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PaaschIMG.jpgDoris E Paasch obituary 04-25-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 15
PageF060404-061.jpgAlverson William Page Obituary
PageF060404-062.jpgPage Lumber Company
PageF060404-063.jpgPage notes
PagenkopfF060407-001.jpgPagenkopf interview 1 of 2
PagenkopfF060407-002.jpgPagenkopf interview 2 of 2
PagenkopfF060407-003.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf family notes
PagenkopfF060407-004.jpgPagenkopf notes
PagenkopfF060407-005.jpgEllie Pagenkopf memoir
PagenkopfF060407-006.jpgJohn Pagenkopf death
PagenkopfF060407-007.jpgPagenkopf interview
PagenkopfF060407-008.jpgJohn Pagenkopf notes
PagenkopfF060407-010.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf note
PagenkopfF060407-011.jpgWilliam G Pagenkopf Obituary
PagenkopfF060407-012.jpgJohn Pagenkopf note
PagenkopfF060407-013.jpgEleanor Pagenkopf ..Punctuates Life of Versatile...
PagenkopfF060407-014.jpgWilliam and Sophia Pagenkopf notes
PagenkopfF060407-015.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf war record
PagenkopfF060407-016.jpgFred and Elanor Pagenkopf
PagenkopfF060407-017.jpgPagenopf - Frank Kohlaas Obituary
PagenkopfF060407-018.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf note
PagenkopfF060407-019.jpgPagenkopf The Twenty Payment Plan
PagenkopfF060407-020.jpgEleanor A Pagenkopf death
PagenkopfF060407-021.jpgPagenkopf notes
PagenkopfF060407-022.jpgPagenkopf notes
PagenkopfF060407-023.jpgPagenkopf notes
PagenkopfF060407-024.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf letter
PagenkopfF060407-025.jpgPagenkopf notes
PagenkopfF060407-026.jpgPagenkopf notes
PagenkopfF060407-028.jpgPagenkopf - Edna Striedler postcards
PagenkopfF060407-029.jpgPagenkopf postcard
PagenkopfF060407-030.jpgPagenkopf - E Kriedler postcard
PagenkopfF060407-031.jpgPagkenkopf - Bertha Kriedler postcard
PagenkopfF060407-032.jpgPagenkpf - Edna Kriedler postcard
PagenkopfF060407-033.jpgPagenkopf - Bertha Kriedler postcard
PagenkopfF060407-034.jpgPagenkopf - Edna Kriedler postcards
PagenkopfF060407-035.jpgPagenkopf - Edna L Kriedler
PagenkopfF060407-036.jpgPagenkopf - Edna L Kriedler
PagenkopfF060407-037.jpgPagenkopf - B L Kreidler postcard
PagenkopfF060407-038.jpgPagenkopf - Ethel Striedler postcard
PagenkopfF060407-041.jpgPagenkopf- Main Street, Brookfield, Wisconsin
PagenkopfF060407-042.jpgR-L: Bill Pagenkopf
PagenkopfF060407-043.jpgMrs William Pagenkopf postcard
PagenkopfF060407-044.jpgPagenkopf note
PagenkopfF060407-045.jpgPagenkopf Road bridge over Pioneer Creek Taken 1989
PagenkopfF060407-049.jpgPagenkopf - Minneapolis Bond Exchange letters 1 of 2
PagenkopfF060407-050.jpgPagenkopf - 2 of 2
PagenkopfF060407-051.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf - Morrison & Co Bond letters 1 of 3
PagenkopfF060407-052.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf....2 of 3
PagenkopfF060407-053.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf....3 of 3
PagenkopfF060407-054.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf - Rose and Company Investment Bankers letter
PagenkopfF060407-055.jpgPagenkopf - American Wollen
PagenkopfF060407-056.jpgScene from Pagenkopf farm in Independence
PagenkopfF060407-061.jpgLeft: Edna Kriedler, wife of William Pagenkopf
PagenkopfF060407-062.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf Obituary
PagenkopfF060407-063.jpgGrace Pagenkopf postcard
PagenkopfIMG.jpgDiantha Pagenkopf obituary 1954 NOTE: original documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 305
PagenkopfIMG_0001-01.jpgPagenkopf - basketball team
PagenkopfIMG_0001.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf Jr postcard 1 of 2
PagenkopfIMG_0002.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf Jr postcard 2 of 2
PagenkopfIMG_0003-03.jpgPagenkopf kitten photo
PagenkopfIMG_0003.jpgEmma and Fred Pagenkopf
PagenkopfIMG_0004-04.jpgPagenkopf kittens
PagenkopfIMG_0004.jpgWilliam and Lizzie Pagenkopf Marriage License 1888 NOTE: original located in Pagenkopf Box 1
PagenkopfIMG_0005-05.jpgPagenkopf kittens
PagenkopfIMG_0005.jpgWilliam G Pagenkopf and Edna L Kriedler Certificate of Marriage 10-11-1924 NOTE: original located in Pagenkopf Box 1
PagenkopfIMG_0006-06.jpgPagenkopf shrubs
PagenkopfIMG_0007-07.jpgPagenkopf - Leo Grubich Family Holiday Greetings
PagenkopfIMG_0007.jpgPagenkopf - Stockholders and Board of Managers of Minnetonka Fruit Growers Association notice of Annual Meeting 01-02-1904
PagenkopfIMG_0008-08.jpgPagenkopf Dr Johnson Rites Conducted Friday
PagenkopfIMG_0008.jpgBill Pagenkopf Jr
PagenkopfIMG_0009.jpgBill Pagenkopf NOTE: photo located in Pagenkopf Box 1
PagenkopfIMG_0010-10.jpgGeorge Pagenkopf obituary
PagenkopfIMG_0010.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf III NOTE: original located in Pagenkopf Box 1
PagenkopfIMG_0011-11.jpgPagenkopf - Dr Johnson obituary
PagenkopfIMG_0011.jpgWilliam, Elizabeth and William (Bill) Jr Pagenkopf
PagenkopfIMG_0012-12.jpgPagenkopf The Late Irvin Styner obituary
PagenkopfIMG_0012.jpgWilliam II, Elziabeth and son Bill III Pagenkopf NOTE: photo located in Pagenkopf Box 1
PagenkopfIMG_0013.jpgMrs William Pagenkopf letter from Fairview Hospital NOTE: addressed to Mrs expressing sympathy in the loss of wife 06-28-1933
PagenkopfIMG_0014.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf recorded death 06-23-1933
PagenkopfIMG_0015.jpgPagenkopf - Delano Granite Works business card
PagenkopfIMG_0016.jpgMrs Wm Pagenkopf receipt 09-12-1933
PagenkopfIMG_0017.jpgWilliam Pakenkopf obituary
PagenkopfIMG_0018.jpgPagenkopf unidentified2
PagenkopfIMG_0019.jpgPagenkopf - Geo J Horsch obituary 1 of 2
PagenkopfIMG_0020.jpgPagenkopf - Geo J Horsch....2 of 2
PagenkopfIMG_0021.jpgPagenkopf - The Hills of Rest
PagenkopfIMG_0022.jpgPagenkopf - Delano Granite Works receipt
PagenkopfIMG_0023.jpgPagenkopf - Turnham & Beer receipt 1 of 2
PagenkopfIMG_0024.jpgPagenkopf - Turnham & Beer receipt 2 of 2
PagenkopfIMG_0025.jpgPagenkopf Our Independence....2 of 3
PagenkopfIMG_0026.jpgPagenkopf Our Independence....3 of 3
PagenkopfIMG_0027.jpgPagenkopf Our Independence 1854-1981 reference pages 35 and 36 Book Shelf Number 977.6 Ind 1 of 3
PagenkopfIMG_0028.jpgPagenkopf History
PagenkopfIMG_0029.jpgFred Pagenkopf obituary
PagenkopfIMG_0030.jpgBill Pagenkopf
PagenkopfIMG_0031.jpgEmma M Pagenkopf obituary 10-31-1985, widow of Ed who died 1934, sister in law of Grace Hill NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 43
PagenkopfIMG_0033.jpgBenjamin Pagenkopf notes
PagenkopfIMG_0034.jpgArchie Pagenkopf obituary 03-01-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 15
PagenkopfIMG_0035.jpgEdna L Pagankopf obituary 08-14-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 45
PagenkopfIMG_0036.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 271
PagenkopfIMG_0037.jpgGertrude L Moberg obituary 10-15-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r8, page 65
PagenkopfIMG_0038.jpgWilliam Pagenkopf note
PagenkopfIMG_0039.jpgEleanor A Pagenkopf obituary 06-25-1979
PainterF051014-001.jpgPainter family notes
PainterF051014-002.jpgDavid J Painter death
PainterF051014-003.jpgElizabeth Painte rmarriage
PainterF051014-004.jpgPainter Road
PainterF051014-005.jpgJane Painter ...recalls Painters Creek area history
PainterF051014-006.jpgPainter notes
PainterF051014-007.jpgAdam Painter accident
PainterF051014-008.jpgHannah Painter death
PainterF051014-009.jpgPainter notes
PainterF051014-010.jpgPainter family tree
PainterF051014-011.jpgPainter note
PainterF051014-012.jpgGuy Painter steam engine for threshing
PainterF051014-013.jpgL to R: Roy, Guy and Adam Painter
PainterF051014-014.jpgGuy Painter
PainterF051014-015.jpgGuy Painter
PainterF051014-016.jpgPainter farm near Mound
PainterF051014-017.jpgL to R: Guy, Adam, Roy Painter
PainterF051014-018.jpgPainter - Effie Pagenkopf with Beryl
PainterF051014-019.jpgG. H. Painter saw yard
PainterF051014-020.jpgField work at Adam Painter farm near mound.
PainterF051014-021.jpgLeft: Guy Painter Baby is Beryl (Mickie) Painter Second from right: Effie Pagenkopf
PainterF051014-022.jpgPainter note
PainterF051014-023.jpgL to R: Adam Painter, Reva Painter on back of Abigail Painter, Guy Painter Taken at Cross Lake
PainterF051014-026.jpgClara Painter c. 1911
PainterF051014-027.jpgWilliam Painter children 1 of 3
PainterF051014-028.jpgWilliam Painter children 2 of 3
PainterF051014-029.jpgWilliam Painter children 3 of 3
PainterF051014-030.jpgPainter notes
PainterF051014-031.jpgPainter notes
PainterF051014-032.jpgWilliam Painter note
PainterIMG.jpgPainter Family Group Record-2
PainterIMG_0002.jpgDonald R Painter obituary 08-24-1982, wife Doris Anderson of old Sam Moore farm
PainterIMG_0003.jpgHannah Painter obituary
PainterIMG_0004.jpgHenry and Mary S Painter family information
PalmerF060406-001.jpgPalmer family tree
PalmerF060406-002.jpgPalmer Family tree
PalmerF060406-003.jpgRalph and Bessie Palmer
PalmerF060406-004.jpgRalph Waldo Palmer
PalmerF060406-005.jpgPalmer - Art and Ruth Mattson
PalmerF060406-006.jpgPalmer family note
PalmerF060406-007.jpgA Winton and Lydia Palmer 1 of 4
PalmerF060406-008.jpgA Winton and Lydia Palmer....2 of 4
PalmerF060406-009.jpgA Winton and Lydia Palmer....3 of 4
PalmerF060406-010.jpgA Winton and Lydia Palmer....3 of 4
PalmerF060406-011.jpgKen and Betty Palmer 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-012.jpgKen and Betty Palmer 2 of 2
PalmerF060406-013.jpgHoward and Elaine Palmer 1 of 4
PalmerF060406-014.jpgHoward and Elaine Palmer 2 of 4
PalmerF060406-015.jpgHoward and Elaine Palmer 3 of 4
PalmerF060406-016.jpgHoward and Elaine Palmer 4 of 4
PalmerF060406-017.jpgGerald and Libby Palmer 1 of 3
PalmerF060406-018.jpgGerald and Libby Palmer 2 of 3
PalmerF060406-019.jpgGerald and Libby Palmer 3 of 3
PalmerF060406-020.jpgJerome and Alice Palmer 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-021.jpgJerome and Alice Palmer 2 of 2
PalmerF060406-022.jpgGordon and Rosetta Palmer 1 of 3
PalmerF060406-023.jpgGordon and Rosetta Palmer 2 of 3
PalmerF060406-024.jpgGordon and Rosetta Palmer 3 of 3
PalmerF060406-025.jpgPalmer - Dewayne and Gayle Paul 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-026.jpgDewayne and Gale Palmer 2 of 2
PalmerF060406-027.jpgJohn B Palmer letter
PalmerF060406-028.jpgMary Palmer Obituary
PalmerF060406-029.jpgDonald B Palmer, Doc. Friends Honor....
PalmerF060406-031.jpgRalph Palmer Wint Obituary
PalmerF060406-032.jpgPalmer - Doris Eleanor Melin memoir
PalmerF060406-033.jpgPalmer family notes
PalmerF060406-034.jpgWinton Palmer celebration of life
PalmerF060406-035.jpgRalph Palmer Wint memoir
PalmerF060406-036.jpgL to R: Howard, Mark, Gaylie and Winton Palmer, Bill Stubbs Taken 1988
PalmerF060406-037.jpgJohn Palmer (left) in Wrightsbore, Georgia May 2, 1976 Man on right: Gerald Palmer Scene: Standing on road surveyed by John Stubbs.
PalmerF060406-038.jpgStory of Wrightsbore, Georgia sign Taken by John Palmer May 2, 1976
PalmerF060406-039.jpgPalmer - U S Christian Commission Prayer Partner note
PalmerF060406-040.jpgJohn Palmer preached as a chaplain to civil war group from Fort Snelling
PalmerF060406-041.jpgJohn B Palmer note
PalmerF060406-042.jpg:Men of the First Minnesota Prayer Commission letter
PalmerF060406-045.jpgPalmer - News from YTC Camp 1978
PalmerF060406-046.jpgJohn Palmer at Fort Snelling
PalmerF060406-047.jpgU S Christian Commission
PalmerF060406-048.jpgJohn Burton Palmer My Adventures in Wrightsbore, Georgia
PalmerF060406-049.jpgPalmer - The History of Aunt Bess and Uncle Ralphs Plate and How We Acquired It 1 of 3
PalmerF060406-050.jpgThe History of....2 of 3
PalmerF060406-051.jpgThe History of....3 of 3
PalmerF060406-052.jpgJohn Palmer Romance of rail travel....
PalmerF060406-053.jpgJohn B Palmer Plum Creek Charter card
PalmerF060406-054.jpgPalmer - US Christian Commission Civil War 1 of 3
PalmerF060406-055.jpgPalmer - US Christian....3 of 3
PalmerF060406-056.jpgPalmer US Christian....2 of 3
PalmerF060406-058.jpgJohn Palmer
PalmerF060406-060.jpgJohn Palmer ...wants the trains to run again
PalmerF060406-063.jpgPalmer notes
PalmerF060406-064.jpgJohn B Palmer - My Experiences of Camp Ripley with the First Minnesota
PalmerF060406-065.jpgJohn B Palmer Christmas Memories of 1996
PalmerF060406-066.jpgJohn B Palmer My Adventures Wrightsbore, Georgia
PalmerF060406-067.jpgUncle Howard Palmer Cherry Pie Celebration....
PalmerF060406-068.jpgPalmer - A March Into The Past
PalmerF060406-069.jpgJohn B Palmer facts 1 of 5
PalmerF060406-070.jpgJohn B Palmer....2 of 5
PalmerF060406-071.jpgJohn B Palmer....3 of 5
PalmerF060406-072.jpgJohn B Palmer....4 of 5
PalmerF060406-073.jpgJohn B Palmer....5 of 5
PalmerF060406-074.jpgPalmer Ivory Coasts
PalmerF060406-075.jpgJohn B Palmer Welcome to the South Brrrr 1978 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-076.jpgJohn B Palmer Welcome....2 of 2
PalmerF060406-077.jpgLet Christ's Freedom Ring Mission Board
PalmerF060406-079.jpgPalmer - 'Relief' column is an ....
PalmerF060406-081.jpgJohn Palmer Old Glory
PalmerF060406-082.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer, 1990
PalmerF060406-083.jpgChaplain John B. Palmer, 1978
PalmerF060406-084.jpgW E Palmer World's Toughest Eye-Cue Quiz*
PalmerF060406-085.jpgMarie Palmer Blair story
PalmerF060406-086.jpgPalmer notes
PalmerF060406-087.jpgGregg Palmer marriage
PalmerF060406-088.jpgRalph Waldo Palmer and Bessie Ethel Stubbs Palmer Taken in Albany, Oregon
PalmerF060406-089.jpgGerald Palmer Season's Greetings letter
PalmerF060406-091.jpgPalmer - The Fiftieth Annual Commencement Western Conservative Baptist Seminary 1977
PalmerF060406-093.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer letter
PalmerF060406-095.jpgJohn Palmer letter
PalmerF060406-097.jpgKen and Betty Palmer Children: Carol and Ken Palmer, Jr.
PalmerF060406-098.jpgKen and Betty Palmer
PalmerF060406-099.jpgPalmer Ivory Coast 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-100.jpgPalmer - Ivory Coast 2 of 2
PalmerF060406-101.jpgGerald Palmer Home Mission Board letter
PalmerF060406-102.jpgPalmer - Alpha Robert Crandall family notes 1 of 5
PalmerF060406-103.jpgPalmer - Albert Robert Crandall....2 of 5
PalmerF060406-104.jpgPalmer - Albert Robert Crandall....3 of 5
PalmerF060406-105.jpgPalmer - Albert Robert Crandall....4 of 5
PalmerF060406-106.jpgPalmer - Albert Robert Crandall....5 of 5
PalmerF060406-107.jpgJohn B Palmer, Chaplain, First Minnesota report 1987
PalmerF060406-108.jpgJohn B Palmer, Chaplain honor
PalmerF060406-109.jpgJohn B Palmer, First Regiment Minnesota Volunteers letter
PalmerF060406-110.jpgPalmer = NW Branch US Christian Commission News, November 1996 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-111.jpgPalmer - NW Branch....2 of 2
PalmerF060406-112.jpgPalmer notes
PalmerF060406-113.jpgRalph Palmer note
PalmerF060406-114.jpgPalmer notes
PalmerF060406-115.jpgBlanche Palmer note
PalmerF060406-116.jpgKenneth Palmer and wife Missionaries to French West Africa Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society
PalmerF060406-117.jpgRalph Waldo Palmer note
PalmerF060406-118.jpgRev and Mrs Kenneth Palmer
PalmerF060406-119.jpgPalmer Cabin Social event program
PalmerF060406-121.jpgBlanche Palmer letter 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-122.jpgBlanche Palmer letter 2 of 2
PalmerF060406-123.jpgThe First Minnesota paper 1999 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-124.jpgThe First Minnesota Paper 2 of 2
PalmerF060406-126.jpgPalmer - St Peter, Minnesota
PalmerF060406-128.jpgJohn Palmer, son of Winton Palmer, and wife Linda
PalmerF060406-129.jpgJohn Palmer note
PalmerF060406-130.jpgJohn Palmer Information Sheet
PalmerF060406-131.jpgJohn Palmer note
PalmerF060406-132.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer diary 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-133.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer....2 of 2
PalmerF060406-134.jpgJohn B Palmer, letter to Fellow Soldiers
PalmerF060406-135.jpgRalph W Palmer A Weekday 1929
PalmerF060406-136.jpgJohn B Palmer A Word About the 1997 Round Robin Missions Conference
PalmerF060406-137.jpgHoward Palmer Cherry Pie Celebration....
PalmerF060406-138.jpgPalmer Chaplain's Report for 1996 1 of 6
PalmerF060406-139.jpgPalmer Chaplains....2 of 6
PalmerF060406-140.jpgPalmer Chaplains....3 of 6
PalmerF060406-141.jpgPalmer Chaplains....4 of 6
PalmerF060406-142.jpgPalmer Chaplains....5 of 6
PalmerF060406-143.jpgPalmer Chaplains....6 of 6
PalmerF060406-144.jpgJohn B Palmer note
PalmerF060406-145.jpgR W Palmer My Memories 1 of 14
PalmerF060406-146.jpgR W Palmer....2 of 14
PalmerF060406-147.jpgR W Palmer....3 of 14
PalmerF060406-148.jpgR W Palmer....4 of 14
PalmerF060406-149.jpgR W Palmer....5 of 14
PalmerF060406-150.jpgR W Palmer....6 of 14
PalmerF060406-151.jpgR W Palmer....7 of 14
PalmerF060406-152.jpgR W Palmer....8 of 14
PalmerF060406-153.jpgR W Palmer....9 of 14
PalmerF060406-154.jpgR W Palmer....10 of 14
PalmerF060406-155.jpgR W Palmer....11 of 14
PalmerF060406-156.jpgR W Palmer....12 of 14
PalmerF060406-157.jpgR W Palmer....13 of 14
PalmerF060406-158.jpgR W Palmer....14 of 14
PalmerF060406-159.jpgWinton Palmer donation of land...
PalmerF060406-160.jpgWinton Palmer Saga Hill Park gets an entrance road.... 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-161.jpgWinton Palmer Saga....2 of 2
PalmerF060406-162.jpgWinton Palmer Donations still needed....
PalmerF060406-163.jpgWinton Palmer Council settles question of Saga Hill Park access
PalmerF060406-164.jpgWinton Palmer Orono will purchase 8.5 acres for Saga Hill
PalmerF060406-165.jpgRalph Winton Palmer marriage
PalmerF060406-166.jpgRalph Winton Palmer marriage
PalmerF060406-167.jpgPalmer - George Pulscher family 1 of 2
PalmerF060406-168.jpgPalmer - George Pulscher....2 of 2
PalmerF060406-169.jpgK Palmer's short term return to Ivory Coast 1 of 3
PalmerF060406-170.jpgK Palmer's....2 of 3
PalmerF060406-171.jpgK Palmer's....3 of 3
PalmerF060406-172.jpgPalmer Transit Company fire
PalmerF060406-173.jpgWinton Palmer notes
PalmerF060406-174.jpgJohn B and Linda Palmer 25th anniversary
PalmerF060406-175.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer 50th anniversary memories 1 of 6
PalmerF060406-176.jpgJohn and Linda Plamer....2 of 6
PalmerF060406-177.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer....3 of 6
PalmerF060406-178.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer....6 of 6
PalmerF060406-179.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer....4 of 6
PalmerF060406-180.jpgJohn and Linda Palmer....5 of 6
PalmerIMG.jpgRalph Winton Palmer Family - Starting from top left: Roger, Donovan, Ralph, Lydia Josephine, Greg (baby in arms), John; (front row): Mark, Wesley, Sally, Mary and Jimmy [photo by AveryStubbs]
PalmerIMG001.jpgBarbara H Palmer obituary
PalmerIMG_0001.jpgJohn Palmer - last letter wrote by John before he went into the US Navy
PalmerIMG_0002.jpgMyra Louise Palmer obituary
PalmerIMG_0003.jpgDonovan Charles Palmer 05-27-2004 obituary
PalmerIMG_0181.jpgDr Donald Palmer obituary 01-21-1981
PalmerIMG_0182.jpgDr D B (Doc) Palmer obituary
PalmerJohn Palmer's first trip to Grand Marais.jpgLeft to Right: Mary, Greg, James, Lyvia, Sally and John B - Taken by Lillan Ruth Nelson at the Nelson cabin near Grand Marais
PalmerLydia Palmer Funeral_0001.jpgLydia Josephine Palmer Funeral Program, cover
PalmerLydia Palmer Funeral_0002.jpgLydia Josephine Palmer Funeral Program, page 1
PalmerLydia Palmer Funeral_0003.jpgLydia Josephine Palmer Funeral Program, Page 2
PalmerLydia Palmer Funeral_0004.jpgLydia Josephine Palmer Funeral Pprogram, back cover
PalmerLydia Palmer Funeral_0005.jpgLydia Josephine Palmer Memorial Folder, cover
PalmerLydia Palmer Funeral_0006.jpgLydia Josephine Palmer memorial folder, page 1
PalmerLydia Palmer Funeral_0007.jpgLydia Josephine Palmer memorial folder, page 2L
PalmquistIMG.jpgRev A Eldon Palmquist obituary, lived in Saga Hill 09-17-1984
PaloIMG.jpgRev Rudy Palo obituary 01-20-1993
PantelF051010-084.jpgPantel notes
PanuskaF051010-087.jpgHarold Panuska, Dr. Benefactors play 'Fair Godparents' to Honduran Girl 1 of 2
PanuskaF051010-088.jpgHarold Panuska, Dr....2 of 2
PanuskaF051010-089.jpgJohn Panuska
PanuskaF051010-090.jpgJohn Panuska ...named to the dean's list
PanuskaF051010-091.jpgSteven and Harold Panuska Minnesotans bring care, hope.... 1 of 2
PanuskaF051010-092.jpgSteven and Harold Panuska.....2 of 2
PanuskaIMG.jpgSherry Panuska She's Milking A Herd of a Different Color!
ParkeIMG.jpgLeonard D Parke article
ParkeIMG_0001.jpgGladys CParke obituary 10-1978
ParkerF060210-001.jpgParker - Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetary 1 of 2
ParkerF060210-002.jpgParker-Minneapolis....2 of 2
ParkerF060210-004.jpgParker Tales from Tonka
ParkerF060210-005.jpgPaul Parker ...Still Thinks UF Goal Attainable
ParkerF060210-008.jpgGeorge and Evelyn Parker ...have made Plymouth home
ParkerF060210-010.jpgParker Laker grows, in newspaper
ParkerF060210-011.jpgMildred Parker Apker letter
ParkerF060210-012.jpgParker notes
ParkerF060210-013.jpgParker notes
ParkerF060210-014.jpgParker notes
ParkerF060210-015.jpgParker - Read Ellajane each week in The Laker
ParkerF060210-016.jpgJoseph R Parker tombstone, Mound, Minnesota
ParkerF060210-017.jpgMattie Parker notes
ParkerF060210-018.jpgAlfred Parker Old rail stop was Parker's station
ParkerF060210-019.jpgMr and Mrs Daniel Parker note
ParkerF060210-020.jpgParker - Ellajane and Gordon Knott marriage dissolutions
ParkerF060210-021.jpgAlfred Parker death
ParkerF060210-022.jpgIrving Parker ...Fighting Spirit Carries Him Up the Ladder
ParkerF060210-023.jpgParker - The Pioneering Parkers
ParkerF060210-024.jpgPaul L Parker ..Elected New MHS President
ParkerF060210-025.jpgParker notes
ParkerF060210-026.jpgParker notes
ParkerF060210-027.jpgUnidentified Parker family members
ParkerF060210-028.jpg"Mother and Dad Parker (Parkers Lake?) From Edgar and Jean Betterton (Raymond) family"
ParkerF060210-029.jpgL to R: Mildred Parker, Edna Parker, Lydia Parker Taken 12-24-1976 Writing not very legible, see original for married names.
ParkerF060210-030.jpgAlfred Parker notes
ParkerF060210-031.jpgElizabeth Parker Hoyt notes
ParkerF060210-032.jpgThe Parker Family 1 of 13
ParkerF060210-033.jpgThe Parker....2 of 13
ParkerF060210-034.jpgThe Parker....3 of 13
ParkerF060210-035.jpgThe Parker....4 of 13
ParkerF060210-036.jpgThe Parker....5 of 13
ParkerF060210-037.jpgThe Parker....6 of 13
ParkerF060210-038.jpgThe Parker....7 of 13
ParkerF060210-039.jpgThe Parker....8 of 13
ParkerF060210-040.jpgThe Parker....9 of 13
ParkerF060210-041.jpgThe Parker....10 of 13
ParkerF060210-042.jpgThe Parker....11 of 13
ParkerF060210-043.jpgThe Parker....12 of 13
ParkerF060210-044.jpgThe Parker....13 of 13
ParkerF060210-045.jpgParker notes
ParkerF060210-046.jpgHiram N Parker note
ParkerF060210-047.jpgJames Parker family
ParkerF060210-048.jpgParker family notes
ParkerF060210-049.jpgParker of Orono 1 of 2
ParkerF060210-050.jpgParker of Orono 2 of 2
ParkerF060210-051.jpgParker notes
ParkerF060210-052.jpgEldridge Parker Lived 60 Years in House on Old Military Reservation
ParkerF060210-053.jpgJames Parker family notes
ParkerF060210-054.jpgJames M Parker plat info
ParkerF060210-055.jpgCharles Parker notes
ParkerF060210-056.jpgAlfred Parker notes
ParkerF060210-057.jpgDaniel C Parker plat info
ParkerF060210-058.jpgJames Parker, Rev. family note
ParkerF060210-059.jpgOil painting of Rev. James and Deborah Parker c. 1840s - 1850s
ParkerF060210-060.jpgJames Parker Jr. (Rev) descendants 1 of 8
ParkerF060210-061.jpgJames Parker Jr....2 of 8
ParkerF060210-062.jpgJames Parker Jr....3 of 8
ParkerF060210-063.jpgJames Parker Jr....4 of 8
ParkerF060210-064.jpgJames Parker Jr....5 of 8
ParkerF060210-066.jpgJames Parker Jr....6 of 8
ParkerF060210-067.jpgJames Parker Jr....Rev. James and Deborah Parker Isreal, Alfred and Daniel Parker 7 of 8
ParkerF060210-068.jpgJames Parker Jr....8 of 8
ParkerF060210-069.jpgIsreal and Deborah Parker On 50th wedding anniversary
ParkerF060210-070.jpgParkers in Osseo 1936 Back, L to R: Harry, Herb, Charles (inset), B?, William Parker Front, L to R: Minnie and Isabelle Parker
ParkerIMG_0003.jpgPaul Parker Orono man will head Minnesota Opera Co.
ParkerIMG_0004.jpgMary A Parker note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 210
ParkerIMG_0005.jpgGeorge Parker note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 227
ParkerIMG_0006.jpgGene Parker NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 272
ParkerIMG_0007.jpgGeorge Parker note
ParkerIMG_0008.jpgGene Parker note
ParkerIMG_0009.jpgMary Parker note
ParkerIMG_0011.jpgGene Parker note
ParkerIMG_0012.jpgMary Parker note
ParkerIMG_0019.jpgRev James Parker Family NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
ParmeleauF051010-079.jpgGeorge Parmelow plat info
ParmeleauF051010-080.jpgDavid Parmelo plat info
ParmeleauF051010-083.jpgParmeleau note
ParrishF060219-043.jpgParrish - George A Turnham memoirs...
ParrishF060219-044.jpgJanet Parrish note
ParrishF060219-045.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-046.jpgParrish - Shriley M Heyen note
ParrishF060219-047.jpgPerry Parrish family notes
ParrishF060219-048.jpgF H Parrish Somewhere in France
ParrishF060219-049.jpgCarlos F Parrish Obituary
ParrishF060219-050.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-051.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-052.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-053.jpgPerry Parrish
ParrishF060219-054.jpgCarleton and Helen Parrish 50th anniversary
ParrishF060219-055.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-056.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-057.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-058.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-059.jpgParrish notes
ParrishF060219-060.jpgCarl Parrish note
ParrishF060219-061.jpgCarl F Parrish death
ParrishF060219-062.jpgLaura Ann Parrish
ParrishF060219-063.jpgAda Parrish 1911
ParrishIMG.jpgAlbert Parrish; Carlton Parrish; Carl Parrish; Alvin Parrish - east end of Long Lake
ParrishIMG_0002.jpgLaura C Parrish obituary 10-15-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 59
ParrishIMG_0003.jpgCarlos F Parrish note 1 of 2
ParrishIMG_0004.jpgCarlos F Parrish note 2 of 2
ParrishIMG_0005.jpgParrish "One Source of Winter Income", memoirs of George A Turnham
ParrishIMG_0006.jpgCharles P Parrish obituary 11-12-1980
ParsonsF060219-030.jpgOliver Parsons at Old Settlers Association of Minnesota annual meeting 1885. Donated by O.S. Kelso
ParsonsF060219-031.jpgParsons notes
ParsonsF060219-032.jpgOliver Parsons Esquire Inspector of the State Prison of Stillwater
ParsonsF060219-034.jpgParsons The Messenger
ParsonsF060219-036.jpgOliver Parsons invitation to the celebration of Minnesota Territory 60 years
ParsonsF060219-037.jpgParsons note
ParsonsF060219-038.jpgParson letter from Lenora Kelso
ParsonsF060219-040.jpgParsons letter
ParsonsIMG.jpgGertrude Parsons notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 3
ParsonsIMG_0001.jpgEmil Parsons letter 1 of 4
ParsonsIMG_0002.jpgEmil Parsons letter 2 of 4
ParsonsIMG_0003.jpgEmil Parsons letter 3 of 4
ParsonsIMG_0004.jpgEmil Parsons letter 4 of 4
PartenF051010-152.jpgParten notes
PartenF051010-153.jpgMrs Gerald A Parten, Recording Secretary
PartenF051010-155.jpgPeter parton ..leads Spartan scoring
PartenF051010-156.jpgBritta Parten Orono's top spellers....
PartenF051010-157.jpgPartens notes
PartenF051010-158.jpgParten-Blomstrom Mfg Co statement
PartenF051010-159.jpgParten house on North Shore Drive in Orono 1989
PartenIMG.jpgR Marian Parten obituary and notes NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book number 6, page 16
PartenIMG_0001.jpgLucille G Parten obituary 07-22-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 36
PartridgeF051010-129.jpgPartridge note
PartridgeIMG.jpgFrances Loring Partridge obituary 02-27-1998
PatchF051011-001.jpgHelen Rogers Patch Obituary
PatchF051011-002.jpgLydia Whitting Patch Wayzata's Julia Child
PatchF051011-003.jpgDarcy Patch marriage
PatchF051011-004.jpgPatch notes
PatchF051011-005.jpgPatch Family c. 1900 Top, L to R: Edgar Masnfield Patch, Renford Patch, Frerick Morton Patch Bottom, L to R: Florence Patch White, Ina Patch Dosmann, Helen Rogers Patch Note: Bottom right is mother of all the others. Donated by Lucia Patch Adams
PatchIMG_0001.jpgLydia [Whiting] Patch obituary 12-29-1980
PatchIMG_0002.jpgLydia M Patch memoriam 11-24-1892 - 12-29-1980
PatnodeF051011-007.jpgThe James Patnode Farm Hennepin County
PatnodeF051011-008.jpgDonna Patnode ...chosen as dairy princess
PatnodeF051011-009.jpgMamie Patnode ..receive an award
PatnodeF051011-010.jpgPatnode notes
PatnodeF051011-011.jpgRobert and Linda Patnode Haloween fantasy
PatnodeF051011-012.jpgMamie Patnode 90th birthday
PatnodeF051011-013.jpgMamie Patnode 90th birthday
PattenF060211-001.jpgGeorge Winfield Patten, DDS note
PattenF060211-003.jpgLindley Hughes Patten Zero
PattenF060211-004.jpgGerald Patten Letters from the Boys
PattenF060211-005.jpgEdith Patten note
PattenF060211-006.jpgNorman B Patten, Jr Lt. note
PattenF060211-007.jpgLyle Patten The Patten Gun Shop
PattenF060211-008.jpgJ W Patten auction sale
PattenF060211-009.jpgJ W Patten note
PattenF060211-010.jpgMr and Mrs James Patten sell home
PattenF060211-011.jpgMrs Patten note
PattenF060211-012.jpgEdith Patten note
PattenF060211-013.jpgMrs J W Patten Obituary
PattenF060211-014.jpgPatten - L to R: Mrs Ames, mrs Patten, Gerald, wife of Gerald Patten, her mother Edith. Taken 6-22-1928
PattenF060211-015.jpgPatten notes
PattenF060211-016.jpgPatten notes
PattenF060211-017.jpgPatten notes
PattenF060211-018.jpgJames and Nellie Patten. Taken in Florida
PattenF060211-019.jpgEdith Patten and Jennie Nelson
PattenIMG.jpgLindley Holten Patten obituary 12-22-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 76
PattenIMG_0001.jpgGrace Moody Patten obituary 09-1978
PattersonF051011-014.jpgPatterson notes
PattersonF051011-015.jpgFlorence M Patterson
PaulsonF051010-130.jpgAndrew Paulson note
PayneIMG_0001.jpgWilbur N Payne Pastor, 1908-1913 Sunday School 1908
PayneIMG_0002.jpgWilbur N Payne Pastor 1908-1913
PaytonF051010-134.jpgPayton notes
PaytonF051010-135.jpgLydia Payton Servard note
PearsonF051010-136.jpgPeterson notes
PearsonF051010-137.jpgClaudine Pearson note
PearsonF051010-138.jpgClaudine A Pearson letter
PearsonF051010-139.jpgPearson notes
PearsonF051010-140.jpgEdgar Pearson death
PearsonF051010-141.jpgHenry Pearson, Manager, Maple Plain Land Co.
PearsonF051010-142.jpgGregory Paul Pearson marriage
PearsonF051010-143.jpgEdgar Pearson
PearsonF051010-144.jpgPearson notes
PearsonF051010-145.jpgPearson List your Farms with ...
PearsonF051010-146.jpgEmil Pearson
PearsonF051010-147.jpgJim Pearson and Mildred Pearson
PearsonF051010-148.jpgJim and Mildred Pearson
PearsonIMG.jpgDoris Pearson note in foreign language
PearsonIMG_0002.jpgAdrian W Pearson obituary NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 51
PearsonIMG_0003.jpgEdna C Pearson obituary 09-09-1981
PearsonIMG_0005.jpgEmil Pearson note
PeasleyF051010-149.jpgPeasley note
PeasleyF051010-150.jpgM Christine Peasley memoir
PeasleyF051010-151.jpgPeasley - Peter Parten
PeaveyF060222-001.jpgFrank Peavey Peavey Grain Company
PeaveyF060222-002.jpgGeorge W Peavey Ready for the Word 1 of 15
PeaveyF060222-003.jpgGeorge W Peavey....2 of 15
PeaveyF060222-004.jpgGeorge W Peavey....3 of 15
PeaveyF060222-005.jpgGeorge W Peavey....4 of 15
PeaveyF060222-006.jpgGeorge W Peavey....5 of 15
PeaveyF060222-007.jpgGeorge W Peavey....6 of 15
PeaveyF060222-008.jpgGeorge W Peavey....7 of 15
PeaveyF060222-009.jpgGeorge W Peavey....8 of 15
PeaveyF060222-010.jpgGeorge W Peavey....9 of 15
PeaveyF060222-011.jpgGeorge W Peavey....10 of 15
PeaveyF060222-012.jpgGeorge W Peavey....11 of 15
PeaveyF060222-013.jpgGeorge W Peavey....12 of 15
PeaveyF060222-014.jpgGeorge W Peavey....13 of 15
PeaveyF060222-015.jpgGeorge W Peavey....14 of 15
PeaveyF060222-016.jpgGeorge W Peavey....15 of 15
PeaveyF060222-017.jpgGeorge Peavey Automobiles
PeaveyF060222-018.jpgFrank Peavey notes
PeaveyF060222-019.jpgPeavey Executive VP, Charles E Hunting
PeaveyF060222-020.jpgGilfillan and George Peavey note
PeaveyF060222-021.jpgPeavey note
PeaveyF060222-022.jpgPeavey note
PeaveyF060222-023.jpgPeavey - Loring M Staples Jr New Mayor....
PeaveyF060222-024.jpgFrank Peavey
PeaveyF060222-025.jpgPeavey sells its Brownberry bread business to Oroweat
PeaveyF060222-026.jpgPeavey sells its Brownberry bread business....1 of 2
PeaveyF060222-027.jpgPeavey ..when a local company is sold
PeaveyF060222-028.jpgPeavey notes
PeaveyF060222-029.jpgPeavey notes
PeaveyF060222-030.jpgFrank Peavey death
PeaveyF060222-031.jpgMary Drew Peavey marriage
PeaveyF060222-032.jpgA Peavey tugboat fleet is born 1 of 2
PeaveyF060222-033.jpgA Peavey tugboat....2 of 2
PeaveyF060222-034.jpgThe Peavey Story - 100 Historic Years.... 1 of 4
PeaveyF060222-035.jpgThe Peavey Story....2 of 4
PeaveyF060222-036.jpgThe Peavey Story....3 of 4
PeaveyF060222-037.jpgThe Peavey Story....4 of 4
PeaveyF060222-038.jpgThe Peavey Fountain 1 of 3
PeaveyF060222-039.jpgThe Peavey Fountain 2 of 3
PeaveyF060222-040.jpgThe Peavey Fountain 3 of 3
PeaveyF060222-041.jpgPeavey Company christens towboat
PeaveyF060222-042.jpgPeavey Company 'goes public'
PeaveyF060222-044.jpgPeavey - Grain Elevator and Veblen Farm Receive Blue Ribbon Status
PeckF051010-131.jpgWilliam P Peck plat info
PeckF051010-132.jpgBetty Peck note
PeckF051010-133.jpgPeck note
PeckIMG.jpgEllis A Peck obituary 08-29-1987 NOTE original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 46
PeckIMG_0002.jpgGladys E Peck obituary 09-04-1981
PeckIMG_0003.jpgGladys E Peck obituary 09-21-1981
PedersenIMG.jpgPaul Richard Pedersen, MD obituary 12-20-1982
PedersonF060222 045.jpgLars Pederson family notes
PedersonF060222 046.jpgPederson notes
PedersonF060222 047.jpg-
PeickF070228-001.jpgPeick family notes 1 of 4
PeickF070228-002.jpgPeick family....2 of 4
PeickF070228-003.jpgPeick family....3 of 4
PeickF070228-004.jpgPeick family....4 of 4
PenceF060222 048.jpgPence notes
PenceF060222 049.jpgJ W Pence A History of Halls
PenceF060222 050.jpgPence's Open House Nicollet Avenue and Vicinity
PenceF060222 051.jpgPence - Ohearn farm on Carmens Bay
PenceIMG.jpgHarry E Pence obituary 07-1978
PendergastF060223-001.jpgTimothy Harrison Pendergast history
PendergastF060223-002.jpgPendergast-Cotton Geneologies 1 of 2
PendergastF060223-003.jpgPendergast - Cotton....2 of 2
PendergastF060223-004.jpgTimothy Harrison Pendergast letter 1 of 3
PendergastF060223-005.jpgTimothy Harrison Pendergast....2 of 3
PendergastF060223-006.jpgTimothy Harrison Pendergast....3 of 3
PendergastF060223-007.jpgTimothy Pendergast family notes 1 of 2
PendergastF060223-008.jpgTimothy Pendergast family....2 of 2
PendergastF060223-009.jpgPendergast - John White note
PendergastF060223-010.jpgPendergast - Minnegazette - Pence
PendergastF060223-011.jpgPendergast - Henry Pence
PendergastF060223-012.jpgPendergast notes0
PendergastF060223-013.jpgJohn L White - note
PendergastF060223-014.jpgPendergast-Harrington family notes 1 of 2
PendergastF060223-015.jpgPendergast-Harrington....2 of 2
PendergastF060223-016.jpgPendergast - John L White note
PendergastF060223-017.jpgPendergast - John L White letter
PendergastF060223-018.jpgW W Pendergast note
PendergastF060223-019.jpgPendergast Academy 1862 Indians on a Rampage
PendergastF060223-020.jpgTimothy Harrison Pendergast Wayzata's First School Teacher
PendergastF060223-022.jpgW W Pendergast Prinicpal....
PendergastF060223-023.jpgPendergast - Rev VanPuffelen note
PendergastF060223-024.jpgPendergast-Harrington letter
PendergastF060223-025.jpgWarren W Pendergast
PendergastF060223-026.jpgWarren P Pendergast memoir
PendergastF060223-028.jpgPendergast notes
PendergastF060223-029.jpgPendergast notes
PepinIMG_0001.jpgClara Pepin memoriam 1 of 2
PepinIMG_0002.jpgClara Pepin memoriam 2 of 2
PepinksyF060602-097.jpgMinerva Pepinsky, Anne Courtney
PerkinsF060220-001.jpgWilliam S Perkins family notes 1 of 2
PerkinsF060220-002.jpgWilliam S Perkins family notes 2 of 2
PerkinsF060220-003.jpgE R Perkins, Dr
PerkinsF060220-004.jpgPerkins - Old Perkinsville Ghost Town
PerkinsF060220-005.jpgPerkins - Merrill M Madsen Obituary
PerkinsF060220-006.jpgPerkins, Dr note
PerkinsF060220-007.jpgPerkins - home for sale
PerkinsF060220-008.jpgEd Perkins The Doctor with the Magic Salve
PerkinsF060220-009.jpgE R Perkins, Dr - Tales from Tonka
PerkinsF060220-011.jpgWill Perkins - ...Pioneer Recalls....
PerkinsF060220-013.jpgPerkins - Dick and Marlene Schultz
PerkinsF060220-014.jpgPerkins notes
PerkinsF060220-015.jpgPerkins notes
PerkinsF060220-016.jpgDr Perkins note
PerkinsF060220-017.jpgPerkins misc. notes
PerkinsF060220-018.jpgPerkins - Isabella (McKinley) Roberts 1 of 2
PerkinsF060220-019.jpgPerkins - Isabella....2 of 2
PerkinsF060220-020.jpgJohn S Perkins notes
PerkinsF060220-021.jpgWilliam S Perkins notes 1 of 2
PerkinsF060220-022.jpgPerkins of Lake Independence notes 1 of 2
PerkinsF060220-023.jpgWilliam S Perkins....2 of 2
PerkinsF060220-024.jpgPerkins of Lake Independence....2 of 2
PerkinsF060220-026.jpgJohn B Perkins plat info
PerkinsF060220-027.jpgPerkins notes
PerkinsF060220-028.jpgPerkins - George W Madsen Obituary
PerkinsF060220-029.jpgJohn Perkins note
PerkinsF060220-030.jpgPerkins notes
PerkinsF060220-031.jpgPerkins notes
PerkinsF060220-032.jpgPerkins notes
PerkinsF060220-033.jpgJohn B Perkins note 1 of 2
PerkinsF060220-034.jpgJohn B Perking....2 of 2
PerryF060220 035.jpgSam Perry plat info
PerryF060220 036.jpgSam Perry property
PerryF060220 037.jpgPerry family notes
PerryF060220 038.jpgPerry notes
PerryF060220 040.jpgPerry notes
PerryF060220 041.jpgMr and Mrs William Perry Obituary
PerryF060220 042.jpgPerry Family thank you
PerryF060220 043.jpgGeorge Perry notes 1 of 2
PerryF060220 044.jpgGeorge Perry notes 2 of 2
PerryF060220 045.jpgPerry notes
PerryIMG.jpgStacy Perry, Josh Nelson engagement announcement 09-27-2008
PerryIMG_0001.jpgLawrence A Perry obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 19
PerryIMG_0002.jpgChester A Perry obituary
PerryIMG_0003.jpgDoris [Perry] Hetherington obituary 02-02-1982
PersianF060602-099.jpgMrs Mable Persian article
PersonetteF060220-046.jpgPersonette interview 2 of 2
PersonetteF060220-047.jpgPersonette interview 1 of 2
PersonetteF060220-048.jpgPersonette notes
PersonetteF060220-049.jpgPersonette notes
PersonetteF060220-050.jpgJ Personette
PerssonIMG_0001-01.jpgGerald Persson - postcard
PerssonIMG_0001-02.jpgEmil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0001.jpgGerda Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0002.jpgEmil Pearson postcard
PerssonIMG_0003.jpgGerda Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0004.jpgPersson - Postcard
PerssonIMG_0005.jpgMrs Emil Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0006.jpgMr & Mrs Emil Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0007.jpgMrs Emil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0008.jpgGerda Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0009.jpgEmil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0010.jpgMrs Emil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0013.jpgEmil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0014.jpgMrs Emil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0015.jpgMrs Emil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0016.jpgPersson - postcard unidentified
PerssonIMG_0017.jpgEmil Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0018.jpgGerda Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0019.jpgGerda Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0020.jpgPersson - postcard, Winter Scene Valdez, Alaska
PerssonIMG_0021.jpgDoris Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0022.jpgGerda Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0023.jpgEmil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0024.jpgPersson - St Anthony Falls and part of Milling District, Minneapolis, MN
PerssonIMG_0025.jpgEinar Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0026.jpgEiner Person postcard from his Sunday School teacher Amy Hakanson
PerssonIMG_0027.jpgGerda Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0028.jpgGerda Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0029.jpgEmil Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0030.jpgMr Emil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0031.jpgMrs Emil Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0032.jpgPersson unidentified photo
PerssonIMG_0033.jpgMr & Mrs Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0034.jpgGerda Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0035.jpgDoris Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0036.jpgPersson - Douglas Fairbanks
PerssonIMG_0037.jpgGerda Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0038.jpgEmil Person postcard
PerssonIMG_0039.jpgGerda Persson postcard
PerssonIMG_0040.jpgPersson - Oscar Carlson
PerssonIMG_0041.jpgEmil Persson address
PerssonIMG_0042.jpgEmil Persson unidentified 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0043.jpgEmil Persson unidentified 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0044.jpgPersson note 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0045.jpgPersson note 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0046.jpgPersson letter 1911 1 of 3
PerssonIMG_0047.jpgPersson letter 2 of 3
PerssonIMG_0048.jpgPersson letter 3 of 3
PerssonIMG_0049.jpgPersson Smalandingarne cover NOTE: document located in Persson Family Folder
PerssonIMG_0050.jpgOla Persson family notes 1 of 7
PerssonIMG_0051.jpgOla Persson notes 2 of 7
PerssonIMG_0052.jpgOla Persson notes 3 of 7
PerssonIMG_0053.jpgOla Persson notes 4 of 7
PerssonIMG_0054.jpgOla Persson notes 5 of 7
PerssonIMG_0055.jpgOla Persson notes 6 of 7
PerssonIMG_0056.jpgOla Persson notes 7 of 7
PerssonIMG_0057.jpgGerda Perrson post card 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0058.jpgGerda Persson postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0059.jpgGerda Persson postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0060.jpgPersson postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0061.jpgGerda Persson postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0062.jpgGerda Persson postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0063.jpgEmil Persson postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0064.jpgEmil Postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0065.jpgGerda Persson postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0066.jpgGerda Persson postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0067.jpgEmil Persson postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0068.jpgEmil Persson postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0069.jpgEmil Persson postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0070.jpgEmil Persson postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0071.jpgGerda Persson postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0072.jpgGerda Persson postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0073.jpgTraken Doris Person postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0074.jpgTrisken Doris Person postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0075.jpgEmil Persson postcard 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0076.jpgEmil Persson postcard 2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0077.jpgDouglas Person note
PerssonIMG_0078.jpgPerson/Perssen note
PerssonIMG_0079.jpgGustaf E Person KVITOO_BOK 195, Blass NO B 09-13-1916 1 of 2
PerssonIMG_0080.jpgGustaf E Person KVITATO-BOK....2 of 2
PerssonIMG_0081.jpgPerson - P F Kumfhold 1921
PerssonIMG_0082.jpgPersson unidentified
PetermanIMG.jpgHarold W Peterman obituary NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 17
PetermanIMG_0001.jpgHarold W Peterman obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 6
PetermanIMG_0002.jpgHarold W Peterman memoriam 12-07-1909 - 02-06-1985 NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page
PetersF060221-001.jpgIsadore Henry Peterson notes
PetersF060221-002.jpgC F Peters
PetersF060221-003.jpgRaymond H Peters, Sr memoire
PetersF060221-004.jpgRay Peters retirement
PetersF060221-005.jpgBetty Peters....4 of 4
PetersF060221-006.jpgBetty Peters letter 1 of 4
PetersF060221-007.jpgBetty Peters....2 of 4
PetersF060221-008.jpgBetty Peters....3 of 4
PetersF060221-009.jpgPeters Peninsula Hotel
PetersIMG.jpgRay Peters note
PetersonCopy of IMG_0001.jpgAlbert Peterson NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 284
PetersonF060322-081.jpgJohn and Christina Peterson of Saga Hill
PetersonF060322-082.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060322-083.jpgMr and Mrs Walter Peterson 50th anniversary
PetersonF060322-084.jpgA Peterson
PetersonF060322-085.jpgAmanda Peterson
PetersonF060322-086.jpgEdith Sather daughter of Amanda Peterson
PetersonF060322-087.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060322-088.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060322-089.jpgJohn Peterson family notes
PetersonF060322-090.jpgJohn Peterson plat info
PetersonF060322-091.jpgJohn Peterson family notes 1 of 3
PetersonF060322-092.jpgElma Peterson....2 of 2
PetersonF060322-094.jpgJohn Peterson....2 of 3
PetersonF060322-095.jpgJohn Penterson....3 of 3
PetersonF060322-096.jpgWalter Peterson interview 1 of 2
PetersonF060322-097.jpgWalter Peterson....2 of 2
PetersonF060322-098.jpgElma Peterson interview 1 of 2
PetersonF060322-100.jpgPETERSONS OF STUBBS BAY
PetersonF060322-101.jpgLettie Peterson Stenberg 1886-1920, taken 1914
PetersonF060322-102.jpgCharles Peterson and Lettie Peterson Stenberg
PetersonF060322-103.jpgCharles Peterson c1914
PetersonF060322-104.jpgCharles Peterson and beehives c1914
PetersonF060322-105.jpgCharles Peterson c1914
PetersonF060322-106.jpgCharles Peterson notes
PetersonF060322-107.jpgCharles Peterson notes
PetersonF060323-001.jpgLane and Sherry Peterson
PetersonF060323-002.jpgMarie A Peterson Obituary
PetersonF060323-003.jpgWilford M Peterson Obituary
PetersonF060323-004.jpgKee Pterson Pickup Fire
PetersonF060323-005.jpgMelvin Peterson Mr Probate retires
PetersonF060323-006.jpgWelcon Peterson (Wick) estate sale
PetersonF060323-007.jpgGeorge Peterson notes
PetersonF060323-008.jpgRose Peterson excerpts
PetersonF060323-009.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060323-010.jpgKee Peterson retirement
PetersonF060323-011.jpgElmer W Peterson and wife Bread made....
PetersonF060323-012.jpgWelcon Peterson memoir
PetersonF060323-013.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060323-014.jpgArthur E Peterson death
PetersonF060323-015.jpgWalcon and Eleanor Peterson
PetersonF060323-016.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060323-017.jpgHenry and Jennie Peterson family notes
PetersonF060323-018.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060323-019.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060323-020.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060323-021.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060323-022.jpgRev. Dale and Marjorie Peterson
PetersonF060323-023.jpgMarie Cecilia Petersen Obituary
PetersonF060323-024.jpgPaul W Peterson, Jr., Lt. death
PetersonF060323-025.jpgRev and Mrs R L Peterson
PetersonF060323-027.jpgBruce Clifford Peterson arrest
PetersonF060323-028.jpgChristine Peterson Surrenders
PetersonF060323-029.jpgPETERSONS OF LONG LAKE
PetersonF060323-031.jpgPetersons of Long Lake
PetersonF060323-032.jpgPeterson - Louise Johnson Selling Comes Naturally to...
PetersonF060323-033.jpgCinda Peterson marriage
PetersonF060323-034.jpgKee L Peterson award
PetersonF060323-035.jpgWilliam Peterson ...Wayzata '06 Grad
PetersonF060323-037.jpgHerbert Peterson memoir
PetersonF060323-038.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonF060323-040.jpgPETERSONS OF MAPLE PLAIN
PetersonF060323-041.jpgJ Will Peterson note
PetersonF060323-042.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....11 of 22
PetersonF060323-043.jpgPeterson Blacksmith Account Book 1 of 22
PetersonF060323-044.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....12 of 22
PetersonF060323-045.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....2 of 22
PetersonF060323-046.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....13 of 22
PetersonF060323-048.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....14 of 22
PetersonF060323-049.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....3 of 22
PetersonF060323-050.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....15 of 22
PetersonF060323-051.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....4 of 22
PetersonF060323-052.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....16 of 22
PetersonF060323-053.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....5 of 22
PetersonF060323-054.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....17 of 22
PetersonF060323-055.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....6 of 22
PetersonF060323-056.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....18 of 22
PetersonF060323-057.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....7 of 22
PetersonF060323-058.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....19 of 22
PetersonF060323-059.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....8 of 22
PetersonF060323-060.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....20 of 22
PetersonF060323-061.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....9 of 22
PetersonF060323-062.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....21 of 22
PetersonF060323-063.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....10 of 22
PetersonF060323-064.jpgPeterson Blacksmith....22 of 22
PetersonF060323-065.jpgPeterson notes
PetersonIMG-0014.jpgJohn Peterson NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 261
PetersonIMG.jpgJohn Peterson NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 261
PetersonIMG_0006.jpgJacquelyn (Jackie) Peterson Obituary 10-26-2000
PetersonIMG_0007.jpgHenry Peterson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 361
PetersonIMG_0008.jpgAmy Peterson obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 16
PetersonIMG_0009.jpgNorman Peterson notes NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 7
PetersonIMG_0010.jpgLillian Pettis Peterson obituary 08-13-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 27
PetersonIMG_0011.jpgHarold T Peterson obituary 12-01-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 39
PetersonIMG_0012.jpgWalter Peterson obituary 10-20-1986 NOTE: documents located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 60
PetersonIMG_0013.jpgRaymond Peterson obituary 09-20-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 66
PetersonIMG_0015.jpgGertrude Peterson notes
PetersonIMG_0041.jpgWelcon Peterson memoriam 04-18-1908 - 04-18-1989 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 26
PetersonIMG_0042.jpgAlbin (Shorty) Peterson obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, apge 29
PetersonIMG_0043.jpgPeterson - Katie and Danny Nadeau thank you note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, book number 8, page 48
PetersonIMG_0044.jpgPeterson - Rockwell Nadeau obituary 09-04-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annaul Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 48
PetersonIMG_0045.jpgAlbert Peterson note
PetersonIMG_0046.jpgJohn Peterson note
PetersonIMG_0047.jpgLauren Peterson note
PetersonIMG_0048.jpgSelma Peterson note
PetersonIMG_0049.jpgHugo Peterson note
PetersonIMG_0050.jpgWilford M Peterson obituary 12-04-1982
PetersonIMG_0051.jpgElmer J Peterson obituary 03-16-1982
PetersonIMG_0052.jpgElmer J Peterson obituary 03-06-1982
PetersonIMG_0053.jpgWilliam Peterson note
PetersonIMG_0054.jpgRuth L Peterson obituary 11-12-1980
PetersonIMG_0055.jpgRuth [Lamb] Peterson note
PetersonIMG_0056.jpgRuth L Peterson obituary 11-12-1980
PetersonIMG_0057.jpgCaren Peterson obituary
PettigrewIMG.jpgOrville Dayton Pettigrew memoriam 06-16-1921 - 06-11-1983
PettijohnF060322-034.jpgEli Pettijohn
PettijohnF060322-035.jpgPettijohn notes
PettijohnF060322-037.jpgPettijohn notes
PettijohnF060322-038.jpgPettijohn notes
PettijohnF060322-039.jpgPettijohn notes
PettijohnF060322-040.jpgKenneth E Pettijohn Hospitality House, Inc.
PettijohnF060322-041.jpgKenneth E Pettijohn death
PettijohnF060322-042.jpgPettijohn notes
PettijohnF060322-043.jpgLawrence W Pettijohn 1856-1917, Groveland Cemetary
PettijohnF060322-044.jpgLawrence W Pettijohn
PettijohnF060322-045.jpgPettijohn notes 1 of 3
PettijohnF060322-046.jpgPettijohn notes 2 of 3
PettijohnF060322-047.jpgPettijohn notes 3 of 3
PettijohnF060322-048.jpgKenneth Pettijohn notes
PettijohnF060322-049.jpgPettijohn notes
PettijohnF060322-050.jpgEli Pettijohn first to explore Minnetonka
PettijohnF060322-051.jpgPettijohn ...Christmas Story...
PettijohnF060322-052.jpgEli Pettijohn
PettijohnF060322-053.jpgEli Pettijohn death
PettijohnF060322-054.jpgPettijohns Rolled Whole Wheat
PettijohnF060322-055.jpgPettijohn advertisement
PettijohnF060322-056.jpgPettijohns breakfast food article
PettijohnF060322-057.jpgPettijohn marriage
PettijohnF060322-058.jpgPettijohn A Man to be Respected 1 of 3
PettijohnF060322-060.jpgPettijohn A man....2 of 3
PettijohnF060322-062.jpgEli Pettijohn Part III
PettijohnF060322-064.jpgPettijohn A man....3 of 3
PettijohnF060322-066.jpgEli Pettijohn Minnehaha Bridge Company 1 of 5
PettijohnF060322-067.jpgEli Pejjitjohn....2 of 5
PettijohnF060322-068.jpgEli Pettijohn....3 of 5
PettijohnF060322-069.jpgEli Pettijohn....4 of 5
PettijohnF060322-070.jpgEli Pettijohn....5 of 5
PettitF060322-071.jpgHarvey Pettit
PettitF060322-072.jpgCarol Pettit
PettitF060322-073.jpgEsther F Pettit Obituary
PettitF060322-074.jpgMary Pettit ...named county atheles of year
PettitF060322-075.jpgDewey Pettit ...Minnesota Little Gopher
PettitF060322-076.jpgPettit notes
PettitF060322-077.jpgPettit note
PettitIMG.jpgGertrude Pettit obituary 1954 NOTE: original documetn located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 323
PettitIMG_0001.jpgJoseph T Pettit obituary 1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 21
PettitIMG_0002.jpgJoseph T Pettit obituary 04-20-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 20
PettitIMG_0003.jpgHarold J Pettit obituary 08-15-1991 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 2
PettitIMG_0004.jpgDewey Thomas Pettit article 09-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 56
PettitIMG_0005.jpgEsther F Pettit obituary
PettitIMG_0006.jpgStella M Pettit obituary
PettitIMG_0007.jpgGilbert C Pettit obituary
PfefferIMG.jpgNicole Pfeffer People in the News 04-05-1993
PflaumF051010-085.jpgPflaum History is glamours....
PflaumF051010-086.jpgLeo Pflaum ...talks about his life...
PflaumIMG.jpgLeo Pflaum obituary October 1990
PhelpsF060319-045.jpgRichardson Phelps
PhelpsF060319-046.jpgMrs Edmund J Phelps Jr
PhelpsF060319-047.jpgEdmund Phelps
PhelpsF060319-048.jpgEdmund Phelps Jr ..awarded the French 'croix de guerrre'
PhelpsF060319-049.jpgPhelps Mansion will be razed
PhelpsF060319-050.jpgEdmund J Phelps, Jr Letters from readers
PhelpsF060319-051.jpgEdmund J Phelps fountain
PhelpsF060319-052.jpgPhelps - Charles Ritz Obituary
PhelpsF060319-053.jpgPhelps - Charles Ritz death 1 of 2
PhelpsF060319-054.jpgPhelps - Charles Ritz....2 of 2
PhelpsF060319-055.jpgDon Phelps accident
PhelpsF060319-056.jpgPhelps of Phelps Island
PhelpsF060319-057.jpgPhelps Fountain
PhelpsF060319-058.jpgPhelps notes
PhelpsF060319-059.jpgPhelps notes
PhelpsF060319-060.jpgPhelps notes
PhelpsF060319-061.jpgE J Phelps letter 1 of 2
PhelpsF060319-062.jpgE J Phelps letter 2 of 2
PhelpsF060319-063.jpgEdmund Joseph Phelps Hennepin County History January 1967 1 of 4
PhelpsF060319-064.jpgEdmund Joseph Phelps....2 of 4
PhelpsF060319-065.jpgEdmund Joseph Phelps...3 of 4
PhelpsF060319-066.jpgEdmund Joseph Phelps....4 of 4
PhelpsF060319-067.jpgEdmund J Phelps A Man for all Seasons 1 of 4
PhelpsF060319-068.jpgEdmund J Phelps....2 of 4
PhelpsF060319-069.jpgEdmund J Phelps....3 of 4
PhelpsF060319-070.jpgEdmund J Phelps....4 of 4
PhelpsIMG.jpgEvelyn Ritz obituary 03-19-1982, of Phelps
PhelpsIMG_0001.jpgEdmund J Phelps Sr obituary 12-11-1891 - March 1980
PhelpsIMG_0002.jpgEdmund Phelps "....designer of many area estates, dead at 88" 1980
PhillipsF060319-071.jpgAbigail P Phillips death
PhillipsF060319-072.jpgDarrol C Phillips memoir
PhillipsF060319-073.jpgCharles Phillips interview
PhillipsF060319-074.jpgPhillips notes
PhillipsF060319-075.jpgPhillips notes
PhillipsIMG.jpgClinton W Phillips obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 353
PiersonIMG.jpgMargaret Welles Pierson obituary, March 1956 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 356
PillsburyIMG-0001.jpgJohn S Pillsbury Jr, letter 12-28-1988
PillsburyIMG.jpgPillsbury family note
PillsburyIMG_0002.jpgPillsbury Whos Who note
PillsburyIMG_0003.jpgGov Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0004.jpgGeo Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0005.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0006.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0007.jpgMrs Chas Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0008.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0009.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0010.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0011.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0012.jpgPillsbury ntoe
PillsburyIMG_0013.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0014.jpgPillsbury ntoe
PillsburyIMG_0015.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0017.jpgGeo A Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0018.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0019.jpgCharles Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0020.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0021.jpgPillsbury Flour Mills note
PillsburyIMG_0022.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0024.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0025.jpgFred Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0026.jpgMrs John Pillsbury Snyder note
PillsburyIMG_0027.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0028.jpgPillsbury Mill note
PillsburyIMG_0029.jpgPillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0030.jpgJ S Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0031.jpgGov Joe Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0032.jpgC L Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0033.jpgHon Joe S Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0034.jpgFred Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0035.jpgGov J S Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0036.jpgJ S Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0037.jpgFred Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0038.jpgChas A Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0039.jpgGov Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0040.jpgChas Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0041.jpgPhillip Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0042.jpgJ P Pillsbury Snyder note
PillsburyIMG_0043.jpgCorinne Griffith Pillsbury sale of property
PillsburyIMG_0044.jpgCharles L Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0045.jpgPillsbury Farm note
PillsburyIMG_0046.jpgMr and Mrs John S Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0047.jpgJohn Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0048.jpgEleanor Lawler Pillsbury (Mrs John Sr) My Family Story 1 of 4
PillsburyIMG_0049.jpgEleanor Lawsler Pillsbury....2 of 4
PillsburyIMG_0050.jpgEleanor Lawler Pillsbury....3 of 4
PillsburyIMG_0051.jpgEleanor Lawler Pillsbury....4 of 4
PillsburyIMG_0052.jpgJohn S Pillsbury note
PillsburyIMG_0053.jpgPhilip Winston Pillsbury obituary 06-15-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r7, page 21
PillsburyIMG_0054.jpgJohn Pillsbury Jr obituary 10-5-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 58
PillsburyIMG_0055.jpgMary Pillsbury Lord obituary 1978
PillsburyIMG_0056-1.jpgPillsbury "The Pillsbury Ancestry" Volume 1, 1938 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
PillsburyIMG_0056-2.jpgPillsbury "The Pillsbury Ancestry" Volume II, 1938 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
PillsburyIMG_0056-3.jpgPillsbury "The Pillsburys of Minnesota" Lori Sturdevant with George S Pillsbury NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
PillsburyIMG_0056.jpgJohn S Pillsbury house 11-16-1947
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0001.jpgPillsbury Pillsbury to Put Up New Lab in City
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0002.jpgPillsbury's last gasp
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0003.jpgPhillip W Pillsbury Honored
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0004.jpgPillsbury Whole Wheat Flour advertisement
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0005.jpgPillsbury Sugar Cookies advertisement 1 of 2
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0006.jpgPillsbury Sugar Cookie....2 of 2
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0007.jpgPillsbury's Vitos advertisement
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0008.jpgPillsbury, Kraft agree to change 30-year-old dought agreement 02-17-1981
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0009.jpgA History of Pillsbury's A Mill NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Company History Family Folder
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0010.jpgPillsbury article
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0011.jpgGreen Giant accepts Pillsburys hand 2 of 4
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0012.jpgPillsbury Green Giant....2 of 4
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0013.jpgPillsbury Green Giant....3 of 4
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0014.jpgPillsbury Green Giant....4 of 4
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0015.jpgPillsbury Small stakeholders, charities may have less to gain from deal
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0016.jpgPillsbury Takeover tide pulls in yet another company
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0017.jpgPhillip W Pillsbury THE Mr. Pillsbury has been to ever yBake-off 03-07-1984 1 of 2
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0018.jpgPhillip W PIllsbury THE....2 of 2
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0019.jpgPillsbury Cake Mixes advertisement 1 of 2
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0020.jpgPillsbury Cake Mixes advertisement 2 of 2
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0021.jpgPillsbury Pillsbury Flour Mills to Move Offices to Metropolitan Bank Building Jan. 1
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0022.jpgChas A Pillsbury & Co cover of Hennepin County History, Spring 1981 NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Company History Family Folder
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0023.jpgPhillip Pillsbury Testing the Competition
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0024.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota Monthly June 1989 1 of 6
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0025.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....2 of 6
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0026.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....3 of 6
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0027.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....4 of 6
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0028.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....5 of 6
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0029.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....6 of 6
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0030.jpgPillsbury Pillsbury's growth spurt is slowing
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0031.jpgCharles Pillsbury Pillsbury has been through the mill 1 of 4
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0032.jpgCharles Pillsbury....2 of 4
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0033.jpgCharles Pillsbury....3 of 4
Pillsbury Company HistoryIMG_0034.jpgCharles Pillsbury....4 of 4
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0001.jpgCharles Pillsbury Proxies for Protesters 01-26-1970
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0002.jpgEdmund (Ted) Pillsbury Museum post 09-08-1980
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0003.jpgPillsbury - He gets married for 'Foolin' Around' Gary Busey and Annette O'Toole 1 of 3
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0004.jpgPillsbury he gets....2 of 3
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0005.jpgPillsbury He gets....3 of 3
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0006.jpgCharles Pillsbury Pillsbury scion making most of 'luxury of being etical' 01-27-1970 1 of 2
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0007.jpgCharles Pillsbury Pillsbury scion....2 of 2
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0008.jpgSarah Pillsbury Film makers desperately sought backers 04-10-1985 1 of 2
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0009.jpgSarah Pillsbury Film makers....2 of 2
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0010.jpgSarah Pillsbury Film short one of (Sarah) Pillsbury's best 04-17-1980
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0011.jpgCharles Alfred Pillsbury and Jean Greenway Sanderson Marriage 01-04-1980 1 of 3
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0012.jpgCharles Alfred Pillsbury and Jean....2 of 3
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0013.jpgCharles Alfred Pillsbury and Jean....3 of 3
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0014.jpgEdmund P Pillsbury Pillsbury lecture on Mellon art collection 12-12-1979
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0015.jpgEdmund P Pillsbury Pillsbury Official in Plane Dead 02-23-1951
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0016.jpgMrs Phillip W Pillsbury Mrs Pillsbury, civic leader, dies 08-27-1971
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0017.jpgPillsbury - Eleanor Crosby and Frederick Winston engagement announcement 04-17-1969
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0018.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Jr ....The reluctant doughboy 03-16-1979 NOTE: document located in Pillsbury History 1 of 2 Folder
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0019.jpgPhilip W Pillsbury Tonkland is on Newstands This Week 08-08-1963
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0020.jpgEdmund Pillsbury ....Die in Plane Crash 1 of 4
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0021.jpgEdmund P Pillsbury Victims 2 of 4
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0022.jpgPillsbury ....die....3 of 4
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0023.jpgPillsbury - Dexter Andrews ....die 4 of 4
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0024.jpgCharles Pillsbury Revolutionary' Pillsbury scion gets deeply involved 1 of 4
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0025.jpgCharles Pillsbury Revolutionary....2 of 4
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0026.jpgCharles Pillsbury Revolutionary....3 of 4
Pillsbury History 1 of 2IMG_0027.jpgCharles Pillsbury Revolutionary....4 of 4
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0001.jpgJohn S Pillsbury 1 of 2
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0002.jpgJohn S Pillsbury 2 of 2
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0003.jpgPillsbury advertisement
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0004.jpgPillsbury Contributors of Major Gifts to the Program Endowment Fund
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0005.jpgA F Pillsbury The University of Minnesota baseball team of 1887
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0006.jpgPillsbury The D Boat Appears
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0007.jpgGeo. A Pillsbury The Minneapolis Mayors NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury History Family Folder
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0008.jpgMrs Philip W Pillsbury and Mrs Dexter L Andrews Plan Open House
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0009.jpgPhilip W PIllsbury note
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0010.jpgFred Pillsbury note
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0011.jpgPhilip Pillsbury obituary 1 of 2
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0012.jpgPhillip Pillsbury obituary 2 of 2
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0013.jpgPhillip W Pillsbury article
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0014.jpgPillsbury Pallisade Mill
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0015.jpgJ S Pillsbury note
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0016.jpgJohn Pillsbury Carriage Classic scheduled for June 24 and 25 at the Coplin Farm
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0017.jpgCharles Pillsbury note
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0018.jpgJohn S Pillsbury - Hennepin County Historical Society Newsletter January 1979
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0019.jpgMrs Fred Pillsbury obituary
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0020.jpgCharles and John Pillsbury notes
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0021.jpgJohn S Pillsbury Perpich to set record when he tops 6 years as state's governor 12-06-1986
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0022.jpgJohn Pillsbury Snyder obituary
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0023.jpgJohn S Pillbury
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0024.jpgMr and Mrs John F Snyder Sr Wayzata Woman Recalls Fateful Honeymoon Sailing on the Titanic
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0025.jpgNelle Pillsbury obituary
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0026.jpgCharles S Pillsbury Believe It or Not, People Work Here 1 of 4
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0027.jpgCharles S Pillsbury Believe....2 of 4
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0028.jpgCharles S Pillsbury Believe...3 of 4
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0029.jpgCharles S Pillsbury Believe....4 of 4
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0030.jpgGovenor Pillsbury Family Tree 1 of 2
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0031.jpgGovernor Pillsbury Family Tree 2 of 2
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0032.jpgMrs Charles S Pillsbury obituary 1957 1 of 2
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0033.jpgMrs Charles S Pillsbury obituary 2 of 2
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0034.jpgPillsbury House With Old World Charm NOTE: remainder of the document is located in Pillsbury History 1 of 3 Family Folde
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0035.jpgJohn S Pillsbury At 80, Fond Memories of the Good Old Days NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury History 1 of 3
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0036.jpgPillsbury Stately pasts and uncertain futures NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury History 1 of 3 Family Folder
Pillsbury History 2 of 2IMG_0037.jpgGeorge Pillsbury The House That George Built NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury History 1 of 3
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0001.jpgJohn S Pillsbury steps down as board chairman of Northwestern National Life Insurance Co
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0002.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury, Jr postcard
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0003.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury Pillsburys Jr Attend Kennedy Center Preview
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0004.jpgJohn S Pillsbury recognition
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0005.jpgJohn Pillsbury Jr Pillsbury in New Role at Regatta
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0006.jpgPillsbury Harrison Pillsbury Weds Southern Girl in Virginia Sarah Watkins Handy and Lynde Harrison [Harry] Pillsbury 1 of 2
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0007.jpgPillsbury Harrison....2 of 2
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0008.jpgKatharine Clark Pillsbury ....Wed at Wayzata Church
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0009.jpgJohn S Pillsbury Time Out 1 of 3
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0010.jpgJohn S Pillsbury Time....2 of 3
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0011.jpgJohn S Pillsbury Time....3 of 3
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0012.jpgJohn S Pillsbury Jr letter 06-05-1989
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0013.jpgJohn S Pillsbury jr Minnesota Territoral Pioneers Speaker
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0014.jpgEmma Pillsbury Political party
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0015.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury Jr Mrs Pillsbury's Receipe: Mix Relatives, Politics, Causes
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0016.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury, Jr ....Leaves for 10-Day Visit With Parents
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0017.jpgJohn S Pillsbury, Jr We're Pleased We Stayed in Downtown Minneapolis
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0018.jpgJohn Pillsbury
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0019.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury receive University Regents Award 1 of 2
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0020.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury receive.....2 of 2
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0021.jpgJohn Pillsbury Rare Paintings Hang in John Pillsbury Home 1 of 2
Pillsbury Jr_John and Katherine ClarkIMG_0022.jpgJohn Pillsbury Rare....2 of 2
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0001.jpgMrs Pillsbury
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0002.jpgCharles A Pillsbury
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0003.jpgLt Charles Pillsbury Lt Pillsbury WWII Victim, Buried Sept 11 1 of 2
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0004.jpgLt Charles Pillsbury....2 of 2
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0005.jpgSally and George Pillsbury - Mary, Charlie, George, Sarah, Kathy 1976
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0006.jpgGeorge and Sally Pillsbury
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0007.jpgGeorge Pillsbury
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0008.jpgSally and George Pillsbury 1977 Mema's 90th birthday celebration 1 of 2
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0009.jpgSally and George Pillsbury 1977....2 of 2
Pillsbury PhotosIMG_0010.jpgMrs F C Pillsbury residence, 303 So 10th Street, built in 1889
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0001.jpgEdmund P Pillsbury Yale post
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0002.jpgMary Pillsbury Lord be honored
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0003.jpgAlfred F Pillsbury The Minneapolis Institue of Arts NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0004.jpgMrs Alfred P Pillsbury The Bulleting of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts 11-16-1946
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0005.jpgMrs Alfred F Pillsbury obituary
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0006.jpgPillsbury As old family money passes into young hands
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0007.jpgSarah Pillsbury What Producers Do
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0008.jpgSarah Pillsbury Producer Pillsbury cooks with best film ingredients
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0009.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Dough boy
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0010.jpgSarah Pillsbury Kletter More on movies
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0011.jpgSarah Pillsbury ....hit film followed by baseball classic 05-20-1989
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0012.jpgFendell Pillsbury ....happy at Theatre de la Jeune Lune
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0013.jpgGeorge Pillsbury ....heir Uses Talent, Funds to Aid Needy
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0014.jpgHenry Pillsbury 52: More than a dough boy 1 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0015.jpgHenry Pillsbury....2 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0016.jpgCorinne Pillsbury Blue moon shines on Pillsbury move 1 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0017.jpgCorinne Pillsbury Blue....2 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0018.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Jr: The reluctant doughboy 1 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0019.jpgGeorge Pillsbury, Jr....2 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0020.jpgGeorge Pillsbury, Jr....3 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0021.jpgGeorge Pillsbury, Jr....4 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0022.jpgGeorge Pillsbury, Jr....5 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0023.jpgGeorge Pillsbury, Jr....6 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0024.jpgGeorge Pillsbury, Jr....7 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0025.jpgSarah Pillsbury Midwest Film, Video, Recording Conference 1 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0026.jpgSarah Pillsbury Midwest....2 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0027.jpgPillsbury Radical Foundations? This Pillsbury Says it Best 1 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0028.jpgPillsbury Radical....2 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0029.jpgPillsbury Radical....3 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0030.jpgPillsbury Radical....4 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0031.jpgPillsbury Radical....5 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0032.jpgPillsbury Radical....6 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 1 of 2IMG_0033.jpgPillsbury Radical....7 of 7
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0001.jpgGeorge Pillsbury letter 01-13-1981 1 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0002.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata Minneapolis' Golden West 2 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0003.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....3 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0004.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....4 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0005.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....5 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0006.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....6 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0007.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....7 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0008.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....8 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0009.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....9 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0010.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....10 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0011.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....11 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0012.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....12 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0013.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....13 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0014.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....14 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0015.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Wayzata....15 of 15
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0016.jpgPhillip Pillsbury ....a man for all seasons. 1 of 2 NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0017.jpgPhillip Pillsbury ....a man....2 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0018.jpgJane Pillsbury Miss Jane Pillsbury Is Class Valedictorian 05-28-1940
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0019.jpgPillsbury Eleanor Lawler Crosby Wears Heirloom Bridal Veil and Gown 08-07-1969 1 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0020.jpgPillsbury Eleanor Lawlor Crosby.... Mrs Frederick Winston 2 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0021.jpgSusan Pillsbury Snyder marriage
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0022.jpgJohn S Pillsbury 100 Yeas of Minneapolis
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0023.jpgPillsbury Minneapolis 1 of 6
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0024.jpgPillsbury Minneapolis 2 of 6
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0025.jpgPillsbury Minneapolis 3 of 6
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0026.jpgPillsbury Minneapolis 4 of 6
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0027.jpgPillsbury Minneapolis 5 of 6
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0028.jpgPillsbury Minneapolis 6 of 6
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0029.jpgJohn S Pillsbury Lake Republicans Almost Solid for Pillsbury at GOP Convention
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0030.jpgJohn Pillsbury Snyder Jr 'Slaughterhouse-Five' Movie Shot Here by George Roy Hill
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0031.jpgC S Pillsbury Congretionalists to Meet Friday
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0032.jpgGeorge and Charles Pillsbury Two Pillsburys get together on a political theory 1 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0033.jpgGeorge and Charles Pillsbury....2 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0034.jpgMrs Alfred F Pillsbury obituary
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0035.jpgMrs Sargent Pillsbury Clan gathering this weekend for Mrs Pillsburys 90th 1 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0036.jpgMrs Sargeant Pillsbury.....2 of 2
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0037.jpgCharles A Pillsbury Pillsbury's A Mill NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0038.jpgPillsbury House With Old World Charm 11-17-1957 NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0039.jpgPillsbury Striking Design Gives New Home 04-26-1964 NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0040.jpgPillsbury Arts Society Acquires Pillsbury and Crosby Landmarks NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0041.jpgPillsbury Where Royalty Will Be Guests NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0042.jpgPillsbury Story of a Family Minnesota Millers NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0043.jpgPillsbury Area History Living Downtown: The way it used to be NOTE; remainder of document located Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0044.jpgPillsbury Old pals recall Pill House way beck when 01-26-1980 NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2IMG_0045.jpgEleanow Lawlor Pillsbury Looking back on being raised as a lady NOTE: document located in Pillsbury Recent History 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0001.jpgGeorge Pillsbury DFL is desperate
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0002.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Sen. Pillsbury Explains Rights Amendment Vote 03-22-1973
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0003.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Pillsbury announces volunteer committee 06-23-1980
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0004.jpgGeorge Pillsbury brochur 1 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0005.jpgGeorge Pillsbury brochure 2 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0006.jpgGeorge Pillsbury brochure 3 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0007.jpgGeorge Pillsbury brochure 4 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0008.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Volunteer letter 10-1980
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0009.jpgGeorge Pillsbury District 42 Report 1 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0010.jpgGeorge Pillsbury District 42....2 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0011.jpgGeorge Pillsbury District 42....3 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0012.jpgGeorge Pillsbury District 42....4 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0013.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Pillsbury Listens 1 of 5
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0014.jpgGeorge Pillsbury ....Listens 2 of 5
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0015.jpgGeorge Pillsbury ....Listens 3 of 5
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0016.jpgGeorge Pillsbury ....Listens 4 of 5
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0017.jpgGeorge Pillsbury ....Listens 5 of 5
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0018.jpgGeorge Pillsbury envelope address to Roger Avery Stubbs1 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0019.jpgGeorge Pillsbury return address 2 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0020.jpgGeorge S Pillsbury Smithsonian
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0021.jpgGeorge Pillsbury to State Senate 1 of 3
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0022.jpgGeorge Pillsbury of 3
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0023.jpgGeorge Pillsbury 3 of 3
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0024.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Local leaders endorse Senator Pillsbury 1 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0025.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Local....2 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0026.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Governor right to call for special fuel session 1 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0027.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Governor right....2 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0028.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Tangled up in red tape 07-28-1979
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0029.jpgGeorge Pillsbury envelope addressed to Rena Stubbs
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0030.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Volunteers letter 1 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0031.jpgGeorge Pillsbury volunteers....2 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0032.jpgGeorge Pillsbury volunteers...3 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0033.jpgGeorge Pillsbury volunteers....4 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0034.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Pillsbury opposes D.C. amendment... 03-28-1979
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0035.jpgGeorge Pillsbury a bill for the Senate Elections Committee.... 01-25-1979
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0036.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Pillsbury may seek McKnigh Senate seat 12-05-1969
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0037.jpgSally W Pillsbury Worth Noting 07-22-1975
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0038.jpgSally Pillsbury Appointed
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0039.jpgGeorge Pillsbury postcard addressed to Avery & Rena Stubbs 1 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0040.jpgGeorge Pillsbury postcard....2 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0041.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Sen. Pillsbury Comments 01-10-1979
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0042.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Sen. Pillsbury 03-07-1979
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0043.jpgGeorge Pillsbury businessman and former state senator from Orono....12-09-1986
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0044.jpgSally Pillsbury ....loves her busy, involved life 08-16-1981 1 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0045.jpgSally Pillsbury ....loves....2 of 2
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0046.jpgGeorge Pillsbury The Unveiling of the Statue of John S Pillsbury 1 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0047.jpgGeorge Pillsbury The Unveiling....2 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0048.jpgGeorge Pillsbury - John S Pillsbury The Unveiling....3 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0049.jpgGeorge Pillsbury The Unveiling....4 of 4
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0050.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Jr Growing up rich 11-12-19*82
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0051.jpgGeorge Pillsbury letter to Avery Stubbs 06-28-1979
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0052.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota Monthly 1 of 6
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0053.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....2 of 6
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0054.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....3 of 6
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0055.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....4 of 6
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0056.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....5 of 6
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0057.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Minnesota....6 of 6
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0058.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Election information 1 of 2 NOTE: original located in Pillsbury Sr, George and Sally Folder
Pillsbury Sr_George_Sally 1 of 2IMG_0059.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Election....2 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0001.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Pillsbury in, out of race 01-27-1970
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0002.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Pillsbury has Support From All 16 Mayors
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0003.jpgSen George Pillsbury How to 'go to the source' in Cuba 09-01-1981
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0004.jpgGeorge Pillsbury and Mary Tiseo marriage announcement 09-13-1981
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0005.jpgGeorge S Pillsbury Letter full of 'misinformation'
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0006.jpgGeorge Pillsbury letter, January 1980
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0007.jpgGeorge and Kathy Pillsbury 1 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0008.jpgGeorge and Sally Pillsbury 2 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0009.jpgGeorge Pillsbury We're For Pillsbury for State Senate Note: original document located in Pillsbury, George and Sally 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0010.jpgGeorge S Pillsbury Last Pillsbury quits as companay officer 11-5-1989
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0011.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Run Again, Likes His New District
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0012.jpgGeorge Pillsbury ....In Yale-harvard Freshman Race 06-21-1940
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0013.jpgSenator George Pillsbury campaign brochure 1 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0014.jpgSenator George Pillsbury campaign brochure 2 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0015.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Here is Why You Should Consider Voting for Raul Salazar and Not George Pillsbury 1 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0016.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Here is Why....2 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0017.jpgGeorge Pillsbury What Kind of a Senator is George Pillsbury? 1 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0018.jpgGeorge Pillsbury What Kind of....2 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0019.jpgSally and George Pillsbury Christmas card
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0020.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Anderson tax plan questioned
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0021.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Seeks 33rd District Senate Seat 1970
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0022.jpgGeorge Pillsbury 33rd District News 1 of 4
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0023.jpgGeorge Pillsbury 33rd District....2 of 4
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0024.jpgGeorge Pillsbury 33rd District....3 of 4
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0025.jpgGeorge Pillsbury 33rd District 4 of 4
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0026.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Today's the day for last-chance law NOTE: remainder of document located in Pillsbury, George and Sally 2 of 2 Family Folder
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0027.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Session was disappointing 06-03-1981
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0028.jpg-
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0029.jpgSally Pillsbury ....loves her busy, involved life
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0030.jpgGeorge Pillsbury Pillsbury retirement official 01-27-1982
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0031.jpgGeorge Pillsbury And More....for Senator Pillsbury!! 1 of 2
Pillsbury_George_Sally 2 of 2IMG_0032.jpgGeorge Pillsbury And More....2 of 2
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0001.jpgPillsbury Local leaders endorse Senator Pillsbury
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0002.jpgEleanor Lawler Pillsbury obituary
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0003.jpgEleanor Jerusha Lawler Pillsbury Growing accomplishment 07-28-1969
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0004.jpgJohn Sargent Pillsbury Sr obituary
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0005.jpgJohn Sargent Pillsbury ....Gave Up Foreign Service For Milling 05-08-1963
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0006.jpgEleanor L Pillsbury George Bush for president Letter to the Editor, Star Tribune 11--22-1979
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0007.jpgEleanor Lawler Pillsbury Grand Lady of the Lake, Eleanor Pillsbury, reaches century mark08-27-1987
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0008.jpgEleanor Jerusha Lawler Pillsbury Star Tribune 08-31-1987
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0009.jpgEleanor Pillsbury Lake Minnetonka woman celebrates 100th birthday 08-31-1987
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0010.jpgEleanor Lawler Pillsbury ...;grande dame' wasn't going to stop at palace gates 2 of 2
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0011.jpgEleanor Pillsbury birthday celebration 05-1987
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0012.jpgJohn S Pillsbury obituary
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0013.jpgEleanor Pillsbury A modest proposal on pensions Star Tribune 04-14-1986
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0014.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury The Pillsbury Home.... 06-1962
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0015.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury Mrs Pillsbury Heads Group
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0016.jpgMrs John S Pillsbury, Sr ....Heads Women in Red Cross Drive 06-14-1990
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0017.jpgMrs Pillsbury Twin Cities 07-1981
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0018.jpgPillsbury Four Generations of the Family Pillsbury 1 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0019.jpgPillsbury Four....2 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0020.jpgPillsbury Four....3 of 18
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0021.jpgPillsbury Four....4 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0022-1.jpgEleanor Pillsbury "My Family Story"
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0022-2.jpgCharles Stinson Pillsbury "Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury" by Mary Lovering Holman, Vol III
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0022.jpgPillsbury Four....5 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0023.jpgPillsbury Four....6 of 19
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0024.jpgPillsbury Four....7 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0025.jpgPillsbury Four....8 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0026.jpgPillsbury Four....9 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0027.jpgEleanor Lawler Pillsbury ....'grande dame'....1 of 2
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0028.jpgPillsbury Four....10 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0029.jpgPillsbury Four....11 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0030.jpgPillsbury Four....12 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0031.jpgPillsbury Four....13 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0032.jpgPillsbury Four....14 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0033.jpgPillsbury Four....15 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0034.jpgPillsbury Four....16 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0035.jpgPillsbury Four....17 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0036.jpgPillsbury Four....18 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0037.jpgPillsbury Four....19 of 20
Pillsbury_John Sr_EleanorIMG_0038.jpgPillsbury Four....20 of 20
PiperF060307-079.jpgCatherine Piper Knoblauch Obituary
PiperF060307-080.jpgHarry C Piper Sr death
PiperF060307-081.jpgCatherine Piper Knoblauch Obituary
PiperF060307-082.jpgGeorge Frank Piper Obituary
PiperF060307-083.jpgMrs George F Piper death
PiperF060307-084.jpgHarryPiper ....award pays tribute...
PiperF060307-085.jpgGeorge Piper death
PiperF060307-086.jpgVirigina Piper kidnapping
PiperF060307-087.jpgHenry C Piper 'Uncommon citizen'..... 1 of 2
PiperF060307-088.jpgHenry C Piper....2 of 2
PiperIMG.jpgHarry C Piper (Bob) ....dies at 72 10-14-1917 -
PiperIMG_0001.jpgHarry Piper A Trip Part Way To Grandma's
PiperIMG_0002.jpgPiper unidentified2
PiperIMG_0003.jpgPiper unidentified2
PiperIMG_0004.jpgPiper unidentified2
PiperIMG_0005.jpgPiper Unidentified2
PiperIMG_0006.jpgPiper unidentified2
PiperIMG_0007.jpgPiper unidentified2
PiperIMG_0008.jpgPiper unidentified2
PiperIMG_0009.jpgPiper unidentified2
PiperIMG_0010.jpgVirginia Lewis Piper obituary 10-25-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 68
PiperIMG_0011.jpgLouise Gillette Piper obituary December 1980
PiperIMG_0012.jpgMrs Harry C Piper, Sr obituary 12-12-1980
PischeF051010-061.jpgMartin Pische plat info
PittsleyF060307-066.jpgCora Pitsely Rhodes note
PlantF060307-068.jpgEarl Plant
PlantF060307-069.jpgPatty Plan ...Area Portrait Artist
PlantF060307-070.jpgPlant - Portrait panter Frances Greenman dies
PlantF060307-071.jpgEarl Plant death
PlantF060307-072.jpgPlant notes
PlantF060307-073.jpgPlant notes
PlantF060307-074.jpgDavid Plant
PlantF060307-075.jpgDavid Plant notes
PlantF060307-077.jpgTheodore Plant plat info
PlantF060307-078.jpgPlant note
PlantIMG.jpgMike Plant Local sailor, Mike Plant, lost at sea 12-30-1992
PlantIMG_0001.jpgEarl Plant obituary 1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 35
PlantIMG_0002.jpgWinnifred M Plant obituary 07-1978
PlumIMG.jpgRena Plum memoriam 11-14-1931 - 05-15-1982
PogueF051010-062.jpgF Viola Pogue Obituary
PogueF051010-063.jpgPogue family notes
PogueF051010-064.jpgPogue notes
PogueF051010-065.jpgPogue notes
PogueF051010-066.jpgVicotry LeRoy Pogue Obituary
PogueF051010-067.jpgDr Pogue
PogueIMG.jpgPogue photo album note
PogueIMG_0001.jpgVictor LeRoy Pogue obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 7
PohtillaIMG_0001.jpgWilliam C Pohtilla obituary 07-29-1991 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 2
PoissonF051010-068.jpgPoisson notes
PomerleauF060307-001.jpgDavid Pomerleau note
PomerleauF060307-002.jpgPomerleau notes
PomerleauF060307-003.jpgAlida Pomarleau Warner Obituary
PomerleauF060307-004.jpgGilbert and Bernice Pomerleau 50th anniversary
PomerleauF060307-005.jpgPomerleau notes
PomerleauIMG.jpgNormand R Pomerleau obituary NOTE: orignal document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 48
PomerleauIMG_0001.jpgDorothy A Pomerleau obituary NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 20
PoolF051010-069.jpgDavid Urving Pool death
PoolF051010-070.jpgHarry Pool heads American Party
PoolF051010-071.jpgPool notes
PoolIMG.jpgVernon Archibald Pool obituary 1953
PoolIMG_0001.jpgRobert Pool Jr Rites Held For - Delano eagle 06-03-1971
PoolIMG_0002.jpgJesse Pool obituary - Minneapolis Star 07-11-1973
PoolIMG_0003.jpgVernon Archibald Pool obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 296
PoolIMG_0004.jpgJohn Pool obituary 1956 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 361
PoolIMG_0005.jpgHelen M Pool obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 25
PoolIMG_0006.jpgHelen M Pool obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 26
PoolIMG_0007.jpgGordon Pool note
PoolIMG_0008.jpgGordon E Pool obituary 1981
PooleIMG.jpgJanet Bell Poole obituary
PopeF051010-072.jpgPope notes
PorterIMG.jpgMona Porter obituary 07-11-1982
PortzIMG.jpgShirley Ann Portz obituary 01-22-1987, lived in the little house next to the museum. NOTE: original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 3, page 7
PortzIMG_0001.jpgShirley Ann Portz obituary 01-22-1987 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 9
PotterF060211 022.jpgCalvin Potter plat info and other notes
PotterF060211 024.jpgJohn Potter memoir
PotterIMG.jpgJohn B Potter obituary 11-19-1986 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 64
PouliotF060211-001.jpgPouliot School District 63
PouliotF060211-002.jpgCarolyn Pouliot note
PouliotF060211-003.jpgVernon L Pouliot Obituary
PouliotF060211-004.jpgJane Elaine Pouliot engagement
PouliotF060211-005.jpgVernon P Pouliot Obituary
PouliotF060211-007.jpgFrank Pouliot auction sale
PouliotF060211-008.jpgLeon Pouliot engagement
PouliotF060211-009.jpgMarie Pouliot
PouliotF060211-010.jpgDorothy Pouliot
PouliotF060211-011.jpgGordon Louis Pouliot marriage
PouliotF060211-012.jpgEmil Pouliot death
PouliotF060211-013.jpgAmos and Helen Pouliot 60th anniversary
PouliotF060211-014.jpgDelores Pouliot accident
PouliotF060211-015.jpgAgnes Pouliot 90th birthday
PouliotF060211-016.jpgPouliot Junior Racers Train....
PouliotF060211-017.jpgPouliot notes
PouliotF060211-018.jpgPouliot notes
PouliotF060211-019.jpgPouliot notes
PouliotF060211-020.jpgPouliot notes
PouliotF060211-021.jpgPouliot notes
PouliotIMG.jpgVernon P Pouliot obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 57
PouliotIMG_0001.jpgEphrem Pouliot obituary 12-15-1980
PouliotIMG_0002.jpgEphrem Pouliot obituary 12-15-1980
PouliotIMG_0003.jpgAgnes E [Podvin] Pouliot obituary 02-12-1983
PowellF060211-025.jpgPowell notes
PowellF060211-026.jpgCharles Powell
PowellF060211-027.jpgHerb and Clare Powell notes
PowellF060211-028.jpgMrs Clara Powell of Orono 1968
PowellF060211-029.jpgPowell A Birthday Message
PowellF060211-030.jpgClare Powell note
PowellF060627-001.jpgClare Theresa Powell memoir
PowellF060627-002.jpgHerbert J Powell memoir
PowellIMG_0001.jpgHerbert J Powell memoriam 10-08-1886 - 01-23-1981
PowellIMG_0002.jpgHerbert J Powell obituary 01-23-1981
PowellIMG_0003.jpgHerbert Joseph Powell obituary 01-23-1981
PowellIMG_0004.jpgClare Powell obituary 11-14-1980
PowellIMG_0005.jpgClare T Powell obituary 11-14-1980
PowellIMG_0006.jpgClare Theresa Powell memoriam 12-01-1897 - 11-14-1980
PowersF051011-073.jpgWes Powers home
PowersF051011-074.jpgWes Powers ...husband-wife team
PowersF051011-076.jpgMrs Wes Powers
PowersF051011-077.jpgPowers notes
PowersF051011-078.jpgPowers notes
PowersF051011-079.jpgPreston Powers note
PowersIMG.jpgAgnes C Powers obituary
PowersIMG_0001.jpgAgnes C [Luby] Powers memoriam 06-12-1907 - 06-18-1983
PowersIMG_0002.jpgMargaret [Brook] Powers obituary January 1980
PrattF051010-073.jpgPratt notes
PrattIMG.jpgLydia A Pratt note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 218
PrattIMG_0001.jpgLydia A Pratt note
PrayF051010-074.jpgPray notes
PrentissF051010-075.jpgW S Prentiss notes
PresnalIMG.jpgPauline L Pressnall memoriam 04-13-1889 - 01-20-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 5
PresnalIMG_0001.jpgPauline Grenier Pressnall obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 4
PrimusIMG.jpgLee B Primus obituary, June 1981
PringleF051010-076.jpgFrank Pringle note
PringleF051010-077.jpgPringle family
PringleF051010-078.jpgPringle - Smailholm Tower, ancestral home of Pringle
ProehlF051010-082.jpgHenry Proehl notes
PrutzmanF051010-081.jpgSimon Prutzman plant info
PrydIMG.jpgAlexie [Kulinsky] Pryd obituary 1980
PutnamF060307-006.jpgPutnam notes
PutnamF060307-007.jpgPutnam notes
PutnamF060307-008.jpgEd Lind and Alex Lundberg 1912
PutnamF060307-009.jpgPutnam - Inez M Ellis memoir
PutnamF060307-010.jpgPutnam - Mona E Porter memoir
PutnamF060307-011.jpgHelen Putnam Courage Auxiliary members
PutnamF060307-012.jpgEstella Putnam notes
PutnamF060307-013.jpgPliny Putnam home near Bollum
PutnamF060307-014.jpgPutnam notes
PutnamF060307-015.jpgPutnam notes
PutnamF060307-016.jpgPutnam notes
PutnamF060307-017.jpgPutnam family notes 1 of 4
PutnamF060307-018.jpgPutnam family....2 of 4
PutnamF060307-019.jpgPutnam family....3 of 4
PutnamF060307-020.jpgPutnam family....4 of 4
PutnamF060307-021.jpgPliny Putnam notes 1 of 2
PutnamF060307-022.jpgPliny Putnam....2 of 2
PutnamF060307-023.jpgPutnam - Kendall (Mike) Ellis
PutnamF060307-024.jpgSilas A Putnam note
PutnamF060307-025.jpgPutnam family 1 of 3
PutnamF060307-026.jpgPutnam family....2 of 3
PutnamF060307-027.jpgPutnam family....3 of 3
PutnamF060307-028.jpgPutnam notes 1 of 6
PutnamF060307-029.jpgPutnam notes 4 of 6
PutnamF060307-030.jpgPutnam notes 2 of 6
PutnamF060307-031.jpgPutnam notes 3 of 6
PutnamF060307-032.jpgPutnam notes 5 of 6
PutnamF060307-033.jpgPutnam notes 6 of 6
PutnamF060307-034.jpgPutnam public records
PutnamF060307-035.jpgLula Anna Putnam notes 1 of 9
PutnamF060307-036.jpgLula Anna Putnam....2 of 9
PutnamF060307-037.jpgLula Anna Putnam....3 of 9
PutnamF060307-038.jpgLula Anna Putnam....4 of 9
PutnamF060307-039.jpgLula Anna Putnam....5 of 9
PutnamF060307-040.jpgLula Anna Putnam....6 of 9
PutnamF060307-041.jpgLula Anna Putnam....7 of 9
PutnamF060307-042.jpgLula Anna Putnam....8 of 9
PutnamF060307-043.jpgLula Anna Putnam....9 of 9
PutnamF060307-044.jpgSilas E Putnam 1 of 7
PutnamF060307-045.jpgSilas E Putnam....2 of 7
PutnamF060307-046.jpgSilas E Putnam....3 of 7
PutnamF060307-047.jpgSilas E Putnam....4 of 7
PutnamF060307-048.jpgSilas E Putnam....5 of 7
PutnamF060307-049.jpgSilas E Putnam....6 of 7
PutnamF060307-050.jpgSilas E Putnam....7 of 7
PutnamF060307-051.jpgPutnam - Dixon
PutnamF060307-052.jpgEdith May Putnam family notes 1 of 5
PutnamF060307-053.jpgEdith May Putnam....2 of 5
PutnamF060307-054.jpgEdith May Putnam....3 of 5
PutnamF060307-055.jpgEdith May Putnam....4 of 5
PutnamF060307-056.jpgEdith May Putnam....5 of 5
PutnamF060307-057.jpgPutnam notes
PutnamF060307-059.jpgPutnam family notes 1 of 7
PutnamF060307-060.jpgPutnam family....2 of 7
PutnamF060307-061.jpgPutnam family....3 of 7
PutnamF060307-062.jpgPutnam family....4 of 7
PutnamF060307-063.jpgPutnam family....5 of 7
PutnamF060307-064.jpgPutnam family....6 of 7
PutnamF060307-065.jpgPutnam family....7 of 7
PysickIMG.jpgLorraine Pysick obituary 07-20-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitiled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 37