleming letter 23 of 23
FlemingF050810-044.jpgFleming notes
FlemingF050810-045.jpgFleming - The Minnetonka Record
FlemingF050810-046.jpgRachel A Fleming obituary
FlemingF050810-047.jpgChloe Ann Fleming Dunbrack, Dillman note
FlemingF050810-048.jpg2760 Fox Street, Orono - Chapman-Fleming House 1945
FlemingF050810-052.jpgFleming - Winslow Estate, caretaker house
FlemingF050810-053.jpgFleming - Winslow Estate barn, 1879 on South Watertown Road
FlemingIMG.jpgFleming note
FlemingIMG_0001-01.jpgFleming documents 1 of 25
FlemingIMG_0001.jpgFleming family note
FlemingIMG_0002-02.jpgFleming documents 2 of 25
FlemingIMG_0002.jpgFleming family tree 2 of 2
FlemingIMG_0003-03.jpgFleming documents 3 of 25
FlemingIMG_0003.jpgFleming Legal Documents 1 of 30
FlemingIMG_0004-04.jpgFleming documents 4 of 25
FlemingIMG_0004.jpgFleming Legal Documetns 2 of 30
FlemingIMG_0005-05.jpgFlemings documents 4 of 25
FlemingIMG_0005.jpgFleming Legal Documents 3 of 30
FlemingIMG_0006-06.jpgFleming documents 5 of 25
FlemingIMG_0006.jpgFleming Legal Documents 4 of 30
FlemingIMG_0007-07.jpgFleming documents 6 of 25
FlemingIMG_0007.jpgFleming legal Documetns 5 of 30
FlemingIMG_0008-08.jpgFleming documents 7 of 25
FlemingIMG_0008.jpgFleming Legal Documents 6 of 30
FlemingIMG_0009-09.jpgFleming documents 8 of 25
FlemingIMG_0009.jpgFleming Legal Documents 7 of 30
FlemingIMG_0010-10.jpgFleming documents 9 of 25
FlemingIMG_0010.jpgFleming Legal Documents 8 of 30
FlemingIMG_0011-11.jpgFleming documetns 10 of 25
FlemingIMG_0011.jpgFleming Legal Documents 9 of 30
FlemingIMG_0012-12.jpgFleming documents 11 of 25
FlemingIMG_0012.jpgFleming Legal Documents 10 of 30
FlemingIMG_0013-13.jpgFleming documents 12 of 25
FlemingIMG_0013.jpgFleming Legal Documents 11 of 30
FlemingIMG_0014-14.jpgFleming documents 13 of 25
FlemingIMG_0014.jpgFleming Legal Document 12 of 30
FlemingIMG_0015-15.jpgFleming documents 14 of 25
FlemingIMG_0015.jpgFleming Legal Documents 13 of 30
FlemingIMG_0016-16.jpgFleming documents 16 of 25
FlemingIMG_0016.jpgFleming Legal Documents 14 of 30
FlemingIMG_0017-17.jpgFleming documents 17 of 25
FlemingIMG_0017.jpgFleming Legal Documents 15 of 30
FlemingIMG_0018-18.jpgFleming documents 18 of 25
FlemingIMG_0018.jpgFleming Legal Documetns 16 of 30
FlemingIMG_0019-19.jpgFleming documents 19 of 25
FlemingIMG_0019.jpgFleming Legal Documents 17 of 30
FlemingIMG_0020-20.jpgFleming documents 20 of 25
FlemingIMG_0020.jpgFleming Legal Documents 18 of 30
FlemingIMG_0021-21.jpgFleming documetns 21 of 25
FlemingIMG_0021.jpgFleming Legal Documents 19 of 30
FlemingIMG_0022-22.jpgFleming documents 22 of 25
FlemingIMG_0022.jpgFleming Legal Documents 20 of 30
FlemingIMG_0023-23.jpgFleming documents 23 of 25
FlemingIMG_0023.jpgFleming Legal Documents 21 of 30
FlemingIMG_0024-24.jpgFleming documents 24 of 25
FlemingIMG_0024.jpgFleming Legal Documetns 22 of 30
FlemingIMG_0025-25.jpgFleming documents 25 of 25
FlemingIMG_0025.jpgFleming Legal Documents 23 of 30
FlemingIMG_0026.jpgFleming Legal Documents 24 of 30
FlemingIMG_0027-27.jpgFleming - Harry and Maude Jones family tree 1 of 3
FlemingIMG_0027.jpgFleming Legal Documents 25 of 30
FlemingIMG_0028-28.jpgFleming - Harry and Maude Jones family tree 2 of 3
FlemingIMG_0028.jpgFleming Legal Documents 26 of 30
FlemingIMG_0029-29.jpgFleming - Harry and Maude Jones family tree 3 of 3
FlemingIMG_0029.jpgFleming Legal Documents 27 of 30
FlemingIMG_0030-30.jpgCharles Howard Fleming death certificate notes
FlemingIMG_0030.jpgFleming Legal Documents 28 of 30
FlemingIMG_0031.jpgFleming Legal Documents 29 of 30
FlemingIMG_0032-32.jpgWilliam Fleming notes
FlemingIMG_0032.jpgFleming Legal Documents 30 of 30
FlemingIMG_0033-33.jpgHarriet E Fleming Pegg; daughter of William Fleming 1858-?
FlemingIMG_0033.jpgFleming family tree 1 of 2
FlemingIMG_0034-34.jpgFleming - Edwin Dillman 188-after 1917; son of George C and Christie Dillman
FlemingIMG_0035-35.jpgFleming - Eugene L Keyes 1860-?; son of Dorus A and Emily Fleming keyes
FlemingIMG_0036.jpgFlemming - Stephen J Wooster, only son of ASbel Wooster and Harriet Fleming?
FlemingIMG_0037.jpgFleming - Unidentified handwritten in light pencil on the back is Yurnly Hannum Circassiay girl Age 16
FlemingIMG_0038.jpgFleming - Jacob Dillman b. 05-09-1848
FlemingIMG_0039.jpgFleming - Stephen Wooster and George Nettle; Stephen 1850-? son of Abel Wooster and Harriet Fleming
FlemingIMG_0040.jpgFleming - James B Brown 1809-1890; father of Mary Ellen Brown who married James Dillman in 1870 and is buried in Union Cemetery in Long Lake, Mn
FlemingIMG_0041.jpgFleming - Dorus A Keyes 1831-1903 and his wife, Emily Ann Fleming Keyes 1833-1874. Both are buried in Union Cemetery in Long Lake, MN. Mother presumably refers to Chloe Ann (Fleming) (Dunbrack) Dillman.
FlemingIMG_0042.jpgFleming - Nettie Hawkins and Jacob Dillman 1848-1932 at Jim Dillman's wedding 1868. Jacob's brother, James Dillman 1835-1913 married Mary Ellen Brown in 1870
FlemingIMG_0043.jpgFleming - John Coleman friend of father's [Father presumably refers to Jacob Dillman]
FlemingIMG_0044.jpgFleming - David Archibald, father of Mrs Solen Dillman who married Ethel Archibald
FlemingIMG_0045.jpgFleming - unidentified
FlemingIMG_0046.jpgFleming - Johny McCormack a friend at Long Lake, MN
FlemingIMG_0047.jpgFleming - George Knettle, friend of S J Wooster
FlemingIMG_0048.jpgFleming - Truax; is this Elvira Truax who taught with Chloe Ann (Fleming) (Dunbrack) Dillman? See letter in Minnetonka Record, 02-08-1907
FlemingIMG_0049.jpgFleming unidentified
FlemingIMG_0050.jpgFleming - Mr and Mrs Armstrong
FlemingIMG_0051.jpgFleming - E F Heady
FlemingIMG_0052.jpgFleming unidentified
FlemingIMG_0053.jpgFleming - R E Heddy [or B E Heady]
FlemingIMG_0054.jpgFleming - Frank Lambert Walsh 1840-1941; son of Edward F and Mary Ann (Dillman) Walsh
FlemingIMG_0055.jpgFleming - George Christopher Dillman 1851-1917; brother of Jacob Dillman
FlemingIMG_0056.jpgFleming - Eda M Walsh 1860-1940 and Ida May Walsh 1860-1942; daughters (twin?) of Edward F and Mary Ann (Dillman) Walsh
FlemingIMG_0057.jpgFleming - James (Jim) Dillman 1835-1913; brother of Jacob Dillman, buried in Union Cemetery in Long Lake, MN
FlemingIMG_0058.jpgFleming - Catherine (Dunbrack) DIllman 1812-1896; these dates are taken from Catherine's gravestone in the lake Marshall Cemetery in Marshall, MN
FlemingIMG_0059.jpgFleming - Christopher George Dillman 1806-1883; these dates are taken from Chrisopher' gravestone in the Lake Marshall Cemetery in Marshall, MN
FlemingIMG_0060.jpgFleming - unidentified; young man with slight goatee and long tie. Could this be a young Jacob Dillman?
FlemingIMG_0061.jpgFleming - Chloe Ann (Fleming) (Dunbrack) Dillman 1844-1913
FlemingIMG_0062.jpgJohn Fleming, Long Lake, MN; ca. 1802-after 1880; father of Chloe Ann (Fleming) (Dunbrack) Dillman and great-grandfather of Robert Dunbrack Jones 1890-1958.
FlemingIMG_0063.jpgFleming - Reward of Merit Presented to Maud Dunbrack, Chloe Ann (Fleming) Dunbrack 1844-1913 taught in the Long Lake area in the 1860s and until she was remarried to Jacob Dillman in 1872
FlemingIMG_0064.jpgFleming unidentified
FlemingIMG_0065.jpgFleming - Janet (Dunbrack) Lydiard 1839-1918; buried in Union Cemetery in Long Lake, MN
FlemingIMG_0066.jpgWilliam C Fleming 1831-1864; Union soldier during Civil War, he is presumably in uniform here
FlemingIMG_0067.jpgLucretia C (Beach) Fleming ca. 1832-1926; William C Fleming and Lucretia C Beach were married in 1853 in Michigan
FlemingIMG_0068.jpgLilla Marion (Fleming) Cole 1860-after 1926; daughter of William Fleming
FlemingIMG_0069-69.jpgWilliam Fleming notes
FlemingIMG_0069.jpgFleming unidentified
FlemingIMG_0070.jpgFleming - Isabelle (Dunbrack) Murchy 1837-?; daughter of Alexander and Isabelle Dunbrack
FlemingIMG_0071.jpgWilliam C Fleming letter 2 of 2
FlemingIMG_0072.jpgWilliam C Fleming physician 2 of 2
FlemingIMG_0073.jpgWilliam C Flemming letter 1 of 2
FlemingIMG_0074.jpgWilliam C Fleming physician 1 of 2
FlemingIMG_0075.jpgWilliam Fleming - Copy of Furlough 1 of 2
FlemingIMG_0076.jpgWilliam Fleming - Copy of Furlough 2 of 2
FlemingIMG_0077.jpgRachel Fleming note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 212
FlemingIMG_078.jpgRachel Fleming note
FletcherF050809-001.jpgL Fletcher advertisement
FletcherF050809-002.jpgLoren Fletcher Obituary
FletcherF050809-003.jpgFletcher newspaper article
FletcherF050809-004.jpgLoren Fletcher, Speaker of Minnesota House
FletcherF050809-005.jpgLoren Fletcher note
FletcherF050809-006.jpgLoren Fletcher note 2 of 2
FletcherF050809-007.jpgLoren Fletcher note 1 of 2
FletcherF050809-008.jpgFletcher notes
FletcherF050809-009.jpgFletcher notes
FletcherF050809-010.jpgFletcher notes
FloridaF050810-054.jpgGeo Florida note
FlynnF050810-055.jpgJennifer J Flynn memoir
FlynnIMG.jpgJennifer J Flynn memoriam 06-07-1950 - 09-22-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 4, page 38
FobbeIMG.jpgGene Fobbee, LL Councilman Gives Up Baseball for Golf
FogelsongerF050815-001.jpgSamuel Foglesonger plat info
FogelsongerF050815-002.jpgFogelsonger notes
FogelsongerF050815-003.jpgFoglesonger notes
FogelsongerF050815-004.jpgFogelsonger notes
FogelsongerF050815-005.jpgSam and Mary Fogelsonger from negative
FogelsongerF050815-006.jpgFogelsonger diary 7 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-007.jpgFogelsonger diary 8 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-008.jpgFogelsonger diary 6 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-009.jpgFogelsonger diary 9 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-010.jpgFogelsonger diary 5 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-011.jpgFogelsonger diary 10 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-012.jpgFogelsonger diary 4 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-013.jpgFogelsonger diary 11 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-014.jpgFogelsonger diary 3 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-015.jpgFogelsonger diary 12 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-016.jpgFogelsonger diary 2 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-017.jpgFogelsonger diary 13 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-018.jpgFogelsonger diary 1 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-019.jpgFogelsonger diary 14 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-020.jpgFogelsonger diary 15 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-021.jpgFogelsonger diary 26 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-022.jpgFogelsonger diary 16 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-023.jpgFogelsonger diary 27 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-024.jpgFogelsonger diary 17 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-025.jpgFogelsonger diary 28 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-026.jpgFogelsonger diary 18 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-027.jpgFogelsonger diary 29 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-028.jpgFogelsonger diary 19 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-029.jpgFogelsonger diary 30 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-030.jpgFogelsonger diary 20 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-031.jpgFogelsonger diary 31 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-032.jpgFogelsonger diary 21 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-033.jpgFogelsonger diary 32 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-034.jpgFogelsonger diary 22 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-035.jpgFogelsonger diary 33 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-036.jpgFogelsonger diary 23 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-037.jpgFogelsonger diary 34 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-038.jpgFogelsonger diary 24 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-039.jpgFogelsonger diary 35 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-040.jpgFogelsonger diary 25 of 35
FogelsongerF050815-041.jpgLaura Fogelsonger
FoglemanB060223-001.jpgFogleman - Memorial Day parade at Long Lake Union Cemetery with Dean Neilson and Kermit Eisinger. Front of third column: Kermit Eisinger, Third in first column: Dean Neilson
FoglemanB060223-002.jpgFogleman - Long Lake Union Cemetary, unidentified ladies c. 1940s
FoglemanB060223-003.jpgAddie Fogleman at a party on 7-17-1977
FoglemanB060223-004.jpgAddie Fogleman
FoglemanB060223-006.jpgFogleman notes
FoglemanB060223-007.jpgAda Bell Fogleman (Addie) memoir
FoglemanB060223-008.jpgLillian May Fogleman certificate of birth
FoglemanB060223-009.jpgAda Bell Fogleman certificate of birth
FoglemanB060223-010.jpgJulia May Fogleman certificate of death
FoglemanB060223-011.jpgLillie May Fogleman certificate of death
FoglemanB060223-012.jpgLu Vuerne Olive Fogleman certificate of marriage
FoglemanB060223-014.jpgLu Verne O Fogleman certificate of birth
FoglemanB060223-015.jpgFogleman newspaper article
FoglemanB060223-017.jpgLuVerne Olive Fogleman certificate of birth
FoglemanB060223-018.jpgAdda Bell Fogleman (Addie) certificate of death
FoglemanB060223-019.jpgHenry Fogleman plat info
FoglemanB060223-020.jpgWilliam Fogleman Obituary
FoglemanB060223-021.jpgAddie Fogleman interview
FoglemanB060223-022.jpgAddie Fogelman notes
FoglemanB060223-023.jpgFogleman family notes
FoglemanB060223-024.jpgFogelman newspaper article
FoglemanB060223-025.jpgJulia May and Lillian May Fogleman certificate of births
FoglemanB060223-026.jpgLoren H and Lillian Fogleman birth of child
FoglemanB060223-027.jpgKatherine and William Fogleman note
FoglemanB060223-028.jpgFogleman note
FoglemanB060223-030.jpgFogleman - Mr and Mrs Umlaud
FoglemanF050810-056.jpgFogleman notes
FoglemanF050810-057.jpgFogelman notes
FoglemanF050810-058.jpgFogleman - Enscripted Sam
FoglemanF050810-059.jpgFogleman - Enscripted My Dad, Sam 19 years old
FoglemanF050810-060.jpgJohn Fogleman house on Addie Fogelman's farm 9-28-1941
FoglemanF050810-061.jpgWill Fogleman, grandpa, and wife Kathyrn Foglemand with Judy Hanlon?
FoglemanF050810-062.jpgGrampa Fogleman
FoglemanF050810-064.jpgGrampa Fogleman
FoglemanF050810-065.jpgGrampa Fogleman with Clinton W Phillips 9-28-1941
FoglemanF050810-069.jpgFogleman - Addie farm
FoglemanF050810-070.jpgLoren Fogelman
FoglemanF050810-071.jpgJohn Fogleman's cabin, Addie and Fred W and dog Smoky, August 1941
FoglemanF050810-072.jpgJohn Foglemans Cabin
FoglemanF050810-075.jpgGeorge? Addie Fogleman, Lou Elwell, pet Elwell, Ornie Stotroen, H? Hanlon, Back Row: L Elwell, Grace Brachen, M Brandon, Myrtle Houan
FoglemanF050810-076.jpgJohn Fogelman
FoglemanF050810-077.jpgFogelman - 58th Coast Artillary Corp postcard from Loren Fogleman
FoglemanF050810-079.jpgGrampa and Grandma Fogleman
FoglemanF050810-080.jpgAddie Fogleman
FoglemanIMG_0001-1.jpgFogleman unidentified1
FoglemanIMG_0002-1.jpgFogelman unidentified
FoglemanIMG_0003-1.jpgFogleman - Aunt Julia Shea; Little Vincie and his dad, Vincent Shea
FoglemanIMG_0003.jpgLillian Fogelman Certificate of Birth 05-23-1890 1 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0004-1.jpgFogleman - postcard to Lillie Roed, Uncle Henry and Mother 1 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0004.jpgLillian Fogelman Certificate of Birth....2 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0005-1.jpgFogleman - postcard to Lillie Roed, Uncle Henry and Mother 2 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0005.jpgJulia May Fogleman Certificate of Birth 04-02-1889 1 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0006-1.jpgFogleman - Wilma Homes
FoglemanIMG_0006.jpgJulie May Fogleman Certificate of Birth....2 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0007-1.jpgFogleman - mother and me
FoglemanIMG_0007.jpgKatherine Fogleman and William Fogleman notes
FoglemanIMG_0008-1.jpgFogleman- Mother and Uncle Albert
FoglemanIMG_0008.jpgFogleman - Lewis Cemetery Asssociation note
FoglemanIMG_0009-1.jpgFogleman - Dad and Mrs Johnson
FoglemanIMG_0009.jpgLoren H and Lillian Fogleman Division of Public Health notice
FoglemanIMG_0010-1.jpgFogleman - unidentified
FoglemanIMG_0010.jpgFogleman family notes
FoglemanIMG_0011-1.jpgAddie Fogleman
FoglemanIMG_0011.jpgLu Verne Olive Fogleman Certificate of Marriage 06-05-1955
FoglemanIMG_0012-1.jpgFogleman - Lillian Rode 07-26-1917
FoglemanIMG_0012.jpgKate Fogleman Certificate of Death Record 11-04-1891
FoglemanIMG_0013-1.jpgFogleman - mother, Lillian Fogleman
FoglemanIMG_0013.jpgJulia May Fogleman Certificate of Death Record 09-15-1889
FoglemanIMG_0014-1.jpgLillian Fogleman
FoglemanIMG_0014.jpgLillian May Fogleman Certificate of Birth Record 05-23-1890
FoglemanIMG_0015-1.jpgFogleman - Mrs Johnson and her four kids and two ofthe Knopik kids
FoglemanIMG_0015.jpgAda Bell Fogleman Certificate of Birth Record 07-13-1896
FoglemanIMG_0016-1.jpgLuVerne Fogleman and grandma and grandpa Fogleman, January 1937
FoglemanIMG_0016.jpgFogleman - Notary
FoglemanIMG_0017-1.jpgFogelman "mother" August 1919
FoglemanIMG_0017.jpgWilliam S and Katherine A Fogleman notes
FoglemanIMG_0018-1.jpgFogleman - "Me"
FoglemanIMG_0018.jpgFogleman notes
FoglemanIMG_0019-1.jpgFogleman - Uncle Albert, grandma; Watertown picnic, August 1938
FoglemanIMG_0020-1.jpgFogleman unidentified1
FoglemanIMG_0020.jpgLillian E Fogleman obituary
FoglemanIMG_0021-1.jpgFogleman - "Me"and Rose Melick; Rose's Birthday 1954
FoglemanIMG_0022-1.jpgFogleman "Me"
FoglemanIMG_0022.jpgAda (Addie) Bell Fogleman memoriam 07-13-1896 - 11-14-1987
FoglemanIMG_0023-1.jpgFogleman - Mother and Aunt Addie sheep, January 1937
FoglemanIMG_0023.jpgFogleman - unidentified2
FoglemanIMG_0024-1.jpgFogleman - "Me, Mother, & Dad"
FoglemanIMG_0024.jpgAddie Fogleman note
FoglemanIMG_0025-1.jpgFogleman - Marie Single
FoglemanIMG_0025.jpgFogelman - unidentified2
FoglemanIMG_0026-1.jpgFogleman - "Mother and me"
FoglemanIMG_0026.jpgWilliam Fogleman note
FoglemanIMG_0027-1.jpgFogleman - mother
FoglemanIMG_0027.jpgFogleman - unable to read, original not found
FoglemanIMG_0028-1.jpgFogleman - "Dads friends"
FoglemanIMG_0028.jpgAddie Fogelman address
FoglemanIMG_0029-1.jpgFogleman - Aunt Lena Rode
FoglemanIMG_0029.jpgAddie Fogleman birthday card 1 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0030-1.jpgFogleman - unidentified1
FoglemanIMG_0030.jpgAddie Fogleman birthday card 2 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0031-1.jpgFogleman - "me"
FoglemanIMG_0031.jpgAddie Fogleman address
FoglemanIMG_0032-1.jpgFogleman - unidentified1
FoglemanIMG_0032.jpgFogleman get well card 1 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0033-1.jpgFogleman - Aunt Addie's sheep, January 1937
FoglemanIMG_0033.jpgFogleman get well card 2 of 2
FoglemanIMG_0034-1.jpgFogleman - "my mother, Dad and Roland Auers at their home in St Bonifacious
FoglemanIMG_0034.jpgLu Vern Oliver Fogleman Certicate of Birth 04-07-1924
FoglemanIMG_0035-1.jpgSam Fogleman
FoglemanIMG_0035.jpgFogleman House full of history burns to the ground
FoglemanIMG_0036-1.jpgFogleman - "Dad and me, and dog Mick", January 1937
FoglemanIMG_0036.jpgFogleman Independence landmark burns
FoglemanIMG_0037-1.jpgFogleman - "Mother, me, and Aunt Addie", January 1937
FoglemanIMG_0037.jpgFogleman - LuVerne Olive Umlauf Certificate of Death 11-06-1983
FoglemanIMG_0038-1.jpgFogleman - Lillie 09-14-1918
FoglemanIMG_0038.jpgAda (Addie) Bell Fogleman Certicate of Death 11-14-1987
FoglemanIMG_0039-1.jpgFogleman - "Flerenle and me"
FoglemanIMG_0039.jpgHenry Fogelman notes
FoglemanIMG_0040-1.jpgFogleman "Me"
FoglemanIMG_0040.jpgAddie Fogleman interview 05-06-1983
FoglemanIMG_0041-1.jpgFogleman "Mother"
FoglemanIMG_0041.jpgWilliam Fogleman notes
FoglemanIMG_0042-1.jpgFogleman "Mother", August 1919
FoglemanIMG_0042.jpgJohn Fogleman note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 236
FoglemanIMG_0043-1.jpgFogleman - The Schulz family
FoglemanIMG_0043.jpgAddie B Fogleman obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 64
FoglemanIMG_0044-1.jpgFogleman - Dad and Uncle Albert
FoglemanIMG_0044.jpgJohn Fogelman note
FoglemanIMG_0045.jpgFogleman - "Dad"
FoglemanIMG_0046.jpgFogleman - "Grandma, Uncle Albert and Dad"
FoglemanIMG_0047.jpgFogleman - Grant, Uncle Albert, Dad, Uncle Tony and Uncle George Rode"
FoglemanIMG_0048.jpgFogleman- "Dad"
FoglemanIMG_0049.jpgFogleman "Dad"
FoglemanIMG_0050.jpgFogleman - "Dad"
FoglemanIMG_0051.jpgFogleman "Dad and Uncle Albert"
FoglemanIMG_0052.jpgFogleman "Me and Harriet Gallup"
FoglemanIMG_0053.jpgFogleman "Dad and Me and Harriet Gllaup" with sheep
FoglemanIMG_0054.jpgFogleman - The Schulz family
FoglemanIMG_0055.jpgFogleman - Aunt Rose and Uncle William
FoglemanIMG_0056.jpgFogleman - Frieda and me
FoglemanIMG_0057.jpgFogleman "Grandma" 67 years old, 1937
FoglemanIMG_0058.jpgFogleman - unidentified1
FoglemanIMG_0059.jpgFogleman - Frieda ?
FoglemanIMG_0060.jpgFogelman - unidentified1
FolsomF050815-042.jpgStanley Folsom Obituary
FolsomF050815-043.jpgFolsom notes
FolsomF050815-044.jpgFolsom notes
FonierF050815-045.jpgWilliam Fonier plat info
FontaineF050815-046.jpgJoseph Fontaine plat info
ForcierF050815-071.jpgDorathy Frediaricka Forcier memoir
FordF050815-048.jpgS A Ford Flames Devour Home
FordF050815-069.jpgFord note
FordF050815-070.jpgMrs Ford
FordIMG.jpgFord family note
FordIMG_0001.jpgAlice M Ford memoriam and obituary November 17, 1951
FordIMG_0002.jpgAlice Ford Rites Held....
FordIMG_0003.jpgFord - Alice Griswold
FordIMG_0004.jpgFrank Ford and Isabelle ?
FordIMG_0005.jpgMrs Alice Ford - Bederwood School 1917
FordIMG_0006.jpgFrank Ford ....visitors.... June 1926
FordIMG_0007.jpgAlice Ford
FordIMG_0008.jpgFord - Miss Alice M Griswold Pinaoforte Recital Program NOTE: Original located in Ford Family Folder
FordIMG_0009.jpgMiss Ford place card
FordIMG_0010.jpgFord - unidentified
FordIMG_0011.jpgFord - unidentified
FordIMG_0012.jpgOld road back of Frank Ford home
FordIMG_0013.jpgFord - Florence playing farmer, she looks rather forlorn
FordIMG_0015.jpgMiss Alice M Griswold Pianoforte Recital 1 of 2 06-13-1905 NOTE: original located in Ford Family Folder
FordIMG_0016.jpgAlice M Griswold Piano....2 of 2
FordIMG_0017.jpgAlice Griswold Ford presents Gertrude Butterfield and Dorothy Anderson in Pianoforte Recital 10-29-1915 1 of 2
FordIMG_0018.jpgAlice Griswold Ford presents....2 of 2
FordIMG_0024.jpgAlice M Griswold Piano Recital 05-08-1904
FordIMG_0026.jpgAlice M Griswold Piano recital 05-05-1904 1 of 2
FordIMG_0027.jpgAlice M Griswold piano recital 05-08-1904 2 of 2
FordIMG_0028.jpgAlice M Griswold Pianoforte Recital 06-13-1912 1 of 2
FordIMG_0029.jpgAlice M Griswold Pianoforte Recital 06-13-1912 2 of 2
FordIMG_0030.jpgAlice M Griswold Panioforte Recital 06-22-1911 1 of 2
FordIMG_0031.jpgAlice M Griswold Pianoforte Recital 06-22-1911 2 of 2
FordIMG_0032.jpgAlice M Griswold Pianoforte Recital 06-05-1913 1 of 2
FordIMG_0033.jpgAlice M Griswold Pianoforte Recital 06-05-1913 2 of 2
FordIMG_0034.jpgAlice Griswold Ford Pianoforte Recital 10-29-1915 1 of 2
FordIMG_0035.jpgAlice Griswold Ford Pianoforte Recital 10-29-1915 2 of 2
FordIMG_0036.jpgAlice M Griswold and Carol V Strait Pupils Recital 06-02-1905 1 of 2
FordIMG_0037.jpgAlice M Griswold and Carol V Strait Pupils Recital 06-02-1905 2 of 2
FordIMG_0038.jpgAlice M Ford Pupils in Piano Recital 1947
FordIMG_0039.jpgAlice M Ford Pupils in Piano Recital 1951
FordIMG_0040.jpgAlice M Ford Pupils in Piano Recital 1950
FordIMG_0041.jpgAlice Ford music class in front of Crystal Bay Church L-R: Louise Rhine; Lauretta Hall, Alice Anderson; Frances Galloway in front. Johanna Anderson; Laverne St John ? Betty Carlson; in back? Cherry Stubbs in front of Betty Sandgren; Evelyn Turnham; Eleanor Stubbs; Dorothy Snoke
FordIMG_0042.jpgAlice Ford music class L-R: ? Dillman; Harriet Stafford; Eleanor Stubbs; Alice Anderson; Gladys Anderson; Neva Turnham; Evelyn Turnham; Edith Stafford; Marie Sherf
FordIMG_0043.jpgAlice Ford music class L-R: Back-Alice Anderson; Ruth Hallson; Betty Carlson; Martin Snoke; hidden is Eleanor Stubbs; Rena Hall; Betty Sandgren; Dorothy Snoke. Front: Gaylie talbert; Berna Thompson; Frances Galloway; Mary Snoke; Merle Stubbs; Cherry Stubbs
FordIMG_0044.jpgAlice Ford music class: rear-L:-R Mae Forde; ? Edith Stafford; Beth Mather; Alice Anderson; Lauretta Hall; Harriet Stafford. Front: ?; Johanna Anderson; ?
FordIMG_0045.jpgAlice Ford music class in front of Old Crystal Bay Church. Note the buggy shed in left rear. Back row L-R: Louise Rhine; Dorothy Snoke; Rena Hall; Betty Sandgren; ?; Louise Poisson; ?. Front: Frances Galloway; ?; Merle Stubbs; Marie Sherf behind her; Mary Snoke; Gaylie Talbert; Berna Thompson; Cherry Stubbs
FordIMG_0046.jpgAlice Ford music class. Seated-Johanna Anderson. L-R: Harriet Stafford back of Marie Sherf. Alice Ford with mans cap in front Dorothy Snoke; ?; Boy ?; Esther Johnson; ?; Jeanette Sherf in left front of Eleanor Stubbs
FordIMG_0047.jpgFord - Turnham Reunion; Wayzata Reporter 08-17-1916
FordIMG_0048.jpgAlice Ford Griswold Entertainment at Crystal Bay Note: Original located in Ford Family Folder
FordIMG_0049.jpgAlice Griswold Ford Musical Program 10-21-1915
FordIMG_0050.jpgAlice Ford Finger....2 of 2
FordIMG_0051.jpgAlice Ford Finger Excerises Were Training for Beethoven 1 of 2
FordIMG_0052.jpgFord - Letter regarding Newsletter #67 10-28-1986
FordIMG_0053.jpgFord - Entertainment at Crystal Bay NOTE: original located in Ford Family Folder
FordIMG_0054.jpgAlice Ford
FordIMG_0055.jpgFord - Community House, Ford Recital
FordIMG_0056.jpgFord - Recital Concert given by Prof Eaton in Honor of Miss Alice Margaretta Griswold 1 of 2
FordIMG_0057.jpgFord - Recital Concert....2 of 2
FordIMG_0058.jpgFord - Recital Concernt given by Prof. Eaton in Honor of Miss Alice Margaretta Griswold invitation 1 of 2
FordIMG_0059.jpgAlice M Ford memo book 1 of 2
FordIMG_0060.jpgAlice M Ford memo book Music Pupils 1950 & 1951 2 of 2 NOTE: Memo book is located in Ford Family Folder
FordIMG_0061.jpgMrs Frank Ford note
FordIMG_0062.jpgIsabelle Ford note 11-02-1916
FordIMG_0063.jpgRichard Ford, son of Frank Ford note
FordIMG_0064.jpgFrank Ford, Richard and Isabelle note, Wayzat Reporter
FordIMG_0065.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0066.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0067.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0069.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0070.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0071.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0072.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0073.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0074.jpgRichard Ford
FordIMG_0075.jpgFrank Ford and dog
FordIMG_0076.jpgRichard F Ford, F/O newspaper article
FordIMG_0077.jpgRichard Frank Ford, age 2 08-26-1917
FordIMG_0078.jpgRichard Frank Ford and his mother 01-07-1917
FordIMG_0079.jpgFord letter 1 of 2
FordIMG_0080.jpgFord letter 2 of 3
FordIMG_0081.jpgFrank and Alice Ford home
FordIMG_0082.jpgAlice Ford obituary 1 of 2
FordIMG_0083.jpgAlice Ford obituary 2 of 2
FordIMG_0084.jpgRichard Frank Ford obituary
FordIMG_0085.jpgRichard F Ford address 1980
FordIMG_0086.jpgRichard Ford, Janet [White] Wakefield marriage note
FordIMG_0087.jpgRichard Ford note
FordIMG_0088.jpgRichard Ford
FordIMG_0089.jpgAlice Griswold Ford
FordIMG_0090.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0091.jpgAlice Ford and Richard Ford, son
FordIMG_0092.jpgAnne Ford
FordIMG_0093.jpgRichard F Ford memoriam 1 of 3
FordIMG_0094.jpgRichard F Ford memoriam 2 of 3
FordIMG_0095.jpgRichard F Ford memoriam 3 of 3
FordIMG_0096.jpgFrank Ford note
FordIMG_0097.jpgRichard and Alice Ford, Bay Lake
FordIMG_0098.jpgRichard Frank Ford, 21 months old, 05-06-1916
FordIMG_0099.jpgAlice Ford L-R: Richard, ?
FordIMG_0100.jpgFrank H Ford notice of baby boy
FordIMG_0101.jpgAlice Ford
FordIMG_0102.jpgAlice Ford
FordIMG_0103.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0104.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0105.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0106.jpgSarah Isabelle Ford obituary
FordIMG_0107.jpgAlice Ford ...gave a 'get-to-gether'.... note
FordIMG_0108.jpgRichard Ford note
FordIMG_0109.jpgFord - Thiese home 02-10-1885
FordIMG_0110.jpgMr Brace; Isabelle Ford; Mrs Brace-Frank Ford
FordIMG_0112.jpgRichard Frank Ford graduation notice from The Douglas Army Air Field 1 of 3
FordIMG_0113.jpgRichard Frank Ford....2 of 3
FordIMG_0114.jpgRichard Frank Ford....3 of 3
FordIMG_0115.jpgFrank Ford
FordIMG_0116.jpgRichard Ford obituary notice 04-06-1985
FordIMG_0117.jpgFord unidentified horse
FordIMG_0119.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0120.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0121.jpgFord - Rolla Stubbs?
FordIMG_0122.jpgFord unidentifiied
FordIMG_0123.jpgFord unidentified
FordIMG_0124.jpgHannibal C Ford letter 01-29-1952
FordIMG_0126.jpgRichard Ford travel log NOTE: remainder of document located in Ford Family Folder
FordIMG_0143.jpgFord - letter, pages 1 and 2 missing. 1 of 4
FordIMG_0144.jpgFord letter....2 of 4
FordIMG_0145.jpgFord letter....3 of 4
FordIMG_0146.jpgFord letter....4 of 4
FordIMG_0147.jpgFord note
FordIMG_0148.jpgRichard F Ford letter 04-17-1945 1 of 3
FordIMG_0149.jpgRichard F Ford letter....2 of 3
FordIMG_0150.jpgRichard F Ford letter....3 of 3
FordIMG_0151.jpgRichard F Ford letter 05-25-1945 1 of 3
FordIMG_0152.jpgRichard F Ford letter 05-25-1945 2 of 3
FordIMG_0153.jpgRichard F Ford letter 05-25-1945 3 of 3
FordIMG_0154.jpgAlice G Ford note
FordIMG_0155.jpgFord Wife Catches Fish
FordIMG_0156.jpgSarah Isabell Ford note
FordIMG_0157.jpgFrank Ford note
FordIMG_0158.jpgFord See Rand family folder
FordIMG_0159.jpgFord - Sgt. A H Rand, Jr., Weds WAC in Paris
FordIMG_0160.jpgFord Stubbs Bay The Minnetonka Herald, Wayzata 01-18-1940 1 of 2
FordIMG_0161.jpgFord Stubbs Bay.....2 of 2
FordIMG_0162.jpgFrank Herbert Ford notes
FordIMG_0163.jpgAlice Ford
FordIMG_0164.jpgFord family 1 of 2
FordIMG_0165.jpgFord Family 2 of 2
FordIMG_0166.jpgAlice Ford collection, tintype
FordIMG_0167.jpgFord - Sam and Ellen Paulson
FordIMG_0168.jpgFord - Unidentified2
FordIMG_0169.jpgAlice M Ford Pupils in Piano Recital
FordIMG_0170.jpgRichard F Ford memoriam 08-26-1914 - 04-06-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 18
FordIMG_0171.jpgRichard F Ford obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 18
FordIMG_0172.jpgFrank Herbert Ford note
FordIMG_0173.jpgRichard Frank Ford, 6 mo
FordIMG_0174.jpgRichard Frank Ford
FordIMG_0175.jpgAlice Griswold Ford
FordIMG_0176.jpgAlice Griswold Ford, front-Left
FordIMG_0177.jpgFord - card, unknown
FordIMG_0178.jpgFord - Mrs Florence R Griswold-Dearing, mother of Mrs Florence M Dearing Sumner NOTE: located in Vault, Alice Ford Griswold box
FordeF050815-047.jpgNorman Forde newspaper articles
FordeF050815-049.jpgForde family
FordeF050815-050.jpgSever Forde and Caroline Anderson wedding photo
FordeF050815-051.jpgFrances and Ray Forde
FordeF050815-052.jpgMae Forde Wayzata High School 1928
FordeF050815-053.jpgForde - Aunt Lora and our friend Grace Garanay taken on our side porch November 1911
FordeF050815-054.jpgForde notes
FordeF050815-055.jpgSever Forde family notes
FordeF050815-056.jpgMr and Mrs Ernest Ford birth of child
FordeF050815-057.jpgFrances A Forde Obituary
FordeF050815-058.jpgS Ford sells home
FordeF050815-059.jpgMae Forde, Daughter of Sever Forde
FordeF050815-060.jpgForde - Minnesota State High School Board American History test
FordeF050815-061.jpgBuddy and Mae Forde lost/found children
FordeF050815-062.jpgClifford Forde with lost/found children, Buddy and Mae
FordeF050815-065.jpgMrs Clifford Forde and Phillip
FordeF050815-066.jpgRay Forde, Noerenberg home caretaker 1 of 3
FordeF050815-067.jpgRay Forde 2 of 3
FordeF050815-068.jpgRay Forde 3 of 3
FordeIMG.jpgClifford S Forde obituary 1992
FortinF050815-072.jpgFortin notes
FortinF050815-073.jpgRev Lloyd J Fortin Minnesota Citizens for Racing
FortinF050815-074.jpgGertrude M Fortin memoir
FortinF050815-075.jpgBradley Paul Fortin engagement
FortinF050815-076.jpgJoseph Fortin plat info
FortinF050815-077.jpgFortin notes
FortinF050815-078.jpgFortin notes
FortinF050815-079.jpgPamela Fortin, daughter of Phillip Fortin
FortinF050815-080.jpgFortin hardware advertisement
FortinF050815-081.jpgFortin Hardware Store, telephone office to the right
FortinF050815-082.jpgKenneth and Paul Fortin, newspaper article
FortinF050815-083.jpgFortin Hardware
FortinF050815-084.jpgPaul Fortin interview 1 of 10
FortinF050815-085.jpgPaul Fortin....2 of 10
FortinF050815-086.jpgPaul Fortin....3 of 10
FortinF050815-087.jpgPaul Fortin...4 of 10
FortinF050815-088.jpgPaul Fortin....5 of 10
FortinF050815-089.jpgPaul Fortin....6 of 10
FortinF050815-090.jpgPaul Fortin....7 of 10
FortinF050815-091.jpgPaul Fortin....8 of 10
FortinF050815-092.jpgPaul Fortin...9 of 10
FortinF050815-093.jpgPaul Fortin....10 of 10
FortinF050815-094.jpgPaul Fortin Third Generation Hamelite article
FortinF050815-095.jpgPaul Fortin 1980 Citizen of the Year
FortinF050815-096.jpgFortin - Hamel Post Office
FortinF050815-097.jpgFortin - Hamel Baseball Team
FortinF050815-098.jpgFortin notes
FortinF050922-002.jpgLloyd Fortin A Happening article 1 of 2
FortinF050922-003.jpgLloyd Fortin 2 of 2
FortinF050922-004.jpgFortin family notes
FortinIMG.jpgEster Fortin K of C saddened 02-02-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 9
FortinIMG_0001.jpgMary C Fortin obituary
FortinIMG_0002.jpgIsabel Fortin obituary
FortinIMG_0003.jpgIsabel [Koch] Fortin memoriam 03-30-1914 - 03-15-1992
FortinIMG_0004.jpgIsabel [Koch] Fortin memoriam 03-30-1914 - 03-15-1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 15
FortinIMG_0005.jpgIsabel Fortin obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 15
FortinIMG_0006.jpgGertrude M Fortin obituary 10-13-1979
FortinIMG_0007.jpgGertrude M Fortin obituary 11-07-1979
FortinIMG_0008.jpgGertrude M Fortin obituary 11-07-1979
FortinIMG_0009.jpgGertrude M Fortin obituary
FortinIMG_0010.jpgFortin - Robb Rubert Raguet obituary 04-03-199
FosterF050815-099.jpgPaul Foster note
FournieF050815-100.jpgElizabeth Fournie Hutchinson musician 1 of 2
FournieF050815-101.jpgElizabeth Fournie Hutchinson 2 of 2
FowserIMG.jpgDerek Fowser 5-fatality crash claims life of Long lake boy August 1986
FrankF050815-102.jpgFrank notes
FrankF050815-103.jpgJohn Frank farmer
FrankF050815-104.jpgJohn Frank's wife
FrankF050815-105.jpgFrank notes
FranklinF050815-106.jpgPauline Brown Franklin descendants 1 of 7
FranklinF050815-107.jpgPauline Brown Franklin....2 of 7
FranklinF050815-108.jpgPauline Brown Franklin....3 of 7
FranklinF050815-109.jpgPauline Brown Franklin....4 of 7
FranklinF050815-110.jpgPauline Brown Franklin....5 of 7
FranklinF050815-111.jpgPauline Brown Franklin....6 of 7
FranklinF050815-112.jpgPauline Brown Franklin....7 of 7
FranklinF050815-113.jpgFranklin letter
FranklinF050815-114.jpgFranklin note
FranklinF050815-115.jpgFranklin letter 1 of 4
FranklinF050815-116.jpgFranklin letter 2 of 4
FranklinF050815-117.jpgFranklin letter 3 of 4
FranklinF050815-118.jpgFranklin letter 4 of 4
FranklinF050815-119.jpgFranklin family notes
FranklinF050815-120.jpgFranklin notes
FranklinIMG_0001.jpgFranklin notes
FranklinIMG_0002.jpgBenjamin Franklin land registration
FranklinIMG_0003.jpgWilliam Richardson Franklin land registration
FranklinIMG_0004.jpgChristiana Franklin land registration
FranklinIMG_0005.jpgEbenezer Franklin land registration
FranklinIMG_0006.jpgJohn Franklin land registration
FranklinIMG_0007.jpgBenjamin Franklin note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 221
FranklinIMG_0008.jpgBenjamin Franklin note
FrearF050815-121.jpgFrear family notes
FrearF050815-122.jpgDana W Frear
FrearF050815-123.jpgDana and Anne Frear memoir
FrearF050815-124.jpgDana and Anne Frear Obituary
FrearF050815-125.jpgFrear notes
FrearF050815-126.jpgFrear notes
FrearF050815-127.jpgFrear note
FrearF050815-128.jpgFrear estate auction
FrederickIMG.jpgMarion L Frederick obituary 1979
FrederickIMG_0001.jpgMarion L Frederick obituary 1979
FrederickIMG_0003.jpgMarion L Frederick obituary 1979
FredericksF050815-129.jpgAloy Fredericks plat info
FredericksonIMG.jpgMary Edna Frederickson (Millam) obituary
FreerIMG.jpgNell E Freer obituary June 1956, NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 357
FrenchF050815-130.jpgFrench The Land That Kept Its Promise
FrenchF050815-131.jpgMartha G and Allen T French headstone
FrenchF050815-132.jpgMartha and Allen French notes
FrenchF050815-133.jpgFrench Chapter 7, Oregon is a Great Place for Minnesotans 1 of 10
FrenchF050815-134.jpgFrench Chapter....2 of 10
FrenchF050815-135.jpgFrench Chapter....3 of 10
FrenchF050815-136.jpgFranch Chapter....4 of 10
FrenchF050815-137.jpgFrench Chapter....5 of 10
FrenchF050815-138.jpgFrench Chapter....6 of 10
FrenchF050815-139.jpgFrench Chapter....7 of 10
FrenchF050815-140.jpgFrench Chapter....8 of 10
FrenchF050815-141.jpgFrench Chapter....9 of 10
FrenchF050815-142.jpgFrench Chapter....10 of 10
FrenchF050815-143.jpgDavid and Joseph French notes 1 of 4
FrenchF050815-144.jpgDavid and Joseph....2 of 4
FrenchF050815-145.jpgDavid and Joseph....3 of 4
FrenchF050815-146.jpgDavid and Joseph....4 of 4
FrenchF050815-147.jpgDavid French Land Patent Report 1 of 2
FrenchF050815-148.jpgDavid French Land....2 of 2
FrenchF050815-149.jpgJohn french family notes
FrenchF050815-150.jpgFrench abstract 1 of 5
FrenchF050815-151.jpgFrench abstract 2 of 5
FrenchF050815-152.jpgFrench abstract 3 of 5
FrenchF050815-153.jpgFrench abstract 4 of 5
FrenchF050815-154.jpgFrench abstract 5 of 5
FrenchF050815-155.jpgFrench Lake Logging notes
FrenchF050815-156.jpgFrench notes
FrenchF050815-157.jpgAllen T French article
FrenchF050815-158.jpgNewton French, notes
FrenchF050815-159.jpgFrench notes
FrenchF050815-160.jpgFrench notes
FrenchF050815-161.jpgFrench notes
FrenchF050815-162.jpgFrench notes
FrenchF050815-163.jpgNewton French note
FrenchF050815-164.jpgDollie French note
FrenchF050815-165.jpgBen French note
FrenchF050815-167.jpgMartha French, sister of Prudce White
FrenchF050815-168.jpgJane French Sjotvets
FrenchF050815-169.jpgAllen French
FrenchF050815-170.jpgFrench - Mollie Early's daughter, Annie, and children: Floyd Elmo (8), Wilbur Dean (5), Keith M (3)
FrenchF050815-171.jpgFrench - Annie Alsea, Early at age 5 months, daughter of Mollie Early. Back of photo says: Dollie and Molie Knieff's mother died when they were very young. Uncle Allen and Aunt Martha French adopted them. Mollie's married name was Early and Dollie's was Hoover
FrenchF050815-172.jpgFrench notes
FrenchF050815-173.jpgFrench - Old Indian Trail through French Lake Basin 1982-entrance to Harrison Avenue off of Willow Drive
FrenchF050815-174.jpgHorton Irvin French, Rev. Obituary
FrenchF050815-175.jpgDora M French letter 1 of 2
FrenchF050815-176.jpgDora M French letter 2 of 2
FrenchF050815-177.jpgFrench Lake its Settlement with notes on Granny's Bay 1 of 17
FrenchF050815-178.jpgFrench Lake....2 of 17
FrenchF050815-179.jpgFrench Lake....3 of 17
FrenchF050815-180.jpgFrench Lake 15 of 17
FrenchF050815-181.jpgFrench Lake 14 of 17
FrenchF050815-182.jpgFrench Lake 13 of 17
FrenchF050815-183.jpgFrench lake 12 of 17
FrenchF050815-184.jpgFrench Lake 11 of 17
FrenchF050815-185.jpgFrench Lake 10 of 17
FrenchF050815-186.jpgFrench Lake 4 of 17
FrenchF050815-187.jpgFrench Lake 5 of 17
FrenchF050815-188.jpgFrench Lake 6 of 17
FrenchF050815-189.jpgFrench Lake 7 of 17
FrenchF050815-190.jpgFrench Lake 8 of 17
FrenchF050815-191.jpgFrench Lake 9 of 17
FrenchF050815-192.jpgFrench Lake 16 of 17
FrenchF050815-193.jpgFrench Lake 17 of 17
FreundF050815-194.jpgJohn Peter Freund notes
FreundF050815-195.jpgClement Freund letter
FreundF050815-196.jpgRaymond J Freund family group record 1 of 4
FreundF050815-197.jpgRaymond J Freund....2 of 4
FreundF050815-198.jpgRaymond J Freund....3 of 4
FreundF050815-199.jpgRaymond J Freund....4 of 4
FreundF050815-200.jpgFreund - 1 of 10
FreundF050815-201.jpgFreund 2 of 10
FreundF050815-202.jpgFreund 3 of 10
FreundF050815-203.jpgFreund 4 of 10
FreundF050815-204.jpgFreund 5 of 10
FreundF050815-205.jpgFreund 6 of 10
FreundF050815-206.jpgFreund 7 of 10
FreundF050815-207.jpgFreund 8 of 10
FreundF050815-208.jpgFreund 9 of 10
FreundF050815-209.jpgFreund 10 of 10
FreundF050815-210.jpgFreund letter
FreundF050815-211.jpgFreund - Long Lake Hotel 1907. L-R: Mr & Mrs Gagstetter and daughter, then Anthony L. Ditter, Ole Nelson (proprietor at time)
FreundF050815-212.jpgFreund notes
FreundF050815-213.jpgIrene Freund Obituary
FreundF050815-214.jpgChief Freund retires
FreundF050815-215.jpgViolet S Freund memoir
FreundF050815-216.jpgMarie Freund note
FreundF050815-217.jpgBud Freund and Alice Sorensen Emma's-the memories article 1 of 2
FreundF050815-218.jpgBob Freund.....2 of 2
FreundIMG.jpgIrene M Freund obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 42
FreundIMG_0001.jpgGerhard Freund obituary and notes
FreyIMG.jpgGeorge Frey
FreyerF050815-219.jpgMathew Freyer plat info
FrickF050815-220.jpgA Thomas Frick Memories
FrickF050815-221.jpgTom Frick recollections
FrickF050815-222.jpgMary Anne Frick Letter to the Editor
FrickF050815-223.jpgStuart Frick Local Banker.... article
FrickF050815-224.jpgStuart Alvin Frick engagement
FrickF050815-225.jpgRobert B Frick will head insurance agency
FrickF050815-226.jpgAugust Frick in Yuletree Business for 40th Season
FrickF050815-227.jpgHoward Frick Quits City....
FrickF050815-228.jpgRobert Frick WCCO Good Neighbor
FrickF050815-229.jpgRobert B Frick named president of Wayzata Insurance
FrickF050815-230.jpgA Thomas Frick notes 1 of 3
FrickF050815-231.jpgA Thomas Frick notes 2 of 3
FrickF050815-232.jpgA Thomas Frick notes 3 of 3
FrickF050815-233.jpgElias Frick notes
FrickF050815-234.jpgSteven Frick marriage
FrickF050815-235.jpgA Thomas Frick letter
FrickF050815-237.jpgAlex Mary Frick
FrickF050815-238.jpgTom Frick notes
FrickF050815-239.jpgTom Frick Notes 04-24-1979
FrickF050815-240.jpgAugust Frick Christmas Trees advertisement
FrickF050815-241.jpgMadeline P Frick Obituary
FrickF050815-242.jpgAnna Frick marriage
FrickF050815-244.jpgFrick's Cash Food Store advertisement
FrickF050815-245.jpgEthel Frick note
FrickF050815-246.jpgAlvin Frick home purchase
FrickF050815-247.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050815-248.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050815-249.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050815-250.jpgAlvin C Frick marriage
FrickF050816-001.jpgAugust Frick in Yultree Business for 40th Season
FrickF050816-002.jpgFrick newspaper article
FrickF050816-003.jpgFrick - cabin of Judge J B Gilfillan
FrickF050816-004.jpgAlexander Frick marriage
FrickF050816-005.jpgTom Frick memoir
FrickF050816-006.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050816-007.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050816-008.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050816-009.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050816-010.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050816-011.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050816-012.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050816-013.jpgFrick notes
FrickF050816-014.jpgAlex R Frick Farmers' Directory....
FrickF050816-015.jpgBob Frick advertisement
FrickF050816-016.jpgTom Frick 1942
FrickF050816-018.jpgMyrtle Frick
FrickF050816-019.jpgTom Frick
FrickF050816-020.jpgFrick family records 1 of 2
FrickF050816-021.jpgFrick Family records 2 of 2
FrickF051002-001.jpgChuck and Colleen Frick article
FrickF051002-002.jpgFrick family tree 1 of 23
FrickF051002-003.jpgFrick family....2 of 23
FrickF051002-004.jpgFrick family....3 of 23
FrickF051002-005.jpgFrick family....4 of 23
FrickF051002-006.jpgFrick family....5 of 23
FrickF051002-007.jpgFrick family....6 of 23
FrickF051002-008.jpgFrick family....7 of 23
FrickF051002-009.jpgFrick family....8 of 23
FrickF051002-010.jpgFrick family....9 of 23
FrickF051002-011.jpgFrick family....10 of 23
FrickF051002-012.jpgFrick family....11 of 23
FrickF051002-013.jpgFrick family....12 of 23
FrickF051002-014.jpgFrick family....13 of 23
FrickF051002-015.jpgFrick family....14 of 23
FrickF051002-016.jpgFrick family....15 of 23
FrickF051002-017.jpgFrick family....16 of 23
FrickF051002-018.jpgFrick family....17 of 23
FrickF051002-019.jpgFrick family....18 of 23
FrickF051002-020.jpgFrick family....19 of 23
FrickF051002-021.jpgFrick family....20 of 23
FrickF051002-022.jpgFrick family....21 of 23
FrickF051002-023.jpgFrick family....22 of 23
FrickF051002-024.jpgFrick family....23 of 23
FrickF060402-041.jpgHarold Frick death
FrickIMG.jpgNeil I Frick obituary
FrickIMG_0001.jpgAugust Augie Frick obituary 05-31-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 24
FrickIMG_0002.jpgAlexander Tommy Frick memoriam 07-17-1895 - 09-11-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, apge 48
FrickIMG_0003.jpgAlexander Frick obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 47
FrickIMG_0004.jpgAlexander Tommy Frick obituary 09-16-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annaul Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 47
FrickIMG_0007.jpgEverett V Frick obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, apge 29
FrickIMG_0008.jpgAlex R Frick NOTE: .....2 of 2
FrickIMG_0009.jpgAlex R Frick NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 283 1 of 2
Frickobit_0001.jpgRobert B Frick A Celebration of Life 02-14-1923 - 04-26-2010 1 of 4
Frickobit_0002.jpgRobert B Frick A Celebration....2 of 4
Frickobit_0003.jpgRobert F Brick A Celebration....3 of 4
Frickobit_0004.jpgRobert B Frick A Celebration....4 of 4
Frickobit_0005.jpgRobert Frick notes
Frickobit_0006.jpgFrick - Amazing Grace....
FrielsIMG.jpgAlex R Friels note
FriemanF050816-022.jpgDaniel H Freeman plat info
FriesF050816-023.jpgFries notes
FriesF050816-024.jpgEd Fries notes
FriesF050816-025.jpgFries notes
FriesF050816-026.jpgEarl Fries newspaper article
FriesF050816-027.jpgFries notes
FriesF050816-028.jpgBeverly Fries notes
FriesF050816-029.jpgCarl Fries family notes 1 of 3
FriesF050816-030.jpgCarl Fries family notes 2 of 3
FriesF050816-031.jpgCarl Fries family notes 3 of 3
FriesF050816-032.jpgCharles Fries (Carl), John, Katherine Milkmeristen
FriesIMG.jpgRuben Fries obituary and notes 04-01-1986 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 18
FriesIMG_0001.jpgPeter Fries family census information 1 of 3
FriesIMG_0002.jpgPeter Fries family....2 of 3
FriesIMG_0003.jpgPeter Fries family....3 of 3
FriesIMG_0004.jpgPeter Fries note. First sentence reads Peter Fries was born in Hertzhof Germany, March 15, 1851. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 251
FriesIMG_0005.jpgMargaret Harme M Fries note
FriesIMG_0006.jpgPeter Fries note
FritzF050816-033.jpgFritz notes
FritzF050816-034.jpgFritz notes
FritzF050816-035.jpgFritz notes
FritzIMG.jpgEmma Fritz obituary NOTE: oritginal document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 2, page 229
FritzIMG_0001.jpgLester E Fritz obituary
FrostF050816-036.jpgFrost notes
FrostF050816-037.jpgWarren Frost newspaper article
FrostF050816-038.jpgEdith Frost newspaper article
FrostF050816-039.jpgBenjamin Frost descendants
FrostF050816-040.jpgOlive Frost
FrostIMG.jpgEsther Frost obituary 01-01-1981
FrostIMG_0001.jpgEdith R Frost obituary 12-31-1979
FruenF050816-045.jpgRoger Furen article
FruenF050816-046.jpgFruen notes
FruenF050816-047.jpgFruen notes
FruenF050816-048.jpgFreund - Pictorial
FruenF050816-049.jpgFruen Cereal Company Tales from Tonka
FruenF050816-050.jpgFreund notes
FruenF050816-051.jpgJohn Freund article
FruenF050816-052.jpgFreund Pet Talk
FruenF050816-053.jpgWilliam Henry Fruen A Spring Found in 1884 Became a Business 1 of 2
FruenF050816-054.jpgWilliam Henry Freun....2 of 2
FruenIMG.jpgReba Watson Fruen obituary 02-04-1987, Big Island, Orono NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 11
FruenIMG_0001.jpgRichard W Fruen obituary 07-01-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 33
FruenIMG_0002.jpgFruen - "The Sixtieth Anniversary of the Glenwood-Inglewood Famous Spring Water" 1884-1944 NOTE: located in Fruen Family Folder
FruenIMG_0003.jpgFruen "Minneapolis is the Healthiest City in the United States" US Census Report 1910
FruenIMG_0004.jpgFruen - Glenwood Inglewood unidentified
FruenIMG_0005.jpgFruen - Glenwood Inglewood unidentified
FruenIMG_0006.jpgFruen - Glenwood Inglewood unidentified
FruenIMG_0007.jpgFruen - Glenwood Inglewood unidentified
FruenIMG_0008.jpgFruen - Glenwood Inglewood unidentified
FruenIMG_0009.jpgFruen - Glenwood Inglewood Ice House
FruenIMG_0010.jpgFruen - Glenwood Inglewood unidentified
FruenIMG_0011.jpgFreun - Glenwood-Inglewood Letterhead Stationery
FullerF050816-055.jpgFuller notes
FullerF050816-056.jpgFuller notes
FullerF050816-057.jpgFuller notes
FullerF050816-058.jpgFuller letter
FullerF050816-059.jpgFuller family tree
FullerF050816-061.jpgFuller letter 1 of 2
FullerF050816-062.jpgFuller letter 2 of 2
FullerF050816-063.jpgFuller - Letter
FullerF050816-064.jpgFuller - Katherine F Lemke
FullerF050816-065.jpgRalph Fuller notes
FullerF050816-066.jpgMary Fuller - Guy Fuller - letter
FullerF050816-067.jpgFuller - letter
FullerF050816-068.jpgFuller letter
FullerF050816-069.jpgFuller notes
FullerF050816-070.jpgFuller notes
FullerF050816-071.jpgMary Wiley Fuller notes
FullerF050816-072.jpgMary Fuller
FullerF050816-073.jpgFuller notes
FullerF050816-074.jpgFuller notes
FullerF050816-075.jpgMargaret A Fuller memoriam
FullerF050816-076.jpgMary E Fuller obituary
FullerIMG.jpgMary E Fuller note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 211
FullerIMG_0001.jpgMary E Fuller note
FullertonF050816-078.jpgFullerton Lumber Celebrates Grand Opening 1958
FullertonF050816-079.jpgMrs James G Fullerton
FullertonF050816-080.jpgFullertons advertisement 09-12-1985
FullertonF050816-081.jpgFullertons Fall Sale advertisement
FullertonF050816-082.jpgMrs Rames Fullerton, Ray Mithun Fullerton 12-16-1976
FullertonIMG.jpgJames Gordon Fullerton Jr obituary 1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 42
FullertonIMG_0001.jpgGeorge J Fullerton obituary 10-22-1979
FullertonIMG_0002.jpgGeorge J Fullerton obituary 10-22-1979
FulmerIMG_0001.jpgFulmer letter 01-22-94 1 of 3
FulmerIMG_0002.jpgFulmer letter....2 of 3
FulmerIMG_0003.jpgFulmer letter....3 of 3