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GabbertIMG.jpgLouis E Gabbert obituary 1979
GabrielF050816-083.jpgGabriel notes
GabrielIMG_0001.jpg Century of Christmas Memories through the eyes of Edna Gabriel 1 of 10
GabrielIMG_0002.jpgCentury....2 of 10
GabrielIMG_0003.jpgCentury....3 of 10
GabrielIMG_0004.jpgCentury....4 of 10
GabrielIMG_0005.jpgCentury....5 of 10
GabrielIMG_0006.jpgCentury....6 of 10
GabrielIMG_0007.jpgCentury....7 of 10
GabrielIMG_0008.jpgCentury....8 of 10
GabrielIMG_0009.jpgCentury....9 of 10
GabrielIMG_0010.jpgCentury....10 of 10
GabrielsonF050816-084.jpgGabrielson notes
GabrielsonF050816-085.jpgEmil Gabrielson notes
GabrielsonF050816-086.jpgEmil Gabrielson interview
GabrielsonF050816-087.jpgMable Gabrielson Obituary
GabrielsonF050816-088.jpgEmil Gabriels public auction
GaffeyF050816-089.jpgJohn Gaffey plat info
GagneF050816-090.jpgFrancois Gagne family history 1 of 5
GagneF050816-091.jpgFrancois Gagne....2 of 5
GagneF050816-092.jpgFrancois Gagne....3 of 5
GagneF050816-093.jpgFrancois Gagne....4 of 5
GagneF050816-094.jpgFrancois Gagne....5 of 5
GagneF050816-095.jpgVerne Gagne newspaper article
GagneF050816-096.jpgVerne Gagne
GagneF050816-097.jpgVerne Gagne article
GagneIMG_0001.jpgEvelyn A Gagne memoriam 03-17-1959 2 of 2
GagneIMG_0002.jpgEvelyn A Gagne memoriam 2 of 2
GagneIMG_0006.jpgGagne "Genealogy of the Gagne Family" by Sister Renee Labelle and Judith Fennema Ernst - "Ernst and allied families" by Walter Ernst, Book 2 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
GalchuttIMG.jpgAlbert C Galchutt obituary 1954
GaleF050816-098.jpgSamuel C Gale article
GaleF050816-099.jpgS C Gale Prominent Pioneers
GaleF050816-100.jpgGale family notes 1 of 2
GaleF050816-101.jpgGayle Family notes 2 of 2
GaleF050816-102.jpgGale notes
GaleF050816-103.jpgRichard P Gale Then and Now Portraits
GaleF050816-104.jpgElizabeth Gale notes
GaleF050816-105.jpgGale - Anna Jones Mariette Obituary
GaleF050816-106.jpgR P Gale obituary 1 of 2
GaleF050816-107.jpgR P Gale Obituary
GaleF050816-108.jpgSamuel Gale death
GaleF050816-109.jpgR P Gale obituary 2 of 2
GaleF050816-110.jpgS C Gale? advertisement
GaleF050816-111.jpgSamuel C Gale residence
GaleF050816-112.jpgE C Gale note
GaleF050816-113.jpgIsobel Gale Obituary
GaleF050816-114.jpgIsobel Gale Obituary
GaleF050816-115.jpgJohn Gale home for sale article
GaleF050816-116.jpgHarlow A Gale
GaleF050816-117.jpgEdward Chenery Gale The Public Life and Service of.... 1 of 8
GaleF050816-118.jpgEdward Chenery Gale 5 of 8
GaleF050816-119.jpgEdward Chenery Gale....2 of 8
GaleF050816-120.jpgEdward Chenery Gale 6 of 8
GaleF050816-121.jpgEdward Cheney Gale 3 of 8
GaleF050816-122.jpgEdward Chenery Gale 7 of 8
GaleF050816-123.jpgEdward Chenery Gale 4 of 8
GaleF050816-124.jpgEdward Chenery Gale 8 of 8
GaleF050816-125.jpgAlf Gale leaves North Dakota farming article 1 of 2
GaleF050816-126.jpgAlf Gale....2 of 2
GaleF050816-127.jpgSamuel Gale death
GaleF050816-128.jpgGale letter
GaleF050816-129.jpgGale newspaper article
GaleF050816-130.jpgGale & Co. advertisement
GaleF050816-131.jpgMrs Samuel C Gale Centennial Diary article
GaleF050816-132.jpgGale letter 1 of 2
GaleF050816-133.jpgGale Letter 2 of 2
GaleF050816-134.jpgGale note
GaleF050816-135.jpgGale newspaper article
GaleF050816-136.jpgGale newspaper article
GaleF050816-137.jpgSamuel Chester Gale family journal excerpts 1 of 3
GaleF050816-138.jpgSamuel Chester Gale....2 of 3
GaleF050816-139.jpgSamuel Chester Gale....3 of 3
GaleF050816-140.jpgHarlow Gale family and friends at Gale's Island
GaleF050816-141.jpgHarlow Gale newspaper article 1 of 3
GaleF050816-142.jpgHarlow Gale....2 of 3
GaleF050816-143.jpgHarlow Gale....3 of 3
GaleF050816-144.jpgSamuel C Gale article
GaleIMG.jpgIsabel [Gale] Thibault obituary 04-21-1983
GallF050816-145.jpgAndrew Gall plat info
GallF050816-146.jpgGall notes
GallagherIMG.jpgMrs Andrew Gallagher Who's Who in the Farm Bureau
GallupF050816-147.jpgGallup notes
GalpinF050816-148.jpgGalpin family notes 1 of 2
GalpinF050816-149.jpgGalpin family notes 2 of 2
GalpinF050816-150.jpgGalpin newspaper article
GalpinF050816-151.jpgGalpin family notes
GalpinF050816-152.jpgRev. Galpin newspaper article
GalpinF050816-153.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-154.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-155.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-156.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-157.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-158.jpgRev George Galpin home
GalpinF050816-159.jpgRev George Galpin home
GalpinF050816-160.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-161.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-162.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-163.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-164.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-165.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-166.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-167.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-168.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-169.jpgGalpin notes
GalpinF050816-170.jpgGalpin newspaper article
GalpinF050816-171.jpgRev Charles Galpin newspaper article
GalpinF050816-172.jpgRev George Galpin newspaper article 1 of 2
GalpinF050816-173.jpgRev George Galpin.....2 of 2
GalpinIMG_0001.jpgReverend Charles Galpin and Semantha Ball Galpin
GalpinIMG_0002.jpgReverend George Galpin
GambleIMG.jpgBertin Clyde Gamble obituary 03-02-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 12
GambleIMG_0001.jpgGladys L Gamble obituary, January 1978
GambleIMG_0002.jpgKaren Gamble Hubbard obituary 04-15-1983
GangelhoffF050816-174.jpgMrs Chas Gangelhoff Obituary
GangelhoffF050816-175.jpgGangelhoff notes
GangelhoffF050816-176.jpgMr and Mrs Ganglehoff note
GangelhoffF050816-177.jpgGangelhoff family picnic. Mrs Gangelhoff on far left, Mr. Gangelhoff 4th man from left standing. Taken at Gangelhoff farm
GangelhoffF050816-178.jpgCathy Gangelhoff Getting into the swing newspaper article
GangelhoffF050816-179.jpgGangeloff Bros. advertisement
GangelhoffIMG.jpgJan Gangelhoff Scandal....2 of 2
GangelhoffIMG_0001.jpgJan Gangelhoff Gangelhoff theft charge dropped in Wisconsin Star Tribune
GangelhoffIMG_0002.jpgJan Gangelhoff Prosecution, defense face big decisions in Gangelhoff case 09-27-2000 1 of 2
GangelhoffIMG_0003.jpgJan Gangelhoff Prosecution....2 of 2
GangelhoffIMG_0004.jpgJan Gangelhoff Gangelhoff....2 of 3
GangelhoffIMG_0005.jpgJan Gangelhoff Gangelhoff....3 of 3
GangelhoffIMG_0006.jpgJan Gangelhoff Gangelhoff is charged with felony fraud Star Tribune 09-16-2000 1 of 3
GangelhoffIMG_0007.jpgJan Gangelhoff Judge rejects plea, drops charge against Gangelhoff 1 of 4
GangelhoffIMG_0008.jpgJan Gangelhoff Judge....2 of 4
GangelhoffIMG_0009.jpgJan Gangelhoff Judge....3 of 4
GangelhoffIMG_0010.jpgJan Ganglehoff Judge....4 of 4
GangelhoffIMG_0011.jpgJan Gangelhoff Feds drop case against Gangelhoff 1 of 3
GangelhoffIMG_0013.jpgJan Gangelhoff Feds....2 of 3
GangelhoffIMG_0014.jpgJan Gangelhoff Feds....3 of 3
GangelhoffIMG_0015.jpgJan Gangehloff A look inside the 'U' turmoil 1 of 2
GangelhoffIMG_0016.jpgJan Gangelhoff A look....2 of 2
GangelhoffIMG_0017.jpgJan Gangelhoff Scandal has shadowed Gangelhoff 1 of 2
GangelhoffIMG_0018.jpgLinda [Bloom] Gangelhoff obituary 03-01-1979
GarbergIMG_0008.jpgJohn I Garberg obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 25
GardnerEmma Gardner.jpg-
GardnerF050816-180.jpgE Gardner Botany lab notes and drawings
GardnerF050816-181.jpgElizabeth Gardner memoir
GardnerF050816-182.jpgGardner family notes
GardnerF050816-183.jpgGardner family notes 1 of 6
GardnerF050816-184.jpgGardner family notes 2 of 6
GardnerF050816-185.jpgGardner family notes 3 of 6
GardnerF050816-186.jpgGardner family notes 4 of 6
GardnerF050816-187.jpgGardner family notes 5 of 6
GardnerF050816-188.jpgGardner family notes 6 of 6
GardnerF050816-189.jpgAddison Stron Gardner Obituary
GardnerF050816-190.jpgGardner place
GardnerF050816-191.jpgLouisa Frances Heberlein Gardner family notes 1 of 9
GardnerF050816-192.jpgLouisa Gardner 2 of 9
GardnerF050816-193.jpgLouisa Gardner 3 of 9
GardnerF050816-194.jpgLouisa Gardner 4 of 9
GardnerF050816-195.jpgLouisa Gardner 5 of 9
GardnerF050816-196.jpgLouisa Gardner 6 of 9
GardnerF050816-197.jpgLouisa Gardner 7 of 9
GardnerF050816-198.jpgLouisa Gardner 8 of 9
GardnerF050816-199.jpgLouisa Gardner 9 of 9
GardnerF050816-200.jpgWalter Gardner interview 1 of 3
GardnerF050816-201.jpgWalter Gardner....2 of 3
GardnerF050816-202.jpgWalter Gardner....3 of 3
GardnerF050816-203.jpgGardner family....5 of 6
GardnerF050816-204.jpgGardner family....3 of 6
GardnerF050816-205.jpgGardner family....4 of 6
GardnerF050816-206.jpgGardner family notes 1 of 6
GardnerF050816-207.jpgGardner family....2 of 6
GardnerF050816-208.jpgGardner family....6 of 6
GardnerF050816-209.jpgKen Gardner place
GardnerF050816-210.jpgKen Gardner place
GardnerF050817-001.jpgEmma Gardner article
GardnerF050817-002.jpgWilliam Gardner family notes 1 of 2
GardnerF050817-003.jpgWilliam Gardner notes 2 of 2
GardnerF050817-004.jpgGardner notes
GardnerF050817-005.jpgJames D Gardner accident
GardnerF050817-006.jpgGardner notes
GardnerF050817-007.jpgGrandma Gardner note
GardnerF050817-008.jpgGardner unidentified
GardnerF050817-009.jpgGardner Unidentified
GardnerF050817-010.jpgGardner Unidentified
GardnerF050817-011.jpgAddison Gardner notes
GardnerF050817-012.jpgGardner notes
GardnerF050817-013.jpgGardner notes
GardnerF050817-014.jpgGardner notes
GardnerF050817-015.jpgJim Gardner Joining Levering article
GardnerF050817-016.jpgKarl and Betty Gardner
GardnerF050817-017.jpgJohn and Anita Gardner, Scott and Craig
GardnerF050817-018.jpgGertrude R Gardner Obituary
GardnerF050817-019.jpgKarl and Betty Gardner
GardnerF050817-020.jpgGardner notes
GardnerF050817-021.jpgGardner notes
GardnerF050817-022.jpgWalter, Ina, Karl Gardner c1885
GardnerF050817-023.jpgA S Gardner, from negative
GardnerF050817-024.jpgE Gardner Haskell note
GardnerIMG.jpgStella [Gardner] Hashell note
GardnerIMG_0001.jpgAddison S Gardner Genealogy 1 of 9
GardnerIMG_0002.jpgAddison S Gardner....2 of 9
GardnerIMG_0003.jpgAddison S Gardner....3 of 9
GardnerIMG_0004.jpgAddison S Gardner....4 of 9
GardnerIMG_0005.jpgAddison S Gardner....5 of 9
GardnerIMG_0006.jpgAddison S Gardner....6 of 9
GardnerIMG_0007.jpgAddison S Gardner...7 of 9
GardnerIMG_0008.jpgAddison S Gardner....8 of 9
GardnerIMG_0009.jpgAddison S Gardner....9 of 9
GardnerIMG_0010.jpgLouisa Gardner NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 288
GardnerIMG_0011.jpgIda Fries Gardner NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 290
GardnerIMG_0012.jpgElvira S Gardner McNish note
GardnerIMG_0013.jpgIda Gardner note
GardnerIMG_0014.jpgL Gardner note
GardnerIMG_0015.jpgIda F Gardner (on left) 1 of 2
GardnerIMG_0016.jpgIda F Gardner 2 of 2
GarrisonF050817-025.jpgGarrison - Stage to Wayzata
GarrisonF050817-026.jpgGarrison family notes
GarrisonF050817-028.jpgOscar E Garrison article
GarrisonF050817-029.jpgGarrison geologic and botanic examination 1 of 2
GarrisonF050817-030.jpgGarrison geolgic....2 of 2
GarrisonF050817-031.jpgGarrison article
GarrisonF050817-032.jpgOscar E Garrison Fifty Years in Northwest article
GarrisonF050817-033.jpgF Garrison article
GarrisonF050817-034.jpgGarrison notes
GarrisonF050817-035.jpgO E Garrison advertisement
GarrisonF050817-036.jpgGarrison article
GarrisonF050817-037.jpgO E Garrison note
GarveyF050817-038.jpgEdward James Garvey 2 of 2
GarveyF050817-039.jpgEdward James Garvey notes 1 of 2
GarveyF050817-040.jpgEd Garvey Halloween Fun Around 1895
GarveyF050817-041.jpgGarvey family notes
GaschF050817-053.jpgBob Gasch a man of many faces
GaschF050817-054.jpgBob Gasch will tell railroad tales
GaschF050817-055.jpgBob Gasch article
GaschF050817-056.jpgBob Gasch Johnny Appleseed
GaschF050817-057.jpgJames Merrick Gasch marriage
GaschF050817-058.jpgLInda Louise Gasch marriage
GaschF050817-059.jpgBob Gasch Professional storyteller.... article
GaschF050817-061.jpgMarjorie Gasch checkbook
GaschF050817-062.jpgBob Gasch Storytelling of Bob Gasch 1 of 3
GaschF050817-063.jpgBob Gasch....2 of 3
GaschF050817-064.jpgBob Gasch....3 of 3
GaschIMG-01.jpgBob Gasch Once Upon a Time article
GaschIMG-02.jpgMarjorie Gasch In her life, the children always came first
GaschIMG.jpgMarjorie F Gasch [Fuller] - 2007
GaschIMG_0001.jpgBob Gasch He's helping to keep imaginations alive 1 of 2
GaschIMG_0002.jpgBob Gasch He's....2 of 2
GaschIMG_0003.jpgBob Gasch Local story teller finds gold in fabulous folk stories of old 1 of 2
GaschIMG_0004.jpgBob Gasch Local Story Teller....2 of 2
GaschIMG_0005.jpgBob Gasch tell tales at Widsten, Oct. 26 Wayzata Weekly News, 10-24-1985
GasparF050817-042.jpgTheodore Gasper plat info
GasparF050817-043.jpgBern Gasper plat info
GasparF050817-044.jpgGasper notes
GasparF050817-045.jpgGasper notes
GasparF050817-046.jpgElizabeth M Gaspar memoir
GasparF050817-047.jpgHerbert and Elizabeth Gaspar
GasparF050817-048.jpgRita and Don Gaspar
GasparF050817-049.jpgGregory D Gaspar marriage
GasparF050817-050.jpgGregory Donald Gaspar engagement
GasparF050817-051.jpgElizabeth Gasper funeral liturgy
GasparF050817-052.jpgDon Gaspar note
GasparIMG.jpgHerbert B Gaspar obituary 06-09-1987 NOTE orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, apge 32
GasparIMG_0001.jpgHerbert B Gaspar memoriam 09-04-1898 - 06-07-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 32
GasparIMG_0001_1.jpgBernard Gaspar deed information 1858-1942 1 of 4
GasparIMG_0002.jpgBernard Gaspar deed information 1858-1942 2 of 4
GasparIMG_0003.jpgBernard Gaspar deed information 1858-1942 3 of 4
GasparIMG_0004.jpgBernard Gaspar deed information 1858-1942 4 of 4
GastonF050817-065.jpgThomas Gaston plat info
GastonF050817-066.jpgThomas Gaston plat info
GastonF050817-067.jpgThomas Gaston note
GatesF050818-001.jpgStephen Gates notes
GatesF050818-002.jpgStephen O Gtes memoir
GatesF050818-003.jpgW B Gates notes
GatesF050818-004.jpgSeelum Gates accident
GatesF050818-005.jpgSteven Gates article
GatesF050818-006.jpgCharles G Gates death
GatesF050818-007.jpgCharles G Gates death
GatesF050818-008.jpgGates Spendthrift Ways article
GatesF050818-009.jpgCharles G Gates note
GeeIMG.jpgGee - unidentified2
GeeIMG_0001.jpgDorothy Gee obituary 05-26-1982
GeeIMG_0002.jpgDorothy F Gee obituary 15-26-1982
GeeIMG_0003.jpgDorothy F Gee obituary
GeeIMG_0004.jpgGeorge C Gee obituary 09-04-1980
GehrmanIMG.jpgFred W Gehrman obituary 01-31-1987 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 8
GeiseIMG_0001.jpgGilbert T Giese memoriam
GeiseIMG_0002.jpgGilbert T Giese The Celebration....1 of 3
GeiseIMG_0003.jpgGilbert Giese The Celebration....2 of 3
GeiseIMG_0004.jpgGilbert T Giese The Celebration....3 of 3
GeorgeF050818-010.jpgDonal Kempton George - postcard side 1, side 2 is F050818-011
GeorgeF050818-011.jpgDonal Kempton George postcard side 2, side 1 is F050818-010
GeorgeF050818-012.jpgGlenn Wright George, Doris Elinor George, Ella Wright George taken in Omak, Washington
GeorgeF050818-013.jpgClarice Louisa George at 11 months
GeorgeF050818-014.jpgArnold George retirement
GerberF050818-015.jpgMary Gerber, Mrs Tom Mullin
GerberF050818-016.jpgMary Gerber, Kate's mother
GerberF050818-017.jpgMamie Gerber and Tom Mullen
GerberF050818-018.jpgMary Gerber - Tom Mullin, husband, accident
GerberF050818-019.jpgMary Gerber marriage
GerberF050818-020.jpgAlbert Gerber Seventeen Years Service
GerberF050818-021.jpgMrs Henry Gerber death
GerberF050818-022.jpgGerber - Mrs P Mooney death
GerberF050818-023.jpgGerber - Martinson Sisters marriage
GerberF050818-024.jpgKatherine Gerber memoir
GerberF050818-025.jpgGerber Creek Bridge article
GerberF050818-026.jpgGerber - Mary Callinan remembrance
GerberF050818-027.jpgCatherine Gerber Certificate of Baptism
GerberF050818-028.jpgElla Gerber estate auction
GerberF050818-029.jpgMrs Henry Gerber Obituary
GerberF050818-030.jpgGerber - Nielsen-Shrewsbury marriage
GerberF050818-031.jpgNora H Gerber memoir
GerberF050818-032.jpgGerber - Herb Gasper memorial
GerberF050818-033.jpgElla Gerber funeral service
GerberF050818-034.jpgGerber notes
GerberF050818-035.jpgKate Gerber
GerberF050818-036.jpgEva and Fred Gerber parcel shower
GerberF050818-037.jpgGerber - Mary Calliman acknowledgement
GerberF050818-038.jpgGerber - Father Alfred Kaster thank you
GerberF050818-039.jpgGerber - thank you card
GerberF050818-040.jpgGerber birthday card
GerberF050818-041.jpgGerber notes
GerberF050818-042.jpgGerber notes
GerberF050818-043.jpgGerber notes
GerberF050818-044.jpgHenry Gerber family notes
GerberF050818-045.jpgKate Gerber's Photo Album
GerberF050818-050.jpgEnscription: Taken when I was home
GerberF050818-055.jpgGerber - Fairfield Iowa 1923
GerberF050818-104.jpgNanie and Tom Mullen
GerberF050818-134.jpgGerber - Murry Hill, 1925
GerberF050818-157.jpgGerber - Albert Lea, Minnesota 1927
GerberF050818-159.jpgAlbert Gerber article
GerberIMG_0001.jpgMrs C F Gerber obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 322
GerberIMG_0002.jpgElla L Gerber obituary 08-23-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitiled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 43
GerberIMG_0003.jpgElla L Gerber memoriam 12-22-1893 - 08-24-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 44
GerberIMG_0004.jpgFrank Gerber?
GerberIMG_0005.jpgKatherine Gerber obituary 08-30-1981
GerberIMG_0006.jpgGerber - Reinhart Glampe obituary 05-27-1980
GerhardsonIMG_0001.jpgJohn R Gerhardson letter 02-22-1982 1 of 2 NOTE: located in Gerhardson Family Folder
GerhardsonIMG_0002.jpgJohn R Gerhardson letter 02-22-1982 2 of 2
GertzF050824-001.jpgGertz notes
GertzF050824-002.jpgGertz - Shelby Hockert Prock memoir
GertzF050824-003.jpgGertz notes
GertzIMG.jpgAdella Gertz obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 50
GetchellF050824-004.jpgGetchell family notes
GetchellF050824-005.jpgL L Getchell article
GetchellF050824-006.jpgWashington Getchell article
GetchellF050824-007.jpgGetchell Album of Brooklyn Centre 1 of 13
GetchellF050824-008.jpgGetchell Album....2 of 13
GetchellF050824-009.jpgGetchell Album....3 of 13
GetchellF050824-010.jpgGetchell Album....4 of 13
GetchellF050824-011.jpgGetchell Album....5 of 13
GetchellF050824-012.jpgGetchell Album....6 of 13
GetchellF050824-013.jpgGetchell Album....7 of 13
GetchellF050824-014.jpgGetchell Album....8 of 13
GetchellF050824-015.jpgGetchell Album....9 of 13
GetchellF050824-016.jpgGetchell Album....10 of 13
GetchellF050824-017.jpgGetchell Album....11 of 13
GetchellF050824-018.jpgGetchell Album....12 of 13
GetchellF050824-019.jpgGetchell Album....13 of 13
GettenF050824-020.jpgGetten family notes 1 of 17
GettenF050824-021.jpgGetten family....2 of 17
GettenF050824-022.jpgGetten family....3 of 17
GettenF050824-023.jpgGetten family....4 of 17
GettenF050824-024.jpgGetten family....5 of 17
GettenF050824-025.jpgGetten family....6 of 17
GettenF050824-026.jpgGetten family....7 of 17
GettenF050824-027.jpgGetten family....8 of 17
GettenF050824-028.jpgGetten family....9 of 17
GettenF050824-029.jpgGetten family....10 of 17
GettenF050824-030.jpgGetten family....11 of 17
GettenF050824-031.jpgGetten family....12 of 17
GettenF050824-032.jpgGetten family....13 of 17
GettenF050824-033.jpgGetten family....14 of 17
GettenF050824-034.jpgGetten family....15 of 17
GettenF050824-035.jpgGetten family....16 of 17
GettenF050824-036.jpgGetten family....17 of 17
GettenF050824-037.jpgGetten letter
GettenF050824-038.jpgTheordore Getten article 2 of 2
GettenF050824-039.jpgTheodore Getten article 1 of 2
GettenF050824-040.jpgTheodore Getten family see F050824-041
GettenF050824-041.jpgTheodore Getten family see F050824-040
GettenF050824-042.jpgDavid Getten family tree
GettenF050824-043.jpgEverett L Getten memoir
GettenF050824-044.jpgGetten - Donald J Hance memoir
GettenF050824-045.jpgTheodore C Getten Letters from the Boys
GettenF050824-046.jpgTheodore Getten
GettenF050824-047.jpgMarvin Getten
GettenF050824-048.jpgGetten notes
GettenF050824-049.jpgGetten notes
GettenF050824-050.jpgTheodore Getten Commended
GettenF050824-051.jpgGetten's Standard Service advertisement
GettenF050824-052.jpgGetten notes
GettenF050824-053.jpgMarvin Getten retires
GettenF050824-054.jpgLynes Getten Jr Neighborly lumberjacks offer volunteer saws
GettenF050824-055.jpgMel Getton article
GettenF050824-056.jpgMel Getten
GettenF050824-057.jpgEverett Z Getten death
GettenF050824-058.jpgTheodore Getten wounded
GettenIMG.jpgTheordore and Phoebe Getten
GettenIMG_0001.jpgTheodore and Phoebe Gray Getten Family. L-R Back: Emmett; Ennis; Myrtle; Lynes; Lynn. Front: L-R: Everett; Phoebe Gray; Theodore Sr; Theodore, Jr. 1906-1907
GettenIMG_0002.jpgLynes Getten Sr and Ruth Flannery; taken at 125 Minnetonka, Wayzata, in the 1940's
GettenIMG_0003.jpgLynes Getten Sr. cooking back seat of his car while ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka, taken about 1940-45
GettenIMG_0004.jpgLynes Getten Sr and Ruth F Getten with children: Lynes Jr. Jean and Delores, taken about 1923
GettenIMG_0005.jpgLyns, Dolors and Jean Getten at Brown's in Ferndale c. 1922 or 1923
GettenIMG_0006.jpgGetten - L-R: Martha Jane Phillips Getten Sturm (mom); Daughters: Mary jane Getten Dawson; Orphanna Getten Whipps
GettenIMG_0007.jpgMary Jane Getten Dawson
GettenIMG_0008.jpgMartha Jane Phillips Getten Sturman
GettenIMG_0009.jpgMyrtle Getten Harper Rhodes
GettenIMG_0010.jpgBeulah Getten obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 305
GettenIMG_0011.jpgArdala [Clippy] Getten obituary 04-03-1982
GettenIMG_0012.jpgMary Getten obituary 10-06-1980
GettenIMG_0013.jpgHelen E Getten obituary August 1978
GeyermanF050824-059.jpgGeyerman notes
GeyermannIMG.jpgMagdalena Geyermann 1830-1910
GeyermannIMG_0005.jpgGeyerman - Genealogy Ernst - "Ernst and allied families" by Walter Ernst, Book 2 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
GibbsF050824-060.jpgCharles Gibbs newspaper article
GibbsF050824-061.jpgCharles Gibbs home
GibbsF050824-062.jpgCharles Gibbs 90th birthday
GibbsF050824-063.jpgGibbs newspaper article
GibbsF050824-064.jpgC Y Gibbs advertisement
GibbsF050824-065.jpgCharley Y Gibbs advertisement side 2
GibbsF050824-066.jpgCharley Y Gibbs advertisement side 1
GibbsF050824-067.jpgGibbs First Prize
GibbsF050824-068.jpgCharles Gibbs notes
GibbsF050824-069.jpgGibbs notes
GibsonF050824-072.jpgGibson family 1 of 4
GibsonF050824-073.jpgGibson family 2 of 4
GibsonF050824-074.jpgGibson family 3 of 4
GibsonF050824-075.jpgGibson family 4 of 4
GideonF050824-076.jpgGideon article
GideonF050824-077.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050824-078.jpgGideon excerpts
GideonF050824-079.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050824-080.jpgGideon - Charles Gordon family notes
GideonF050824-081.jpgPeter Gideon Memorial Park article 1 of 2
GideonF050824-082.jpgPeter Gideon....2 of 2
GideonF050824-083.jpgGideon article 1 of 1
GideonF050824-084.jpgGideon Article 2 of 2
GideonF050824-085.jpgPeter Gideon National Register of Historic Places 1 of 3
GideonF050824-086.jpgPeter Gideo National....2 of 3
GideonF050824-087.jpgPeter Gideon National....3 of 3
GideonF050824-088.jpgGideon family home
GideonF050824-089.jpgPeter Gideon notes 1 of 3
GideonF050824-090.jpgPeter Gideon notes 2 of 3
GideonF050824-091.jpgPeter Gideon notes 3 of 3
GideonF050824-092.jpgPeter Gideon Fruit Raising and Fast Horses 1 of 5
GideonF050824-093.jpgPeter Guideon Fruit....2 of 5
GideonF050824-094.jpgPeter Guideon Fruit....3 of 5
GideonF050824-095.jpgPeter Gideon Fruit....4 of 5
GideonF050824-096.jpgPeter Gideon dreams....7 of 7
GideonF050824-097.jpgPeter Guideon Fruit....5 of 5
GideonF050824-098.jpgPeter Gideon dreams....6 of 7
GideonF050824-099.jpgPeter Gideon notes
GideonF050824-100.jpgPeter Gideon dreams....5 of 7
GideonF050824-101.jpgPeter Gideon dreams and spirit manifestations 1 of 7
GideonF050824-102.jpgPeter Gideon dreams....4 of 7
GideonF050824-103.jpgPeter Gideon dreams....2 of 7
GideonF050824-104.jpgPeter Gideon dreams....3 of 7
GideonF050824-105.jpgLake Minnetonka map
GideonF050824-106.jpgExcelsior plat map
GideonF050824-107.jpgPeter M Gideon
GideonF050824-108.jpgPeter M Gideon
GideonF050824-110.jpgMinneotnka Fruit Growers Association Label
GideonF050824-111.jpgElizabeth Gideon McDonald admires her father's work (article page 19)
GideonF050824-112.jpgElizabeth Gideon McDonald (artricle page 24)
GideonF050824-113.jpgElizabeth McDonald Gideon (page 26)
GideonF050824-114.jpgElizabeth Gideon McDonald article
GideonF050824-115.jpgPeter M Gideon on Horse Racing
GideonF050824-116.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050824-117.jpgGideon a man in the shadow of greatness
GideonF050824-118.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon article
GideonF050824-119.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon article p. 2 1 of 4
GideonF050824-120.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon....2 of 4
GideonF050824-121.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon....3 of 4
GideonF050824-122.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon....4 of 4
GideonF050824-123.jpgPeter M Gideon article
GideonF050824-124.jpgPeter Gideon Letter to the Editor
GideonF050824-125.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon interview 1 of 3
GideonF050824-126.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon....2 of 3
GideonF050824-127.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon....3 of 3
GideonF050825-001.jpgPeter Gideon
GideonF050825-002.jpgGideon family notes 1 of 2
GideonF050825-003.jpgGideon family notes 2 of 2
GideonF050825-004.jpgPeter M Gideon memoir 1 of 25
GideonF050825-005.jpgPeter M Gideon....2 of 25
GideonF050825-006.jpgPeter M Gideon 3 of 25
GideonF050825-007.jpgPeter M Gideon 4 of 25
GideonF050825-008.jpgPeter M Gideon 6 of 25
GideonF050825-009.jpgPeter M Gideon 5 of 25
GideonF050825-010.jpgPeter M Gideon 7 of 25
GideonF050825-011.jpgPeter M Gideon 8 of 25
GideonF050825-012.jpgPeter M Gideon 9 of 25
GideonF050825-013.jpgPeter M Gideon 10 of 25
GideonF050825-014.jpgPeter M Gideon 11 of 25
GideonF050825-015.jpgPeter M Gideon 12 of 25
GideonF050825-016.jpgPeter M Gideon 13 of 25
GideonF050825-017.jpgPeter M Gideon 14 of 25
GideonF050825-018.jpgPeter M Gideon 15 of 25
GideonF050825-019.jpgPeter M Gideon 16 of 25
GideonF050825-020.jpgPeter M Gideon 17 of 25
GideonF050825-021.jpgPeter M Gideon 18 of 25
GideonF050825-022.jpgPeter M Gideon 19 of 25
GideonF050825-023.jpgPeter M Gideon 20 of 25
GideonF050825-024.jpgPeter M Gideon 21 of 25
GideonF050825-025.jpgPeter M Gideon 22 of 25
GideonF050825-026.jpgPeter M Gideon 23 of 25
GideonF050825-027.jpgPeter M Gideon 25 of 25
GideonF050825-028.jpgPeter M Gideon 24 of 25
GideonF050825-029.jpgPeter Gideon Memorial Park 1 of 2
GideonF050825-030.jpgPeter Gideon Memorial Park 2 of 2
GideonF050825-031.jpgMr and Mrs Peter Gideon newspaper article
GideonF050825-032.jpgCecil Gideon note
GideonF050825-033.jpgPeter M Gideon Pioneer, Made Apple Day Possible
GideonF050825-034.jpgPeter M Gideon Historical Notes 1 of 3
GideonF050825-035.jpgPeter M Gideon Historical....2 of 3
GideonF050825-036.jpgPeter M Gideon Historical....3 of 3
GideonF050825-037.jpgPeter Gideon and the Wealthy Apple 1 of 2
GideonF050825-038.jpgPeter M Gideon and....2 of 2
GideonF050826-001.jpgPeter Gideon Peter and the Wealthy 1 of 19
GideonF050826-002.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....2 of 19
GideonF050826-003.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....3 of 19
GideonF050826-004.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....4 of 19
GideonF050826-005.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....5 of 19
GideonF050826-006.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....6 of 19
GideonF050826-007.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....7 of 19
GideonF050826-008.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....8 of 19
GideonF050826-009.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....9 of 19
GideonF050826-010.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....10 of 19
GideonF050826-011.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....11 of 19
GideonF050826-012.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....12 of 19
GideonF050826-013.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....13 of 19
GideonF050826-014.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....14 of 19
GideonF050826-015.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....15 of 19
GideonF050826-016.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....16 of 19
GideonF050826-017.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....17 of 19
GideonF050826-018.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....18 of 19
GideonF050826-019.jpgPeter Gideon Peter....19 of 19
GideonF050826-020.jpgGideon newspaper article
GideonF050826-021.jpgPeter M Gideon article
GideonF050826-022.jpgPeter M Gideon letters 1 of 4
GideonF050826-023.jpgPeter Gideon....2 of 4
GideonF050826-024.jpgPeter Gideon....3 of 4
GideonF050826-025.jpgPeter Gideon....4 of 4
GideonF050826-026.jpgGeorge Gideon note
GideonF050826-027.jpgGideon newspaper article
GideonF050826-028.jpgPeter M Gideon on Horse Racing
GideonF050826-029.jpgGideon Geneology p. 3
GideonF050826-030.jpgGideon Geneology p. 2
GideonF050826-031.jpgGideon Geneology p. 1
GideonF050826-032.jpgGideon Genology p. 4
GideonF050826-033.jpgGideon Geneology p. 5
GideonF050826-034.jpgGideon Geneology p. 6
GideonF050826-035.jpgGideon Genology p. 7
GideonF050826-036.jpgGideon Geneolgy p. 8
GideonF050826-037.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050826-038.jpgGideon family notes
GideonF050826-039.jpgGideon family p. 1
GideonF050826-040.jpgGideon Family p. 2
GideonF050826-041.jpgGideon Family p. 3
GideonF050826-042.jpgGideon Family p. 4
GideonF050826-043.jpgGideonFamily p. 5
GideonF050826-044.jpgGideon Family p. 6
GideonF050826-045.jpgGideon Family p. 7
GideonF050826-046.jpgGideon Family p. 8
GideonF050826-047.jpgGideon Family p. 9
GideonF050826-048.jpgGideon Family p. 10?
GideonF050826-049.jpgGideon Family p. 11
GideonF050826-050.jpgGideon Family p. 12
GideonF050826-051.jpgGideon Family p. 13
GideonF050826-052.jpgGiedon Family p. 14?
GideonF050826-053.jpgGideon Family p. 15
GideonF050826-054.jpgGideon Family p. 16
GideonF050826-055.jpgPeter M Gideon Fruit and Flower Home
GideonF050826-056.jpgGeorge Gideon note
GideonF050827-001.jpgPeter Gideon newspaper article
GideonF050827-002.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon A Man With the Answers 1 of 2
GideonF050827-003.jpgCecil Clyde Gideon A Man....2 of 2
GideonF050827-004.jpgGideon's Point advertisement
GideonF050827-005.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050827-006.jpgElizabeth Gideon McDonald letter
GideonF050827-007.jpgMr and Mrs C C Gideon advertisement
GideonF050827-008.jpgMilton C Gideon (Mick) Obituary
GideonF050828-001.jpgPeter M GIdeon Pioneer Nut Grower
GideonF050828-002.jpgPeter M Gideon Letter to the Editor
GideonF050828-003.jpgPeter M Gideon The Wealthy Apple
GideonF050828-004.jpgPeter M Gideon newspaper article
GideonF050828-005.jpgGideon - School Girl Days
GideonF050828-006.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-008.jpgPeter Gideon article
GideonF050828-009.jpgLester Gideon note
GideonF050828-010.jpgPeter Gideon early history
GideonF050828-011.jpgMrs Joseph Gideon Almost Graduate of 1913
GideonF050828-012.jpgPeter Gideon Reflections on Lake Minnetonka
GideonF050828-013.jpgPeter Gideon note
GideonF050828-014.jpgGideon - Dakota History Conference
GideonF050828-015.jpgPeter Gideon note
GideonF050828-016.jpgCecil C Gideon Certificate of Approval
GideonF050828-017.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-018.jpgPeter Gideon coloring book advertisement
GideonF050828-019.jpgGideon letter
GideonF050828-020.jpgPeter M Gideon note
GideonF050828-021.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-022.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-023.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-024.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-025.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-026.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-027.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-028.jpgC C Gideon bill
GideonF050828-029.jpgC C Gideon receipt
GideonF050828-030.jpgJoe Gideon time sheet
GideonF050828-031.jpgGideon family notes
GideonF050828-032.jpgPeter M Gideon notes
GideonF050828-033.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-034.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-035.jpgPeter M Gideon Outstanding.... 1 of 3
GideonF050828-036.jpgPeter Gideon....2 of 3
GideonF050828-037.jpgPeter Gideon....3 of 3
GideonF050828-038.jpgPeter M Gordon and his wealthy
GideonF050828-039.jpgGideon's Bay lake location
GideonF050828-040.jpgGideon newspaper article
GideonF050828-041.jpgGideon marker
GideonF050828-042.jpgPeter Gideon article
GideonF050828-043.jpgPeter Gideon And His Miracle Fruit
GideonF050828-044.jpgGideon notes
GideonF050828-045.jpgGideon letter
GideonF050828-047.jpgPeter Gideon Pioneer Kept on Raising Apples
GideonF050828-048.jpgGideon letter
GideonF050828-049.jpgGideon note
GideonF050828-050.jpgGideon letter 1 of 4
GideonF050828-051.jpgGideon letter 2 of 4
GideonF050828-052.jpgGideon letter 3 of 4
GideonF050828-053.jpgGideon advertisiement
GideonF050828-054.jpgGideon letter 4 of 4
GideonF050828-055.jpgGideon letter 1 of 8
GideonF050828-056.jpgGideon letter 2 of 8
GideonF050828-057.jpgGideon letter 3 of 8
GideonF050828-058.jpgGideon letter 4 of 8
GideonF050828-059.jpgGideon letter 5 of 8
GideonF050828-060.jpgGideon letter 6 of 8
GideonF050828-061.jpgGideon letter 7 of 8
GideonF050828-062.jpgGideon letter 8 of 8
GideonIMG.jpgWalter Gideon notice 03-01-1917
GideonIMG1.jpgGideon, "The Great American Apple Wizard" The Life and Times of Peter M Gideon, by James R Curran NOTE: located in Family Bound Editions
GideonIMG_0001.jpgGideon - South Dakota Game Lodge in the Black Hills
GideonIMG_0002.jpgGideons Bay
GideonIMG_0003.jpgGideon note
GideonIMG_0004.jpgGideon - Check to Minnetonka Fruit Package Co 08-13-1920
GideonIMG_0005.jpgGideon - Wealthy apple
GideonIMG_0006.jpgGideon - Beder Wood strawberry
GideonIMG_0007.jpgGideon One Thousand Dollars is offered as a Premium by this Society for A SEEDLING APPLE TREE .....
GideonIMG_0008.jpgGideon List of Fruits for Minnesota Planting 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0009.jpgGideon - List of Fruits....2 of 2
GideonIMG_0010.jpgGideon - Thomas Redpath directed this display often at the Minnesota State Fair, 1902
GideonIMG_0011.jpgGideon notes
GideonIMG_0012.jpgPeter Gideon Protection of Fruit Trees Report from the Experiemental Farm to the Minnesota Horticultural Society 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0013.jpgPeter Gideon Protection of Fruit Trees.....2 of 2
GideonIMG_0014.jpgGideon ....ANOTHER FOR THE WRECKER End to come for Historic Pillsbury House in August, Hennepin County History/Spring 1963
GideonIMG_0015.jpgThe Minnesota Horticulturist for the Northern Gardner Vol, 106, No. 8 October/November 1978 cover: NOTE: original located in the Gideon Family Folder 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0016.jpgGideon The Minnesota Horticulturist....Peter Gideon note from magazine. 2 of 2
GideonIMG_0017.jpgPeter Gideon and the Wealthy apple were the subjects of the Hennepin County Historical Socient on August 20, 1965 at Manitou Junction, Excelsior.
GideonIMG_0018.jpgGideon Bays Mound 1 of 5
GideonIMG_0019.jpgGideons Bay Mound 2 of 5
GideonIMG_0020.jpgGideons Bay Mound 3 of 5
GideonIMG_0021.jpgGideons Bay Mound 4 of 5
GideonIMG_0022.jpgGideons Bay Mound 5 of 5
GideonIMG_0023.jpgPeter Gideon Nation-wide Impact of the Early Minnetonka-area Fruit Industry
GideonIMG_0024.jpgPeter Gideon Reflections on Lake Minnetonka
GideonIMG_0025.jpgPeter Gideon ....and the Wealthy Apple 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0026.jpgPeter Gideon ....and the Wealthy Apple 2 of 2
GideonIMG_0027.jpgPeter Gideon ....Defied Jaunts at Minnesota Fruit Growing 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0028.jpgPeter Gideon ....Defied Januts at Minnesota Fruit Growing 2 of 2
GideonIMG_0029.jpgPeter Gideon - tablet-Manitou Junction on Excelsior Photograph Collection, Post Card 1912, Location no. MH5.9EX6r9
GideonIMG_0030.jpgGideon 1880 United States Census 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0031.jpgGideon 1880 United States Census 2 of 2
GideonIMG_0032.jpgGideon - Agenda Purpose of this project is to restore the Peter Gideon Memorial.... 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0033.jpgGideon - Agenda The purpose of this project....2 of 2
GideonIMG_0034.jpgPeter Gideon - Minnesota Horticulturist article, June 1976
GideonIMG_0035.jpgPeter M Gideon Historical Notes... Minnesota Horticulturist, June 1966 1 of 3
GideonIMG_0036.jpgPeter M Gideon Historical Notes....2 of 3
GideonIMG_0037.jpgPeter M Gideon Historical Notes....3 of 3
GideonIMG_0038.jpgPeter M Gideon Pioneer Nut Grower , The Minnesota Horticulturist 1945 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0039.jpgPeter M Gideon Pioneer Nut Grower....2 of 2
GideonIMG_0040.jpgPeter Gideon History is in the Making-as Time Marches on Minnesota Horticulturist February 1972
GideonIMG_0041.jpgGideon home
GideonIMG_0042.jpgGideons Bay
GideonIMG_0043.jpgLake Minnetonka map
GideonIMG_0044.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 1 of 12
GideonIMG_0045.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 2 of 12
GideonIMG_0046.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 3 of 12
GideonIMG_0047.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 4 of 12
GideonIMG_0048.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 5 of 12
GideonIMG_0049.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 6 of 12
GideonIMG_0050.jpgPeter Gideon memoir 7 of 12
GideonIMG_0051.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 8 of 12
GideonIMG_0052.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 9 of 12
GideonIMG_0053.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 10 of 12
GideonIMG_0054.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 11 of 12
GideonIMG_0055.jpgPeter Gideon Memoir 12 of 12
GideonIMG_0056.jpgPlat of Excelsior, Township 117 N range 23 W
GideonIMG_0057.jpgGideon Wealthy Apple 1861
GideonIMG_0058.jpgGideon Siberian crabapple note
GideonIMG_0060.jpgGideon Genealogy 2 of 8 of
GideonIMG_0061.jpgGideon Genealogy 3 of 8
GideonIMG_0062.jpgGideon Genealogy 4 of 8
GideonIMG_0063.jpgGideon Genealogy 5 of 8
GideonIMG_0064.jpgGideon Genealogy 6 of 8
GideonIMG_0065.jpgGideon Genealogy 7 of 8
GideonIMG_0066.jpgGideon's Bay
GideonIMG_0067.jpgCharles Gideon, son of Peter Gideon
GideonIMG_0068.jpgGideon - Charles Gordon Family notes
GideonIMG_0069.jpgGideon family tree
GideonIMG_0070.jpgGideon - Gideons Views of Christiani 1 of 5
GideonIMG_0071.jpgGideon Gideon's Views....2 of 5
GideonIMG_0072.jpgGideon - Gideon's Views....3 of 5
GideonIMG_0073.jpgGideon - Gideon's Views....4 of 5
GideonIMG_0074.jpgGideon - Gideon's Views....5 of 5
GideonIMG_0075.jpgGideon note
GideonIMG_0076.jpgPeter Gideon Tel of Time: Gideon's Point 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0077.jpgPeter Gideon Tel of Time....2 of 2
GideonIMG_0078.jpgPeter Gideon Early History of Clay Cliffe Estate, Hennepin County Quarterly, Spring 1963, page 25 1 of 2
GideonIMG_0079.jpgPeter Gideon Early History of Clay Cliffe Estate....2 of 2
GideonIMG_0080.jpgMark R Gideon letter 02-22-1993
GideonIMG_0081.jpgPeter Gideon obituary
GideonIMG_0082.jpgGideon Save the Gideon home site Excelsior/Shorewood Sun Sailor, 06-30-1993
GideonIMG_0083.jpgMrs Wealthy Gideon obituary - clip enclosed in a letter mailed from Minneaolis 01-29-1889
GideonIMG_0084.jpgGideon Arboretum heads against moving Gideon home Excelsior Table Minnetonka Historical Society
GideonIMG_0085.jpgGideon Gideon's WOods study lacks data 03-24-1993
GideonIMG_0086.jpgPeter Gideon Gideon's Woods gets OK
GideonIMG_0087.jpgGideon Genealogy page 1 of 8
GideonIMG_0088.jpgGideon Genealogy 8 of 8
GideonIMG_0095.jpgCecil Gideon obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 304
GideonIMG_0097.jpgMilton C 'Mick Gideon Obituary 11-12-1984, Hot Springs, SD NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 37
GideonIMG_0098.jpgLeon A Gideon obituary 09-20-1978
GideonIMG_0099.jpgA Gideon note
GiesenIMG_0027.jpgLong Lake - Ralph Giesen obituary 03-13-2005
GiesenIMG_0057.jpgLong Lake - Helen R Giesen obituary
GiesenIMG_0071.jpgJoseph Giesen obituary
GiffordF050828-063.jpgPolly Gifford plat info
GiffordF050828-064.jpgGifford death
GilbertIMG.jpgRandy Gilbert Long Lake's Mayor's Coffee.....
GilbertIMG01.jpgRonald E Gilbert obituary 02-09-2011
GilbertIMG_0001.jpgCerthiro? and Max Gilbert
GilbertIMG_0002.jpgA B Gilbert, Manager, The Recovery League of Minnesota
GilfillanF050828-065.jpgGilfillan Tales from Tonka
GilfillanF050828-066.jpgJudge John B Gilfillan
GilfillanF050828-067.jpgIsabella Filfillan note
GilfillanF050828-068.jpgIsabella Gilfillan plat info
GilletteF050828-069.jpgGeorge M Gillette family notes
GilmanF050828-070.jpgChas Gilman note
GilmanF050828-071.jpgChas Gilman plat info
GilmanF050828-072.jpgC A Gilman Lone Survivor....
GilmanF050828-073.jpgGilman article
GilmanF050828-074.jpgGilman - Fred Glampe memoir
GilmanF050828-075.jpgGilman - Ruth A Glampe memoir
GilmanIMG.jpgGilman photo album note
GlatzF050828-076.jpgWilliam Glatz plat info
GleasonF050828-077.jpgGleason notes
GleasonF050828-078.jpgHorace Slater Gleason obituary
GleasonF050828-079.jpgGertrude Gleason newspaper article 1 of 2
GleasonF050828-080.jpgGertrude Gleason 2 of 2
GleasonF050828-081.jpgGertrude Gleason
GleasonIMG.jpgOphelia Marie Gleason [Hoefling] obituary 05-18-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 28/
GlueckF050829-001.jpgGlueck ntoes
GlueckF050829-002.jpgGlueck - Donald Jospeh Gnitka Obituary
GlueckF050829-003.jpgGlueck notes
GlueckF050829-004.jpgGlueck notes
GlueckF050829-005.jpgArthur L Glueck
GlueckF050829-006.jpgGlueck article
GlueckF050829-007.jpgGlueck family notes 1 of 3
GlueckF050829-008.jpgGlueck family notes 2 of 3
GlueckF050829-009.jpgGlueck family notes 3 of 3
GlueckF050829-010.jpgGlueck family home
GlueckF050829-011.jpgCharles Glueck article
GlueckF050829-012.jpgArthur L Gluek Obituary
GlueckF050829-013.jpgGlueck Brewing Co Going Out of Business
GlueckF050829-014.jpgMary Glueck engagement
GlueckF050829-015.jpgGluek Brewing Company
GlueckF050829-016.jpgGluek's 1948 Almanac
GlueckF050829-018.jpgGlueck home 11-5-1980
GlueckF050829-019.jpgGlueck home 11-5-1980
GlueckF050829-020.jpgGlueck home 11-5-1980
GlueckF050829-021.jpgGlueck house 11-5-1980
GlueckF050829-022.jpgMarilyn Glueck engagement
GlueckF050829-023.jpgGluek's advertisement
GlueckF050829-024.jpgGluek Brewing Co article
GluekIMG.jpgHelen Carothers Gluek obituary, January 1978
GluekIMG_0001.jpgHelen Carothers Gluek obituary, January 1978
GluekIMG_0003.jpgCharles Gluek obituary 07-1978
GluekIMG_0004.jpgCharles Gluek obituary 07-1978
GluekIMG_0005.jpgArthur L Gluek obituary 06-15-1982
GnitkaF050829-025.jpgMath and Bea Gnitka 50th anniversary
GnitkaF050829-026.jpgMr and Mrs John Gnitka 60th anniversary
GodfreyF050829-027.jpgGodfrey City of Orono Notice
GodfreyF050829-028.jpgGodfrey notes
GodfreyF050829-029.jpgLe Roy Godfrey past due notice
GodfreyF050829-030.jpgEdward Godfrey
GodfreyF050829-031.jpgAgnes Godfrey Heinzen's estate auction
GodfreyF050829-032.jpgGodfrey notes
GodfreyF050829-033.jpgGodfrey notes 1 of 3
GodfreyF050829-034.jpgGodfrey notes 2 of 3
GodfreyF050829-035.jpgGodfrey notes 3 of 3
GodfreyF050829-036.jpgAgnes Godfrey Heinzen article
GodfreyF050829-037.jpgRoy Godfrey article
GodfreyF050829-038.jpgGodfrey notes
GodfreyF050829-039.jpgGodfrey notes
GodfreyF050829-040.jpgGodfrey notes
GodfreyF050829-041.jpgAgnes Godfrey Heinzen bank statement
GodfreyF050829-042.jpgE Godfrey Abstract of Title
GodfreyF050829-043.jpgE Godfrey Abstract of Title
GodfreyF050829-044.jpgB A Godfrey Abstract of Title
GodfreyF050829-045.jpgGodfrey - D O Jones & Co Abstract of Title
GodfreyIMG.jpgLeRoy V Godfrey obituary 12-25-1982
GodfreyIMG_0001.jpgArd and Harriet Godfrey - Diane Canadas reqquest for information 1 of 3
GodfreyIMG_0003.jpgRoy Edward Godfrey NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 271
GodfreyIMG_0004.jpgRpy Edward Godfrey note
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury note
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0001.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury Letter April 17, ? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0002.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter April 17, ? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0003.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter April 17, ? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0004.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury January 15, ? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0005.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter january 15, ? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0006.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter January 15, ? 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0007.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter November 28, ? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0008.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter November 28, ? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0009.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter November 28, ? 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0010.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter August 29, ? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0011.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter August 29, ? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0012.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter August 29, ? 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0013.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0014.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0015.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0016.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter September 18, 1875 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0017.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter September 19, 1875 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0018.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter September 19, 1875 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0019.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter June 6, 1878 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0020.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter June 18, 1868 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0021.jpgMrs Edmund Godfrey 09-13-1868
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0022.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1868 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0023.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1868 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0024.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1868 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0025.jpgBettie Godfrey envelope 08-13-1887
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0026.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 08-13-1887 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0027.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 08-13-1887 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0028.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 08-13-1887 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0029.jpgBettie Godfrey envelope, no letter included
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0030.jpgBettie Woodbury envelope
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0031.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0032.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0033.jpgGodfrey family note
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0034.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury note
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0035.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter NOTE: document is located in Godfrey-Woodbury Family Folder
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0039.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter December 10, ? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0040.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter December 10, ? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0041.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter December 10, ? 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0042.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0043.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0044.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0045.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter February 11, ? 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0046.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0049.jpgBettie Woodbury envelope March 18-1868
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0050.jpgMrs B A Godfrey envelope 03-23-1876 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0051.jpgB A Godfrey letter 03-23-1876 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0052.jpgB A Godfrey letter 03-23-1886 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0053.jpgB A Godfrey letter 03-23-1886 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0055.jpgBettie Woodbury envelope
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0056.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0057.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0058.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0059.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-03-1876 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0060.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-03-1876 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0061.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 05-06-1885 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0062.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 05-06-1885 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0063.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 05-06-1885 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0064.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope November 15, ?
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0065.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 11-12-1875 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0066.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 11-12-1875 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0067.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 11-12-1875 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0068.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0069.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0070.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 3 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0071.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 4 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0072.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 5 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0073.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0074.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0075.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0081.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0082.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-19-? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0083.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-19-? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0085.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-20-? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0086.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-20-? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0087.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-20-? 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0091.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0092.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0093.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 11-04-1975 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0094.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 11-04-1875 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0095.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 11-04-1875 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0096.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0097.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1886 4 of 4
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0098.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1886 3 of 4
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0099.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1876 1 of 4
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0100.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1876 2 of 4
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0101.jpgGoddfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1874 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0102.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1874 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0103.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1874 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0104.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-21-1875 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0105.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-21-185 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0106.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-21-1875 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0107.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-09-1870 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0108.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-09-1870 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0109.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-09-1870 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0110.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 06-16-1888 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0111.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 06-16-1888 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0112.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 06-16-1888 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0113.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 03-23-? 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0114.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 03-23-? 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0117.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope - Bettie Woodbury
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0118.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-21-? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0119.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-21-? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0120.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-21-? 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0123.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury portion of letter 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0124.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury portion of letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0125.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury portion of letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0126.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 10-08-1849 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0127.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 10-08-1849 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0128.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 10-08-1849 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0129.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 06-24-1869 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0130.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 06-24-1869 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0131.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 02-08-1872 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0132.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury 02-08-1872 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0133.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-05-1884 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0134.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-05-1884 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0135.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-05-1884 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0136.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope 01-18-1868
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0137.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1867 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0138.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-12-1867 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0139.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 04-16-1868 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0140.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 04-16-1868 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0141.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 04-16-1868 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0142.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 05-12-1867 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0143.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 05-12-1867 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0144.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0145.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 2
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0146.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0149.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0150.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0151.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0152.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-29-1886 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0153.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-29-1886 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0154.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-29-1886 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0157.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0158.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter March 1868 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0159.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter March 1868 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0160.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter March 1868 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0161.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0162.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 12-12-1875 1 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0163.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 12-12-1875 2 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0164.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 12-12-1875 3 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0165.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 12-12-1875 4 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0166.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 12-12-1875 5 of 5
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0167.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope January
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0168.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0169.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0170.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0171.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-10-? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0172.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-10-? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0173.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 01-10-? 3 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0174.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury envelope
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0175.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 12-20-? 1 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0176.jpgGodfrey-Woodbury letter 12-20-? 2 of 3
Godfrey-WoodburyIMG_0177.jpgGodfrey-Wodobury letter 12-20-? 3 of 3
GoettscheF050829-046.jpgOtto Goettsche Jr
GoettscheF050829-047.jpgGertrude Goettsche
GoettscheF050829-048.jpgGoettsche - children Dora Dickson
GoettscheF050829-049.jpgChris Goetttsche and Mata
GoettscheF050829-050.jpgRight: Chris Goettsche, Mpls Street Car Conductor, Left: Brother of Margarett Goettsche Eisinger
GoettscheF050829-051.jpgBea Goettsche
GoettscheF060602-014.jpgWalter and Edith Gotsch in 1938
GolderF050829-052.jpgGolder notes
GolderF050829-053.jpgGolder notes
GolderF050829-054.jpgGolder notes
GoldsmithF050829-055.jpgLyle Goldsmith
GoldsmithIMG_0001.jpgLyle L Goldsmith obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, apge 81
GoldsmithIMG_0002.jpgLyle Goldsmith Celebration of Life 01-02-1989 1 of 3 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 81 1 of 3
GoldsmithIMG_0003.jpgLyle Goldsmith Celebration....2 of 3
GoldsmithIMG_0004.jpgLyle Goldsmith Celebration....3 of 3
GoldsmithIMG_0006.jpgElaine Augusta Goldsmith memoriam 04-11-1925 - 03-22-1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 16
GongierF050829-056.jpgSturgin Gongier plat info
GonsiorIMG_0001.jpgSharon Gonsior Canning Queen 1 of 4
GonsiorIMG_0002.jpgSharon Gonsior Canning Queen 2 of 4
GonsiorIMG_0003.jpgSharon Gonsior Canning Queen 3 of 4
GonsiorIMG_0004.jpgSharon Gonsior Canning Queen 4 of 4
GoodrichF050829-057.jpgB F Goodrich home. Ed Kohnen and George Eisinger are two of the men holding horses; which ones exactly are unknown
GoodrichF050829-058.jpgZumbra Heights, Lake Minnetonka c.1910. Grading crew supervised by Allen Grave for Turnham and talbert Contractors Co, doing grading for C C Goodrich. Allen's wife, Mary Stubbs Grave, wrote we lived there during the summer. Son Keith was waterboy. Allen was then 37 years old. L to R: 1)Allen Grave, 2)?, 3)Jake Young, 4)Herman Young,5) Keith Grave
GoodrichF050829-059.jpgC G Goodrich summer home on Lake Minnetonka
GoodrichF050829-060.jpgZumbra Heights grading job? St Bonafacius members of Turnham and Talbert crew. Unidentified other than that.
GoodrichF050829-061.jpgGoodrich notes
GoodrichF050829-062.jpgGoodrich notes
GoodsellF050829-063.jpgGeorge Goodsell plat info
GoodwinF050830-001.jpgMilo M Goodwin plat info
GordonF050829-064.jpgCharles Gordon notes 1 of 4
GordonF050829-065.jpgCharles Gordon notes 2 of 4
GordonF050829-066.jpgCharles Gordon notes 3 of 4
GordonF050829-067.jpgCharles Gordon notes 4 of 4
GordonF050829-068.jpgElizabeth Gordon descendants 1 of 15
GordonF050829-069.jpgElizabeth Gordon....2 of 15
GordonF050829-070.jpgElizabeth Gordon....3 of 15
GordonF050829-071.jpgElizabeth Gordon....4 of 15
GordonF050829-072.jpgElizabeth Gordon....5 of 15
GordonF050829-073.jpgElizabeth Gordon....6 of 15
GordonF050829-074.jpgElizabeth Gordon....7 of 15
GordonF050829-075.jpgElizabeth Gordon....8 of 15
GordonF050829-076.jpgElizabeth Gordon....9 of 15
GordonF050829-077.jpgElizabeth Gordon....10 of 15
GordonF050829-078.jpgElizabeth Gordon....11 of 15
GordonF050829-079.jpgElizabeth Gordon....12 of 15
GordonF050829-080.jpgElizabeth Gordon....13 of 15
GordonF050829-081.jpgElizabeth Gordon....14 of 15
GordonF050829-082.jpgElizabeth Gordon....15 of 15
GordonF050829-083.jpgGordon letter 1 of 4
GordonF050829-084.jpgGordon letter 2 of 4
GordonF050829-085.jpgGordon letter 3 of 4
GordonF050829-086.jpgGordon letter 4 of 4
GordonF050829-087.jpgJennifer Gordon note
GordonF050829-088.jpgCharles William Gordon note
GordonF050829-089.jpgGordon notes
GordonF050829-090.jpgCharles and Elizabeth Stubbs Gordon
GordonF050829-091.jpgJ J Gordon State Medical Examining Board certificate
GordonF050829-092.jpgJemina Gordon, sister of Charles Gordon, teacher and doctor
GordonF050829-093.jpgJemina Gordon State Board of Health certificate
GordonF050829-094.jpgGordon notes
GordonF050829-095.jpgGordon notes
GordonF050829-096.jpgGordon notes
GordonF050829-097.jpgGordon notes
GordonF050829-098.jpgGordon notes
GordonF050829-099.jpgGordon notes
GordonF050829-100.jpgGordon notes
GordonF050829-101.jpgSybil Gordon marriage certificate
GordonF050829-102.jpgGordon interview
GordonF060601 005.jpgGordon notes
GordonF060601 006.jpgGordon - Fetterley house in September 1980
GordonF060601 007.jpgGordon - Fetterly house in September 1980
GordonF060601 008.jpgGordon - Fetterly house in September 1980
GordonF060601 009.jpgGordon - Fetterly house in 1980
GordonF060601-004.jpgGordon notes
GordonF060601-010.jpgGordon notes
GordonF060601-011.jpgGordon historical info 1 of 16
GordonF060601-012.jpgGordon historical....2 of 16
GordonF060601-013.jpgGordon Historical....3 of 16
GordonF060601-014.jpgGordon Historical....4 of 16
GordonF060601-015.jpgGordon Historical....5 of 16
GordonF060601-016.jpgGordon Historical....6 of 16
GordonF060601-017.jpgGordon Historical....7 of 16
GordonF060601-018.jpgGordon Historical....8 of 16
GordonF060601-019.jpgGordon Historical....9 of 16
GordonF060601-020.jpgGordon Historical....10 of 16
GordonF060601-021.jpgGordon Historical....11 of 16
GordonF060601-022.jpgGordon Historical....12 of 16
GordonF060601-023.jpgGordon Historical....13 of 16
GordonF060601-024.jpgGordon Historical....14 of 16
GordonF060601-025.jpgGordon Historical....15 of 16
GordonF060601-026.jpgGordon Historical....16 of 16
GordonIMG.jpgVictor S Gordon memoriam 06-14-1923 - 12-10-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 40
GordonIMG_0001.jpgVictor S Gordon obituary 06-14-1923 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 40
GordonIMG_0002.jpgHelen Gordon NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, inside cover
GorgenF050830-002.jpgGorgen notes
GorhamF050830-003.jpgGorham notes
GorhamF050830-004.jpgGorham notes
GorhamF050830-005.jpgGorham notes
GorhamF050830-006.jpgBridgett & Gorham owners, auction sale
GorhamF050830-007.jpgGorham notes
GorhamF050830-008.jpgGorman notes
GorhamF050830-009.jpgDavid Gorham notes
GorhamF050830-010.jpgGorham notes
GorhamF050830-011.jpgGorham notes
GormanF050830-013.jpgMarie Gorman An 'outstanding' senior citizen
GormanF050830-014.jpgMarie Gorman article
GormanF050830-015.jpgMarie Gorman newspaper article
GormanF050830-016.jpgMarie Gorman Obituary
GormanF050830-017.jpgGorman newspaper article
GormanF050830-018.jpgGorman - Thies Family Group Sheet 1 of 10
GormanF050830-019.jpgGorman-Thies....2 of 10
GormanF050830-020.jpgGorman-Thies....3 of 10
GormanF050830-021.jpgGorman-Thies....4 of 10
GormanF050830-022.jpgGorman-Thies....5 of 10
GormanF050830-023.jpgGorman-Thies....6 of 10
GormanF050830-024.jpgGorman-Thies....7 of 10
GormanF050830-025.jpgGorman-Thies....8 of 10
GormanF050830-026.jpgGorman-Thies....9 of 10
GormanF050830-027.jpgGorman-Thies....10 of 10
GormanF050830-028.jpgMarie Gorman
GormanF060602-058.jpgEvelyn Gorman Obituary
GormanIMG.jpgMarie E Gorman obituary 04-23-2011
GormanIMG_0001.jpgJames Michael Gorman memoriam 04-22-1956 1 of 2
GormanIMG_0002.jpgJames Michael Gorman memoriam....2 of 2
GosselinIMG_0001.jpgGosselin - "The Joseph Hance, Endoxie Gosselin Family of Minnesota" by Kathleen Hance Gnitka Ernst - "Ernst and allied families" by Walter Ernst, Book 2 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
GotschF050902-029.jpgGotsch notes
GotschF060602-027.jpgWalter and Edith Gotsch
GotschIMG_0001.jpgGail Marcia Gotsch announcement 1 of 2
GotschIMG_0002.jpgGail Marcia Gotsch baby announcement 2 of 2
GotschIMG_0003.jpgWalter Gotsch obituary 1979, married Mary Palmer
GouldF050902-030.jpgJessie Janet Gould descendants
GouldF050902-031.jpgGould notes
GouldF050902-032.jpgGould notes
GouldF050902-034.jpgGould - Jean Wright at 60 years old
GouldF050902-035.jpgGould - Unidentified woman sitting in front, 2) Gladys? 3)grandaughter Marilyn ? 4)grandson Patrick
GouldF050902-036.jpgGould notes
GrabowF050902-037.jpgGrabow notes
GrabowF050902-038.jpgGrabow notes
GrabowF050902-039.jpgEdwin William Grabow Obituary
GrabowF050902-040.jpgGrabow - Marion F Ahlstrom Obituary
GrabowIMG.jpgGeorge A Grabow obituary
GrabowIMG_0001.jpgLily Grabow notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 13
GrabowIMG_0002.jpgAlma [Grabow] Casebiss note
GraceF050902-041.jpgGrace note
GrahamF050903-001.jpgAlvan Graham note
GrahamF050903-002.jpgAlvah Graham plat info
GrahamF050903-003.jpgGraham notes
GrathwolIMG.jpgJames J Grathwol A Man With Seven Sons Wayzata Weekly News 03-14-199-83
GraveF050903-004.jpgGrave notes
GraveF050903-005.jpgAllie and Allen Grave notes
GraveF050903-006.jpgGrave family memos
GraveF050903-007.jpgGraves early pioneers notation
GraveF050903-008.jpgGrave people in America Index 1 of 6
GraveF050903-009.jpgGrave people....2 of 6
GraveF050903-010.jpgGrave people....3 of 6
GraveF050903-011.jpgGrave people....4 of 6
GraveF050903-012.jpgGrave people....5 of 6
GraveF050903-013.jpgGrave people....6 of 6
GraveF050903-014.jpgGrave family reunion announcement
GraveF050903-015.jpgGrave - Rear: Clinton Vessy, Leila, Allen, Phillip, Lenaard. Front: Agnes, Herbert, Allie, Sarah, Wilson Grave
GraveF050903-016.jpgAllen Grave
GraveF050903-017.jpgEarl Graves
GraveF050903-018.jpgIrene E Grave (Jerde) Obiturary
GraveF050903-019.jpgGladys Grave first prize
GraveF050903-020.jpgGrave family reunion notice
GraveF050903-021.jpgGrave -J S Hibbert Fire Destroys Minnetonka Home
GraveF050903-022.jpgAllen and Mary Grave
GraveF050903-023.jpgLeona, Kenton, Keith, Jerome Graves. Allen and Mary Grave
GraveF050903-024.jpgGrave early pioneers notation
GraveF050903-025.jpgZona Grave honored
GraveF050903-026.jpgGrave - DFL literature
GraveF050903-027.jpgGrave - Summer of Missions Australia letter 1 of 2
GraveF050903-028.jpgGrave Summer of.... 2 of 2
GraveF050903-029.jpgKenneth Grave, born 10-30-1906, 1 year old
GraveF050903-030.jpgWilson Grave Jr
GraveF050903-031.jpgGrave - Keith, Leona, Mary, Allen, Verona, Kenton
GraveF050903-032.jpgGrave - Bertha (mother), Gladys, Chester, Vess (husband), Melvin c.1910-1912
GraveF050903-033.jpgVerona Grave, October 1964
GraveF050903-034.jpgSarah Grave article
GraveF050903-035.jpgJack C Grave Letter to the Editor
GraveF050903-036.jpgJ W Grave family reunion
GraveF050903-037.jpgHerbert Grave want ad
GraveF050903-038.jpgLeonard and kenneth Grave article
GraveF050903-039.jpgGrave notes
GraveF050903-040.jpgGranville G Grave Obituary
GraveF050903-041.jpgJ W Grave article
GraveF050903-042.jpgGrave note
GraveF050903-043.jpgMary Ann Grave Parker note
GraveF050903-044.jpgGrave - Odin and Celia Bergap article 1 of 2
GraveF050903-045.jpgGrave - Odin and Celia.....2 of 2
GraveF050903-046.jpgEva M Grave memoir
GraveF050903-047.jpgVerona A Grave note
GraveF050903-048.jpgJack Grave article
GraveF050903-049.jpgJohn Grave Jack memoir
GraveF050903-050.jpgGrave - Georgetta Gravening arrest
GraveF050903-051.jpgGrave note
GraveF050903-052.jpgLois Graves Shaw 1984
GraveF050903-053.jpgGrave family has a football in history 1 of 2
GraveF050903-054.jpgGrave family.... 2 of 2
GraveF050903-055.jpgGrave notes 1 of 2
GraveF050903-056.jpgGrave notes 2 of 2
GraveF050903-057.jpgPhil Grave article
GraveF050903-058.jpgGrave notes
GraveF050903-059.jpgGrave notes
GraveF050903-060.jpgRuth Grave Thies 2-22-1883
GraveF050903-061.jpgGrave notes
GraveF050903-062.jpgMary Ann Grave Parker note
GraveF050903-063.jpgGrave notes
GraveF050903-064.jpgGrave - Bounty Land Grant
GraveF050903-065.jpgVivan and Annie Turnham
GraveF050903-066.jpgAnnie Turnham
GraveF050903-068.jpgRalph Grave letter 1 of 4
GraveF050903-069.jpgRalph Grave....3 of 4
GraveF050903-070.jpgRalph Grave...2 of 4
GraveF050903-071.jpgRalph Grave....4 of 4
GraveF050903-072.jpgGrave letter 1 of 8
GraveF050903-073.jpgGrave letter 2 of 8
GraveF050903-074.jpgGrave letter 3 of 8
GraveF050903-075.jpgGrave letter 4 of 8
GraveF050903-076.jpgGrave letter 5 of 8
GraveF050903-077.jpgGrave letter 6 of 8
GraveF050903-078.jpgGrave letter 7 of 8
GraveF050903-079.jpgGrave letter 8 of 8
GraveIMG.jpgGreer Grave Former Stubbs Bay Man Dies in California NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
GraveIMG_0001.jpgLauretta Grave note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 223
GraveIMG_0002.jpgJohn Wilson Grave note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 214
GraveIMG_0003.jpgGrave undentified2
GraveIMG_0004.jpgGrave Unidentified2
GraveIMG_0005.jpgKenneth Spates Grave note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 247
GraveIMG_0006.jpgEva M Grave obituary 11-08-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 63
GraveIMG_0007.jpgHelen Grave obituary 1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 81
GraveIMG_0008.jpgEllen Olson Grave NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 29
GraveIMG_0009.jpgClinton Grave note
GraveIMG_0010.jpgJ L Grave note
GraveIMG_0011.jpgJohn Wilson Grave note
GraveIMG_0012.jpgKenneth Spates Grave note
GraveIMG_0013.jpgLillian Spates Grave note
GraveIMG_0014.jpgLauretta Grave note
GraveIMG_0015.jpgAgnes [Hursh] Grave note
GraveIMG_0016.jpgGrave - Olive S Allred note
GraveIMG_0017.jpgGrave - "Some Grave People in America" 1673-1973 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition 1 of 2
GraveIMG_0018.jpgGrave - "Some Grave People in America" 1673-1973 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition 2 of 2
GrayF050903-080.jpgJesse Gray family. Left to Right: Ella Mae, L. Pearl, Ward, Gladys, Jess. Jess Gray was son of Amos Gray
GrayF050903-081.jpgAmos Gray home c.1895 at Groveland. Ernest, Susie, Rose, Amos, Susan, Ella-Pearl, jessie
GrayF050903-082.jpgGladys Gray Johnson
GrayF050903-083.jpgMarshal Gray
GrayF050903-084.jpgGladys Gray Johnson
GrayF050903-086.jpgGladys Gray Johnson married to Ernest Johnson
GrayF050903-087.jpgGray - O E Garrison presents petition to the District Court
GrayF050903-088.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-089.jpgGray family record 1 of 5
GrayF050903-090.jpgGray family....2 of 5
GrayF050903-091.jpgGray family....3 of 5
GrayF050903-092.jpgGray family....4 of 5
GrayF050903-093.jpgGray family....5 of 5
GrayF050903-094.jpgGladys Johnson memoir
GrayF050903-095.jpgGray Family Group Record 1 of 6
GrayF050903-096.jpgGray family....2 of 6
GrayF050903-097.jpgGray family....3 of 6
GrayF050903-098.jpgGray family....4 of 6
GrayF050903-099.jpgGray family....5 of 6
GrayF050903-100.jpgGray family....6 of 6
GrayF050903-101.jpgA S Gray notes 1 of 4
GrayF050903-102.jpgA S Gray notes 2 of 4
GrayF050903-103.jpgA S Gray notes 3 of 4
GrayF050903-104.jpgA S Gray notes 4 of 4
GrayF050903-105.jpgGray - deaths Bible Records
GrayF050903-106.jpgGrave notes 1 of 2
GrayF050903-107.jpgGrave notes 2 of 2
GrayF050903-108.jpgCharles Gray letter
GrayF050903-109.jpgRobert Gray notes
GrayF050903-110.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-111.jpgArthur Gray note
GrayF050903-112.jpgJ W Gray article
GrayF050903-113.jpgJ W Gray article
GrayF050903-114.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-115.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-116.jpgJ W Gray article
GrayF050903-117.jpgGladys Gray linen shower
GrayF050903-118.jpgJ W Gray advertisement
GrayF050903-119.jpgJ W Gray article
GrayF050903-120.jpgJ W Gray article
GrayF050903-121.jpgJ W Gray sale of cottage
GrayF050903-122.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-123.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-124.jpgGray - Michael Gordon Straka birth
GrayF050903-125.jpgHarold Gray Jr Obituary
GrayF050903-126.jpgElvera Gray Obituary
GrayF050903-127.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-128.jpgGladys Gray marriage
GrayF050903-129.jpgDean Gray notes
GrayF050903-130.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-131.jpgGray notes
GrayF050903-132.jpgBen Gray estate auction
GrayF050903-133.jpgMillie Gray letter 1 of 8
GrayF050903-134.jpgMillie Gray....2 of 8
GrayF050903-135.jpgMillie Gray....3 of 8
GrayF050903-136.jpgMillie Gray....4 of 8
GrayF050903-137.jpgMillie Gray....5 of 8
GrayF050903-138.jpgMillie Gray....6 of 8
GrayF050903-139.jpgMillie Gray...7 of 8
GrayF050903-140.jpgMillie Gray....8 of 8
GrayF050903-141.jpgGray family notes 1 of 4
GrayF050903-142.jpgGray family notes 2 of 4
GrayF050903-143.jpgGray family notes 3 of 4
GrayF050903-144.jpgGray family notes 4 of 4
GrayIMG_0001.jpgGray - Letter to Deanne from Lorraine Keith 11-30-2005
GrayIMG_0002.jpgGray - newspaper article
GrayIMG_0003.jpgGray - Letter to Deanne from Lorraine Keith 11-26-2005
GrayIMG_0004.jpgDeanne Gray Straka letter 10-31-2005
GrayIMG_0005.jpgGray - Descendants of Abel Waters Day 1 of 4
GrayIMG_0006.jpgGray - Descendants of Abel....2 of 4
GrayIMG_0007.jpgGray - Descendants of Abel....3 of 4
GrayIMG_0009.jpgGray - Descendants of Abel....4 of 45
GrayIMG_0011.jpgGray - Amos N Gray and Susan Ann Chowen
GrayIMG_0012.jpgJesse Gray' and Team. Depositor: Mrs Theo. Getten
GrayIMG_0013.jpgJesse Ward Gray family; Back Row: Loretta Pearl Gray; Ward Gray and Cora; Gladys Gray Johnson. Front Row: Ella may day Gray and Jesse Ward Gray
GrayIMG_0014.jpgAmos Nixon Gray place. L-R: Mr and Mrs Will Gray and child; Mr and Mrs Amos Nixon Gray; Mr and Mrs Jesse Gray and child. Depositor: Mrs Theo Getten
GreehlingF050830-029.jpgGreehling estate auction
GreehlingF050830-030.jpgLydia H Greehling Obituary
GreehlingF050830-031.jpgGreehling notes
GreehlingF050830-032.jpgGreehling auction 1 of 3
GreehlingF050830-033.jpgGreehling auction 2 of 3
GreehlingF050830-034.jpgGreehling auction 3 of 3
GreehlingIMG_0001.jpgEmma Greehling obituary 05-25-1987
GreehlingIMG_0002.jpgEmma E Greehling obituary 05-21-1983
GreenF050830-035.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050830-036.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050830-037.jpgGreen letter
GreenF050830-038.jpgStella Green note
GreenF050830-039.jpgStella Greene Smith letter
GreenF050830-040.jpgGreen - letter
GreenF050830-041.jpgGreene notes
GreenF050830-042.jpgGreen family....8 of 8
GreenF050830-043.jpgGreen family....7 of 8
GreenF050830-044.jpgGreen family....6 of 8
GreenF050830-045.jpgGreen family....5 of 8
GreenF050830-046.jpgGreen family....4 of 8
GreenF050830-047.jpgGreen family....3 of 8
GreenF050830-048.jpgGreen family....2 of 8
GreenF050830-049.jpgGreen family tree 1 of 8
GreenF050830-050.jpgFrank Green notes
GreenF050830-051.jpgGreen letter
GreenF050830-052.jpgGreen letter
GreenF050830-053.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050830-054.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050830-055.jpgStella Green notes
GreenF050901-001.jpgPercy Green Obituary
GreenF050901-002.jpgPercy Green 100th birthday
GreenF050901-003.jpgFrank and Stella Greene letter
GreenF050901-004.jpgFrank Green family notes
GreenF050901-005.jpgGreen letter 1 of 2
GreenF050901-006.jpgGreen letter 2 of 2
GreenF050901-007.jpgGreen - Cynthia M Keske Obituary
GreenF050901-008.jpgKatherine Green parcel shower
GreenF050901-009.jpgKathrine Green marriage
GreenF050901-010.jpgFlossie Green articles
GreenF050901-011.jpgGreen - Charles and Helen Cole sale of home
GreenF050901-012.jpgPercy Green? Disclaimed by Stella Greene Smith, his sister. Some other Green?
GreenF050901-013.jpgGreen - Laton? Smith and Summer? Smith of Canada
GreenF050901-014.jpgStella Greene memoir
GreenF050901-015.jpgGreen - Helen Irene Cole memoir
GreenF050901-016.jpgLaton Smith notes
GreenF050901-017.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050901-018.jpgFrank Green - sketch
GreenF050901-019.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050901-020.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050901-021.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050901-022.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050901-023.jpgGreen - Laton A Smith letter
GreenF050901-024.jpgStella Green memoir
GreenF050901-025.jpgWilliam Green plat info
GreenF050901-026.jpgGreen notes
GreenF050901-027.jpgLiddie Green note
GreenIMG.jpgLucinda Green obituary
GreenIMG_0001.jpgAnnie Blacketter Green NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 281
GreenIMG_0003.jpgEsther [Johnson] Green NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r8, page 24
GreenIMG_0004.jpgAnne Blacketer Green note
GreenIMG_0005.jpgAlice [Hoffman] Green note
GreeneIMG.jpgHarriet [Greene] Doepke obituary, wife of Wayzata School Harold Doepke
GreeneIMG_0001.jpgPercy Greene obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 48
GreenwoodF050901-028.jpgHal Greenwood article 1 of 2
GreenwoodF050901-029.jpgHal Greenwood....2 of 2
GreenwoodIMG.jpgMyrtle Marie [Whitmire] Greenwood obituary 1979
GreerF050901-030.jpgJack Greer note
GreerIMG.jpgAldena [Cram] Geer obituary
GregoryIMG.jpgMrs William A Gregory obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 298
GregoryIMG_0001.jpgGladys Frost Gregory obituary 03-25-1983
GrendahlIMG_0001.jpgRegina A Grendahl obituary 11-09-1980
GrendahlIMG_0002.jpgRegina Alvestad Grendahl memoriam 01-19-1889 -11-09-1980
GressF050902-001.jpgAbraham Gress plat info
GressF050902-002.jpgWilliam Gress notes
GressF050902-003.jpgMrs C W Gress article
GressF050902-004.jpgAbraham Gress, Rev. notation
GressF050902-005.jpgGress notes
GressF050902-006.jpgGress notes
GressF050902-007.jpgGress notes
GreyIMG.jpgGeorge C Grey (corrected obituary) NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 17
GrieblerF050902-008.jpgL Griebler plat info
GrifeIMG_0001.jpgBernard Grife obituary....2 of 2
GrifeIMG_0002.jpgBernard Grife obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 358 1 of 2
GriffinIMG.jpgKeith Griffin note
GriffinIMG_0001.jpgGertrude Griffin obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 326
GriffingF050902-009.jpgHenry Griffing plat info
GriffingF050902-010.jpgHenry B Griffing Obituary
GriffingF050902-011.jpgArthur B Griffing note
GriffingF050902-012.jpgGriffing notes
GriffingF050902-013.jpgGriffing notes
GriffingF050902-014.jpgGriffing notes
GriffithF050902-015.jpgNatalie Griffith Obituary
GriffithF050902-016.jpgCal Griffith At Bat In The Ninth 1 of 5
GriffithF050902-017.jpgCal Griffith....4 of 5
GriffithF050902-018.jpgCal Griffith....2 of 5
GriffithF050902-019.jpgCal Griffith....5 of 5
GriffithF050902-020.jpgCal Griffith....3 of 5
GriffithF050902-021.jpgMrs Cal Griffith article
GriffithF050902-022.jpgCalvin Griffith article
GrimmF050902-023.jpgMartha Grimm article
GrimmF050902-024.jpgGilbert Grimm 80th birthday
GrinnellF050902-025.jpgJ H Grinnell Obituary
GrinnellF050902-026.jpgJan Grinnell honored
GrinnellF050902-027.jpgTom Grinnell article
GrinnellF050902-028.jpgTom Grinnell Loretto banker....
GriswoldF050903-145.jpgMr and Mrs Griswold notice
GriswoldF050903-146.jpgLeslie Welles Griswold Obituary
GriswoldF050903-147.jpgLeslie Welles Griswold Obituary
GriswoldF050903-148.jpgMr and Mrs Griswold article
GriswoldF050903-149.jpgMr and Mrs Albert Griswold article
GriswoldF050903-150.jpgAlice M Griswold advertisement
GriswoldF050903-151.jpgAlice Margaretta Griswold marriage
GriswoldF050903-152.jpgGriswold notes
GriswoldF050903-153.jpgA Griswold article
GriswoldF050903-154.jpgMr and Mrs Griswold sale of home
GriswoldF050903-155.jpgGriswold Property Subdivision Proposed
GriswoldF050903-156.jpgAlice M Griswold Pianoforte Recital
GriswoldF050903-157.jpgFlorence R Griswold
GriswoldF050903-158.jpgArnold Griswold
GriswoldF050903-159.jpgFrank Clinton Griswold note
GriswoldF050922-005.jpgAlice Griswold (Ford)
GriswoldIMG.jpgAlice Griswold Ford, Maxwell Bay northeast corner
GriswoldIMG_0001.jpgAlice Griswold Ford Pianoforte Recital 1 of 2
GriswoldIMG_0002.jpgAlice Griswold Ford Pianoforte....2 of 2
GriswoldIMG_00022.jpgGriswold - Dearings Island home
GriswoldIMG_0003.jpgArnold A Griswold note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 215
GriswoldIMG_0004.jpgFrancis Ann Griswold note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 232
GriswoldIMG_0005.jpgGeraldine Eloise Griswold Hertel note of death NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, inside cover
GriswoldIMG_0007.jpgFrances Ann Griswold note 1 of 2
GriswoldIMG_0008.jpgFrances Ann Griswold note 2 of 2
GriswoldIMG_0009.jpgAlbert Griswold old home, 3447 Garfield Avenue
GriswoldIMG_0010.jpgGriwsold - Civil War, May 1898
GriswoldIMG_0011.jpgFlorence R Griswold-Dearing
GriswoldIMG_0012.jpgFlorene R Griswold-Dearing
GriswoldIMG_0013.jpgAlice Griswold
GriswoldIMG_0014.jpgAlbert W Griswold, Mpls, Minnesota, brother of Florence Griswold-Dearing, father of Agnes
GriswoldIMG_0015.jpgFlorence M Dearing, graduate from the Minneapolis Academy
GriswoldIMG_0016.jpgFrances Griswold
GriswoldIMG_0017.jpgGriswold - Dearings Island, Lake Minnetonka, MN., Steamer, Florence M Dearing at her home
GriswoldIMG_0018.jpgGriswold - Steamer Florence M Dearing, Lake MInnetonka, MN
GriswoldIMG_0019.jpgGriswold - Steamer Florence M Dearing 10-06-1898, Lake Minnetonka, MN
GriswoldIMG_0020.jpgGriswold - Dearings Island and Steamer Florence
GriswoldIMG_0021.jpgGriswold - C W D
GriswoldIMG_0023.jpgGriswold - "Mamma on pourch at home on island, Lake Minnetonka. Dog: Prince
GriswoldIMG_0024.jpgGriswold - Old house on Dearings Island, Mr and Mrs McDaniel and son, Bertie
GroffF050903-160.jpgJohn and Muriel Groff
GroffF050903-161.jpgJ W Groff
GroffF050903-162.jpgJohn Groff notes
GroffF050903-163.jpgGroff notes 1 of 2
GroffF050903-164.jpgGroff notes 2 of 2
GroffF050903-165.jpgJohn W Groff thank you
GroffF050903-166.jpgJohn Groff Honored 1 of 6
GroffF050903-167.jpgJohn Groff Honored 5 of 6
GroffF050903-168.jpgJohn Groff Honored 2 of 6
GroffF050903-169.jpgJohn Groff Honored 6 of 6
GroffF050903-170.jpgJohn Groff Honored 3 of 6
GroffF050903-171.jpgGroff Editors Commentary
GroffF050903-172.jpgJohn Groff Honored 4 of 6
GroffF050903-173.jpgGroff notes
GroffF050903-174.jpgJulia Dart Groff marriage
GroffF050903-175.jpgJohn Groff article
GroffF050903-176.jpgGroff - Pauline Lewis and Muriel Groff
GroffF050903-177.jpgJohn W Groff memoir
GroffF050903-178.jpgMuriel D Groff memoir
GroffF050903-179.jpgMr and Mrs John Groff
GroffF050903-180.jpgGroff postscript
GroffF050904-001.jpgT W Groff, Clerk
GroffF050904-002.jpgJohn Groff note
GroffF050904-003.jpgGroff Graduation in Wayzata 1922
GroffF050904-005.jpgJohn Groff note
GroffF050904-006.jpgMuriel Dart Groff 60h anniversary
GroffIMG.jpgGroff - unidentified2
GroffIMG_0001.jpgMuriel D Groff memoriam 12-25-1991
GroffIMG_0002.jpgMuriel Dart Groff memoriam 1-05-1994 1 of 2
GroffIMG_0003.jpgMuriel Dart Groff memoriam....2 of 2
GroffIMG_0004.jpgThomas W Groff obituary 1953. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 299
GroffIMG_0005.jpgJohn W Groff letter 06-26-1982 NOTE: document located in Groff Family Folder
GroffIMG_0006.jpgCarrie E Groff obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 352
GroffIMG_0007.jpgMuriel D Groff obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 4
GroffIMG_0008.jpgMuriel D Groff memoriam 09-16-1905 - 12-25-1991 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 4
GroffIMG_0009.jpgJohn Groff Honored "The Trestleboard" 1974 1 of 4
GroffIMG_0010.jpgJohn Groff Honored "The Trestleboard" 1974 2 of 4
GroffIMG_0011.jpgJohn Groff Honored "The Trestleboard" 1974 3 of 4
GroffIMG_0012.jpgJohn Groff Honored "The Trestleboard" 1974 4 of 4
GroganF050904-007.jpgGrogan note
GronbergF050904-008.jpgGroberg note
GronbergF050904-009.jpgDieanne S Gronberg memoir
GronbergF050904-010.jpgDonald Gronberg
GronbergIMG.jpgDianne S Gronberg obituary
GrotheIMG.jpgArnold Grothe Jake obituary 09-05-1990
GrotheIMG_0001.jpgArnold "Jake" Grothe obituary
GruettF050904-011.jpgGruett newspaper article 1 of 2
GruettF050904-012.jpgGruett newspaper article 2 of 2
GruettF050904-013.jpgMamie H Gruette The Warren Family 1 of 10
GruettF050904-014.jpgMamie H Gruett....2 of 10
GruettF050904-015.jpgMamie H Gruett....3 of 10
GruettF050904-016.jpgMamie H Gruett....4 of 10
GruettF050904-017.jpgMamie H Gruett....5 of 10
GruettF050904-018.jpgMamie H Gruett....6 of 10
GruettF050904-019.jpgMamie H Gruett....7 of 10
GruettF050904-020.jpgMamie H Gruett....8 of 10
GruettF050904-021.jpgMamie H Gruett....9 of 10
GruettF050904-022.jpgMamie H Gruett....10 of 10
GruettF050904-023.jpgLaVae Gruette notes
GruettF050904-024.jpgGruette notes
GruettF050904-025.jpgGruette - article 1 of 5
GruettF050904-026.jpgGruette - article 2 of 5
GruettF050904-027.jpgGruett - article 3 of 5
GruettF050904-028.jpgGruett - article 4 of 5
GruettF050904-029.jpgGruett - article 5 of 5
GruetteF050904-011.jpgGruett newspaper article 1 of 2
GruetteF050904-012.jpgGruett newspaper article 2 of 2
GruetteF050904-013.jpgMamie H Gruette The Warren Family 1 of 10
GruetteF050904-014.jpgMamie H Gruett....2 of 10
GruetteF050904-015.jpgMamie H Gruett....3 of 10
GruetteF050904-016.jpgMamie H Gruett....4 of 10
GruetteF050904-017.jpgMamie H Gruett....5 of 10
GruetteF050904-018.jpgMamie H Gruett....6 of 10
GruetteF050904-019.jpgMamie H Gruett....7 of 10
GruetteF050904-020.jpgMamie H Gruett....8 of 10
GruetteF050904-021.jpgMamie H Gruett....9 of 10
GruetteF050904-022.jpgMamie H Gruett....10 of 10
GruetteF050904-023.jpgLaVae Gruette notes
GruetteF050904-024.jpgGruette notes
GruetteF050904-025.jpgGruette - article 1 of 5
GruetteF050904-026.jpgGruette - article 2 of 5
GruetteF050904-027.jpgGruett - article 3 of 5
GruetteF050904-028.jpgGruett - article 4 of 5
GruetteF050904-029.jpgGruett - article 5 of 5
GrunlandIMG.jpgHjalmar Karl Grunland obituary 11-7-0988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, apge 54
GudbjartssonIMG_0040.jpgTorfi Gudbjartsson obituary 04-07-07
GuestF050904-030.jpgGuest.....2 of 2
GuestF050904-031.jpgGuest - newspaper article 1 of 2
GuildF050904-032.jpgGuild Tales from Tonka
GuildF050904-033.jpgGuild The Three Bears House 1 of 5
GuildF050904-034.jpgGuild The....2 of 5
GuildF050904-035.jpgGuild The....3 of 5
GuildF050904-036.jpgGuild The....4 of 5
GuildF050904-037.jpgGuild The....5 of 5
GuimondIMG.jpgGeorge Guimond obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 3
GuimondIMG_0001.jpgDavid Guimond memoriam 06-08-1948 - 07-21-1993
GuimondIMG_0002.jpgDavid Guimond obituary 1993
GuimondIMG_0003.jpgDavid Guimond Funeral Mass 07-24-1993
GuiseF050904-038.jpgGuise family notes 1 of 2
GuiseF050904-039.jpgGuise family notes 2 of 2
GuiseF050904-040.jpgGuise Our Family Home 1 of 15
GuiseF050904-041.jpgGuise Our....2 of 15
GuiseF050904-042.jpgGuise Our....3 of 15
GuiseF050904-043.jpgGuise Our....4 of 15
GuiseF050904-044.jpgGuise Our....5 of 15
GuiseF050904-045.jpgGuise Our....6 of 15
GuiseF050904-046.jpgGuise Our....7 of 15
GuiseF050904-047.jpgGuise Our....8 of 15
GuiseF050904-048.jpgGuise Our....9 of 15
GuiseF050904-049.jpgGuise Our....10 of 15
GuiseF050904-050.jpgGuise Our....11 of 15
GuiseF050904-051.jpgGuise - Our....12 of 15
GuiseF050904-052.jpgGuise Our....13 of 15
GuiseF050904-053.jpgGuise Our....14 of 15
GuiseF050904-054.jpgGuise Old Settlers Gone
GuiseF050904-055.jpgMary E Guise death
GuiseF050904-056.jpgHattie Guise, Ina Hursh, Frances Humes and Eliza Marting
GuiseF050904-057.jpgGuise Our....15 of 15
GuiseF050904-058.jpgJ M Guise Assault and Battery
GuiseF050904-059.jpgGuise family notes
GuiseF050904-060.jpgJohn Guise notes
GuiseF050904-061.jpgGuise - memorial notice
GuiseF050904-062.jpgPercy Guise notes
GuiseF050904-063.jpgJohn M Guise
GuiseF050904-064.jpgGuise Tales From Tonka
GuiseF050904-065.jpgGuise - Frank C? Banker in Long Lake. Old Long lake Bank Interior, located on May Street
GuiseF050904-066.jpgL to R: John Guise, Pauline Lewis, Mrs Guise, Lenore Lewis, Fred Guise (with dog), W Guise, Christine Centerwall. Two horses are named Jake and Dan
GuiseF050904-067.jpgGuise - Lulu Lewis 1871-1829
GuiseF050904-068.jpgGuise - Lulu Lewis, hand-painted portrait c.1884
GuiseF050904-069.jpgHattie Mae Chambers Guise wife of Charley Guise
GuiseF050904-070.jpgJohn M Guise 1873-1932
GuiseF050904-071.jpgCharles Guise sale of home
GuiseF050904-072.jpgGruise - Peterman home sold
GuiseF050904-073.jpgJohn Guise article
GuiseF050904-074.jpgWilliam Guise 60 pages of notes on trip to Pennsylvania in 1913, see original in file
GuiseF050904-075.jpgAnnie B Guise memoir
GuiseF050904-076.jpgLeon W Guise memoir
GuiseF050904-077.jpgFrank Guise Obituary
GuiseF050904-078.jpgIna Guise note
GuiseF050904-079.jpgGuise letter 1 of 2
GuiseF050904-080.jpgGuise letter 2 of 2
GuiseF050904-081.jpgGuise notes
GuiseF050904-082.jpgGuise notes
GuiseF050904-083.jpgGuise notes
GuiseF050904-084.jpgGuise notes
GuiseF050904-085.jpgIna Guise note
GuiseF050904-086.jpgWilliam Guise Guardian Deed 1 of 2
GuiseF050904-087.jpgWilliam Guise....2 of 2
GuiseF050904-088.jpgM G Gullixson death
GuiseF050904-089.jpgGuise - M G Gullixson Obituary
GuiseF050904-090.jpgGuise - M G Gullixson memoir
GuiseIMG.jpgHattie Guise obituary NOTE: original documetn located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 233
GuiseIMG_0002.jpgMary E Guise note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 209
GuiseIMG_0003.jpgCharles Guise NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 265
GuiseIMG_0004.jpgCharles Guise.....2 of 2, page 265
GuiseIMG_0005.jpgCharles L Guise note
GuiseIMG_0006.jpgMary E Guise note
GuiseIMG_0007.jpgWilliam Guise note
GuiseIMG_0008.jpgAnnie B Guise obituary 09-05-1979
GuiseIMG_0009.jpgGuise - "Guise-Snoke-Lewis Families" by Pauline Lewis Pressnall Grave - "Some Grave People in America" 1673-1973 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
GullixsonF050904-088.jpgM G Gullixson death
GullixsonF050904-089.jpgM G Gullixson Obituary
GullixsonF050904-090.jpgM G Gullixson memoir
GullixsonF050904-091.jpgM G Gullixson Obituary
GummertIMG.jpgMinnie Grummert Lifeline is Maple Plain woman's connection to medical assistance
GummertIMG_0001.jpgJohn F Gummert obituary, kin of Rev Henry Lindholm
GummertIMG_0002.jpgJohn F Gummert obituary 01-01-1982
GummertIMG_0003.jpgMinnie L Gummert obituary, 01-07-1983, Secretary for Murray Hill
GundersonF050904-092.jpgEllen B Gunderson Letter to the Editor
GundersonF050904-093.jpgGunderson - Area pair on Hesed tour
GundersonF050904-094.jpgArthur C Gunderson memoir
GundersonF050904-095.jpgGunderson notes
GundersonF050904-096.jpgGunderson notes 1 of 2
GundersonF050904-097.jpgGunderson notes 2 of 2
GundersonF050904-098.jpgDavid Gunderson ordination
GundersonF050904-099.jpgEllen B Gunderson memoir
GundersonF050904-100.jpgArthur Peck Gunderson Obituary
GundersonIMG.jpgEva M Gunderson 03-23-1985 obituary NOTE; original document located in Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 13
GundersonIMG_0001.jpgGunderson - Gertrude A Stohl memoriam 07-07-1906 - 03-31-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 20
GunnarsonF050904-101.jpgGunnarson notes 1 of 3
GunnarsonF050904-102.jpgGunnarson notes 2 of 3
GunnarsonF050904-103.jpgGunnarson notes 3 of 3
GunnarsonF050904-104.jpgGunnarson notes
GunnarsonF050904-105.jpgHelmer W Gunnarson Obituary
GunnarsonIMG.jpgHelmer W Gunnarson obituary 12-20-1979, he and brother discovered log canoe displayed at WHCPA and paid for Conservation Spray
GuptilF050904-106.jpgMarian Guptil note
GustafsonF050904-107.jpgCharles Gustafson family notes
GustafsonF050904-108.jpgGustafson notes
GustafsonF050904-109.jpgGustafson notes
GustafsonF050904-110.jpgGustafson Brothers interview
GustafsonF050904-111.jpgMr and Mrs Raymond Gustafson 46th anniversary
GustafsonF050904-112.jpgGustafson notes
GustafsonF050904-113.jpgGustafson note
GustafsonF050904-114.jpgGustafson notes 2 of 4
GustafsonF050904-115.jpgGustafson notes 1 of 4
GustafsonF050904-116.jpgGustafson notes 3 of 4
GustafsonF050904-117.jpgGustafson notes 4 of 4
GustafsonF060602-047.jpgCrawford Gustafson Obituary
GustafsonIMG.jpgC Raymond Gustafson obituary 06-16-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 31
GustafsonIMG_0001-1.jpgEllen Gustafson descendants 1 of 8
GustafsonIMG_0001.jpgDr Bonnie [Gustafson} Beaver 1982's outstanding woman veterinarian is mound High School graduate Beaver 11-17-1982 1 of 2
GustafsonIMG_0002-1.jpgEllen Gustafson descendants 1 of 8
GustafsonIMG_0002.jpgJohn A Gustafson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, apge 287
GustafsonIMG_0003-1.jpgEllen Gustafson descendants 3 of 8
GustafsonIMG_0003.jpgDr Bonnie [Gustafson] Beaver 1982....2 of 2
GustafsonIMG_0004-1.jpgEllen Gustafson descendants 4 of 8
GustafsonIMG_0004.jpgAlfred Gustafson obituary 10-04-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 60
GustafsonIMG_0005-1.jpgEllen Gustafson descendants 5 of 8
GustafsonIMG_0005.jpgJohn A Gustafson note
GustafsonIMG_0006-1.jpgEllen Gustafson descendants 6 of 8
GustafsonIMG_0007-1.jpgEllen Gustafson descendants 7 of 8
GustafsonIMG_0008-1.jpgEllen Gustafson descendants 18of 8
_GeyermannF050824-059.jpgGeyerman notes
_GeyermannIMG_0001.jpgJohannes Geiermann Family tree
_GeyermannIMG_000101.jpgPeter Geyermann narrative 1 of 3
_GeyermannIMG_0002.jpgGeyerman family notes
_GeyermannIMG_000202.jpgPeter Geyermann narrative 2 of 3
_GeyermannIMG_0003.jpgGeyerman family notes
_GeyermannIMG_000303.jpgPeter Geyermann narrative 3 of 3
_GeyermannIMG_0004.jpgRandy Geyerman letter 05-18-1996
_GeyermannIMG_0005.jpgGeyerman Geyermans To Stage 100th Birthday Sale
_GeyermannIMG_0009.jpgGeyerman family tree 1 of 4
_GeyermannIMG_0010.jpgGeyerman family tree 2 of 4
_GeyermannIMG_0011.jpgGeyerman family tree 3 of 4
_GeyermannIMG_0012.jpgGeyerman family tree 4 of 4
_GeyermannIMG_0013.jpgGeyerman - Familien Vervollstandigung 11-16-1995 1 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0014.jpgGeyerman - Familien....2 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0015.jpgGeyerman Familien....3 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0016.jpgGeyerman Familien....4 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0017.jpgGeyerman Familien....5 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0018.jpgGeyerman Familien....6 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0019.jpgGeyerman Familien....7 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0020.jpgGeyerman Familien....8 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0021.jpgGeyerman Familien....9 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0022.jpgGeyerman Familien....10 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0023.jpgGeyerman Videnbach
_GeyermannIMG_0024.jpgGeyerman letter from Brother Roy Godwin, C.F.A. 11-21-1984
_GeyermannIMG_0025.jpgJohann Geyerman and Joan Rathomnen
_GeyermannIMG_0026.jpgGeyerman note
_GeyermannIMG_0027.jpgGeyerman History of the Barreau family 1 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0028.jpgGeyerman History....2 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0029.jpgGeyerman History....3 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0030.jpgGeyerman History....4 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0031.jpgGeyerman History....5 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0032.jpgGeyerman History....6 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0033.jpgGeyerman History....7 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0034.jpgGeyerman History....8 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0035.jpgGeyerman History....9 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0036.jpgGeyerman History....10 of 10
_GeyermannIMG_0038.jpgFred R Geyerman Sr from Pipestone County History Book 1984 p. 101-102
_GeyermannIMG_0039.jpgGeyerman - letter to Margaret from Sheri Flandrick Cox 05-08-1995 1 of 2
_GeyermannIMG_0040.jpgGeyerman - letter to Margaret....2 of 2
_GeyermannIMG_0041.jpgGeyerman - Geyermans on the Mall-Pipestone advertisement
_GeyermannIMG_0042.jpgGeyerman - Letter from Margie Lauer 07-21-1986 from Richard Mosca 1 of 2
_GeyermannIMG_0043.jpgGeyerman letter to Margie Lauer....2 of 2
_GeyermannIMG_0044.jpgGeyerman - Letter to Mrs C Billman from Margie Lauer 06-08-1984
_GeyermannIMG_0047.jpgGeyerman - Grandpa Fred; Nanny Betty
_GeyermannIMG_0048.jpgGeyerman letter from Ruthmary Wood, Aurora Public Library 1 of 2
_GeyermannIMG_0049.jpgGeyerman letter from Ruthmary Wood....2 of 2
_GeyermannIMG_0050.jpgGeyerman letter from Margie Lauer to Ruthmary Wood 09-22-1977
_GeyermannIMG_0051.jpgGeyerman family notes
_GeyermannIMG_0052.jpgGeyerman family notes