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KadelbachF050929-001.jpgPriscilla J Kadelbach note
KadelbachF050929-003.jpgGeorge Kadelbach notes see F050929-004 enlargement 1 of 2
KadelbachF050929-004.jpgGeorge Kadelbach....2 of 2
KadelbachF050929-005.jpgKadelbach note
KadelbachF050929-006.jpgLizzie Kadlebauch article
KadelbachF050929-007.jpgKadelbach notes
KadelbachF050929-008.jpgKadelbach letter
KadelbachF050929-009.jpgGeorge Kadelback (aka Angus Baxter) notes
KadelbachF050929-010.jpgKadelbach - Left: Alexander John Christlieb, born 8-1-1882 died 2-24-1962 Right: Isaac A Christlieb born 4-25-1834 died 5-25-1917. Isaac was father of Alexander
KadelbachF050929-011.jpgFront: Glen Albert Kadelbach, Mary Elizabeth Clasen (Kadelbach), Priscilla Jean Kadelbach. Back: Margaret Ceceilia Kadelbach, Allene Elizabeth Christlieb, Clyde Joseph Christlieb. Taken 1940. Clyde and Allene are children of Alexander and Helen Christlieb
KadelbachF050929-012.jpgClara and Albert Kadelbach
KadelbachF050929-013.jpgClara Kadelbach
KadelbachF050929-014.jpgClara Kadelbach McClelland living at nursing home in Redding, CA, taken 1988
KaiserF050929-015.jpgLucille Kaiser Obituary
KaiserF050929-016.jpgKaiser notes
KaiserF050929-017.jpgMagdelena Kaiser memoir
KallenbackF050929-018.jpgJohn Kallenbach notes
KallestadIMG.jpgSteven Kallestad obituary 06-01-1982
KalweitF050929-019.jpgKalweit notes
KalweitF050929-020.jpgKalweit's Corner see F050929-21 for enlargement
KalweitF050929-021.jpgKalweit's corner
KalweitF050929-022.jpgKalweit family....2 of 2
KalweitF050929-023.jpgKalweit family interview 1 of 2
KalweitF050929-024.jpgKalweit notes
KalweitF050929-025.jpgKalweit note
KassubeF050929-026.jpgKarl Kassube plat info
KassubeF050929-027.jpgKassube notes
KassubeF050929-028.jpgKassube notes
KassubeF050929-029.jpgKassube notes
KassubeF050929-030.jpgKassube notes
KassubeF050929-031.jpgKassube notes
KassubeF050929-032.jpgMr and Mrs John Kassube article
KassubeIMG.jpgGeorge M Kassube obituary March 1983
KasterIMG_0001.jpgGertrude Kaster She was dedicated to helping other people' 04-29-2011
KasterIMG_0002.jpgBernard Bernie Kaster obituary 07-26-2011
KasterIMG_0003.jpgGertrude Martha Kaster Trudy obituary
KatelyF050929-034.jpgKately notes
KatelyF050929-035.jpgJance C Kately death
KatelyF050929-036.jpgKately family reunion
KathIMG.jpgRonald G Kath obituary
KathIMG_0001.jpgReinhard G Kath obituary
KauthF050929-037.jpgKauth notes
KauthF050929-038.jpgKauth - Generations 1 of 31
KauthF050929-039.jpgKauth....2 of 31
KauthF050929-040.jpgKauth....3 of 31
KauthF050929-041.jpgKauth....4 of 31
KauthF050929-042.jpgKauth....5 of 31
KauthF050929-043.jpgKauth....6 of 31
KauthF050929-044.jpgKauth....7 of 31
KauthF050929-045.jpgKauth....8 of 31
KauthF050929-046.jpgKauth....9 of 31
KauthF050929-047.jpgKauth....10 of 31
KauthF050929-048.jpgKauth....11 of 31
KauthF050929-049.jpgKauth....12 of 31
KauthF050929-050.jpgKauth....13 of 31
KauthF050929-051.jpgKauth....14 of 31
KauthF050929-052.jpgKauth....15 of 31
KauthF050929-053.jpgKauth....16 of 31
KauthF050929-054.jpgKauth....17 of 31
KauthF050929-055.jpgKauth....18 of 31
KauthF050929-056.jpgKauth....19 of 31
KauthF050929-057.jpgKauth....20 of 31
KauthF050929-058.jpgKauth....21 of 31
KauthF050929-059.jpgKauth....22 of 31
KauthF050929-060.jpgKauth....23 of 31
KauthF050929-061.jpgKauth....24 of 31
KauthF050929-062.jpgKauth....25 of 31
KauthF050929-063.jpgKauth....26 of 31
KauthF050929-064.jpgKauth....27 of 31
KauthF050929-065.jpgKauth....28 of 31
KauthF050929-066.jpgKauth....29 of 31
KauthF050929-067.jpgKauth....30 of 31
KauthF050929-068.jpgKauth 31 of 31
KauthIMG.jpgBernice Katuh obituary 1988
KauthIMG_0001.jpgJoseph James Kauth memoriam 08-30-1917 - 01-18-1986 1 of 2
KauthIMG_0002.jpgJoseph James Kauth memoriam....2 of 2
KauthIMG_0004.jpgJacob Kauth 10-25-1832 - 02-27-1901
KauthIMG_0005.jpgElizabeth Schaussen Kauth 01-28-1841 - 09-23-1917
KauthIMG_0006.jpgMathias Kauth 01-30-1866 - 10-06-1923
KauthIMG_0007.jpgEmma Kauth obituary NOTE: document lcoated in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 84
KearinF050930-019.jpgDave and Gay Kearin article
KearinIMG.jpgTamara Beth Kearin - Robert Joel Wenz engagement announcement
KearinIMG_0001.jpgRobert (Bob) R Kearin obituary February 2012
KechaferIMG_0001.jpgKeckhafer family 1 of 20
KechaferIMG_0002.jpgKeckhafer family 2 of 20
KechaferIMG_0003.jpgKechafer family 3 of 20
KechaferIMG_0004.jpgKechafer family 4 of 20
KechaferIMG_0005.jpgKechafer family 5 of 20
KechaferIMG_0006.jpgKechafer family 6 of 20
KechaferIMG_0007.jpgKechafer family 7 of 20
KechaferIMG_0008.jpgKechafer family 7 of 20
KechaferIMG_0009.jpgKechafer family 9 of 20
KechaferIMG_0010.jpgKechafer family 10 of 20
KechaferIMG_0011.jpgKechafer family 11 of 20
KechaferIMG_0012.jpgKechafer 12 of 20
KechaferIMG_0013.jpgKechafer family 13 of 20
KechaferIMG_0014.jpgKechafer 14 of 20
KechaferIMG_0015.jpgKechafer family 15 of 20
KechaferIMG_0016.jpgKechafer family 16 of 20
KechaferIMG_0017.jpgKechafer family 17 of 20
KechaferIMG_0018.jpgKechafer family 18 of 20
KechaferIMG_0019.jpgKechafer family 19 of 20
KechaferIMG_0020.jpgKechafer family 20 of 20
KeelerIMG.jpgJames D Keeler obituary 04-06-1981, son of Dudley, son of Frank & Lou [Putnam] Keeler
KeeslingBenjamin Keesling.jpgBenjamin Keesling 1836-1910 Located in Photo Gallery
KeeslingF050929-069.jpgBack Row, Left: Benjamin Keesling (1836-1910), Back Row, right: Mary Brunk Keesling (1838-1912)
KeeslingF050929-070.jpgKeesling family notes 1 of 4
KeeslingF050929-071.jpgKeesling family....2 of 4
KeeslingF050929-072.jpgKeesling family....3 of 4
KeeslingF050929-073.jpgKeesling family....4 of 4
KeeslingF050929-074.jpgBenjamin Franklin Keesling notes
KeeslingF050929-075.jpgKeesling - Wayzata Cemetary sketch
KeeslingF050929-076.jpgCarla Keesling letters 1 of 2
KeeslingF050929-077.jpgCarla Keesling....2 of 2
KeeslingF050929-078.jpgKeesling notes
KeeslingF050929-079.jpgBenjamin F and Mary (Brunk) Keesling
KeeslingF050929-080.jpgRoy Keesling ....Narrow Escape
KeeslingF050929-081.jpgKeesling - For Sale items
KeeslingF050929-082.jpgBenjamin F Keesling home on North Ferndale Road
KeeslingF050929-083.jpgBenjamin and Mary Keesling article
KeeslingF050929-084.jpgBenjamin Franklin Keesling family notes
KeeslingF050929-085.jpgRoy Keesling note
KeeslingF050929-086.jpgMrs Roy Keesling Hamel News
KeeslingF050929-087.jpgThomas B Keesling Obituary
KeeslingF050929-088.jpgKeesling - Daugherty Up Again
KeeslingF050929-089.jpgKeesling - Mr and Mrs John Groff
KeeslingF050929-090.jpgRoy Keesling article
KeeslingF050929-091.jpgKeesling - Eva M Kuntz death
KeeslingF050929-092.jpgRoy Keesling For Sale
KeeslingF050929-093.jpgRoy Keesling article
KeeslingF050929-094.jpgRoy and Lloyd Keesling
KeeslingF050929-095.jpgLena R Keesling memoir
KeeslingF050929-096.jpgLena Keesling Obituary
KeeslingF050929-097.jpgKay Darnelle Keesling marriage
KeeslingF050929-098.jpgLori Jean Keesling engagement
KeeslingF050929-099.jpgFrank Keesling'shouse burned down
KeeslingF050929-100.jpgReed Keesling advertisement
KeeslingF050929-101.jpgReed Keesling marriage
KeeslingF050929-102.jpgPercy Keesling Lost
KeeslingF050929-103.jpgCora Keesling article
KeeslingF050929-104.jpgRoy Keesling article
KeeslingF050929-105.jpgMark B Keesling obituary
KeeslingF050929-106.jpgDarla Keesling Fire destroys home....
KeeslingF050929-107.jpgReed Keesling advertisement
KeeslingF050929-108.jpgBen Keesling note
KeeslingF050929-109.jpgKeesling - Mrs A T Dart note
KeeslingF050929-110.jpgMary Elizabeth Keesling obituary
KeeslingF050929-111.jpgKeesling article
KeeslingF050929-112.jpgDaila Keesling Letter to the Editor
KeeslingF050929-113.jpgChristine Keesling Obituary
KeeslingF050929-114.jpgChristine Keesling 80th birthday
KeeslingF050929-115.jpgPearl Keesling memoir
KeeslingF050929-116.jpgIrene Keesling
KeeslingF050929-117.jpgBenjamin F and Mary Keesling
KeeslingF050929-118.jpgChristine Keesling
KeeslingF050929-119.jpgB F Keasling plat location
KeeslingIMG.jpgDyton Keesling obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 274
KeeslingIMG_0006.jpgClayton Kent Keesling obituary, April 1956 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 357
KeeslingIMG_0007.jpgPercy W Keesling obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 37
KeeslingIMG_0008.jpgPercy W Keesling obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 6, page 37
KeeslingIMG_0009.jpgEdward L Keesling obituary 05-13-1985, son of Reed and Christine (Scherer) Keesling NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 21
KeeslingIMG_0011.jpgVinton Daughter obituary and notes 02-24-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 11
KeeslingIMG_0016.jpgElla S Keesling obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 22
KeeslingIMG_0017.jpgEva Keesling
KeeslingIMG_0018.jpgDonald B Keesling obituary
KeeslingIMG_0019.jpgPhoebe [Keesling] Hughes obituary, Frank Keeslings Daughter
KeeslingIMG_0020.jpgLloyd Keesling Sr obituary 06-27-1981
KellerF050929-120.jpgKeller notes
KellerF050929-121.jpgChristine Keller letter
KellerF050929-122.jpgMrs Christian Keller death
KellerF050929-123.jpgMrs Christian Keller Obituary
KellerF050929-124.jpgKeller - Jones-Dunn marriage
KellerF050929-125.jpgRaykmond A Keller memoir
KellerF050929-126.jpgEdward H Keller Obituary
KellerF050929-127.jpgKeller notes
KellerF050929-129.jpgCarne and Pearl Keller, Wayzata High 1924
KellerF050929-130.jpgRay and Helen estate auction
KellerF050929-131.jpgPearl Marion Keller Certificate of Baptism
KellerF050929-132.jpgRay Keller of Wayzata
KellerF050929-133.jpgEd and Ray Keller article
KellerF050929-134.jpgKeller - George W Lind memoir
KellerF050929-135.jpgKeller - Inez M Ellis memoir
KellerF050929-136.jpgKeller - Lind/Swanson marriage
KellerF050929-137.jpgKeller - Mr & Mrs Ed Lind article
KellerF050929-138.jpgMona Keller marriage
KellerF050929-139.jpgKeller - Carlson-Ellis marriage
KellerF050929-140.jpgKeller notes
KellerIMG.jpgFrederick Keller Family
KellerIMG_0001.jpgPearl Keller - James Boucher, fiance of Pearl
KellerIMG_0003.jpgCarrie Keller and Vernon Brown
KellerIMG_0004.jpgPearl Keller - James Boucher fiance of Pearl
KellerIMG_0005.jpgKeller - Vernon Brown
KellerIMG_0006.jpgHenry C Keller obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 304
KellerIMG_0008.jpgJohn Harvey Keller obituary 06-24-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 32
KellerIMG_0009.jpgRaymond A Keller obituary June 1979
KellerIMG_0010.jpgRaymond Keller obituary 06-13-1979
KellettF050929-141.jpgDavid Kellett plat info
KelleyF051107-001.jpgKelley family notes
KelleyF051107-002.jpgKelley notes
KelleyF051107-003.jpgWilliam Kelley article
KelleyF051107-004.jpgKelley letter
KelleyF051107-005.jpgKelley note
KelleyF051107-006.jpgIrma Kelley has been selected to receive....
KelleyF051107-007.jpgIrma J Kelley Orono teacher wins...
KelleyF051107-008.jpgBeth Kelley note
KelleyF051107-009.jpgKelley & Kelley Nursery and Landscape Design
KelleyF051107-010.jpgAnne Kelley Forward
KelleyF051107-011.jpgJim Kelley - Courage Center 1 of 2
KelleyF051107-012.jpgJim Kelley....2 of 2
KelleyF051107-013.jpgAsa Kelley note
KelleyF051107-014.jpgBruce Kelley
KelleyF051107-015.jpgSteve Kelley note
KelleyF051107-016.jpgKenneth Kelley
KelleyF051107-017.jpgAnne Kelley notes 1 of 2
KelleyF051107-018.jpgAnne Kelley....2 of 2
KelleyF051107-019.jpgIrma J Kelley ...receives an award
KelleyF051107-020.jpgWilliam Kelley article
KelleyF051107-021.jpgWilliam Kelley article
KelleyF051107-022.jpgLes Kelley ....Man of the Year 1 of 2
KelleyF051107-023.jpgLes Kelley....2 of 2
KelleyF051107-024.jpgAnthony Kelly - Wholesale Grocer.
KelleyF051107-025.jpgLloyd S Kelley Obituary and memoir
KelleyF051107-026.jpgSteve Kelley note
KelleyF051107-027.jpgHelen Kelley, WHCPA 1985
KelleyF051107-028.jpgKelley - Irma Ogren
KelleyF051107-029.jpgKelley - thank you
KelleyF051107-030.jpgKelley notes
KelleyF051107-031.jpgWilliam S Kelley, Jr., Private Advances
KelleyF051107-032.jpgSam Kelley note
KelleyF051107-033.jpgWinona Kelley memoir
KelleyF051107-034.jpgIngrid Kelley Miss Supersonic
KelleyF051107-035.jpgKelley notes
KelleyF051107-036.jpgHoover Kelley note
KelleyF051107-037.jpgKelley notes
KelleyF051107-038.jpgCarolyn Kelley engagement
KelleyF051107-039.jpgRodney F Kelley Obituary
KelleyF051107-040.jpgWilliam Kelley
KelleyF051107-041.jpgKelley notes
KelleyF051107-042.jpgKelley - Jeanie Peterson article 1 of 2
KelleyF051107-043.jpgKelley-Jeannie Peterson....2 of 2
KelleyF051107-044.jpgMargaret Heisterman Kelley (wife of Kenneth)
KelleyF051107-045.jpgMona and Lloyd Kelley 40th anniversary
KelleyF051107-046.jpgAnne Kelley note
KelleyF051107-047.jpgKelley notes
KelleyF051107-048.jpgKelley and Kelley Nursery honored
KelleyF051107-049.jpgAnne Kelley Collections Management Policy 1 of 2
KelleyF051107-050.jpgAnne Kelley Collections....2 of 2
KelleyF051107-051.jpgWilliam S Kelley Jr article
KelleyF051107-052.jpgWilliam S Kelley Jr Head of Engineers Chapter....
KelleyF051107-053.jpgLloyd Kelley notes
KelleyF051107-055.jpgWinona Kelley memoir
KelleyF051107-056.jpgKenneth E Kelley Obituary
KelleyF051107-057.jpgKelley & Kelley reunion
KelleyF051107-058.jpgIngred Ringnier Kelley thank you
KelleyF051107-059.jpgJames Kelly is off and leading....
KelleyF051107-061.jpgKelley notes
KelleyF051107-062.jpgRodney F Kelley Obituary
KelleyF051107-063.jpgKathryn H Kelley Obituary
KelleyF051107-064.jpgWilliam S Kelley Sr Obituary
KelleyF051107-065.jpgMrs William S Kelley Obituary
KelleyF051107-066.jpgKelley - Bernie Berman article
KelleyF051107-067.jpgElla Kelley Obituary
KelleyF051107-068.jpgR F Kelley Letter from the Boys
KelleyF051107-069.jpgBonnie Kelley Area artist....
KelleyF051107-070.jpgLes Kelley
KelleyF051107-071.jpgKelley notes
KelleyF051107-072.jpgAsa G Kelley plat info
KelleyF051107-073.jpgMary K Kelley memoir
KelleyF051107-074.jpgL S Kelley notes
KelleyF051107-075.jpgWilliam Kelley Sr. family, from negative
KelleyF051107-076.jpgSteve Kelley The end of the line
KelleyF051107-077.jpgFlorence Louise Kelley memoir
KelleyF051107-078.jpgFlorence Kelley note
KelleyF051107-079.jpgIrma Kelley to be honored
KelleyF051107-080.jpgMrs W R Kelley Homemade quilt spreads cheer 1 of 2
KelleyF051107-081.jpgMrs W R Kelley....2 of 2
KelleyF051107-082.jpgWilliam S Kelley, Sr. at home in Long Lake
KelleyF051107-083.jpgWilliam S. Kelley SR.
KelleyF051107-084.jpgTop: Kelley Family; Middle: Kelley&Kelley office, 1930; bottom: Kelley&Kelley truck
KelleyF060602-002.jpgBride Caroline Barrett, Groom Hoover Kelley, Bridesmaid on far right: Laverne St John
KelleyF060602-031.jpgMrs Lloyd Kelley and Mrs S Thompson
KelleyF060602-052.jpgIngred Ringnier Kelley Obituary
KelleyIMG-0003-3.jpgSteve Kelley The end of the line Star Tribune 02-16-2005
KelleyIMG.jpgH L Kelly, Harwell DuPrez 1914
KelleyIMG_0001-01.jpgIn the Garden Vol 1, Issue 1 Spring 1992 remainder found in Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_0001-1-1.jpgLester S Kelley passport 1 of 4
KelleyIMG_0001-1.jpgHoover Kelley miscellaneous shower
KelleyIMG_0001.jpgElizabeth and Carolyn Barrett
KelleyIMG_000101.jpgKelly In the Garden 1 of 20
KelleyIMG_0002-02.jpgIn the Garden, Volume II, Issue 1, Spring 1993 remainder found in Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_0002-2-2.jpgLester S Kelley passport 2 of 4
KelleyIMG_0002-2.jpgVirginia [Kelley] Drew marriage annuoncement
KelleyIMG_0002.jpgKelley-Barrett Wedding Announcement 06-16-1939
KelleyIMG_000202.jpgKelley In the....2 of 20
KelleyIMG_0003-03.jpgIn the Garden, Volume IV, Issue 1, Spring 1995 remainder to be found in Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_0003-3.jpgLester S Kelley passport 3 of 4
KelleyIMG_0003.jpgWinona Kelley memoriam 10-30-1955
KelleyIMG_000303.jpgKelley In the....3 of 20
KelleyIMG_0004-04.jpgIn the Garden, Volume V, Issue 1, Spring 1996 remainder to be found in Kelley Family files
KelleyIMG_0004-4.jpgLester S Kelley passport 4 of 4
KelleyIMG_000404.jpgKelley In the....4 of 20
KelleyIMG_0005-05.jpgIn The Garden, Volume VII, Issue 1, Spring 1998 remainder to be found in Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_0005-5.jpgForrest Jay Kelley and Rachel Christine Kuykendall marriage announcement
KelleyIMG_000505.jpgKelley In the....5 of 20
KelleyIMG_0006-06.jpgIn the Garden, Volume X, Issue 1, Spring 2001 remainder to be found in the Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_0006-6.jpgLester Kelley obituary
KelleyIMG_000606.jpgKelley In the....6 of 20
KelleyIMG_0007-07.jpgIn the Garden, Volume XIV, Issue 1, Spring 2005 remainder to be found in Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_0007-7.jpgKelley & Kelley Nursery and Landscape Design "Gardners Corner"
KelleyIMG_000707.jpgKelley In the....7 of 20
KelleyIMG_0008-08.jpgIn the Garden, Volume XV, Issue 1, Spring 2006 remainder to be found in Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_0008-8.jpgLes Kelley "Former Orono Parks Commissioner has new road named after him", Sun Sailory 07-01-1995
KelleyIMG_000808.jpgKelley In the....8 of 20
KelleyIMG_0009-09.jpgIn the Garden, Volume XVI, Issue 1, Spring 2007 remainder to be found in Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_0009-9.jpgLester S Kelley obituary 02-071992
KelleyIMG_000909.jpgKelley In the....9 of 20
KelleyIMG_0010-10.jpgIrma J Kelley "Imaginative methods lead to award for history teacher", 10-26-1989
KelleyIMG_0010.jpgIn the Garden Volume XVII, Issue 1, Spring 2008 remainder to be found in Kelley family files
KelleyIMG_001010.jpgKelley In the....10 of 20
KelleyIMG_0011-11.jpgKelley - Wayzata High School Class of 1940 - First row: Lorraine Meyer Barnes; GraceJohnson McKay;Caroline Aamved Hughes;Beth Kelley;Magdalen Schmitz Klaers; Irene Striebel Hatcher; Betty Wasgatt LeDell; Ruth Mickelson Torkelson; Viola Hanson WAoodson; Virgil Holst. Second row: Gudman Nellberg; Betty Helgerson Heinzen; LaDean Vickerman McWilliams; Shirley Braden Hodisan; Mr John Hecklin; Mrs Bernice Hart Hocklin; Robert Neddermeyer; Miss Marie Bruce; Jane Mattson Johnson; Marian Jackson Sidnam; Mary O'Keefe Geurs; Josephine Favorite Hughes; Lewis Workman; John Christensen. Third Row: Kermit Eisinger; George Wineman; Hibbert Sidnam; Loravn Dumas Jensen; Jack Craban; Lewis Sopko; Frank Johnson; Ray Anderson. Fourth row: Curtis Quady; John Hugbart; Robert Phillips; Robert Bartholow; Mr Joe Odanovick; NeilHursh; James Carmody; Atwood Larson; Adrian Van Beusekom; Frank Andrews 06-25-1940 23rd Year Reunion Dinner, St Louis Park, MN
KelleyIMG_001111.jpgKelley In the....11 of 20
KelleyIMG_0012-12.jpgKelley - Commencement Exercises, Wayzata High School 06-07-1948 1 of 4
KelleyIMG_001212.jpgKelley In the....12 of 20
KelleyIMG_0013-13.jpgKelley - Commencement....2 of 4
KelleyIMG_001313.jpgKelley In the....13 of 20
KelleyIMG_0014-14.jpgKelley - Commencement....3 of 4
KelleyIMG_001414.jpgKelley In the....14 of 20
KelleyIMG_0015-15.jpgKelley - Commencement....4 of 4
KelleyIMG_001515.jpgKelley In the....15 of 20
KelleyIMG_0016-16.jpgBeth Kelley Wayzata High School Diploma
KelleyIMG_001616.jpgKelley In the....16 of 20
KelleyIMG_0017-17.jpgJim Kelley "Diving alert" 06-10-1978
KelleyIMG_001717.jpgKelley In the....17 of 20
KelleyIMG_0018-18.jpgPeter Anthony Kelley and Ruth Ann Weber wedding cermony 11-02-1996
KelleyIMG_001818.jpgKelly In the....18 of 20
KelleyIMG_0019-19.jpgWilliam S Kelley Jr obituary 1978
KelleyIMG_001919.jpgKelley In the....19 of 20
KelleyIMG_0020-20.jpgPeter Kelley "Meet a Junior Business Leader" 04-16-1981
KelleyIMG_002020.jpgKelley In the....20 of 20
KelleyIMG_002021.jpgMrs William Kelley letter 11-13-1980 NOTE: located in Kelley Family Folder
KelleyIMG_002022.jpgIrma Kelley and Elaine Goldsmith
KelleyIMG_002023.jpgKelly Nursery In the Garden Voxume XX, Issue 1, Spring 2011 NOTE: located in the Kelley Family Folder
KelleyIMG_002024.jpgKelley and Kelley Nursery and Landscaping In The Garden Volume XVIII, Issue 1 document located in Kelley Family Folder
KelleyIMG_002025.jpgWinona Snoke Kelley obituary 10-27-1955 NOTE: original document locatred in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 354
KelleyIMG_002026.jpgMrs Lloyd I Kelley obituary NOTE: original document lcoated in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Box Number 2, page 354 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_002027.jpgMrs Loyd I Kelley obituary....2 of 2
KelleyIMG_002028.jpgLloyd S Kelley obituary 08-14-1985 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 33
KelleyIMG_002029.jpgRodney F Kelley obituary 10-13-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 34
KelleyIMG_002030.jpgWilliam S Kelley Jr obituary 09-14-1978
KelleyIMG_002031.jpgWilliam S Kelley Jr obituary 09-14-1978
KelleyIMG_002032.jpgJohn F Kelley, wife Vera Gallup of Long Lake, daughter of Art Gallup
KelleyIMG_002033.jpgKelley & Kelley Plat Survey 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_002034.jpgKelley & Kelley Plat Survey 2 of 2
KelleyIMG_002035.jpgKelley & Kelley advertisement 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_002036.jpgKelley & Kelley advertisement 2 of 2
KelleyIMG_002037.jpgKelley and Kelley Nursery "In the Garden" Spring 2012, Volume XXI, Issue I Remainder of document located in Kelley Family Folder
KelleyIMG_002038.jpgKelley and Kelley "In the Garden", Spring 2009 Volume XVIII, Issue 1. Remainder of document located in Kelley Family Folder
KelleyIMG_002039.jpgMary K Kelley memoriam 02-05-1915 - 10-07-1992
KelleyIMG_002040.jpgMary Kelley "Truck-car collision kills Orono woman" 10-07-1942
KelleyIMG_002041.jpgMary K Kelley obituary Sun/Sailor 10-14-1992
KelleyIMG_0021-21.jpgBruce Kelley and Steve Kelley with Sylvia Roberts "Orono Lions program promotes reading" 03-26-2005
KelleyIMG_0022-22.jpgLes Kelley "Local nurseries booked solid this winter" 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_0023-23.jpgLes Kelley "Local nurseries....2 of 2
KelleyIMG_0024-24.jpgSteve Kelley 03-17-2001
KelleyIMG_0025-25.jpgIrma Kelley "....isTeacher of Year" 04-22-1991 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_0026-26.jpgIrma Kelley "is Teacher....2 of 2
KelleyIMG_0027-27.jpgBruce and Irma Kelley "Kellys provide home for wildlife" June 2003
KelleyIMG_0028-28.jpgKelley "Don't missthe siren call of spring bloomers"09-08-2004
KelleyIMG_0029-29.jpgLes Kelley " Long Lake Chamber's Man of theYear" 12-18-1989 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_0030-30.jpgLes Kelley " Long Lake....2 of 2
KelleyIMG_0030.jpgLester S Kelley service bulletin 1 of 2 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 10 and 11
KelleyIMG_0031-31.jpgSteve Kelley "Plant families" 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_0031.jpgLester S Kelley service....2 of 2
KelleyIMG_0032-32.jpgSteve Kelley "Plant Families, The end of the line" 2 of 2
KelleyIMG_0032.jpgLester S Kelley, ..75, owner of landscaping service in Long Lake obituary 02-08-1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 12
KelleyIMG_0033-33.jpgSteve Kelley "Shape" 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_0033.jpgLester Kelley obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 12
KelleyIMG_0034-34.jpgSteve Kelley "Shape" 2 of 2
KelleyIMG_0035-35.jpgJames Michael Kelley and Patricia Geralyn O'Connor wedding ceremony 1 of 2
KelleyIMG_0036-36.jpgJames Michael Kelley and Patricia Geralyn O'Connor....2 of 2
KelleyIMG_0037-37.jpgJim Kelley "Unplanned plunge has tragic consequences" 1986 NOTE: document located in Kelley Family Folder
KelleyIMG_0038-38.jpgHelen Kelley "The Quilters Hall of Fame" 2008 NOTE: located in Kelley Family Folder 1 of 3
KelleyIMG_0039-39.jpgHelen Kelley "The Quilters....2 of 3
KelleyIMG_0040-40.jpgHelen Kelley "The Quilters....3 of 3
KelsoF050929-142.jpgMrs J E Kelso Honory Member
KelsoF050929-144.jpgKelso invitation
KelsoF050929-145.jpgOliver Kelso - grandfather St Oliver Parsons
KelsoF050929-146.jpgKelso Minnesota Territorial Pioneers
KelsoF050929-147.jpgFront, Second from Right: Joseph Francis Kelso, father of Ollie Kelso
KelsoF050929-148.jpgKelso - All Saints Church (Episcopal) in Minneaolis, MN. O.S.K. (Sr) belonged, and sang in choir from age 7 to 21. He also used the pump organ in the rear (shown on right in photo)
KelsoF050929-149.jpgKelso note
KelsoF050929-150.jpgLenore Lewis Kelso memoir
KelsoIMG.jpgOliver S Kelso obituary 09-1978
KelsoIMG_0001.jpgLenore (Lewis) Kelso obituary 05-06-19801
KelsoIMG_0002.jpgLenore Lewis Kelso memoriam 05-06-1980
KemnaF050930-001.jpgKemna note
KemnaF050930-002.jpgDuane Kemna Buttons memoir
KemnaF050930-003.jpgRalph H Kemna Buck Obituary
KemnaF050930-004.jpgKemna note
KemnaF050930-005.jpgHugh Kemna letter
KemnaF050930-006.jpgKemna - Henry A Kenneston note
KemnaF050930-007.jpgKemna - Reid Henry birth
KemnaF050930-008.jpgKemna - Jeffery Walter KenKnight article
KemnaIMG.jpgDuane Kemna ...54; sold tickets and buttons obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 6
KemnaIMG_0001.jpgAnessa Kemna "Woman proves sight isn't needed for athletic greatness"
KemnaIMG_0002.jpgAnne M Kemna obituary 1983
KenknightF050930-007.jpgKenknight - Reid Henry birth
KenknightF050930-008.jpgJefferty KenKnight article
KenknightF050930-009.jpgKenKnight letter 1 of 2
KenknightF050930-010.jpgKenKnight letter 2 of 2
KennedyF050930-011.jpgKennedy family history
KennedyF050930-012.jpgMr and Mrs William H Kennedy note
KennedyF050930-013.jpgIsaac Kennedy note
KennedyF050930-014.jpgKennedy notes
KennedyF050930-015.jpgKennedy notes
KennedyF050930-016.jpgKennedy notes
KennedyIMG-0006.jpgKennedy "In Rebel Prison" The Terrible Suffering and The Wonderful Escape by W H H Kennedy of Maple Plain, MN 1840-1910 Grave - "Some Grave People in America" 1673-1973 NOTE: located in Vault Family Bound Edition
KennedyIMG.jpgHarold L (Ike) Kennedy obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
KennedyIMG_0001.jpgWilliam H H Kennedy note
KennedyIMG_0002.jpgKennedy Family Group Record 1 of 2
KennedyIMG_0003.jpgKennedy Family Group Record 2 of 2
KennedyIMG_0004.jpgAlice G Kennedy obituary and notes 03-29-1986 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 17
KennedyIMG_0005.jpgJohn and Margaret Kennedy Warranty Deed to Louisa C Bryant 02-25-1874 NOTE: remainder of document located in Kennedy Family Folder
KeranF050930-017.jpgOwen Keran plat info
KeranF050930-018.jpgHugh Keran plat info
KerrIMG.jpgAnna B Kerr Obituary march 1983
KerrIMG_0001.jpgRuss Kerr obituary. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 298; 1 of 2
KerrIMG_0002.jpgRuss Kerr obituary....1 of 2
KersonF050930-020.jpgWilliam Kerson plat info
KesslerIMG.jpgGeorge Joseph Kessler obituary
KesslingIMG.jpgBeatrice C [Moe, Mulholland] Keesling obituary 04-02-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 21
KesslingIMG_0001.jpgMay Nell Keesling obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 21
KetcherIMG.jpgRoy H Ketcher obituary 08-19-1922 - 10-10-1990 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 60
KetcherIMG_0001.jpgAdolph Ketcher obituary 01-04-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 3
KeyesF051001-037.jpgDarlene Keyes family notes
KeyesF051001-038.jpgPhiannah Keyes ...Describes Scenes of Pioneer Days
KeyesF051001-039.jpgPhiannah Keyes Sunday School Class about 1913
KeyesF051001-040.jpgPhianniah Keyes Obituary
KeyesF051001-041.jpgKeyes notes
KeyesF051001-042.jpgKeyes notes
KeyesF051001-043.jpgAlvin F Keyes Obituary
KeyesF051001-044.jpgKeyes Uncle Dorus
KeyesF051001-045.jpgKeyes The Lean-to
KeyesF051001-046.jpgKeyes Uncle Borus
KeyesIMG_0001.jpgPhianniah Fogelsonger Keyes obituary
KeysIMG.jpgMaude [Drysdale] Keys note
KickhaferF050930-020.jpgAugust Kickhafer reunion
KickhaferIMG.jpgClarence H Kickhafer obituary March 1983
KindredF050930-021.jpgKindred notes
KindredF050930-022.jpgKindred notes
KindredF050930-023.jpgMrs William Kindred 72nd birthday
KindredIMG.jpgTom Kindred note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 220
KindredIMG_0001.jpgSarah Kindred note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 1, page 248
KindredIMG_0002.jpgThomas Kindred note
KingF050930-026.jpgMartin King interview
KingF050930-027.jpgMartin King receipt 1 of 5
KingF050930-028.jpgMartin King....2 of 5
KingF050930-029.jpgMartin King....3 of 5
KingF050930-030.jpgMartin King....4 of 5
KingF050930-031.jpgMartin King....5 of 5
KingF050930-032.jpgKing Market Letter
KingF050930-033.jpgKing - Loretto Feed & Seed Co receipts
KingF050930-034.jpgKing - Misc. receipts
KingF050930-035.jpgCharles King plat info
KingF050930-036.jpgJ Martin King checks 1 of 3
KingF050930-037.jpgJ Martin King....2 of 3
KingF050930-038.jpgJ Martin King....3 of 3
KingF050930-039.jpgKing - Monthly Report from Pay Out Ledger
KingF050930-040.jpgJ Martin King stock certificate
KingF051001-001.jpgKing Live Stock Sanitary Board
KingF051001-002.jpgKing letter
KingF051001-005.jpgJames King will and inventory and appraisement 1 of 6
KingF051001-006.jpgJames King....2 of 6
KingF051001-007.jpgJames King....3 of 6
KingF051001-008.jpgJames King....4 of 6
KingF051001-009.jpgJames King....5 of 6
KingF051001-010.jpgJames King....6 of 6
KingF051001-011.jpgKing - Offical Quarantine
KingF051001-012.jpgKing reciept
KingF051001-013.jpgJ Martin King bank statement
KingF051001-014.jpgPeter King property taxes
KingF051001-015.jpgJ Martin King funeral home statement
KingF051001-016.jpgPeter King promisary note
KingF051001-017.jpgJ Martin King St Peter's Catholic Church receipts
KingF051001-018.jpgJ Martin King receipt of Peter King estate
KingF051001-019.jpgJ Martin King receipt
KingF051001-020.jpgJ Martin King receipt
KingF051001-021.jpgJ Martin King note balance on horse
KingF051001-022.jpgKing Quit Claim Deed
KingF051001-023.jpgMary and Michael King Quit Claim Deed
KingF051001-024.jpgPeter King Warranty Deed
KingF051001-025.jpgPeter King Warranty Deed
KingF051001-026.jpgKing Bill of Sale
KingF051001-027.jpgMrs Augusta E King creditors letter
KingF051001-028.jpgKing - Patrick Young exemplification of heirship
KingF051001-029.jpgKing - Patrick Young heirship
KingF051001-030.jpgKing - Decree
KingF051001-031.jpgPeter Young decree of heirship
KingF051001-032.jpgJ Martin King....3 of 4
KingF051001-033.jpgJ Martin King....2 of 4
KingF051001-034.jpgJ Martin King receipt 1 of 4
KingF051001-035.jpgKing plat info
KingF051001-036.jpgJ Martin King....4 of 4
KingF051107-085.jpgMartin King
KingF051107-086.jpgHarold G S King, Dr. retirement
KingF051107-087.jpgAnna King Obituary
KingF051107-088.jpgJoseph Martin King Certificate of Baptism
KingF051107-089.jpgMartin King memoir
KingF051107-090.jpgPeter King marriage certificate
KingF051108-001.jpgPeter King receipt
KingF051108-002.jpgJ Martin King payment of milkhouse loan
KingF051108-003.jpgPeter King safety deposit box receipts
KingF051108-004.jpgMartin King property assessment
KingF051108-005.jpgMartin King receipt
KingF051108-006.jpgJ Martin King auto insurance 48 Chev
KingF051108-007.jpgPeter King receipt
KingF051108-008.jpgJ Martin King chauffeur license
KingF051108-009.jpgKing - Letter
KingF051108-010.jpgJ Martin King insurance policy
KingF051108-011.jpgPeter King safety deposit box receipt
KingF051108-012.jpgKing receipt
KingF051108-013.jpgJ Martin King/Peter King....2 of 2
KingF051108-014.jpgJ Martin King/Peter King estate bank statement 1 of 2
KingF051108-015.jpgJ Martin King checks 1 of 4
KingF051108-016.jpgJ Martin King....2 of 4
KingF051108-017.jpgJ Martin King....3 of 4
KingF051108-018.jpgJ Martin King....4 of 4
KingF051108-019.jpgMartin King letter 1 of 2
KingF051108-020.jpgMartin King letter 2 of 2
KingF051108-021.jpgKing - Sister Clotilda
KingF051108-022.jpgKing Montgomery Ward & Co receipts
KingF051108-023.jpgJ Martin King promisary note
KingF051108-024.jpgPeter King promissary note
KingF051108-025.jpgMartin King In Memoriam 1 of 4
KingF051108-026.jpgMartin King In....3 of 4
KingF051108-027.jpgMartin King In....2 of 4
KingF051108-028.jpgMartin King In....4 of 4
KingIMG.jpgMartin King 1898 Autograph Album #17
KingmanF051001-047.jpgJoseph R Kingman Jr Obituary
KingmanF051001-048.jpgHenry S Kingman Jr Named Bank President
KingmanF051001-049.jpgWoodwward Welles Kingman marriage
KingmanF051001-050.jpgJoe Kingman Maplewood Boys Save Swimmer
KingmanF051001-051.jpgHenry Seldon Kingman Jr
KingmanF051001-052.jpgHenry S Kingman Jr ..joins First Federal
KingmanF051001-053.jpgHenry S Kingman Sr Obituary
KingmanIMG.jpgHenry S Kingman Jr Orono man is honored for park service
KingsleyF051006-073.jpgKingsley letters 1 of 10
KingsleyF051006-074.jpgKingsley....2 of 10
KingsleyF051006-075.jpgKingsley....3 of 10
KingsleyF051006-076.jpgKingsley....4 of 10
KingsleyF051006-077.jpgKingsley....5 of 10
KingsleyF051006-078.jpgKingsley....6 of 10
KingsleyF051006-079.jpgKingsley....7 of 10
KingsleyF051006-080.jpgKingsley....8 of 10
KingsleyF051006-081.jpgKingsley....9 of 10
KingsleyF051006-082.jpgKingsley....10 of 10
KingsleyF051006-083.jpgJerry B Kingsley Company I
KingsleyF051006-084.jpgKingsley family notes 1 of 12
KingsleyF051006-085.jpgKingsley family....2 of 12
KingsleyF051006-086.jpgKingsley family....3 of 12
KingsleyF051006-087.jpgKingsley family....4 of 12
KingsleyF051006-088.jpgKingsley....5 of 12
KingsleyF051006-089.jpgKingsley....6 of 12
KingsleyF051006-090.jpgKingsley....7 of 12
KingsleyF051006-091.jpgKingsley....8 of 12
KingsleyF051006-092.jpgKingsley....9 of 12
KingsleyF051006-093.jpgKingsley....10 of 12
KingsleyF051006-094.jpgKingsley....11 of 12
KingsleyF051006-095.jpgKingsley....12 of 12
KingsleyF051006-096.jpgGeorge S Kinglsley estate auction
KingsleyF051006-097.jpgAmor and Cornelia Kingsley note
KingsleyF051006-098.jpgJerry B Kingsley Veterans record
KingsleyF051006-099.jpgJeremiah Kingsley deposition 1 of 5
KingsleyF051006-100.jpgJeremiah Kingsley....2 of 5
KingsleyF051006-101.jpgJeremiah Kinglsy....3 of 5
KingsleyF051006-102.jpgJeremiah Kingsley....4 of 5
KingsleyF051006-103.jpgJeremiah Kingsley....5 of 5
KingsleyF051006-104.jpgJeremiah Kingsley....1 of 4
KingsleyF051006-105.jpgJeremiah Kingsley....1 of 4
KingsleyF051006-106.jpgJeremiah Kingsley....3 of 4
KingsleyF051006-107.jpgJeremiah Kingsley 4 of 4
KingsleyF051006-108.jpgJeremiah Kingsley Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension 1 of 2
KingsleyF051006-109.jpgJeremiah Kingsley Declaration....2 of 2
KingsleyF051006-110.jpgSarah Kingsley Declaration for Widow's Pension 1 of 10
KingsleyF051006-111.jpgSarah Kingsley....2 of 10
KingsleyF051006-112.jpgSarah Kingsley....3 of 10
KingsleyF051006-113.jpgSarah Kingsley....4 of 10
KingsleyF051006-114.jpgSarah Kingsley....5 of 10
KingsleyF051006-115.jpgSarah Kingsley....6 of 10
KingsleyF051006-116.jpgSarah Kingsley....7 of 10
KingsleyF051006-117.jpgSarah Kingsley....8 of 10
KingsleyF051006-118.jpgSarah Kingsley....9 of 10
KingsleyF051006-119.jpgSarah Kingsley....10 of 10
KingsleyF051006-120.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051006-121.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051006-122.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051006-123.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-001.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-002.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-003.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-004.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-005.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-006.jpgKIngsley notes
KingsleyF051007-007.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-008.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-009.jpgKingsley notes
KingsleyF051007-010.jpgKIngsley notes
KingsleyF051007-011.jpgGeorge Kingsley house on Mirror Lake near Hopkins MN
KingsleyF051007-012.jpgJeremiah Kingsley note
KingsleyF051007-013.jpgKingsley letter
KingsleyF051007-014.jpgJerry B Kingsley Company F
KingsleyF051007-015.jpgAmos Weeks Kingsley family notes
KingsleyF051007-016.jpgKingsley thank you
KingsleyF051007-017.jpgAmos Weeks Kingsley and Cornelia Brown Kingsley
KingsleyF051007-018.jpgJeremiah Kingsley notes
KingsrudIMG.jpgJudith Kingsrud Right Number
KingsrudIMG_0001.jpgFrederick Kingsrud obituary 05-21-1986, wife Ruth Hollson NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, apge 24
KingsrudIMG_0002.jpgFrederick Kingsrud memoriam 11-14-1907 - 05-21-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 25
KingsrudIMG_0003.jpgJudith Kingsrud Right Number
KinnardIMG.jpgBrooke and John Kinnard, children of Agnes, Mpls, Mn
KiolaIMG.jpgBessie [Layman] Kiola obituary
KirschIMG.jpgMabel C Kirsch obituary 02-13-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 9
KissingerF051001-054.jpgWilliam Kissinger plat info
KissingerF051001-055.jpgKissinger note
KittockIMG.jpgDave Kittock Maple Plain resident named outstanding student 08-04-1991 Delano Eagle
KittockIMG_0001.jpgMargaret Kittok obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 59
KittockIMG_0002.jpgMichael Joseph Kittok obituary 06-06-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 29
KlaersF051002-035.jpgKlaers family notes
KlaersF051002-036.jpgJoseph A Klaers Ingleside Farm
KlaersF051002-037.jpgKlares family history 1 of 3
KlaersF051002-038.jpgKlares family....2 of 3
KlaersF051002-039.jpgKlares family....3 of 3
KlaersF051002-040.jpgKlaers note
KlaersF051002-041.jpgMarlene Klaers marriage
KlaersF051002-042.jpgRandy Klaers engagement
KlaersF051002-043.jpgLaurie Lee Klaers engagement
KlaersF051002-044.jpgLaura Lee Klaers marriage
KlaersF051002-045.jpgCollette Klaers marriage
KlaersF051002-046.jpgMary Jo Klaers engagement
KlaersF051002-047.jpgLaurie Lee Klaers engagement
KlaersF051002-048.jpgColleen Klaers engagement
KlaersF051002-049.jpgArnold J Klaers Obituary
KlaersF051002-050.jpgJerry Klaers
KlaersF051002-051.jpgArnold Klaers family
KlaersF051002-052.jpgKlaers family reunion
KlaersF051002-053.jpgDon Klaers Letter to the Editor
KlaersF051002-054.jpgDon Klaers article
KlaersF051002-055.jpgPeter A Klaers Obituary
KlaersF051002-056.jpgFrank Klaers Obituary
KlaersF051002-057.jpgMr and Mrs Alfred Klaers 50th anniversary
KlaersF051002-058.jpgJerry Klaers ...retires
KlaersF051002-059.jpgPaul Klaers Sports People
KlaersF051002-060.jpgJanice Klaers ...princess candidates
KlaersF051002-061.jpgJanice Klaers
KlaersF051002-062.jpgKlaers notes
KlaersF051002-063.jpgRegina J Klaers Obituary
KlaersIMG_0001-1.jpgJoseph Klaers "History of the Joseph Klaers Family" NOTED: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault 1 of 2
KlaersIMG_0001-2.jpgJoseph Klaers "History of the Joseph Klaers Family" NOTED: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault 2 of 2
KlaersIMG_0001.jpgKlaers - Ann Hozempa obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 65
KlaersIMG_0003.jpgLawrence V Klaers obituary 1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 75
KlaersIMG_0004.jpgArnold J Klaers obituary 1979
KlaersIMG_0005.jpgArnold J Klaers obituary 01-11-1979
KlapprichF051002-025.jpgEd Klapparich memoir
KlapprichF051002-026.jpgKlapprich notes
KlapprichF051002-027.jpgMargaret Klapprich I Delivered En-route to Dinner
KlapprichF051002-028.jpgEd Klapprich memoir
KlapprichF051002-029.jpgMargaret D Klapprich Obituary
KlapprichF051002-030.jpgKlapprich notes
KlapprichIMG.jpgJohn Klapprich obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 331
KlapprichIMG_0001.jpgKlapperich - Anne Fish baby announcement 10-08-1947 1 of 2
KlapprichIMG_0002.jpgKlapperich - Anne Fish baby announcement 2 of 2
KleebergerIMG.jpgHoward A Kleeberger obituary 01-28-1986, lived once at Stubbs Bay, later moved. NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 5
KleinF051002-031.jpgPhilip Klein plat info
KleinF051002-032.jpgKlein notes
KlevenF051002-033.jpgJohn Kleven (Cleven) Obituary
KlevenF051002-034.jpgKleven note
KloecknerIMG.jpgMrs Nick Kloeckner obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2
KlossF051006-066.jpgAnnie Kloss 94th birthday
KlossF051006-067.jpgMike Kloss
KlossF051006-068.jpgAnnie Emilie Kloss memoir
KlossF051006-069.jpgMichael J Kloss memoir
KlossF051006-070.jpgKloss notes
KlossF051006-071.jpgKloss home at Minnetonka Beach next to site of tavern
KlossF051006-072.jpgKloss family notes
KlossIMG.jpgFrank C Kloss Jr obituary 02-17-1987 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 13
KlossIMG_0001.jpgRaymond {Buster} Kloss obituary 12-01-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 72
KlossIMG_0002.jpgJohn Kloss NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 271
KlossIMG_0003.jpgEdelle Kloss obituary 1992
KlossIMG_0004.jpgMathew J Kloss obituary 04-20-1978
KlossIMG_0005.jpgJohn Kloss note
KlotterF051005-050.jpgKenneth Klotter is he Long Lake's nemesis?
KlotterF051005-051.jpgKlotter family note
KlotterF051005-052.jpgMadge Klotter notes
KlotterF051005-053.jpgLuella A Klotter memoir
KlotterF051005-054.jpgMilo and Edward Klotter
KlotterIMG.jpgLuella Klotter obituary 03-05-1981
KlotterIMG_0001.jpgLuella A Klotter memoriam 09-11-1932 - 03-05-1981
KnappF051108-029.jpgKnapp notes
KnettleF051108-030.jpgKnettle notes
KnettleF051108-031.jpgKnettle notes
KnettleF051108-032.jpgJoseph Knettle plat info
KnettleF051108-033.jpgGeorge Knettle....2 of 10
KnettleF051108-034.jpgGeorge Knettle notes 1 of 10
KnettleF051108-035.jpgGeorge Knettle....3 of 10
KnettleF051108-036.jpgGeorge Knettle....4 of 10
KnettleF051108-037.jpgGeorge Knettle....5 of 10
KnettleF051108-038.jpgGeorge Knettle....6 of 10
KnettleF051108-039.jpgGeorge Knettle....7 of 10
KnettleF051108-040.jpgGeorge Knettle....8 of 10
KnettleF051108-041.jpgGeorge Knettle...9 of 10
KnettleF051108-042.jpgGeorge Knettle....10 of 10
KnettleF051108-043.jpgKnettle notes
KnettleF051108-044.jpgGeorge Knettle note
KnettleF051108-045.jpgKnettle notes
KnieffF051108-046.jpgKnieff letter 1 of 3
KnieffF051108-047.jpgKnieff letter 2 of 3
KnieffF051108-048.jpgKnieff letter 3 of 3
KnieffF051108-049.jpgHenry F J Knieff notes
KnieffF051108-050.jpgHenry Fredrick Jacob Knieff note
KnieffF051108-051.jpgKnieff memoir
KnieffF051108-052.jpgKneiff notes
KnieffF051108-053.jpgEdward Chas Knieff, poem to
KnieffF051108-054.jpgKnieff notes
KnieffF051108-055.jpgHenry F J Knieff notes 1 of 8
KnieffF051108-056.jpgHenry F J Knieff....2 of 8
KnieffF051108-057.jpgHenry F J Knieff....3 of 8
KnieffF051108-058.jpgHenry F J Knieff....4 of 8
KnieffF051108-059.jpgHenry J F Knieff....5 of 8
KnieffF051108-060.jpgHenry F J Knieff....6 of 8
KnieffF051108-061.jpgHenry F J Knieff....7 of 8
KnieffF051108-062.jpgHenry F J Knieff....8 of 8
KnieffF051108-063.jpgKnieff Shoreacres Resort article 1 of 3
KnieffF051108-064.jpgKnieff Shoreacres....2 of 3
KnieffF051108-065.jpgKnieff Shoreacres....3 of 3
KnieffF051108-066.jpgKnieff Friendship Quilt
KnieffF051108-067.jpgHenry and Dorothea Knieff Friendship Quilt see F051108-068
KnieffF051108-068.jpgHenry and Dorothea Knieff see F051108-67
KnieffF051108-069.jpgEdward Charles Knieff Obituary
KnieffF051108-070.jpgKnieff notes
KnieffF051108-071.jpgKnieff notes
KnieffF051108-072.jpgAlbert Riley Knieff, Roger Stuggs, Hugo Knieff
KnieffF051108-073.jpgEd Knieff prosperous land owner
KnieffF051108-074.jpgHenry F J Knieff watercolor
KnieffF051108-075.jpgHenry F J Knieff inscription of watercolor
KnieffF051108-076.jpgHenry F J Knieff watercolor
KnieffF051108-077.jpgHenry J Knieff inscription of watercolor
KnieffIMG_0003.jpgEdw. Charles Knieff obituary
KnieffIMG_0004.jpgCarrie Knieff Wasserijieher NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 285
KnieffIMG_0005.jpgEdward Charles Knieff note
KnowltonF051004-152.jpgKnowlton notes
KnowltonF051004-153.jpgMark Knowlton marriage
KnowltonF051004-154.jpgGrace Knowlton Letter to Parents
KnoxIMG.jpgRuth Elaine Knox obituary 12-21-2010
KnoxIMG_0001.jpgDon Knox notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 37
KnoxIMG_0002.jpgD Knox note
KobsF051004-155.jpgCharles Kobs plat info
KochF051004-156.jpgAmanda Koch memoir
KochF051004-157.jpgDan Koch
KochF051004-158.jpgTimothy Koch engagement
KochF051004-159.jpgAndy Koch estate auction
KochF051004-160.jpgKoch notes
KochIMG.jpgBarbara G Koch letter 09-13-2008
KochIMG_0001.jpgSylvia Koch memoriam 1 of 2
KochIMG_0002.jpgSylvia Koch memoriam 2 of 2
KochIMG_0003.jpgHerbert Koch, Sr obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 302
KochIMG_0004.jpgIone Stubbs Koch memoriam 09-28-1905 - 10-14-1991
KochIMG_0005.jpgIone Stubbs Koch obituary
KochIMG_0006.jpgLucy Katherine Koch obituary 12-16-1989, Mrs Jim Cox was Bernadine Koch daughter NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 77
KochIMG_0007.jpgAndrew J (Andy) Koch obituary 02-17-1980
KochIMG_0008.jpgLawrence Koch obituary
KochIMG_0009.jpgLawrence Koch obituary 1980
KochIMG_0010.jpgAndy Koch memoriam 03-14-1900 - 02-18-1980
KochIMG_0011.jpgAndrew J (Andy) Koch obituary February 1980
KockumIMG.jpgAlice M Kockum obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 33
KoecherF051004-161.jpgLenoard Koecher engagement
KoecherF051004-162.jpgDonald E Koecher memoir
KoecherF051004-163.jpgDarcey Koecher Hennepin Co. princesses
KoecherF051004-164.jpgKoecher notes
KoecherF051004-165.jpgMrs William Koehler 96th birthday
KoecherF051004-166.jpgKoecher - Margaret E Walter memoir
KoecherF051004-167.jpgBill Koehler 79th birthday
KoechlerIMG.jpgGertrude Koecheler obituary 03-31-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 20
KoelfgenIMG_0001.jpgBertha G Keolfgen memoriam 03-12-1897 - 11-18-1983 1 of 2
KoelfgenIMG_0002.jpgBertha G Keolfgen memoriam....2 of 2
KoelfgenIMG_0003.jpgLeona Marie Koelfgen memoriam 02-07-1922 - 03-27-2012
KoganF051004-168.jpgBernard Kogan Wins Parking Lot Suit in LL
KoganF051004-169.jpgBernard Kogan Urban Renewal
KoganF051004-170.jpgBarney Kogan goes to Washington, D.C.
KoganIMG_0001.jpgBernard Kogan Candidate Kogan Gets Jury Trial on LL Nuisance Charge
KoganIMG_0002.jpgBernard Kogan Kogan Won't Hid Behind the 5th Amendment
KoganIMG_0003.jpgBernard Kogan Additions, Corrections Made by Bernard Kogan to Article on Long Lake
KoganIMG_0004.jpgBernard Kogan obituary August 1980
KohlerF051005-001.jpgSebastian Kohler plat info
KohlerF051005-002.jpgJohn and Sebastian Kohler plat info
KohlerF051005-003.jpgKohler - Ruth McKown
KohlerF051005-004.jpgKohler notes
KohlerF051005-007.jpgKohler note
KohlerF051005-008.jpgKonen notes
KohlerF051005-009.jpgKohen family notes
KohlerF051005-010.jpgKohen notes
KohlerF051005-011.jpgMarion Kohnenn Bluhm note
KohlerF051005-012.jpgMarion Kohnen Bluhm letter
KohlerF051005-013.jpgFrank Kohnen Obituary
KohlerF051005-014.jpgMarion Kohnen Bluhm letter
KohlerF051005-015.jpgKohnen family notes
KohlerF051005-016.jpgMamie Kohnen notes
KohlerF051005-017.jpgKohler - Grace Helgerson memoir
KohlerF051005-018.jpgMamie Kohnen
KohlerF051005-019.jpgHeather Kohnen
KohlerF051005-020.jpgKohler - Mr and Mrs Earl Walter 50th anniversary
KohlerF051005-021.jpgWillis Koehnen farm
KohmanIMG_0001.jpgVictor Kohman Sr obituary 02-19-1998
KohmanIMG_0002.jpgStanley F Kohman obituary
KohmanIMG_0003.jpgRalph W Kohman obituary
KohmanIMG_0004.jpgMagdalena (Lena) Kohman obituary 02-21-1986
KohmanIMG_0005.jpgVictor J Kohman, Professional Genealogist business card
KohmanIMG_0006.jpgLena Kohman June, 1983 at the Schmieg family reunion
KohmanIMG_0007.jpgCeleste M Kohman wedding invitation 05-22-1951
KohmanIMG_0008.jpgVictory Kohman letter 03-31-1995
KohmanIMG_0061.jpgStanley F Kohman obituary
KohmanIMG_0065.jpgLong Lake - Victor Kohman Sr 02-19-1995
KohnenF051005-005.jpgOld Kohnen home on Highway 12, 2 miles west of Long Lake. Burned down later, after Frank Eisinger bought it.
KohnenF051005-006.jpgEd Kohnen c1890
KohnenF051005-007.jpgMarion Kohen Blohm note
KohnenF051005-008.jpgLena Kohnen notes
KohnenF051005-009.jpgKohnen family note
KohnenF051005-010.jpgKohnen notes
KohnenF051005-011.jpgMairon Kohnen Bluhm notes
KohnenF051005-012.jpgKohnen notes
KohnenF051005-013.jpgFrank Kohnen Obituary
KohnenF051005-014.jpgKohnen notes
KohnenF051005-015.jpgKohnen notes
KohnenF051005-016.jpgMamie Kohnen note
KohnenF051005-017.jpgKohnen - Grace Helgerson memoir
KohnenF051005-018.jpgMamie Kohnen
KohnenF051005-019.jpgHeather Kohnen
KohnenF051005-020.jpgKohnen - Mr and Mrs Earl Walter 50th anniversary
KohnenIMG.jpgNicholas Kohnen note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 220
KohnenIMG_0001.jpgWalter F Kohnen memoriam 09-04-1899 - 09-09-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 67
KohnenIMG_0002.jpgFlorenfe Kohnen obituary December 1992
KohnenIMG_0003.jpgNicolas Kohnen note
KokeshF051005-022.jpgMarie Kokesh tree has long root
KokeshF051005-023.jpgFrank P Kokesh Obituary
KokeshF051005-024.jpgKokesh notes
KokeshF051005-025.jpgKokesh - unidentified from Los Angeles, CA
KokeshF051005-026.jpgKokesh - picking berries on the Kohnen farm in Medina c1900
KokeshF051005-027.jpgKokesh - acquaintance of Earl Watters
KokeshF051005-028.jpgKokesh - Back of F051005-025
KokeshIMG_0001.jpgKokesh - "A Century of Service" 2012, 1 of 2
KokeshIMG_0002.jpgKokesh - "A Century of Service" 2012, 2 of 2
KolinskyIMG.jpgJohn Kolinsky obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 2, page 334
KoobIMG.jpgJospeh J Koob obituary
KopfIMG.jpgRicky R Kopf obituary
KoppelF051005-029.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel Obituary
KoppelF051005-030.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel death
KoppelF051005-031.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel memoir
KoppelF051005-032.jpgKoppel notes
KoppelF051005-033.jpgGoldie Clasen Koppel Obituary
KoppelF051005-034.jpgGoldie Koppel ...recall manning Long Lake phone switchboard 1 of 2
KoppelF051005-035.jpgGoldie Koppel....2 of 2
KoppelF051005-036.jpgGoldie Koppel
KorneckF051005-037.jpgKorneck notes
KorsonF051005-036.jpgJames Korson plat info
KottkeIMG_0002.jpgGerald Kottke (Kattke) letter 05-27-1995
KowalkeF051005-039.jpgHenry O Kowalke notes
KowalkeF051005-040.jpgKowalke - Mable Bergstrom memoire
KowalkeF051005-041.jpgKowalke 200 Kinds of Tulips in One Yard
KowalkeF051005-042.jpgAmos Kowalke farm
KowalkeF051005-043.jpgHenry Kowalke death
KowalkeF051005-044.jpgLouis Kawlkie (Kowalke) article
KowalkeF051005-045.jpgKowalke notes
KowalkeIMG.jpgHenry O Kowalke obituary 11-21-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 67
KowalkeIMG_0001.jpgAmos Kowalke note
KozakIMG.jpgRichard Valentine Kozak Long Lake man indicted for mailing suspicious white powder to company 09-11-2010
KozakIMG_0001.jpgDenise Kozak Long lake woman risks jail for nuclear disarmament
KozakIMG_0002.jpgRichard Valentine Kozak Long lake man indicted for mailing white powder
KozakIMG_0003.jpgRichard Valenine Kozak Long Lake man indicted for mailing suspicous white powder to company 1 of 2
KozakIMG_0004.jpgRichard Valentine Kozak Long Lake....2 of 2
KramerIMG.jpgC L 'Buck Kramer obituary 04-03-2000
KraskeyIMG.jpgJacob M (Jake) Kraskey obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 70
KrauseF051005-038.jpgKrause notes
KrauseIMG.jpgElla Krause obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 230
KrauseIMG_0001.jpgEvelyn F Krause obituary NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 55
KrauseIMG_0002.jpgMaude Alfreda [Krause] Ranier notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, inside cover
KrauseIMG_0003.jpgLloyd E Krause obituary 06-30-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 35
KrauseIMG_0004.jpgElsie B Krause obituary
KreatzF051006-024.jpgFranz Kreatz plat info
KreatzF051006-025.jpgFerdinand Kreatz plat info
KreatzF051006-026.jpgKreatz family notes 1 of 3
KreatzF051006-027.jpgKreatz family....2 of 3
KreatzF051006-028.jpgKreatz family....3 of 3
KreatzF051006-029.jpgPearl E Kreatz
KreatzF051006-030.jpgKreatz - Art Oare
KreatzF051006-031.jpgAllen A Kreatz memoir
KreatzF051006-032.jpgKreatz notes
KreatzF051006-033.jpgChris and Gus Kreatz
KreatzF051006-034.jpgKreatz home
KreatzF051006-035.jpgWilliam Kreatz
KreatzF051006-036.jpgVernon and Jeanette Kreatz 40th anniversasry
KreatzF051006-037.jpgFrank Kreatz A Light in the Woods
KreatzF051006-038.jpgPearl Kreatz - Merrill D Hasty memoir
KreatzF051006-039.jpgKevin Ross Kreatz marriage
KreatzF051006-040.jpgKreatz notes
KreatzF051006-041.jpgKreatz notes
KreatzF051006-042.jpgKreatz notes
KreatzF051006-043.jpgGustav Kreatz and Jennie Hatcher married 11-27-1902
KreatzF051006-044.jpgGrace Kreatz (Drehr and Gerrick). Daughter of Frank and Lillie Kreatz. Brothers: Allen, Arthur and Walter, Wayzata High Grad 1922
KreatzF051006-045.jpgPearl Kreatz, 1904-1977, daughter of Gustav and Jennie Hatcher Kreatz, Wayzata High Grad 1923. Children: Marvel Sandgren, Douglas (Bud), Mavis Reinking, and Gayle Bambenek
KreatzIMG.jpgKreatz - Howard L Lind obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 5
KreatzIMG_0001.jpgZina Kreatz obituary October 1982
KreatzIMG_0002.jpgJacob Frank Kreatz noter
KreatzIMG_0003.jpgZina Kreatz obituary October 1982
KreatzIMG_0004.jpgWalter Kreatz notice of burial 09-23-1981
KreatzIMG_0005.jpgWalter F Kreatz obituary 096-07-1981
KrechF051005-048.jpgKrech notes
KrenkeF051006-021.jpgMildred Krenke ...Lives in 70 Year Old Cabin
KrenkeF051006-022.jpgMildred Krenke ...Takes Her 6 Pupils on Tour
KrenkeF051006-023.jpgMildred Krenke Little School Thrives
KrenkeF051006-024.jpgFranz Kreatz plat info
KrenkeF051006-025.jpgFerdinand Kreatz plat info
KrenkeF051006-026.jpgKreatz family notes 1 of 3
KrenkeF051006-027.jpgKreatz family....2 of 3
KrenkeF051006-028.jpgKreatz family....3 of 3
KrognessIMG.jpgGeorge Krogness obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 303
KrognessIMG_0001.jpgMelvelle Krogness note
KrognessIMG_0002.jpgMelville Arthur Rud Krogness obituary 10-31-1980
KrotzerF051005-049.jpgKrotzer notes
KrotzerIMG.jpgAlonzo Krotzer obituary 1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 64
KruegerF051006-046.jpgStephen Donald Krueger death
KruegerF051006-047.jpgStephen Krueger Obituary
KruegerF051006-048.jpgKrueger notes
KruegerF051006-049.jpgKrueger - Mildred C Hoglin memoir
KruegerF051006-050.jpgEd and Eleanor Krueger 50th anniversary
KruegerF051006-051.jpgKrueger - Norman Splettstoeszer Obituary
KruegerF051006-052.jpgEd Krueger retirement
KruegerF051006-053.jpgEd and Eleanor Krueger 50th anniversary
KruegerF051006-054.jpgWillie Kreuger death
KruegerF051006-055.jpgMr and Mrs Ed Krueger 50th anniversary
KruegerF051006-056.jpgMrs Ed Krueger Letter to the Editor
KruegerF051006-057.jpgHugo Krueger
KruegerF051006-058.jpgEric Krueger memoir
KruegerF051006-059.jpgKrueger article
KruegerF051006-060.jpgJohn A Kruege Obituary
KruegerF051006-061.jpgMarianne Elizabeth Krueger
KruegerF051006-062.jpgElina E Krueger Obituary
KruegerF051006-063.jpgKreuger notes
KruegerF051006-064.jpgKrueger notes
KruegerIMG.jpgLydia H Krueger obituary 09-28-1987, widow of Eric Krueger NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, apge 54
KruegerIMG_0001.jpgHugo W Krueger obituary 05-17-1980
KruegerIMG_0002.jpgHugo W Krueger obituary 05-17-1980
KruegerIMG_0003.jpgAlma Krueger obituary 07-04-1981
KruegerIMG_0004.jpgClara G Krueger obituary May 1979
KrugerF051005-055.jpgKruger notes
KrugerF051005-056.jpgArthur Krueger article
KrugerF051005-057.jpgWillie Kruger marriage
KrugerF051005-058.jpgMr and Mrs Ernest Kruger article
KrugerF051005-059.jpgHazel kruger
KrugerF051005-060.jpgHazel Kruger
KrugerF051005-061.jpgErnie Kruger 1931
KrugerF051005-062.jpgArt Kruger 1931
KrugerF051005-063.jpgArt Kruger
KrugerF051005-064.jpgHazel Kruger
KrugerF051005-065.jpgFlorence Kruger
KrugerF051005-066.jpgBilly and Florence Kruger
KrugerF060602-010.jpgMrs Krueger, Ms Linstrom in March 1928
KrugerIMG_0001.jpgFredrick C Kruger family notes 1 of 12
KrugerIMG_0002.jpgFrederick C Kruger....2 of 12
KrugerIMG_0003.jpgFredrick C Kruger....3 of 12
KrugerIMG_0004.jpgFredrick C Kruger....4 of 12
KrugerIMG_0005.jpgFredrick C Kruger....5 of 12
KrugerIMG_0006.jpgFredrick Kruger....6 of 12
KrugerIMG_0007.jpgFredrick C Kruger....7 of 12
KrugerIMG_0008.jpgFrederick C Kruger....8 of 12
KrugerIMG_0009.jpgFredrick C Kruger....9 of 12
KrugerIMG_0010.jpgFredrick C Kruger....10 of 12
KrugerIMG_0011.jpgFredrick C Kruger....11 of 12
KrugerIMG_0012.jpgFredrick C Kruger....12 of 12
KuglinIMG.jpgEdwin Kuglin obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 80
KuhlmanIMG.jpgMilton H Kuhlman obituary 02-29-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 8
KukaF051006-065.jpgKuka notes
KukaIMG_0004.jpgJoseph M Kuka obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 7
KuntzF051007-019.jpgDeborah Kuntz engagement
KuntzF051007-020.jpgJacob Kunz Minneapolis Brew to Flow Saturday
KuntzF051007-021.jpgLeroy Kuntz marriage
KuntzF051007-022.jpgJohn Kuntz death
KuntzF051007-023.jpgJohn Kuntz Jr Obituary
KuntzF051007-024.jpgJohn Kuntz Sr death
KuntzF051007-025.jpgAndrew Kuntz marriage
KuntzF051007-026.jpgJacob Kunz note
KuntzF051007-027.jpgJohn Kuntz notes
KuntzF051007-028.jpgJohn F Kuntz Re-Elect
KuntzF051007-029.jpgFred Kuntz article
KuntzF051007-030.jpgJohn Kunt announced his candidacy
KuntzF051007-031.jpgKuntz notes
KuntzF051007-032.jpgKuntz family notes 1 of 4
KuntzF051007-033.jpgKuntz family....2 of 4
KuntzF051007-034.jpgKuntz family....3 of 4
KuntzF051007-035.jpgKuntz family....4 of 4
KuntzIMG.jpgEgva M Kuntz obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 6, page 4
KunzF051007-036.jpgRobert Kunz Jr Officer charged with drunken driving....
KunzF051007-037.jpgJohn Kunz plat info
KunzF051007-038.jpgJacob Kunz founded the Minneapolis Brewing Company
KunzF051007-039.jpgVirginia B Kunz Humanities Award Presented...
KunzF051007-040.jpgThe Kunz Oil Co statement
KunzF051007-041.jpgJacob Kunz family reunion
KunzF051007-042.jpgVirginia B Kunz
KunzF051007-043.jpgKunz notes
KunzIMG.jpgPrincess Frances [Kunz] Littel obituary 06-08-1982
KunzeF051005-046.jpgArt Kunz Proud to be a friend
KunzeF051005-047.jpgArt Kunze death
KutzF051006-001.jpgMartin Kutz Obituary
KutzF051006-002.jpgMartin A Kutz (Matt) Obituary
KutzF051006-003.jpgJames and Carole Kutz sale of home
KutzF051006-004.jpgKutz notes
KutzF051006-005.jpgKutz notes 1 of 3
KutzF051006-006.jpgKutz notes 2 of 3
KutzF051006-007.jpgKutz notes 3 of 3
KutzIMG.jpgRaymond A Kutz obituary 06-17-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 31
KysorF051006-008.jpgClifford Kysor (Waytonka Market)
KysorF051006-009.jpgA Kysor, sister to Clifford Kysor
KysorF051006-010.jpgKysor - Lake Independence 1926. Tall man with hat and cup: Mr Kysor of Pettit & Kysor, Front right with cap: Earl Braden, To right of Earl Braden: Leola Kaiser, to left of Earl Braden: his wife, Emily Braden. Also in photo, but unidentified: Belle Jerome
KysorF051006-011.jpgHarvey Kysor, worked at Woodhill Country Club, Died in WW1
KysorF051006-012.jpgWillis Kysor Letter from the Boys
KysorF051006-013.jpgWillis Kysor Obituary
KysorF051006-014.jpgKysor - John Kayser article
KysorF051006-015.jpgLeola Kyser Garthe article
KysorF051006-016.jpgKysor - John Kayser note
KysorF051006-017.jpgPettit & Kysor advertisement
KysorF051006-018.jpgClifford P Kysor
KysorF051006-019.jpgKysor notes
KysorF051006-020.jpgKysor notes
KysorIMG.jpgGeorge G Kysor and sons, 1928. Clifford (Cliff) F and Willis N (Bill) were barmstroming avaitors in the 1920's. Bill was an aerial photographer in WWI, Cliff flew the Hump in WWII. George ran Pettit and Keysor store in Wayzata