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ValeriusIMG.jpgAloysia L Valerius obituary 07-24-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 37
Van DusenIMG.jpgGeorge C Van Dusen Jr obituary 10-08-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 41
Van HorneIMG_0002.jpgJames H Van Horne family information
Van HorneIMG_0003.jpgVan Horne - letter to Corinna Castor 09-20-1999
Van HorneIMG_0004.jpgCorinna Castor address
VanBeusekomF060312 052.jpgTom VanBeusekom, Loretto Mayor
VanBeusekomF060312 053.jpgVanBeusekom notes
VanderbundtF060312-054.jpgVanderbundt notes
VanderbundtIMG.jpgGertrude VanderBundt obituaqry 07-03-1979
VanDerHagenF060312-047.jpgVanDerHagen home
VanDerHagenF060312-048.jpgHenry VanDerHagen 50th anniversary
VanDerHagenF060312-049.jpgHenry and Marie VanDerhagen 59th wedding anniversary 1 of 2
VanDerHagenF060312-050.jpgHenry and Marie VanDerHagen....2 of 2
VanDerHagenF060312-051.jpgVanDerHagen - Marie C Hessburg obituary
VanderwalkerF060312-055.jpgVanderwalker notes
VanderwalkerF060312-056.jpgVanderwalker notes
VanderwalkerF060312-057.jpgVanderwalker notes
VanderwalkerF060312-058.jpgVanderwalker notes
VanderwalkerF060312-059.jpgVanderwalker Maplewood Academy
VanderwalkerF060312-060.jpgVanderwalker notes
VanderwalkerF060312-061.jpgVanderwalker home
VanderwalkerF060312-062.jpgVanderwalker - unidentified
VanderwalkerF060312-063.jpgVanderwalker - Faculty lodge
VanderwalkerF060312-064.jpgVanderwalker - boys dormitory and main building
VandeverIMG.jpgHelen [Towle] Vandever September 1980
VanEveryF060312-063.jpgJoseph B VanEvery Obituary
VanEveryF060312-064.jpgVanEvery Homecoming at Wayzata
VanEveryF060312-065.jpgVanEvery notes
VanEveryF060312-066.jpgVanEvery, Captain 100 Flak Holes in Van Every's Plane
VanEveryF060312-067.jpgHarold VanEvery
VanEveryF060312-068.jpgHarold VanEvery
VanEveryF060312-069.jpgVanEvery notes
VanEveryF060312-070.jpgVanEvery notes
VanEveryF060312-071.jpgHarold VanEvery
VanEveryF060312-073.jpgVanEvdery - He'll Carry On For Injured Andy
VanEveryF060312-076.jpgHarold VanEvery
VanEveryIMG.jpgDorothy E VanEvery obituary 10-05-1981
VanNestIMG.jpgWilliam B VanNest obituary 08-26-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 70
VantHullF060309-047.jpgSandra Vanthull Obituary
VanValkenbergF060312-082.jpgVanValkenberg notes 1 of 3
VanValkenbergF060312-083.jpgVanValkenberg notes 2 of 3
VanValkenbergF060312-084.jpgHenry VanVaulkenberg notes
VanValkenbergF060312-085.jpgRichard VanVaulkenberg 1860 census
VanValkenbergF060312-086.jpgVanValkenberg notes
VanValkenbergF060312-087.jpgVanValkenberg - W D Lynes Obituary
VanValkenbergF060312-088.jpgVanValkenberg notes
VanValkenbergF060312-089.jpgVanValkenberg notes
VanValkenbergF060312-110.jpgVanValkenberg ntoes 3 of 3
VartyF060309-048.jpgJoseph William Varty memoir
VartyF060309-049.jpgLenore Varty memoir
VartyF060309-050.jpgIsaac Varty purchases touring car
VartyF060309-051.jpgMrs Joseph Varty entertains
VartyF060309-052.jpgJ W Varty For Sale
VartyF060309-053.jpgMrs Joe Varty feeling better
VartyF060309-054.jpgJoe Varty purchases Hudson car
VartyF060309-055.jpgWilson R Varty Petition for Proof of Will and/or Summary Distribution....
VartyF060309-056.jpgJoe Varty building a new barber shop
VartyF060309-057.jpgVarty - Delano School bond vote passes
VartyF060309-059.jpgVarty notes
VeitF060309-060.jpgArthur Theodore Veit Family Register 1 of 4
VeitF060309-061.jpgArthur Theodore Veit.... 2 of 4
VeitF060309-062.jpgArthur Theodore Veit....3 of 4
VeitF060309-063.jpgArthur Theodore Veit....4 of 4
VeitF060309-064.jpgVeit notes
VeitF060309-065.jpgArlette MarCella Veit note
VelieIMG.jpgKate Velie Gibbs obituary 10-13-2011
VelieIMG_0001.jpgVelie 'Celebrate Yourself' at Y's
VelieIMG_0002.jpgVelie Mrs Thatcher Takes Active Part in Chicago Convention
VelieIMG_0003.jpgVelie Farview Properties 12-01-1976
VelieIMG_0004.jpgVelie Mrs. Thatcher, Defeated Chairwoman, Not Surprised 04-11-1968
VelieIMG_0005.jpgVelie ...and Art is topic of DFL Meeting 11-14-1965
VelieIMG_0006.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0007.jpgMary Louise Velie Krogness engagement annoucement
VelieIMG_0008.jpgVelie - Melville A R Krogness Retired Banker to Head for Wide Open Spaces 01-23-1964
VelieIMG_0009.jpgVelie note
VelieIMG_0010.jpgVelie Velie Motors Moves Soon to Its New 'Auto Plaza 08-09-1968
VelieIMG_0011.jpgElizabeth D Velie obituary
VelieIMG_0012.jpgCharles and Elizabeth [Decker] Velie note
VelieIMG_0013.jpgCharles K Velie Estate Sale notice 1924
VelieIMG_0014.jpgVelie - Charles V Krogness voting literature
VelieIMG_0015.jpgVelie - Letter from George S Pillsbury 05-15-1968
VelieIMG_0016.jpgCharles Deere Velie family notes
VelieIMG_0017.jpgVelie Motor Vehicle notes 1 of 2
VelieIMG_0018.jpgVelie Motor....2 of 2
VelieIMG_0019.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0020.jpgElizabeth Velie engagement annoucement 08-08-1981
VelieIMG_0021.jpgCharles Koon Velie, Sr obituary 07-28-1982
VelieIMG_0022.jpgMary Warner Velie wedding announcement 11-16-1983
VelieIMG_0023.jpgCharles K Velie obituary 07-23-1982
VelieIMG_0024.jpgVelie - Mary Louise Krogness marriage announcement 06-30-1982
VelieIMG_0025.jpgMary Warner Velie engagement announcement
VelieIMG_0026.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0027.jpgVelie - Deere & Webber Co advertisement 1899
VelieIMG_0028.jpgQuincie Velie marriage announcement
VelieIMG_0029.jpgMrs Charles K Velie, Sr obituary 09-29-1982
VelieIMG_0030.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0031.jpgVelie - Deere & Webbber Co advertisement
VelieIMG_0032.jpgVelie Motor Company advertisement 10-10-1940
VelieIMG_0033.jpgVelie Going To Town in 1942 05-03-1942 NOTE: remainder of document located in Velie Family Folder
VelieIMG_0034.jpgVelie Achievements John Deer, Industrialist and Inventor
VelieIMG_0035.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0036.jpgVelie Motor Company advertisement 1940
VelieIMG_0037.jpgVelie - Jean Krogness Spotlight
VelieIMG_0038.jpgVelie Up and Down Park Avenue 01-20-1952 NOTE: remainder of document located in Velie Family Folder
VelieIMG_0039.jpgKate Velie MacMillan and Harold Sweatt Reed engagement announcement 07-14-1982
VelieIMG_0040.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0041.jpgCharles Deere Velie notes
VelieIMG_0042.jpgC D Velie notes
VelieIMG_0044.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0045.jpgVelie Dear Republican Friend 01-17-1964
VelieIMG_0046.jpgVelie _ Charles V Krogness campaign literature 05-11-1967
VelieIMG_0047.jpgVelie North Shore...South Shore
VelieIMG_0048.jpgVelie - Katharine Jeanne engagement announcement
VelieIMG_0049.jpgC D Velie note
VelieIMG_0050.jpgVelie note
VelieIMG_0051.jpgC D Velie note
VelieIMG_0052.jpgMargaret Velie wedding announcement
VelieIMG_0053.jpgC D Velie letter 04-14-1911
VelieIMG_0054.jpgC D Velie Ernest Money Contract of Sale 12-13-1910 1 of 2
VelieIMG_0055.jpgC D Velie Earnest Money....2 of 2
VelieIMG_0056.jpgVelie Crystal Bay notes 02-10-1916
VelieIMG_0057.jpgVelie notes 09-07-1916
VelieIMG_0058.jpgVelie For Sale 11-08-1917
VelieIMG_0059.jpgChas. Velie and wife article 07-05-1917
VelieIMG_0060.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0061.jpgChas D Velie notes
VelieIMG_0062.jpgJosephine Velie Krogness marriage announcement 07-18-1988
VelieIMG_0063.jpgJosephine Velie engagement announcement 02-15-1988
VelieIMG_0064.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0065.jpgC D Velie Hoyts German Cologne sold to Charles
VelieIMG_0066.jpgGladys V Krogness obituary 04-22-1988
VelieIMG_0067.jpgCharles K Velie notes
VelieIMG_0068.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0069.jpgC D Velie notes
VelieIMG_0070.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0071.jpgWillard Deere Velie engagement announcement 06-09-1986
VelieIMG_0072.jpgVelie - Elizabeth Ann Krogness engagement announcement
VelieIMG_0073.jpgVelie farm note
VelieIMG_0074.jpgCharles Decker Velie engagement announcement 05-26-1988
VelieIMG_0075.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0076.jpgLouise Velie Coronation in turn-of-the century Russia carries sisters to Moscow 1 of 2
VelieIMG_0077.jpgLouise Velie Coronation....2 of 2
VelieIMG_0078.jpgVelie notes
VelieIMG_0079.jpgVelie Bride Makes Gowns, Tailors Groom's Coat for Wedding Here
VelieIMG_0080.jpgVelie Velie Home Being Razed Only the Trees to Stand
VelieIMG_0081.jpgMargaret Velie Bias Against Women in Politics? 1 of 2
VelieIMG_0082.jpgMargaret Velie Bias....2 of 2
VelieIMG_0083.jpgMr and Mrs Charles D Velie 50th Wedding Anniversary 06-29-1977
VelieIMG_0084.jpgVelie - Melville A R Krogness and George Deere Krogness book NOTE: original document located in Velie Family Folder
VelieIMG_0085.jpgVelie - David Nitz for 1989 Fagerness Point Road, Wayzata
VelieIMG_0086.jpgElizabeth Decker Velie obituary 09-22-1982
VelieIMG_0087.jpgCharles K Velie obituary 07-23-1982
VerlemanIMG.jpgAnna Marie Elsabein Verleman, Ancestors of
VestIMG.jpgVest Family - Circa 1908,
VickermanF060309-066.jpgGlenard Leory Vickerman Jr memoir
VickermanF060309-067.jpgLisle and Jean Vickerman Obituary
VickermanF060309-068.jpgLisle and Jean Vickerman Obituary
VickermanIMG.jpgNina Vickerman obituary 07-25-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 24
VickermanIMG_0001.jpgGlenard L Vickerman obituary 01-22-1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 9
VickermanIMG_0002.jpgGlenard Leroy Vickerman Jr memoriam 03-10-1925 - 01-20-1992 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, page 9
VikenIMG.jpgMelvin B Viken obituary
VoigtF060312-094.jpgGladys M Voigt obituary
VolinkatyIMG.jpgEdward T Volinkaty obituary
VolkIMG.jpgHazel Babcock Volk obituary 07-13-1982
VolkenantIMG.jpgMargaret Volenant obituary
VollbrechtF060312-090.jpgVollbrecht notes
VolneyIMG.jpgVernon D (Vic) Volney obituary 05-26-1982
VolneyIMG_0001.jpgVernon D Volney obituary 05-26-1982
VonEndeF060312-091.jpgVonEnde family notes 1 of 5
VonEndeF060312-092.jpgVonEnde family....2 of 5
VonEndeF060312-093.jpgVonEnde family....3 of 5
VonEndeF060312-094.jpgVonEnde family....4 of 5
VonEndeF060312-095.jpgVonEnde family....5 of 5