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RabbattF060223-030.jpgWoodbury Rabbatt plat info
RademacherIMG.jpgHenry Richard Rademacher obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 65
RaderF060223-031.jpgWashington Rader Obituary
RaderF060223-032.jpgNancy Rader notes
RaderF060223-033.jpgJacob Rader notes
RaderF060223-034.jpgWashington Rader ntoes
RaderF060223-036.jpgNancy Rader notes
RaderF060223-037.jpgJacob Rader plat info
RaderF060223-038.jpgT B Rader Northwest Magazine, December 1909
RaderF060223-039.jpgMrs John Rader
RaderF060223-040.jpgMr Rader writing in Minnetonka Record...
RaderF060223-041.jpgT B Rader
RaderF060223-042.jpgThomas B Rader Obituary
RaderF060223-043.jpgRader notes
RaderF060223-044.jpgRader notes
RaderF060223-045.jpgRader notes
RaderF060223-046.jpgRader notes
RaderF060223-047.jpgJacob Radar
RadintzF060223-048.jpgRadintz family notes
RadintzF060223-049.jpgRadintz notes
RadintzF060223-050.jpgRadintz notes
RadintzF060223-051.jpgWilliam and Rose Radintz note 1 of 3
RadintzF060223-052.jpgWilliam and Rose Radintz....2 of 3
RadintzF060223-053.jpgWilliam and Rose Radintz....3 of 3
RadintzF060223-054.jpgRadintz family letter
RadintzF060223-055.jpgWilliam Radintz note
RadintzF060223-056.jpgFerdinand Radintz notes 1 of 2
RadintzF060223-057.jpgFerdinand Radintz....2 of 2
RadintzF060223-058.jpgFrederic Radintz note
RadintzF060223-059.jpgFrederick Radintz notes 1 of 3
RadintzF060223-060.jpgRadintz family....3 of 3
RadintzF060223-061.jpgRadintz family....2 of 3
RadintzF060223-062.jpgRadintz family notes 1 of 3
RadintzF060223-063.jpgFredick Radintz....3 of 3
RadintzF060223-064.jpgFredrick Radintz....2 of 3
RadintzF060223-065.jpgRadintz notes
RadintzF060223-072.jpgFrederic Radintz plat info
RadintzF060223-073.jpgFrederick Radintz accidental death
RadintzF060223-074.jpgJohn C Radintz Order for Creditors....
RaglandIMG.jpgCharles Floyd Ragland obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 326
RahnIMG.jpgCharles G Rahn note
RainboldtF060223-066.jpgRainboldt notes
RamaleyF060223-067.jpgSarah Ramalay death
RamolaF060223-068.jpgRamola note
RamolaIMG.jpgEvelyn A Ramola obituary
RamseyIMG.jpgJim Ramsey Last Rites held for Jim Ramsey NOTE: Original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 274
RamslandIMG.jpgClement Ramsland obituary
RandF060223-069.jpgRand -Chalk-Ford notes
RandF060223-070.jpgRand ...Mansion is home of .... 1 of 2
RandF060223-071.jpgRand ....Manstion....2 of 2
RandF060224-001.jpgMrs Rufus R Rand Jr death
RandF060224-002.jpgSusan J Rand death
RandF060224-003.jpgAlonzo C Rand home
RandF060224-004.jpgElizabeth Rand Stone get B.A. Degree...
RandF060224-005.jpgRufus R Rand death
RandF060224-006.jpgA H Rand Jr., Sgt marriage
RandF060224-007.jpgElizabeth Rand Stone Obituary
RandF060224-008.jpgSusan J Rand Will is Filed
RandF060224-009.jpgMrs W W Rand note
RandF060224-010.jpgArthur Rand Jr., Sgt marriage
RandF060224-011.jpgArthur Rand marriage and Betsy Pool Obituary
RandF060224-012.jpgRufus Rand death
RandF060224-013.jpgW W Rand entertains
RandF060224-014.jpgRufus R Rand Jr death
RandF060224-015.jpgRufus Rand ...alive to enjoy it
RandF060224-017.jpgKatherine Rand
RandF060224-018.jpgRand Tower
RandF060224-020.jpgRand notes
RandF060224-021.jpgRand notes
RandF060224-022.jpgRand - Betsy Poole Obituary
RandIMG.jpgRoberta Rae Rand obituary 08-01-1978, cousin of Richard Ford
RandallF060224-022.jpgRandall note
RankF060224-023.jpgJohn Rank plat info
RankinIMG_0001.jpgRev Joseph Rankin family note
RankinIMG_0002.jpgJoseph Rankin note
RankinIMG_0003.jpgRankin unidentified
RankinIMG_0004.jpgJoe and Helena Rankin
RankinIMG_0005.jpgRankin unidentified
RankinIMG_0006.jpgRankin - postcard 1 of 2
RankinIMG_0007.jpgRankin postcard 2 of 2
RankinIMG_0008.jpgRankin family tree 04-17-1983 1 of 3
RankinIMG_0009.jpgRankin family tree 04-17-1983 2 of 3
RankinIMG_0010.jpgRankin family tree....3 of 3
RankinIMG_0013.jpgHelena C Rankin memoriam 1 of 2
RankinIMG_0017.jpgRev J E Rankin note
RankinIMG_0018.jpgHelena C Rankin memoriam 08-15-1882 - 09-19-1983 2 of 2
RankinIMG_0019.jpgGladys [Noreen] Rankin note
RankinIMG_0020.jpgHelena C Rankin note
RascobF060224 025.jpgLester Rascob, PFC
RascobF060224 026.jpgRascob notes
RascobF060224 027.jpgRaskob A Restoration Party
RascobF060224 028.jpgHamel - St Anne's Church
RascobF060224 029.jpgUnidentified
RascobF060224 030.jpgPeter Raskob notes 1 of 2
RascobF060224 031.jpgPeter Raskob notes 2 of 2
RascobF060224 032.jpgPeter Rascob plat info
RaskobIMG.jpgPeter Raskob obituary 1935 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 323
RasmussenF060224-035.jpgJames Rasmussen house on Stubbs Bay Road
RasmussenF060224-036.jpgSorina Rasmussen
RasmussenF060224-037.jpgSorina Rasmussen house
RasmussenF060224-038.jpgRasmussen - sale of home
RasmussenF060224-039.jpgSorina Rasmussen Obituary
RasmussenF060224-040.jpgRasmussen - Edith Gotsch estate sale
RasmussenF060224-041.jpgJim Rasmussen notes
RasmussenF060224-042.jpgSorina Rasmussen Still making do
RasmussenF060224-043.jpgSorina Rasmussen memoir
RasmussenF060224-044.jpgJames W Rasmussen memoir
RasmussenIMG.jpgJames W Rasmussen memoriam 02-29-1892 - 04-02-1979
RasmussenIMG_0001.jpgJames W Rasmussen obituary 1979
RathF060225-001.jpgAnna M Rath memoir
RathF060225-002.jpgRath notes
RathF060225-003.jpgJacob Rath notes 1 of 2
RathF060225-004.jpgJacob Rath notes 2 of 2
RathF060225-005.jpgRath Composition Book
RathF060225-006.jpgJohn Raths death
RathIMG.jpgReinhard G Rath memoriam 07-20-1906 - 05-09-1983
RathsF060225-001.jpgAnna M Rath memoir
RathsF060225-002.jpgRath notes
RathsF060225-003.jpgJacob Rath notes 1 of 2
RathsF060225-004.jpgJacob Rath notes 2 of 2
RathsF060225-005.jpgRath Composition Book
RathsF060225-006.jpgJohn Raths death
RawlingsF060225-007.jpgAaron Rawlings plat info
RayF060225-009.jpgRay notes
RayF060225-010.jpgRay - Margaret Hammond Reflections of Wayzata 1 of 5
RayF060225-011.jpgRay - Margaret Hammond....2 of 5
RayF060225-012.jpgRay - Margaret Hammond....3 of 5
RayF060225-013.jpgRay - Margaret Hammond....4 of 5
RayF060225-014.jpgRay - Margaret Hammond....5 of 5
ReadF060225-015.jpgRev George Reed notes
RedeenF060225-016.jpgEmil Redeen notes
RedeenF060225-018.jpgRedeen notes
RedeenF060225-019.jpgRedeen notes
RedeenF060225-020.jpgRedeen notes
RedeenF060225-021.jpgJohn Redeen notes 1 of 7
RedeenF060225-022.jpgJohn Redeen....2 of 7
RedeenF060225-023.jpgJohn Redeen....3 of 7
RedeenF060225-024.jpgJohn Redeen....4 of 7
RedeenF060225-025.jpgJohn Redeen....5 of 7
RedeenF060225-026.jpgJohn Redeen....6 of 7
RedeenF060225-027.jpgJohn Redeen....7 of 7
RedeenF060225-028.jpgRedeen letter
RedeenF060225-030.jpgRedeen notes
RedeenF060225-031.jpgPeter Redeen family notes 1 of 5
RedeenF060225-032.jpgPeter Redeen....2 of 5
RedeenF060225-033.jpgPeter Redeen....3 of 5
RedeenF060225-034.jpgPeter Redeen....4 of 5
RedeenF060225-035.jpgPeter Redeen....5 of 5
RedeenF060225-036.jpgEmil Redeen
RedeenF060225-037.jpgHilda Redeen Still sews, knits and crochets 1 of 6
RedeenF060225-038.jpgHilda Redeen Still....2 of 6
RedeenF060225-039.jpgHilda Redeen Still....3 of 6
RedeenF060225-040.jpgHilda Redeen Still....4 of 6
RedeenF060225-041.jpgHilda Redeen Still....5 of 6
RedeenF060225-042.jpgHilda Redeen Still....6 of 6
RedeenF060225-043.jpgHilda Redeen
RedeenIMG_0044.jpgClara [Benson] Redeen note
RedpathF060126-001.jpgThomas Redpath house and berry shed
RedpathF060126-005.jpgThomas Redpath
RedpathF060126-006.jpgFlorence Redpath
RedpathF060126-007.jpgRedpath postcard
RedpathF060126-008.jpgFloyd Redpath ..Order of Odd Fellows
RedpathF060126-009.jpgElliot & Redpath advertisement
RedpathF060126-010.jpgLloyd Redpath March 1958
RedpathF060126-011.jpgLloyd Redpath statement
RedpathF060126-012.jpgRedpath family notes
RedpathF060126-013.jpgOriginal Redpath home on northwest corner of Fox Street and County Road 87 in Orono
RedpathF060126-014.jpgThomas Redpath notes
RedpathF060126-016.jpgRedpath notes 1 of 3
RedpathF060126-017.jpgRedpath notes....2 of 3
RedpathF060126-018.jpgRedpath notes....3 of 3
RedpathF060126-019.jpgGeorge Redpath hospitalized
RedpathF060126-020.jpgGeorge Redpath
RedpathF060126-021.jpgCarolina Anderson Redpath Obituary
RedpathF060126-022.jpgGeorge Redpath notes
RedpathF060126-023.jpgGeorge Redpath Letters from France
RedpathF060126-025.jpgLloyd Redpath Obituary
RedpathF060126-026.jpgGeorge Redpath wounded
RedpathF060126-027.jpgGeorge Redpath Letters from France
RedpathF060126-028.jpgViolet Redpath in memory
RedpathF060126-029.jpgMrs Thomas Redpath death
RedpathF060126-030.jpgGeorge Redpath
RedpathF060126-031.jpgLloyd Redpath notes 3 of 3
RedpathF060126-032.jpgLloyd Redpath notes 2 of 3
RedpathF060126-033.jpgViolet Redpath Crystal Bay
RedpathF060126-034.jpgViolet Redpath notes
RedpathF060126-035.jpgFlorence Isabelle Redpath marriage
RedpathF060126-036.jpgLloyd Redpath notes 1 of 3
RedpathF060126-037.jpgThomas Redpath
RedpathF060126-038.jpgLloyd Redpath notes
RedpathF060126-039.jpgLloyd and Violet Redpath estate auction
RedpathF060126-040.jpgRedpath notes
RedpathF060126-041.jpgGeorge Redpath Letter from the Boys
RedpathF060126-042.jpgViolet Redpath
RedpathF060126-044.jpgRedpath notes 1 of 7
RedpathF060126-045.jpgRedpath notes 2 of 7
RedpathF060126-046.jpgRedpath notes 3 of 7
RedpathF060126-047.jpgRedpath notes 4 of 7
RedpathF060126-048.jpgRedpath notes 5 of 7
RedpathF060126-049.jpgRedpath notes 6 of 7
RedpathF060126-050.jpgRedpath notes 7 of 7
RedpathF060126-052.jpgThomas Redpath excerpts from 1895 minutes Minnesota State horticulture Society
RedpathF060126-053.jpgRedpath notes 1 of 2
RedpathF060126-054.jpgRedpath notes 2 of 2
RedpathF060126-055.jpgRedpath Louisiana Purchase Exposition
RedpathF060126-058.jpgRedpath horticulture buttons
RedpathF060126-062.jpgRedpath Pan American Buffalo Exposition 1901
RedpathF060126-063.jpgFlorence Redpath Alquist
RedpathF060126-064.jpgGeorge Redpath
RedpathF060126-065.jpgRedpath notes 1 of 7
RedpathF060126-066.jpgRedpath notes 2 of 7
RedpathF060126-067.jpgRedpath notes 3 of 7
RedpathF060126-068.jpgRedpath notes 4 of 7
RedpathF060126-069.jpgRedpath notes 5 of 7
RedpathF060126-070.jpgRedpath notes 6 of 7
RedpathF060126-071.jpgRedpath notes 7 of 7
RedpathF060126-072.jpgWalter and Florence Redpath
RedpathF060126-073.jpgThomas Redpath Obitiuary
RedpathF060126-074.jpgViolet Redpath
RedpathF060126-076.jpgRedpath - Floyd, Carl and unidentified
RedpathF060126-077.jpgLloyd Redpath check
RedpathF060126-079.jpgFlorence Redpath - Walter Ahlquist Obituary
RedpathF060126-080.jpgRedpath - Florence Ahlquist Obituary
RedpathF060126-081.jpgViolet E Redpath memoir
RedpathF060126-082.jpgLloyd E Redpath memoir
RedpathF060126-083.jpgRedpath - Susan J Ahlquist Obituary
RedpathF060126-084.jpgViolet Redpath Obituary
RedpathF060126-085.jpgRedpath notes 1 of 5
RedpathF060126-086.jpgRedpath notes 2 of 5
RedpathF060126-087.jpgRedpath notes 3 of 5
RedpathF060126-088.jpgRedpath notes 4 of 5
RedpathF060126-089.jpgRedpath notes 5 of 5
RedpathF060126-090.jpgRedpath receipt of purchase
RedpathF060126-091.jpgV Redpath note
RedpathF060126-092.jpgViolet Redpath note
RedpathF060126-093.jpgThomas Redpath Growers Statement
RedpathF060126-095.jpgRedpath note
RedpathF060126-096.jpgLloyd Redpath dividend 1960
RedpathF060126-097.jpgSwede Redpath receipt
RedpathF060126-098.jpgLloyd Redpath property tax statement
RedpathF060126-104.jpgRedpath notes
RedpathF060126-105.jpgRedpath notes
RedpathF060126-106.jpgRedpath notes
RedpathF060126-107.jpgRedpath notes
RedpathF060126-108.jpgRedpath notes
RedpathF060126-109.jpgLloyd Redpath receipt
RedpathF060126-112.jpgLloyd Redpath Ear Corn Weights
RedpathF060126-113.jpgThomas Redpath insurance policy 1 of 2
RedpathF060126-114.jpgThomas Redpath Insurance policy 2 of 2
RedpathF060126-117.jpgLloyd Redpath receipt
RedpathF060126-118.jpgViolet and Rob Redpath greeting card
RedpathF060126-120.jpgLloyd Redpath Intention to Participate and Application for Advance Payment
RedpathF060126-121.jpgLloyd Redpath payment rates
RedpathF060126-122.jpgLloyd Redpath Notice of Acreage 1 of 2
RedpathF060126-123.jpgLloyd Redpath Notice....2 of 2
RedpathF060126-124.jpgRedpath - Wheat and or Feed Grain Program
RedpathF060126-125.jpgRedpath Notice of Acreage
RedpathF060126-126.jpgRedpath loan application
RedpathF060126-127.jpgRedpath property taxes 1961 1 of 6
RedpathF060126-128.jpgRedpath property....2 of 6
RedpathF060126-129.jpgRedpath property....3 of 6
RedpathF060126-130.jpgRedpath property....4 of 6
RedpathF060126-131.jpgRedpath property....5 of 6
RedpathF060126-132.jpgRedpath property....6 of 6
RedpathIMG.jpgViolet Redpath obituary
RedpathIMG_0002.jpgViolet E Redpath memoriam 07-17-1895 - 03-08-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, box number 4, page 10
RedpathIMG_0003.jpgViolet Redpat obituary 03-08-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 10
ReeceF060225-044.jpgMaurice E Reece plat info
ReedF060225-045.jpgA Lachlan Reed ...Boss of Year
ReedF060225-046.jpgLachlan Reed AWACs sale
ReedF060225-047.jpgMark Reed marriage
ReedF060225-048.jpgAgnes Reed
ReedF060225-049.jpgAgnes Reed fashioned a memorable past
ReedIMG_0025.jpgArthur Lachlan Reed "Lucky Lach Becoming an American" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
ReevesF060225-052.jpgWilliam Reeves plat info
ReevesF060225-053.jpgReeves notes
ReifenbergerF060225-054.jpgJohn Reifenberger plat info
ReifenbergerF060225-055.jpgReifenberger notes
ReimerF051009-001.jpgCharles Reimer family notes
ReimerF051009-002.jpgGeorge Reimer family notes
ReimerF051009-003.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser family notes
ReimerF051009-004.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser and Mary Reimer family notes
ReimerF051009-005.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser Family notes 1 of 4
ReimerF051009-006.jpgReimer....Henry Reiser....2 of 4
ReimerF051009-007.jpgReimer - Reiser....3 of 4
ReimerF051009-008.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser....4 of 4
ReimerF051009-009.jpgAnthony John Reimer family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-010.jpgAnthony John Reimer notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-011.jpgReimer- Oscar Day family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-012.jpgReimer- Oscar Day family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-013.jpgReimer - Clarence P Hemmes family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-014.jpgReimer - Clarence P Hemmers family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-015.jpgPhilip George Reimer family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-016.jpgPhillip George Reimer family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-017.jpgPhilip Reimer family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-018.jpgPeter Reimer family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-019.jpgReimer - Lynes Getten family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-020.jpgReimer - Lynes Getten family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-021.jpgHenry Reimer family notes 1 of 3
ReimerF051009-022.jpgHenry Reimer family notes 2 of 3
ReimerF051009-023.jpgHenry Reimer family notes 3 of 3
ReimerF051009-024.jpgJohn Reimer family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-025.jpgJohn Reimer family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-026.jpgTheodore Reimer family notes
ReimerF051009-027.jpgPeter Reimer family notes 1 of 3
ReimerF051009-028.jpgPeter Reimer family notes 2 of 3
ReimerF051009-029.jpgPeter Reimer family notes 3 of 3
ReimerF051009-030.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges family notes 1 of 13
ReimerF051009-031.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....2 of 13
ReimerF051009-032.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....3 of 13
ReimerF051009-033.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....4 of 13
ReimerF051009-034.jpgReimer- Nicholas Tautges....5 of 13
ReimerF051009-035.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....6 of 13
ReimerF051009-036.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....7 of 13
ReimerF051009-037.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....8 of 13
ReimerF051009-038.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....9 of 13
ReimerF051009-039.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....10 of 13
ReimerF051009-040.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....11 of 13
ReimerF051009-041.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....12 of 13
ReimerF051009-042.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges family....13 of 13
ReimerF051009-043.jpgReimer family tree
ReimerF051009-044.jpgReimer family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-045.jpgReimer family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-046.jpgMrs George Reimer - death of Peter Miller, father 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-047.jpgMrs George Reimer....2 of 2
ReimerF051009-048.jpgHazel Reimer Obituary
ReimerF051009-049.jpgPhil and Gladys Reimer 50th anniversary
ReimerF051009-050.jpgPeter W Reimer death
ReimerF051009-051.jpgWilliam Reimer Obituary
ReimerF051009-052.jpgGeorge Reimer purchases car
ReimerF051009-053.jpgReimer - Clarence Hammes Obituary
ReimerF051009-054.jpgMrs and Mrs Matt Reimer
ReimerF051009-055.jpgCarl N Reimber 1901-1975
ReimerF051009-057.jpgLizzie Reimer entertains
ReimerF051009-058.jpgMatt Reimer on biggest woodpile
ReimerF051009-059.jpgGeorge Reimer memoir
ReimerF051009-060.jpgMatt and Elsie Reimer 50th anniversary
ReimerF051009-061.jpgMatt Reimer estate sale
ReimerF051009-062.jpgMatt Reimer
ReimerF051009-063.jpgReimer family notes
ReimerF051009-064.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges family notes 1 of 3
ReimerF051009-065.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....2 of 3
ReimerF051009-066.jpgReimer - Nicholas Tautges....3 of 3
ReimerF051009-067.jpgReimer - Clem and Mary Spurgem family notes
ReimerF051009-068.jpgReimer - Schmitz family notes 1 of 4
ReimerF051009-069.jpgRemier - Schmitz....2 of 4
ReimerF051009-070.jpgReimer - Schmitz....3 of 4
ReimerF051009-071.jpgReimer - Schmitz....4 of 4
ReimerF051009-072.jpgReimer family notes
ReimerF051009-073.jpgGeorge Reimer family notes
ReimerF051009-074.jpgReimer - Oscar Day family notes
ReimerF051009-075.jpgReimer - Clarence P Hammers family notes
ReimerF051009-076.jpgM? Reimer family notes
ReimerF051009-077.jpgPhilip George Reimer family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-078.jpgPhilip George Reimer notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-079.jpgReimer - Lynes Getten family notes 1 of 3
ReimerF051009-080.jpgReimer - Lyne Gettens family notes 2 of 3
ReimerF051009-081.jpgReime r- Lyne Getten notes 3 of 3
ReimerF051009-082.jpgReimer - John William Reiser family notes 1 of 6
ReimerF051009-083.jpgReimer - John William Reiser....2 of 6
ReimerF051009-084.jpgReimer - John William Reiser....3 of 6
ReimerF051009-085.jpgReimer - John William Reiser....4 of 6
ReimerF051009-086.jpgReimer - John William Reiser....5 of 6
ReimerF051009-087.jpgReimer - John William Reiser....6 of 6
ReimerF051009-088.jpgReimer - John M Reiser family notes
ReimerF051009-089.jpgReimer - Anthony J Reiser family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-090.jpgReimer - Anthony J Reiser family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-091.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser family notes 1 of 5
ReimerF051009-092.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser....2 of 5
ReimerF051009-093.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser....3 of 5
ReimerF051009-094.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser....4 of 5
ReimerF051009-095.jpgReimer - Henry Reiser....5 of 5
ReimerF051009-096.jpgTheodore Reimer family notes 1 of 3
ReimerF051009-097.jpgTheodore Reimer....2 of 3
ReimerF051009-098.jpgTheodore Reimer....3 of 3
ReimerF051009-099.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges family notes 1 of 9
ReimerF051009-100.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges....2 of 9
ReimerF051009-101.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges....3 of 9
ReimerF051009-102.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges....4 of 9
ReimerF051009-103.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges....5 of 9
ReimerF051009-104.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges....6 of 9
ReimerF051009-105.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges....7 of 9
ReimerF051009-106.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges....8 of 9
ReimerF051009-107.jpgReimer - Peter Tautges....9 of 9
ReimerF051009-108.jpgReimer - Bashow family notes
ReimerF051009-109.jpgReimer - Ralph Marshall Stone family notes
ReimerF051009-110.jpgReimer - Peter Miller family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-111.jpgReimer - Peter Miller family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-112.jpgReimer - Frank Diedrich family notes
ReimerF051009-113.jpgPeter Reimer family notes 1 of 2
ReimerF051009-114.jpgPeter Reimer family notes 2 of 2
ReimerF051009-115.jpgWilliam Reimer Obituary
ReimerF051009-116.jpgGeorge Reimer purchases car
ReimerF051009-117.jpgReimer - Clarence Hammes Obituary
ReimerF051009-118.jpgReimer family notes
ReimerF051009-122.jpgHazel Reimer Obituary
ReimerF051009-123.jpgPhil and Gladyce Reimer 50th anniversary
ReimerF051009-124.jpgElsie M Reimer memoir
ReimerF051009-126.jpgMatt Reimer worked on biggest woodpile
ReimerF051009-127.jpgGeorge Reimer memoir
ReimerF051009-128.jpgPhil Reimer
ReimerF051009-129.jpgRose Reimer Getten Robert Day Memorial
ReimerF051009-130.jpgReimer Trapping in populated areas....
ReimerF051010-001.jpgWilliam Reimer Obituary
ReimerF051010-002.jpgReimer - Laurence J Hughes memoir
ReimerF051010-003.jpgMatt and Elsie Reimer 50th anniversary
ReimerF051010-005.jpgReimer sings in German
ReimerF051010-006.jpgMatt and Elsie Reimer 50th anniversary
ReimerF051010-007.jpgPhil Reimer
ReimerF051010-008.jpgPhilip Reimer
ReimerF051010-009.jpgMatt Reimer
ReimerF051010-010.jpgReimer family record
ReimerF051010-011.jpgReimer notes
ReimerF051010-012.jpgReimer - Gertrude and Jim Hammes
ReimerF051010-013.jpgOld Reimer farm
ReimerF051010-014.jpgOld Reimer Farm
ReimerF051010-015.jpgOld Reimer farm
ReimerF051010-016.jpgPhil Reimer farm
ReimerF051010-017.jpgPhilip Reimer farm
ReimerF051010-018.jpgPhilip Reimer farm
ReimerF051010-019.jpgReimer - Not well identified, original notes attached
ReimerF051010-020.jpgCharles Reimer
ReimerF051010-021.jpgGeorge and Elie? Reimer
ReimerF051010-022.jpgGeorge Reimer
ReimerF051010-023.jpgCharles and Magdalena Reimer
ReimerF051010-024.jpgReimer - not well identified, original notes attached
ReimerF051010-025.jpgReimer - not well identified, orignal notes attached
ReimerIMG_0026.jpgGladyce I Reimer obituary
ReimerIMG_0027.jpgElsie M Reimer memoriam 01-01-1912 06-01-1991
ReimerIMG_0028.jpgLawrence B Reimer memoriam 06-12-1910 - 03-17-1994
ReimerIMG_0030.jpgTheodore (Ted) Reimer obituary 05-26-1982
ReimerIMG_0031.jpgTheodore (Ted) Reimer obituary 04-03-1904 - 05-26-1982
ReiserF060226-001.jpgAnthony Reiser report card 1888
ReiserF060226-002.jpgGeorge Reiser, Sr. family 1890 - George Reiser seated with cane, Mary Reiser, wife of George, seated to his left. Back row, L to R: George Reiser, Jr., Emma Reiser Mason, John Reiser, Mary Reiser Rodner, Tony Reiser. Front left: Joseph Reiser. Front right: Victoria Reiser Butz
ReiserF060226-003.jpgAlex and Frances Reiser estate auction
ReiserF060226-004.jpgGeorge Reiser plat info
ReiserF060226-005.jpgMrs Rank Reiser estate auction
ReiserF060226-006.jpgTony Reiser house
ReiserF060226-007.jpgJohn Reiser and Henry Scherer
ReiserF060226-010.jpgSusan Reiser memoir
ReiserF060226-011.jpgHildegarde Reiser marriage
ReiserF060226-012.jpgWilfred Reiser Dick memoir
ReiserF060226-013.jpgScott Andrew Reiser birth
ReiserF060226-014.jpgAlex Reiser
ReiserF060226-015.jpgJohn Reiser barn dance
ReiserF060226-016.jpgMark G Reiser (Clarey) Obituary
ReiserF060226-017.jpgJ B Reiser, Licensed Auctioneer
ReiserF060226-018.jpgReiser - Miles Everett Nelson memoir
ReiserF060226-019.jpgDave and Gladie Reiser 25th anniversary
ReiserF060226-020.jpgTony Reiser Sells Out
ReiserF060226-021.jpgMargaret Reiser, thank you
ReiserF060226-022.jpgTony Reiser
ReiserF060226-023.jpgAndrea Reiser graduates
ReiserF060226-024.jpgHenry Reiser liturgry 1 of 2
ReiserF060226-025.jpgHenry Reiser....2 of 2
ReiserF060226-026.jpgKate Reiser Halloween Winners
ReiserF060226-027.jpgGladys Reiser accident
ReiserF060226-028.jpgBernard Reiser - Ephipany Country Diner fire 1 of 2
ReiserF060226-029.jpgBernard Reiser....2 of 2
ReiserF060226-030.jpgReiser - Fire destroys shop....
ReiserF060226-031.jpgSteven J Reiser graduates
ReiserF060226-032.jpgReiser family notes
ReiserF060226-033.jpgBernard Reiser, Rev
ReiserF060226-034.jpgReiser note
ReiserF060226-035.jpgReiser history 1 of 3
ReiserF060226-036.jpgReiser history....2 of 3
ReiserF060226-037.jpgReiser history....3 of 3
ReiserF060226-038.jpgReiser notes
ReiserF060226-039.jpgReiser notes
ReiserF060226-040.jpgReiser notes
ReiserF060226-041.jpgReiser notes
ReiserF060226-042.jpgReiser notes
ReiserF060226-043.jpgReiser notes
ReiserF060226-044.jpgReiser notes
ReiserF060226-045.jpgJ B Reiser note
ReiserF060226-046.jpgGeorge Reiser notes 1 of 10
ReiserF060226-047.jpgGeorge Reiser....2 of 10
ReiserF060226-048.jpgGeorge Reiser....3 of 10
ReiserF060226-049.jpgGeorge Reiser...4 of 10
ReiserF060226-050.jpgGeorge Rieser....5 of 10
ReiserF060226-051.jpgGeorge Reiser....8 of 10
ReiserF060226-052.jpgGeorge Reiser....6 of 10
ReiserF060226-053.jpgGeorge Reiser....9 of 10
ReiserF060226-054.jpgGeorge Reiser....7 of 10
ReiserF060226-055.jpgGeorge Reiser....10 of 10
ReiserIMG.jpgEleanor C Reiser memoriam 11-19-1993
ReiserIMG_0002.jpgMrs Aloya Reiser obituary 1954 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 2, page 323
ReiserIMG_0003.jpgReiser - Lena Keesling obituary, daughter of Tony Reiser NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 50
ReiserIMG_0004.jpgAlex Reiser NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 260
ReiserIMG_0006.jpgMary E Reiser memoriam 10-13-1899 - 12-10-1991
ReiserIMG_0007.jpgEva M Reiser obituary 04-19-1982
ReiserIMG_0008.jpgReiser - Sadie C LaBrash obituary 08-07-1981
ReiserIMG_0009.jpgRev Bernard Reiser obituary 12-27-2011
ReiserIMG_0010.jpgB Jean [Courtney] Reiser obituary 03-01-12
ReiserIMG_0011.jpgFather Bernarde Reiser obituary 12-27-2011
ReiserIMG_0012.jpgAlex Reiser note
ReitzIMG.jpgAugust C Reitz obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 351
RenicoIMG.jpgHarold H Renico family information letter 04-23-1991
RenierF060226-056.jpgJames Renier
RenierF060226-057.jpgJames J Renier Honeywell philanthropy
RettingerF060120-001.jpgAlbert Rettinger interview
RettingerF060120-002.jpgRettinger & Ruff general merchandise invoice
RettingerF060120-003.jpgSam Rettinger Licensed Undertaker
RettingerF060120-004.jpgS Rettinger garage is progressing 1916
RettingerF060120-005.jpgRettinger agency sold Ford cars
RettingerF060120-006.jpgMrs Sam Rettinger note
RettingerF060120-007.jpgMa and Mrs Rettinger with new Ford car
RettingerF060120-008.jpgS Rettinger Troubled with Forditis
RettingerF060120-009.jpgJ Melvin Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060120-010.jpgJ Melvin Rettinger memoir
RettingerF060120-011.jpgS Rettinger is mailing 1915 calendars...
RettingerF060120-012.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-013.jpgSam Rettinger sold six Ford automobiles...
RettingerF060120-014.jpgSam Rettinger Licensed Undertaker
RettingerF060120-015.jpgSamuel Rettinger memoir
RettingerF060120-016.jpgRettinger Service & Tire auction
RettingerF060120-017.jpgRettinger - Soviets mystified by lake's 'monster'
RettingerF060120-019.jpgJ Hawthorne Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060120-020.jpgCatherine Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060120-021.jpgRettinger Ford Honored for 50 Years of Selling
RettingerF060120-023.jpgRettinger - Long Lake Sea Monster
RettingerF060120-024.jpgSam Rettinger assumes vacant seat ....on Long Lake Council
RettingerF060120-025.jpgSam Rettinger Horse Collars, Cheese, Fords.....
RettingerF060120-027.jpgRettingers Introduces Automatic Car Wash Wax and Dry advertisement
RettingerF060120-028.jpgRettinger General Store newspaper article
RettingerF060120-029.jpgMeredith Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060120-030.jpgMeredith M Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060120-031.jpgSam Rettinger
RettingerF060120-032.jpgMeredith M Rettinger memoir
RettingerF060120-033.jpgLaura L Rettinger Travel seminars
RettingerF060120-034.jpgSam Rettingers bear
RettingerF060120-035.jpgAlice Rettinger
RettingerF060120-037.jpgRettinger - Elmer J Reynolds memoir
RettingerF060120-038.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-039.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-040.jpgRettinger - letter to Nettie
RettingerF060120-042.jpgRettinger - Clifton D Reynolds letter
RettingerF060120-043.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-044.jpgRettinger - Elmer Reynolds
RettingerF060120-045.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-047.jpgRettinger - letter from Bessie 1 of 2
RettingerF060120-048.jpgRettinger - letter from Bessie 2 of 2
RettingerF060120-049.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-051.jpgRettinger - letter from Laurence Kirchner
RettingerF060120-053.jpgRettinger - letter
RettingerF060120-055.jpgRettinger - letter from Cousin Mary Greene
RettingerF060120-057.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-059.jpgRettingers - Alcea Bay Region, Oregon where the Reynolds French Barnes and other Minnetonka families went to live in the 1880s
RettingerF060120-060.jpgRettinger- Nona L Strake newspaper article
RettingerF060120-062.jpgRettinger - Thelma Marie Carlson memoir
RettingerF060120-063.jpgRettinger - Prudence Reynolds entertained 11-6-1945
RettingerF060120-064.jpgRettinger - note from Dorothy Raymoure
RettingerF060120-065.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-066.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-068.jpgRettinger - note from Bessie W
RettingerF060120-070.jpgRettinger - thank you note from Myrtle?
RettingerF060120-071.jpgRettinger notes 1 of 13
RettingerF060120-072.jpgRettinger notes 2 of 13
RettingerF060120-073.jpgRettinger 3 of 13
RettingerF060120-074.jpgRettinger notes 4 of 13
RettingerF060120-075.jpgRettinger notes 5 of 13
RettingerF060120-076.jpgRettinger notes 6 of 13
RettingerF060120-077.jpgRettinger notes 7 of 13
RettingerF060120-078.jpgRettinger notes 8 of 13
RettingerF060120-079.jpgRettinger notes 9 of 13
RettingerF060120-080.jpgRettinger notes 10 of 13
RettingerF060120-081.jpgRettinger notes 11 of 13
RettingerF060120-082.jpgRettinger notes 12 of 13
RettingerF060120-083.jpgRettinger notes 13 of 13
RettingerF060120-084.jpgRettinger - postcard from RFD Watertown Road
RettingerF060120-086.jpgRettinger - letter from Nona 1 of 4
RettingerF060120-087.jpgRettinger - letter from Nona 2 of 4
RettingerF060120-088.jpgRettinger - letter from Nona 3 of 4
RettingerF060120-089.jpgRettinger - letter from Nona
RettingerF060120-093.jpgRettinger - Sitting: Estelle Reynolds, Standing: Mildred Reynolds
RettingerF060120-094.jpgRettinger - postcard
RettingerF060120-095.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-096.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-097.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes 1 of 7
RettingerF060120-098.jpgRettinger - Reynolds....2 of 7
RettingerF060120-099.jpgRettinger - Reynolds....3 of 7
RettingerF060120-100.jpgRettinger - Reynolds....4 of 7
RettingerF060120-101.jpgRettinger - Reynolds....5 of 7
RettingerF060120-102.jpgRettinger - Reynolds....6 of 7
RettingerF060120-103.jpgRettinger - Reynolds....7 of 7
RettingerF060120-104.jpgRettinger - note from Lauraine Kirchner
RettingerF060120-105.jpgRettinger notes 1 of 10
RettingerF060120-106.jpgRettinger notes 2 of 10
RettingerF060120-107.jpgRettinger notes 3 of 10
RettingerF060120-108.jpgRettinger notes 4 of 10
RettingerF060120-109.jpgRettinger notes 5 of 10
RettingerF060120-110.jpgRettinger notes 6 of 10
RettingerF060120-111.jpgRettinger notes 7 of 10
RettingerF060120-112.jpgRettinger notes 8 of 10
RettingerF060120-113.jpgRettinger notes 9 of 10
RettingerF060120-114.jpgRettinger notes 10 of 10
RettingerF060120-115.jpgRettinger - John (Jack) Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-116.jpgRettinger - letter from Nona
RettingerF060120-118.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-119.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-120.jpgRettinger - Reynolds family
RettingerF060120-121.jpgAllen and Mary Reynolds family notes
RettingerF060120-122.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-123.jpgRettinger - Prudence Reynolds gave a very fine talk...
RettingerF060120-124.jpgJ Reynolds one of the clerks
RettingerF060120-125.jpgJohn Reynolds - For Sale-Three good milch cows
RettingerF060120-126.jpgMrs J Reynolds note
RettingerF060120-127.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-128.jpgRettinger To the Dream
RettingerF060120-129.jpgRettinger - Albert and Alice McKinney Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-130.jpgRettinger - Reynold notes
RettingerF060120-131.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes 1 of 4
RettingerF060120-132.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes 2 of 4
RettingerF060120-133.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes 3 of 4
RettingerF060120-134.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes 4 of 4
RettingerF060120-135.jpgRettinger - Esther Snode Gibson Gibson map 1855 homestead location
RettingerF060120-136.jpgRettinger - The Reynolds Family that went west
RettingerF060120-138.jpgRettinger - Joshua Reynolds' View of Friends Objective
RettingerF060120-139.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes 1 of 3
RettingerF060120-140.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes 2 of 3
RettingerF060120-141.jpgRettinger notes 2 of 5
RettingerF060120-142.jpgRettinger - Reynolds notes 3 of 3
RettingerF060120-143.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-144.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060120-145.jpgRettinger - Nona Strake notes
RettingerF060120-146.jpgRettinger notes 1 of 5
RettingerF060120-147.jpgRettinger notes 3 of 5
RettingerF060120-148.jpgRettinger notes 4 of 5
RettingerF060120-149.jpgRettinger notes 5 of 5
RettingerF060120-150.jpgRettinger - postcard from Nona Strake
RettingerF060120-151.jpgAllen and Mary Reynolds notes
RettingerF060120-154.jpgHawthorne Rettinger, son of Sam and Alice Rettinger of Long Lake
RettingerF060121-001.jpgAlice McGinney Diary 1879 1 of 16
RettingerF060121-002.jpgAlice McGinney....2 of 16
RettingerF060121-003.jpgAlice McGinney....3 of 16
RettingerF060121-004.jpgAlice McGinnery....4 of 16
RettingerF060121-005.jpgAlice McGinney....5 of 16
RettingerF060121-006.jpgAlice McGinney....6 of 16
RettingerF060121-007.jpgAlice McGinney....7 of 16
RettingerF060121-008.jpgAlice McGinney....8 of 16
RettingerF060121-009.jpgAlice McGinney...9 of 16
RettingerF060121-010.jpgAlice McGinney....10 of 16
RettingerF060121-011.jpgAlice McGinney....12 of 16
RettingerF060121-012.jpgAlice McGinney....13 of 16
RettingerF060121-013.jpgAlice McGinney....14 of 16
RettingerF060121-014.jpgAlice McGinney....15 of 16
RettingerF060121-015.jpgAlice McGinney....16 of 16
RettingerF060121-016.jpgCopy of drawings in Alice McGinney's diary
RettingerF060121-017.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds family history 1 of 9
RettingerF060121-018.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds....2 of 9
RettingerF060121-019.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds....3 of 9
RettingerF060121-020.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds....4 of 9
RettingerF060121-021.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds....5 of 9
RettingerF060121-022.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds....6 of 9
RettingerF060121-023.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds....7 of 9
RettingerF060121-024.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds....8 of 9
RettingerF060121-025.jpgRettinger - John Reynolds....9 of 9
RettingerF060121-026.jpgRettinger - Clarence Reynolds notes
RettingerF060121-027.jpgSam Rettinger ...sold a gramaphone to Mr. Potter for $100...
RettingerF060121-028.jpgJ Melvin Rettinger memoir
RettingerF060121-029.jpgMeredith M Rettinger memoir
RettingerF060121-030.jpgEvelyn E Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060121-031.jpgSam Rettinger Licensed Undertaker
RettingerF060121-032.jpgSam Rettinger FORD The Universal Car
RettingerF060121-033.jpgEvelyn E Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060121-034.jpgSam Rettinger notes
RettingerF060121-035.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-036.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-037.jpgAl Rettinger notes
RettingerF060121-038.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-039.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-040.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-041.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-042.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-043.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-044.jpgPeter and Merredith Rettinger L.L. Chamber honors two
RettingerF060121-046.jpgHawthorne Rettinger article
RettingerF060121-047.jpgAlbert and Sam Rettinger notes
RettingerF060121-048.jpgRettinger & Ruff The Coffee that IS Coffee advertisement
RettingerF060121-049.jpgJames C Rettinger, Edina Realty
RettingerF060121-050.jpgJoe Rettinger Let the Wagons Roll!
RettingerF060121-052.jpgRettinger - USNAF Basketball Team 1954-1955 at Litchfield Park, Phoenix, Arizona. Bottom, middle: Joe Rettinger
RettingerF060121-053.jpgPete Rettinger
RettingerF060121-056.jpgRettinger Transportion discontinuing bus service to Orono Schools
RettingerF060121-057.jpgLaura L Rettinger Weight Watchers
RettingerF060121-058.jpgJoan Rettinger Little Miss Muffin of Wayzata
RettingerF060121-059.jpgSusie Rettinger, Rettinger Oil
RettingerF060121-060.jpgMel Rettinger, Rettinger Motors
RettingerF060121-061.jpgJoan Meredith Rettinger marriage
RettingerF060121-062.jpgJ Melvin Rettinger accepts 50-year commendation plaque
RettingerF060121-063.jpgJames Carl Rettinger engagement
RettingerF060121-064.jpgRettinger Awards Offered by Mr. Rettinger
RettingerF060121-065.jpgMark Rettinger ...placed in the top ten in the regional current affairs contest
RettingerF060121-066.jpgJames Carl Rettinger engagement
RettingerF060121-067.jpgJohn Melvin (Mel) Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060121-068.jpgSam Rettinger Sea Monster
RettingerF060121-069.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-070.jpgJoe Rettinger notes
RettingerF060121-071.jpgRettingers honored for long bus service
RettingerF060121-072.jpgJoseph S Rettinger Circus Historical Society 1979 Election
RettingerF060121-073.jpgRettinger - Robb Ryan Rudd death
RettingerF060121-074.jpgJ Melvin Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060121-075.jpgRettinger - Robb R Rudd Obituary
RettingerF060121-076.jpgRettinger - Robb R Rudd death
RettingerF060121-077.jpgRettinger - Evelyn Meser memoir
RettingerF060121-078.jpgAlbert Rettinger memoir
RettingerF060121-079.jpgRettinger - Stanley (Stan) H Rudd memoir
RettingerF060121-080.jpgPete Rettinger Sends Cablegram
RettingerF060121-081.jpgRettinger - Robb R Rudd memoir
RettingerF060121-082.jpgSam Rettinger sale of property
RettingerF060121-083.jpgMr and Mrs Rettinger note
RettingerF060121-085.jpgSusan Rettinger
RettingerF060121-087.jpgHawthorne Rettinger notes
RettingerF060121-088.jpgJoe Rettinger The Circus Comes to Phoenix
RettingerF060121-089.jpgRettinger - notes on the Sea Monster
RettingerF060121-091.jpgJospeh S Rettinger Arizona Circus Memoires 1867-1969 1 of 9
RettingerF060121-092.jpgJoseph S Rettinger....2 of 9
RettingerF060121-093.jpgJoseph S Rettinger....3 of 9
RettingerF060121-094.jpgJoseph S Rettinger....4 of 9
RettingerF060121-095.jpgJoseph S Rettinger....5 of 9
RettingerF060121-096.jpgJoseph S Rettinger....6 of 9
RettingerF060121-097.jpgJoseph S Rettinger....7 of 9
RettingerF060121-098.jpgJoseph S Rettinger....8 of 9
RettingerF060121-099.jpgJoseph S Rettinger....9 of 9
RettingerF060121-100.jpgTommy Rettinger Long Lake's Man of the Year
RettingerF060121-102.jpgRettinger families have flourished in Long Lake 1 of 2
RettingerF060121-104.jpgRettinger families....2 of 2
RettingerF060121-106.jpgMrs Thomas Rettinger Chruchill Inspiring to Blitz Survivor
RettingerF060121-108.jpgS R Rettinger receipt
RettingerF060121-109.jpgJoe Rettinger OSG Tap & Die, Inc. Chino, California
RettingerF060121-110.jpgAlbert Rettinger Obituary
RettingerF060121-111.jpgRettinger Bros. Oil Company Shell advertisement
RettingerF060121-112.jpgS Rettinger Coffee & Teas advertisement
RettingerF060121-113.jpgRettinger - Church of St George messenger
RettingerF060121-114.jpgRettinger notes
RettingerF060121-115.jpgFred Rettinger letter to customer
RettingerF060121-116.jpgJoe S Rettinger, note
RettingerF060601-001.jpgRettingers Store greeting card 1912
RettingerF060725-001.jpgPete Rettinger at Fano, Italy 07-05-1945
RettingerIMG.jpgTommy Rettinger Not for the Candles
RettingerIMG0005.jpgThomas Rettinger memoriam 1913-2006
RettingerIMG_0006.jpgThomas C Rettinger memoriam 08-31-1913 - 12-19-2006
RettingerIMG_0011.jpgS Rettinger, postcard 1 of 2
RettingerIMG_0012.jpgS Rettinger, postcard 2 of 2
RettingerIMG_0014.jpgMrs J Hawthorne Rettinger obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 360
RettingerIMG_0015.jpgPeter Rettinger Burner Servie in the Midwest? March 1964
RettingerIMG_0016-001.jpgRettinger- “Haunts and Habits of U.S. Youngsters” were mulled over by visiting British schoolteachers Monday at the College Woman's Club. L-R: Alfred Farmer, Mrs thomas Rettinger (a British war bride), Irene McKibbin, Mary Murray, Helen Labrum, and Megan Price-Jones. All are participants in a program of teacher exchange which now has 123 United States teachers in British schools and 123 British teachers in 31 states of the United States.
RettingerIMG_0016.jpgThomas C Rettinger obituary 01-02-2007
RettingerIMG_0017.jpgThomas Rettinger memoriam 12-23-2006 1 of 2
RettingerIMG_0018.jpgThomas Rettinger memoriam....2 of 23
RettingerIMG_0020.jpgJ Melvin Rettinger obituary 03-09-1981
RettingerIMG_0021.jpgJ Melvin Rettinger memoriam 01-28-1911 - 03-09-1981
RettingerIMG_0022.jpgAlbert Rettinger memoriam 08-05-1886 - 08-12-1981
RettingerIMG_0023.jpgLinda C [Anderson] Rettinger obituary 12-07-1980
RettingerLeather Postcard 001.jpgLeather Postcard 1
RettingerLeather Postcard 002.jpgLeather Postcard 2
RettingerRettinger_0001.jpgJ Melvin Rettinger memoriam 03-09-1981
RettingerRettinger_0002.jpgJohn Melvin Rettinger obituary 03-09-1981
RettingerRettinger_0003.jpgMeredith M Rettinger.....2 of 2
RettingerRettinger_0004.jpgMeredith M Rettinger Celebration of Life 03-27-1994 1 of 2
RettingerRettinger_0005.jpgMereidth Regginger, owner of funeral home in Long Lake obituary
RettingerRettinger_0006.jpgMeredith M Rettinger memoriam 03-27-1994 1 of 2
RettingerRettinger_0007.jpgMereidith M Rettinger memoriam 03-27-1994 2 of 2
RettingerRettinger_0009.jpgMeredith M Rettinger memoriam 03-27-1994 1 of 2
RettingerRettinger_0010.jpgMereidth M Rettinger 03-27-1994 2 of 2
ReutelstorfF060307-089.jpgHenry Reutelstorf family notes
RexingIMG.jpgBlanche White Rexing Apple River 09-29-1974
ReycraftIMG_0003.jpgGladys Reycraft Obituary 12-18-2000
ReynoldsIMG.jpgElmer J Reynolds obituary 03-29-1985. Son of Jack Prudence Reynolds of Crystal Bay. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 14
ReynoldsIMG_0001.jpgPrudence Reynolds NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 287
ReynoldsIMG_0002.jpgMrs Prudence Reynolds note
RhineF060309-044.jpgRhine notes
RhineF060309-045.jpgMrs Clara Rhine estate auction
RiceF060309-046.jpgRice notes
RiceIMG.jpgHarold (Al) Rice obituary, son of Charles? Rice of Maple Plain 02-07-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 9
RiceIMG_0008.jpgRice Family NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
RichardsF060325-051.jpgRichards family notes
RichardsF060325-052.jpgGeorge W Richards notes
RichardsF060325-053.jpgGeorge W Richards Obituary
RichardsF060325-054.jpgAmasa K Richards notes
RichardsF060325-055.jpgBermann Richards notes
RichardsF060325-056.jpgGeorge W Richards Dean of Weathermen
RichardsF060325-057.jpgGeorge W RIchards volunteer weather observer....
RichardsF060325-058.jpgGeorge Richards ..Gets Commendation in Washington
RichardsF060325-060.jpgAmasa Richards once crossed Wayzata Bay...
RichardsF060325-061.jpgGeorge Richards note
RichardsF060325-062.jpgMyron Richards 11-acre fen to be preserved in Scott County
RichardsF060325-063.jpgGeorge Richards notes
RichardsF060325-064.jpgAmasa K Richards ...Letters to HCHS
RichardsF060325-065.jpgAmasa K Richards ....Letters to HCHS
RichardsF060325-066.jpgByron Richards Asphal firm uses trash to generate steam
RichardsF060325-067.jpgGeorge W Richards ...Honored for 60 years of Weather Watching
RichardsF060325-068.jpgByron Richards ...Part of JFK Honor Guard
RichardsF060325-070.jpgBergmann Richards Obituary
RichardsF060325-071.jpgGeorge W Richars 90th birthday
RichardsF060325-072.jpgGeorge W Richards Weather Aid's Data Termed 'Priceless'
RichardsF060325-074.jpgGeorge Richards, Councilman, ...Poll Has Small Response
RichardsF060325-075.jpgGeorge Richards
RichardsF060325-077.jpgRichards notes
RichardsF060325-078.jpgRichards notes
RichardsF060325-079.jpgRichards notes
RichardsF060325-080.jpgAmasca Richards notes
RichardsF060325-081.jpgRichards note
RichardsF060325-082.jpgGeorge Richards house in Maple Plain
RichardsF060325-083.jpgGeorge Richards at his weather station founded in 1892
RichardsF060325-084.jpgMyron D Richards, The Richards Companies
RichardsF060325-085.jpgMyron Richards Garbage burning for energy brings honors to Savage firm
RichardsF060325-086.jpgMyron and Kay Richards
RichardsF060325-087.jpgGeorge Richards notes
RichardsF060325-088.jpgGeorge W Richards Capital Visitor
RichardsF060325-089.jpgRichards - The Men and Women of the Mississppi Tug Fleet article 1 of 3
RichardsF060325-090.jpgRichards The men....2 of 3
RichardsF060325-091.jpgRichards The men....3 of 3
RichardsIMG.jpgAmasa K Richards note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 224
RichardsIMG_0001.jpgBergmann Richards obituary 08-28-1978
RichardsIMG_0002.jpgBergmann Richards obituary 08-28-1978
RichardsIMG_0003.jpgBergmann Richards obituary 08-28-1978
RichardsIMG_0004.jpgMay Ada Richards note
RichardsonIMG_0001.jpgMargaret C Richardson memoriam 1 of 2
RichardsonIMG_0002.jpgMargaret C Richardson memoriam 04-25-1878 - 05-18-1975 2 of 2
RichardsonIMG_0003.jpgCharles F Richardson memoriam 1 of 2
RichardsonIMG_0004.jpgCharles F Richardson memoriam 07-28-1879 - 02-20-1963 2 of 2
RichterF060309-043.jpgRichter note
RicksF060309-001.jpgMr and Mrs Ralph Ricks
RicksF060309-002.jpgRalph Ricks notes
RicksF060309-003.jpgRicks notes
RiekeF060309-005.jpgJon Rieke death
RiekeF060309-006.jpgDr W Rieke Obituary
RiekeF060309-007.jpgDr W W Rieke obituary
RiekeIMG01.jpgMerle Ione Rieke obituary
RielandIMG.jpgCharles Rieland Not....4 of 4
RielandIMG_0001.jpgCharles Rieland Not one shall be forgotten 1 of 4
RielandIMG_0002.jpgCharles Rieland Not....2 of 4
RielandIMG_0003.jpgCharles Rieland Not....3 of 4
RigleyF060309-008.jpgFrederic Rigley plat info
RileyF060309-009.jpgRiley notes
RileyF060309-010.jpgJames Riley plat info
RileyF060309-011.jpgRiley notes
RileyF060309-012.jpgAlbert Riley notes
RileyF060309-013.jpgMary Smith Riley Sweet Mary' chocolate saucier....
RileyF060309-014.jpgLawrence Riley letter
RileyF060309-015.jpgEthel Reiley marriage
RileyF060309-016.jpgLawrance Riley note
RileyF060309-017.jpgRiley notes
RileyF060309-018.jpgThought to be Leonard and Hattie Riley
RileyIMG.jpgEthel Riley note
RingerF060309-019.jpgJudd Ringer The Last Shower
RingerF060309-020.jpgJudd Ringer ...elected Trans-Mississippi Golf Assoc. president
RingerF060309-021.jpgRinger Firm tries to enrich earth with help of nature
RingerF060309-022.jpgWalter Ringer Keeping everlastingly at it
RingerF060309-023.jpgJudd Ringer death
RingerF060309-024.jpgWilliam Marden Ringer 100th birthday
RingerF060309-026.jpgJudd Ringer death
RingerF060309-028.jpgIsabel Jane (Ringer) Smiley Obituary
RingerF060309-029.jpgJudd Ringer ...Dec 26 Orono fire
RingerF060309-030.jpgMary Ringer ...on exhibit
RingerF060309-031.jpgJudd Ringer product advertisements
RingerF060309-032.jpgRinger family notes
RingerF060309-033.jpgMary Ringer ...exhibit at Crosscreek, Wayzata
RingerF060309-034.jpgWilliam Marden Ringer 100th birthday
RingerF060309-036.jpgRinger notes
RingerF060309-037.jpgJudd Ringer Tomato Booser
RingerF060309-041.jpgJudd Ringer
RingerIMG_0001.jpgJudd Ringer obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 27
RingerIMG_0002.jpgC Judd Ringer obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 6, page 27
RingerIMG_0003.jpgWalter M Ringer Sr obituary NOTE original document in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 61
RitchieF060602-063.jpgJane Strand Ritchie Obituary
RitchieIMG.jpgElizabeth Chapman Ritchie obituary
RoachF060309-042.jpgMaurance Roach plat info
RoachF060309-043.jpgRoach note
RobbF060605-001.jpgDorothy Robb Winston sale draws 600 aggressive shoppers....
RobbIMG.jpgClyde S Robb obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 351
RobertIMG_0050.jpgSheri Lynn and Private Scott Robert marriage announcement
RobertIMG_0051.jpgMayoue J Robert note
RobertsF051212-001.jpgRoberts family reunion 1987
RobertsF051212-002.jpgRoberts family, photo likely taken summer of 1890
RobertsF051212-003.jpgPete Roberts notes
RobertsF051212-004.jpgJoseph Roberts notes
RobertsF051212-005.jpgRoberts of Watertown Road notes
RobertsF051212-006.jpgAhira Roberts
RobertsF051212-007.jpgAlbert, Augustus and Samuel Roberts
RobertsF051212-008.jpgAlbert Roberts notes
RobertsF051212-009.jpgHanna Catherine Roberts
RobertsF051212-010.jpgGrace Roberts (Wise) Obituary
RobertsF051212-011.jpgRoberts family reunion note
RobertsF051212-012.jpgRoberts notes
RobertsF051212-013.jpgRoberts letter 1 of 2
RobertsF051212-015.jpgRoberts letter 2 of 2
RobertsF051212-016.jpgMae Roberts Ruhberg A Dakota Blizzard 1 of 5
RobertsF051212-017.jpgMae Roberts Ruhberg....5 of 5
RobertsF051212-018.jpgMae Roberts Ruhberg....3 of 5
RobertsF051212-019.jpgMae Roberts Ruhberg....4 of 5
RobertsF051212-020.jpgMae Roberts Ruhberg....2 of 5
RobertsF051212-021.jpgIsabella McKinley Roberts biography 1 of 21
RobertsF051212-022.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....11 of 21
RobertsF051212-023.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....2 of 21
RobertsF051212-024.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....12 of 21
RobertsF051212-025.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....3 of 21
RobertsF051212-026.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....3 of 21
RobertsF051212-027.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....13 of 21
RobertsF051212-028.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....4 of 21
RobertsF051212-029.jpgRoberts family group 13 of 13
RobertsF051212-030.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....14 of 21
RobertsF051212-031.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....5 of 21
RobertsF051212-032.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....15 of 21
RobertsF051212-033.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....6 of 21
RobertsF051212-034.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....16 of 21
RobertsF051212-035.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....7 of 21
RobertsF051212-036.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....17 of 21
RobertsF051212-037.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....8 of 21
RobertsF051212-038.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....18 of 21
RobertsF051212-039.jpgIsabella MckInney Roberts....9 of 21
RobertsF051212-040.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....19 of 21
RobertsF051212-041.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....10 of 21
RobertsF051212-042.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....20 of 21
RobertsF051212-043.jpgRoberts The....20 of 100
RobertsF051212-044.jpgIsabella McKinney Roberts....21 of 21
RobertsF051212-045.jpgRoberts Annual re-union
RobertsF051212-046.jpgRoberts - Annual Reunion invitation 1980
RobertsF051212-047.jpgRoberts reunion invitation 1978
RobertsF051212-048.jpgRoberts reunioninviation 1977
RobertsF051212-049.jpgRoberts reunion invitation 1970
RobertsF051212-050.jpgRoberts family reunion invitation 1971
RobertsF051212-051.jpgRoberts family reunion 1976
RobertsF060512-001.jpgJoseph and Anna Roberts of Orono
RobertsF060512-002.jpgJohn H and Annie Roberts at old house that burned
RobertsF060512-003.jpgRoberts - Unidentified
RobertsF060512-004.jpgRoberts Family Group 1 of 13
RobertsF060512-005.jpgRoberts family group 2 of 13
RobertsF060512-006.jpgRoberts family group 3 of 13
RobertsF060512-007.jpgRoberts family group 12 of 13
RobertsF060512-009.jpgRoberts family group 4 of 13
RobertsF060512-010.jpgRoberts family group 5 of 13
RobertsF060512-011.jpgRoberts family group 6 of 13
RobertsF060512-012.jpgRoberts family group 7 of 13
RobertsF060512-013.jpgRoberts family group 8 of 13
RobertsF060512-014.jpgRoberts family group 9 of 13
RobertsF060512-015.jpgRoberts family group 10 of 13
RobertsF060512-016.jpgRoberts family group 11 of 13
RobertsF060512-017.jpgRoberts family notes 1 of 7
RobertsF060512-018.jpgRoberts family notes 2 of 7
RobertsF060512-019.jpgRoberts family notes 3 of 7
RobertsF060512-020.jpgRobert family notes 4 of 7
RobertsF060512-021.jpgRoberts family notes 5 of 7
RobertsF060512-022.jpgRobert family notes 6 of 7
RobertsF060512-023.jpgThe Roberts Family 250 years 1 of 100
RobertsF060512-024.jpgRoberts The....2 of 100
RobertsF060512-025.jpgRoberts The....4 of 100
RobertsF060512-026.jpgRoberts family notes 7 of 7
RobertsF060512-027.jpgRoberts The....3 of 100
RobertsF060512-028.jpgRoberts The....5 of 100
RobertsF060512-029.jpgRoberts The....6 of 100
RobertsF060512-030.jpgRoberts The....8 of 100
RobertsF060512-031.jpgRoberts The....9 of 100
RobertsF060512-032.jpgRoberts The....10 of 100
RobertsF060512-033.jpgRoberts....The....11 of 100
RobertsF060512-034.jpgRoberts The....12 of 100
RobertsF060512-035.jpgRoberts The....13 of 100
RobertsF060512-036.jpgRoberts The....14 of 100
RobertsF060512-037.jpgRoberts The....15 of 100
RobertsF060512-038.jpgRoberts The....16 of 100
RobertsF060512-039.jpgRoberts The....7 of 100
RobertsF060512-040.jpgRoberts The....17 of 100
RobertsF060512-041.jpgRoberts The....18 of 100
RobertsF060512-042.jpgRoberts The....19 of 100
RobertsF060512-043.jpgRoberts The....21 of 100
RobertsF060512-044.jpgRoberts The....22 of 100
RobertsF060512-045.jpgRoberts The....23 of 100
RobertsF060512-046.jpgRoberts The....24 of 100
RobertsF060512-047.jpgRoberts The....25 of 100
RobertsF060512-048.jpgRoberts The....26 of 100
RobertsF060512-049.jpgRoberts The....27 of 100
RobertsF060512-050.jpgRoberts The....28 of 100
RobertsF060512-051.jpgRoberts The....29 of 100
RobertsF060512-052.jpgRoberts The....30 of 100
RobertsF060512-053.jpgRoberts The....31 of 100
RobertsF060512-054.jpgRoberts The....32 of 100
RobertsF060512-055.jpgRoberts The....33 of 100
RobertsF060512-056.jpgRoberts The....34 of 100
RobertsF060512-057.jpgRoberts The....35 of 100
RobertsF060512-058.jpgRoberts The....36 of 100
RobertsF060512-059.jpgRoberts The....37 of 100
RobertsF060512-060.jpgRoberts The....38 of 100
RobertsF060512-061.jpgRoberts The....39 of 100
RobertsF060512-062.jpgRoberts The....40 of 100
RobertsF060512-063.jpgRoberts The....41 of 100
RobertsF060512-064.jpgJoseph A Roberts descendants 42 of 100
RobertsF060512-065.jpgRoberts The....43 of 100
RobertsF060512-066.jpgRoberts The....44 of 100
RobertsF060512-067.jpgRoberts The....45 of 100
RobertsF060512-068.jpgRoberts The....46 of 100
RobertsF060512-069.jpgRoberts The....47 of 100
RobertsF060512-070.jpgRoberts The....48 of 100
RobertsF060512-071.jpgRoberts The....49 of 100
RobertsF060512-072.jpgRoberts The....50 of 100
RobertsF060512-073.jpgRoberts The....51 of 100
RobertsF060512-074.jpgRoberts The....52 of 100
RobertsF060512-075.jpgRoberts The....53 of 100
RobertsF060512-076.jpgRoberts The....54 of 100
RobertsF060512-077.jpgRoberts The....55 of 100
RobertsF060512-078.jpgRoberts The....56 of 100
RobertsF060512-079.jpgRoberts The....57 of 100
RobertsF060512-081.jpgDavid James Roberts in 1981. Son of David, son of Samuel, son of Joseph Roberts
RobertsF060512-082.jpgRoberts The....58 of 100
RobertsF060512-083.jpgRoberts The....59 of 100
RobertsF060512-084.jpgRoberts The....60 of 100
RobertsF060512-085.jpgRoberts The....61 of 100
RobertsF060512-086.jpgRoberts The....62 of 100
RobertsF060512-087.jpgRoberts The....63 of 100
RobertsF060512-088.jpgRoberts The....64 of 100
RobertsF060512-089.jpgRoberts The....65 of 100
RobertsF060512-090.jpgRoberts The....66 of 100
RobertsF060512-091.jpgRoberts The.....67 of 100
RobertsF060512-092.jpgRoberts The....68 of 100
RobertsF060512-093.jpgRoberts The....69 of 100
RobertsF060512-094.jpgRoberts The.....70 of 100
RobertsF060512-095.jpgRoberts The....71 of 100
RobertsF060512-096.jpgRoberts The....72 of 100
RobertsF060512-097.jpgRoberts The....73 of 100
RobertsF060512-098.jpgRoberts The....74 of 100
RobertsF060512-099.jpgRoberts The....75 of 100
RobertsF060512-100.jpgRoberts The....76 of 100
RobertsF060512-101.jpgRoberts The....77 of 100
RobertsF060512-102.jpgRoberts The....78 of 100
RobertsF060512-103.jpgRoberts The....79 of 100
RobertsF060512-104.jpgRoberts The....80 of 100
RobertsF060512-105.jpgRoberts The....81 of 100
RobertsF060512-106.jpgRoberts The....82 of 100
RobertsF060512-107.jpgRoberts - Viola and George Butterfield
RobertsF060512-108.jpgRoberts The....83 of 100
RobertsF060512-109.jpgRoberts The....84 of 100
RobertsF060512-110.jpgRoberts The....85 of 100
RobertsF060512-111.jpgRoberts The....86 of 100
RobertsF060512-112.jpgRoberts The....87 of 100
RobertsF060512-113.jpgRoberts The....
RobertsF060512-116.jpgRoberts The....88 of 100
RobertsF060512-117.jpgRoberts The....89 of 100
RobertsF060512-118.jpgRoberts The....90 of 100
RobertsF060512-119.jpgRoberts The....91 of 100
RobertsF060512-120.jpgRoberts The....92 of 100
RobertsF060512-121.jpgRoberts The....93 of 100
RobertsF060512-122.jpgRoberts The....94 of 100
RobertsF060512-123.jpgRoberts The....95 of 100
RobertsF060512-124.jpgRoberts The....
RobertsF060512-125.jpgRoberts The....
RobertsF060512-126.jpgRoberts The....
RobertsF060512-127.jpgRoberts The....96 of 100
RobertsF060512-128.jpgRoberts The....97 of 100
RobertsF060512-129.jpgRoberts The....98 of 100
RobertsF060512-130.jpgRoberts The....99 of 100
RobertsF060512-131.jpgRoberts - Annora Turnham 90th birthday
RobertsF060512-133.jpgRoberts - Harriet McCabe, mother of Merriman McCabe
RobertsF060512-134.jpgRoberts - Merriam McCabe 84th birthday 1 of 2
RobertsF060512-135.jpgRoberts - Merriam McCabe....2 of 2
RobertsF060512-136.jpgRoberts - Club Women Delcare War on Hasty Marriages
RobertsF060513-001.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham's memoir 1 of 23
RobertsF060513-002.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....2 of 23
RobertsF060513-003.jpgRoberts 0 Annona Turham....3 of 23
RobertsF060513-004.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....4 of 23
RobertsF060513-005.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....5 of 23
RobertsF060513-006.jpgRoberts Annona Turham....6 of 23
RobertsF060513-007.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....7 of 23
RobertsF060513-008.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....8 of 23
RobertsF060513-009.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....9 of 23
RobertsF060513-010.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....10 of 23
RobertsF060513-011.jpgRoberts 0 Annona Turham....11 of 23
RobertsF060513-012.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....12 of 23
RobertsF060513-013.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....13 of 23
RobertsF060513-014.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....14 of 23
RobertsF060513-015.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....15 of 23
RobertsF060513-016.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....16 of 23
RobertsF060513-017.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....17 of 23
RobertsF060513-018.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....18 of 23
RobertsF060513-019.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....19 of 23
RobertsF060513-020.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....20 of 23
RobertsF060513-021.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....21 of 23
RobertsF060513-022.jpgRoberts - Annona Turham....22 of 23
RobertsF060513-023.jpgRoberts 0 Annona Turham....23 of 23
RobertsF060513-024.jpgRoberts note
RobertsF060513-025.jpgRoberts family reunion 1982, see F060513-026
RobertsF060513-026.jpgRoberts family renion 1982, see F060513-025
RobertsIMG.jpgJoseph Roberts - 1987 Family Reunion 08-30-1987 NOTE: original may be found in the Roberts Family File
RobertsIMG_0003.jpgShadrach L Roberts obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 263
RobertsIMG_0004.jpgMary Ann Roberts obituary 1954. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 299
RobertsIMG_0006.jpgElizabeth Roberts notes 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 61
RobertsIMG_0007.jpgMargaret Josephine Roberts NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 286
RobertsIMG_0008.jpgMargaret L Roberts obituary
RobertsIMG_0009.jpgGary C Roberts memoriam 12-26-1935 - 05-02-1989
RobertsIMG_0010.jpgGary E Roberts obituary
RobertsIMG_0011.jpgHarold L Roberts memoriam 09-26-1908 -09-26-1982
RobertsIMG_0012.jpgHarold L Roberts obituaqry 09-26-1982
RobertsIMG_0013.jpgBenjamin Roberts obituary
RobertsIMG_0014.jpgHarold Roberts note
RobertsIMG_0015.jpgRoberts Family 1719-1969 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
RobinsonF051214-001.jpgA H Robinson Letter to the Editor
RobinsonF051214-002.jpgAlfred B Robinson notes 1870 Farmers Union
RobinsonF051214-003.jpgTom Robinson note
RobinsonF051214-004.jpgA B Robinson note
RobinsonF051214-005.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-006.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-007.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-008.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-009.jpgRobinson Maplewoods Tales fromTonka
RobinsonF051214-010.jpgRobinson - Father Ravoux
RobinsonF051214-011.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-012.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-013.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-014.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-015.jpgRobinson notes
RobinsonF051214-016.jpgCeleste Robinson note
RobinsonF051214-017.jpgAlfred B Robinson memoir 1 of 3
RobinsonF051214-018.jpgAlfred B Robinson....2 of 3
RobinsonF051214-019.jpgAlfred B Robinson....3 of 3
RobinsonF051214-020.jpgLydia Robinsonnote
RobinsonF051214-021.jpgLydia Robinson genealogy 1 of 21
RobinsonF051214-022.jpgLydia Robinson....2 of 21
RobinsonF051214-023.jpgLydia Robinson....3 of 21
RobinsonF051214-024.jpgLydia Robinson....4 of 21
RobinsonF051214-025.jpgLydia Robinson....5 of 21
RobinsonF051214-026.jpgLydia Robinson....6 of 21
RobinsonF051214-027.jpgLydia Robinson....7 of 21
RobinsonF051214-028.jpgLydia Robinson....8 of 21
RobinsonF051214-029.jpgLydia Robinson....9 of 21
RobinsonF051214-030.jpgLydia Robinson....10 of 21
RobinsonF051214-031.jpgLydia Robinson....11 of 21
RobinsonF051214-032.jpgLydia Robinson....12 of 21
RobinsonF051214-033.jpgLydia Robinosn....13 of 21
RobinsonF051214-034.jpgLydia Robinson....14 of 21
RobinsonF051214-035.jpgLydia Robinson....15 of 21
RobinsonF051214-036.jpgLydia Robinson....16 of 21
RobinsonF051214-037.jpgLydia Robinson....17 of 21
RobinsonF051214-038.jpgLydia Robinson....18 of 21
RobinsonF051214-039.jpgLydia Robinson....19 of 21
RobinsonF051214-040.jpgLydia Robinson....20 of 21
RobinsonF051214-041.jpgLydia Robinson....21 of 21
RobinsonF051214-042.jpgRobinson of Robinson Bay notes
RobinsonF051214-044.jpgA B Robinson note
RockvamIMG.jpgBoots Rockvam obituary 11-26-2010
RockwellF051214-045.jpgRockwell notes
RockwellF051214-046.jpgRockwell Folder
RodellF051216 001.jpgG C Rodell note
RodellF051216 002.jpgG C Rodell note
RodellF051216 003.jpgRodell - Oscar Nelson note
RodellF051216 004.jpgRodell - note
RodellF051216 005.jpgRodell notes
RodellF051216 006.jpgRodell notes
RodellF051216 007.jpgGustav Rodell family notes
RodellF051216 008.jpgRodell notes
RodellF051216 009.jpgRodell notes
RodellF051216 010.jpgRodell - Abbie Griffin Diary of seamstress.....
RodellF051216 012.jpg-
RodellF051216 013.jpgRodell notes
RodellF051216 014.jpgRodell - Schulle's is 89 years old Schuler Shoe Store
RodellF051216 015.jpgMrs G Rodell
RodellF051216 016.jpgMamie Rodell
RodellF051216 017.jpgRodell - Paul Ley
RodellF051216 018.jpgRodell - George Ley and wife of Minnetonka Mills
RodellF051216 019.jpgRodell - Agnes Ley and Burt? Ley
RodellF051216 020.jpgRodell - unidentified Ley girl
RodellF051216 021.jpgRodell - Gertrude Ley
RodellF051216 022.jpgRodell - Hattie Ley
RodellF051216 023.jpgRodell - Hattie Ley
RodellF051216 024.jpgMr and Mrs G Rodell
RodellF051216 025.jpgRodell notes
RodellF051216 026.jpgRodell notes
RodellIMG.jpgLucretia Rodell NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 277
RodellIMG_0001.jpgLucretia Rodell note
RodnerF051209-001.jpgMrs Fred Rodner If 'Pentagon' was on TV...
RodnerF051209-002.jpgFred Rodner note
RodnerF051209-003.jpgJosephine Rodner death
RodnerF051209-004.jpgFred Rodner accident
RodnerF051209-005.jpgJosephine Rodner death
RodnerF051209-006.jpgRodner note
RodnerF051209-007.jpgBradshaw & Rodner Wayzata Meat Market advertisement
RodnerF051209-008.jpgEmily Rodner
RodnerF051209-009.jpgMary B Rodner Obituary
RodnerF051209-010.jpgCharles Rodner note
RodnerF051209-011.jpgAdam Rodner Cash Drawing Winners
RodnerF051209-012.jpgRodner notes
RodnerF051209-013.jpgMary Rodner
RodnerF051209-014.jpgRodner - Wrecking ball threatens little red house....
RodnerIMG.jpgMary Rodner obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 360
RodnerIMG_0001.jpgHenry James Rodner NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 273 1 of 2
RodnerIMG_0002.jpgHenry James Rodner NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 274 2 of 2
RodnerIMG_0003.jpgRaymond H Rodner obituary 11-1978
RodnerIMG_0004.jpgRaymond H Rodner obituary 11-29-1978
RodnerIMG_0005.jpgAlice C Rodner obituary 09-251911 - 12-31-1979
RodnerIMG_0006.jpgAlice C Rodner obituary 1979
RodnerIMG_0007.jpgHenry James Rodner note
RodumIMG_0001.jpgDavid L Rodum letter 1 of 2
RodumIMG_0002.jpgDavid L Rodum letter 2 of 2
RodumIMG_0003.jpgDavid L Rodum letter
RoedF061209-015.jpgGladys Fried? and Nettie Smith Roed
RoehlF051209-016.jpgAnna Roehl Elm note
RoehlF051209-017.jpgRoehl note
RoehlF051209-018.jpgRoehl Family Picnic article
RoehlF051209-019.jpgNiklas (Nicolaus) Roehl notes
RoehlF051209-020.jpgJohn A Roehl memoir
RoehlF051209-021.jpgWilliam (Bill) Roehl memoir
RoehlF051209-022.jpgMary Roehl Day Obituary
RoehlF051209-023.jpgRoehl - Robert Pepin Fire Levels Medina Home Benift Dance Planned
RoehlF051209-025.jpgElsie Roehl Holiday dinner
RoehlF051209-026.jpgDelia and Vernon Roehl 50th anniversary
RoehlF051209-027.jpgTerry Roehl Dorweiler Insurance
RoehlF051209-028.jpgAnne Marie Roehl engagement
RoehlF051209-029.jpgJerry and Kathy Roehl, Vicki, Ann, Matt and Sarah
RoehlF051209-030.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-031.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-032.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-033.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-034.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-035.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-036.jpgNicholas Roehl notes
RoehlF051209-037.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-038.jpgEvelyn Roehl family notes 1 of 6
RoehlF051209-039.jpgEvelyn Roehl....2 of 6
RoehlF051209-040.jpgEvelyn Roehl....3 of 6
RoehlF051209-041.jpgEvelyn Roehl....4 of 6
RoehlF051209-042.jpgEvelyn Roehl....5 of 6
RoehlF051209-043.jpgEvelyn Roehl....6 of 6
RoehlF051209-044.jpgRoehl Reunion 1989
RoehlF051209-045.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-046.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-047.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-048.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF051209-049.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF060217 001.jpgFamily of Robert and Donna Roehl
RoehlF060217 002.jpgRoehl - Greenwood school... article
RoehlF060217 003.jpgJames Roehl accepted for admission to Golden Valley Lutheran College...
RoehlF060217 004.jpgDonna Mae Roehl (Schoening) Obituary
RoehlF060217 005.jpgDonna Roehl Obituary
RoehlF060217 006.jpgRoehl children and spouses.....
RoehlF060217 007.jpgRobert and Donna Roehl ...received Citizen of the Year award honors.
RoehlF060217 008.jpgRoehl Northwest Chamber presents honors
RoehlF060217 009.jpgJim Roehl speaker WHPM
RoehlF060217 010.jpgJim Roehl
RoehlF060217 011.jpgDonna Roehl ...honored by international clerk's association
RoehlF060217 012.jpgRoehl - Certificate of Membershi[ in the Benedictine Mass Association
RoehlF060217 013.jpgDonna Mae Roehl memoriam
RoehlF060217 015.jpgWHCPA Quilt Raffle winner
RoehlF060217 016.jpgRoehl Commencement Golden Valley Lutheran College
RoehlF060217 019.jpgJames Roehl Archivist
RoehlF060217 020.jpgRobert Roehl Official Ballot Board of Directors
RoehlF060217 021.jpgUnidentified
RoehlF060217 022.jpgDonna Mae Roehl Obituary
RoehlF060217 023.jpgJohn A Roehl memoriam
RoehlF060217 024.jpgDonna Roehl memoir
RoehlF060217 025.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF060217 026.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF060217 030.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF060217 035.jpgRoehl notes
RoehlF060217 038.jpgArlene Roehl
RoehlIMG.jpgHenry Roehl and Alex Reiser note
RoehlIMG_0001.jpgKatrina Roehl obituary
RoehlIMG_0002.jpgRoehl family 1 of 8
RoehlIMG_0003.jpgRoehl family 2 of 8
RoehlIMG_0004.jpgRoehl family 3 of 8
RoehlIMG_0005.jpgRoehl family 4 of 8
RoehlIMG_0006.jpgRoehl family 5 of 8
RoehlIMG_0007.jpgRoehl family 6 of 8
RoehlIMG_0008.jpgRoehl family 7 of 8
RoehlIMG_0009.jpgRoehl family 8 of 8
RoehlIMG_0011.jpgDonna Mae Roehl memoriam 1 of 2
RoehlIMG_0012.jpgDonna Mae Roehl memoriam 2 of 2
RoehlIMG_0013.jpgDonna Mae Roehl funeral mass 02-28-1992 1 of 4
RoehlIMG_0014.jpgDonna Mae Roehl....2 of 4
RoehlIMG_0015.jpgDonna Mae Roehl....3 of 4
RoehlIMG_0016.jpgDonna Mae Roehl....4 of 4
RoehlIMG_0017.jpgJerry Roehl Don't Forget To Vote Jerry Roehl For Mayor sign
RoehlIMG_0018.jpgDonna Mae Roehl Medina's Donna Roehl killed in traffic accident 1 of 3
RoehlIMG_0019.jpgDonna Mae Roehl....2 of 3
RoehlIMG_0020.jpgDonna Mae Roehl obituary
RoehlIMG_0021.jpgRohl Sisters - L-R: Anna Marie Milbert; Mary Glassing; Catherine Daughtery 1938
RoehlIMG_0022.jpgRohl - Anne Marie Rohl Milbert's 80th Birthday. L-R: Ben; Hilda; Sam; Barb; Marg; Will; Ann; Ed; John; Kate; Matt (all her children)
RoehlIMG_0023.jpgMathias Rohl. Opposite of Margreth's stone. St Joseph's Cemetery, Medicine Lake, MN
RoehlIMG_0024.jpgPaulus Rohl - Genealogy 1 of 18
RoehlIMG_0025.jpgPaulus Rohl - Genealogy 2 of 18
RoehlIMG_0026.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 3 of 18
RoehlIMG_0027.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 4 of 18
RoehlIMG_0028.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 5 of 18
RoehlIMG_0029.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 6 of 18
RoehlIMG_0030.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 7 of 18
RoehlIMG_0031.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 8 of 18
RoehlIMG_0032.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 9 of 18
RoehlIMG_0033.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 10 of 18
RoehlIMG_0034.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 11 of 18
RoehlIMG_0036.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 12 of 18
RoehlIMG_0037.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 13 of 18
RoehlIMG_0038.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 14 of 18
RoehlIMG_0039.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealaogy 15 of 18
RoehlIMG_0040.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealaogy 16 of 18
RoehlIMG_0041.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 17 of 18
RoehlIMG_0042.jpgPaulus Rohl Genealogy 18 of 18
RoehlIMG_0043.jpgClem Roehl obituary 1953. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 297
RoehlIMG_0044.jpgJohn J Roehl obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 356
RoehlIMG_0045.jpgBernard A Roehl obituary March, 1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 9
RoehlIMG_0046.jpgBernard Roehl obituary 03-28-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 9
RoehlIMG_0048.jpgDonna Mae Roehl obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 10
RoehlIMG_0049.jpgDonald J Roehl memoriam 07-10-1921 - 04-22-1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 19 1 of 2
RoehlIMG_0050.jpgDonald J Roehl memoriam.....2 of 2
RoehlIMG_0051.jpgDonnaMae Roehl [Schoening] obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 10
RoehlIMG_0052.jpgBill Roehl obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 9
RoehlIMG_0053.jpgWilliam (Bill) Roehl memoriam 10-25-1966 - 01-29-1989 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 9
RoehlIMG_0054.jpgJohn A Roehl obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 54
RoehlIMG_0055.jpgJohn A Roehl obituary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 54
RoehlIMG_0056.jpgVernon Roehl obituary 03-02-1983
RoehlIMG_0057.jpgVernon D Roehl obituary 02-24-1983
RoehlIMG_0058.jpgMatthew Roehl - Decree of Distribution 07-09-1906 1 of 5
RoehlIMG_0059.jpgMatthew Roehl - Decree of Distribution 07-09-1906 2 of 5
RoehlIMG_0060.jpgMatthew Roehl - Decree of Distribution 07-09-1906 3 of 5
RoehlIMG_0061.jpgMatthew Roehl - Decree of Distribution 07-09-1906 4 of 5
RoehlIMG_0062-1.jpgRoehl, Milbert, Ernst Geneology Update Material August 2002 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
RoehlIMG_0062-2.jpgRoehl and Zimmer Families 1970-1980s NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
RoehlIMG_0062.jpgMatthew Roehl - Decree of Distribution 07-09-1906 5 of 5
RoggemanF051209-050.jpgRogemann notes
RoggemanF051209-051.jpgMrs Roggerman
RoggemanF051209-052.jpgRoggeman notes
RoggemanF051209-053.jpgRoggeman notes
RoggemanF051209-054.jpgRoggeman notes
RoggemanF051209-055.jpgRoggeman notes
RoggemanIMG.jpgAlex Roggeman obituary 1953 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 297
RomeF060218-001.jpgFred M Rome memoir
RomeF060218-002.jpgElmer Rome moves
RomeF060218-003.jpgFred M Rome birth of son
RomeF060218-004.jpgRome notes
RomeF060218-005.jpgRome notes
RomeF060218-006.jpgHorace B Rome note
RomeF060218-007.jpgRome notes
RomeF060218-008.jpgRome notes
RomeF060218-009.jpgRome notes
RomeF060218-010.jpgRome notes
RomeF060218-011.jpgRome notes
RomeIMG_0001-01.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....2 of 11
RomeIMG_0002-02.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....3 of 11
RomeIMG_0003-03.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....4 of 11
RomeIMG_0004-04.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....5 of 11
RomeIMG_0005-05.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....6 of 11
RomeIMG_0006-06.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....7 of 11
RomeIMG_0007-07.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....8 of 11
RomeIMG_0008-08.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....9 of 11
RomeIMG_0009-09.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....10 of 11
RomeIMG_0010-10.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell....11 of 11
RomeIMG_0011-11.jpgFred Rome & Redge Ferrell letter 01-25-2009 1 of 11
RomeIMG_0012.jpgFred Rome Wayzata Boy Joins with Pushers To Boom Home Town 10-01-1914 1 of 2
RomeIMG_0013.jpgFred Rome Wayzata Boy.... 2 of 2
RooneyF051209-056.jpgJames Rooney notes 1 of 5
RooneyF051209-057.jpgJames Rooney notes 2 of 5
RooneyF051209-058.jpgJames Rooney notes 3 of 5
RooneyF051209-059.jpgJames Rooney notes 4 of 5
RooneyF051209-060.jpgJames Rooney notes 5 of 5
RooneyF051209-061.jpgJames Rooney plat info
RooneyF051209-062.jpgJames Rooney plat info
RooneyF051209-063.jpgRooney Brothers: James B., Thomas G., and John Francis (Frank); well known locally as musicians for dances, played fiddles
RooneyF051209-064.jpgEliza Rooney
RootF051209-065.jpgFrancis Root note
RopnerIMG.jpgAlice Ropner note
RosanderF060218-012.jpgRosander notes
RosanderF060218-013.jpgRosander's Landing 1893 by Peter Clausen
RosanderF060218-014.jpgRosander notes
RosanderF060218-015.jpgRosander notes
RosanderF060218-017.jpgElla and Will Rosander notes
RosanderF060218-018.jpgRosander notes
RosanderF060218-019.jpgRosander notes
RosanderF060218-020.jpgRosander house and pavillion boat at Smith's Bay
RosanderIMG.jpgElla B Rosander obituary
RoschF060218-021.jpgRosch notes
RoschF060218-022.jpgNellie Rosch memoir
RoschF060218-023.jpgRemard Rosch death
RoschF060218-024.jpgRosch notes 1 of 3
RoschF060218-025.jpgRosch notes 2 of 3
RoschF060218-026.jpgRosch notes 3 of 3
RoschF060602-050.jpgJoseph B Rosch Obituary
RoschIMG.jpgRosch - Gertrude K Hunz obituary NOTE; original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 48
RoschIMG_0001.jpgDianne Marie Rosch Ancestors of....1 of 11
RoschIMG_0002.jpgDianne Marie Rosch....2 of 11
RoschIMG_0003.jpgDianne Marie Rosch....3 of 11
RoschIMG_0004.jpgDianne Marie Rosch....4 of 11
RoschIMG_0005.jpgDianne Marie Rosch....5 of 11
RoschIMG_0006.jpgDianne Marie Rosch....6 of 11
RoschIMG_0007.jpgDianne Marie Rosch....7 of 11
RoschIMG_0008.jpgDianne Marie Rosch....8 of 11
RoschIMG_0009.jpgDianne Marie Rosch....9 of 11
RoschIMG_0010.jpgDiane Marie Rosch....10 of 11
RoschIMG_0011.jpgDiane Marie Rosch....11 of 11
RoschIMG_0012.jpgHubert (Hip) Rosch obituary 1955 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 323
RoschIMG_0013.jpgGrace L Rosch memoriam 06-04-1901 - 11-30-1992
RoseF060218-027.jpgRose - Helen G Styner memoir
RoseIMG.jpgMrs Eda [Walsh] Rose note
RosengrenIMG.jpgJohn Jack Rosengren obituary 06-19-2003
RosingF060218-028.jpgKeith Rosing note
RosingF060218-029.jpgMr and Mrs Keith Rosing House is Build Around Handiman
RosingIMG.jpgNedra W Rosing obituary
RosingIMG_0001.jpgEarl A Rosing obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 271
RossF060325-092.jpgHerb Ross found service an education
RossF060325-093.jpgWilliam J Ross claim in Canada
RossF060325-094.jpgWilliam Ross house and family. Located on a knoll on the west end of County Road 84.
RossF060325-095.jpgRoss - Fred Styner, Minnetonka Beach Constable. Husband of Helen Ross Styner
RossF060325-096.jpgRoss - Front: William and Frances Ross. Back, L to R: Nellie Stubbs, unknown person, Nate Stubbs, Amy Ross, unknown person
RossF060325-097.jpgHerbert R Ross Orono Checks Voting for 2 Trustees
RossF060325-098.jpgR J Ross An Explanation
RossF060325-099.jpgRichard Ross and family moves
RossF060325-100.jpgR J Ross note
RossF060325-101.jpgRoss - Sarah McFadden marriage
RossF060325-102.jpgRoss - Neva Rorr marriage
RossF060325-103.jpgBetty A Ross memoir
RossF060325-104.jpgJerry and Betty Ross 40th anniversary
RossF060325-105.jpgRoss - Grandma Ross note
RossF060325-106.jpgRoss notes
RossF060325-107.jpgRoss notes
RossF060325-108.jpgWilliam Ross barn
RossF060325-109.jpgWilliam Ross farm and steam tractor
RossF060325-110.jpgWilliam Ross in wheel chair
RossF060325-111.jpgNeva Ross and George Dye 1947
RossF060325-112.jpgRoss notes
RossF060325-113.jpgRoss notes
RossF060325-114.jpgRoss Genealogy 1 of 9
RossF060325-115.jpgRoss notes
RossF060325-116.jpgRoss....2 of 9
RossF060325-117.jpgRoss....3 of 9
RossF060325-118.jpgRoss....4 of 9
RossF060325-119.jpgRoss....5 of 9
RossF060325-120.jpgRoss....6 of 9
RossF060325-121.jpgRoss....7 of 9
RossF060325-122.jpgRoss....8 of 9
RossF060325-123.jpgRoss....9 of 9
RossF060325-124.jpgJames Ross plat info
RossF060325-125.jpgRoss notes
RossIMG.jpgAmy Ross obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 236
RossIMG_0001.jpgOrville Ross
RossIMG_0002.jpgMrs Francis Ross note
RossIMG_0003.jpgWilliam Jerimiah Ross note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 224
RossIMG_0004.jpgRoss unidentified2
RossIMG_0005.jpgRichard John Ross notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 240
RossIMG_0007.jpgMabel Ross obituary 01-03-1906 - 05-26-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 23
RossIMG_0008.jpgGerald H Ross obituary NOTE original document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 33
RossIMG_0009.jpgGerald H Ross memoriam 08-21-1929 - 06-12-1987 NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 33
RossIMG_0010.jpgAnna Karels obituary, mother of Betty Ross
RossIMG_0011.jpgHerbert H Ross obituary
RossIMG_0012.jpgHerbert R Ross memoriam 07-261900 - 09-23-1979
RossIMG_0013.jpgHerbert R Ross obituary 1979
RossIMG_0014.jpgF Maxine Ross obituary 07-23-1980
RossIMG_0015.jpgRichard Joseph Ross note
RossIMG_0016.jpgWm Jeremiah Ross note
RossIMG_0017.jpgMrs Frances Ross note
RothF060218-030.jpgJohn Roth note
RothF060218-031.jpgRoth - Judith T Carlson Obituary
RothF060218-032.jpgRoth notes
RothF060218-033.jpgGerhart Roth plat info
RoussellF060219-001.jpgRoussell notes
RoussellF060219-002.jpgThe Roussel Register 647 Years 1 of 26
RoussellF060219-003.jpgRoussell The....2 of 26
RoussellF060219-004.jpgRoussell The....3 of 26
RoussellF060219-005.jpgRousell The....4 of 26
RoussellF060219-006.jpgRoussell The....5 of 26
RoussellF060219-007.jpgRoussell The....6 of 26
RoussellF060219-008.jpgRoussell The....7 of 26
RoussellF060219-009.jpgRoussell The....8 of 26
RoussellF060219-010.jpgRoussell The....9 of 26
RoussellF060219-011.jpgRoussell The....10 of 26
RoussellF060219-012.jpgRoussell The....11 of 26
RoussellF060219-013.jpgRoussell The....12 of 26
RoussellF060219-014.jpgRoussell The....13 of 26
RoussellF060219-015.jpgRoussell The....14 of 26
RoussellF060219-016.jpgRoussell The....15 of 26
RoussellF060219-017.jpgRoussell The....16 of 26
RoussellF060219-018.jpgRoussell The....17 of 26
RoussellF060219-019.jpgRoussell The....18 of 26
RoussellF060219-020.jpgRoussell The....19 of 26
RoussellF060219-021.jpgRoussell The....20 of 26
RoussellF060219-022.jpgRoussell The....21 of 26
RoussellF060219-023.jpgRoussell The....22 of 26
RoussellF060219-024.jpgRoussell The....23 of 26
RoussellF060219-025.jpgRoussell The....24 of 26
RoussellF060219-026.jpgRoussell The....25 of 26
RoussellF060219-027.jpgRoussell The....26 of 26
RoussellIMG_0029.jpgRoussell "The Roussel Register" 647 Years From 1327 to 1973 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
RoyIMG.jpgPeter Roy obiutary NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 25
RoyerIMG_0001.jpgMarie Katherine Royer obituary 07-30-1938 - 06-22-2003
RubenF060219-028.jpgIsaac Rueben note
RubenF060219-029.jpgRuben New Palace Theatre ticket
RubottomF051205-001.jpgRubottom note
RuffF051205-002.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-003.jpgAlfred Ruff Pioneers promote other pioneer history
RuffF051205-004.jpgHarold Ruff
RuffF051205-005.jpgMrs John Ruff, Belle Brown
RuffF051205-006.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-008.jpgJoseph Ruff note
RuffF051205-009.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-010.jpgAl Ruff notes
RuffF051205-011.jpgRuff note
RuffF051205-012.jpgMary Belle Ruff memoir
RuffF051205-013.jpgJohn J Ruff Obituary
RuffF051205-014.jpgMr Ruff note
RuffF051205-015.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-016.jpgRettinger & Ruff Invoice
RuffF051205-017.jpgJohn Ruff memoir
RuffF051205-018.jpgAlfred W Ruff memoir
RuffF051205-019.jpgJohn Ruff note
RuffF051205-020.jpgMargaret Ruff Obituary
RuffF051205-021.jpgJohn Ruff sale of motorcycle
RuffF051205-022.jpgHarold J Ruff, Advertising invoices 1 of 3
RuffF051205-023.jpgHarold J Ruff....2 of 3
RuffF051205-024.jpgHarold J Ruff....3 of 3
RuffF051205-025.jpgAmy Eva Ruff Obituary
RuffF051205-026.jpgAlfred W Ruff Obituary
RuffF051205-027.jpgMrs J Ruff surprise party
RuffF051205-028.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-033.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-034.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-035.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-036.jpgRuff notes
RuffF051205-037.jpgRuff notes
RuffIMG.jpgAl Ruff at wheel, Jacob Scherer on right
RuffIMG_0001.jpgAlfred W Ruff memoriam 06-05-1897 - 07-03-1982
RuffIMG_0002.jpgAlfred W Ruff obituary
RuffIMG_0003.jpgEdna Cox Ruff home NOTE: original located in Ruff Family Folder
RumpzaF051205-038.jpgRumpza note
RumpzaF051205-039.jpgBruce Rumpza marriage
RumpzaF051205-040.jpgHarlan Rumpza death
RumpzaIMG_0032.jpgJoseph Rumpza and Mary Speckel "The HIstorical and Genealogical Heritage of ...." 1700s through the Year 2000 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
RuppeliusF051205-043.jpgWilliam Ruppelius notes
RuppeliusF051205-044.jpgRuppelius receipt from Twin City Oil Co
RuschF051205-041.jpgMary Rusch plat info
RuschF051205-042.jpgRusch notes
RussellF060328-025.jpgHenry Russell family
RussellF060328-026.jpgRussells Grove - Long Lake Presbyterian Sunday School picnic c.1900. Take at Russells woods on south shore of Long Lake where many picnics were held. Site also known as Russells Grove
RussellF060328-027.jpgDudley J Russell ...sent bridge postcards
RussellF060328-028.jpgMrs H C Russell note
RussellF060328-029.jpgWilliam F Russell (Bill) note
RussellF060328-030.jpgRussel Place Three residents....carried home sixteeen large bass.
RussellF060328-031.jpgRussell Beach note
RussellF060328-032.jpgElizabeth Russell (Bell) Obituary
RussellF060328-033.jpgRussell notes
RussellF060328-034.jpgRussell notes
RussellF060328-035.jpgRussell notes
RussellF060328-036.jpgRussell notes
RussellF060328-037.jpgRussell notes
RussellF060328-038.jpgHenry C Russell 50th anniversary
RussellF060328-039.jpgHenry C Russell
RussellF060328-040.jpgA J Russell Obituary
RussellF060328-041.jpgA J Russell death
RussellF060328-042.jpgRussell Who's Who in America 1926-1927, Volume 14
RussellF060328-044.jpgAlexander Russell note
RussellF060328-045.jpgRussell note
RussellF060328-046.jpgCaleb Russell note
RussellF060328-047.jpgRussell note
RussellF060328-048.jpgSterling Russell letter
RussellF060328-050.jpgSterling Russell note
RussellF060328-052.jpgRussell notes 1 of 4
RussellF060328-053.jpgRussell notes 2 of 4
RussellF060328-054.jpgRussell notes 3 of 4
RussellF060328-055.jpgRussell notes 4 of 4
RussellF060328-056.jpgSterling Russell notes 1 of 12
RussellF060328-057.jpgSterling Russell....2 of 12
RussellF060328-058.jpgSterling Russell....3 of 12
RussellF060328-059.jpgSterling Russell....4 of 12
RussellF060328-060.jpgSterling Russell....5 of 12
RussellF060328-061.jpgSterling Russell....6 of 12
RussellF060328-062.jpgSterling Russell....7 of 12
RussellF060328-063.jpgSterling Russell....8 of 12
RussellF060328-064.jpgSterling Russell....9 of 12
RussellF060328-065.jpgSterling Russell....10 of 12
RussellF060328-066.jpgSterling Russell....11 of 12
RussellF060328-067.jpgSterling Russell....12 of 12
RussellF060328-068.jpgAlexander Blackburn Russell note 1 of 3
RussellF060328-069.jpgAlexander Blackburn Russell...2 of 3
RussellF060328-070.jpgAlexander Blackwell Russell....3 of 3
RussellF060328-071.jpgA J Russell note
RussellF060328-072.jpgRussell - State and County Fair 1859
RussellF060328-074.jpgRussell family notes
RussellF060328-075.jpgDudley J Russell letter
RussellF060328-076.jpgRussell notes
RussellF060328-077.jpgRussell family notes 1 of 7
RussellF060328-078.jpgRussell family....2 of 7
RussellF060328-079.jpgRussell family....3 of 7
RussellF060328-080.jpgRussell family....4 of 7
RussellF060328-081.jpgRussell family....5 of 7
RussellF060328-082.jpgRussell family....6 of 7
RussellF060328-083.jpgRussell family....7 of 7
RussellF060328-085.jpgRussell notes 1 of 2
RussellF060328-086.jpgRussell notes 2 of 2
RussellIMG_0001.jpgRussell Do you know these guys? 1 of 2
RussellIMG_0002.jpgRussell Do you know....2 of 2
RussellIMG_0003.jpgRussell family Navarre area as state capital
RustIMG.jpgSteven A Rust obituary 05-26-1978
RustIMG_0002.jpgSp/4 Steven A Rust obituary 05-18-1978
RutledgeF060214-001.jpgRutledge notes
RutledgeF060214-002.jpgRutledge notes
RutledgeF060214-003.jpgTrust Account of Men Employed on Dr Rutledge's Farm 1917
RutledgeF060214-004.jpgRutledge notes 1 of 15
RutledgeF060214-005.jpgRutledge notes 2 of 15
RutledgeF060214-006.jpgRutledge notes 3 of 15
RutledgeF060214-007.jpgRutledge notes 4 of 15
RutledgeF060214-008.jpgRutledge notes 5 of 15
RutledgeF060214-009.jpgRutledge notes 6 of 15
RutledgeF060214-010.jpgRutledge notes 7 of 15
RutledgeF060214-011.jpgRutledge notes 8 of 15
RutledgeF060214-012.jpgRutledge notes 9 of 15
RutledgeF060214-013.jpgRutledge notes 10 of 15
RutledgeF060214-014.jpgRutledge notes 11 of 15
RutledgeF060214-015.jpgRutledge notes 12 of 15
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RydholmIMG.jpgInga G Rydholm memoriam 01-21-1988
RydholmIMG_0001.jpgInga Rydholm obituary 01-24-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book numbe r9, page 7
RyeF060214-023.jpgCharles Rye plat info