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HaagF050905-001.jpgL Haug plat info
HaagF050905-002.jpgAdeline Marie Haag, Dr. Obituary
HackbartF050905-003.jpgMichele Hackbarth
HackbartF050905-004.jpgHackbart note
HackbarthF050905-003.jpgMichele Hackbarth
HackbarthF050905-004.jpgHackbart note
HackbarthIMG.jpgAlan Lee Hackbarth, Abby Jo Mitzel engagement announcement
HaddockF050905-005.jpgRobert R Haddock plat info
HadleyF050905-007.jpgClarence Hadley note
HadleyIMG_0001.jpgJennie Hadley obituary 2 of 2
HadleyIMG_0002.jpgJennie Hadley obituary 1954 1 of 2 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 304
HafertyF050905-006.jpgPat Haferty nore
HafertyF050905-008.jpgHaferty notes
HaftonIMG_0001.jpgHafton note
HaftonIMG_0002.jpgHafton letter to Margie Lauer from Charles Barkow 1 of 3
HaftonIMG_0003.jpgHafton letter to Margie Lauer from Charles Barkow 1 of 3
HaftonIMG_0004.jpgHafton letter to Margie Lauer from Charles Barkow 1 of 3
HaftonIMG_0005.jpgHafton letter to Margie Lauer from Charles Barkow 1 of 2
HaftonIMG_0006.jpgHafton letter to Margie Lauer from Charles Barkow 2 of 2
HaftonIMG_0007.jpgCatherine Hafton note 11-15-1990 1 of 2
HaftonIMG_0008.jpgCatherine Hafton note 11-15-1990 1 of 2
HaftonIMG_0010.jpgEvelyn Hafften (Hafton) note
HaftonIMG_0011.jpgHafton family notes
HaftonIMG_0012.jpgHafton - "The History of the Hafften Family" 1 of 6
HaftonIMG_0013.jpgHafton - "The History of the Hafften Family" 2 of 6
HaftonIMG_0014.jpgHafton - "The History of the Hafften Family" 3 of 6
HaftonIMG_0015.jpgHafton - "The History of the Hafften Family" 4 of 6
HaftonIMG_0016.jpgHafton - "The History of the Hafften Family" 5 of 6
HaftonIMG_0017.jpgHafton - "The History of the Hafften Family" 6 of 6
HagbergF050905-009.jpgBernard W Hagberg Obituary
HagbergF050905-010.jpgBernard W Hagberg Obituary
HagbergF050905-011.jpgBernard W Hagberg Jr Obituary
HagenF050906-001.jpgHarold Albert Hagen indicted on 14 counts
HagenF050906-002.jpgHarold A Hagen sentenced to prison
HagforsIMG.jpgBrian C Hagfors obituary
HaglinF050906-003.jpgHaglin note
HahnF050906-004.jpgFlora Hahn 100th birthday
HahnF050906-005.jpgFlora B Hahn Obituary
HainesF050906-006.jpgHaines notes
HainesF050906-007.jpgHaines notes
HainesF050906-008.jpgBenjamin C Haines note
HainesF050906-009.jpgHaines notes
HainesF050906-010.jpgHaines family notes 1 of 6
HainesF050906-011.jpgHaines....2 of 6
HainesF050906-012.jpgHaines....3 of 6
HainesF050906-013.jpgHaines....4 of 6
HainesF050906-014.jpgHaines....5 of 6
HainesF050906-015.jpgHaines....6 of 6
HainesF050906-016.jpgBenjamin C Haines note
HainlanF050906-017.jpgEd Hainlan note
HainlanF050906-018.jpgHainlan notes
HainlanF050906-019.jpgHainlan article
HainlanF050906-020.jpgEd Hainlan note
HainlanIMG.jpgCharlotte E Hainlin obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 40
HaisletIMG.jpgLeAnn Bailey and Perry Haislet exchange vows The Pioneer 03-03-2007
HaisletIMG_0001.jpgBrady Haislet ...earns Eagle Scout rank Pioneer 04-28-2001 1 of 2
HaisletIMG_0002.jpgBrady Haislet earns....2 of 2
HaisletIMG_0003.jpgTina Marie Haislet wedding announcement
HaldeenIMG.jpgAdolph A Haldeen
HaleF050907-020.jpgChristian Hehl meat market and home on Main Street, Long Lake MN, Photo by F Franske, 3006 Garfield Avenue, Minneapolis
HaleF050907-021.jpgHale - close up of F050907-020
HaleF050907-022.jpgHale - Stock Certificate
HaleF050907-023.jpgHale Last Buffalo Bites Dust
HaleF050907-024.jpgHale - Christian Haal family notes
HaleF050907-025.jpgKipp Hale notes
HaleF050907-026.jpgKipp Hale letter
HaleF050907-027.jpgHale Chief Hale's Fire Fighters
HaleF050907-028.jpgKipp Hale interview
HaleF050907-029.jpgKipp Hale 70th birthday
HaleF050907-030.jpgGarnet Hale Obituary
HaleF050907-031.jpgKipp Hale notes
HaleF050907-032.jpgClifford Hale (Kipp) Obituary
HaleF050907-033.jpgHale notes
HaleF050907-034.jpgHale notes
HaleF050907-035.jpgHale notes
HaleF050907-036.jpgHale notes
HaleF050907-037.jpgHale notes
HaleF050907-038.jpgHale notes
HaleF050907-039.jpgHale notes
HaleF050907-040.jpgKipp Hale notes
HaleF050907-041.jpgHale - Bessie Smith memoir
HaleF050907-042.jpgGarnet S Hale memoir
HaleF050907-043.jpgGarnel Hale Obituary
HaleF050907-044.jpgKatherine Hehl Obituary
HaleF050907-045.jpgA C Hehl article
HaleF050907-046.jpgKipp Hale note
HaleF050907-047.jpgOliver Hehl accident
HaleF050907-048.jpgKipp Hale Man of Year
HaleF050907-049.jpgKipp Hale note
HaleF050907-050.jpgKipp Hale newspaper article
HaleF050907-051.jpgClifford Hale (Kipp) memoir
HaleF050907-052.jpgAugust C Hehl Obituary
HaleF050907-053.jpgA C Hehl Horses For Sale
HaleF050907-054.jpgA C Hahl insurance policy
HaleF050907-055.jpgAug C Hehl - insurance policy
HaleF050907-056.jpgKipp Hale by Old North School
HaleF050907-057.jpgKipp Hale 1981
HaleF050907-058.jpgHale - Row of Willows, shade for Hehl's Butchery, taken 1980
HaleF050907-059.jpgGrandma Hehl, other Hehl family members
HaleIMG.jpgPatricia Mae Hale marriage announcement
HaleIMG_0001.jpgClifford (Kipp) Hale obituary 05-01-1990, Board Member NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 36
HaleIMG_0002.jpgKipp Hale notes 11-12-1970
HaleIMG_0003.jpgGarnet Hale obituary 04-24-1984 NOTE: document located in Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 15
HaleIMG_0004.jpgGarnet S Hale memoriam 06-05-1912 - 04-24-1984 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 15
HalesF050906-021.jpgHales notes
HalesF050906-022.jpgFred and Eva Brown Hales notes
HalesF050906-023.jpgEva Hales Obituary
HalesIMG.jpgMrs Fred W Hales obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 325
HalesIMG_0001.jpgBonnie Hales notes
HalgrenF050906-024.jpg1960 Halgrens Creamery, Maple Plain, MN 50th Anniversary
HalgrenF050906-025.jpg1960 Halgrens Creamery, Maple Plain MN 50th anniversary
HalgrenF050906-026.jpg1960 Halgrens Creamery, Maple Plain MN 50th anniversary
HalgrenF050906-027.jpg1960 Halgrens Creamery, Maple Plain MN 50th anniversary
HalgrenF050906-028.jpgHalgren notes
HalgrenF050906-029.jpgHalgren interview
HalgrenF050906-030.jpgHalgren descendants
HalgrenF050906-031.jpgFrank Halgren note
HalgrenF050906-032.jpgAdrian V Halgren Mayor Resigns...
HalgrenF050906-033.jpgBruce Halgren article
HalgrenF050906-034.jpgAdrian Halgren home
HalgrenF050906-035.jpgHalgren - Maple Plain Creamery Co advertisement
HalgrenF050906-036.jpgFrank Halgren notice
HalgrenF050906-037.jpgAdrian Halgren Maple Plain Mayor Elected...
HalgrenF050906-038.jpgMary Johnson Halgren Obituary
HalgrenF050906-039.jpgAdrian Halgren newspaper article
HalgrenF050906-040.jpgAdrian V Halgren Obituary
HalgrenF050906-041.jpgBruce F Halgren Letter to the Editor
HalgrenF050906-042.jpgJudy Halgren Letter to the Editor
HalgrenF050906-043.jpgF V Halgren - article
HalgrenF050906-044.jpgAdrian Halgren Obituary
HalgrenF050906-045.jpgHalgren's Creamery advertisement
HalgrenF050906-046.jpgBeatrice Halgren artucke
HalgrenF050906-047.jpgFrank Halgren Obituary
HalgrenF060303-120.jpgSt John - Edwin E Shrader and Lottie E Halgren marriage
HalgrenIMG.jpgAdrian Halgren, Maple Plain mayor article
HalgrenIMG_0002.jpgBruce Halgren obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 8
HalgrenIMG_0003.jpgBruce F Halgren obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 8
HalgrenIMG_0004.jpgAdrian V Halgren obituary June 1980
HalgrenIMG_001.jpgFrank V Halgren obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 330
HallF050906-048.jpgMehitable Hall descendants
HallF050906-049.jpgWilliam Roger Hall note
HallF050906-050.jpgGertrude Ellis Hall memoir
HallF050906-051.jpgEdward Rogers Hall memoir
HallF050906-052.jpgHall family notes 1 of 2
HallF050906-053.jpgHall family notes 2 of 2
HallF050906-054.jpgM A Hall Letter to the Editor
HallF050906-055.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-056.jpgThomas Hall Obituary
HallF050906-057.jpgHall note
HallF050906-058.jpgR H Hall Obituary
HallF050906-059.jpgEva Hall notes
HallF050906-060.jpgHall - Kip Hale newspaper article 1 of 2
HallF050906-061.jpgHall - Kip Hale....2 of 2
HallF050906-062.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-063.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-064.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-065.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-066.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-067.jpgWesley Hall Obituary
HallF050906-068.jpgBradford H Hall plat info
HallF050906-069.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-070.jpgHall newspaper article
HallF050906-071.jpgHall letter
HallF050906-072.jpgHall - Palm Tree Christians
HallF050906-073.jpgHall family notes
HallF050906-074.jpgMelville Hall family notes 1 of 24
HallF050906-075.jpgMelville Hall....2 of 24
HallF050906-076.jpgMelville Hall....3 of 24
HallF050906-077.jpgMelville Hall....4 of 24
HallF050906-078.jpgMelville Hall....5 of 24
HallF050906-079.jpgMelville Hall....6 of 24
HallF050906-080.jpgMelville Hall....7 of 24
HallF050906-081.jpgMelville Hall....8 of 24
HallF050906-082.jpgMelville Hall....9 of 24
HallF050906-083.jpgMelville Hall....10 of 24
HallF050906-084.jpgMelville Hall....11 of 24
HallF050906-085.jpgMelville Hall....12 of 24
HallF050906-086.jpgMelville Hall....13 of 24
HallF050906-087.jpgMelville Hall....14 of 24
HallF050906-088.jpgMelville Hall....15 of 24
HallF050906-089.jpgMelville Hall....16 of 24
HallF050906-090.jpgMelville Hall....24 of 24
HallF050906-091.jpgMelville Hall....17 of 24
HallF050906-092.jpgMelville Hall....18 of 24
HallF050906-093.jpgMelville Hall....19 of 24
HallF050906-094.jpgMelville Hall....20 of 24
HallF050906-095.jpgMelville Hall....21 of 24
HallF050906-096.jpgMelville Hall....22 of 24
HallF050906-097.jpgMelville Hall....23 of 24
HallF050906-098.jpgHall - Ron Fratzke builder article
HallF050906-099.jpgErwin Carlson, Rev. article
HallF050906-100.jpgHall - Marianne Brueschoff
HallF050906-101.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-102.jpgHall - Frathys?
HallF050906-104.jpgHall - June 1948 at Crystal Bay, Donalded by Olive?
HallF050906-105.jpgHall - John Nelson
HallF050906-106.jpgRaymond Hall article
HallF050906-107.jpgHall - Erwin Carlson article
HallF050906-108.jpgHall - Joey, Pastor and Mrs Erwin Carlson article
HallF050906-109.jpgEdward Rogers Hall memoir
HallF050906-110.jpgHall - Pastor and Mrs Wesley Carlson article
HallF050906-111.jpgHall notes
HallF050906-113.jpgHall - Sarah Nelson newspaper article
HallF050906-114.jpgGertrude Hall Obituary
HallF050906-115.jpgHall - Marianne Bruesehoff - newspaper article
HallF050906-116.jpgHall - Sarah Nelson article 1 of 2
HallF050906-117.jpgHall - Sarah Nelson....2 of 2
HallF050906-118.jpgHall - Mrs Edwin L Carlson poem
HallF050906-119.jpgHall - newspaper article
HallF050906-120.jpgHall - Pamela Ann Carlson marriage
HallF050906-122.jpgHall - Mrs W P Hallowell article
HallF050906-123.jpgWilliam P Hallwell Jr death
HallIMG.jpgHall - Mrs Carlson, wife of Rev Edwin L Carlson, pastor of Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Boise, Idaho, wrote t his poem in memory of her parents, Mr & Mrs Enoch Ahlberg....
HallIMG_0001.jpgLauretta Hall note 1927-1928
HallbergIMG.jpgAdolph A Hallberg NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 264
HallowellF050906-121.jpgHallowell notes
HallowellF050906-122.jpgW P Hallowell article
HallowellF050906-123.jpgW P Hallowell Jr death
HallsonF050906-124.jpgHallson family notes 1 of 4
HallsonF050906-125.jpgHallson....2 of 4
HallsonF050906-126.jpgHallson....3 of 4
HallsonF050906-127.jpgHallson....4 of 4
HallsonF050906-128.jpgJohn and Christina Hallson notes
HallsonF050906-129.jpgEmil Hallson family notes
HallsonF050906-130.jpgHallson - Lt. Paul W Peterson Jr memory
HallsonF050906-131.jpgJohn W Hallson memoir
HallsonF050906-132.jpgEmil C Hallson memoir
HallsonF050906-133.jpgHallson - Paul W Peterson Jr article
HallsonF050906-134.jpgHallston - Frederick Kingsrud Obituary
HallsonF050906-135.jpgHallson - Margaret E Baker memoir
HallsonF050906-136.jpgHallson notes
HallsonF050906-137.jpgHallson notes
HallsonF050906-138.jpgHallson notes
HallsonF050906-139.jpgHallson notes
HallsonF050906-140.jpgHallson notes
HallsonF050906-141.jpgEmil C Hallson memoir
HallsonF050906-142.jpgLt Frank David hallson marriage
HallsonF050906-143.jpgHallson - Florence C Peterson memoir
HallsonF050906-144.jpgHallson sale of home
HallsonF050906-145.jpgHallson note
HallsonF050906-146.jpgRuth Hallson Kingsrud at WHCPA 8-19-1989
HallsonF050906-147.jpgHallson - picnic 5-31-1924, Me, Beth, Agnes, Hal and Gladys
HallsonF050906-148.jpgMargaret Hallson Geography Class 2-26-1925
HallsonF050906-149.jpgHallson - Boys in Dist 94 in 1917, John Hallson on right
HallsonF050906-150.jpgBonnie Hallson article
HallsonF050906-151.jpgHallson - Wayzata Town Hall 1921
HallsonF060602-051.jpgAlma Hallson Obituary
HallsonIMG_0001.jpgJohn W Hallson obituary
HallsonIMG_0002.jpgJohn W Hallson memoriam 10-01-1904 - 09-09-1983
HallstromF050906-152.jpgHallstrom notes
HallstromF050906-153.jpgHallstrom - Vera (center) with raspberry pickers from Minneapolis
HallstromF050906-154.jpgVera Hallstrom
HallstromF050906-155.jpgHallstrom - Vera and Arlene
HallstromF050906-156.jpgElenore Hallstrom Turnham notes
HallstromF050906-157.jpgHallstrom notes
HallstromF050906-158.jpgHallstrom notes
HallstromF050906-159.jpgHallstrom notes
HallstromF050906-160.jpgHalstrom - Elvera O Turnham memoir
HallstromF050906-161.jpgElvira Hallstrom article
HallstromF050906-162.jpgElvera Hallstrom Turnham memoir
HallstromF050906-163.jpgElvera Hallstrom Turnham notes
HallstromF050907-001.jpgHallstrom - Evelyn Turnham
HallstromF050907-002.jpgE Halstrom
HallstromF050907-003.jpgHallstrom - Dick T? Turnham?
HallstromF050907-005.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom
HallstromF050907-006.jpgHallstrom letter 1 of 2
HallstromF050907-007.jpgHallstrom letter 2 of 2
HallstromF050907-008.jpgAlfred Hallstrom notes
HallstromF050907-009.jpgHallstrom family notes
HallstromF050907-010.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom letter 1 of 10
HallstromF050907-011.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....6 of 10
HallstromF050907-012.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....2 of 10
HallstromF050907-013.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....7 of 10
HallstromF050907-014.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....3 of 10
HallstromF050907-015.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....8 of 10
HallstromF050907-016.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....4 of 10
HallstromF050907-017.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....9 of 10
HallstromF050907-018.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....5 of 10
HallstromF050907-019.jpgGodfrey Hallstrom....10 of 10
HallstromIMG.jpgAlfred E Hallstrom note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 252
HallstromIMG_0002.jpgAnne Hallstrom notes
HalpinIMG.jpgMargaret Halpin obituary 10-1978
HalsteadF050907-065.jpgFrank William Halstead, Captain article 1 of 7
HalsteadF050907-066.jpgFrank William Halstead....2 of 7
HalsteadF050907-067.jpgFrank William Halstead.... 5 of 7
HalsteadF050907-068.jpgFrank William Halmstead....4 of 7
HalsteadF050907-069.jpgFrank William Halstead....3 of 7
HalsteadF050907-070.jpgFrank William Halstead....6 of 7
HalsteadF050907-071.jpgFrank William Halstead....7 of 7
HalsteadF050907-072.jpgHalstead notes
HalsteadF050907-073.jpgGeorge Blight Halstead, Major article
HalsteadF050907-074.jpgGeorge Halstead, Major article
HalsteadF050907-075.jpgHalstead notes
HalsteadF050907-076.jpgCaptain Halstead's Hermitage
HalstromIMG.jpgAnnie Halstrom note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 221
HalversonF050907-060.jpgHalverson notes
HalversonF050907-061.jpgC Halvorsen article
HalversonF050907-062.jpgReuben Halverson article
HalversonF050907-063.jpgMancel Halvorson note
HalversonF050907-064.jpgClarence Halvorson notes
HalversonF051003-132.jpgA Halvorson A Family Story 1 of 91
HalversonF051003-133.jpgA Halverson....2 of 91
HalversonF051003-134.jpgA Halverson....3 of 91
HalversonF051003-135.jpgA Halverson....4 of 91
HalversonF051003-136.jpgA Halverson....5 of 91
HalversonF051003-137.jpgA Halverson....6 of 91
HalversonF051003-138.jpgA Halverson....7 of 91
HalversonF051003-139.jpgA Halverson....8 of 91
HalversonF051003-140.jpgA Halverson....9 of 91
HalversonF051003-141.jpgA Halverson.... 10 of 91
HalversonF051003-142.jpgA Halverson.... 11 of 91
HalversonF051003-143.jpgA Halverson....12 of 91
HalversonF051003-144.jpgA Halverson....13 of 91
HalversonF051003-145.jpgA Halverson....14 of 91
HalversonF051003-146.jpgA Halverson....15 of 91
HalversonF051003-147.jpgA Halverson....16 of 91
HalversonF051003-148.jpgA Halverson.... 17 of 91
HalversonF051003-149.jpgA Halverson....18 of 91
HalversonF051003-150.jpgA Halverson....19 of 91
HalversonF051003-151.jpgA Halverson....20 of 91
HalversonF051003-152.jpgA Halverson....21 of 91
HalversonF051003-153.jpgA Halverson....22 of 91
HalversonF051003-154.jpgA Halverson....23 of 91
HalversonF051003-155.jpgA Halverson....24 of 91
HalversonF051003-156.jpgA Halverson....25 of 91
HalversonF051003-157.jpgA Halverson....26 of 91
HalversonF051003-158.jpgA Halverson....27 of 91
HalversonF051003-159.jpgA Halverson....28 of 91
HalversonF051003-160.jpgA Halverson....29 of 91
HalversonF051003-161.jpgA Halverson....30 of 91
HalversonF051003-162.jpgA Halverson....31 of 91
HalversonF051003-163.jpgA Halverson....32 of 91
HalversonF051003-164.jpgA Halverson....33 of 91
HalversonF051003-165.jpgA Halverson....34 of 91
HalversonF051003-166.jpgA Halverson....35 of 91
HalversonF051003-167.jpgA Halverson....36 of 91
HalversonF051003-168.jpgA Halverson....37 of 91
HalversonF051003-169.jpgA Halverson....38 of 91
HalversonF051003-170.jpgA Halverson....39 of 91
HalversonF051003-171.jpgA Halverson....40 of 91
HalversonF051003-172.jpgA Halverson....41 of 91
HalversonF051003-173.jpgA Halverson....42 of 91
HalversonF051003-174.jpgA Halverson....43 of 91
HalversonF051003-175.jpgA Halverson....44 of 91
HalversonF051003-176.jpgA Halverson....45 of 91
HalversonF051003-177.jpgA Halverson....46 of 91
HalversonF051003-178.jpgA Halverson....47 of 91
HalversonF051003-179.jpgA Halverson....48 of 91
HalversonF051003-180.jpgA Halverson....49 of 91
HalversonF051003-181.jpgA Halverson....50 of 91
HalversonF051003-182.jpgA Halverson....51 of 91
HalversonF051003-183.jpgA Halverson....52 of 91
HalversonF051003-184.jpgA Halverson....53 of 91
HalversonF051003-185.jpgA Halverson....54 of 91
HalversonF051003-186.jpgA Halverson....55 of 91
HalversonF051003-187.jpgA Halverson....56 of 91
HalversonF051003-188.jpgA Halverson....57 of 91
HalversonF051003-189.jpgA Halverson....58 of 91
HalversonF051003-190.jpgA Halverson....59 of 91
HalversonF051003-191.jpgA Halverson....60 of 91
HalversonF051003-192.jpgA Halverson....61 of 91
HalversonF051003-193.jpgA Halverson....62 of 91
HalversonF051003-194.jpgA Halverson....63 of 91
HalversonF051003-195.jpgA Halverson....64 of 91
HalversonF051003-196.jpgA Halverson....65 of 91
HalversonF051003-197.jpgA Halverson....66 of 91
HalversonF051003-198.jpgA Halverson....67 of 91
HalversonF051003-199.jpgA Halverson....68 of 91
HalversonF051003-200.jpgA Halverson....69 of 91
HalversonF051003-201.jpgA Halverson....70 of 91
HalversonF051003-202.jpgA Halverson....71 of 91
HalversonF051003-203.jpgA Halverson....72 of 91
HalversonF051003-204.jpgA Halverson....73 of 91
HalversonF051003-205.jpgA Halverson....74 of 91
HalversonF051003-206.jpgA Halverson....75 of 91
HalversonF051003-207.jpgA Halverson....76 of 91
HalversonF051003-208.jpgA Halverson....77 of 91
HalversonF051003-209.jpgA Halverson....78 of 91
HalversonF051003-210.jpgA Halverson....79 of 91
HalversonF051003-211.jpgA Halverson....80 of 91
HalversonF051003-212.jpgA Halverson....81 of 91
HalversonF051003-213.jpgA Halverson....82 of 91
HalversonF051003-214.jpgA Halverson....83 of 91
HalversonF051003-215.jpgA Halverson....84 of 91
HalversonF051003-216.jpgA Halverson....85 of 91
HalversonF051003-217.jpgA Halverson....86 of 91
HalversonF051003-218.jpgA Halverson....87 of 91
HalversonF051003-219.jpgA Halverson....88 of 91
HalversonF051003-220.jpgA Halverson....90 of 91
HalversonF051003-221.jpgA Halverson....91 of 91
HalversonF051003-222.jpgMartha Berina Halvorson
HalversonF051003-223.jpgLeRoy W Halvorson memoir
HalversonF051003-224.jpgLeRoy Halvorson
HalversonF051003-225.jpgLeRoy Halvorson
HalversonIMG.jpgLeRoy W Halverson obituary 06-26-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 32
HalversonIMG_0001.jpgChris Halverson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 270
HalversonIMG_0002.jpgChrist Halverson notes
HalversonIMG_0003.jpgRalph Halverson note
HalversonIMG_0004.jpgHalverson - Halverson Genealogy "A Family Story by A B Halverson" Grave - "Some Grave People in America" 1673-1973 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
HamelF050907-077.jpgHamel family notes
HamelF050907-078.jpgLange Charles Hamel - Eugenie Moffett family notes 1 of 8
HamelF050907-079.jpgLange Charles Hamel....2 of 8
HamelF050907-080.jpgLange Charles Hamel....3 of 8
HamelF050907-081.jpgLange Charles Hamel....4 of 8
HamelF050907-082.jpgLange Charles Hamel....5 of 8
HamelF050907-083.jpgLange Charles Hamel....6 of 8
HamelF050907-084.jpgLange Charles Hamel....7 of 8
HamelF050907-085.jpgLange Charles Hamel....8 of 8
HamelF050907-086.jpgLucian Hamel article
HamelF050907-087.jpgLange Hamel Family Tree Grew
HamelF050907-088.jpgLucian C Hamel Obituary
HamelF050907-089.jpgHamel Family Reunion, Lucian Hamel Obituary
HamelF050907-090.jpgHamel notes
HamelF050907-091.jpgF A Hamel note
HamelF050907-092.jpgLucian Hamel Beginning of the Soo Line 1 of 4
HamelF050907-093.jpgLucian Hamel....3 of 4
HamelF050907-094.jpgLucian Hamel....4 of 4
HamelF050907-095.jpgLucian Hamel....2 of 4
HamelF050907-096.jpgLucian Hamel
HamelF050907-097.jpgClarice Anne Hamel
HamelF050907-098.jpgHamel .....reunion...
HamelIMG.jpgWilliam Hamel obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
HamelIMG_0003.jpgLucian C Hamel obituary 05-30-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 19
HamerlundIMG.jpgEleanor S Hammerlund obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 9
HamiltonF050907-099.jpgHamilton notes
HamiltonF050907-100.jpgRobert B Hamilton From the Desk of.... 1 of 2
HamiltonF050907-101.jpgRobert T Hamilton....2 of 2
HamiltonF050907-102.jpgDon Hamilton Coma Recovery 1 of 2
HamiltonF050907-103.jpgEllen Gertrude Hamilton memoir
HamiltonF050907-104.jpgDon Hamilton....2 of 2
HamiltonF050907-105.jpgVerna and Phil Hamilton ...honorary life memberships 1 of 2
HamiltonF050907-106.jpgVerna and Phil Hamilton....2 of 2
HamiltonF050907-107.jpgDon Hamilton blood drive scheduled
HamiltonF050907-108.jpgPhil and Verna Hamilton article
HamiltonF050907-109.jpgPhil Hamilton article
HamiltonF050907-110.jpgPhilip Hamilton
HamiltonF050907-111.jpgPhil Hamilton article
HamiltonF050907-112.jpgDon Hamilton note
HamiltonF050907-113.jpgHamilton - Ray McCoy article
HamiltonF050907-114.jpgMarilyn Hamilton candidacy announcement
HamiltonF050907-115.jpgP S Hamilton article
HamiltonF050907-116.jpgPhil Hamilton death
HamiltonF050907-117.jpgPhilip Russ Hamilton memoir
HamiltonF050907-118.jpgPhilip and Verna Hamilton article
HamiltonF050907-119.jpgMarilyn Hamilton article
HamiltonF050907-120.jpgDon Hamilton marriage
HamiltonF050907-121.jpgAlbert Burr Hamilton Obituary
HamiltonF050907-122.jpgPhil Russ Hamilton notes
HamiltonF050907-123.jpgPhil Hamilton Meet Your Directors
HamiltonF050907-124.jpgPhil Hamilton article
HamiltonF050907-125.jpgDon Hamilton recovery
HamiltonF050907-126.jpgHamilton notes
HamiltonF050907-127.jpgHamilton notes
HamiltonF050907-128.jpgDon Hamilton Miracle recovery....
HamiltonF050907-129.jpgRobert Hamilton From the Desk of... 1 of 2
HamiltonF050907-130.jpgRobert Hamilton From....2 of 2
HamiltonF050907-131.jpgMarilyn Hamilton Re-elect
HamiltonF050907-132.jpgDonald Francis Hamilton memoir
HamiltonF050907-133.jpgPhil and Vera Hamilton article
HamiltonF050907-134.jpgHamilton newsletter 1 of 2
HamiltonF050907-135.jpgHamilton newsletter 2 of 2
HamiltonF050907-136.jpgPhilip and Verna Hamilton
HamiltonF050907-137.jpgRobert Hamilton and wife
HamiltonF050907-138.jpgDon Hamilton is home 1 of 2
HamiltonF050907-139.jpgDon Hamilton is home 2 of 2
HamiltonIMG.jpgEllen Hamilton obituary
HamiltonIMG_0001.jpgPhilip Russ Hamilton memoriam
HamiltonIMG_000101.jpgRobert B Hamailton memoriam 08-19-19 - 06-16-2011 1 of 5
HamiltonIMG_000102.jpgBobert B Hamilton memoriam 2 of 5
HamiltonIMG_000103.jpgRobert B Hamilton memoriam 3 of 5
HamiltonIMG_000104.jpgRobert B Hamilton memoriam 4 of 5
HamiltonIMG_000105.jpgRobert B Hamilton memoriam 5 of 5
HamiltonIMG_000106.jpgRobert B Hamilton obituary
HamiltonIMG_0002.jpgPhilip Russ Hamilton memoriam
HamiltonIMG_0003.jpgPhilip Hamilton note
HamiltonIMG_0004.jpgVerna Marie Hamilton memoriam 04-28-1915 - 10-05-2011 1 of 3
HamiltonIMG_0005.jpgVerna Marie Hamilton.....2 of 3
HamiltonIMG_0006.jpgVerna Marie Hamilton....3 of 3
HamiltonIMG_0007.jpgPhilip Russ Hamilton memoriam 06-06-1915 - 04-06-1990 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 32
HamiltonIMG_0008.jpgPhilip Russ Hamilton obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 32
HamiltonIMG_00107.jpgRobert B Hamilton obiutary
HamiltonIMG_00113.jpgPhilip R Hamilton and Verna M Batdorf Certificate of Marriage
HamiltonIMG_00115.jpgPhilip Hamilton and Verna Batdorf wedding 07-02-1940. L-R: Leona Batdorf Anderson, ? Batdorf, Verna Batdorf (bride); Philip Hamilton (groom); ? Hamilton;? Hamilton. Taken at the Niles Batdorf from Independence
HamischF050907-142.jpgCarl Hamisch plat info
HamischF050907-143.jpgHamisch notes
HamlinF050907-140.jpgEdward Hamlin notes
HamlinF050907-141.jpgHamlin - Hamm note
HammIMG.jpgJ Hamm note
HammIMG_0001.jpgMarie Hamm obituary 2 of 2
HammIMG_0002.jpgMarie Hamm obituary 1 of 2
HammIMG_0003.jpgHamm note
HammerF050907-144.jpgHammer - Frances Augustine early days 1 of 2
HammerF050907-145.jpgHammer - Frances....2 of 2
HammerF050907-146.jpgHammer notes
HammerF050907-147.jpgHammer notes
HammerF050907-148.jpgFrances Hammer letter 1 of 2
HammerF050907-149.jpgFrances Hammer letter 2 of 2
HammerF050907-150.jpgFrances Hammer note
HammerIMG.jpgJerry Hammer notes
HammerIMG_0001.jpgMuriel Hammer obituary 03-25-1983
HancockIMG.jpgMargaret Hancock note
HaneyF050907-151.jpgHaney note
HanlinF050907-152.jpgEdward Hanlin
HanlinF050907-153.jpgEdward Hanlin wife
HanlinF050907-154.jpgHanlin notes
HannF050907-155.jpgJohn Hann plat info
HannahIMG.jpgJohn D hannah obituary 07-09-1981
HannenF050907-156.jpgJohn Hannen notes
HannenF050907-157.jpgHannen notes
HannenF050907-158.jpgJerry Hannen auction sale
HansenF050907-159.jpgHansen notes
HansenIMG.jpgOlaf G Hansen obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 265
HansmannF050907-160.jpgMath Hansmann interview
HansmannF050907-161.jpgMathias Hansmann plat info
HansmannF050907-162.jpgMatt Hansmann article
HansmannF050907-163.jpgHansmanns Letter to the Editor
HansmannF050907-164.jpgMath Hansmann article
HansmannF050907-165.jpgMathias N Hansmann memoir
HansmannF050907-166.jpgEva M Goodin Hansmann Obituary
HansmannF050907-167.jpgKathleen and Ron Hansmann 25th anniversary
HansmannIMG_0001.jpgEdward J Hansmann NOTE: document located in box entitled Annaul Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 26
HansmannIMG_0002.jpgMathias N Hansmann memoriam 07-13-1898 - 11-30-1991
HansmannIMG_0003.jpgMathias Hansmann obituary
HansmannIMG_0004.jpgRose G Hansmann obituary 01-17-1981
HansmannIMG_0005.jpgHanseman - Annie Rockwood note
HansonF050907-168.jpgHans P Hanson plat info
HansonF050907-169.jpgMargie Hanson article
HansonIMG.jpgOscar Hanson obituary 1954 NOTE: original document locatred in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
HanulsF050907-170.jpgHanuls article
HardenburghF050908-001.jpgClarence M Hardenburgh Obituary
HardenburghF050908-002.jpgHardenburgh note
HardenburghF050908-003.jpgMrs C M Hardenburg article
HardenburghF050908-004.jpgEsther Hardenbergh
HardenburghF050908-005.jpgAndrew Hardenbergh marriage
HardenburghF050908-006.jpgClarence Morgan Hardenburgh Obituary
HardenburghF050908-007.jpgHardenburgh - William P Hallowell home fire
HardenburghF050908-009.jpgCharles M Hardenberg home
HardenburghF050908-010.jpgHardenburgh - Changes in store for Ferndale
HardenburghF050908-011.jpgHardenburgh notes
HardenburghF050908-012.jpgHardenburgh notes
HardenburghF050908-013.jpgHardenburgh notes
HardenburghIMG.jpgMargaret Nichols Hardenberg obituary 02-23-1978
HardenburghIMG_0001.jpgCollis Morgan Hardenbergh obituary 04-25-1978
HardenburghIMG_0003.jpgCollis Hardenbergh obituary 04-28-1978
HardtF050908-014.jpgAlice Hardt marriage
HardtF050908-015.jpgHardt notes
HardtF050908-016.jpgHardt notes
HardtF050908-017.jpgHardt notes
HardtF050908-018.jpgHardt notes
HardtIMG_0001.jpgJulius V Hardt memoriam 04-25-1923 - 05-21-2012 1 of 2
HardtIMG_0002.jpgJulius V Hardt memoriam 04-25-1923 - 05-21-2012 2 of 2
HardyF050908-019.jpgReuben Hardy plat info
HaretIMG.jpgMrs Julius Haret note
HarffF050908-020.jpgLillian E Harff memoir
HarffF050908-021.jpgLoren Harff Obituary
HarginF050908-022.jpgCharles W Hargin plat info
HarginF050908-023.jpgMary Hargin plat info
HarmonF050908-024.jpgIsaac Harmon plat info
HarmonF050908-025.jpgHarmon notes
HarmsIMG.jpgHelen Harms note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, apge 66
HarringtonF050916-101.jpgJohn Stevens Harrington
HarringtonF050916-102.jpgJohn Steven Harrington article
HarringtonF050916-103.jpgHarrington article
HarringtonF050916-104.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050916-105.jpgHarrington note
HarringtonF050916-106.jpgStevens Harrington note
HarringtonF050916-107.jpgJohn S Harrington plat info
HarringtonF050916-108.jpgFrank Harrington notes
HarringtonF050916-109.jpgHarrington family notes
HarringtonF050916-110.jpgFrank Harrington funeral
HarringtonF050916-112.jpgFrank Harrington funeral
HarringtonF050916-113.jpgHarrington family notes
HarringtonF050916-114.jpgHarrington The Solider's Funeral 1 of 2
HarringtonF050916-115.jpgHarrington The Soldiers....2 of 2
HarringtonF050916-116.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050916-117.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050916-118.jpgGeneva Harrington Obituary
HarringtonF050916-119.jpgHarrington Along the Village Street article
HarringtonF050916-120.jpgHarrington - Amy Davies
HarringtonF050916-121.jpgHarrington - Harrington Road article
HarringtonF050916-122.jpgQuincy Harrington article
HarringtonF050916-123.jpgHarrington family notes
HarringtonF050916-124.jpgHarrington - William Ray, Jr (uncle Jim's son)
HarringtonF050916-125.jpgJ Milton Davies home overlooking Ferndale
HarringtonF050916-126.jpgHarrington - group of soliders that included William Ray during Spanish American War
HarringtonF050916-127.jpgRhoda Mary Harrington, Sarah Jane (Sally). both daughters of Mr and Mrs J Milton Davies
HarringtonF050916-129.jpgHarrington - J Milton Davies at left. View of Lake Minnetonka (at Ferndale end) taken from his home
HarringtonF050916-130.jpgHarrington - Sally Davies
HarringtonF050916-131.jpgArvilla Harrington
HarringtonF050916-132.jpgLaura M Harrington death
HarringtonF050916-133.jpgLeft: Mrs J Milton Davies and her sister-in-law, Mrs Alvis Davies
HarringtonF050917-001.jpgHarrington - Sarah (Sally) Davies as teenager
HarringtonF050917-002.jpgHarrington - Mrs Rhoda H Lyons and granddaughter Sarah Jane Davies
HarringtonF050917-003.jpgHarrington - 1x Milton Davies 2x Mrs Rhoda N Lyons 3x Mrs J Milton Davies 4x Sarah Jane Davies
HarringtonF050917-004.jpgHarrington - World War I era, 1x Mrs Rhoda Lyons, 2x J Milton Davies, 3x Rhoda Mary Davies, 4x Sarah Jane Davies, 5x Mrs J M Davies
HarringtonF050917-005.jpgHarrington - 1x Maude Ray, 2x Mrs J Milton Davies, 3x Sarah Jane Davies
HarringtonF050917-006.jpgHarrington - 1x Mrs Rhoda Lyons, 2x Mrs J Milton Davies, 3x Milton Davies, 4x Sarah Jane Davies
HarringtonF050917-007.jpgHarrington - Sarah Jane Davies born 2-14-1918, died serving as recreational director of Red Cross on 1-20-1945
HarringtonF050917-008.jpgHarrington - Sally Davies shortly before her death in 1945
HarringtonF050917-009.jpgHarrington - 1x Maude Ray, 2x Mrs J Milton Davies, 3x Sarah Jane
HarringtonF050917-010.jpgGenevieve Harrington, daughter of Quincy Harrington
HarringtonF050917-011.jpgHarrington - Mrs J Milton
HarringtonF050917-013.jpgMrs Rhoda harrington Lyons with Minerva Davies )first daughter of J Milton Davies) who died at 16 months
HarringtonF050917-014.jpgHarrington - Rhoda Mary Davies at age 14, 2nd daughter of J Milton Davies
HarringtonF050917-015.1.jpgRhoda Harrington Lyons Obituary
HarringtonF050917-015.jpgLewis Harrington article
HarringtonF050917-016.jpgWilliam B Harrington death
HarringtonF050917-017.jpgWilliam B Harrington death
HarringtonF050917-018.jpgRhoda Harrington Lyons Obituary
HarringtonF050917-019.jpgHarrington Tales from Tonka
HarringtonF050917-020.jpgHarrington Tales from Tonka
HarringtonF050917-021.jpgHarrington - Sally Davies death
HarringtonF050917-023.jpgHarrington articles 1 of 2
HarringtonF050917-024.jpgHarrington articles 2 of 2
HarringtonF050917-025.jpgMamie Harrington Wendell death
HarringtonF050917-026.jpgHarrington - WHM invite
HarringtonF050917-027.jpgWilliam Harrington 91st birthday
HarringtonF050917-028.jpgHarrington - Bess Hutchinson Fournie article
HarringtonF050917-029.jpgHarrington family notes
HarringtonF050917-030.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-031.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-032.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-033.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-034.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-035.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-036.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-037.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-038.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-039.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-040.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-041.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-042.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-043.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-044.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-045.jpgPeg Harrington letter 2 of 2
HarringtonF050917-046.jpgHarrington donation 1 of 6
HarringtonF050917-047.jpgHarrington letter
HarringtonF050917-048.jpgHarrington donation 2 of 6
HarringtonF050917-049.jpgHarrington donation 6 of 6
HarringtonF050917-050.jpgHarrington donation 3 of 6
HarringtonF050917-051.jpgHarrington donation 5 of 6
HarringtonF050917-052.jpgHarrington donation 4 of 6
HarringtonF050917-053.jpgPeg Harrington letter 1 of 2
HarringtonF050917-055.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonF050917-057.jpgHarrington notes
HarringtonIMG.jpgJohn Stevens Harrington obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
HarringtonIMG_0001.jpgJohn Stevens Harrington The Harringtons and the Wakefields 1 of 2
HarringtonIMG_0002.jpgJohn Stevens Harrington The Harringtons....2 of 2
HarringtonIMG_0003.jpgWilliam Baker note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 234
HarringtonIMG_0004.jpgQuincy Harrington note
HarringtonIMG_0005.jpgHarrington - "Early Generations of the Famly of Robert Harrington" of Watertown, Ma 1634 and Some of His Descendants by Frederick Lewis weis, TH.D. Grave - "Some Grave People in America" 1673-1973 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
HarrisF050908-031.jpgHarris notes
HarrisF050908-032.jpgHarris notes
HarrisF050908-033.jpgS A Harris
HarrisF050908-034.jpgPhilip B Harris article
HarrisF050908-035.jpgHarris article
HarrisF050908-036.jpgSamuel A Harris
HarrisF050908-037.jpgSamuel Arthur Harris notes
HarrisF050908-038.jpgHarris notes
HarrisF050908-039.jpgWalter Harris letter
HarrisF050908-040.jpgHarris notes
HarrisF050908-041.jpgHarris notes
HarrisF050908-042.jpgHarris notes
HarrisF050908-044.jpgHarris notes
HarrisF050908-045.jpgHarris notes 1 of 3
HarrisF050908-046.jpgHarris notes 2 of 3
HarrisF050908-047.jpgHarris notes 3 of 3
HarrisIMG.jpgS Arthur Harris obituary 12-1978
HarrisonF050908-026.jpgHugh Harrison notes
HarrisonF050908-027.jpgElizabeth Harrison West Obituary
HarrisonF050908-028.jpgNathaniel Harrison notes
HarrisonF050908-029.jpgHarrison Obituary
HarrisonF050908-030.jpgPerry Harrison ....$30,000 Estate
HarrisonIMG.jpgPastor David Harrison obituary
HarrisonIMG_0001.jpgRev David Harrison obituary 03-14-1979
HartIMG.jpgCatherine Germunder Hart? note
HartIMG_0003.jpgHelen Hart obituary
HartigIMG.jpgDorothy Ellis Hartig obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, inside cover
HartmanF050913-059.jpgHartman family notes 1 of 13
HartmanF050913-060.jpgHartman family....2 of 13
HartmanF050913-061.jpgHartman family....3 of 13
HartmanF050913-062.jpgHartman family....4 of 13
HartmanF050913-063.jpgHartman family....5 of 13
HartmanF050913-064.jpgHartman family....6 of 13
HartmanF050913-065.jpgHartman family....7 of 13
HartmanF050913-066.jpgHartman family....8 of 13
HartmanF050913-067.jpgHartman family....9 of 13
HartmanF050913-068.jpgHartman family....10 of 13
HartmanF050913-069.jpgHartman family....11 of 13
HartmanF050913-070.jpgHartman family....12 of 13
HartmanF050913-071.jpgHartman family....13 of 13
HartmanF050913-072.jpgWill Hartman family notes
HartmanF050913-073.jpgHartman - finding of a skeleton...
HartmanF050913-074.jpgFred Hartman notes
HartmanF050913-075.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-076.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-077.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-078.jpgClara Hartman letter 1 of 3
HartmanF050913-079.jpgClara Hartman letter 2 of 3
HartmanF050913-080.jpgClara Hartman letter 3 of 3
HartmanF050913-081.jpgJacob Hartman Obituary
HartmanF050913-082.jpgMrs Hartman article
HartmanF050913-083.jpgHartman - Marilyn Hamilton
HartmanF050913-084.jpgMrs Emanuel Hartman burial
HartmanF050913-085.jpgLena Hartman
HartmanF050913-086.jpgHartman twins: Anna and Clara
HartmanF050913-087.jpgMinnie Hartman house, 3045 Watertown Road
HartmanF050913-088.jpgHartman family notes
HartmanF050913-089.jpgHartman family notes
HartmanF050913-090.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-091.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-092.jpgHartman letter 1 of 3
HartmanF050913-093.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-094.jpgHartman letter 2 of 3
HartmanF050913-095.jpgHartman letter 3 of 3
HartmanF050913-096.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-097.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-098.jpgHartman family notes
HartmanF050913-099.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050913-100.jpgJake Hartman notes
HartmanF050913-101.jpgHartman - Royal Stubbs standing by Stafford monument 1965. Avery thinks Stubbs sold this Loodout Hill site to Dr Ward Panusky
HartmanF050913-103.jpgWill Hartman the first
HartmanF050913-104.jpgBarb Hartman, wife of Jacob
HartmanF050913-105.jpgJacob Hartman
HartmanF050917-058.jpgHartman - Tom Bennett article
HartmanF050917-059.jpgHartman - Clara Barbara Olson memoir
HartmanF050917-060.jpgFred Hartman memoir
HartmanF050917-061.jpgHartman - McKenzie/Meyer marriage
HartmanF050917-062.jpgHartman interview
HartmanF050917-063.jpgHartman - Fred Meyer
HartmanF050917-065.jpgHartman - unidentified
HartmanF050917-066.jpgHartman - Goldie Bennett
HartmanF050917-067.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-068.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-069.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-070.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-071.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-072.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-073.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-074.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-075.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-076.jpgHartman notes
HartmanF050917-078.jpgHartman - Grace Hentehel
HartmanF050917-079.jpgHartman christmas letter 1 of 5
HartmanF050917-080.jpgHartman Christmas....2 of 5
HartmanF050917-081.jpgHartman Christmas....3 of 5
HartmanF050917-082.jpgHartman Christmas....5 of 5
HartmanF050917-083.jpgHartman Christmas....4 of 5
HartmanIMG.jpgMr and Mrs Fred Hartmans 50th Wedding Anniversary NOTE: oriignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 277
HartmanIMG_0001.jpgWilliam Hartman obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 303
HartmanIMG_0002.jpgCarrie Hartman Partington obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 321
HartmanIMG_0003.jpgLucille H Kaiser memoriam 09-20-1915 - 01-07-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book 4, page 1
HartmanIMG_0004.jpgAnna Meyer obituary, nee Hartman NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 63
HartmanIMG_0005.jpgAnna J Meyer memoriam 11-1-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 63
HartmanIMG_0006.jpgDorothy Kaiser Hartman NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 259
HartmanIMG_0007.jpgBarbara [Sheaffer] Hartman note
HartmanIMG_0008.jpgDorothy [Kaiser] Hartman note
HartmanIMG_0009.jpgEmmanuel Hartman note
HartmanIMG_0010.jpgJacob Hartman note
HartmanIMG_0011.jpgCaroline Hartman obituary
HartzellF050908-048.jpgThomas Hartzell Hartzell Hi-lights
HartzellF050908-049.jpgThomas Hartzell
HartzellF050908-050.jpgHartzell notes
HartzellF050908-051.jpgHartzell notes
HartzellF050908-052.jpgTom Hartzell death
HartzellF050908-053.jpgHartzell Learning Center 1 of 4
HartzellF050908-054.jpgHartzell Learning....2 of 4
HartzellF050908-055.jpgHartzell Learning....3 of 4
HartzellF050908-056.jpgHartzell Learning....4 of 4
HartzellF050908-057.jpgHartzell notes
HartzellIMG.jpgJesalyn S Hartzell obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 4
HarvathF060602-078.jpgJoyce Marie Harvath marriage
HarveyF050913-057.jpgPatrick Harvey plat info
HarveyF050913-058.jpgCharles H Harvey diary
HarveyIMG.jpgKandace Erdman Harvey obituary 08-28-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 41
HarveyIMG_0001.jpgCharles D Harvey obituary
HaskellF050913-106.jpgEllis Addison Haskell Cradle Roll Certificate
HaskellF050913-107.jpgWilliam Pettit Haskell family notes
HaskellF050913-108.jpgAlfred Haskell family notes
HaskellF050913-109.jpgAl Haskell husband of Stella gardner
HaskellF050913-110.jpgEllie Haskel death
HaskellF050913-111.jpgA E Haskell receipt
HaskellF050913-112.jpgA E Haskell death
HaskellF050913-113.jpgHaskell notes
HaskellF050913-114.jpgHaskell notes
HaskellF050913-115.jpgHaskell notes
HaskellF050913-116.jpgHaskell notes
HaskellIMG.jpgA E Haskell obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 273
HaskellIMG_0001.jpgAlfred Ellis Haskell memoriam 1 of 2 NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 271
HaskellIMG_0002.jpgAlfred Ellis Haskell memoriam 2 of 2
HastieF050908-058.jpgJames Hastie plat info
HastieF050908-059.jpgHastie notes
HastyF050908-060.jpgHasty notes
HastyF050908-061.jpgMerrill D Hasty memoir
HastyIMG_0001.jpgMerrill D Hasty obituary 05-17-1981, married Pearl Kreatz
HastyIMG_0002.jpgMerrill D Hasty memoriam 12-26-1900 - 05-14-1981
HatchF050908-062.jpgPhilip L Hatch plat info
HatchF050908-063.jpgWilliam H Hatch Obituary
HatcherF050908-064.jpgFrank Hatcher notes
HatcherF050908-065.jpgFrank Hatcher Sr notes 1 of 3
HatcherF050908-066.jpgFrank Hatcher Sr....2 of 3
HatcherF050908-067.jpgFrank Hatcher Sr....3 of 3
HatcherF050908-068.jpgRussel Hatcher (Tom) Obituary
HatcherF050908-069.jpgHatcher notes
HatcherF050908-070.jpgFrank Hatcher notes 1 of 2
HatcherF050908-071.jpgFrank Hatcher notes 2 of 2
HatcherF050908-072.jpgLoyd Hatcher, Mayor, and Mrs 50th anniversary
HatcherF050908-073.jpgPenny Hatcher article
HatcherF050908-074.jpgLaurie Hatcher article
HatcherF050908-075.jpgLaurie Hatcher article
HatcherF050908-076.jpgJane Hatcher engagement
HatcherF050908-077.jpgMary Ann Hatcher Obituary
HatcherF050908-078.jpgRussell Hatcher Tom memoir
HatcherF050908-079.jpgFrank Hatcher plat info
HatcherF050908-080.jpgLloyd F Hatcher article
HatcherF050908-081.jpgFrank Hatcher death
HatcherF050908-082.jpgPenny Ann Hatcher honored....
HatcherF050908-083.jpgHatcher - Evelyn Brown memoir
HatcherF050908-084.jpgLaurie Hatcher recital
HatcherF050908-085.jpgLaurie Hatcher
HatcherF050908-086.jpgPenny Hatcher Univ. of Hawaii
HatcherF050908-087.jpgFrank Hatcher Jr, 3-27-1853 to 12-16-1935
HatcherF050908-088.jpgHatcher - Charles H Eager memoir
HatcherF050908-089.jpgPenny Hatcher ...working with migrants
HatcherF050908-090.jpgPenny Hatcher
HatcherF050908-091.jpgLloyd Hatcher 50th anniversary
HatcherF050908-092.jpgMr and Mrs Lloyd Hatcher
HatcherF050908-093.jpgLaurie Hatcher marriage
HatcherF050908-094.jpgHatcher notes
HatcherF050908-095.jpgFrank David Hatcher burial rite
HatcherIMG.jpgSarah Hatcher and Henry H Case Marriage License and Certificate 10-15-1874
HatcherIMG_0001.jpgFrank Hatcher Jr notes 1 of 2
HatcherIMG_0002.jpgFrank Hatcher jr notes 2 of 2
HatcherIMG_0003.jpgHatcher - Touching family history: The 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry 1 of 2
HatcherIMG_0004.jpgHatcher Touching family....2 of 2
HatcherIMG_0005.jpgMaud Hatcher obituary 07-1978
HatcherIMG_0006.jpgMaud Hatcher obituary 07-1978
HatterF050908-097.jpgWallace Hatter plat info
HatterF050908-098.jpgHatter notes
HauptmanF050908-100.jpgJoseph Hauptman note
HauserF050908-099.jpgJohn Hauser plat info
HausmanF050908-101.jpgHausman note
HawkinsF050908-102.jpgHawkins family notes
HawkinsF050908-103.jpgBrown Hawkins note
HawkinsF050908-104.jpgEmily Hawkins death
HawkinsIMG.jpgC C Hawkins photo album
HawkinsonF050910-001.jpgMr and Mrs Elmer Hawkinson 50th anniversary
HawkinsonF060602-081.jpgDiane Dorothy Hawkinson marriage
HawkinsonIMG.jpgMary Kay Hawkinson Child Who Feared Water Drowns in Lake Minnetonka
HawleyF050910-002.jpgHawley notes
HawleyF050910-003.jpgJohn Hawley Obituary
HawleyF050910-004.jpgJohn B Hawley death
HawthorneF050910-005.jpgJohn Hawthorne Obituary
HayesIMG.jpgM P Hayes note
HayesIMG_0001.jpgSharlene Ann Hayes obituary
HayesIMG_0002.jpgPam Hayes promotion
HayesIMG_0003.jpgGerald J (Jerry) Hayes obituary 10-01-1979
HaysIMG.jpgM P Hays note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 214
HazeltineF050910-006.jpgWilliam C Hazeltine plat info
HeadF050910-007.jpgHead notes
HeadF050910-008.jpgMartha and Doug Head
HeadIMG.jpgRuth Cantillon Head obituary June 1987
HealyF050910-009.jpgCornelius Healy plat info
HealyF050910-010.jpgWilliam Healy plat info
HeardIMG.jpgMartha Emeroy Heard obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 263
HeathF050910-011.jpgHeath notes
HeathF050910-012.jpgCharles M Heath memoir
HeathF050910-013.jpgCharles H Heath Obituary
HeathF050910-014.jpgMrs C G Heath article
HeathF050910-015.jpgCharles M Heath III memoir
HeathF050910-016.jpgHeath notes
HechwallF050910-032.jpgJohn Hechwall
HedderlyF050910-017.jpgHedderly notes
HedderlyF050910-018.jpgDaniel Gerald Hedderly letter
HedderlyF050910-019.jpgDaniel Hedderly letter
HedderlyF050910-020.jpgEdwin Hedderly property purchase
HedderlyF050910-021.jpgHedderly notes
HedderlyF050910-022.jpgMrs George Hedderly note
HedderlyF050910-023.jpgHedderly notes
HedderlyF050910-024.jpgHedderly notes
HedderlyF050910-025.jpgEdwin Hedderly notes
HedderlyF050910-026.jpgGeorge Hedderly notes
HedderlyF050910-027.jpgHedderly notes
HedinF050910-029.jpgHedin notes
HedinF050910-030.jpgHedin notes
HedinF050910-031.jpgEsther Sophie Hedin memoir
HedinIMG.jpgEsther S Hedin obituary 05-02-1982
HedinIMG_0001.jpgEsther Sophie Hedin 06-16-1897 - 05-02-1982 obituary
HedtkeIMG.jpgDonald R Hedtke 02-06-2008 obituary
HeffelfingerF050910-045.jpgHeffelfinger family notes
HeffelfingerF050910-046.jpgFrank Heffelfinger note 1 of 2
HeffelfingerF050910-047.jpgFrank Heffelfinger note 2 of 2
HeffelfingerF050910-048.jpgHeffelfinger Automobiles
HeffelfingerF050910-049.jpgHeffelfinger Shoes advertisement
HeffelfingerF050910-050.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050910-051.jpgC B Heffelfinger article 1 of 4
HeffelfingerF050910-052.jpgC B Heffelfinger....2 of 4
HeffelfingerF050910-053.jpgC B Heffelfinger....3 of 4
HeffelfingerF050910-054.jpgC B Heffelfinger....4 of 4
HeffelfingerF050910-055.jpgC B Heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050910-056.jpgHeffelfinger note
HeffelfingerF050910-057.jpgMr and Mrs Totton Heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050910-058.jpgFrank Heffelfinger heads campaign
HeffelfingerF050910-059.jpgF Peavey Heffelfinger Honored
HeffelfingerF050910-060.jpgMrs and Mrs F Peavey heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050910-061.jpgHeffelfinger Holiday Home Tour...
HeffelfingerF050911-001.jpgHeffelfinger article
HeffelfingerF050911-002.jpgGeorge W P Heffelfinger Obituary
HeffelfingerF050911-003.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger Planned Parenthood 1 of 2
HeffelfingerF050911-004.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger....2 of 2
HeffelfingerF050911-005.jpgMrs Peavey Heffelfinger Attend Blake Homecoming
HeffelfingerF050911-006.jpgHeffelfinger Retires....
HeffelfingerF050911-007.jpgRosalie Heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050911-008.jpgHeffelfinger Christmas Memories
HeffelfingerF050911-009.jpgHeffelfinger Family Tree
HeffelfingerF050911-010.jpgHeffelfinger to Revive Family Christmas Play
HeffelfingerF050911-011.jpgTotton P Heffelfinger article
HeffelfingerF050911-012.jpgFrank and Laura Peavey Heffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050911-013.jpgOtton Peavey Heffelfinger Obituary
HeffelfingerF050911-014.jpgTom Heffelfinger campaign material 1 of 3
HeffelfingerF050911-015.jpgTom Heffelfinger....2 of 3
HeffelfingerF050911-016.jpgTom Heffelfinger....3 of 3
HeffelfingerF050911-017.jpgHeffelfinger Board Trustee
HeffelfingerF050911-018.jpgHeffelfinger article
HeffelfingerF050911-019.jpgHeffelfinger has lake-area supporters
HeffelfingerF050911-020.jpgFrank Heffelfinger Christmas of Highcroft
HeffelfingerF050911-021.jpgFrank T Heffelfingers Revive Tradition.....
HeffelfingerF050911-022.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger Has Been GOP Power
HeffelfingerF050911-023.jpgHeffelfinger Tales from Tonka
HeffelfingerF050911-024.jpgMr and Mrs F Peavey Heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050911-025.jpgHeffelfinger Heilier Winslow Rat Trap Bow
HeffelfingerF050911-026.jpgFrank Peavey Heffelfinger Obituary
HeffelfingerF050911-027.jpgF Peavey Heffelfinger Obituary
HeffelfingerF050911-028.jpgHeffelfinger Africa trip....
HeffelfingerF050911-029.jpgMark Heffelfinger shares impressions..... 1 of 2
HeffelfingerF050911-030.jpgMark Heffelfinger....2 of 2
HeffelfingerF050911-031.jpgHeffelfinger - Nick Morrison ordained....
HeffelfingerF050912-001.jpgHeffelfinger - Samuel Bell Jr engagement
HeffelfingerF050912-002.jpgKatherine Lewis Heffelfinger engagement
HeffelfingerF050912-003.jpgFrank Peavey Heffelfinger A thank you...
HeffelfingerF050912-004.jpgHeffelfinger golf tourney....
HeffelfingerF050912-005.jpgTom Heffelfinger says decoy cases....
HeffelfingerF050912-006.jpgRosalie Hefffelfinger newspaper article
HeffelfingerF050912-007.jpgHeffelfinger opening of library
HeffelfingerF050912-008.jpgHeffelfinger She attains ordination.....
HeffelfingerF050912-009.jpgTotton Heffelfinger Unveils Golf Course Plan....
HeffelfingerF050912-010.jpgRuth Heffelfinger marriage
HeffelfingerF050912-011.jpgMildred Heffelfinger Obituary
HeffelfingerF050912-012.jpgF Peavey Heffelfinger Obituary
HeffelfingerF050912-013.jpgMarcus P Heffelfinger marriage
HeffelfingerF050912-014.jpgMary Jane Heffelfinger Jinx Obituary
HeffelfingerF050912-015.jpgMrs F Peavey Heffelfinger and Mrs John S Dalrymple
HeffelfingerF050912-016.jpgFrank P Heffelfinger Jr put on probation
HeffelfingerF050912-017.jpgTom Heffelfinger to seek county attorney post
HeffelfingerF050912-018.jpgMrs Heffelfinger newspaper article
HeffelfingerF050912-019.jpgTotton Heffelfingers article
HeffelfingerF050912-020.jpgHeffelfinger - Samuel Bell Obituary
HeffelfingerF050912-021.jpgFrank T Heffelfinger newspaper article
HeffelfingerF050912-022.jpgMrs George W P Heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050912-023.jpgGeorge Heffelfinger newspaper article
HeffelfingerF050912-024.jpgTom Heffelfinger seeks job....
HeffelfingerF050912-025.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger Obituary
HeffelfingerF050912-026.jpgMr and Mrs F Peavey Heffelfinger - Wendell Willkie II article
HeffelfingerF050912-027.jpgElsmore Anderson Heffelfinger (Fritzi) Obituary
HeffelfingerF050912-028.jpgCharles Heffelfinger note
HeffelfingerF050912-029.jpgFrank P Heffelfinger Jr accused of smuggling jewels
HeffelfingerF050912-030.jpgMrs F T Heffelfinger Knitting Class
HeffelfingerF050912-031.jpgF Peavey Heffelfinger Governor honors...
HeffelfingerF050912-032.jpgF P Heffelfinger Jr leaving Peavey...
HeffelfingerF050912-033.jpgMrs George W P Heffelfinger Pre-Nuptial Parties
HeffelfingerF050912-034.jpgHeffelfinger newspaper article 1 of 2
HeffelfingerF050912-035.jpgHeffelfinger newspaper.....2 of 2
HeffelfingerF050912-036.jpgRuth J Heffelfinger Obituary
HeffelfingerF050912-037.jpgHeffelfinger A Farm on the Prairie
HeffelfingerF050912-038.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-039.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-040.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050912-041.jpgTotten Heffelfinger, Source: From This Land, 1989 1 of 4
HeffelfingerF050912-042.jpgTotten Heffelfinger....2 of 4
HeffelfingerF050912-043.jpgTotten Heffelfinger....3 of 4
HeffelfingerF050912-044.jpgTotten Heffelfinger....4 of 4
HeffelfingerF050912-045.jpgElizabeth Bradley Heffelfinger minced no words 1 of 5
HeffelfingerF050912-046.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger....2 of 5
HeffelfingerF050912-047.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger....3 of 5
HeffelfingerF050912-048.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger....4 of 5
HeffelfingerF050912-049.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger....5 of 5
HeffelfingerF050912-050.jpgMark Heffelfinger World Vision trip to Africa.... 1 of 2
HeffelfingerF050912-051.jpgMark Heffelfinger World....2 of 2
HeffelfingerF050912-052.jpgTotten Heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050912-055.jpgHeffelfinger - Ferndale Avenue
HeffelfingerF050912-056.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-057.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-058.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-059.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-060.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-061.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-062.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-063.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-064.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-065.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-066.jpgHeffelfinger notes
HeffelfingerF050912-067.jpgHeffelfinger - Nick Morrison article
HeffelfingerF050912-068.jpgTom Heffelfiner decides not to run....
HeffelfingerF050912-069.jpgHeidi Heffelfinger engagement
HeffelfingerF050912-070.jpgFrank Heffelfinger
HeffelfingerF050912-072.jpgHeffelfinger - Highcroft
HeffelfingerF050912-073.jpgHeffelfinger - newspaper article
HeffelfingerF050912-074.jpgHeffelfinger article
HeffelfingerF050912-075.jpgGeorge W P Heffelfinger theft
HeffelfingerF050912-076.jpgHeffelfinger For Sale article
HeffelfingerF050912-077.jpgF Peavey Heffelfinger Given Agricultural Award
HeffelfingerF050912-078.jpgHeffelfinger Home Being Torn Down
HeffelfingerF050912-079.jpgHeffelfinger landmark
HeffelfingerHeffelfinger farm scene_0001.jpgHeffelfinger farm - Judy Heller
HeffelfingerHeffelfinger farm scene_0002.jpgHeffelfinger farm - from Judy Heller
HeffelfingerHeffelfinger farm scene_0003.jpgHeffelfinger farm - from Judy Heller
HeffelfingerHeffelfinger farm scene_0004.jpgHeffelfinger farm - from Judy Heller
HeffelfingerIMG.jpgMildred Heffelfinger obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 50
HeffelfingerIMG_0001.jpgTotton Peavey (Tot) Heffelfinger obituary NOTE orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 21
HeffelfingerIMG_0002.jpgElsmore Anderson [Fritz] Heffelfinger obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 10
HeffelfingerIMG_0004.jpgElizabeth Heffelfinger obituary 12-23-1981
HeffelfingerIMG_0005.jpgMrs Frank Heffelfinger note
HeffelfingerIMG_0006.jpgNancy Heffelfinger obituary April, 1980
HeffelfingerIMG_0007.jpgF Peavey Heffelfinger oibutary 08-14-1979
HehlBox 9-Merz Family Threshing_0024.jpgA C Hehl Meat Market, 1907
HehlBuckhorn ad cropped.jpgHehl - The Buckhorn advertisement
HehlF050907-020.jpgChristian Hehl meat market and home on Main Street, Long Lake MN, Photo by F Franske, 3006 Garfield Avenue, Minneapolis
HehlF050907-044.jpgKatherine Hehl Obituary
HehlF050907-045.jpgA C Hehl article
HehlF050907-047.jpgOliver Hehl accident
HehlF050907-052.jpgAugust C Hehl Obituary
HehlF050907-053.jpgA C Hehl Horses For Sale
HehlF050907-055.jpgAug C Hehl - insurance policy
HehlF050907-058.jpgHale - Row of Willows, shade for Hehl's Butchery, taken 1980
HehlF050907-059.jpgGrandma Hehl, other Hehl family members
HehlF050910-033.jpgKipp Hale newspaper article
HehlF050910-034.jpgBessie Hehl Smith, wife of John Smith
HehlF050910-035.jpgKipp Hale with magalethoscope 1971
HehlF050910-036.jpgAugust Hehl summons
HehlF050910-037.jpgMrs August Hehl meets with fatal accident
HehlF050910-038.jpgA C Hehl meat market article
HehlF050910-039.jpgAugust Hehl Grand Thanksgiving Dance
HehlF050910-040.jpgF C Hehl Long Lake Meat Market advertisement
HehlF050910-041.jpgA C Hehl Long Lake Meat Market advertisement
HehlF050910-042.jpgHehl notes
HehlF050910-043.jpgHehl - The Buckhorn advertisement
HehlF050910-044.jpgOliver Hehl Bud
HehlIMG.jpgClifford, Helen and Oliver Hehl notice of illness 03-15-1917
HehlIMG_0001.jpgKip Hehl letter 08-10-1972
HehlIMG_0002.jpgOliver (Bud) Hehl obituary, September 1955 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 357
HehlIMG_0003.jpgKathryn Germunder Hehl notes
HehlIMG_0017-17.jpgAugust Hehl's Meat Market and Livery
HehlIMG_0018-18.jpgAugust Hehl's 1906
HehlIMG_0026-3.jpgClifford & Bud Hehl
HehlIMG_0046.jpgChristian Hehl note
HehlIMG_0047.jpgLong Lake - Christian Hehl Deed 03-26-1900 1 of 3
HehlIMG_0048.jpgLong Lake - Christian Hehl....2 of 3
HehlIMG_0049.jpgLong Lake - Christian Hehl....3 of 3
HehlIMG_0051-3.jpgVernon Hehl
HehlIMG_0055-3.jpgVernon Hehl
HehlIMG_0097.jpgAugust Hehl rental Sheep Lane on creek into Long Lake, north of Buckhorn Cafe, Plat 59010, Parcel 8725
HehlIMG_0098.jpgAugust Hehl rental Sheep Lane, Plat 59010, Parcel 7825
HehlIMG_0099.jpgAugust Hehl, Kipp's father, Sheep Lane Plat 59010, Parcel 8750, Lot 1-5, Blk 9
HehlIMG_0100.jpgAugust Hehl, Sheep Lane, ntoe Case's barn in rear. Plat 59010, Parcel 7850, Blk 9, Lot 1-5
HehlIMG_0102.jpgAugust Hehl shed, Sheep lane, Note Case's barn in background. Plat 59010, Parcel 7825, Blk 8
HehlIMG_0115-06.jpgJ C Hehl Livery, 1880
HehlIMG_0119-06.jpgJ C Hehl (Hale), L-R: John Kysor; A.C. (Hale); Doc Thomas
HehlLong Lake Extra1-IMG_0015.jpgJ C Hehl Livery, 1880
HeidelbergerF050912-080.jpgHeidelberger - Gladus Hanus Pobuda article
HeidelbergerF050912-081.jpgHeidelberger - Jim Hanus
HeidelbergerF050912-082.jpgAdolph Heidelberg Wants and For Sale
HeidelbergerF050912-083.jpgHeidelberger - Bertha E Hughes memoir
HeidelbergerF050912-084.jpgJacob Heidelberger plat info
HeidelbergerF050912-085.jpgHeidelberger notes
HeidelbergerF050912-086.jpgHeidelberger notes
HeidelbergerF050912-087.jpgHeidelberger The brothers Hanus-.. article
HeidelbergerF050912-088.jpgKasper Heidelberger, Wayzata High 1924
HeimbackF050912-089.jpgGottfried Heimback plat info
HeinemanIMG.jpgFrederick Edgar Heinemann obituary January 1979
HeinrichF050912-090.jpgAdelaide W Heinrich Obituary
HeinrichF050912-091.jpgAdell Heinrich note
HeinzenF050912-092.jpgHarvey Heinzen notes 1 of 2
HeinzenF050912-093.jpgHarvey Heinzen notes 2 of 2
HeinzenF050912-094.jpgHeinzen - Back: Alfred Theis, Mamie Kohnen Front: Jacob Heinzen, Margaret Spurzem, Jacob and Margaret married 11-30-1901
HeinzenF050913-002.jpgAgnes Heinzen 100th birthday
HeinzenF050913-003.jpgRich and Betty Heinzen 50th wedding anniversary
HeinzenF050913-004.jpgMrs Ben Heinzen article
HeinzenF050913-005.jpgMr and Mrs Ben Heinzen birth of twin boys
HeinzenF050913-006.jpgStaff Sgt James H Heinzen marriage
HeinzenF050913-007.jpgElizabeth Love Heinzen marriage
HeinzenF050913-008.jpgAgnes Heinzen birthday
HeinzenF050913-009.jpgAgnes Heinzen 95th birthday
HeinzenF050913-010.jpgHarvey Heinzen
HeinzenF050913-011.jpgDarlene Debby Heinzen engagement
HeinzenF050913-012.jpgAgnes P Heinzen memoir
HeinzenF050913-013.jpgShawn Heinzen letter to the editor
HeinzenF050913-014.jpgHarvey J Heinzen Obituary
HeinzenF050913-015.jpgHarvey Heinzen Scenes from childhood
HeinzenF050913-016.jpgHeinzen notes
HeinzenF050913-017.jpgHarvey and Florence Heinzen estate auction
HeinzenF050913-018.jpgHubert Heinzen notes
HeinzenF050913-019.jpgHerb and Lillian Heinzen newspaper article
HeinzenF050913-020.jpgHeinzen Golden
HeinzenF050913-022.jpgHeinzen family
HeinzenIMG.jpgMrs Jacob Heinzen obituary 1955 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 354
HeinzenIMG_0001.jpgAgnes [Godfrey] Heinzen obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, box number 10, page 18
HeiraasIMG.jpgSelma Heiraas obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 7
HeistermanF050913-023.jpgMargaret E Hesterman
HellierF050913-024.jpgHellier family notes 1 of 15
HellierF050913-025.jpgHellier family....2 of 15
HellierF050913-026.jpgHellier family....3 of 15
HellierF050913-027.jpgHellier family....4 of 15
HellierF050913-028.jpgHellier family....5 of 15
HellierF050913-029.jpgHellier family....6 of 15
HellierF050913-030.jpgHellier family....7 of 15
HellierF050913-031.jpgHellier family....8 of 15
HellierF050913-032.jpgHellier family....9 of 15
HellierF050913-033.jpgHellier family....10 of 15
HellierF050913-034.jpgHellier family....11 of 15
HellierF050913-035.jpgHellier family....12 of 15
HellierF050913-036.jpgHellier family....13 of 15
HellierF050913-037.jpgHellier family....14 of 15
HellierF050913-038.jpgHellier family....15 of 15
HellierF050913-039.jpgHellier notes
HellierF050913-041.jpgHellier notes
HellierF050913-042.jpgHellier notes
HellierF050913-043.jpgHellier notes
HellierF050913-044.jpgHellier notes
HellierF050913-045.jpgHellier notes
HellierF050913-046.jpgHellier home notes
HellierF050913-047.jpgHellier home
HellierF050913-048.jpgHellier note
HellierF050913-049.jpgG S Hellier note
HellierF050913-050.jpgNellie Hellier note
HellierF050913-051.jpgHellier brothers note
HellierF050913-052.jpgL A Hellier note
HellierF050913-053.jpgHellier notes
HellierF050913-054.jpgHellier notes 1 of 3
HellierF050913-055.jpgHellier notes 2 of 3
HellierF050913-056.jpgHellier notes 3 of 3
HellierIMG_0001.jpgThomas Hellier - In 1875 Thomas Hellier moved from Minneapolis to Long Lake where he had a position in the flour mills of Crosby and Syme. In 1878 he went to Europe in the interest of The Milling Company (see Mtka Herald 03-10-1949). Photo of Long Lake Flour Mill 1878 (before remodeling). Note the boxcars on spur track
HellierIMG_0002.jpgJohn Hellier - Long Lake Cooper Shop 1878, where John worked. This stood between the railroad overpass of County Road 45 and the Lake-on The Bank. (A story appeared of this in the Minnetonka Herald 03-24-1949). (Earlier than this there were 2 cooper shops-simultaneously one on lower and one by the saw mill-South Long Lake)
HelmF060602-096.jpgBarbara Helm
HelmIMG.jpgHarriet Helm Wed California Graduate 06-22-1939
HendelF050918-001.jpgHendel notes
HendelF050918-002.jpgJulius Hendel Life Member
HendelF050918-003.jpgJ Hendel Etats-Unis
HendelF050918-004.jpgHendel house (originally Barnard)
HendelF050918-005.jpgJ Hendel checks
HendelF050918-006.jpgHendel - Marvin Borman article
HendelF050918-007.jpgJulius Hendel ...quick look at:
HendelF050918-008.jpgJulius Hendel Inauguration Delegate
HendelF050918-009.jpgHendel notes
HendelF050918-010.jpgHendel - possibly Marvin Borman, a son-in-law
HendelF050918-011.jpgHendel - Fruitland Farm bank statement
HendelF050918-012.jpgElizabeth Shirley Hendel marriage
HendelF050918-013.jpgElizabeth Shirley Hendel Borman
HendelF050918-014.jpgHendel note
HendelF050918-015.jpgHendel notes 1 of 3
HendelF050918-016.jpgHendel notes 2 of 3
HendelF050918-017.jpgHendel notes 3 of 3
HendelF050918-018.jpgHendel - Fruit Farm
HendelF050918-019.jpghendel - Aboard SS Santa Isabel of Grace Line, leaving Vesperado, Cila 3-20-1947
HendelF050918-020.jpgJulius Hendel, Dr
HendelF050918-021.jpgMrs Julius Hendel
HendelF050918-022.jpgJohn Hendel The Mill Mixture 1 of 5
HendelF050918-023.jpgJohn Hendel....2 of 5
HendelF050918-024.jpgJohn Hendel....3 of 5
HendelF050918-025.jpgJohn Hendel....4 of 5
HendelF050918-026.jpgJohn Hendel....5 of 5
HendelF050918-027.jpgJulius Hendel notes
HendelF050918-028.jpgJulius Hendel American Assoc. of Cereal Chemists
HendelF050918-029.jpgHendel autograph book
HendelF050918-030.jpgHendel - Michael Millen and Marvin L Borman autographs
HendelIMG.jpgHelen Hendel obituary 02-19-1987, old Fruitland Farm-N.E. corner of No 51 and Old Crystal Bay Road. NOTE; original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 14
HendersonF050914-027.jpgJohn T Henderson plat info
HendersonF050914-028.jpgHenderson note
HendersonIMG.jpgGilbert Henderson obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
HendersonIMG_0001.jpgC H Henderson note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 223
HendersonIMG_0002.jpgAgnes (mangen) Henderson obituary 11-17-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 37
HendersonIMG_0003.jpgC W Henderson note
HendersonIMG_0004.jpgFaye Henderson note
HendricksF050914-029.jpgPeter Henricks plat info
HendricksF050914-030.jpgHendricks note
HendricksonF050914-031.jpgArt Hendrickson Resortman's Prize Catch
HendricksonF050914-032.jpgHendrickson notes
HenningF050914-033.jpgEdwin Henning Obituary
HenningF050914-034.jpgHenning notes
HenningF050914-035.jpgErnest and Minnie Henning notes 1 of 2
HenningF050914-036.jpgErnest and Minnie Henning notes 2 of 2
HentschelF050913-117.jpgHentschell - Hattie, Fred and baby Grace Hentschel, June 1901
HentschelF050913-118.jpgJoe Rosch Jr, age 1, 8-31-1925
HentschelF050913-119.jpgHattie and Grace Hentschel
HentschelF050913-120.jpgHentschell - Mothers Day 1986 - Front: Grace Rosch, Linda Rosch Pieper, Mrs Joe, Jr. Back: Mary Rosch, Gary Rosch, Mr Pieper, Joe Rosch, Jr
HentschelF050914-001.jpgFred William Hentschel insurance policy
HentschelF050914-002.jpgIda Hentschell marriage
HentschelF050914-003.jpgFred Hentschel Letter to the Editory
HentschelF050914-004.jpgEd Hentchel 53rd birthday
HentschelF050914-005.jpgElla Mary Hartman Hentschell Obituary
HentschelF050914-006.jpgMr Hentchell and Hattie article
HentschelF050914-007.jpgMrs Hentschell article
HentschelF050914-008.jpgMr and Mrs Hentschell move
HentschelF050914-009.jpgFred W Hentschel Obituary
HentschelF050914-010.jpgWaldon G Hentschel memoir
HentschelF050914-011.jpgFredrick Hentschel family notes
HentschelF050914-012.jpgHentschell notes
HentschelF050914-013.jpgIda Hentschell marriage
HentschelF050914-014.jpgHentschell notes
HentschelF050914-015.jpgHentschell notes
HentschelF050914-016.jpgHentschell notes
HentschelF050914-017.jpgHentschell notes
HentschelF050914-018.jpgHentschell - Left: Helen Hentschel Right: Vera W?
HentschelF050914-019.jpgHentschel - L-R: Frank Hentschell, Fred Butterfield, Steve T?, George Hoffman, Joe Rosch, Fall 1976
HentschelF050914-021.jpgHentschell valentine greedings
HentschelF050914-022.jpgHentschell -get well card
HentschelF050914-023.jpgHentschell notes 4 of 4
HentschelF050914-024.jpgHentschell notes 1 of 4
HentschelF050914-025.jpgHentschell notes 2 of 4
HentschelF050914-026.jpgHentschell notes 3 of 4
HentschelF060602-048.jpgWaldon G Hentschel Obituary
HentschelIMG_0001.jpgElla Mary [Hartman] Hentschel note
HentschelIMG_0002.jpgHattie Hentschel note
Hentschelobit.jpgGertrude Berna Hentschel (Toad) obituary
HentschellF050913-117.jpgHentschell - Hattie, Fred and baby Grace Hentschel, June 1901
HentschellF050913-118.jpgJoe Rosch Jr, age 1, 8-31-1925
HentschellF050913-119.jpgHattie and Grace Hentschel
HentschellF050913-120.jpgHentschell - Mothers Day 1986 - Front: Grace Rosch, Linda Rosch Pieper, Mrs Joe, Jr. Back: Mary Rosch, Gary Rosch, Mr Pieper, Joe Rosch, Jr
HentschellF050914-001.jpgFred William Hentschel insurance policy
HentschellF050914-002.jpgIda Hentschell marriage
HentschellF050914-003.jpgFred Hentschel Letter to the Editory
HentschellF050914-004.jpgEd Hentchel 53rd birthday
HentschellF050914-005.jpgElla Mary Hartman Hentschell Obituary
HentschellF050914-006.jpgMr Hentchell and Hattie article
HentschellF050914-007.jpgMrs Hentschell article
HentschellF050914-008.jpgMr and Mrs Hentschell move
HentschellF050914-009.jpgFred W Hentschel Obituary
HentschellF050914-010.jpgWaldon G Hentschel memoir
HentschellF050914-011.jpgFredrick Hentschel family notes
HentschellF050914-012.jpgHentschell notes
HentschellF050914-013.jpgIda Hentschell marriage
HentschellF050914-014.jpgHentschell notes
HentschellF050914-015.jpgHentschell notes
HentschellF050914-016.jpgHentschell notes
HentschellF050914-017.jpgHentschell notes
HentschellF050914-018.jpgHentschell - Left: Helen Hentschel Right: Vera W?
HentschellF050914-019.jpgHentschel - L-R: Frank Hentschell, Fred Butterfield, Steve T?, George Hoffman, Joe Rosch, Fall 1976
HentschellF050914-021.jpgHentschell valentine greedings
HentschellF050914-022.jpgHentschell -get well card
HentschellF050914-023.jpgHentschell notes 4 of 4
HentschellF050914-024.jpgHentschell notes 1 of 4
HentschellF050914-025.jpgHentschell notes 2 of 4
HentschellF050914-026.jpgHentschell notes 3 of 4
HentschellF060602-048.jpgWaldon G Hentschel Obituary
HentschellIMG_0001.jpgElla Mary [Hartman] Hentschel note
HentschellIMG_0002.jpgHattie Hentschel note
Hentschellobit.jpgGertrude Berna Hentschel (Toad) obituary
HerbigF050914-037.jpgHerbig family notes
HerbigF050914-038.jpgDarlyn Herbig 6th birthday
HerbigF050914-039.jpgHerbig notes
HerbigF060602-092.jpgHeinrich E Herbig Bravery Medal
HerbigIMG.jpgRaymond R Herbig obituary 09-15-1982
HerbstIMG.jpgBernice M Herbst obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 7
HerderF050914-040.jpgAlbert Herder plat info
HermanF050914-041.jpgEdward Herman Obituary
HermanF050914-042.jpgEd Herman newspaper article
HermanF050914-043.jpgEd Herman Meet Trader 1 of 2
HermanF050914-044.jpgEd Herman....2 of 2
HermanF050914-045.jpgEd Herman article
HermanF050914-046.jpgEd Herman estate auction
HermanIMG.jpgInez Z Hermann memoriam 05-14-1907 - 03-05-1991
HermanIMG_0001.jpgWilhelmina W Herman family tree 1 of 2
HermanIMG_0002.jpgWilhelmina W Herman family tree 2 of 2
HermanIMG_0003.jpgEd Herman Meet Trader Ed Herman 06-04-1975
HermanIMG_0004.jpgEdith H Herman obituary 10-10-1983
HermanIMG_0005.jpgEdith (Edie) H Herman obituary 10-10-1983
HerumF050914-047.jpgMr and Mrs Hardor Herum 60th wedding anniversary
HerumF050914-048.jpgArthur and Ardelle Herum 25th anniversary
HerumF050914-049.jpgHaldur C Herum interview
HerumIMG.jpgHaldor C Herum obituary 02-23-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 7
HerumIMG_0001.jpgHaldor C Herum obituary, long time clerk in Independence NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 7
HerumIMG_0002.jpgHaldor C Herum obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 7
HerumIMG_0003.jpgAida M Herum obituary, December 1982, Long time Indepence Clerk
HerveyF050914-050.jpgSamuel Hervey plat info
HibbertF050914-051.jpgJ S Hibert notes
HibbertF050914-052.jpgHibert family notes
HibbertF050914-053.jpgHilbert family notes
HibbertF050914-054.jpgJ S Hibbert home destroyed
HibbertF050914-055.jpgJ S Hibbert
HickockF050914-056.jpgHickock note
HickockF050914-057.jpgMrs Leonard Hicock Obituary
HickockF050914-058.jpgHickock article
HigginsF050915-079.jpgLorenze Higgins plat info
HigginsF050915-080.jpgHiggins note
HigusF050914-059.jpgGenevieve A Higus Obituary
HillF050914-060.jpgAlexander and Sarah Drysdale Hill notes
HillF050914-061.jpgMinerva Harriet Hill memoir
HillF050914-062.jpgHill family notes
HillF050914-063.jpgSam Hill article
HillF050914-064.jpgHill family notes 1 of 2
HillF050914-065.jpgHill family notes 2 of 2
HillF050914-066.jpgSamuel Hill note
HillF050914-067.jpgHill family notes
HillF050914-068.jpgFrances Hill plat info
HillF050914-069.jpgA Fowell Hill plat info
HillF050914-071.jpgNathan B Hill, Dr. notes
HillF050914-072.jpgSally Hill PTCA's Moderator
HillF050914-073.jpgHibbert M Hill article
HillF050914-074.jpgJ J Hill Obituary
HillF050914-075.jpgHorace P Hill note
HillF050914-076.jpgHill family interview
HillF050914-077.jpgMrs H W Hill article
HillF050915-001.jpgMrs A Hill birthday
HillF050915-002.jpgFlorence Stevenson Hill Obituary
HillF050915-003.jpgMurray Alexander Hill Obituary
HillF050915-004.jpgHoward C Hill memoir
HillF050915-006.jpgJames J Hill age 25
HillF050915-007.jpgHill - Janney, Semple, Hill & Co receipt
HillF050915-008.jpgSteve Hill article
HillF050915-009.jpgSandy Hill (Alexander G) article
HillF050915-010.jpgHill Did You Know
HillF050915-011.jpgHib Hill Freshwater Biological Research Foundation
HillF050915-012.jpgHill notes 2 of 2
HillF050915-013.jpgHill notes 1 of 2
HillF050915-014.jpgSteve and Betsy Hill letter
HillF050915-015.jpgHill Debra Drewlow Farm Wife
HillF050915-016.jpgSally Hill article
HillF050915-018.jpgSally Hill article
HillF050915-019.jpgCora Hill article
HillF050915-020.jpgMurray and Clara Hill
HillF050915-021.jpgAlexander hill
HillF050915-022.jpgAdele Hill
HillF050915-023.jpgMr and Mrs Alexander Hill 55th anniversary
HillF050915-024.jpgJames J Hill A family furor 1 of 2
HillF050915-025.jpgJames J Hill A....2 of 2
HillF050915-026.jpgAlexander G Hill ballroom 1 of 2
HillF050915-027.jpgAlexander G Hill....2 of 2
HillF050915-028.jpgAlexander Hill family notes 1 of 2
HillF050915-029.jpgAlexander Hill family notes 2 of 2
HillF050915-030.jpgHill notes
HillF050915-031.jpgGrace Hill interview
HillF050915-032.jpgLillian Hill Hauser note
HillF050915-033.jpgLillian Hill Hauser note
HillF050915-034.jpgLillian Hauser notes
HillIMG.jpgHill - Mr and Mrs Alexander Hill 55 Anniversary Is Celebrated
HillIMG_0001-1.jpgAlexander Hill note
HillIMG_0002-2.jpgSarah [Drysdale] Hill note
HillIMG_0002.jpgSara Drysdale Hill NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 277
HillIMG_0003.jpgHenry Whitmore Hill obituary 09-09-1978
HillIMG_0004.jpgMabel C Hill obituary 09-23-1978
HillIMG_0005.jpgHibbert Mosse Hill obituary 03-03-1983
HillIMG_0006.jpgHenry Whitmore Hill obituary 09-09-1978
HillIMG_0007.jpgHarry D Hill obituary 05-28-1982
HillIMG_0008.jpgHoward C Hill obituary 11-26-1983
HillIMG_0009.jpgMary M [McLaughlin] Hill obituary 08-18-1979
HillIM_0001.jpgHenrietta B Hill obituary 03-07-1990 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 31
HillstromF050915-035.jpgElsie Hillstrom estate auction
HillstromF050915-036.jpgHeather Hillstrom
HillstromF050915-037.jpgDale Hillstrom Obituary
HillstromF050915-038.jpgInga J Hillstrom Obituary
HillstromF050915-039.jpgGlenn R Hillstrom memoir
HillstromF050915-040.jpgHillstrom notes
HillstromF050915-041.jpgHillstrom notes
HillstromF050915-042.jpgHillstrom notes
HillstromF050915-043.jpgHillstrom notes
HillstromF050915-044.jpgHillstrom notes
HillstromIMG.jpgDale Hilstrom obituary 1953. NOTE: original document located in box entitiled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 295
HillstromIMG_0001.jpgClifford "Shorty" Hillstrom note
HiltonF050915-045.jpgMildred Hilton Crawford letter
HiltonF050915-046.jpgHilton letter 1 of 2
HiltonF050915-047.jpgHilton letter 2 of 2
HiltonF050915-048.jpgWilliam Hilton plat info
HiltonF050915-049.jpgWilliam Hilton family notes
HiltonF050915-050.jpgHilton letter 1 of 2
HiltonF050915-051.jpgHilton letter 2 of 2
HiltonF050915-052.jpgLot C Hilton family notes
HiltonF050915-053.jpgHilton family notes 1 of 2
HiltonF050915-054.jpgHilton family notes 2 of 2
HiltonF050915-055.jpgLeonard C Hilton notes
HiltonF050915-056.jpgLeonard Hilton interview
HiltonF050915-057.jpgClifford L Hilton Attorney General
HiltonF050915-058.jpgJohn Hilton III drowned in Mud Lake, Photo from Mrs Claude Cline of Bellingham, WA
HiltonF050915-059.jpgAllen Hilton, Photo from Mrs Claude Cline of Bellingham, WA
HiltonF050915-060.jpgSidney Hilton, World War I, Aitkin, MN. Photo from Mrs Claude Cline of Bellingham, WA
HiltonF050915-061.jpgRosie Hilton, only daughter of Lot's second marriage. Photo from Mrs Claude Cline of Bellingham, WA
HiltonF050915-062.jpgCharles H Hilton taken at Aitkin, MN. Photo from Mrs Claude Cline of Bellingham, WA
HiltonF050915-063.jpgCharles Edward Hilton born 7-22-1867, died 12-14-1923, buried at Cass Lake, MN, son of Lot Hilton
HiltonF050915-064.jpgLeonard Hilton and wife, descended from Lot Hilton
HiltonF050915-065.jpgHilton letter
HiltonF050915-066.jpgHilton notes
HiltonF050915-067.jpgHilton family notes
HiltonF050915-068.jpgHilton letter
HiltonF050915-069.jpgHilton notes
HiltonF050915-070.jpgHilton letter
HiltonF050915-071.jpgHilton letter
HiltonF050915-072.jpgHilton letter
HiltonF050915-073.jpgHilton letter 1 of 3
HiltonF050915-074.jpgHilton letter 2 of 3
HiltonF050915-075.jpgHilton letter 3 of 3
HiltonF050915-076.jpgHilton letter 1 of 3
HiltonF050915-077.jpgHilton letter 2 of 3
HiltonF050915-078.jpgHilton letter 3 of 3
HinmanF050915-081.jpgHinman family notes
HinmanF050915-082.jpgHinman letter 1 of 2
HinmanF050915-083.jpgHinman letter 2 of 2
HinmanF050915-084.jpgHinman notes
HinshawF050915-085.jpgHinshaw family notes
HinshawF050915-086.jpgIra Hinshaw note
HinshawF050915-088.jpgRose Clair Hinshaw Phyle Obituary
HintzF050915-089.jpgHintz family notes
HintzF050915-090.jpgMartha Hintz article
HintzF050915-091.jpgHintz notes
HinzeIMG_0001.jpgHenry W Heinze and Magie Mott marriage certificate 05-05-1915
HinzeIMG_0002.jpgHenry William Hinze Hank 04-02-1877 - 03-12-1947
HippeIMG.jpgOlena Hippee obituary
HiscockF050915-092.jpgMrs Leonard Hiscock Obituary
HiscockF050915-093.jpgJennie I Hiscock Obituary
HitsmanF050915-094.jpgTiffany Hitsman descendants 1 of 5
HitsmanF050915-095.jpgTiffany Hitsman....2 of 5
HitsmanF050915-096.jpgTiffany Hitsman....3 of 5
HitsmanF050915-097.jpgTiffany Hitsman....4 of 5
HitsmanF050915-098.jpgTiffany Hitsman....5 of 5
HitsmanF050915-099.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman genealogy 1 of 50
HitsmanF050915-100.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....2 of 50
HitsmanF050915-101.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....3 of 50
HitsmanF050915-102.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....4 of 50
HitsmanF050915-103.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....5 of 50
HitsmanF050915-104.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....6 of 50
HitsmanF050915-105.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....7 of 50
HitsmanF050915-106.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....8 of 50
HitsmanF050915-107.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....9 of 50
HitsmanF050915-108.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....10 of 50
HitsmanF050915-109.jpgWillliam and Tiffany Hitsman....11 of 50
HitsmanF050915-110.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....12 of 50
HitsmanF050915-111.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....13 of 50
HitsmanF050915-112.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....14 of 50
HitsmanF050915-113.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....15 of 50
HitsmanF050915-114.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....16 of 50
HitsmanF050915-115.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....17 of 50
HitsmanF050915-116.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....18 of 50
HitsmanF050915-117.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....19 of 50
HitsmanF050915-118.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....20 of 50
HitsmanF050915-119.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....21 of 50
HitsmanF050915-120.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....22 of 50
HitsmanF050915-121.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....23 of 50
HitsmanF050915-122.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....24 of 50
HitsmanF050915-123.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....25 of 50
HitsmanF050915-124.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....26 of 50
HitsmanF050915-125.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....27 of 50
HitsmanF050915-126.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....28 of 50
HitsmanF050915-127.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....29 of 50
HitsmanF050915-128.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....30 of 50
HitsmanF050915-129.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....31 of 50
HitsmanF050915-130.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....32 of 50
HitsmanF050915-131.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....33 of 50
HitsmanF050915-132.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....34 of 50
HitsmanF050915-133.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....35 of 50
HitsmanF050915-134.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....36 of 50
HitsmanF050915-135.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....37 of 50
HitsmanF050915-136.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....38 of 50
HitsmanF050915-137.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....39 of 50
HitsmanF050915-138.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....40 of 50
HitsmanF050915-139.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....41 of 50
HitsmanF050915-140.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....42 of 50
HitsmanF050915-141.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....43 of 50
HitsmanF050915-142.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....44 of 50
HitsmanF050915-143.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....45 of 50
HitsmanF050915-144.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....46 of 50
HitsmanF050915-145.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....47 of 50
HitsmanF050915-146.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....48 of 50
HitsmanF050915-147.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....49 of 50
HitsmanF050915-148.jpgWilliam and Tiffany Hitsman....50 of 50
HitsmanF050915-149.jpgHitsman letter 1 of 3
HitsmanF050915-150.jpgHitsman letter 2 of 3
HitsmanF050915-151.jpgHitsman letter 3 of 3
HitsmanF050915-152.jpgHitsman letter 1 of 3
HitsmanF050915-153.jpgHitsman letter 2 of 3
HitsmanF050915-154.jpgHitsman letter 3 of 3
HitsmanF050915-155.jpgHitsman family notes
HitsmanF050915-156.jpgTiffany Hitsman note
HitsmanF050915-157.jpgHitsman notes 1 of 3
HitsmanF050915-158.jpgHitsman notes 2 of 3
HitsmanF050915-159.jpgHitsman notes 3 of 3
HitsmanF050915-160.jpgHitsman L-R: Sarah Hitsman Mitchell, unknown, Delancey Mitchell, Beatrice Mitchell (Sarah's child), unknown
HitsmanF050915-161.jpgsee F050915-160
HitsmanF050915-162.jpgWilliam Hitsman family
HitsmanF050915-163.jpgWilliam Albert Hitsman Obituary
HitsmanF050915-164.jpgHitsman notes
HitsmanF050915-166.jpgHitsman notes
HitsmanF050915-167.jpgHitsman family note
HitsmanF050915-168.jpgTiffany Hitsman note
HitsmanIMG_0002.jpgHitsman....2 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0003.jpgHitsman....3 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0004.jpgHitsman....4 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0005.jpgHitsman....5 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0006.jpgHitsman....6 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0007.jpgHitsman....7 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0008.jpgHitsman....8 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0009.jpgHitsman....9 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0010.jpgHitsman....10 of 11
HitsmanIMG_0011.jpgHitsman....11 of 11
HixIMG.jpgRonald (Tom) Hix obituary 10-27-1981
HixIMG_0002.jpgRonald (Tom) Hix memoriam 01-14-1922 - 10-27-1981
HjulbergIMG.jpgHjalmer Hjulberg
HoagF050916-001.jpgMatilda Stinson Hoag note
HoagF050916-002.jpgHoag notes
HoagF050916-003.jpgHoag notes
HoagF050916-004.jpgHoag notes
HoagF050916-006.jpgHoag Club to Honor...
HoagF050916-007.jpgHoag article
HoaglandF050916-008.jpgHoaglund family notes 1 of 4
HoaglandF050916-009.jpgHoagland family....2 of 4
HoaglandF050916-010.jpgHoagland family....3 of 4
HoaglandF050916-011.jpgHoagland family....4 of 4
HoaglandF050916-012.jpgHoagland inteview with Dorothy Wakefield
HoaglandF050916-013.jpgHoagland family notes
HoaglandF050916-014.jpgHoagland commencent
HoaglandF050916-015.jpgLewis Hoagland and wife
HoaglandF050916-016.jpgWilliam Hoagland wife
HoaglandF050916-017.jpgWilliam Hoagland
HoaglandF050916-018.jpgHoagland notes
HoaglandF050916-019.jpgHoagland notes
HoaglandF050916-020.jpgHoagland notes
HoaglandF050916-021.jpgHoagland notes
HoaglandF050916-022.jpgHoagland notes
HoaglandIMG_0001.jpgErnest Hoaglund NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 273
HoaglundIMG.jpgErnest Hoaglund NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 273
HockingF050916-023.jpgGrace Shaw Hocking top second from right. Ladies group from Wayzata Congregational
HockingF050916-024.jpgE E Hocking third row third from end, Grace S Hocking second row second from end. Minstrel Show at Men's Club ww1
HockingF050916-025.jpgBruce G Hocking Obituary
HockingF050916-026.jpgGrace Shaw Hocking Obituary
HockingF050916-027.jpgGrace Shaw Hocking parcel shower
HockingF050916-028.jpgGrace Shaw Hocking marriage
HockingF050916-029.jpgGrace Shaw Hocking shower
HockingF050916-030.jpgHocking - Alexa Shaw Sea Serpent Abroad
HockingF050916-031.jpgErnest Hocking Obituary
HockingF050916-032.jpgErnest E Hocking Obituary
HockingF050916-033.jpgErnie Hocking Delivery Route....
HockingF050916-034.jpgGeorge Hocking family notes 1 of 2
HockingF050916-035.jpgGeorge Hocking family....2 of 2
HockingIMG.jpgGrace Shaw Hocking obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 3, page 21
Hodge IIIIMG.jpgKimball E Hodge III senior pastor of the Grace Baptist Church of Glendora, California, Linea Olson Husband, she of Stan and Eva (Bartel)
Hodge IIIIMG_0001.jpgKimbal Edward (Lad) Hodge obituary January 1981
HodgesIMG.jpgHoward Hodges obituary 1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 66
HoffmanF050916-036.jpgGeorge and Flora Hoffman notes
HoffmanF050916-037.jpgGeorge Hoffman note
HoffmanF050916-038.jpgGeorge John Hoffman notes
HoffmanF050916-039.jpgHoffman notes
HoffmanF050916-040.jpgGeorge Hoffman Obituary
HoffmanF050916-041.jpgFlora Hoffman Obituary
HoffmanF050916-042.jpgMr and Mrs Harry Hoffman Motor Party
HoffmanF050916-043.jpgFlorence Hoffman Wayzata High 1918
HoffmanF050916-044.jpgAlice Hoffman Wayzata High 1922
HoffmanF050916-045.jpgHoffman notes
HoffmanF050916-046.jpgHoffman notes
HoffmanF050916-047.jpgHoffman notes
HoffmanF050916-048.jpgHoffman notes
HoffmanF050916-049.jpgHoffman notes
HoffmanIMG.jpgGeorge Hoffman note NOTE: orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 228
HoffmanIMG_0001.jpgAlice Huntsberger JHoffman notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, inside cover
HoffmanIMG_0002.jpgGeorge Hoffman note
HoglandIMG.jpgErnie Hogland note
HoglinIMG.jpgMildred Hoglin obituary 02-18-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 11
HoglinIMG_0001.jpgMildred C Hoglin memoriam 03-14-1917 - 02-18-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 12
HohensteinF050916-050.jpgHohenstein family notes
HohensteinF050916-051.jpgGilbert Hohenstein and Ed Ice
HohensteinF050916-052.jpgKenneth Hohenstein
HohensteinF050916-053.jpgMr and Mrs Gilbert Hohenstein
HohensteinF050916-054.jpgGilbert Hohenstein note
HohensteinF050916-055.jpgAden Hohenstein family notes
HohensteinF050916-056.jpgHohenstein family notes
HohrmanIMG_0002.jpgLloyd A Hohrman obituary 01-02-2000
HoisingtonF050916-057.jpgEarl Hoisington notes 1 of 4
HoisingtonF050916-058.jpgEarl Hoisington....2 of 4
HoisingtonF050916-059.jpgEarl Hoisington....3 of 4
HoisingtonF050916-060.jpgEarl Hoisington....4 of 4
HoisingtonF050916-061.jpgGeorge W Hoisington family notes 1 of 5
HoisingtonF050916-062.jpgGeorge Hoisington....2 of 5
HoisingtonF050916-063.jpgGeorge Hoisington....3 of 5
HoisingtonF050916-064.jpgGeorge Hoisington....4 of 5
HoisingtonF050916-065.jpgGeorge Hoisington....5 of 5
HoisingtonF050916-066.jpgEarl Hoisington plat info
HoisingtonF050916-067.jpgGeorge W Hoisington family notes
HoisingtonF050916-068.jpgEarl Hoisington family notes 1 of 3
HoisingtonF050916-069.jpgEarl Hoisington family....2 of 3
HoisingtonF050916-070.jpgGeorge W Hoisington death
HoisingtonF050916-071.jpgEarl Hoisington Obituary
HoisingtonF050916-072.jpgEarl Hoisington family....3 of 3
HoisingtonF050916-073.jpgHoisington notes
HoisingtonF050916-074.jpgHoisington notes
HoisingtonF050916-075.jpgHoisington notes
HoisingtonF050916-076.jpgHoisington notes
HoisingtonF050916-077.jpgHoisington notes
HoisingtonF050916-078.jpgEarl Hoisington story 1 of 2
HoisingtonF050916-079.jpgEarl Hoisington story 2 of 2
HoisingtonF050916-080.jpgHoisington letter 1 of 6
HoisingtonF050916-081.jpgHoisington letter 4 of 6
HoisingtonF050916-082.jpgHoisington letter 2 of 6
HoisingtonF050916-083.jpgHoisington letter 5 of 6
HoisingtonF050916-084.jpgHoisington letter 3 of 6
HoisingtonF050916-085.jpgHoisington letter 6 of 6
HoisingtonIMG.jpgB R Hoisington note
HoistIMG.jpgWilliam Hoist obituary 02-14-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 36
HokansonIMG.jpgRichard Erwin Hokanson obituary 1954. NOTE: Original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 300
HolasekIMG.jpgFred Holasek Sr obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 3
HolbrookF050916-086.jpgWilliam F Holbrook Long Lake Apple Grower
HolbrookF050916-087.jpgHolbrook notes
HolbrookF050916-088.jpgWilliam F Holbrook memoir
HolbrookF050916-089.jpgElizabeth Holbrook memoir
HolbrookF050916-090.jpgBill and Elizabeth Holbrook
HolbrookF050916-091.jpgEleanor Holbrook Obituary
HolbrookIMG.jpgElizabeth Holbrook obituary 07-10-1979
HolbrookIMG_0001.jpgElizabeth Holbrook memoriam 08-31-1891 - 0710-1979
HollanderIMG.jpgHildur Hollander obituary 02-19-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 10
HollernF050916-092.jpgHollern notes
HollernF050916-093.jpgJohn M Hollern director of Marine Capital Corp
HollisF050916-094.jpgSusan C Hollis death
HollisF050916-095.jpgEthel E Hollis memoir
HollisF050916-096.jpgRichard Hollis memorial
HollisIMG.jpgRichard A Hollis obituary 06-18-1984 Note: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 22
HollisIMG_0001.jpgEthel E Hollis obituary 06-24-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 32
HolmanF050916-097.jpgHolman notes
HolmanF050916-098.jpgMable Holman descendants
HolmanF050916-099.jpgHolman family notes
HolmanF050916-100.jpgElvera Marie Holman Obituary
HolmanIMG.jpgL Holman receipt from Treasurer's Office 04-21-1874
HolmesF050918-031.jpgJohn Herril Holmes first settler
HolmesF050918-032.jpgJohn H Holmes family notes 1 of 3
HolmesF050918-033.jpgJohn H Holmes....2 of 3
HolmesF050918-034.jpgJohn H Holmes....3 of 3
HolmesF050918-036.jpgJohn H Holmes note
HolmesF050918-037.jpgHolmes note
HolmesF050918-038.jpgRobert S Holmes Wright Rambles
HolmesF050918-039.jpgJohn H Holmes notes
HolmesF050918-040.jpgHolmes notes
HolmesF050918-041.jpgHarriet Holmes
HolmesIMG.jpgHazel E [Anderson] Holmes obituary 06-12-1983
HolmquistIMG.jpgReuben E Holmquist memoriam NOTE: original documetn located in Box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 243
HolstF050918-044.jpgVirgil M Holst, Sgt
HolstF050918-045.jpgMabel A Holst Obituary
HolterIMG.jpgClyde Holter obituary 08-12-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 26
HolterIMG_0001.jpgNancy Holter baby shower invitation October 8, ?
HolterIMG_0002.jpgJennifer Ann Holter New Product Announcement February 15, birth statistics
HolterIMG_0003.jpgClyde Carl Holter - Nancy Gay Wasgatt marriage announcement October 17, ?
HolterIMG_0004.jpgAnna C Holter obituary and memoriam 05-29-1894 - 09-25-1978
HoltzF050918-046.jpgWilliam Holtz Hotty plat info
HoltzF050918-047.jpgWilliam Holtz family notes 1 of 3
HoltzF050918-048.jpgWilliam Holtz....2 of 3
HoltzF050918-049.jpgWilliam Holtz....3 of 3
HoltzF050918-050.jpgHoltz notes
HoltzF050918-051.jpgHoltz Tales from Tonka
HolyIMG.jpgFrank Holy obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 13
HomebrickF050918-042.jpgHomebrick notes
HomebrickF050918-043.jpgMr and Mrs Homebrick of Independence MN
HooningF050918-052.jpgJohn Hooning Family - Orono area c.1890-1915 era
HooperF050918-053.jpgHooper notes
HooperF050918-054.jpgVera Hooper article
HooperF050918-055.jpgGeorge Hooper note
HooperF050918-056.jpgGeorge Hooper
HooperF050918-057.jpgHooper notes
HooperF050918-058.jpgHooper family notes 1 of 5
HooperF050918-059.jpgHooper family....2 of 5
HooperF050918-060.jpgHooper family....3 of 5
HooperF050918-061.jpgHooper family....4 of 5
HooperF050918-062.jpgHooper family....5 of 5
HooperF050918-063.jpgHooper - Mother and Bessie Smith's girl, I think the youngest
HooperF050918-064.jpgHooper - Ivy with Baby Neva in carriage in front of Mumsy's house about 1925
HooperF050918-065.jpgHooper - Mumsy Cirpinski and chickens and ducks
HooperF050918-066.jpgIvy Hooper (Johnston)
HooperF050918-067.jpgHooper - Neva and Bo Bo (George). George was killed in war. Taken at Mumsy's house
HooverIMG.jpgPaul D Hoover obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 29
HopfF060602-062.jpgThomas D and Sharon Hopf marriage
HopfIMG.jpgDexter R Hopf obituary 11-04-1987, Orono Lane NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, apge 62
HopkinsF050918-068.jpgHopkins notes
HopkinsF050918-069.jpgHopkins article
HopkinsF050918-070.jpgHopkins - Warren MacFarlane article
HoppeIMG.jpgAlbert P Hoppe obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 3
HoppenrathIMG_0003.jpgJeanine Hoppenrath Goff note
HornF060602-028.jpgWalter Horn, Pastor of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Mpls, 1937
HornF060602-034.jpgCharles Howe and Mr Horn in 1937
HornIMG.jpgMrs Charles Lilley Horn Sr (Alice) obituary and notes 01-23-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 4
HornIMG_0001.jpgCharles L Horn obituary 06-30-1978
HorschF050919-001.jpgAnata Horst Senior Mission Band
HorschF050919-002.jpgMina West Horsch Obituary
HorschF050919-003.jpgHorsch family notes
HorschF050919-004.jpgHorsch notes
HorschIMG_0001.jpgHorsch - 1889 Autograph Album #10
HorschIMG_0002.jpgAnna G Horsch obituary 09-01-1981
HosethIMG.jpgLois Marie Hoseth obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 29
HosmerF050919-005.jpgAllen B Hosmer notes
HoustonF050919-006.jpgHourston note
HowardF050919-007.jpgSilas Howard plat info
HowardF050919-008.jpgHoward notes
HowardF050919-009.jpgHoward's Point article
HowardF050919-010.jpgHoward - Ellinor Johnston 100th birthday
HowardF050919-011.jpgHoward -knows 125 years of local history
HowardF050919-012.jpgAdeline and Simeon Howard note
HowardF050919-013.jpgJeff Howard article
HowardF050919-014.jpgJeff Howard 'wild animals 1 of 2
HowardF050919-015.jpgJeff Howard....2 of 2
HowardIMG.jpgBarbara B Howard [Blackmarr] obituary 06-30-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 32
HoweF050919-016.jpgJohn Howe
HoweF050919-017.jpgJohnny and Biddy Howe
HoweF050919-018.jpgJonas Howe Family Histories
HoweF050919-019.jpgHowe - Corinne Babbitt newspaper article
HoweF050919-020.jpgJonas H Howe plat info
HoweF050919-021.jpgHowe - Corrine Babbitt note
HoweF050919-022.jpgHowe - Famous Wayside Inn Restored
HoweF050919-023.jpgHowe - Joe Ellis letter to the editor
HoweF050919-024.jpgJohn W Howe memorial service 1 of 2
HoweF050919-025.jpgJohn W Howe memorial....2 of 2
HoweF050919-026.jpgJames Howe A Remarkable Man
HoweF050919-027.jpgCharles E Howe family notes
HoweF050919-028.jpgHowe notes
HoweF050919-029.jpgJames Howe family notes 1 of 5
HoweF050919-030.jpgJames Howe 2 of 43
HoweF050919-031.jpgJames Howe 3 of 43
HoweF050919-032.jpgJames Howe 4 of 43
HoweF050919-033.jpgJames Howe 5 of 43
HoweF050919-034.jpgJames Howe - Minne Howe Carpenter and husband 7 of 43
HoweF050919-035.jpgJames Howe - Laura Howe 6 of 43
HoweF050919-036.jpgJames Howe - Laura Howe Carpenter Reminiscences of Pioneer Life 8 of 43
HoweF050919-037.jpgJames Howe 9 of 43
HoweF050919-038.jpgJames Howe 10 of 43
HoweF050919-039.jpgJames Howe 11 of 43
HoweF050919-040.jpgJames Howe 12 of 43
HoweF050919-041.jpgJames Howe 13 of 43
HoweF050919-042.jpgJames Howe 14 of 43
HoweF050919-043.jpgJames Howe 15 of 43
HoweF050919-044.jpgJames Howe 16 of 43
HoweF050919-045.jpgJames Howe 17 of 43
HoweF050919-046.jpgJames Howe 18 of 43
HoweF050919-047.jpgJames Howe 19 of 43
HoweF050919-048.jpgJames Howe 20 of 43
HoweF050919-049.jpgJames Howe 21 of 43
HoweF050919-050.jpgJames Howe 22 of 43
HoweF050919-051.jpgJames Howe 23 of 43
HoweF050919-052.jpgJames Howe 24 of 43
HoweF050919-053.jpgJames Howe 25 of 43
HoweF050919-054.jpgJames Howe 26 of 43
HoweF050919-055.jpgJames Howe 27 of 43
HoweF050919-056.jpgJames Howe 28 of 43
HoweF050919-057.jpgJames Howe 29 of 43
HoweF050919-058.jpgJames 30 of 43
HoweF050919-059.jpgJames Howe 31 of 43
HoweF050919-060.jpgJames Howe 32 of 43
HoweF050919-061.jpgJames Howe 33 of 43
HoweF050919-062.jpgJames Howe 34 of 43
HoweF050919-063.jpgJames Howe 35 of 43
HoweF050919-064.jpgJames Howe 36 of 43
HoweF050919-065.jpgJames Howe 37 of 43
HoweF050919-066.jpgJames Howe 38 of 43
HoweF050919-067.jpgJames Howe 39 of 43
HoweF050919-068.jpgJames Howe 40 of 43
HoweF050919-069.jpgJames Howe 41 of 43
HoweF050919-070.jpgJames Howe 42 of 43
HoweF050919-071.jpgJames Howe 43 of 43
HoweF050919-072.jpgMinnie, Benjamin and Carrie Howe
HoweF050919-073.jpgGertie and Cora Howe
HoweF050919-074.jpgJonas Howe house in Plymouth
HoweF050919-075.jpgHowe house in Petersham, MA
HoweF050919-076.jpgJonas Howe
HoweIMG.jpgJohn W Howe, descendant of Henry Stubbs, a first pioneer. Who lost his life in World War II. Grandson of Dudley Mather and Estella Putnam. NOTE: document located In Howe Family Folder
HoweIMG_0001.jpgJohn Willard Howe notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 242
HoweIMG_0002.jpgJoAnn [Willard] Howe note
HoytF050919-077.jpgAmos Hoyt plat info
HuarIMG_0012.jpgRobert P Huar obituary NOTE: document located in bxo entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, apge 6
HubachecF050919-079.jpgHubacheck notes
HubachecF050919-080.jpgHubachec ...Mansion Renewed
HuckinsF050919-081.jpgJohn W Huckin note
HuffF050919-082.jpgHuff notes
HuffF050919-083.jpgHuff notes
HuffF050919-084.jpgHuff notes
HuffF050919-085.jpgJ M Huff 1 of 3
HuffF050919-086.jpgJ M Huff 2 of 3
HuffF050919-087.jpgJ M Huff 3 of 3
HuffF050919-088.jpgBob Huff to try pro baseball
HuffF050919-089.jpgLillian Huff 98th birthday
HuffF050919-090.jpgHarland B Huff memoir
HuffF050919-091.jpgHuff notes
HuffF050919-092.jpgHuff notes
HuffF050919-093.jpgHuff The Fifth Little Village 1 of 2
HuffF050919-094.jpgHuff The....2 of 2
HuffIMG.jpgCryrs W Huff obituary 10-24-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 63
HuffIMG_0002.jpgNathaniel Huff note
HuffIMG_0003.jpgEdith Huff obituary 03-18-1982
HughesF050919-095.jpgHughes - Lloyd Hatcher, Ellen (Nellie) Hatcher (Scott) and Jennie Hatcher (Krentz)
HughesF050919-096.jpgHenry Hughes (right), son of Thomas Hughes Sr
HughesF050919-097.jpgEdward Hughes, son of Thomas Hughes Sr, and wife
HughesF050919-098.jpgHughes - Frank Hatcher house
HughesF050919-099.jpgHanna Brickell Hughes, wife of Thomas Hughes Sr
HughesF050919-100.jpgJames Hughes, son of Thomas Hughes Sr
HughesF050919-101.jpgElizabeth Hatcher Hughes wife of James Hughes
HughesF050919-102.jpgEdith Aman Hughes Your Neighbor
HughesF050919-103.jpgRobert Hughes Lt ...Finds Farm Tougher
HughesF050919-104.jpgHughes family notes
HughesF050919-105.jpgHughes notes
HughesF050919-106.jpgMilton Hughes First to Subscribe
HughesF050919-107.jpgHughes notes
HughesF050919-108.jpgHughes letter
HughesF050919-109.jpgHughes family notes
HughesF050919-110.jpgCharles Hughes family notes
HughesF050919-111.jpgCharles Hughes letter to sister 1 of 2
HughesF050919-112.jpgCharles Hughes....2 of 2
HughesF050919-113.jpgCharles Hughes writing
HughesF050919-114.jpgHenry Hughes family notes
HughesF050919-115.jpgThomas and James Hughes plat info
HughesF050919-116.jpgHughes family notes
HughesF050919-117.jpgThomas Hughes descendants 1 of 6
HughesF050919-118.jpgThomas Hughes....2 of 6
HughesF050919-119.jpgThomas Hughes....3 of 6
HughesF050919-120.jpgThomas Hughes....4 of 6
HughesF050919-121.jpgThomas Hughes....5 of 6
HughesF050919-122.jpgThomas Hughes....6 of 6
HughesF050920-001.jpgHughes notes
HughesF050920-002.jpgHughes notes
HughesF050920-003.jpgEdith A Hughes Obituary
HughesF050920-004.jpgMaudie Hughes
HughesF050920-006.jpgChristopher James Hughes marriage
HughesF050920-007.jpgGeorge Hughes Obituary
HughesF050920-008.jpgEdith Hughes Jolicoeur memoir
HughesF050920-009.jpgM Lee Hughes memoir
HughesF050920-010.jpgBertha E Hughes memoir
HughesF050920-011.jpgEdith J Hughes Jolicoeur memoir
HughesF050920-012.jpgEdith Hughes Jolicouer Letter to the Editor
HughesF050920-013.jpgC T Hughes hosts reception
HughesF050920-014.jpgE C Hughes note
HughesF050920-015.jpgChristopher James Hughes engagement
HughesF050920-016.jpgHughes - Garret Guest article
HughesF050920-017.jpgHughes - Rita Marie Ziehwein shooting
HughesF050920-018.jpgEllen Hughes Obituary
HughesF050920-019.jpgEarl Hughes marriage
HughesF050920-020.jpgTheodore M Hughes Obituary
HughesF050920-021.jpgAnna H Hughes Campbeel memoir
HughesF050920-022.jpgThomas Hughes and Hannah Buckell descendants 1 of 2
HughesF050920-023.jpgThomas Hughes and....2 of 2
HughesF050920-024.jpgHughes Family History
HughesF050920-025.jpgHughes - Sr Volunteers
HughesF060602-022.jpgLorraine Hughes Wayzata High 1936
HughesIMG.jpgLorraine Hughes, Wayzata Senior High School 1936
HughesIMG_0001.jpgT Hughes note 1 of 2
HughesIMG_0002.jpgT Hughes notes 2 of 2
HughesIMG_0003.jpgJames Hughes Filed Deed 2 of 2
HughesIMG_0004.jpgHenry Hughes Deed 1 of 2
HughesIMG_0005.jpgHenry Hughes Deed 2 of 2
HughesIMG_0006.jpgC W Hughes and George E Goodrich obituary
HughesIMG_0007.jpgJames Hughes Filed Deed 1 of 2
HughesIMG_0008.jpgMrs Lee Hughes photo album note
HughesIMG_0009.jpgC T Hughes obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 2, page 262
HughesIMG_0010.jpgHugh O Hughes obituary NOTE: Original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
HughesIMG_0011.jpgTheodore M Hughes Services Held for Victim of Auto Crash NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 339
HughesIMG_0012.jpgHughes - Touching family history: The 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry 1 of 2
HughesIMG_0013.jpgHughes Touching family history:....2 of 2
HughesIMG_0014.jpgBette (nee Elizabeth A Coover) Hughes obituary 08-01-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 25
HughesIMG_0015.jpgBelle (nee Elizabeth A Coover) Hughes obituary 08-01-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 25
HughesIMG_0016.jpgM Lee Hughes obituary 1979
HughesIMG_0017.jpgM Lee Hughes obituary
HughesIMG_0018.jpgMrs Exilda Hughes obituary 04-08-1979
HullF050920-026.jpgHull family notes
HullF050920-027.jpgHull notes
HullF050920-028.jpgStephen Hull plat info
HullF050920-029.jpgHull notes
HullF050920-030.jpgLake Minnetonka map from Bergman Richards Minnetonka Beach book
HullF050920-031.jpgHull notes
HullF050920-032.jpgHull notes
HullF050920-033.jpgHull notes
HullF050920-034.jpgHull notes
HullIMG.jpgStephen Hull - First house at the Narrows on Lake Minnetonka
HultIMG.jpgJohn A Hult obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 322
HumesIMG.jpgFrancis Louise Humes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 265
HumesIMG_0001.jpgFrances Louise Humes note
HumphreyF050920-035.jpgBill Humphrey a credit to his race 1 of 2
HumphreyF050920-036.jpgBill Humphrey....2 of 2
HumphreyF050920-037.jpgMuriel Humphrey Brown 1 of 2
HumphreyF050920-038.jpgMuriel Humphrey Brown....2 of 2
HunterF050920-039.jpgHunter notes
HunterF050920-040.jpgHunter notes
HuntingtonF050920-041.jpgDoctor Huntington, wife of
HuntingtonF050920-042.jpgDoctor Huntington
HuntingtonF050920-043.jpgHuntington notes
HuntingtonF050920-044.jpgJonas Huntington plat info
HuntingtonF050920-045.jpgHungtington note
HuntingtonF050920-046.jpgHungington notes
HuntingtonF050920-047.jpgDr Jonas Hungtinton note
HuntsbergerIMG_0001.jpgHuntersberger - Threshing in the Summer of 1899 at Jacob Huntsberger's Stubbs Bay. Now the John Bollum Place. This picture copied with Assn. Funds from an original owned by Mrs Gertrude Hall. L-R: Allen J Grave; Alva Luverne talbert; Eddie Guy Turnham (rear); Ralph Grave (seated); Dudley Mather (hand on hat); Will Stubbs (who went to Monticello); ralph Richs ?; Lee Snoke; Unidentified. ON THE WAGON (called tank wagon as it hauled water from the lake for the steam boiler): John Centerwall; Will Hartman. STANDING BY TEAM: Allen Brady BEHIND TANK WAGON ON NEXT WAGON, STANDING MAN:-unidentified SEATED WITH WHISKERS: James Parker BEHIND HIM: Harry Stafford. THE REST ARE UNIDENTIFIED.
HuntsbergerIMG_000202.jpgHuntsberger - Marine Corps....2 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0003.jpgJacob Huntsberger family notes 1 of 3
HuntsbergerIMG_000303.jpgHuntsberger - Marine....3 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0003233.jpgJacob Huntsberger note
HuntsbergerIMG_0003234.jpgMike Huntsberger obituary 02-07-1908
HuntsbergerIMG_0003235.jpgHuntsberger - Louis W Samsell obituary, Delano Eagle 03-14-1990
HuntsbergerIMG_0003236.jpgDan Huntsberger note
HuntsbergerIMG_0003237.jpgHuntsberger - 715 Douglas, starting the construction on 10-story apartment building, directly across from here. Think it's 102 units and regular apartments. The project was started late in February 1988. First removed the scenic little grove we enjoyed. Cars are on Hennepin, North on I-94 (notation from Helen Coleman)
HuntsbergerIMG_0003239.jpgCharles and Evelyn Huntsberger
HuntsbergerIMG_0003240.jpgIda and MaryBelle Huntsberger, 1893. Taken from Stubbs Bay school photo
HuntsbergerIMG_0003241.jpgJane Huntsberger note
HuntsbergerIMG_0003242.jpgJacob Huntsberger, Civil War Veteran [negative inside of envelope] not scanned
HuntsbergerIMG_0003243.jpgHuntsberger notes
HuntsbergerIMG_0003244.jpgHuntsberger - Helen Smith Coleman
HuntsbergerIMG_0003245.jpgHuntsberger - Helen Coleman
HuntsbergerIMG_0003246.jpgHuntsberger - Helen Smith Coleman
HuntsbergerIMG_0003249.jpgHuntsberger family....2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0003250.jpgHuntsberger note
HuntsbergerIMG_0003251.jpgCharles Arthur Huntsberger obituary 11-07-1954
HuntsbergerIMG_0003252.jpgCharles Arthur Huntsberg obituary NOTE: original doucment located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number, page 321
HuntsbergerIMG_0003253.jpgClarence Huntsberg obituary July, 1982
HuntsbergerIMG_0004.jpgJacob Huntsberger family...2 of 3
HuntsbergerIMG_000404.jpgHuntsberger - Marine....4 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0005.jpgJacob Huntsberger family....3 of 3
HuntsbergerIMG_000505.jpgHuntsberger - Marine....5 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0006.jpgHuntersberger - Edgar H Wandersee obituary
HuntsbergerIMG_000606.jpgHuntsberger - Marine....6 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0007.jpgHuntersberger - George C Smith
HuntsbergerIMG_000707.jpgHuntsberger - Marine....7 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0008.jpgHuntersberger - Mary Bellue [Huntsberger] Smith
HuntsbergerIMG_000808.jpgHuntsberger - Marine....8 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0009.jpgGrant Huntsberger
HuntsbergerIMG_000909.jpgHuntsberger - Marine....9 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0010.jpgJacob Huntsberger notes
HuntsbergerIMG_00101.jpgHuntsberger - Marine Crops League notes 1 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_001010.jpgHuntsberger family notes
HuntsbergerIMG_0011.jpgHuntsberger family notes
HuntsbergerIMG_0012.jpgHuntsberger - Cousins L-R: Helen Smith Coleman; Margot Larson Florell. Helen was daughter of George C Smith and Mary Belle Huntsberger Smith, Orono
HuntsbergerIMG_001212.jpgHuntsberger - letter from helen Coleman 01-16-1981 1 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0013.jpgHuntersberger - Walter and Helen Hoffman at Geo C Smith place, 1986
HuntsbergerIMG_001313.jpgHuntsberger - letter from Helen Coleman 01-16-1981 2 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0014.jpgJacob Huntsberger notes 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_001414.jpgHuntsberger - letter from Helen Coleman 01-16-1981 4 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0015.jpgJacob Huntsberger notes 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_001515.jpgHuntsberger - letter from Helen Coleman 01-16-1981 4 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0016.jpgHuntsberger notes
HuntsbergerIMG_0017.jpgJacob Huntsberger
HuntsbergerIMG_001717.jpgHuntsberger - Letter 01-20-1962 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0018.jpgHuntsberger - Donald Larson, great grandson of Jacob Huntsberger
HuntsbergerIMG_001818.jpgHuntsberger letter 01-20-1962 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0019.jpgHuntsberger - Helen Smith Coleman notes through the years
HuntsbergerIMG_0020.jpgHuntsberger notes
HuntsbergerIMG_002020.jpgHuntsberger note from Helen Coleman 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0021.jpgHuntsberger notes
HuntsbergerIMG_002121.jpgHuntsberger note from Helen Coleman 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0022.jpgHuntsberger notes
HuntsbergerIMG_002222.jpgHuntsberger - letter 04-08-1966 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0023.jpgHuntsberger notes
HuntsbergerIMG_0024.jpgHuntsberger - Frank Maxwell note; Reporter 09-26-1915
HuntsbergerIMG_002424.jpgHuntsberger - letter 02-13-1979 1 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0025.jpgHuntsberger note 01-17-1917
HuntsbergerIMG_002525.jpgHuntsberger - letter 02-13-1979 2 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0026.jpgHuntsberger - A Correction Reporter 02-01-1917
HuntsbergerIMG_002626.jpgHuntsberger - letter 02-13-1979 3 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0027.jpgCharlie Huntsberger Ax Hair-Cut article
HuntsbergerIMG_002727.jpgHuntsberger letter 02-13-1979 4 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0028.jpgCharles Hunsberger East Maple Plain 02-01-1917
HuntsbergerIMG_002828.jpgHuntsberger letter 05-23-1973 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0029.jpgHuntsberger - Lydia Samsell obituary
HuntsbergerIMG_002929.jpgHuntsberger letter 05-23-1973 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0030.jpgHuntsberger - Mary Smith obituary; Herald 02-18-1960
HuntsbergerIMG_0031.jpgJacob Huntsberger home, 585 Stubbs Bay Road, $90,000. WD Kevin Holmes and Diane Kay-Haertel Holmes from John Bollum 10-22-1986 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_003131.jpgHuntsberger - letter 07-01-1967 1 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0032.jpgJacob Huntsberger home....2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_003232.jpgHuntsberger letter 07-01-1967 2 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0033.jpgHuntsberger letter 07-01-1967 3 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0034.jpgJacob Huntsberger notes
HuntsbergerIMG_0035.jpgClarence Huntsberger Bus Driver Has New Home 08-26-1965
HuntsbergerIMG_0040.jpgHuntsberger - letter 12-12-1986
HuntsbergerIMG_0042.jpgHuntsberger letter September 1985 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0043.jpgHuntsberger letter September 1985
HuntsbergerIMG_0045.jpgHuntsberger letter 12-24-1972 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0046.jpgHuntsberger letter 12-24-1972 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0048.jpgHuntsberger letter 08-20-1983
HuntsbergerIMG_0051.jpgHuntsberger letter 06-30-1986
HuntsbergerIMG_0052.jpgHuntsberger front of envelope to Mrs Helen Coleman
HuntsbergerIMG_0053.jpgHuntsberger back of envelope to Helen Coleman
HuntsbergerIMG_0054.jpgHuntsberger - letter 05-01-1986
HuntsbergerIMG_0055.jpgHuntsberger letter 09-08-1966 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0056.jpgHuntsberger letter 09-08-1966 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0058.jpgHuntsberger letter 09-17-1976 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0059.jpgHuntsberger letter 09-17-1976 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0060.jpgHuntsberger letter 09-19-1976
HuntsbergerIMG_0061.jpgHuntsberger Christmas card 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0062.jpgHuntsberger Christmas card 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0063.jpgHuntsberger letter 12-19-1984
HuntsbergerIMG_0064.jpgHuntsberger thresing note
HuntsbergerIMG_0065.jpgHuntsberger Capsule History of the Eighty-Seventh Pennsylvania Infantry 1 of 6
HuntsbergerIMG_0066.jpgHuntsberger - Capsule History....2 of 6
HuntsbergerIMG_0067.jpgHunstberger Capsule History...3 of 6
HuntsbergerIMG_0068.jpgHuntsberger Capsule History....4 of 6
HuntsbergerIMG_0069.jpgHuntsberg Capsule History....5 of 6
HuntsbergerIMG_0070.jpgHuntsberg Capsule History....6 of 6
HuntsbergerIMG_0071.jpgJacob Huntsberger Veteran papers 1 of 3
HuntsbergerIMG_0072.jpgJacob Huntsberger Veteran....2 of 3
HuntsbergerIMG_0073.jpgJacob Huntsberger Veteran....3 of 3
HuntsbergerIMG_0074.jpgJacob Huntsberger Memorandum from Prisoner of War Records 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0075.jpgJacob Huntsberger Memorandum....2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0076.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration for Pension 1 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0077.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration....2 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0078.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration....3 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0079.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration....4 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0080.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration....5 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0081.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration....6 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0082.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration....7 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0083.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration....8 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0084.jpgJacob Huntsberger Declaration....9 of 9
HuntsbergerIMG_0085.jpgJacob Huntsberger - Company Muster Roll 1 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0086.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....2 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0087.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company...3 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0088.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....4 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0089.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....5 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0090.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....6 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0091.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....7 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0092.jpgHuntsberger Company....8 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0093.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....9 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0094.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....10 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0095.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....11 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0096.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....12 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0097.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....13 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0098.jpgJacob Huntsberger Company....14 of 14
HuntsbergerIMG_0099.jpgJacob Huntsberger Military History.... cover NOTE: Complete document located in Family Folder Huntsberger
HuntsbergerIMG_0101.jpgHuntsberger note
HuntsbergerIMG_0102.jpgHuntsberger - Letter from Kathy Larson Ness 10-19-1987
HuntsbergerIMG_0103.jpgHuntsberger note 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0104.jpgHuntsberger note 2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0105.jpgHuntsberger Gallery note
HuntsbergerIMG_0106.jpgHuntsberger thank you note from Kathryn Larson Ness
HuntsbergerIMG_0107.jpgHuntsberger - Thank you letter Kathryn Larson Ness 10-31-1991
HuntsbergerIMG_0109.jpgHuntsberger letter from Donald P Larson, mother Margot Viola Huntsberger
HuntsbergerIMG_0110.jpgJacob Huntsberger family notes
HuntsbergerIMG_0111.jpgHuntsberger Marvin Samsell Estate Auction 1990 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0112.jpgHuntsberger Marvin Samsell.....2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0115.jpgHuntsberger letter....4 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0116.jpgHuntersberger letter....3 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0120.jpgHuntsberger letter 1 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0121.jpgHuntsberger letter 2 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0122.jpgHuntsberger letter 3 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0123.jpgHuntsberger letter 4 of 4
HuntsbergerIMG_0124.jpgJacob Huntsberg note (last line of document cut off during scan read are still living-he settled in this NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 1, page 225 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0125.jpgJacob Huntsberg note.....2 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0126.jpgGrant Huntsberger note
HuntsbergerIMG_0127.jpgJacob Huntsberger note
HuntsbergerIMG_0128.jpgHuntsberger Family notes from Kathryn Larson Ness 06-29-2012 1 of 2
HuntsbergerIMG_0129.jpgHuntsberger Family notes from Kathryn Larson Ness 06-29-2012 2 of 2
HuotF050920-048.jpgHuot family notes
HuotF050920-049.jpgEdward Huot plat info
HuotF050920-050.jpgOliver Huot plat info
HuotF050920-051.jpgLouis Huot plat info
HuotF050920-052.jpgFrancis Huot plat info
HuotF050920-053.jpgEli Huot plat info
HuotF050920-054.jpgHuot notes
HuotF050920-055.jpgJoseph Huot family notes
HuotF050920-056.jpgHunter family notes
HurdyF050920-117.jpgNicholas Hurdy plat info
HurrleIMG_0001.jpgHurrle - postcard from Inez V Kronenberg 19851 of 2
HurrleIMG_0002.jpgHurrle - postcard....2 of 2
HurrleIMG_0003.jpgHurrle Christmas letter 1984 1 of 2
HurrleIMG_0004.jpgHurrel Christmas....2 of 2
HurrleIMG_0005.jpgFrank Hurrle and Mary Schumacher Hurrle family notes 1 of 2
HurrleIMG_0006.jpgFrank Hurrle and.....2 of 2
HurrleIMG_0007.jpgHurrle 1880 Census of the United States
HurrleIMG_0008.jpgMaurice Alphonse Hurrle. OSB memoriam 1 of 2
HurrleIMG_0009.jpgMaurice Alphonse Hurrle, OSB memoriam 2 of 2
HurrleIMG_0010.jpgMaurice Alphonse Hurrle, OSB
HurrleIMG_0011.jpgHurrle - Letter to Margie Lauer 02-17-1985 from Inez Kronenberg
HurrleIMG_0012.jpgHurrle - Rena Britz daughter of Siegfried Hurrle notes
HurrleIMG_0013.jpgHurrle notes 1 of 9
HurrleIMG_0014.jpgHurrle notes 2 of 9
HurrleIMG_0015.jpgHurrle notes 3 of 9
HurrleIMG_0016.jpgHurrle notes 4 of 9
HurrleIMG_0017.jpgHurrle notes 5 of 9
HurrleIMG_0018.jpgHurrle notes 6 of 9
HurrleIMG_0020.jpgHurrle notes 7 of 9
HurrleIMG_0021.jpgHurrle notes 8 of 9
HurrleIMG_0022.jpgHurrle notes 9 of 9
HurrleIMG_0023.jpgHurrle - letter to Sister Laurian Schumacher 12-12-1984 from Inez Kronberg
HurrleIMG_0024.jpgHurrle - Mathew Schumacher and Amalia [Anna Maria?] Klein Relationship Chart
HurshB060121-001.jpgJefferson Barracks c.1943
HurshB060121-002.jpgBruce Hursh in uniform
HurshB060121-003.jpgWilliam Hursh family and house Will, Jewell & son Bruce
HurshB060121-004.jpgBruce Hursh
HurshB060121-005.jpgBruce Hursh in uniform
HurshB060121-006.jpgJewell Hursh
HurshB060121-007.jpgL-R: Morry Hersrud of S.D., Joe Thalkan of Nebraska, Bruce Hursh, Chuck Arno of Wayzata, Earl Johnson from Ellendale ND, with living quarters in background
HurshB060121-008.jpgBruce Hursh at Barrack #5 in Columbia, MO.
HurshB060121-009.jpgBarrack #5 in Columbia, MO.
HurshB060121-010.jpgWill Hursh
HurshB060121-016.jpgBruce and Jewell Hursh
HurshB060121-017.jpgWilliam L. Hursh with parents on sailboat with others, 1901
HurshB060121-020.jpgMinnesota Gophers vs. Michigan on October 3, 1903 Photo taken by C. P. Gibson
HurshB060121-021.jpgClass of 1900 U of M Law School Back, extreme right: William L. Hursh
HurshB060121-022.jpgFamily of David Henry Hursh. Taken 12/17/1908 Front, L-R: John b. Hursh, Ina Hursh Guise, and Homer B. Hursh Rear, L-R: Forence Hursh, David Henry Hursh, Mary Hursh, Hannah E. Hursh and Myrtlel Hursh, wife of John B. Hursh
HurshB060121-024.jpgWill Hursh
HurshB060121-026.jpgJacob Hursh house
HurshB060121-031.jpgWill HurshUnidentified
HurshB060121-033.jpgMinneapolis Academy picnic on May 20, 1893 They went to Excelsior and boarded a steamboat for a ride on Lake Mtka. William L. Hursh was a graduate of Minneapolis Academy. He was valedictorian of his class, which graduated in May, 1893
HurshB060121-037.jpgJacob Hursh in yard of his home
HurshB060121-038.jpgGeorge Edmund Smith
HurshB060121-040.jpgHannah E. Hursh, wife of David Henry Hursh
HurshB060121-043.jpgSarah Barnes at age 59
HurshB060121-045.jpgWilliam Hursh
HurshB060121-046.jpgWilliam Hursh
HurshB060121-047.jpgWilliam Hursh 86th birthday
HurshB060121-049.jpgFriend of Mrs. D. V. Plant that lived in Marshall, MN Taken 1898
HurshB060121-050.jpgEdwin S. Sours c. 1894
HurshB060121-051.jpgLudwig Christopherson c. 1896
HurshB060121-053.jpgMichael John Luby in May, 1902
HurshB060121-056.jpgNova Connor c. 1898
HurshB060121-057.jpgJohn Taresh in 1897
HurshB060121-058.jpgConrad H. christopherson on January 21, 1897
HurshB060121-062.jpgEarl and Nona Connor 1898
HurshB060121-063.jpgWill and Jewell Hursh
HurshB060121-064.jpgEthel D Graves, University of Minnesota 1897
HurshB060121-066.jpgPaul G Schmidt, Minneapolis Academy 5-18-1893
HurshB060121-067.jpgHursh - Lulu Chapman
HurshB060121-068.jpgMary Hursh, daughter of Jacob Hursh of Henning, MN
HurshB060121-072.jpgFrederick Hokr Hursh, oldest son of Jacob Hursh, born January 1833
HurshB060121-073.jpgMabel Robb, sister of Grace Hursh
HurshB060121-077.jpgIna Sherman Hursh, wife of John Hursh
HurshB060121-078.jpgJohn Hursh of Long Lake
HurshB060121-091.jpgJohn Hursh parlour of old house
HurshB060121-092.jpgHursh - Bottom---Front, L-R: Hannah E Hursh, David Henry Hursh, Mary E Fuller and Bessie Wiley sitting in the wagon, taken on Pacific shoreline off Oregon coast
HurshB060121-093.jpgBlanch De LaMatre, Neice of Ina M Hursh, 1898
HurshB060121-094.jpgHursh - Long Lake, Good Luck Lodge. L-R: Louise, Ida and Madge Lyman, Clinton Hicks, May millard, Grace Smith, and gertrude Lyman, taken 1892
HurshB060121-095.jpgIna Sherman Hursh, wife of John Hursh
HurshCopy (2) of F050920-058.jpgHursh notes 1 of 10
HurshCopy (2) of F050920-059.jpgHursh notes 2 of 10
HurshCopy (2) of F050920-060.jpgHursh notes 5 of 10
HurshCopy (2) of F050920-061.jpgHursh notes 8 of 10
HurshCopy of F050920-058.jpgHursh notes
HurshCopy of F050920-059.jpgHursh notes 3 of 10
HurshCopy of F050920-060.jpgHursh notes 6 of 10
HurshCopy of F050920-061.jpgHursh notes 9 of 10
HurshF050920-057.jpgJacob Hursh descendants
HurshF050920-058.jpgHursh notes
HurshF050920-059.jpgHursh notes 4 of 10
HurshF050920-060.jpgHursh notes 7 of 10
HurshF050920-061.jpgHursh notes 10 of 10
HurshF050920-062.jpgWill Hursh notation
HurshF050920-063.jpgHursh abstract of title
HurshF050920-064.jpgWill L Hursh notes
HurshF050920-065.jpgHursh Warranty Deed 1 of 22
HurshF050920-066.jpgHursh Warranty....2 of 22
HurshF050920-067.jpgHursh Warranty....3 of 22
HurshF050920-068.jpgHursh Warranty....4 of 22
HurshF050920-069.jpgHursh Warranty....5 of 22
HurshF050920-070.jpgHursh Warranty....6 of 22
HurshF050920-071.jpgHursh Warranty....7 of 22
HurshF050920-072.jpgHursh Warranty....8 of 22
HurshF050920-073.jpgHursh Warranty....9 of 22
HurshF050920-074.jpgHursh Warranty....10 of 22
HurshF050920-075.jpgHursh Warranty....11 of 22
HurshF050920-076.jpgHursh Warranty....12 of 22
HurshF050920-077.jpgHursh Warranty....13 of 22
HurshF050920-078.jpgHursh Warranty....14 of 22
HurshF050920-079.jpgHursh Warranty....15 of 22
HurshF050920-080.jpgHursh Warranty....16 of 22
HurshF050920-081.jpgHursh Warranty....17 of 22
HurshF050920-082.jpgHursh Warranty....18 of 22
HurshF050920-083.jpgHursh Warranty....19 of 22
HurshF050920-084.jpgHursh Warranty....20 of 22
HurshF050920-085.jpgHursh Warranty....21 of 22
HurshF050920-086.jpgHursh Warranty....22 of 22
HurshF050920-087.jpgHursh Swedish Knut Party invite
HurshF050920-088.jpgLottie Hursh State Bank of Long Lake notes 1 of 4
HurshF050920-089.jpgLottie Hursh....2 of 4
HurshF050920-090.jpgLottie Hursh....3 of 4
HurshF050920-091.jpgLottie Hursh....4 of 4
HurshF050920-092.jpgLottie Miller Hursh
HurshF050920-093.jpgMr and Mrs Will Hursh birth of son
HurshF050920-094.jpgHursh Dear Ancestor
HurshF050920-095.jpgHursh I Am Your Flag
HurshF050920-096.jpgSilas Edward Hursh notation
HurshF050920-097.jpgMrs J C Hursh note
HurshF050920-098.jpgEd Hursh note
HurshF050920-099.jpgWilliam L Hursh 86th birthday
HurshF050920-100.jpgCharlotte B Hursh marriage
HurshF050920-101.jpgMary Ann Hursh 99th birthday
HurshF050920-102.jpgMrs J C Hursh note
HurshF050920-103.jpgLottie Hursh Miller notes
HurshF050920-104.jpgLillian Horsch estate auction
HurshF050920-105.jpgWilliam L Hursh, Clerks Call for Bids
HurshF050920-106.jpgHursh notes
HurshF050920-107.jpgWilliam Hursh, attorney
HurshF050920-108.jpgHursh notes
HurshF050920-109.jpgHursh - Ed & Lillian MIller
HurshF050920-110.jpgGratia Amanda Hursh Obituary
HurshF050920-111.jpgHursh - Minnetonka Fruit Growers Association Stock
HurshF050920-112.jpgHursh note
HurshF050920-113.jpgCecil Hursh note
HurshF050920-114.jpgHursh notes
HurshF050920-115.jpgJohn William Hursh of Crystal Bay A Lockwood photograph
HurshF050920-116.jpgHursh - Commencement
HurshF051011-006.jpgWill and Jewel Hursh
HurshIMG_0001.jpgNeil Hursh 1922-1992; photo taken about 1943
HurshIMG_000101.jpgPromotion for Lt. Neil Hursh Minnetonka Herald - 05-17-1945
HurshIMG_000102.jpgNeil Hursh WWI Air Medal. NOTE: actual medal located in the Hursh Family Folder
HurshIMG_000103.jpgNeil Hursh Air Medal information
HurshIMG_000104.jpgNeil Hursh Air Medal WWII information
HurshIMG_000105.jpgHursh Gearing Up unidentified 1 of 2
HurshIMG_000106.jpgHursh Gearing Up unidnetified 2 of 2
HurshIMG_000107.jpgNeil Hursh - Neil was staioned here near the Isle of Capri, Italy during the ETO, European Theatre Operation World War II 1944-1945 at City of Foggia, Italy. Neil flew 20 mission over Germany and received a medal 1945 and was stiaoned nearby at the village of Foggia, Italy. The view from Monte Solaro, the highest point on Capri, off the Bay of Naples and near the famous Pompeii eruption.
HurshIMG_000108.jpgNeil Hursh notes
HurshIMG_000109.jpgNeil Hursh - Neil's first trining camp at Columbia, Missouri. His favorite plane B-25 and B-17's. Flying back in time, July 1945
HurshIMG_000110.jpgHursh 33 Dangerous Missions
HurshIMG_000111.jpgHursh unidentified
HurshIMG_0002.jpgNeil Hursh - WWII Air Medal awarded for Aerial Combat
HurshIMG_00027.jpgIna M Hursh, Myra Sprague, Genevra Harrington; Florence Harrington; Mrs Gusta Mara of Buffalo newspaper article. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page, 282
HurshIMG_00028.jpgMary Hursh Long Lake woman Has 99th Birthday NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 282
HurshIMG_00029.jpgHursh - Mrs J L Patterson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 359
HurshIMG_0003.jpgNeil Hursh WW II, 1943
HurshIMG_0004.jpgPromotion for Lt Neil Hursh article
HurshIMG_0005.jpgNeil Hursh WWII Air Medal Combat Award
HurshIMG_0006.jpgNeil Hursh - Air Medal
HurshIMG_0007.jpgNeil Hursh is Descendent of Lake Area Pioneers 1 of 2
HurshIMG_0008.jpgNeil Hursh is....2 of 2
HurshIMG_0012.jpgHursh medal
HurshIMG_0013.jpgHursh postcard 1976
HurshIMG_0014.jpgW L Hursh
HurshIMG_0015.jpgHursh unidentified
HurshIMG_0016.jpgHursh - Flour City Brush Co. Employees' Christmas 1952 NOTE: see IMG_0017 for identification
HurshIMG_0017.jpgHursh - Flour City Brush Company Employees' Christmas 1952 identification for IMG_0016
HurshIMG_0018.jpgHursh - Flour City Brush Company Employees, Christmas 1956
HurshIMG_0019.jpgW L Hursh 'There's a 40-Acre lake in the middle of the farm.... Minneapolis Star 12-08-1964
HurshIMG_0020.jpgHursh notes February 1874
HurshIMG_0021.jpgHursh notes, June 1874
HurshIMG_0022.jpgHursh notes, May 1875
HurshIMG_0023.jpgHursh notes, September 1875 NOTE: document located in Hursh Family Folder
HurshIMG_0024.jpgWill Hursh interview 1 of 2
HurshIMG_0025.jpgWil Hursh interview 2 of 2
HurshIMG_0030.jpgAgnes Hursh Grave notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 241
HurshIMG_0031.jpgHannah Smith Hursh notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 256
HurshIMG_0032.jpgMary Ann Hursh note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 260 and 261
HurshIMG_0033.jpgMary Ann Hursh.....2 of 2
HurshIMG_0034.jpgHannah Smith Hursh note
HurshIMG_0035.jpgMary Ann Hursh note
HurshIMG_0036.jpgJacob Hursh Jr note
HurshIMG_0037.jpgScott Beardsely Hursh obituary 06-28-1976
HurshIMG_0038.jpgMorris Hursh note
HurshIMG_0112.jpgJohn Calvin Hursh Service Held Last Sunday for John C Hursh NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
HurshIMG_0113.jpgBruce Hursh obituary 02-24-1984 in Florida NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 8
HusbyIMG.jpgKenneth Joe Theodore Husby obituary 02-23-1936 - 02-14-2011
HutchelIMG.jpgHattie Hutchel note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 1, page 218
HutchenF050920-118.jpgHutchen notes
HutchinsonF050920-119.jpgJ A Hutchinson plat info
HyattF050920-120.jpgElmer Hyatt plat info
HyllaIMG.jpgNellie Swanson Hylla ....Former Swedish Stage Star Dies NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 352