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WagmanIMG.jpgJohn and Peller M Wagman vs The City of Mound and County of Hennepin Subpoena 1984
WagnerF060310-033.jpgWagner notes
WagnerF060310-034.jpgJohn Wagner plat info
WagnerF060310-035.jpgJim and Dick Wagner a dream boat 1 of 2
WagnerF060310-036.jpgJim and Dick Wagner....2 of 2
WagnerF060310-038.jpgWagner notes
WaidF060310-039.jpgJames M Waid plat info
WaidF060310-040.jpgWaid notes
WaidIMG.jpgArthur Vernon Waid obituary 1979
WakefieldF060313-001.jpgWakefield Between the Lines
WakefieldF060313-003.jpgWakefield - Indian mounds are subject of next Wayzata Historical Society meeting
WakefieldF060313-004.jpgElizabeth Wakefield Bradbury
WakefieldF060313-005.jpgWakefield The Harringtons and the Wakefields 1 of 2
WakefieldF060313-006.jpgWakefield The....2 of 2
WakefieldF060313-007.jpgWakefield Letter from Old Settler
WakefieldF060313-008.jpgBradford E Wakefield memoir
WakefieldF060313-009.jpgDick Wakefield ..Roots Deep in Wayzata Soil
WakefieldF060313-010.jpgDick Wakefield newspaper article
WakefieldIMG_0001.jpgRichard E Wakefield obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 324
WakefieldIMG_0002.jpgLyman E Wakefield Jr A Star Shines....2 of 2
WakefieldIMG_0003.jpgLyman E Wakefield Jr Wakefield to head company 03-20-1975
WakefieldIMG_0004.jpgMrs Elizabeth Wakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0005.jpgWarren Wakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0006.jpgWaekfield Farms - Orono
WakefieldIMG_0007.jpgElsie E Wakefield obituary
WakefieldIMG_0008.jpgLyman E Wakefield Wakefield named Chairman of Board 06-12-1974
WakefieldIMG_0009.jpgBradford note
WakefieldIMG_0010.jpgLyman Wakefield Jr .....donates 2 of 2
WakefieldIMG_00100.jpgDr Kee Wakefield Obituary 05-10-1940
WakefieldIMG_00101.jpgWakefield notes NOTE: additonal notes located in Wakefield Family Folder
WakefieldIMG_00102.jpgJohn E Wakefield note Wayzata reporter May 1918
WakefieldIMG_00103.jpgSamuel C Wakefield Sr obituary 07-04-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 33
WakefieldIMG_00104.jpgDr K Wakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0011.jpgLyman Wakefield Jr., ....donates 1 of 2
WakefieldIMG_0012.jpgWakefield History and Genealogy of the Christlieb family 1 of 3
WakefieldIMG_0013.jpgWakefield History....2 of 3
WakefieldIMG_0014.jpgWakefield History....3 of 3
WakefieldIMG_0015.jpgWakefield Along the Village Street
WakefieldIMG_0016.jpgBardford Wakefield Broad Axes Clear North Shore 1 of 2
WakefieldIMG_0017.jpgBardford Wakefield Broad Axes....2 of 2
WakefieldIMG_0018.jpgTom Wakefield
WakefieldIMG_0019.jpgMrs Bradford Wakefield
WakefieldIMG_0020.jpgLyman Wakefield
WakefieldIMG_0021.jpgWarren Wakefield
WakefieldIMG_0022.jpgWakefield Place, east end
WakefieldIMG_0023.jpgWarren Wakefield Along Our Street 02-21-1918 1 of 2
WakefieldIMG_0024.jpgWarren Wakefield Wayzata Reporter 08-22-1912
WakefieldIMG_0025.jpgWakefield Lost, a $5.00 bill on Wayzata Street
WakefieldIMG_0026.jpgWarren Wakefield business card
WakefieldIMG_0027.jpgWarren Wakefield business card
WakefieldIMG_0028.jpgWarren Wakefield Along Our Street 08-31-1916
WakefieldIMG_0029.jpgElmer E Bradford, son of Bradford Wakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0030.jpgWakefield Medina News 05-08-1916
WakefieldIMG_0031.jpgWarren Wakefield Wayzata Reporter 08-22-1912
WakefieldIMG_0032.jpgWarren Wakefield Wayzata Reporter 12-25-1913
WakefieldIMG_0033.jpgWakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0034.jpgWilliam 'Muno Wakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0035.jpgWilliam Wakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0036.jpgWakefield notes
WakefieldIMG_0037.jpgWakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0038.jpgWakefield notes 1 of 5
WakefieldIMG_0039.jpgWakefield notes 2 of 5
WakefieldIMG_0040.jpgWakefield notes 3 of 5
WakefieldIMG_0041.jpgWakefield notes 4 of 5
WakefieldIMG_0042.jpgWakefield notes 5 of 5
WakefieldIMG_0043.jpgWarren Wakefield Along Our Street 08-02-1917
WakefieldIMG_0044.jpgL E Wakefield Efficiency Instructor
WakefieldIMG_0045.jpgWarren Wakefield Women's Words 01-22-1914
WakefieldIMG_0046.jpgWarren Wakefield editorial 05-07-1914
WakefieldIMG_0047.jpgWarren Wakefield Along Our Street 08-02-1917
WakefieldIMG_0048.jpgRichard Dick E Wakefield Letters from the Boys 12-13-1917
WakefieldIMG_0049.jpgWarren Wakefield North Shore Settlement 07-12-1916 1 of 4
WakefieldIMG_0050.jpgWarren Wakefield North Shore....4 of 4
WakefieldIMG_0051.jpgRichard Wakefield Two Letters From England 10-13-1918
WakefieldIMG_0052.jpgWarren Wakefield North Shore....2 of 4
WakefieldIMG_0053.jpgWarren Wakefield North Shore....3 of 4
WakefieldIMG_0054.jpgWakefield WHPA Heritage Center 1 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0055.jpgWakefield WHPA....2 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0056.jpgWakefield WHPA....3 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0057.jpgWakefield WHPA....4 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0058.jpgWakefield WHPA....5 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0059.jpgWakefield WHPA....6 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0060.jpgWakefield WHPA....7 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0061.jpgWakefield WHPA....8 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0062.jpgWakefield WHPA....9 of 9
WakefieldIMG_0063.jpgEleizabeth A Wakefield letter 08-23-1971
WakefieldIMG_0064.jpgWakefield notes
WakefieldIMG_0065.jpgWakefield Visitin' 'Round in Minnesota 1 of 4
WakefieldIMG_0066.jpgWakefield Visitin'....2 of 4
WakefieldIMG_0067.jpgWakefield Visitin'....3 of 4
WakefieldIMG_0068.jpgWakefield Visitin'....4 of 4
WakefieldIMG_0069.jpgLyman E Wakefield Jr A Star Shines in Minneapolis' First National Bank 1 of 2
WakefieldIMG_0070.jpgWarren Wakefield notes 1912
WakefieldIMG_0071.jpgWarren Wakefield animal story
WakefieldIMG_0072.jpgLyman Wakefield Jr Medina man named to Constitution foundation 11-24-1957
WakefieldIMG_0073.jpgSam Wakefield notes
WakefieldIMG_0074.jpgLyman E Wakefield, Piper, Jaffray, & Hopwood, Minneapolis
WakefieldIMG_0075.jpgMr and Mrs Lyman E Wakefield Jr $100,000 Given Wayzata Church for Memorial
WakefieldIMG_0076.jpgBradford Wakefield notes
WakefieldIMG_0077.jpgAbbey Eldridge Wakefield
WakefieldIMG_0078.jpgMrs Warren Wakefield An Open Letter
WakefieldIMG_0079.jpgWarren Wakefield miscellaneous memoirs
WakefieldIMG_0080.jpgWarren Wakefield, Wayzata. Son of Bradford Wakefield
WakefieldIMG_0081.jpgTom Wakefield obituary 04-30-1943
WakefieldIMG_0082.jpg=Warren Wakefield Wayzata Reporter 07-17-1913
WakefieldIMG_0083.jpgWarren and Dorothy Wakefield address
WakefieldIMG_0084.jpgMrs Warren Wakefield, ....94, Wore Trousers Here, 1868
WakefieldIMG_0085.jpgDr Kee Wakefield in Medical Men of Meeker County Until 1900
WakefieldIMG_0086.jpgWarren Wakefield editorial Along the Village Street 05-13-1915
WakefieldIMG_0087.jpgWarren Wakefield
WakefieldIMG_0088.jpgWakefield A Sketch of Public Schools at Wayzata Through 100 Years
WakefieldIMG_0089.jpgWarren Wakefield
WakefieldIMG_0090.jpgRichard E Wakefield success story Lift a stein in honor of Wakefield 02-21-1979
WakefieldIMG_0091.jpgLowell G Wakefield New independent bank 10-28-1989
WakefieldIMG_0092.jpgWakefield - Kenneth Bollum at Union Cemetery Long Lake
WakefieldIMG_0093.jpgBradford Wakefield 1816-1868
WakefieldIMG_0094.jpgWarren Wakefield Wayzata Reporter
WakefieldIMG_0095.jpgBradford E Wakefield Jr note 02-08-1917
WakefieldIMG_0096.jpgWarren Wakefield Died in Minneapolis 05-02-1918
WakefieldIMG_0098.jpgRichard Wakefield note 08-22-1918
WakefieldIMG_0099.jpgWarren Wakefield note
WakefieldIMG_0105.jpgWakefield "The Wakefield Pioneers" and Wakefield Firsthand NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
WalcottF060313-009.jpgFrank N Walcott
WalcottF060313-010.jpgM J B Walcott
WalesF060313-011.jpgWilliam W Wales History of Hennepin County
WalesF060313-012.jpgWales notes
WalesF060313-013.jpgWales notes
WalesF060313-014.jpgWilliam W Wales family notes
WalesF060313-015.jpgWilliam Wales note
WalesF060313-016.jpgWales notes
WalesF060313-017.jpgWales letter
WalesF060313-018.jpgWales & Co
WalesF060313-019.jpgWales notes
WalesF060313-020.jpgWales notes
WalesF060313-021.jpgWales notes
WalesF060313-022.jpgHenry Wales plat info
WalkerIMG_0001.jpgHarry and Ruby Walker 1961, 58th Wedding Anniversary
WalkerIMG_0002.jpgHarry and Ruby Walker and Children: Ethelyn; Arlie; Delores; Stankley; Geraldine; Vivian; Shirley; Terry
WalkerIMG_0003.jpgHarry and Ruby Walker 50th Wedding Anniversary 1961
WalkerIMG_0004.jpgRoy V Walker memoriam 02-15-1989 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeyting Minutes, book number 8, page 11
WalkerIMG_0005.jpgJ Walker note NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 11
WalkerIMG_0006.jpgVernice L Walker obituary 10-30-1983
WalkerIMG_0007.jpgVernice L Walker obituary 10-30-1983, daugher of Alfred Thies of Long Lake
WalkerIMG_0008.jpgVernice L Walker memoriam 03-21-1910 - 10-30-1983
WalkerIMG_0009.jpgLottie M [Hanlon} Walker obituary 08-19-79
WalkerIMG_0010.jpgLottie M Walker obituary
WalkerIMG_0011.jpgJohn S Walker obituary 1980
WalkupF060602-037.jpgRev. Walkup in 1937 at camp at Lake Pulaski in Buffalo, MN
WallinF060324-001.jpgWallin notes
WallinF060324-002.jpgOlga Wallin estate sale
WallinF060324-003.jpgHarry J Wallen surprise party
WallinF060324-004.jpgOlga M Wallen memoir
WallinIMG.jpgEmma Wallin obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 10
WalshF060324-005.jpgE B Walsh Lake Side Farm invoice
WalshF060324-006.jpgAmy Walsh campaign endorsement
WalshF060324-007.jpgEdmund B Walsh WHCP membership
WalshF060324-008.jpgWalsh letter regarding James Faulkner
WalshF060324-009.jpgB E Walsh
WalshF060324-010.jpgHenry Walsh, Treasurer Womens Relief Corps
WalshF060324-011.jpgLehilia Walsh The Hazards of Housecleaning
WalshF060324-012.jpgWalsh - Spencer Smith sale of home
WalshF060324-013.jpgWalsh- note
WalshF060324-014.jpgRussell D Walsh Musician scores as temporary typist
WalshF060324-015.jpgSusan Walsh notes
WalshF060324-016.jpgWalsh family notes 1 of 2
WalshF060324-017.jpgWalsh family notes 2 of 2
WalshF060324-018.jpgMary Ann Dillman Walsh family notes
WalshF060324-019.jpgE B Walsh Cemetary repaired with help
WalshF060324-020.jpgWalsh - Mr & Mrs LeGrand Howard Death of Baby
WalshF060324-021.jpgBurke Edward Walsh notes
WalshF060324-022.jpgBurke Walsh letter 1 of 3
WalshF060324-023.jpgBurke Walsh letter 2 of 3
WalshF060324-024.jpgBurke Walsh letter 3 of 3
WalshF060324-025.jpgWalsh notes
WalshF060324-026.jpgWalsh notes
WalshF060324-027.jpgWalsh notes 1 of 5
WalshF060324-028.jpgWalsh notes 2 of 5
WalshF060324-029.jpgWalsh notes 3 of 5
WalshF060324-030.jpgWalsh notes 4 of 5
WalshF060324-031.jpgWalsh notes 5 of 5
WalshF060324-032.jpgEdmund Walsh
WalshF060324-033.jpgWalsh home, Walsh Road later Orono Orchard Road
WalshF060324-034.jpgBurke Walsh, friends of
WalshF060324-035.jpgMrs Burke Walsh address
WalshF060324-036.jpgWalsh - Mary Lodenburg letter 1 of 4
WalshF060324-037.jpgWalsh - Mary....2 of 4
WalshF060324-038.jpgWalsh - Mary....3 of 4
WalshF060324-039.jpgWalsh - Mary....4 of 4
WalshF060324-040.jpgWalst notes
WalshF060324-042.jpgWalsh family notes 1 of 3
WalshF060324-043.jpgWalsh family notes 2 of 3
WalshF060324-044.jpgWalsh family notes 3 of 3
WalshF060324-045.jpgEdward Faulkner Walsh notes
WalshF060324-046.jpgWilliam Walsh death certificate
WalshF060324-047.jpgWalsh notes from Spencer Smith
WalshF060324-048.jpgWalsh family notes 1 of 19
WalshF060324-049.jpgWalsh family....2 of 19
WalshF060324-050.jpgWalsh family....3 of 19
WalshF060324-051.jpgWalsh family....4 of 19
WalshF060324-052.jpgWalsh family....5 of 19
WalshF060324-053.jpgWalsh family....6 of 19
WalshF060324-054.jpgWalsh family....7 of 19
WalshF060324-055.jpgWalsh family....8 of 19
WalshF060324-056.jpgWalsh family....9 of 19
WalshF060324-057.jpgWalsh family....10 of 19
WalshF060324-058.jpgWalsh family....11 of 19
WalshF060324-059.jpgWalsh family....12 of 19
WalshF060324-060.jpgWalsh family....13 of 19
WalshF060324-061.jpgWalsh family....14 of 19
WalshF060324-062.jpgWalsh family....15 of 19
WalshF060324-063.jpgWalsh family....16 of 19
WalshF060324-064.jpgWalsh family...17 of 19
WalshF060324-065.jpgWalsh family....18 of 19
WalshF060324-066.jpgWalsh family....19 of 19
WalshF060324-067.jpgWalsh Mormon Branch 1 of 8
WalshF060324-068.jpgWalsh Mormon....2 of 8
WalshF060324-069.jpgWalsh Mormon....3 of 8
WalshF060324-070.jpgWalsh Mormon....4 of 8
WalshF060324-071.jpgWalsh Mormon....5 of 8
WalshF060324-072.jpgWalsh Mormon....6 of 8
WalshF060324-073.jpgWalsh Mormon....7 of 8
WalshF060324-074.jpgWalsh Mormon...8 of 8
WalshIMG.jpgMary A Walsh note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 212
WalshIMG_0001-1.jpgWalsh note
WalshIMG_0001.jpgRuth B [Douglas] Walsh obituary NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 39
WalshIMG_0002-2.jpgMary Walsh; Sis Smith; Wm Louiseuce; Wm Russell; Spencer Smith; ?
WalshIMG_0002.jpgMary A Walsh note
WalshIMG_0003.jpgWalsh - McCalester College
WalshIMG_0004.jpgWalsh - unidentified
WalshIMG_0005.jpgWalsh - Ceceline Adams McClintock
WalshIMG_0006.jpgWalsh - unidentified
WalshIMG_0007.jpgWalsh - Pearl Hampton
WalshIMG_0008.jpgE Walsh
WalshIMG_0009.jpgWalsh - Cecelia Adams McClintock
WalshIMG_0010.jpgWalsh - barn on Walsh Homestead, built late 1800s
WalshIMG_0011.jpgWalsh - Burke Harrington; Etta Adams
WalshIMG_0012.jpgWalsh home
WalshIMG_0013.jpgBurke Walsh
WalshIMG_0014.jpgWalsh - Jean and Frances Wilcox
WalshIMG_0015.jpgWalsh - Jake Delho?
WalshIMG_0016.jpgBurke Walsh home
WalshIMG_0017.jpgWalsh - Neldy and her dog 04-18-1937
WalshIMG_0018.jpgWalsh - Bernice Redding 04-18-1937
WalshIMG_0020.jpgFrank Walsh
WalshIMG_0021.jpgMay and Lila May Walsh 1 of 2
WalshIMG_0022.jpgMay and Lila May Walsh 2 of 2
WalshIMG_0023.jpgWalsh - Etta Adams Crabtree
WalshIMG_0024.jpgWalsh - L-R: George; Bernie with baby Mildred; Frank; Earl; Goldie; Burke; Ida; Vera
WalshIMG_0025.jpgWalsh unidentified
WalshIMG_0026.jpgWalsh - Spencer Smith
WalshIMG_0027.jpgWalsh - From Russell E Walsh to Auntie Sis 12-25-1907
WalshIMG_0028.jpgWalsh - Maud Dyer O'Brien
WalshIMG_0029.jpgWalsh - Frances and May Woodard
WalshIMG_0030.jpgWalsh - Bennie Warbolt [Harringon] Scherbing
WalshIMG_0031.jpgWalsh - Bennie Wambalt Scherbing Redding
WalshIMG_0032.jpgFrank L Walsh, Inventory
WalshIMG_0066.jpgWalsh - "Walsh 1170-1690" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
WalsonF060324-075.jpgFrancis Walson plat info
WaltonIMG_0001.jpgEllen Grabill Walton memorial service 01-16-1981
WaltonIMG_0002.jpgEllen C [Grabill] Walton obituary 01-16-1981
WamboldtF060324-077.jpgAddington W Wamboldt note
WamboldtF060324-078.jpgMiles M Wamboldt, Reverend
WamboldtF060324-079.jpgWamboldt notes
WanderseeF051020-057.jpgFrederick William and Phillipina Wandersee Family notes 1 of 70
WanderseeF051020-058.jpgPhillipina Wandersee.....2 of 70
WanderseeF051020-059.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....3 of 70
WanderseeF051020-060.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....4 of 70
WanderseeF051020-061.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....5 of 70
WanderseeF051020-062.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....6 of 70
WanderseeF051020-063.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....7 of 70
WanderseeF051020-064.jpgPhillipina Wandersee...8 of 70
WanderseeF051020-065.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....9 of 70
WanderseeF051020-066.jpgPHillipina Wandersee....10 of 70
WanderseeF051020-067.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....11 of 70
WanderseeF051020-068.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....12 of 70
WanderseeF051020-069.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....13 of 70
WanderseeF051020-070.jpgPhillippina Wandersee....14 of 70
WanderseeF051020-071.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....15 of 70
WanderseeF051020-072.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....16 of 70
WanderseeF051020-073.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....17 of 70
WanderseeF051020-074.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....18 of 70
WanderseeF051020-075.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....19 of 70
WanderseeF051020-076.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....20 of 70
WanderseeF051020-077.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....21 of 70
WanderseeF051020-078.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....22 of 70
WanderseeF051020-079.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....23 of 70
WanderseeF051020-080.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....24 of 70
WanderseeF051020-081.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....25 of 70
WanderseeF051020-082.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....26 of 70
WanderseeF051020-083.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....27 of 70
WanderseeF051020-084.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....28 of 70
WanderseeF051020-085.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....29 of 70
WanderseeF051020-086.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....30 of 70
WanderseeF051020-087.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....31 of 70
WanderseeF051020-088.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....32 of 70
WanderseeF051031-001.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....33 of 70
WanderseeF051031-002.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....34 of 70
WanderseeF051031-003.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....35 of 70
WanderseeF051031-004.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....36 of 70
WanderseeF051031-005.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....37 of 70
WanderseeF051031-006.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....38 of 70
WanderseeF051031-007.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....39 of 70
WanderseeF051031-008.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....40 of 70
WanderseeF051031-009.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....41 of 70
WanderseeF051031-010.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....42 of 70
WanderseeF051031-011.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....43 of 70
WanderseeF051031-012.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....44 of 70
WanderseeF051031-013.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....45 of 70
WanderseeF051031-014.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....46 of 70
WanderseeF051031-015.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....47 of 70
WanderseeF051031-016.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....48 of 70
WanderseeF051031-017.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....49 of 70
WanderseeF051031-018.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....50 of 70
WanderseeF051031-019.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....51 of 70
WanderseeF051031-020.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....52 of 70
WanderseeF051031-021.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....53 of 70
WanderseeF051031-022.jpgPhillipina Wandersee...54 of 70
WanderseeF051031-023.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....55 of 70
WanderseeF051031-024.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....56 of 70
WanderseeF051031-025.jpgPhllipina Wandersee A Spooky Tale 57 of 70
WanderseeF051031-026.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....58 of 70
WanderseeF051031-027.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....59 of 70
WanderseeF051031-028.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....60 of 70
WanderseeF051031-029.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....61 of 70
WanderseeF051031-030.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....62 of 70
WanderseeF051031-031.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....63 of 70
WanderseeF051031-032.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....64 of 70
WanderseeF051031-033.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....65 of 70
WanderseeF051031-034.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....66 of 70
WanderseeF051031-035.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....67 of 70
WanderseeF051031-036.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....68 of 70
WanderseeF051031-037.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....69 of 70
WanderseeF051031-038.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....70 of 70
WanderseeF051031-039.jpgFred Wandersee note
WanderseeF051031-040.jpgWandersee Turning Points Section one of a two part talk 1 of 47
WanderseeF051031-041.jpgWandersee Turning....2 of 47
WanderseeF051031-042.jpgWandersee Turning....3 of 47
WanderseeF051031-043.jpgWandersee Turning....4 of 47
WanderseeF051031-044.jpgWandersee - Turning Points, Section II 5 of 47
WanderseeF051031-045.jpgWandersee - Turning....6 of 47
WanderseeF051031-046.jpgWandersee - Turning....7 of 47
WanderseeF051031-047.jpgWandersee - Turning....8 of 47
WanderseeF051031-048.jpgWandersee - Turning....9 of 47
WanderseeF051031-049.jpgWandersee - Turning....10 of 47
WanderseeF051031-050.jpgWandersee Turning Points, Section III 11 of 47
WanderseeF051031-051.jpgWandersee - Turning....12 of 47
WanderseeF051031-052.jpgWandersee - Turning....13 of 47
WanderseeF051031-053.jpgWandersee - Turning....14 of 47
WanderseeF051031-054.jpgWandersee - Turning....15 of 47
WanderseeF051031-055.jpgWandersee - Turning....16 of 47
WanderseeF051031-056.jpgWandersee Autobiography, Part VI Building 17 of 47
WanderseeF051031-057.jpgWandersee....18 of 47
WanderseeF051031-058.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....19 of 47
WanderseeF051031-059.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....20 of 47
WanderseeF051031-060.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....21 of 47
WanderseeF051031-061.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....22 of 47
WanderseeF051031-062.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....23 of 47
WanderseeF051031-063.jpgPhilipina Wandersee....24 of 47
WanderseeF051031-064.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....25 of 47
WanderseeF051031-065.jpgWandersee....26 of 47
WanderseeF051031-066.jpgPhillipina Wandersee....27 of 47
WanderseeF051031-067.jpgWandersee....28 of 47
WanderseeF051031-068.jpgWandersee....29 of 47
WanderseeF051031-069.jpgWandersee....30 of 47
WanderseeF051031-070.jpgWandersee....31 of 47
WanderseeF051031-071.jpgWandersee....32 of 47
WanderseeF051031-072.jpgWandersee....33 of 47
WanderseeF051031-073.jpgWandersee....34 of 47
WanderseeF051031-074.jpgWandersee....35 of 47
WanderseeF051031-075.jpgWandersee....36 of 47
WanderseeF051031-076.jpgWandersee....37 of 47
WanderseeF051031-077.jpgWandersee Desintation-Itasca County 38 of 47
WanderseeF051031-078.jpgWandersee....39 of 47
WanderseeF051031-079.jpgWandersee....40 of 47
WanderseeF051031-080.jpgWandersee....41 of 47
WanderseeF051031-081.jpgWandersee....42 of 47
WanderseeF051031-082.jpgWandersee....43 of 47
WanderseeF051031-083.jpgWandersee...44 of 47
WanderseeF051031-084.jpgWandersee....45 of 47
WanderseeF051031-085.jpgWandersee....46 of 47
WanderseeF051031-086.jpgFred Wandersee ..President of the Golden Vally Historical Society 47 of 47
WanderseeF051031-087.jpgFred W Wandersee note
WanderseeF051031-088.jpgEmanuel F Wandersee notes
WanderseeF051031-089.jpgWandersee - Hempt School, NW Itasca County
WanderseeF051031-090.jpgFred Wandersee We got skunked on our pelt venture
WanderseeF051031-091.jpgWinifred Wandersee The American Family
WanderseeF051031-092.jpgWandersee Crime and Punishment in Old Northeast 1917-7 1 of 2
WanderseeF051031-093.jpgWandersee Crime....2 of 2
WanderseeF051031-094.jpgDorothy Wandersee For what he taught her, Dad was famous
WanderseeF051031-095.jpgFred Wandersee How well I recall the day...
WanderseeF051031-096.jpgFred W Wamdersee It may be Funkley....
WanderseeF051031-097.jpgFred W Wandersee letter
WanderseeF051031-098.jpgFred Wandersee Historical talk at Delano
WanderseeF051031-099.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee Golden Valley 100th birthday uncovered 1 of 2
WanderseeF051031-100.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....2 of 2
WanderseeF051101-001.jpgDorothy & Fred Wandersee letter 1 of 27
WanderseeF051101-002.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....2 of 27
WanderseeF051101-003.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....3 of 27
WanderseeF051101-004.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....4 of 27
WanderseeF051101-005.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....5 of 27
WanderseeF051101-006.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....6 of 27
WanderseeF051101-007.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....7 of 27
WanderseeF051101-008.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....8 of 27
WanderseeF051101-009.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....9 of 27
WanderseeF051101-010.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....10 of 27
WanderseeF051101-011.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....11 of 27
WanderseeF051101-012.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....12 of 27
WanderseeF051101-013.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....13 of 27
WanderseeF051101-014.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....14 of 27
WanderseeF051101-015.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....15 of 27
WanderseeF051101-016.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....16 of 27
WanderseeF051101-017.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....17 of 27
WanderseeF051101-018.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....18 of 27
WanderseeF051101-019.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....19 of 27
WanderseeF051101-020.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....20 of 27
WanderseeF051101-021.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....21 of 27
WanderseeF051101-022.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....22 of 27
WanderseeF051101-023.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....23 of 27
WanderseeF051101-024.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....24 of 27
WanderseeF051101-025.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....25 of 27
WanderseeF051101-026.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....26 of 27
WanderseeF051101-027.jpgDorothy and Fred Wandersee....27 of 27
WarholIMG.jpgHeleine Warhol obituary 12-26-1905 - 07-29-1990
WarnerIMG.jpgLevy Warner note 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 61
WarnerIMG_0001.jpgTodd Warner Missing the Boats 1 of 4
WarnerIMG_0002.jpgTodd Warner Missing....2 of 4
WarnerIMG_0003.jpgTodd Warner Missing....3 of 4
WarnerIMG_0004.jpgTodd Warner Missing....4 of 4
WasgattIMG.jpgMr and Mrs David Perry Wasgatt marriage announcement, September 11, ?
WasgattIMG_0001.jpgDiane Marie Wasgatt, daughter of David Perry Wasgatt, - Robert G Erickson marriage announcement November 4, ?
WasgattIMG_0002.jpgJennie M Wasgatt memoriam 02-09-1954
WasgattIMG_0003.jpgJennie M Wasgatt obituary
WasgattIMG_0004.jpgBarbara Carol Wasgatt- Richard D Roberts wedding announcement
WasgattIMG_0005.jpgRev and Mrs David Perry Wasgatt, Jr wedding announcement
WasgattIMG_0006.jpgDeian Marie Wasgatt, daughter of David Perry Wasgatt, - Robert C Erickson engagement announcement
WasgattIMG_0007.jpgJennie M Wasgatt obituary 1954. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 299
WasgattIMG_0008.jpgNancy Kangas Wasgatt obituary
WashburnF060324-080.jpgSidney Wasburn Anniversary, visitors, milestone
WashburnF060324-081.jpgCadwallader L Washburn obituary
WashburnF060324-082.jpgWasburn - Randi Morgan lookalike contest
WashburnF060324-083.jpgSidney Washburn Young Obituary
WashburnF060324-084.jpgWashburn family notes
WashburnF060324-085.jpgSidney Washburn Young Obituary
WashburnF060324-086.jpgW D Wasburn & Co advertisement
WashburnF060324-087.jpgWasburn Unitarian Church presents Webb on Washburn family
WashburnF060324-088.jpgCadwallader Colden Washburn notes
WashburnF060324-089.jpgWashburn notes
WashburnF060324-090.jpgWasburn flour sacks 1 of 2
WashburnF060324-091.jpgWashburn Crosby & Co advertisement
WashburnF060324-092.jpgWashburn....2 of 2
WashburnF060324-093.jpgWashburn and flour mills at Lake Minnetonka
WashburnF060324-094.jpgC C Washburn's Flouring Mills A.B.& C. 1 of 7
WashburnF060324-095.jpgC C Washburn....2 of 7
WashburnF060324-096.jpgC C Washburn....3 of 7
WashburnF060324-097.jpgC C Washburn...4 of 7
WashburnF060324-098.jpgC C Washburn....5 of 7
WashburnF060324-099.jpgC C Washburn....6 of 7
WashburnF060324-100.jpgC C Washburn....7 of 7
WashburnIMG.jpgThomas S Washburn obituary 03-28-1909 -02-26-1978
WashingtonF050909-002.jpgGeorge Washington notes
WashingtonF050909-004.jpgGeorge Washington Story on pioneer.... 1 of 4
WashingtonF050909-005.jpgGeorge Washington....2 of 4
WashingtonF050909-006.jpgGeorge Washington....3 of 4
WashingtonF050909-007.jpgGeorge Washington....4 of 4
WashingtonF050909-008.jpgWashington - Ellen Butterfield Memories of Edina days
WashingtonF050909-009.jpgWilliam Washington (Willie) visit
WashingtonF050909-010.jpgWashington - B Yancey and his barber shop at Delano, taken February 1914
WashingtonF050909-011.jpgWashington - B C Yancey newspaper article
WashingtonF050909-012.jpgWilliam Washington (Willie) notes 1 of 2
WashingtonF050909-013.jpgWilliam Washingotn....2 of 2
WashingtonF050909-014.jpgWilliam Washington note
WashingtonF050909-015.jpgWashington Jensen's transfer
WashingtonF050909-016.jpgWilliam Washington, Willow Nursing Home 1972
WashingtonF050909-017.jpgAlthea Washington Hannen with Avery Stubbs at WHCPA 1980
WashingtonF050909-018.jpgWashington notes
WashingtonF050909-019.jpgWashington notes
WashingtonF050909-020.jpgWilliam Washington family
WashingtonF050909-021.jpgWillie Washington 74th birthday
WashingtonF050909-022.jpgWashington - Yancey notes
WashingtonF050909-023.jpgWilliam Washington
WashingtonF050909-024.jpgWillie Washington and Myrtle Collier marriage certificate
WashingtonF050909-025.jpgWilliam Washington 74th birthday
WashingtonF050909-026.jpgWashington - greeting card info
WashingtonF050909-027.jpgWashington _ B C Yancey notes
WashingtonF050909-028.jpgWashington postcard?
WashingtonF050909-029.jpgWashington family of Independence notes
WashingtonF050909-030.jpgWillie Washington Friends and Neighbors Paid Tribute...
WashingtonF050909-031.jpgWashington - C B Yancey notes
WashingtonF050909-034.jpgWillie Washington birthday
WashingtonF050909-035.jpgWashington 4-H program sprouting gardeners in the city 1 of 2
WashingtonF050909-036.jpgWashington 4-H....2 of 2
WashingtonF050909-037.jpgAlthea M Washington Hummer address
WashingtonF050909-038.jpgWashington - B Yancy 1870 census
WashingtonF050909-039.jpgWashington - Charles B Yancy notes
WashingtonF050909-040.jpgWashington notes
WashingtonF050909-041.jpgGeorge Washington, Maple Plain
WashingtonF050909-042.jpgWashington ledger
WashingtonF050909-043.jpgGeorge Washington notes
WashingtonF050909-044.jpgWashington - old house
WashingtonF050909-045.jpgWillie Washington interview 1 of 5
WashingtonF050909-046.jpgWillie Washington....2 of 5
WashingtonF050909-047.jpgWillie Washington....3 of 5
WashingtonF050909-048.jpgWillie Washington....4 of 5
WashingtonF050909-049.jpgWillie Washington....5 of 5
WashingtonF050909-050.jpgWashington - believed to be George Washington family group and Althea Washington Hummer
WashingtonF050909-051.jpgWashington note
WashingtonF050909-052.jpgFrancis Whiting Washington notes
WashingtonF050909-053.jpgGeorge Washington Romance of War of 1812....
WashingtonF050909-054.jpgWashington notes
WashingtonF050909-055.jpgWilliam Washington birthday
WashingtonF050909-056.jpgWilliam Washington receipts from O Styner & Son
WashingtonF050909-057.jpgWashington - view of Joel Florida house
WashingtonF050909-058.jpgWashington - view of Joel Florida house
WashingtonF050909-059.jpgWashington - view of Joel Florida house
WasieF050909-001.jpgStanley Waise Trucker Wants to Aid Polish Youths
WasserzieherF060312-037.jpgWasserzieher - L to R: Ottie Wasserzieher, Rose, Bess, Cecil, Birdie, Val, Reg, Ella, Myrtle. Back: father, A Stubb
WasserzieherF060312-038.jpgWasserzieher - L to R: P J Murphy (best man), Alexander Rose, Ottie, Bertha, Hattie Reiley-Knieff. Taken 1898 at Birds Nest Cottage in Crystal Bay
WasserzieherF060312-039.jpgWasserzieher interview
WasserzieherF060312-040.jpgWasserzieher notes
WasserzieherF060312-041.jpgWasserzieher notes
WasserzieherF060312-042.jpgWasserzieher - Grace Bye Obituary
WasserzieherF060312-043.jpgWasserzieher - Sandy Ruttger Obituary
WasserzieherF060312-044.jpgWasserzieher notes
WasserzieherF060312-045.jpgWasserzieher notes
WasserzieherF060312-046.jpgWasserzieher notes
WasserzieherIMG.jpgCarrie Wasserzieher obituary NOTE: original document located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 230
WasserzieherIMG_0001.jpgCarrie Knief Wasserzieher note
WassonF051203 027.jpgJohn Wasson 27 of 27
WassonF051203 028.jpgWasson notes
WassonF051203 029.jpgWasson notes
WassonF051203 030.jpgWasson notes
WassonF051203 031.jpgWasson notes
WassonF051203 032.jpgWasson notes
WassonF051203 033.jpgWasson notes
WassonF051203 034.jpgWasson notes
WassonF051203 035.jpgWasson family notes 1 of 16
WassonF051203 036.jpgWasson family....2 of 16
WassonF051203 037.jpgWasson family....3 of 16
WassonF051203 038.jpgWasson family....4 of 16
WassonF051203 039.jpgWasson family....5 of 16
WassonF051203 040.jpgWasson family....6 of 16
WassonF051203 041.jpgWasson family....7 of 16
WassonF051203 042.jpgWasson family....8 of 16
WassonF051203-001.jpgJohn Wasson and John H Wasson, Chapter I of II 1 of 27
WassonF051203-002.jpgJohn Wasson....14 of 27
WassonF051203-003.jpgJohn Wasson....2 of 27
WassonF051203-004.jpgJohn Wasson....15 of 27
WassonF051203-005.jpgJohn Wasson....3 of 27
WassonF051203-006.jpgJohn Wasson....16 of 27
WassonF051203-007.jpgJohn Wasson....4 of 27
WassonF051203-008.jpgJohn Wasson....17 of 27
WassonF051203-009.jpgJohn Wasson....5 of 27
WassonF051203-010.jpgJohn Wasson....18 of 27
WassonF051203-011.jpgJohn Wasson....6 of 27
WassonF051203-012.jpgJohn Wasson....19 of 27
WassonF051203-013.jpgJohn Wasson....7 of 27
WassonF051203-014.jpgJohn Wasson....20 of 27
WassonF051203-015.jpgJohn Wasson....8 of 27
WassonF051203-016.jpgJohn Wasson....21 of 27
WassonF051203-017.jpgJohn Wasson....9 of 27
WassonF051203-018.jpgJohn Wasson....22 of 27
WassonF051203-019.jpgJohn Wasson....10 of 27
WassonF051203-020.jpgJohn Wasson....23 of 27
WassonF051203-021.jpgJohn Wasson....11 of 27
WassonF051203-022.jpgJohn Wasson....24 of 27
WassonF051203-023.jpgJohn Wasson....12 of 27
WassonF051203-024.jpgJohn Wasson....25 of 27
WassonF051203-025.jpgJohn Wasson....13 of 27
WassonF051203-026.jpgJohn Wasson....26 of 27
WassonF051204-001.jpgJohn Wasson I....3 of 12
WassonF051204-003.jpgJohn Wasson I....4 of 12
WassonF051204-005.jpgJohn Wasson....5 of 12
WassonF051204-007.jpgJohn Wasson I....6 of 12
WassonF051204-009.jpgJohn Wasson I....7 of 12
WassonF051204-011.jpgJohn Wasson I....8 of 12
WassonF051204-013.jpgJohn Wasson I....9 of 12
WassonF051204-015.jpgJohn Wasson I....10 of 12
WassonF051204-017.jpgJohn Wasson I....11 of 12
WassonF051204-019.jpgJohn Wasson I....12 of 12
WassonF051204-021.jpgJohn Wasson I....2 of 12
WassonF051204-023.jpgJohn Wasson I descendants 1 of 12
WassonF051204-025.jpgWasson family....16 of 16
WassonF051204-026.jpgWasson family....15 of 16
WassonF051204-027.jpgWasson family....14 of 16
WassonF051204-028.jpgWasson family....13 of 16
WassonF051204-029.jpgWasson family....12 of 16
WassonF051204-030.jpgWasson family....11 of 16
WassonF051204-031.jpgWasson family....10 of 16
WassonF051204-032.jpgWasson family....9 of 16
WatryIMG.jpgPhilip L Watry obituary 11-06-1979
WatryIMG_0001.jpgPhilip Leo Watry obituary, brother of Mike Watry who married Viva Dickey, daughter of Guy
WeansF051010-048.jpgSolomon Weans plat info
WeansF051010-049.jpgWeans notes
WearF051010-050.jpgWear notes
WearF051010-051.jpgBill Wear Candidate for Mayor of Orono
WearF051010-052.jpgLouis E Wear, Sr memoir
WearIMG.jpgWilliam W "Bill" Wear obituary 03-06-2006
WearIMG_0001.jpgLouis Everett Wear Jr obituary 1981
WebbF051010-053.jpgWebb notes
WebbF051010-054.jpgWebb - C C Coffee History of Minneapolis
WebbF051010-055.jpgWebb memoirs 1 of 2
WebbF051010-056.jpgWebb memoirs 2 of 2
WebbF051010-057.jpgWebb family notes
WebbF051010-058.jpgLydia Webb notes
WebbF051010-059.jpgWebb - Coffee Bridge....
WebbF051010-060.jpgWebb notes
WebberF060310-006.jpgWebber notes
WebberF060310-007.jpgDeere & Webber Co
WebberF060310-008.jpgHubert Weber plat info
WebberF060310-009.jpgFritz Weber honored by national design society
WebberF060310-010.jpgC C Webber letter to the editor
WebberF060310-011.jpgMrs Charles C Webber Obituary
WebberF060310-012.jpgBlossom White Weber memoir
WebberF060310-013.jpgCharles C Webber Salute
WebberF060310-014.jpgC C Webber Renamed Head of River Group
WebberF060310-015.jpgWebber notes
WebberF060310-016.jpgWebber notes
WebberF060310-017.jpgC C Webber note
WebberF060310-018.jpgCharles Christopher Webber Today's Personality
WebberF060602-090.jpgBenefit exhibit and tea at the home of Mrs Charles C Webber of Crystal Bay, Lake Minnetonka. Mrs Dwight Minniek, left, Mrs E M Boyadjian and ?
WebberIMG.jpgCharles C Webber Death Claims C.C. Webber, Pioneer Business Leader NOTE: original documetn located in Box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 228
WeberIMG.jpgBlossom [White] Weber obituary 1978
WeberIMG_0001.jpgEdward Leo Weber Sr memoriam 1 of 2
WeberIMG_0002.jpgEdward Leo Weber Sr memoriam 2 of 2
WeberIMG_0003.jpgC C Weber, son in law of John Deere, John Deere Company, Minneapolis and Moline, Illinois
WebsterF060310-019.jpgWebster notes
WebsterIMG.jpgPaul D Webster obituary 01-12-1982
WeedIMG.jpgMrs James O Weed note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 227
WeeksF060310-020.jpgEdward K Weeks plat info
WeeksF060310-021.jpgWeeds notes
WeeksF060310-022.jpgHenry Weeks plat info
WeeksIMG.jpgMrs Susan Weeks note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 213
WeeksIMG_0001.jpgC W Weeks note
WegandF060310-023.jpgMathias Wegand plat info
WeidenbachF060310-023.jpgWeidenbach notes
WeidenbachF060310-024.jpgWeidenbach notes
WeidenbachF060310-025.jpgWeidenback notes
WeidenbachF060310-026.jpgA Weidenbach note
WeidenbachIMG.jpgMathias Jacobs and Luzia Weidenbach, The Descendants of 1859-1989 cover.....NOTE: remainder to be found in Family File D-FF22
WeidenbachIMG_0067.jpgWeidenbach "The Descendants of Mathias Jacobs and Luzia Weidenbach 1859-1989" NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
WeierIMG.jpgWeier notes
WeilandF060310-027.jpgJoe Weiland barn fire
WeilandF060310-028.jpgJoseph Weilands 50th anniversary
WeilandF060310-029.jpgAlbert and Bernice Weiland 50th anniversary
WeilandF060310-030.jpgBen Weiland Family Card of Thanks
WeilandF060310-031.jpgWeiland - Langert-Shopek marriage
WeilandIMG.jpgWeiland - Timothy D Langert obituary and notes 04-04-1988 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 22
WeilandIMG_0001.jpgWeiland - Timothy Langert Minnetrista city worker dies in fall
WeilandIMG_0002.jpgWeiland - Timothy D Langert memoriam 06-17-1960 - 04-04-1988 NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 22
WeilandIMG_0003.jpgFrank A Weiland obituary December 1979
WeilandIMG_0004.jpgOlive B [Bruhn] Weiland 12-26-1979
WeinandF051010-037.jpgWeinand - see Swaggert
WeirF051010-046.jpgAlex and Lynette Weir Maple Plain missionary....
WeirF051010-047.jpgWeir notes
WeissIMG.jpgFred G Weiss memoriam
WeissIMG_0001.jpgRev Joseph Weiss obituary
WelchF051010-038.jpgMuriel J Welch memoir
WelchF051010-039.jpgEarl H Welch Obituary
WelchIMG.jpgFlorence K Welch obituary 06-04-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 20
WeldF051010-040.jpgMildred Weld interview
WeldF051010-041.jpgJ O Weld represented Plymouth lodge No. 160...
WeldF051010-042.jpgOrson A Weld Obituary
WeldF051010-043.jpgJames O Weld Obituary
WeldF051010-044.jpgWeld notes
WeldF051010-045.jpgWeld notes
WeldIMG.jpgJames D Weld note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting minutes, Book Number 1, page 215
WeldIMG_0001.jpgJames O Weld note
WeldIMG_0002.jpgMrs James O Weld note
WellIMG.jpgCharles D Well appointment to Vice President and General Manager of General Mills Marketing Services Division
WeltzF051008-152.jpgJospeh Weltz plat info
WerrellIMG_0001.jpgWerrell Gram Remembers 1 of 7
WerrellIMG_0002.jpgWerrell Gram Remembers 2 of 7
WerrellIMG_0003.jpgWerrell Gram Remembers 3 of 7
WerrellIMG_0004.jpgWerrell Gram Remembers 4 of 7
WerrellIMG_0005.jpgWerrell Gram Remembers 5 of 7
WerrellIMG_0006.jpgWerrell Gram Remembers 6 of 7
WerrellIMG_0007.jpgWerrell Gram Remembers 7 of 7
WestF060312-001.jpgO L West, Captain (Ed)
WestF060312-002.jpgVernon West
WestF060312-003.jpgMelvin H West Obituary
WestF060312-004.jpgVernon West
WestF060312-005.jpgWest Hotel Menu 1884
WestF060312-006.jpgVern West memoir
WestF060312-007.jpgMelvin H West memoir
WestF060312-008.jpgWest Hotel Lobby
WestF060312-009.jpgAdeline West
WestF060312-010.jpgVern West residence fire
WestF060312-011.jpgWest notes
WestF060312-012.jpgVern West Harringer of Winter
WestF060312-013.jpgVern West day proclaimed
WestF060312-014.jpgBetty West
WestF060312-016.jpgWest notes
WestIMG.jpgDarryl West obituary 06-12-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 18
WestIMG_0001.jpgDarryl G West obituary 05-31-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 19
WestIMG_0002.jpgDarryl G West obituary 05-31-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 19
WestIMG_0003.jpgVeron C West obituary 12-09-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 75
WestermanIMG.jpgHilbert Jasper Westerman obituary 01-30-2011
WestlakeF060310-001.jpgWestlake Family interview
WestlakeF060310-003.jpgWestlake notes
WestlakeF060310-004.jpgMabel Armstrong Westlake
WestlakeF060310-005.jpgMable Armstrong Westlake
WetheraldF060312-017.jpgSamuel Wetherald Hermit of Navarre...
WetheraldF060312-018.jpgWetherald notes
WeydartF060312-019.jpgNicholas and Paulus Weydart plat info
WeydartF060312-020.jpgPaulus Weydart plat info
WhippleF060312-021.jpgKnight H Whipple Burying Bees in Winter
WhippleF060312-022.jpgH H Whipple article
WhippleF060312-024.jpgBertha Whipple Obituary
WhippleF060312-025.jpgWhipple notes
WhippleF060312-027.jpgGeorge Whipple
WhippleF060312-028.jpgKnight Whipple 1836-?, Supervisor 1866-67
WhippleF060312-029.jpgBertha Whipple
WhippleF060312-030.jpgGeorge Whipple
WhippleF060312-032.jpgGeorge Whipple gravestone, died 11-4-1893
WhippleF060312-033.jpgKnight Whipple log barn
WhitakerF060312 034.jpgWhitaker notes
WhitakerF060312 035.jpgAlbert J Whitaker notes
WhitakerF060312 036.jpgJ A Whitaker note
WhiteF060509 001.jpgWhite - Palmer Boyd Purple Heart
WhiteF060509 002.jpgVernice White estate sale
WhiteF060509 003.jpgH C White - Minnetonka Fruit Grower's Association shares
WhiteF060509 004.jpgMrs Clothilda White doctor appt
WhiteF060509 005.jpgJolley Fullerton White “ is a labor of love”
WhiteF060509 006.jpgClothilda White memoir
WhiteF060509 007.jpgEmory M White memoir; Jolly Fullerton White p2
WhiteF060509 008.jpgJolley White A private person
WhiteF060509 009.jpgJane White Canfield Obituary
WhiteF060509 010.jpgBenjamin White Obituary
WhiteF060509 011.jpgJolley Fullerton White
WhiteF060509 012.jpgWhite Brothers Creamery trucks
WhiteF060509 013.jpgVernice White invoice
WhiteF060509 014.jpgWillis White
WhiteF060509 015.jpgGlen White in left photo
WhiteF060509 016.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 017.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 018.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 019.jpgWhite family notes
WhiteF060509 020.jpgWhite notes postcard
WhiteF060509 021.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 022.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 023.jpgHoward C White
WhiteF060509 024.jpgRobert White notes
WhiteF060509 025.jpgRobert notes
WhiteF060509 026.jpgThe Whites at Stubbs Bay 1 of 25
WhiteF060509 027.jpgThe Whites....2 of 25; Liberty Pageant at Crystal Bay 1918
WhiteF060509 028.jpg-
WhiteF060509 029.jpgThe Whites....3 of 25
WhiteF060509 030.jpgThe Whites....4 of 25
WhiteF060509 031.jpgThe Whites....5 of 25
WhiteF060509 032.jpgThe Whites....6 of 25
WhiteF060509 033.jpgThe Whites...7 of 25
WhiteF060509 034.jpgThe Whites....8 of 25
WhiteF060509 035.jpgThe Whites....9 of 25
WhiteF060509 036.jpgThe Whites....10 of 25
WhiteF060509 037.jpgThe Whites....11 of 25
WhiteF060509 038.jpgThe Whites....12 of 25
WhiteF060509 039.jpg-
WhiteF060509 040.jpgThe Whites....13 of 25
WhiteF060509 041.jpgThe Whites....14 of 25
WhiteF060509 042.jpgThe Whites....15 of 25
WhiteF060509 043.jpgThe Whites....16 of 25
WhiteF060509 044.jpgThe Whites....17 of 25
WhiteF060509 045.jpgThe Whites....18 of 25
WhiteF060509 046.jpgThe Whites....19 of 25
WhiteF060509 047.jpgThe Whites....20 of 25
WhiteF060509 048.jpgThe Whites....21 of 25
WhiteF060509 049.jpgThe Whites....22 of 25
WhiteF060509 050.jpgThe Whites....23 of 25
WhiteF060509 051.jpgThe Whites....24 of 25
WhiteF060509 052.jpgThe Whites....25 of 25
WhiteF060509 053.jpgWhite - photo taken 1920
WhiteF060509 054.jpgEmery White letter 1 of 2
WhiteF060509 055.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 056.jpgEmery White letter
WhiteF060509 057.jpg________; ___________; Vernice White
WhiteF060509 058.jpgWhite letter 1 of 2
WhiteF060509 059.jpgWhite letter 2 of 2
WhiteF060509 060.jpgUnidentified
WhiteF060509 061.jpgUnidentified
WhiteF060509 062.jpgUnidentified
WhiteF060509 063.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 064.jpgEmery White letter 1 of 2
WhiteF060509 065.jpgEmery White letter 2 of 2
WhiteF060509 066.jpgEmery White
WhiteF060509 067.jpgHoward C White memoir
WhiteF060509 068.jpgChris H White Obituary
WhiteF060509 069.jpgMr and Mrs Wm White entertained
WhiteF060509 070.jpgHoward C White birth of girl
WhiteF060509 071.jpgHoward C White memoir
WhiteF060509 072.jpgWhite family group photo
WhiteF060509 073.jpgEmery & Elva White letter
WhiteF060509 074.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 075.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 076.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 077.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 078.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 079.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 080.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 081.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 082.jpgEmery M White Obituary
WhiteF060509 083.jpgWilliam Gibson White notes
WhiteF060509 084.jpg-
WhiteF060509 085.jpgWhite notes
WhiteF060509 086.jpgWhite letter
WhiteF060509 087.jpgUnidentified
WhiteF060509 088.jpgWhite letter 1 of 2
WhiteF060509 089.jpgWhite letter 2 of 2
WhiteF060509 090.jpgMrs Howard White address and receipt
WhiteF060509 091.jpgWhite letter 1 of 2
WhiteF060509 092.jpgWhite letter 2 of 2
WhiteF060509 093.jpgEmery White letter 1 of 6
WhiteF060509 094.jpgEmery White....2 of 6
WhiteF060509 095.jpgEmery White....3 of 6
WhiteF060509 096.jpgEmery White....4 of 6
WhiteF060509 097.jpgEmery White....5 of 6
WhiteF060509 098.jpgEmery White....6 of 6
WhiteF060509 099.jpgWhite letter 1 of 6
WhiteF060509 100.jpgWhite letter 2 of 6
WhiteF060509 101.jpgWhite letter 3 of 6
WhiteF060509 102.jpgWhite letter 4 of 6
WhiteF060509 103.jpgWhite letter 5 of 6
WhiteF060509 104.jpgWhite letter 6 of 6
WhiteF060509 105.jpgRobert White family notes 1 of 4
WhiteF060509 106.jpgRobert White....2 of 4
WhiteF060509 107.jpgRobert White....3 of 4
WhiteF060509 108.jpgRobert White....4 of 4
WhiteF060509 109.jpgFred White home, Crystal Bay
WhiteF060602-076.jpgHoward C White memoir
WhiteIMG.jpgRuby Cecilia Sandregn White A Short Biography 05-28-1907 - 01-24-2006
WhiteIMG_0001-01.jpgPatience Talbert White scrapbook pages 1 of 28
WhiteIMG_0001.jpgEmory White (Pete) Nickname Handy for... 1 of 2
WhiteIMG_0002-01.jpgPatience Talbert White....2 of 28
WhiteIMG_0002.jpgEmory White (Pete) Nickname....2 of 2
WhiteIMG_0003-01.jpgPatience Talbert White....3 of 28
WhiteIMG_0004-01.jpgPatience Talbert White....4 of 28
WhiteIMG_0005-01.jpgPatience Talbert White 5 of 28
WhiteIMG_0006.jpgPatience Talbert White....6 of 28
WhiteIMG_0007.jpgPatience Talbert White....7 of 28
WhiteIMG_0008.jpgPatience White Talbert....8 of 28
WhiteIMG_0009.jpgPatience Talbert White....9 of 28
WhiteIMG_0010.jpgPatience Talbert White....10 of 28
WhiteIMG_0011.jpgPatience Talbert White....11 of 28
WhiteIMG_0012.jpgPatience Talbert White....12 of 28
WhiteIMG_0013.jpgPatience Talbert White....13 of 28
WhiteIMG_0014.jpgPatience Talbert White....14 of 28
WhiteIMG_0015.jpgPatience Talbert White....15 of 28
WhiteIMG_0016.jpgPatience Talbert White....16 of 28
WhiteIMG_0017.jpgPatience Talbert White....17 of 28
WhiteIMG_0018.jpgPatience Talbert White....18 of 28
WhiteIMG_0019.jpgPatience Talbert White....19 of 28
WhiteIMG_0020.jpgPatience Talbert White....20 of 28
WhiteIMG_0021.jpgPatience Talbert White....21 of 28
WhiteIMG_0022.jpgPatience Talbert White....22 of 28
WhiteIMG_0023.jpgPatience Talbert White....23 of 28
WhiteIMG_0024.jpgPatience Talbert White....24 of 28
WhiteIMG_0025.jpgPatience Talbert White....25 of 28
WhiteIMG_0026.jpgPatience Talbert White....26 of 28
WhiteIMG_0027.jpgPatience Talbert White....27 of 28
WhiteIMG_0028.jpgPatience Talbert White....28 of 28
WhiteIMG_0029.jpgThelma L White obituary, both husband Donald and Thelma worked for Roger M Stubbs Co. Movers, 1950 03-26-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 10
WhiteIMG_0030.jpgWilliam White NOTE; document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 258
WhiteIMG_0031.jpgDonald F White obituary 02-16-1978
WhiteIMG_0032.jpgMargaret White Boyd note
WhiteIMG_0033.jpgFrederick R White note
WhiteIMG_0034.jpgMartha White note
WhiteIMG_0035.jpgWilliam White note
WhiteIMG_0036.jpgAnna V White obituary 09-1978
WhiteIMG_0037.jpgEmory H White memoriam 1 of 2
WhiteIMG_0038.jpgEmory H White memoriam 05-04-1900 - 05-23-1982 2 of 2
WhiteIMG_0039.jpgBertha C White obituary
WhiteIMG_0040.jpgMargaret White note
WhiteheadF060318-001.jpgWhitehead family notes
WhiteheadF060318-002.jpgWhitehead notes
WhiteheadF060318-003.jpgJas. Whitehead - Office of US Special Indian Agency
WhiteheadF060318-004.jpgJames Whitehead notes
WhiteheadF060318-005.jpgWhitehead notes
WhiteheadF060318-006.jpgJames Whitehead plat info
WhiteheadF060318-007.jpgWhitehead notes
WhiteheadF060318-008.jpgWhitehead of Independence notes
WhiteheadF060318-009.jpgMajor Whitehead ...early settlers
WhiteheadF060318-010.jpgWhitehead - L to R: Ora White Mcune and Bert, Ida and Elmer Draper, Elaine and Harry Draper, Fred and Maud White Stoddard
WhitmanF060318-011.jpgWhitman notes
WhitmanF060318-012.jpgWhitman notes
WhitmanIMG.jpgMargaret (Tootie) Whitman, Delano
WhitmanIMG_0001.jpgEzekial Whiman notes 1 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0002.jpgEzekial Whitman....2 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0003.jpgEzekial Whitman....3 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0004.jpgEzekial Whitman....4 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0005.jpgEzekial Whitman....5 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0006.jpgEzekial Whitman....6 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0007.jpgEzekial Whitman....7 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0008.jpgEzekial Whitman....8 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0009.jpgEzekial Whitman....9 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0010.jpgEzekial Whitman....10 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0011.jpgEzekial Whitman....11 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0012.jpgEzekial Whitman....12 of 13
WhitmanIMG_0013.jpgEzekial Whitman....13 of 13
WhitneyF060404-001.jpgWheelock Whitney The greening of Mr. Whitney
WhitneyF060404-002.jpgSamuel Whitney notes
WhitneyF060404-003.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney notes 1 of 10
WhitneyF060404-004.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney....2 of 10
WhitneyF060404-005.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney....3 of 10
WhitneyF060404-006.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney....4 of 10
WhitneyF060404-007.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney....5 of 10
WhitneyF060404-008.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney....6 of 10
WhitneyF060404-009.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney....7 of 10
WhitneyF060404-010.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney....8 of 10
WhitneyF060404-011.jpgWilliam Channgin Whitney....9 of 10
WhitneyF060404-012.jpgWilliam Channing Whitney....10 of 10
WhitneyF060404-013.jpgIrene Hixon Whitney Obituary
WhitneyF060404-014.jpgWheelock Whitney ...spent $2 million on race...
WhitneyF060404-015.jpgWheelock Whitney Here's to Your Health
WhitneyF060404-016.jpgIrene Hixon Whitney Bridge will serve as memorial...
WhitneyF060404-017.jpgWheelock Whitney Spotlight
WhitneyF060404-018.jpgWheelock Whitney Jr ...pondeirng run for governor
WhitneyF060404-019.jpgWheelock Whitney - Jim Kobuchar article
WhitneyF060404-020.jpgIrene Whitney The giving of a fine lady
WhitneyF060404-021.jpgIrene Hixon Whitney Obituary
WhitneyF060404-022.jpgWheelock Whitney ..quits business world
WhitneyF060404-023.jpgWhitney quits business world
WhitneyF060404-024.jpgWhitney Developers view for Milwaukee...
WhitneyF060404-026.jpgWheelock Whitney ...from Wayzata mayor to state governor? 1 of 2
WhitneyF060404-028.jpgWheelock Whitney....2 of 2
WhitneyF060404-029.jpgWheelock Whitney ..keeping low profile...
WhitneyF060404-032.jpgWheelock Whitney
WhitneyF060720-001.jpgIrene H Whitney Obituary
WhitneyIMG.jpgKatherine Kimball Whitney obituary 11-10-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 46
WhitneyIMG_0001.jpgMrs Whitney Jr ....New Director of James Ford Bell Library
WhitneyIMG_0002.jpgJames Ford Bell Library article 1 of 2
WhitneyIMG_0003.jpgJames Ford Bell article 2 of 2
WhitneyIMG_0004.jpgIrene Hixon Whitney obituary 02-14-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 9
WhitneyIMG_0005.jpgWheelock Whitney Freedom from chemicals celebrated by thousands 06-09-1976
WickhamF060404-064.jpgJohn C Wickham notes
WickhamF060404-065.jpgT C Wickham notes
WickhamF060404-066.jpgMrs J C Wickham Found after 48 years 1 of 2
WickhamF060404-067.jpgMrs J C Wickham....2 of 2
WickhamF060404-068.jpgE A Wickham
WickhamF060404-069.jpgWickham notes 1 of 3
WickhamF060404-070.jpgWickham notes 2 of 3
WickhamF060404-071.jpgWickham notes 3 of 3
WidstenIMG.jpgHalvor S Widsten obituary
WielandIMG.jpgJoyce Wieland memoriam 03-02-1915 - 11-03-1993 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 10, apge 26
WiesmannIMG.jpgJohn Wiesmann m. Barbara Koch, Best Man-Adam Schumacher
WigginsIMG.jpgThis tintype was given by Mrs John D Wiggins, a WHCPA member, on 05-24-1992. Mrs Wiggins said it has been in the family for generations and is a picture of Mr & Mrs William McKinley. He was the 25th president, served 1897 until assassinated in 1901. He was born in 1843. (She had no idea when it was taken or how it came to be in the family). It would seem this picture was taken when the couple was in their late 20's or early 30's. NOTE: DO NOT USE IM FEELING LUCKY ON THIS PHOTO
WightmanIMG_0001.jpgLee A Wightman obituary 11-8-1982, married Violet Mintz?
WightmanIMG_0002.jpgLee A Wightman memoriam 10-09-1907 - 11-06-1982
WilcoxF060404-001.jpgWilcox notes
WilcoxF060404-002.jpgJohn F Wilcox Summer home
WilcoxF060404-003.jpgWilcox - Chapman House 1 of 2
WilcoxF060404-004.jpgWilcos - Chapman....2 of 2
WileyIMG.jpgJames Wiley notes. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 239
WileyIMG_0001.jpgJames E Wiley North Shore Land Went for $5 an Acre in 1900 NOTE; document located in Wiley Family Folder
WileyIMG_0003.jpgJames Wiley note 1o f 2
WileyIMG_0004.jpgJames Wiley note 2 of 2
WilkinsF060325-126.jpgWilkins notes
WilkinsF060325-127.jpgDr and Mrs J P Wilkins 235 Attend Wilkins Tea
WilkinsF060325-128.jpgDr Wilkins ...Served Mound Area Untiringly
WilkinsonF051016 032.jpgWilkinson notes
WilkinsonF051016-001.jpgWilkinson note
WilkinsonF051016-005.jpgWilkinson - Charles L Horn ..resigns...
WilkinsonF051016-007.jpgWilkinson - Charles L Horn note
WilkinsonF051016-008.jpgWilkinson - Chalres L Horn letter
WilkinsonF051016-009.jpgFrances Wilkinson Here and There in America... 1 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-010.jpgFrances Wilkinson....2 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-011.jpgFrances Wilkinson....3 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-012.jpgFrances Wilkinson....4 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-013.jpgFrances Wilkinson....5 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-014.jpgFrances Wilkinson....6 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-015.jpgFrances Wilkinson....7 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-016.jpgFrances Wilkinson....8 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-017.jpgFrances Wilkinson....9 of 9
WilkinsonF051016-018.jpgWilkinson notes
WilkinsonF051016-019.jpgWilkinson - Charles L Horn note
WilkinsonF051016-020.jpgWilkinson notes
WilkinsonF051016-022.jpgFrancis Wilkinson plat info
WilkinsonF051016-023.jpgWilkinson family notes
WilkinsonF051016-024.jpgWilkinson - Charles L Horn note
WilkinsonF051016-025.jpgWilkinson - Notice served to Laurens Spencer
WilkinsonF051016-026.jpgWilkson notes 1 of 6
WilkinsonF051016-027.jpgWilkinson notes 2 of 6
WilkinsonF051016-028.jpgWilkinson notes 3 of 6
WilkinsonF051016-029.jpgWilkinson notes 4 of 6
WilkinsonF051016-030.jpgWilkinson notes 5 of 6
WilkinsonF051016-031.jpgWilkinson notes 6 of 6
WilkinsonF051016-032.jpgWilkson letter
WilkinsonF051016-033.jpgWilkson notes
WillIMG.jpgRobert F Will obituary 06-13-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 20
WilliamsF060319-016.jpgJesse T Williams plat info
WilliamsF060319-017.jpgWilliams - Marilyn Ellis memoir
WilliamsF060319-018.jpgWilliams - sale of property
WilliamsF060319-019.jpgWilliams - Inez Ellis memoir
WilliamsF060319-020.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-021.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-022.jpgJesse Williams ..received the appointment of Deputy Sherriff..
WilliamsF060319-023.jpgJohn W and Elezah Jane Williams birth of Harvey
WilliamsF060319-024.jpgWilliams letter
WilliamsF060319-025.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-026.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-027.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-028.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-029.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-030.jpgJohn Williamson native
WilliamsF060319-031.jpgJessie Williams family. Left: Anna, Back L to R: Esther, Linnie. Front: Laura. Right: Jessie Williams
WilliamsF060319-032.jpgWilliams - L: Laura Putnam, R: L? Thornby
WilliamsF060319-033.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-034.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-035.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsF060319-036.jpgE EStella Williams note
WilliamsF060319-037.jpgMilton and Estelle Williams Tablert family notes
WilliamsF060319-038.jpgAtalanta Williams descendants
WilliamsF060319-039.jpgJohn Williams plat info
WilliamsF060319-040.jpgBlodwin Williams Eickhoff interview
WilliamsF060319-041.jpgWilliams notes
WilliamsIMG.jpgAlice F Williams obituary 1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, apge 29
WilliamsIMG_0001.jpgWilliams - Betty Jane Stinson obituary 04-16-2012, mother of Ginny Williams
WilliamsonF060319-042.jpgVonda Williamson ...majoring in music/accounting...
WilliamsonF060319-043.jpgVonda Williamson L. L. harpist....
WillicottF060319-001.jpgGimore Willicott plat info
WillicottF060319-002.jpgZimri Willicott notes
WillicottF060319-003.jpgZimri N Willicott notes
WillicottF060319-004.jpgWillicott notes
WillicottF060319-005.jpgWillicott notes
WillicottF060319-006.jpgZim R Willicott and wife
WillicottF060319-007.jpgZim R Willicott and wife
WillicottF060319-008.jpgWillicott - Lucille Otto Brandenberg notes
WillicottF060319-009.jpgWillicott - Miller's Maple Plain, Mn advertisement
WillicottF060319-010.jpgWillicott notes 1 of 6
WillicottF060319-011.jpgWillicott notes 2 of 6
WillicottF060319-012.jpgWillicott notes 3 of 6
WillicottF060319-013.jpgWillicott notes 4 of 6
WillicottF060319-014.jpgWillicott notes 5 of 6
WillicottF060319-015.jpgWillicott notes 6 of 6
WillisIMG_0005.jpgMarie Willis; Mrtyle Schumann; LaVonne Whitmore (Dorrel); Virginia Bird “School Bus Schedule Set at Long Lake School”
WilsonF060318-013.jpgPreston H Wilson memoir
WilsonF060318-014.jpgPreston H Wilson Obituary
WilsonF060318-015.jpgJohn Wilson Obituary
WilsonF060318-016.jpgAlfred Wilson Obituary
WilsonF060318-017.jpgWilson - Cherryfield, Maine TOWN BOOK 1824-1827
WilsonF060318-019.jpgA Brief Account of the Wilsons who first settled in Cherryfield, Maine and their Descendants 1 of 5
WilsonF060318-020.jpgA Brief....2 of 5
WilsonF060318-021.jpgA Brief....3 of 5
WilsonF060318-022.jpgA Brief....4 of 5
WilsonF060318-023.jpgA Brief....5 of 5
WilsonF060318-024.jpgPreston Wilson notes
WilsonF060318-025.jpgJoseph Wilson plat info
WilsonF060318-026.jpgAndrew Wilson plat info
WilsonF060318-027.jpgWilson notes
WilsonF060318-028.jpgBrian Wilson note
WilsonF060318-029.jpgWilson notes
WilsonF060318-030.jpgWilson notes
WilsonF060318-031.jpgBrian Wilson Military Service Records
WilsonF060318-032.jpgUriah Wilson notes
WilsonF060318-033.jpgWilson notes
WinchellF060318-034.jpgKenneth Winchell Natives of Honduras wait for medical aid:... 1 of 2
WinchellF060318-035.jpgKenneth Winchell....2 of 2
WinchellF060318-038.jpgWinchell notes
WinemanIMG.jpgAnna Wineman note
WingIMG.jpgRussel T Wing obituary 12-27-1985 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minuts, book number 4, page 51
WingetIMG.jpgNell F Winget obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 321
WinnenB060115 001.jpgJosephine VanBeck Winnen
WinnenB060115 002.jpgJosephine and Henry VanBeck
WinnenB060115 003.jpgWinnen - Charlie & Barbara Kneeble
WinnenB060115 004.jpgEben & Christina (Winnen) Dillman
WinnenB060115 005.jpgVictor and Stella VanBeck, children of Henry and Josephine VanBeck
WinnenB060115 006.jpgWinnen - Mamie Swaggert
WinnenB060115 007.jpgWinnen - Tracy Haick Morgan
WinnenB060115 008.jpgWinnen - John or Ralph Eddy
WinnenB060115 009.jpgPeter Winnen's sister, Aunt Kate Swaggert
WinnenB060115 010.jpgWinnen - Myrtle Patnode
WinnenB060115 011.jpgWinnen - Bill and Etta Swaggert
WinnenB060115 012.jpgWinnen - Alex and Mary Hrick
WinnenB060115 013.jpgWinnen - Kate and Fred Reum
WinnenB060115 014.jpgCarrie Winnen Crawshaw, holding picture of her mother Anne (Mrs Peter Winnen)
WinnenB060115 015.jpgWinnen - Elsie Eddy, daughter of Vern and Barbara (Winnen) Eddy
WinnenB060115 016.jpgWinnen - Kate, Fred and Arthur Reum
WinnenB060115 017.jpgUnidentified (Mabel Reum?)
WinnenB060115 018.jpgWinnen - Petter Weber, brother to Grandma (Katherine Weber) Winnen
WinnenB060115 019.jpgWinnen - Emmie Dickey
WinnenB060115 020.jpgWinnen - Katie Swaggert Sharer, maybe Scherer
WinnenB060115 021.jpgPeter Winnen of Wayzata
WinnenB060115 022.jpgPeter Joseph Winnen Obituary 1 of 2
WinnenB060115 023.jpgPeter Joseph Winnen....2 of 2
WinnenB060115 024.jpgWinnen - The Oriental Rug Company, yarn samples
WinnenB060115 025.jpgWinnen - The Oriental Rug Co letter
WinnenB060115 026.jpgThe Oriental Rug Co - Studio Art Loom - 2 advertisement
WinnenB060115 027.jpgWinnen - postcards
WinnenB060115 028.jpgWinnen - C C Lofgrent Byrd Antartic Expedition
WinnenB060115 029.jpgWinnen - Lindbergh State Park and Little Falls City Band postcards
WinnenB060115 030.jpgWinnen - Hunting Wool to Market postcard
WinnenB060115 031.jpgWinnen postcard
WinnenB060115 032.jpgWinnen The Man Who Hated Farming
WinnenB060115 033.jpgDawn Charity Winnen engagement
WinnenB060115 034.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 035.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 036.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 037.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 038.jpgWinnen - St Margaret's Academy
WinnenB060115 039.jpgMrs Paul Winnen Obituary
WinnenB060115 040.jpg-
WinnenB060115 041.jpgLorrie Winnen - Westonka Arts Gallery shows Winnen portraits
WinnenB060115 042.jpgMrs David Winnen Letter to the Editor
WinnenB060115 043.jpgWinnen - Carrie Crawshaw nee Winnen, daughter of Peter Winnen, taken c. 1924-1925
WinnenB060115 044.jpgHenry Winnen notes
WinnenB060115 045.jpgFrederick Winnen - Cabinet Shop and Ware Rooms advertisement
WinnenB060115 046.jpgWinnen - Catholic High School Property for Sale
WinnenB060115 047.jpgLula Winnen letter
WinnenB060115 048.jpgMichael Winnen plat info
WinnenB060115 049.jpg-
WinnenB060115 050.jpgPeter J Winnen notes
WinnenB060115 051.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 052.jpgWinnen - Mrs V E Eddy Wins Three First Prizes...
WinnenB060115 053.jpgWinnen - A Fredricks, P Winnen, E Fredericks, Inc. note
WinnenB060115 054.jpgKim Winnen One Woman's View
WinnenB060115 055.jpgWinnen Teaching Careers Seen for Quins 1 of 2
WinnenB060115 056.jpgWinnen Teaching....2 of 2
WinnenB060115 057.jpgWinnen - Dionne Quintuplets newspaper article 1 of 2
WinnenB060115 058.jpgWinnen - Mrs Dionne, Afraid of Revolving Doors.... 2 of 2
WinnenB060115 059.jpgWinnen - Dionne Quintuplets
WinnenB060115 060.jpgWinnen - Dionne Quintuplets
WinnenB060115 061.jpgWinnen - Dionee Quintuplets
WinnenB060115 062.jpgWinnen - As Noted Girl Artist Visions Quintuplets at 21
WinnenB060115 063.jpgWinnen My Life and Motherhood
WinnenB060115 064.jpgWinnen - Moise Legroes, grandfather to the Dionne Quintuplets
WinnenB060115 065.jpgWinnen The $500,000 Baby Derby
WinnenB060115 066.jpgWinnen Family Living In Poverty to Have First Home If Winner of Contest
WinnenB060115 067.jpgWinnen - My Life and Motherhood by E Dionne
WinnenB060115 068.jpgWinnen The $500,000 Baby Derby
WinnenB060115 069.jpgWinnen - Quads Visit Quads
WinnenB060115 070.jpgWinnen Twins Born Same Instant
WinnenB060115 071.jpgWinnen - My Life and Motherhood by E Dionne
WinnenB060115 072.jpgWinnen - My Life and Motherhood by Grandma Legroe
WinnenB060115 073.jpgWinnen - My Life and Motherhood Grandma Legroe
WinnenB060115 074.jpgWinnen - Fate Almost Cheated Mrs Nagle, Mother of 11 Children 1 of 2
WinnenB060115 075.jpgWinnen - Fate....2 of 2
WinnenB060115 076.jpgWinnen - Excited Quints Up With Sun For Second Birthday
WinnenB060115 077.jpgWinnie - Henry Vanbeck and Paul Winnen at Wiessenborn Lake
WinnenB060115 078.jpgWinnen - Carrie Crawshaw
WinnenB060115 079.jpgWinnen - Harry Crawshaw
WinnenB060115 080.jpgWinnen - Carrie Crawshaw with children Herbert and Harris, c. 1902
WinnenB060115 081.jpgWinnen - Carrie Crawsha and children Herb and Harrison, photo sent to Anna Winnen, mother of Carrie, with inscription saying Merry Christmas to Mother
WinnenB060115 082.jpgUnidentified
WinnenB060115 083.jpgJosephing Winnen Dickey
WinnenB060115 084.jpgTiny Winnen Dillman
WinnenB060115 085.jpgCarrie Winnen Crawshaw c. 1940
WinnenB060115 086.jpgCarrie Winnen b. 1874
WinnenB060115 087.jpgUnidentified
WinnenB060115 088.jpgWinnen - Boy by table: Herb Crawshaw, girl with ringlets Artie Reum?
WinnenB060115 089.jpg-
WinnenB060115 090.jpg-
WinnenB060115 091.jpg-
WinnenB060115 092.jpgWinnen - girl with ringlets Artie Reum
WinnenB060115 093.jpg-
WinnenB060115 094.jpg-
WinnenB060115 095.jpgUnidentfied
WinnenB060115 096.jpgWinnen - Ed Dillman home in Wayzata
WinnenB060115 097.jpgWinnen - Pulpit of Parker Lake Church
WinnenB060115 098.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 099.jpgUnidentified
WinnenB060115 100.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 101.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 102.jpgUnidentified
WinnenB060115 103.jpgWinnen - handcarved wooden shelf
WinnenB060115 104.jpgWinnen notes
WinnenB060115 105.jpgWinnen - WHCPA receipt
WinnenB060115 106.jpgUnidentified
WinnenB060115 107.jpgUnidentified
WinnenB060115 108.jpgUnidentified
WinnenB060115 109.jpgUnidentified
WinnenF060318-040.jpgAnna Winnen Obituary
WinnenF060318-042.jpgPeter Winnen notes 1 of 8
WinnenF060318-043.jpgPeter Winnen....2 of 8
WinnenF060318-044.jpgPeter Winnen....3 of 8
WinnenF060318-045.jpgPeter Winnen....4 of 8
WinnenF060318-046.jpgPeter Winnen....5 of 8
WinnenF060318-047.jpgPeter Winnen....6 of 8
WinnenF060318-048.jpgPeter Winnen....7 of 8
WinnenF060318-049.jpgPeter Winnen....8 of 8
WinnenF060318-050.jpgPeter and Anne Winnen and family
WinnenF060318-051.jpgDave Winnen's grandfather Tales from Tonka
WinnenF060318-052.jpgPeter Winnen household furnishings
WinnenF060318-053.jpgAnne L Winnen Obituary
WinnenF060318-054.jpgPeter and Anna Winnen Family Tree 1 of 8
WinnenF060318-055.jpgPeter and Anna Winnen....2 of 8
WinnenF060318-056.jpgPeter and Anna Winnen....3 of 8
WinnenF060318-057.jpgPeter and Anna Winnen....4 of 8
WinnenF060318-058.jpgPeter and Anna Winnen....5 of 8
WinnenF060318-059.jpgPeter and Anna Winnen....6 of 8
WinnenF060318-060.jpgPeter and Anna Winnen....7 of 8
WinnenF060318-061.jpgPeter and Anna Winnen....8 of 8
WinnenF060318-062.jpgVictor Winnen Memoires of the Family Years 1 of 3
WinnenF060318-063.jpgVictor Winnen....2 of 3
WinnenF060318-064.jpgVictor Winnen....4 of 3
WinnenF060318-065.jpgMrs David P Winnen interview
WinnenF060318-071.jpgWinnen Family Tree Project 1991 Update 1 of 8
WinnenF060318-072.jpgWinnen family....2 of 8
WinnenF060318-073.jpgWinnen family....3 of 8
WinnenF060318-074.jpgWinnen family....4 of 8
WinnenF060318-075.jpgWinnen family....5 of 8
WinnenF060318-077.jpgWinnen family....7 of 8
WinnenF060318-078.jpgWinnen family....6 of 8
WinnenF060318-079.jpgWinnen family....8 of 8
WinnenIMG_0001.jpgLulu Winnen letter 10-15-1974 NOTE: document located in Winnen Family Folder
WinnenIMG_0002.jpgLula Winnen address
WinnenIMG_0003.jpgLula Winnen note 10-07-1974
WinnenIMG_0004.jpgLula J Winnen obituary 09-30-88 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 9, page 50
WinslowF060404-072.jpgJohn Murray Winslow
WinslowF060404-073.jpgJean Winslow at age 2, daughter of John Murray Winslow
WinslowF060404-074.jpgC R Winslow ...found dead
WinslowF060404-075.jpgJames Harvey Winslow newspaper article
WinslowF060404-076.jpgJ Murray Winslow wedding invitation
WinslowF060404-077.jpgGertrude Miriam Winslow marriage
WinslowF060404-078.jpgJohn Murray Winslow notes
WinslowF060404-079.jpgLouella (Lydiard) Winslow notes
WinslowF060404-080.jpgWinslow family notes
WinslowF060404-081.jpgWinslow notes
WinslowF060404-082.jpgWinslow notes
WinslowF060404-083.jpgMr & Mrs Winslow ...Revives 'Gingerbread' Effect in Home Decor
WinstonF060404-085.jpgWinston family note
WinstonF060404-086.jpgDonald Winston Obituary
WinstonF060404-087.jpgWinston notes
WinstonF060404-088.jpgMr and Mrs Overton Wiliam Winston Tonka Bay sale marks end of an era for estates
WinstonF060404-090.jpgWinston - Last hurrah for big, summer estates, ....
WinstonF060404-091.jpgFendall Gregory Winston History of Minneapolis
WinstonF060404-093.jpgMrs Francisca S Winston Remarks By..
WinterF060404-094.jpgThomas G Winter notes
WinterF060404-095.jpgT E Winter notes
WinterF060404-096.jpgWinter notes
WinterF060404-097.jpgT J Winter Fire Destroys Minnetonka Home
WinterF060404-098.jpgWinter - Minnetonka Nursery advertisement
WinterF060404-099.jpgDouglas Winter, Manager The Minnetonka Nursery
WinterF060404-100.jpgD Winter Wants and For Sale
WinterF060404-102.jpgDouglas Winter The Minnetonka Nursery advertisement
WinterF060404-103.jpgDouglas Winter Fine driving mare for sale.
WinterF060404-104.jpgWinter notes
WinterF060404-105.jpgWinter notes
WinterF060404-106.jpgWinter Family note
WinterF060404-107.jpgMrs Thomas G Winter
WinterIMG.jpgJames D Winter obituary 08-26-1978
WinterIMG_0001.jpgJ D Winter obituary 08-23-1978
WinterIMG_0002.jpgMarian Boyd Winter obituary 1979, lived on old Segerstrom place
WinterhalterF051016 001.jpgMr and Mrs Louis Winterhalter 40th anniversary
WinterhalterF051016 002.jpgAlbert Winterhalter memoir
WinterhalterF051016 003.jpgAlbert and Caroline Winterhalter 50th anniversary
WinterhalterF051016 004.jpgJames A and Carole A Winterhalter
WinterhalterF051016 005.jpgAlbert Winterhalter Obituary
WinterhalterF051016 006.jpgJan Winterhalter
WinterhalterF051016 007.jpgAnn Winterhalter
WinterhalterF051016 008.jpgWinterhalter Family notes
WinterhalterF051016 009.jpgAlbert and Caroline Winterhalter 60th anniversary
WinterhalterF051016 010.jpgAlbert and Caroline Winterhalter 50th anniversary
WinterhalterF051016 011.jpgAlbert and Caroline Winterhalter
WinterhalterF051016 012.jpgWinterhalter notes
WinterhalterF051016 013.jpgCarole Winterhalter with James and Jan
WinterhalterIMG_0001.jpgMary Winterhalter obituary 2 of 2
WinterhalterIMG_0002.jpgMary Winterhalter obituary 1 of 2 NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 328
WinterhalterIMG_0003.jpgCatherine Winterhalter obituary 04-07-1989 NOTE: document located in book entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 22
WinterhalterIMG_0004.jpgCatherine Winterhalter obituary 04-08-1989 NOTE: document located in box entiled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 22
WintonF051016-014.jpgRufus Rand Winton He dined with Gerry Ferraro
WintonF051016-015.jpgWinton - Jones/Warren engagement
WintonF051016-017.jpgJohn N Winton death
WintonF051016-018.jpgCharles Winton Jr Obituary
WintonF051016-019.jpgLucy Windon Dodge marriage
WintonF051016-020.jpgCharles J Winton Jr Obituary
WintonF051016-021.jpgDavid J Winton Obituary
WintonF051016-022.jpgDavid Winton, retired lumber executive, dies
WintonF051016-023.jpgPenny Winton Orono womanj works to ease 'immense tragedy' of Africa
WintonF051016-024.jpgPenny Winton
WintonF051016-025.jpgWinton notes
WintonF051016-026.jpgDavid Winton's memoirs
WintonF051016-027.jpgDavid Michael and Sarah (Penny) Winton
WintonF051016-028.jpgWinton - What the Profs Are Doing
WintonF051016-029.jpgDavid Michael Winton
WintonIMG.jpgRobert C Winton obituary
WintonIMG_0001.jpgDavid J Winton obituary 02-05-1981
WirtzF051016-029.jpgWirtz note
WirtzIMG_0001.jpgMatt Wirtz, Brother Heribert an Alexian Brother
WirtzIMG_0002.jpgMatt Wirtz
WiseF060407-062.jpgWise Family Record
WiseF060407-063.jpgWise family 1 of 34
WiseF060407-064.jpgWise family....2 of 34
WiseF060407-065.jpgWise family 3 of 34
WiseF060407-066.jpgWise family 4 of 34
WiseF060407-067.jpgWise family 5 of 34
WiseF060407-068.jpgWise family 7 of 34
WiseF060407-069.jpgWise family 6 of 34
WiseF060407-070.jpgWise family 12 of 34
WiseF060407-071.jpgWise family 13 of 34
WiseF060407-072.jpgWise family 14 of 34
WiseF060407-073.jpgWise family 15 of 34
WiseF060407-074.jpgWise family 16 of 34
WiseF060407-075.jpgWise family 17 of 34
WiseF060407-076.jpgWise family 18 of 34
WiseF060407-077.jpgWise family 19 of 34
WiseF060407-078.jpgWise family 20 of 34
WiseF060407-079.jpgWise family 21 of 34
WiseF060407-080.jpgWise family 22 of 34
WiseF060407-081.jpgWise family 23 of 34
WiseF060407-082.jpgWise family 24 of 34
WiseF060407-083.jpgWise family 25 of 34
WiseF060407-084.jpgWise family 26 of 34
WiseF060407-085.jpgWise family 27 of 34
WiseF060407-086.jpgWise family 28 of 34
WiseF060407-087.jpgWise family 29 of 34
WiseF060407-088.jpgWise family 30 of 34
WiseF060407-089.jpgWise family 31 of 34
WiseF060407-090.jpgWise family 32 of 34
WiseF060407-091.jpgWise family 33 of 34
WiseF060407-092.jpgWise family 34 of 34
WiseF060407-093.jpgWise family 11 of 34
WiseF060407-094.jpgWise family 10 of 34
WiseF060407-095.jpgWise family 9 of 34
WiseF060407-096.jpgWise family 8 of 34
WiseF060407-097.jpgHarry Wise death
WiseF060407-098.jpgMr Wise accident upper left corner
WiseF060407-099.jpgArdele Wise note, center left
WiseF060407-100.jpgMrs H J Wise note lower center
WiseF060407-101.jpgPhil Wise Wayzata Reporter
WiseF060407-102.jpgTibbets & Wise advertisement
WiseF060407-103.jpgHarry wise notation
WiseF060407-104.jpgHarry Wise note
WiseF060407-105.jpgWise Boat Works
WiseF060407-106.jpgWise Family notes
WiseF060407-107.jpgWise notes
WiseF060407-108.jpgWise Legal Publications
WiseF060407-109.jpgWise notes
WiseF060407-110.jpgWise notes
WiseF060407-111.jpgAdeline and Della Wise newspaper article
WiseF060407-112.jpgWise Note upper left corner
WiseF060407-113.jpgHarry Wise note
WiseF060407-114.jpgWise notes
WiseF060407-115.jpgWise notes
WiseF060407-116.jpgWise notes
WiseF060407-117.jpgWise notes
WiseF060407-119.jpgWise Dare To Be Wise 1 of 34
WiseF060407-120.jpgWise Dare....2o f 34
WiseF060407-121.jpgWise Dare....3 of 34
WiseF060407-122.jpgWise Dare....4 of 34
WiseF060407-123.jpgWise Dare....5 of 34
WiseF060407-124.jpgWise Dare....6 of 34
WiseF060407-125.jpgWise Dare....7 of 34
WiseF060407-126.jpgWise Dare....8 of 34
WiseF060407-127.jpgWise Dare...9 of 34
WiseF060407-128.jpgWise 'Dare....10 of 34
WiseF060407-129.jpgWise Dare....11 of 34
WiseF060407-130.jpgWise Dare....12 of 34
WiseF060407-131.jpgWise Dare....13 of 34
WiseF060407-132.jpgWise Dare....14 of 34
WiseF060407-133.jpgWise Dare....15 of 34
WiseF060407-134.jpgWise Dare....16 of 34
WiseF060407-135.jpgWise Dare....17 of 34
WiseF060407-136.jpgWise Dare....18 of 34
WiseF060407-137.jpgWise Dare....19 of 34
WiseF060407-138.jpgWise Dare....20 of 34
WiseF060407-139.jpgWise Dare.....21 of 34
WiseF060407-140.jpgWise Dare....22 of 34
WiseF060407-141.jpgWise Dare....23 of 34
WiseF060407-142.jpgWise Dare....24 of 34
WiseF060407-143.jpgWise Dare....25 of 34
WiseF060407-144.jpgWise Dare....26 of 34
WiseF060407-145.jpgWise Dare....27 of 34
WiseF060407-146.jpgWise Dare....28 of 34
WiseF060407-147.jpgWise Dare....29 of 34
WiseF060407-148.jpgWise Dare.... 30 of 34
WiseF060407-149.jpgWise Dare....31 of 34
WiseF060407-150.jpgWise Dare....32 of 34
WiseF060407-151.jpgWise Dare....33 of 34
WiseF060407-152.jpgWise Dare....34 of 34
WiseIMG.jpgCharles Wise obituary NOTE: Original document located in box entitled Annual meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 301
WiseIMG_0002.jpgMrs Harry Wise obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 2, page 355
WiseIMG_0003.jpgBarbara L Wise obituary 06-05-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 29
WiswellIMG.jpgRichard Anthony [Richie] Wiswell obituary NOTE original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 3, page 26
WittenborgIMG.jpgEmma Luella [Stelling] Wittenborg obituary
WolcottF060407-153.jpgRuth Margaret Wolcott Descendants 1 of 2
WolcottF060407-154.jpgRuth Margaret Wolcott....2 of 2
WolfIMG.jpgTheodore [Ted] Wolf obituary 01-30-2001
WolfIMG_0001.jpgTed Wolf ....makes dreams come true 1 of 3
WolfIMG_0002.jpgTed Wolf makes....2 of 3
WolfIMG_0003.jpgTed Wolf ...makes 3 of 3
WolffIMG.jpgMartha A Wolff obituary 1979
WolffIMG_0001.jpgMartha A Wolff obituary October 1979
WolfordF060407 155.jpgWolford notes
WolfordF060407 156.jpgWolford history
WolfordF060407 157.jpgPeter Wolford Pioneers of the County 1 of 3
WolfordF060407 158.jpgPeter Wolford 2 of 3
WolfordF060407 159.jpgPeter Wolford 3 of 3
WolsfeldB051115-001.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp, copyright by Sweet, Mpls, 3646k
WolsfeldB051115-002.jpgDelphine Potter Sprague, daughter of Cameron Potter and Carrie Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB051115-003.jpgMrs Carrie Wolsfeld Potter and Delphine Potter
WolsfeldB051115-004.jpgWolsfeld - Rath Family: Back Row, L-R: 3 John B Raths, 5 Cameron Potter Middle: L-R: 3 Possibly Lizzie Wolsfeld Raths, 4 possibly Carrie Wolsfeld Potter, 5 Elizabeth Wolsfeld, 6 Charles Wolsfeld, 8 Josephine Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB051115-005.jpgWolsfeld farm
WolsfeldB051116-001.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp, copyright Sweet, Mpls 3646N
WolsfeldB051117-001.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp. Copyright Sweet, Mpls, 3646E
WolsfeldB051117-002.jpgWolsfeld farm - L to R : hay storage, horse barn (currently the old school house at WHPM), machine shed, homestead
WolsfeldB051117-003.jpgWolsfeld Sugar Camp, Copyright Sweet, Mpls., 3646F
WolsfeldB051117-004.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp, Copyright Sweet, Mpls, 3646C
WolsfeldB051118-001.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp, Copyright Sweet, Mpls 3646I
WolsfeldB051118-002.jpgWolsfeld farm, Copyright Sweet, Mpls, 3646M
WolsfeldB051119-001.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp, Copyright Sweet, Mpls, 3646R
WolsfeldB051119-002.jpgWolsfeld Lake and farm, creek on the right runs to Long Lake
WolsfeldB051119-003.jpgWolsfeld Lake and farm
WolsfeldB051119-004.jpgWolsfeld Lake and farm
WolsfeldB051119-005.jpgWolsfeld Lake and farm, Bauer home on the far left and behind
WolsfeldB051120-001.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp, Copyright Sweet, Mpls, 3646Q
WolsfeldB051123-001.jpgWolsfeld Unidentified
WolsfeldB051128-001.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp, Copyright Sweet, Mpls, 3646S
WolsfeldB051130-001.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp, Copyright Sweet, Mpls, 3646O
WolsfeldB051130-002.jpgWolsfeld - Unknown scene, taken by W J Collins of Rapid City, South Dakota
WolsfeldB051202-001.jpgWolsfeld Pottor unidentified photo
WolsfeldB051202-002.jpgWolsfeld - Unidentified
WolsfeldB051203-001.jpgWolsfeld - unidentified Wolsfeld Potter photo
WolsfeldB051204-001.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-002.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-003.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-004.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-005.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-006.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-007.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-008.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-009.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-010.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-011.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-012.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-013.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-014.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-015.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-016.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-017.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-018.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-019.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-020.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-021.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-022.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-023.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-024.jpgWolsfeld Potter unidentified
WolsfeldB051204-025.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB051205-001.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB051210-001.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB051210-002.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB051210-003.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB051210-004.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB051210-005.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-001.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-002.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-003.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-004.jpgWolsfeld - Alice Griswold Ford
WolsfeldB060325-005.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-006.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-007.jpgWolsfeld - Anita K Boehme, born 2-7-1905, St Paul Minnesota
WolsfeldB060325-008.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-009.jpgAnita Boehme, born 2-7-1905
WolsfeldB060325-010.jpgWolsfeld - Mary M Humphrey at the University of Wisconsin in 1903
WolsfeldB060325-011.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-012.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-013.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-014.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-015.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-016.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-017.jpgWolsfeld - Daisey and Belle Egan on pond
WolsfeldB060325-018.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-019.jpgWolsfeld - Conrad Nagel
WolsfeldB060325-020.jpgWolsfeld - Walter Bissett Bicycle Repair Shop at 1575 Hennepin, some connection to the Potte family
WolsfeldB060325-021.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-022.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-023.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-024.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-025.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-026.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-027.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-028.jpgWolsfeld - Maggie Getchel
WolsfeldB060325-029.jpgWolsfeld - definitely Wolsfelds, but indentified
WolsfeldB060325-030.jpgWolsfeld - Jack Reiser
WolsfeldB060325-031.jpgWolsfeld - Lena Ditter Hunt
WolsfeldB060325-032.jpgWolsfeld - Anthony L Ditter visiting Lizzie Wolsfeld in Rockford, North Dakota
WolsfeldB060325-033.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-034.jpgWolsfeld - enscription says name is Eileen
WolsfeldB060325-035.jpgWolsfeld - Bill Morton
WolsfeldB060325-036.jpgWolsfeld - sister of Walter Gardner
WolsfeldB060325-037.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-038.jpgElizabeth Wolsfeld (Lizzie), Aunt Lizzies place near Rockford, North Dakota
WolsfeldB060325-039.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-040.jpgWolsfeld - Mae Merz and Fidel Stumpf on wedding day
WolsfeldB060325-041.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-043.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-045.jpgJohnny Wolsfeld Jr
WolsfeldB060325-047.jpgWolsfeld - Laton Adams Smith, Simon Smith
WolsfeldB060325-048.jpgThelma Rose Potter, age 13 months
WolsfeldB060325-049.jpgMrs Cameron G Potter card
WolsfeldB060325-050.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-052.jpgWolsfeld - Francis and Lola ?
WolsfeldB060325-054.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-055.jpgCarrie G Potter postcard
WolsfeldB060325-056.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-057.jpgWolsfeld unidentified, original color photo at home of Lee Sprague, son of Delphine W Potter
WolsfeldB060325-058.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-059.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-060.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-061.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-062.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-063.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-064.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-065.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-066.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-067.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-068.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-069.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-070.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-071.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-072.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-073.jpgWolsfeld - Jud Potter
WolsfeldB060325-074.jpgCameron Potter and his busting bronco in South Dakota
WolsfeldB060325-075.jpgJud Potter
WolsfeldB060325-076.jpgWolsfeld - Peggy Wechsler at age 3 1/2 yrs
WolsfeldB060325-077.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-078.jpgWolsfeld - Johns farm ten miles south of New Rockford
WolsfeldB060325-079.jpgWolsfeld - Wesley in uniform
WolsfeldB060325-080.jpgWolsfeld - Wesley in uniform at camp
WolsfeldB060325-081.jpgWolsfeld - possbily Wesley?
WolsfeldB060325-082.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-083.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-084.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-085.jpgHunting shot taken by Louise Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060325-086.jpgWilford Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060325-087.jpgWolsfeld tractor scene
WolsfeldB060325-088.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-089.jpgWolsfeld - Francis and Lola ?
WolsfeldB060325-090.jpgJohn Wolsfeld Jr (Johnny) and Louise Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060325-091.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-092.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060325-093.jpgWolsfeld notes
WolsfeldB060609-001.jpgJohn Wolsfeld farm painting by Claude Ehrenberg
WolsfeldB060609-002.jpgCharles and Elizabeth Wolsfeld in late 1880s
WolsfeldB060609-003.jpgCaroline (Carrie) Wolsfeld and Cameron Potter wedding photo
WolsfeldB060609-004.jpgCharles Wolsfeld in late 1860s
WolsfeldB060609-005.jpgA picnic at Wolsfeld Lake, with all of Mother's tribe, inscription by janet
WolsfeldB060609-006.jpgJohn Wolsfeld farm in the 1930s, on a cold windy day.
WolsfeldB060609-007.jpgJohn Wolsfeld farm in the 1930s, taken from the east field
WolsfeldB060609-008.jpgJohn Wolsfeld farm as seen from the lake. Lake was 1/2 mile wide and 3/4 of a mile long.
WolsfeldB060609-009.jpgWolsfeld farm in the 1930s
WolsfeldB060609-010.jpgWolsfeld farm in the 1930s taken from the East side
WolsfeldB060609-012.jpgWolsfeld Lake, 1989
WolsfeldB060609-013.jpgWolsfeld maple sugar boiling shack c.1920s L-R: Cameron Potter, John Wolsfeld, Nick Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-014.jpgLabel from a Wolsfeld maple syrup can
WolsfeldB060609-015.jpgWolsfeld maple sugar camp
WolsfeldB060609-016.jpgWolsfeld maple sugar camp
WolsfeldB060609-017.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-018.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-019.jpgC G Potter and Archie Bunker
WolsfeldB060609-020.jpgWolsfeld sugar camp newspaper article
WolsfeldB060609-021.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld and Carrie Potter in the syrup house newspaper article
WolsfeldB060609-022.jpgJ C Wolsfeld, Terry Nielsen and Gordon Wolsfeld ....Gathering Maple Sap....
WolsfeldB060609-024.jpgC G Potter It's Syrup Time at Long Lake;....
WolsfeldB060609-026.jpgWolsfeld maple sugar camp scene - Mpls Trib 4-16-1917
WolsfeldB060609-027.jpgSupply order blank GH Grimm Company
WolsfeldB060609-028.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld Potter 1902
WolsfeldB060609-029.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld Potter c. late 1920s
WolsfeldB060609-030.jpgWolsfeld - Delphine Potter c. 1919
WolsfeldB060609-031.jpgDelphine Wolsfeld Potter c.1919
WolsfeldB060609-032.jpgDelphine Wolsfeld Potter feeding ducks in late 1920s
WolsfeldB060609-034.jpgCharles Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-035.jpgCharles Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-036.jpgPeter B Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-037.jpgWolsfeld unidentified. schoolhouse in background
WolsfeldB060609-038.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld Potter with shotgun at Lake
WolsfeldB060609-039.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld Potter with shotgun at lake, walking.
WolsfeldB060609-040.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld Potter with pistol at lake
WolsfeldB060609-041.jpgCameron Potter with shotgun and prey at lake
WolsfeldB060609-042.jpgPotter family portrait. Bottom, right: Cameron Potter and Carrie Wolsfeld Potter
WolsfeldB060609-043.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-044.jpgWolsfeld - parents of Cameron Potter
WolsfeldB060609-045.jpgDelphine Wolsfeld and Donald Sprague family dog Wee Wong, run over accidently by Don
WolsfeldB060609-046.jpgCameron Potter and unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-047.jpgCarrie and Delphine Potter
WolsfeldB060609-048.jpgCarrie and Delphine Potter?
WolsfeldB060609-049.jpgDelphine Potter Sprague
WolsfeldB060609-050.jpgDelphine Potter Sprague
WolsfeldB060609-051.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-052.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-053.jpgDelphine Potter
WolsfeldB060609-054.jpgCharles Wolsfeld - Cameron Potter house, side facing lake showing tree uprooted by tornado on 9-7-1941
WolsfeldB060609-055.jpgDelphine Potter
WolsfeldB060609-056.jpgCameron Potter at 8 months of age
WolsfeldB060609-057.jpgWolsfeld - Miss Kreatz
WolsfeldB060609-058.jpgCameron Potter as a young man
WolsfeldB060609-059.jpgWolsfeld - Anthony L Ditter on 10-25-1916
WolsfeldB060609-060.jpgDelphine Potter Sprague
WolsfeldB060609-061.jpgDelphine Potter feeding the ducks
WolsfeldB060609-062.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-063.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-064.jpgCameron Gates Potter
WolsfeldB060609-065.jpgClara Potter
WolsfeldB060609-066.jpgJohn Potter at age 19
WolsfeldB060609-067.jpgJohn Potter?
WolsfeldB060609-068.jpgWolsfeld - Dan Scott and family
WolsfeldB060609-069.jpgMary Potter, sister of Cameron Potter
WolsfeldB060609-070.jpgJack Potter and family in South Dakota
WolsfeldB060609-071.jpgGrandma Potter
WolsfeldB060609-072.jpgA Potter wedding photo
WolsfeldB060609-073.jpgCharles Potter at 16, on right
WolsfeldB060609-074.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld Potter, Cameron Potter, and Delphine Potter
WolsfeldB060609-075.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-076.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld Potter
WolsfeldB060609-077.jpgWolsfeld - Parents of Cameron Potter
WolsfeldB060609-078.jpgCameron Potter and Caroline Wolsfeld (Carrie) wedding photo
WolsfeldB060609-079.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-080.jpgDelphine Wolsfeld Potter at age 2 yrs, 4 months
WolsfeldB060609-081.jpgCamerton Potter's father
WolsfeldB060609-082.jpgDelphine Wolsfeld Potter at age 5 months
WolsfeldB060609-083.jpgWolsfeld - father of Cameron Potter
WolsfeldB060609-084.jpgDelphine Wolsfeld Potter Sprague
WolsfeldB060609-085.jpgJoseph Merz and Elizabeth Merz-Wolsfeld (brother and sister)
WolsfeldB060609-086.jpgWolsfeld - bridge over Wolsfeld lake outlet in 1961
WolsfeldB060609-087.jpgLouise Wolsfeld at age 94 in May 1994
WolsfeldB060609-088.jpgWolsfedl cousins - L-R: Stella Wolsfeld, Percy Greene, Louise Wolsfeld, taken May 1969
WolsfeldB060609-089.jpgL-R: Josephin Wolsfeld, Stella Wolsfeld, Carrie Wolsfeld, Delphine Potter, taken 1925
WolsfeldB060609-090.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-091.jpgWolsfeld unidentified
WolsfeldB060609-092.jpgPaul Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-093.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-094.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld, daughter of Charles Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-095.jpgEvelyn Ruth Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-096.jpgEvelyn Ruth Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-097.jpgEvelyn Ruth Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-098.jpgEvelyn Ruth Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-099.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld and cousin Verona Ganche with dolls and wagon
WolsfeldB060609-100.jpgWolsfeld unidentified store interior
WolsfeldB060609-101.jpgElizabeth Wolsfield married to John B Raths, unidentified child
WolsfeldB060609-102.jpgElizabeth Wolsfeld and John B Raths
WolsfeldB060609-103.jpgJohn B Raths
WolsfeldB060609-104.jpgElizabeth Wolsfeld and John B Raths
WolsfeldB060609-105.jpgElizabeth Wolsfeld and John B Raths
WolsfeldB060609-107.jpgElizabeth Wolsfeld Raths
WolsfeldB060609-108.jpgElizabeth Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-109.jpgWolsfeld unidentified baseball team
WolsfeldB060609-110.jpgWesley Raths in 1943
WolsfeldB060609-111.jpgWesley and Virginia Raths in 1947
WolsfeldB060609-112.jpgHelen Raths diploma
WolsfeldB060609-113.jpgJohn Wolsfeld Jr (Johnnie)
WolsfeldB060609-114.jpgJohn Wolsfeld Jr (Johnnie)
WolsfeldB060609-115.jpgJohn Wolsfeld jr (Johnnie)
WolsfeldB060609-116.jpgFrances Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-117.jpgElizabeth Merz Wolsfeld, wife of Charles Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-118.jpgElizabeth Merz Wolsfeld, wife of Charles Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-119.jpgGordon Wolsfeld on his fathers car
WolsfeldB060609-120.jpgGordon Wolsfeld and wife Betty Peterson
WolsfeldB060609-121.jpgStella Wolsfeld Greene
WolsfeldB060609-122.jpgWolsfeld ? graduation day on 6-16-1922
WolsfeldB060609-123.jpgWolsfeld - children of Stella Greene, daughter of Frank Greene and Maggie Wolsfeld. Janet Smith at 10 years old, Laton Adams Smith at 15 months, Frederick Abbot Smith at 8 yrs old, photo taken August 1919 in Rochester, Minnesota
WolsfeldB060609-124.jpgWolsfeld - Dr Fred L Smith, husband of Stella Woslfeld Greene
WolsfeldB060609-125.jpgStella Wolsfeld Green Smith
WolsfeldB060609-126.jpgStella Wolsfeld Green Smith
WolsfeldB060609-127.jpgDr Fred L Smith and Stella Wolsfeld Greene, Fred: 1879-1969, employed at Mayo Clinic 1917-1947. Stella: 1882-1978
WolsfeldB060609-128.jpgFrank Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-129.jpgFrank Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-130.jpgFrank Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-131.jpgFrank Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-132.jpgFrank Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-133.jpgFrank Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-134.jpgFrank and Laura Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-135.jpgFrank and Laura Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-136.jpgFrank Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-137.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-138.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-139.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld with violin
WolsfeldB060609-140.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-141.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld
WolsfeldB060609-142.jpgWolsfeld - one of these women is Mrs Hunt, the sister of Anthony L Ditter. The wedding couple is a Wolsfeld connection, but indentified
WolsfeldB060609-143.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld
WolsfeldF060601-002.jpgMemories of the Wolsfeld Farm 1 of 2
WolsfeldF060601-003.jpgMemories of ....2 of 2
WolsfeldIMG-01.jpgGordon R Wolsfeld memoriam 08-14-1989
WolsfeldIMG.jpgWolsfeld Farm Maple Syrup c 1920
WolsfeldIMG_0001-0001.jpgWolsfeld Farm - Want Ad billing 08-17-1944
WolsfeldIMG_0001.jpgThe Charles Wolsfeld 1857 Log Cabin 1 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0002-0002.jpgWolsfeld Farm - Want Ad 09-11-44
WolsfeldIMG_0002.jpgThe Charles Wolsfeld....2 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0003-0003.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld - W W Rieke, M.D. statement 08-01-1953
WolsfeldIMG_0003.jpgThe Charles Wosfeld....3 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0004-0004.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld - Wayzata Sand and Gravel Co receipt 01-31-1942
WolsfeldIMG_0004.jpgThe Charles Wolsfeld....4 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0005-0005.jpgC G Potter the Minnetonka Herald receipt 08-03-1954
WolsfeldIMG_0005.jpgThe Charles Wosfeld....5 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0006-0006.jpgWolsfeld Farm - Keller Bros Gravel Co receipt
WolsfeldIMG_0006.jpgThe Charles Wosfeld....6 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0007-0007.jpgWolsfeld Farm - Berry and Company receipt 01-26-1944
WolsfeldIMG_0007.jpgThe Charles Wosfeld....7 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0008-0008.jpgPotter - Jarnes Motor Co receipt 08-03-1954
WolsfeldIMG_0008.jpgThe Charles Wosfeld....8 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0009-0009.jpgWolsfeld - Rettinger Motors receipt 10-30-1941
WolsfeldIMG_0009.jpgThe Charles Wosfeld....9 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0010-0010.jpgC G Potter - Orono Gardens receipt 05-15-1959
WolsfeldIMG_0010.jpgThe Charles Wosfeld....10 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0011-0011.jpgPotter note
WolsfeldIMG_0011.jpgThe Charles Wolsfeld....11 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0012-0012.jpgPotter - F M Rosekrans Jr receipt 06-04-1949
WolsfeldIMG_0012.jpgThe Charles Wolsfeld....12 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0013-0013.jpgWolsfeld Farms - Keller Bros Gravel Co receipt
WolsfeldIMG_0013.jpgThe Charles Wolsfeld....13 of 13
WolsfeldIMG_0014-0014.jpgC G Potter, Medical recipt 06-01-1953
WolsfeldIMG_0015-0015.jpgPotter - Herb's Service garage receipt 11-25-1953
WolsfeldIMG_0016-0016.jpgWolsfeld Farm - Wayzata-Long Lake Pharmacy receipt 05-15-1953
WolsfeldIMG_0017-0017.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld - Dr C J Martinson receipt 05-01-1948
WolsfeldIMG_0018-0018.jpgWolsfeld - Berry and Company recipt 03-11-1943
WolsfeldIMG_0020-0020.jpgWolsfeld Farm - Dickey & Milbert Fuel, Oil and Gasoline receipt August 1945
WolsfeldIMG_0021.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld In Recital
WolsfeldIMG_0022.jpgMyrtle Wolsfeld Winner
WolsfeldIMG_0023.jpgMyrtle Wohlsfeld On Program
WolsfeldIMG_0024.jpgElizabeth Wolsfeld; Katharine Miller Merz; Gordon Wolsfeld; Josephine Wolsfeld
WolsfeldIMG_0025.jpgWolsfeld - Tony Ditter, pioneer residence erected in Medina Township in 1865. Photo taken in 1907. Building has since been demolished, 1 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0026.jpgWolsfeld - Tony Ditter....2 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0028.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld letter 03-15-1940 1 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0029.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld letter....2 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0030.jpgDelphine Wolsfeld Sprague letter 01-14-1963
WolsfeldIMG_0032.jpgWolsfeld - Kattarina Merz Warranty Deed 03-25-1892 1 of 4
WolsfeldIMG_0033.jpgWolsfeld - Kattarina Merz Warranty....2 of 4
WolsfeldIMG_0034.jpgWolsfeld - Kattarina Merz Warranty....3 of 4
WolsfeldIMG_0035.jpgWolsfeld - Kattarine Merz Warranty....4 of 4
WolsfeldIMG_0036.jpgP B Wolsfeld -Division of Statistics
WolsfeldIMG_0038.jpgWolsfeld - Carrie Potter letter 02-19-1930 1 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0039.jpgWolsfeld - Carrie Potter letter....2 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0040.jpgWolsfeld - Letters to Mother from Uncle Joe Merz
WolsfeldIMG_0041.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld, Grade 1 Report Card 1 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0042.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld, Grade A....2 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0043.jpgWolsfeld - Invoice from Walter H Derhaag, Blacksmith and General Horsehoeing
WolsfeldIMG_0044.jpgPeter B Wolsfeld note NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 233
WolsfeldIMG_0045.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld (left) and Mrs C G POtter package the finished product by pouring it into labeled containers. Both women are daughters of the late Charles Wolsfeld, who established the maple syrup Industry on the farm in 1861. The Wolsfeld farm has produced as much as 700 gallons of syrup in a year. 1 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0046.jpgJosephine Wolsfeld and Mrs C G Potter....2 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0047.jpgWolsfeld Maple Sugar Camp
WolsfeldIMG_0048.jpgWolsfeld maple syrup camp. The full vats are hauled to the cookhouse, where the sap is boiled to remove impurities.
WolsfeldIMG_0049.jpgWolsfeld maple syrup camp. Archie Bunker drives the horses while C G Potter pours the maple sap into a vat.
WolsfeldIMG_0050.jpgLouise Wolsfeld note 08-11-1986 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 5, page 47
WolsfeldIMG_0051.jpgLori Wolsfeld NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 281
WolsfeldIMG_0052.jpgCharles Wolsfeld farm 1930s
WolsfeldIMG_0053.jpgBohns point arial view
WolsfeldIMG_0054.jpgWolsfeld farm arial view. The farm looking east. Notice the new metal roof on the barn, which shows up white. Lake on the left.
WolsfeldIMG_0055.jpgWolsfeld unknown aeril view
WolsfeldIMG_0056.jpgWolsfeld - aerial view. Delphine Wolsfeld wrote when my folks lived on North Arm, Lake Minnetonka looking east. Don Sprague, Delphines husband kept his cub piper plane here.
WolsfeldIMG_0057.jpgWolsfeld - aerial view of Casco Point, Spring Park Bay is at the bottom
WolsfeldIMG_0058.jpgCharles Wolsfeld farm - unknown
WolsfeldIMG_0059.jpgWolsfeld - aerial view unknown
WolsfeldIMG_0060.jpgWolsfeld - west side of Wolsfeld Lake
WolsfeldIMG_0061.jpgWolsfeld Lake
WolsfeldIMG_0062.jpgWolsfeld Lake
WolsfeldIMG_0063.jpgWolsfeld - Delphine Wolsfeld wrote My folks live up on this bay (check mark)
WolsfeldIMG_0064.jpgWolsfeld - Delphine Wolsfeld wrote Where I live at Spring Park, looking southeast (check mark)
WolsfeldIMG_0065.jpgWolsfeld - looking east, very few trees
WolsfeldIMG_0066.jpgWolsfeld-Potter Auction 1961
WolsfeldIMG_0067.jpgWolsfold Lake outlet, bridge 1961
WolsfeldIMG_0068.jpgWolsfeld farm - wheeping willows
WolsfeldIMG_0069.jpgGordon Wolsfeld obituary NOTE; document located in box entitiled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 8, page 43
WolsfeldIMG_0079.jpgWolsfeld - Mrs Dillman and baby
WolsfeldIMG_0080.jpgVirginia M Wolsfeld obituary 1992
WolsfeldIMG_0081.jpgFrank Wolsfeld note
WolsfeldIMG_0082.jpgJohnny Wolsfeld
WolsfeldIMG_0083.jpgJohn Wolsfeld note
WolsfeldIMG_0084.jpgMrs Lou Wolsfeld note
WolsfeldIMG_0085.jpgPeter B Wolsfeld note
WolsfeldIMG_0086.jpgSusie Wolsfeld note
WolsfeldIMG_0087.jpgLizzie Wolsfeld, 1892 Autograph Album #12
WolsfeldIMG_0088.jpgCarrie Wolsfeld, 1890 Autograph Album #6
WolsfeldIMG_0089.jpgLaura Wolsfeld obituary 08-1981
WolsfeldIMG_0090.jpgWolsfeld "Pioneers of today embark on journey to yesteryear" Wolsfeld Cabin 1 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0091.jpgWolsfeld - "Pioneers....2 of w
WolsfeldIMG_0092.jpgWolsfeld - series of cards with bible verses NOTE: located in Wolsfeld Family Folder
WolsfeldIMG_0093.jpgCharles Wolsfeld notes 1956
WolsfeldIMG_0094.jpgDelphine Potter Wolsfeld, Valentine Greeting 02-12-1931
WolsfeldIMG_0095.jpgWolsfeld - Jane [Ziebarth] Neilson memoriam 12-07-1899 - 04-16-1984
WolsfeldIMG_0096.jpgWolsfeld - Elizabeth Raths (Lizzie) "Proof of Will"
WolsfeldIMG_0097.jpgWolsfeld - Lizzie Raths Will 1 of 2
WolsfeldIMG_0098.jpgJohn C Wolsfeld Last Will and Testament 02-18-1939
WolsfeldIMG_0099.jpgWolsfeld - "Burro-ing Through History" 1 of 7
WolsfeldIMG_0100.jpgWolsfeld - "Burro-ing Through History" 2 of 7
WolsfeldIMG_0101.jpgWolsfeld - "Burro-ing Through History" 3 of 7
WolsfeldIMG_0102.jpgWolsfeld - "Burro-ing Through History" 4 of 7
WolsfeldIMG_0103.jpgWolsfeld - "Burro-ing Through History" 5 of 7
WolsfeldIMG_0104.jpgWolsfeld - "Burro-ing Through History" 6 of 7
WolsfeldIMG_0105.jpgWolsfeld - "Burro-ing Through History" 7 of 7
WolsfeldIMG_0106.jpgWolsfeld "Wolsfeld Family Story" 1999 NOTE: Located in Family Bound Editions in the vault
WolsfeldIMG_0107.jpgWolsfeld "...cabin dedication planned"
WoodF051017-001.jpgMrs Newman Woods of Excelsior
WoodF051017-002.jpgWilliam C Wood Obituary
WoodF051017-003.jpgWood notes
WoodF051017-004.jpgWood notes
WoodF051017-005.jpgWood notes
WoodF051017-006.jpgWood - Charles E Sampson Company
WoodF051017-007.jpgIsaac Wood Obituary
WoodardIMG.jpgLawrence Baker Woodard obituary NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 4, page 9
WoodingF051017-008.jpgWooding notes
WoodmanF051017-009.jpgEphraim Woodman plat info
WoodwardF051017-010.jpgG M Woodward note
WoodworthF051017-011.jpgWoodworth notes
WooleyF051017-012.jpgF W Wooley note
WoosterF051017-013.jpgWooster notes
WoosterF051017-014.jpgJane Wooster Goghlan letter
WoosterF051017-015.jpgWooster letter 1 of 2
WoosterF051017-016.jpgWooster letter 2 of 2
WoosterF051017-017.jpgJane Wooster Goglan letter
WoosterF051017-018.jpgWooster notes
WoosterF051017-019.jpgWooster notes
WoosterF051017-020.jpgWooster notes
WoosterF051017-021.jpgWooster notes
WoosterF051017-022.jpgWooster letter 1 of 3
WoosterF051017-023.jpgWooster letter 3 of 3
WoosterF051017-024.jpgWooster letter 2 of 3
WoosterF051017-025.jpgWooster note
WorrallF051017-026.jpgElwood Worrall
WorrallF051017-027.jpgEllwood Worrall ....Bicycle Bill....
WorrallF051017-028.jpgWorrall notes
WorthinghamF051017-029.jpgFrances Worthingham Stinson notes
WorthinghamF051017-030.jpgWorthingham Family notes
WorthinghamF051017-031.jpgWorthingham family notes
WortmanIMG.jpgElizabeth H Wortman "Long Lake woman to head marketing communications at Braun Intertec" 10-17-2006
WrightF051017-032.jpgJohn Wright Descendants
WrightF051017-033.jpgElisha Wright Descendants
WrightF051017-034.jpgEd Wright ntoe
WrightF051017-035.jpgAlfred Wright marriage
WrightF051017-036.jpgEd J Wright note
WrightF051017-037.jpgWright notes
WrightF051017-038.jpgWright notes
WrightF060608 001.jpgWright - Top, L-R: Margaret Eisinger, Amy Ruff, Mrs August Hehl, Violet Ehlers, Blanch Neddermeyer, Bessie Smith, Middle, L-R: Blanche Wright, ?, Maggie Kohnen, Hazel Johnson, Bess Neilson, ?, Ehlers, Lula Lewis Front, L-R: Mrs. ? Ehlers, Elizabeth Holbrook, ?
WrightF060608 002.jpgBlanche Wright
WrightF060608 003.jpgWright - Margaret Eisinger
WrightIMG.jpgHarry B Wright obituary 09-26-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 32
WrightIMG_0001.jpgHarry B Wright memoriam 05-19-1904 - 09-27-1984 NOTE: document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 7, page 32
WrightIMG_0002.jpgMrs Edgar G Wright note
WrigleyF051017-039.jpgWilliam Wrigley plat info
WrigleyF051017-040.jpgWrigley note
WrobelF051017-041.jpgWrobel notes
WrobelF051017-042.jpgWrobel notes
WrobelF051017-043.jpgWrobbel 1 of 3
WrobelF051017-044.jpgWrobel 2 of 3
WrobelF051017-045.jpgWrobel 3 of 3
WrobelF051017-046.jpgGustav Wrobbel b. 8-16-1897, taken 1956
WrobelF051017-047.jpgMaggie E Wrobbel b. 7-28-1879, taken 1956
WyattF051017-048.jpgWyatt notes
WyattF051017-049.jpgMr and Mrs Wm Wyatt note
WyattF051017-050.jpgWilliam Wyatt and family note
WyattF051017-051.jpgMissy Wyatt Need Help With Homework?
WyattF051017-052.jpgEdla G Wyatt memoire
WyattF051017-053.jpgRuby Wyatt and her mother Vernice McCarthy
WyattF051017-054.jpgRuby Wyatt 95th birthday
WyattF051017-055.jpgWyatt notes
WyattF051017-057.jpgEdla J Wyatt Obituary
WyattF051017-058.jpgWyatt - Stafford family homestead. Ted Maxwell on horse, Arthur Stafford standing, Rae Stafford Maxwell and Hazel Stafford, adults seated, Arlie Maxwell Thorpe, little girl, Clark Maxwell, baby
WyattIMG_0002.jpgArthur Wyatt note. First sentence reads Arthur Wyatt, oldes son of Wm and Ruby Wyatt was born July 1, .... NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, Book Number 1, page 249
WyattIMG_0003.jpgWilliam Wyatt note. NOTE: original document located in box entitled Annual Meeting Minutes, book number 1, page 252
WyattIMG_0004.jpgMelia Ann Wyatt obituary 05-28-2011
WyattIMG_0005.jpgArthur Wyatt note
WyattIMG_0006.jpgWilliam Wyatt note
WyattIMG_0007.jpgRuby E Wyatt obituary
WyattIMG_0008.jpgRuby E Wyatt 01-07-1882 - 04-22-1982 obituary
WyerF051017-059.jpgJames Ingersoll Wyer III A Secret Divulged
WyerF051017-060.jpgTOP L-R: Ruth Wyer Greer, james I Wyer III, Harvey Glenn Wyer, Ernestine Wyer Mears. BOTTOM L-R: Malcom Glenn Wyer, Mabel Wyer Rowe, Ralph E Wyer
WyerF051017-061.jpgWyer home, Excelsior, Minnesota
WyerIMG.jpgJames I Wyer note
Wyer CollectionIMG-Minnetonka Beach Placard3.jpgHistoric Ground Brochure 2 of 2
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-1W-166A.jpgExcelsior, 1882-1886, Minneapolis Lyndale and Minnetonka narrow gauge railroad
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-1W-65.jpgExcelsior, 1880's, Waterfront with Belle of Minnetonka
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-128.jpgMinnetonka Beach, 1885, Lafayette Hotel with J. J. Hills locomotive
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-13.jpgDeephaven, date unknown, City of St Louis loading passengers
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-168A.jpgDeephaven, 1916, L. S. Donaldson boathouse and estate
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-172.jpgDeephaven, date unkown, Minnetonka Ice Yacht Clubhouse
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-191A.jpgLake Minnetonka, about 1890, Belle of Minnetonka, capacity 2560
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-191B.jpgLake Minnetonka, about 1890, Steamer City of St Louis
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-215.jpgDeephaven, about 1890, St Louis Hotel, 200 rooms, 1879-1906
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-23.jpgLafayette Club, built on site of Lafayette Hotel which burned and was rebuilt.
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-26B.jpgExcelsior, early 1900's, Passengers aboard steamer Excelsior
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-41.jpgExcelsior, 1890's, Excursion boat and passengers at dock
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-44.jpgLake Minnetonka, early 1900's, Street car station for land and boat cars
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-49.jpgLake Minnetonka, early 1900's passenger ship City of St Louis
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-7 bottom.jpgDeephaven, about 1891, City of St Louis leaving docks
Wyer CollectionIMG_2006-2-W1-7 top.jpgDeephaven, about 1891, City of St Louis leaving docks
Wyer CollectionIMG_Minnetonka Beach Placard 5.jpgHotel Lafayette Dinner Menu July 4, 1895 2 of 2
Wyer CollectionIMG_Minnetonka Beach Placard1.jpgSt Martin's by the Lake at Minnetonka Beach
Wyer CollectionIMG_Minnetonka Beach Placard2.jpgCity Hall, from 1911 to 1920 it was a school for Beach Children; now in Orono School District
Wyer CollectionIMG_Minnetonka Beach Placard4.jpgHotel Lafayette, Historic Ground Brochure 1 of 2
Wyer CollectionIMG_Minnetonka Beach Placard6.jpgHotel Lafayette Dinner Menu, July 4, 1895 1 of 2
Wyer CollectionIMG_Minnetonka Beach Placard7.jpgLafayette Club
Wyer CollectionIMG_Minnetonka Beach Placard8.jpgLafayette Hotel, burned 1897
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-1.jpgWyer - Big Island Park, 1907-1918, Artists sketch for advertising
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-10.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, L S Donaldson Estate
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-11.jpgWyer - "Katahdin", summer home of Lucian Swift at Lake Minnetonka, 1890 to 1930
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-12.jpgWyer - Top L-R: E K Fulton's Villa, Zumbra Heights; Chapman House, Mound, MN Bottom L-R: The Donaldson's, Mrs E C Donaldson, Proprietress, Excelsior
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-13.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, City of St Louis loading passengers
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-14.jpgWyer - Excelsior Amusement Park, airplanes
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-15A.jpgWyer - Carson's Bay, about 1900, Grandview Point boathouse
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-15B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1900, Archie Jeffersons boat house
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-16A.jpgWyer - Street car terminal, St Louis Hotel, circa 1898. Deephaven Minnetonka beach and is home to the Braun Family, 1999 McCarthy/Hill Collection
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-16B.jpgWyer - St Louis Hotel Boat House, near the Railroad Terminal, circa 1900-1905 McCarthy/Hill Collection
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-17.jpgWyer - Deeogavebm abiyt 1900, Minnetonka Yacht Club sailboat race and dock
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-18A.jpgWyer - Breezy Point Club 1895. Woodland (ex Maplewoods). Club House was later sold and moved over ice to Robinson's Bay in the early 1900's, where it remains today (1983). Following several remodelings and additions, first by Cub and Margaret Cater (early 1920s and 1936, Gene and Kay Hanson, late 1940s, and present owner Ray Grithin (sp), Jr. Breezy Point was purchased in 1879 from Moses Guild and the Club was built shortly aafter. Spirit Knob, the High Point on the end of the peninsula was leveled to make room and prior leveling was approximately 300 feet high.
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-18B.jpgWyer - High water or low boat, taken from Carson's Bay and Thompson Point in background, about 1925, Sailboat rescue
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-19.jpgWyer - Top L-R: looking into Carson Bay Thompson's Point, Burton Boat House background; Blue Line Cafe, Excelsior Bottom L-R: Excelsior Boat House, this Y.C. later merged with MYC; Early "C" & "A" boats on main lake off Bennett's Point, Cedarhurst barely visible
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-20A.jpgWyer - Windflower, about 1915, Carson's Bay
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-20B.jpgWyer -Carsons Bay, about 1910, Grass tennis courts at Burton'sChampionship 1904
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-21A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, early 1900s, Minnetonka Yacht Club docks
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-21B.jpgWyer - Phelp's Island, about 1905, Woolnough's Maple Heights Inn
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-22A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, late 1930s, G V Thompson Estate
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-22B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, late 1930s, G V Thompson boathouse
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-22C.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, late 1930s, G V Thompson Estate, shoreline walk
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-24A and B.jpgWyer - Excelsior, alte 1920s, Amusement Park
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-24B.jpgWyer - Amusement Park Lake Minnetonka, Rt Excelsior, MN 102
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-24C.jpgWyer - Excelsior Amusement Park, late 1920s
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-24D.jpgWyer - Excelsior Amusement Park
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-26A.jpgWyer - Excelsior, early 1900s, Ste4amer Minnetonka at the docks
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-26B.jpgWyer - Tonka Bay, date unknown "Excelsior"
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-2A.jpgWyer - Among the Trees at Big Island Park, Lake Minnetonka, MN
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-2B.jpgWyer - Carson's Bay, about 1908, BUrton Estate, Lovers Lane
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-3.jpgWyer - The Narrows, about 1915, Pleasure boats and dredge
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-30.jpgWyer - Ferndale, Wayzata, date unknown, D D Davis residence
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-31.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, streetcar boat Hopkins
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-32.jpgWyer - Excelsior, late 1900s, street scene downtown Excelsior
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-33.jpgWyer - Burton residence and boathouse, Deephaven 1890
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-34.jpgWyer - Minnetonka Ice YC, circa 1904. MYC to right, Swifts Point and Big Island in background
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-35.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, 1910s, boathouse and dock
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-36A.jpgWyer - Cat boat "Bonita", St Louis Hotel and boat house and railroad siding
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-36B.jpgWyer - MYC 08-02-1944 Chuck Cole in shorts, Ward Burton (Sans Hat) just "above" him, Russ and Ruth Greer, seated to Chuck's left
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-37A.jpgWyer - Bartlett Hotel, Lake Minnetonka, Minnneapolis, MN postcard
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-37B.jpgWyer - The White House, Excelsior, Lake Minnetonka, Minn, about 1900, built 1866, razed 1946 postcard
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-37C.jpgWyer - Chapman House, J A Pearson, Prop, Mound, Lake Minnetonka, on Cook's Bay postcard
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-37D.jpgWyer - Keywaden Hotel, Cottagewood, MN, located at present on Kenwaden Street, facing Main Lake back from Lakeview Avenue
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-38A.jpgWyer - Edgewood Hotel, Lake Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Minn postcard
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-38B.jpgWyer - Lyman Lodge, Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior, MN postcard
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-38C.jpgWyer - Tipi Wakan hotel on Phelps Island, Spring Park, early 1900s
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-38D.jpgWyer -Radisson Inn, main entrance, on north shore of Christmas Lake, Excelsior, Minn postcard
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-39.jpgWyer - Wayzata, Minn, early 1900s, artists rendition of Wayzta Bay postcard
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-4.jpgWyer - Excelsior Docks, about 1895, 4 passenger boats docked
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-40.jpgWyer - Tour boats at the warves at Excelsior, Minnesota-Lake Minnetonka, early 1900s postcard
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-5.jpgWyer - Sprit Knob, Breezy Point, about 1869, Indian Holy Site, Knob leveled in early 1880s
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-6A.jpgWyer - 3765 Northome Road, FS Higgins Home (summer) in background. Sign kindness Louie and Gene Gluer. Taking note of W F HUffs new pile driven dock on bay St Louis, circa 1938
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-6B.jpgWyer - Huff Dock (see Supra) construction, circa 1938. Background: what is now (1988) the main Deephaven swimming beach and Lake Avenue ramp. Old Deephaven station (moved) can be seen above the tug and vacant lot to left is now Chas. Britrus home. The tug is the "Priscilla"
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-7.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1891, City of St Louis leaving docks
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-8.jpgWyer - Excelsior, early 1920s, main street intersection
Wyer Collection Book No 12006-2-W1-9.jpgWyer - Groveland, about 1905, original Groveland school and students
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-41.jpgWyer - Excelsior, 1890s, excursion boat and passengers at dock
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-44.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, early 1900s, passenger ship "Excelsior"
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-45A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, placid scene on the bay
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-45B.jpgWyer - Tonka Bay, about 1900, "Victor" & "Puritan" at Tonka Bay Hotel
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-45C.jpgWyer - Excelsior, early 1900s, street car station for land and boat cars
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-46-1.jpgWyer - Wayzata, 1920s, four estates on Ferndale 1 of 2
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-46-2.jpgWyer - Wayzata, 1920s, four estates on Ferndale 2 of 2
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-47A.jpgWyer - Howards Point 1930s, Old Orchard Estate
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-47B.jpgWyer - Excelsior, 1930s, Glen Morris Inn
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-47C.jpgWyer - Minnetonka Beach, 1930s, Lafayette Club Golf Course
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-48.jpgWyer - Excelsior, early 1920s, Sunshine Home (cafe near docks)
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-49.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, early 1900s, passenger ship City of St Louis
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-50.jpgWyer - Excelsior, early 1900s, Radisson Inn, on north shore of Christmas Lake
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-51.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, before 1924 when burned, Hotel Keewayden
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-52.jpgWyer, - Wayzata Bay, about 1900s, artists sketch Breezy Point
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-53.jpgWyer - Deephaven, Chowens Corner, 1981, Deephaven Garage
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-54.jpgWyer - Deephaven, Chowen's Corner, about 1965, various stores
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-55A.jpgWyer - Maplewood, 1869-1904, Phipps House (Maplewood Inn)
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-55B.jpgWyer - Mound, date unknown, Chapman House advertisement
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-55C.jpgWyer - Wayzata Bay about 1900, artists sketch
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-55D.jpgWyer - Lake Park, about 1900, sketch of Gates Island
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-56.jpgWyer - Top: Minnetonka Yacht Club, about 1915, Type C sailboat race; Bottom: Minnetonka Yacht Club, about 1915, Type C sailboat "Kiowa 1"
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-58.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1918, boathouse with Ramaley motor launch
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-59.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, early 1920s, iceboats with Ferndale in background
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-60.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1925, swimming dock towards Swift's point
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-61A.jpgWyer - Halstads Bay, 1888, sailboats "Iris" and "Frolic" (man on top of mast)
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-61B.jpgWyer - Maplewood, 1889, Breezy Point Club picnic
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-62A.jpgWyer - Lake Park, date unknown, Lake Park Hotel sketch
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-62B.jpgWyer - Lake Park, date unknown, sketch of hotel dock
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-62C.jpgWyer - Lake Park, date unknown sketch of "Mary Queen" boat
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-62D.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, sketch of Bartlett Place Upper Lake
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-63A.jpgWyer - Bay St Louis, about 1900, St Louis Hotel
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-63B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1900, Keewaydin Hotel boat landing
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-64A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1920, Walter Douglas Estate lake view
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-64B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1900s, Minnetonka Yacht Club, from Northhome shore
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-65.jpgWyer - Excelsior, 1880s, waterfront with "Belle of Minnetonka"
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-66.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1879-1907, St Louis Hotel
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-67A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, 1920s, Class A and Class E sailboats
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-67B.jpgWyer - lake Minnetonka, 1920s, Gluek's new Chris Craft cruiser "Jeanetta"
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-68A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Narrows Bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-68B.jpgWyer - Carsons Bay, 1920s, Ramaley Launch from Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-68C.jpgWyer - Carsons Bay, 1920s, Seven sailboats racing
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-68D.jpgWyer - Carsons Bay, 1920s, 2 unknown girls on stern
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-69A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, 1910s, swimming for deck of sailboat
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-69B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Class B boat heeled over
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-70A.jpgWyer - Excelsior Bay, 1906, Streetcar Boat "White Bear"
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-70B.jpgWyer - Excelsior Bay, about 1906, Gales Island
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-71A.jpgWyer - Lake Minneotnka, date unknown, sailboat heading out
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-71B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetnka, 1890, Shore picnic, (gents in hats)
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-72A.jpgWyer - Wayzata, about 1880. sketch from north shore, includes Spirit Knot
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-72B.jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 1880, sketch of Exscelsior House from Hunts Hotel
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-72C.jpgWyer - Spring Park, about 1880, E T Warners cottage
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-72D.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Hermitage opposite Crane Island
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-73.jpgWyer - Excelsior, late 1930s, Amusement Park
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-74A.jpgWyer - Ferndale, Wayzata, aerial view showing Peavy Pond and Highcroft
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-74B.jpgWyer - Site unknown, 1930s, seven kids sitting on stone steps
Wyer Collection Book No 22006-2-W1-75.jpgWyer - Deephaven, late 1800s, Chowen home with family in front
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-100A.jpgWyer - Excelsior 1913. Express streetcar
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-100B.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, John Fritschie's motor launch
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-101.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1930, St Louis Bay toward Minneotnka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-102A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka about 1910, Steamer Minneapolis
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-102B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka about 1910, Steamer St Paul
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-103.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, 1893, Catboat Atlanta owned by T B Janney
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-104.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1935, Sunset Point and Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-105A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, 1902, Steam train at Cottagewood Station
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-105B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, 1902, Summerville Road
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-106.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka about 1896-99, Captain Johnson's dredge working
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-107.jpgWyer - Minnetonka Beach, about 1880s, Lafayette Hotel, built 1897
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-108A.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, Excelsior Boat Club
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-108B.jpgWyer - Navarre, date unknown, Old Narrows Bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-108C.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, Excelsior waterfront
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-108D.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, sailboat races
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-108E.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, sailboat races
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-109A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1903, St Louis Hotel RR and streetcar terminal
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-109B.jpgWyer - Navarre, 1907, The Old Narrows
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-110.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1945, Minnetonka Yacht Club, Trophy Presentation
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-111A.jpgWyer - Tonka Bay, 1910, Tonka Bay Hotel
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-111B.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, about 1910, Minnetonka Yacht Club, Minnetonka Ice Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-112A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, 1938, John Gluek at tiller of Christ Craft
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-112B.jpgWyer - Christmas Lake, date unknown, Walkway from Glen Morris Inn
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-113.jpgCottagewood, about 1920, Grandview Point
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-114.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1935, Devoe Schoolbus letting fof Calvin Johnson
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-115.jpgWyer - Maplewood, 1869-1900, Maplewood Inn (Phipps House)
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-76A.jpgWyer - Minnetonka Yacht Club. A D Walker, Sr in his sailing dery, about 1908
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-76B.jpgWyer - Minnetonka Boat Club Dock, Excelsior 1890s
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-77A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-77B.jpgWyer - Hazen Burton's boat house, Carsons Bay
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-78.jpgWyer - Thompson Point, Cottagewood, early 1920s
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-79.jpgWyer - Excelsior Amusement Park
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-80A.jpgWyer - Breezy Point
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-80B.jpgWyer - Lafayette Hotel, Station and dock
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-81A.jpgWyer - T B and A D Walker double home, Deephaven circa 1926. T D died 1928, art collection put in truse valued at $100 million
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-81B.jpgWyer - Denmen-Dayton Boat House, Northome
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-82A.jpgWyer - W L Huft permanent dock, St Louis Bay - now site of J Wyer residence. Dock on site of boat house of Willis Walker, which was removed in the early 1930 or late 1920s
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-82B.jpgWyer - This dock was built about 1938 and is still in service (with modification) today 1990. The end piling is said to be 40 feet long. Background is Deephaven bench area
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-82C.jpgWyer - Barge known as the "Manitowoc" as it originally housed a crave or dragline which was a Manitowoc (made in Wisconsin)
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-83A.jpgWyer - Dock Scene Minnetonka
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-83B.jpgWyer - Purgatory Springs on Lake Minnetonka Electric Highway "Twin City" Lines. Located juste east of intersection of Highway 101 and Excelsior Blvd (south of 7Hi and K-Mart Centers)
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-83C.jpgWyer - View from Fair Oaks Bridge, near Lake Minnetonka, MN. Christmas Lake and Glen Morris on the left.
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-84A.jpgWyer - 3765 Northome Road, dock repair 1968
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-84B.jpgWyer - Minneotnka Yacht Club, May 1994
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-84C.jpgWyer - Chimo W Hill Burton
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-84D.jpgWyer - Burton Property 1967, now Chimo E, Chimo W
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-85A.jpgWyer - T B Janney, steam launch, Maplewood
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-85B.jpgWyer - T B Janney gasoline launch, built by Moore Boat Works, Wayzata (North site of Wayzata Yacht Club), circa 1907
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-86A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1915, dock building at Ralph Wyer home
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-86B.jpg-
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-86C.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1930s, main beach on old RR right-of-way
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-86D.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, Chimo Hill, Carsons Bay
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-87A.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, about 1938. Building Huff Dock
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-87B.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, about 1938. Building Huff Dock
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-87D.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, about 1938. Building Huff Dock
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-88A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Minnetonka Boat Club and Casino
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-88B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, about 1910, Big Island Park boat landing
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-89A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1955, Minnetonka Yacht Club "E" sailboats
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-89B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1940, Walter Pratts "X" boat, Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-90.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Pumphouse Grandview Point
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-90B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, McDonald boathouse near Swift Point
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-90C.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, McDonald main house, boathouse
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-91A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1970s Minnetonka Yacht Club and Bug Island, Walden
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-91B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1900, Bug Island and Minnetonka Yacht Club & RR
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-92A.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, about 1980 aerial view of bay
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-92B.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, about 1980 aerial view of bay
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-93A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Casco Point
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-93B.jpgWyer - Tonka Bay, date unknown, "Puritan", "Excelsior" and "Victory"
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-93C.jpgWyer - Wayzata Bay, date unknown, Breezy Point
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-94A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Bonita and Volante (sloop)
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-94B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Salmon, owned by Wm Eustice
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-94C.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, 1896, "Onawa" owned by Ward Burton
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-95A.jpgWyer - Minnetonka Beach, date unknown, Lafayette Club
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-95B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, streetcar boat Como
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-95C.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, boat docks
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-95D.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, boat docks
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-96A.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, Tour boat docks; Mohawk II
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-96B.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, Amusement Park
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-96C.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, Amusement Park and Docks
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-97A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, LMT Co. steamer Mayflower
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-97B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1925, private launches(---------; Spindrift) at Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-97C.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Tom Shevlin's crack $6,500 launch Muskegon
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-98.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1951, aerial view Bay St Louis and Northome bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 32006-2-W1-99.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1935. W L Huff dock (note Minnetonka's low levels)
Wyer Collection Book No 3IMG_0087A.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, about 1938. Building Huff Dock
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-116A.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, swimming beach with diving tower
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-116B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1905, "Ben Greet" performance
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-116C.jpgWyer - Long Lake, before 1936, Long Lake School
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-117.jpgWyer - Excelsior about 1890, viw of Lake Minnetonka from Sampson House
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-118A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1902, Thomas Janney home
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-118B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1902,Horace Hill House
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-119.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, about 1895, Sailboat "Thistle" owned by J McDonald
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-121.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, aerial view of Big Island
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-123.jpgWyer - Top two photos unidentified, Lower Left: Minnetonka, date unknown, 7-Hi Shopping Center, Lower Right: Deephaven, date unknown, Woody's, Chowens Corner
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-124.jpgWyer - Robinsons Bay, about 1936, Sailnoat at Charlie Winton's Dock
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-125.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1920s, Boats at Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-126.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1900, House on Swift's Point
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-127.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1928, Ralph Wyer, Jr in sailboat race
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-128.jpgWyer - Minnetonka Beach, 1885, Lafayette Hotel with JJ Hills locomotive
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-131A.jpgWyer - Lake Zumbra, date unknown, photo from Zumbra Heights
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-131B.jpgWyer - Halsteads Bay, date unknown, Excursion boat under bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-131C.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Casco Point waterfront
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-131D.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, sailboats going through the Narrows LOWER LEFT
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-132A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1908, Minnetonka Yacht Club with Depot in background
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-132B.jpgWyer -Deephaven, 1908, "Bucaneer" heeling over
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-132C.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1909, Start of sailing race
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-132D.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1909, "Tomahawk" owned by Allen Hill LOWER LEFT
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-133A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, postcard of Deephaven Bay
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-133B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Postcard of Cottagewood shoreline
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-133C.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, postcard of Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-133D.jpgWyer - Tonka Bay, date unknown, postcard of boat docks and casino
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-134A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1931, MYC sailboats passing Lighthouse Island
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-134B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1939, Walker and Huff residence, note low water
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-135.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, looking at MYC into St Louis Bay
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-136A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1919, ILYA regatta, R Wyer, Sr next to mast (white hat)
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-136B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, picture from Swift's Island
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-137A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1905, Minnetonka Ice Yacht Club on Big Island
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-137B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1910, A C Jefferson picnic on Grandview Point
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-138.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, Excelsior Boathouse and Casino
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-139.jpgWyer - Spring Park, date unknown, Hotel Del Otero, pavillion and bathhouse
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-144A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Grandview Point
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-144B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Promenade on Grandview Point
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-145A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1890s, Burton property prior to building Chimo
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-145B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1923, Jan Wyer at old Northome streetcar station
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-145C.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1918, Field hockey at Burton estate
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-145D.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, 1920s, Cottagewood store, built 1890
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-146A.jpgWyer - Woodland, date unknown, Breezy Point looking toward Wayzata
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-146B.jpgWyer -Maplewood, late 1800s, Maplewoods Inn, built 1869 razed 1960s
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-147A.jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 1900, Samson House, built 1896 razed 1960s
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-147B.jpgWyer - Excelsior, late 1800s, White House, built 1872, razed 1921
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-148A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, 8 unidentified pics of tornado damage 1 of 2
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-148B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, 8 unidentified pics of tornado damage 2 of 2
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-149A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1903, Sailboard "Hoodlum" owned by Ward Burton
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-149B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1895, Sailboat "Onawa" owned by Hazen Burton
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-152.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Grandview, GV Thompson Estate, aerial view
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-153A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, boathouse on present Middleton property
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-153B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, L S Donaldson and Pearce Residence
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-153C.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, G V Thompson Estate
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-153D.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, watertower (probably Thompson's)
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-154A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1897, Deephaven station near Carsons Bay bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-154B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, MInnetonka Ice Yacht Club, Big Island
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-155A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Thompsons Point, Moore boat at dock
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-155B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, taken from current McDonald Residence
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-155C.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, looking into Bay St Louis
Wyer Collection Book No 42006-2-W1-155D.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka about 1900, beach scene at unknown place
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-156A.jpgWyer - White Bear Lake, 1896, White Bear Regatta
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-156B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, mid teens, scows racing. Moore fan tail launch
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-157A.jpgWyer - Carsons Bay, 1895, Carsons Bay RR tressel
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-157B.jpgWyer - Carsons Bay, about 1905, picture of Bay
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-158A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Thompsons Point toward Swifts Point
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-158B.jpgWyer - Maplewoods, date unknown, Breezy Point
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-158C.jpgWyer - Lake Minneotnka, late 1920s, Minnetonka Dredging Company
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-158D.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Cottagewood shore
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-159A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1892, Ladies looking at Carsons Bay from Burtons
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-159B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, Minnetonka Yacht Club, Diamond Reef
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-160 (1965).jpgWyer -Cottagewood, 1965, 8 pictures of tornado damage to residences 1 of 2
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-160 (1965)2.jpgWyer -Cottagewood, 1965, 8 pictures of tornado damage to residences 2 of 2
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-161A.jpgWyer - Minneapolis, Pre-1888, Steamship Hattie on Lake Calhoun
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-161B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, The Belle and St Louis awaiting razing
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-161C.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknwon, LMM Co. sternwheeler at dock
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-161D.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, pre-1898, City of St Louis taking on passengers
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-163A.jpgWyer - White Bear Lake, date unknown, dock at White Bear Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-163B.jpgWyer - White Bear Lake?, date u nknown, passenger steamboat
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-166A.jpgWyer - Excelsior, 1882-1886, Minneapolis, Lyndale and Minnetonka narrow gauge RR
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-166B.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, Excelsior docks towards Gales Island
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-167A.jpgWyer - Narrows, early 20s, A C Jefferson fishing with cane pole
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-167B.jpgWyer - Narrows, date unknown, "new" Narrows bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-168A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1916, L S Donaldson boathouse and estate
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-168B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1930, Deephaven RR station (M & St. L)
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-170A.jpgWyer - Wayzata, after 1906, view of Bay with RR depot and boat works
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-170B.jpgWyer - Wayzata, date unknown, Railroad tracks along Lake Street
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-171A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, main lake shore towards Swifts Point
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-171B.jpgWyer - Wayzata, date unknown, Railroad tracks along Lake Street
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-171C.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Jeffersons launch
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-171D.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, early 1900s streetcar boat
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-171E.jpgWyer - Robinsons Bay, about 1915, R Wyer residence
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-171F.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Captain Johnsons excursion boat
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-171G.jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 1895, James I Wyer home, now Christopher B&B LOWER
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-172A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, Minnetonka Ice Yacht Clubhouse
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-172B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, a regatta, Belle of the Lake a spectator
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-174A.jpgWyer - The Narrows, late 1800s, the "new" Narrows before bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-174B.jpgWyer - Wayzata Bay, date unknown, artists sketch of Breezy Point
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-175A.jpgWyer - Excelsior, date unknown, artists sketch from across the bay
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-175B.jpgWyer - Wayzata, date unknown, artists sketch from across the bay
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-176A.jpgWyer - Lake Minneotnka, 1890s, the tour boat "Plymouth"
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-176B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, 1920s, Moore Boat Works launch, "Muskegon"
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-177A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Steamer "St Paul" (three decks)
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-177B.jpgWyer - Gibbs Lake, about 1910, Electric street car to Minnetonka
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-178(1).jpgWyer - Big Island, about 1980, boats clustered for sociability
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-178(2).jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 19680, aerial view of city and lake
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-179A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1891, Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-179B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1940, Minnetonka Club
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-179C.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1943, Minnetonka Yacht Club on fire, totally destroyed
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-180A - Copy.jpgWyer - Wayzata, after 1906, view of Bay with RR depot and boat works
Wyer Collection Book No 52006-2-W1-180A.jpgWyer - Wayzata, after 1906, view of Bay with RR depot and boat works
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-182A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, "Glouscap", Burton Cottge
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-182B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, "Glouscap", Burton Cottage
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-183A.jpgWyer - Big Island, about 1910, Vista from "Tower of Approach"
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-183B.jpgWyer - Big Island, about 1910, Steamboats docking with visitors
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-184A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1935, Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-184B.jpgWyer - Bay St Louis, about 1935, W L Huff dock (now owned W I Wyer)
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-185A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, about 1906. Sandbagger, sloop "Charlotte"
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-185B.jpgWyer - deephaven, date unknown, Minnetonka Yacht Club in distance
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-185c.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, unidentified sailor
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-185D.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, Burton's grass tennis courts
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-186A.jpgWyer -DeephaVEN, 1896, Minnetonka Yacht Club docks, start of annual cruise
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-186B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1900, Minnetonka Ice Yacht Club and ice boats LOWER
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-187A.jpgWyer - Tonka Bay, about 1920, strolling path along lake
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-187B.jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 1905, Casino and Blue Line Restaurant
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-187C.jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 1908, View of Excelsior Bay
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-187D.jpgWyer -Tonka Bay, about 1904, Casino from the lake
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-188A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Streetcar boat "Como"
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-188B.jpg-
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-188C.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Streetcar boat "White Bear"
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-188D.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, Two sidewheel excursion steamers
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-189.jpgWyer - Smithtown Bay, 1977, Thunderhead forming in the west
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-190A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, View from St Louis Hotel
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-190B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1900, Minnetonka Yacht Club docks on busy day
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-191A.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, about 1890, Belle of Minnetonka, capacity 2560
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-191B.jpgWyer - Lake Minneotnka, about 1890, Steamer "City of St Louis"
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-192A&B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, date unknown, two sidewheel excursion steamers
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-193.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, date unknown, Humpback bridge over CNW RR
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-194.jpgWyer - Northome, 1995, aerial view of C J Winton estate
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-195.jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 1924, Roller coaster at Amusement Park
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-196.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1899, Gazebo on Bennetts Point
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-197A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1925, Jim Wyer and Franny Cole on stairs
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-197B.jpgWyer - Wyer picnic, circa 1931
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-197C.jpgWyer - Robinsons Bay, date unknown, Cole house
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-197D.jpgWyer - Robinsons Bay, date unknown, Cole house
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-198A.jpgWyer - Robinsons Bay, date unknown, C J Winton, Jr house
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-198B.jpgWyer - Robinsons Bay, date unknown, C J Winton, Jr house
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-198C.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, date unknown, A D Walker Jr, house
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-198D.jpgWyer - St Louis Bay, date unknown, Elva and Jack Spillane house
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-199.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, about 1900, Cycle path
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-200.jpgWyer - Sir Philip Ben Greet and his English Woodland Players presentation of "As You Like It", 07-01-1905 at the Burton Estate
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-201.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, about 1920, Summer home of T B Janney
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-202.jpgWyer - Ferndale, about 1925, Highcroft home of Frank H Peavy family
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-203.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1925, home of Hazen Burton, yacht "Onawa"
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-204.jpgWyer - Wayzata, 1999, Grays Bay Bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-205.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1910, Keewaydin Hotel, burned 1924
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-206.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1993, Woody's Service Station, Chowens Corner
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-207A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1898, St Louis Hotel and Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-207B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, late 1890s, St Louis hotel boathouse and RR station
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-208.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, about 1909, Keewaydin Hotel dock and stern boat
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-209.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1903, Minnetonka Ice Yacht Club across the bay
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-210.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, Interior stair at old Minnetonka Yacht Club
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-211A.jpgWyer -Deephaven, about 1899, Minnetonka Yacht Club from Sunset Point
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-211B.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1899, Burton log cabin
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-212.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, early 1900s, G V Thompson boathouse
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-213A.jpgWyer - Big Island, 1980, view from Lake
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-213B.jpgWyer - Northome, 1951, Northome Beach with high water
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-213C.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, 1989, Franklin Gull migration in October
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-213D.jpgWyer - Wayzata, 1952, shoreline homes from Grays Bay causeway
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-215.jpgWyer - Deephaven, about 1890, St Louis Hotel 200 rooms, 1879 to 1906
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-216.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1899, Minnetonka Ice Yacht Club (Burned 1904)
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-217.jpgWyer - Ferndale, date unknown, home of Carl Jones
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-218A.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, 1910, Swifts Manor House and boathouse
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-218B.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, 1906, Sailboat heeling in front of Swifts Point
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-219.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1909, M & St L RR station and post office
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-220.jpgWyer - Northome, about 1937, Crawford family on beach
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-221.jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 1923, Twin City Lines ad for land and water ride
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-222.jpgWyer - Excelsior, about 1926, Aerial view of Amusement Park
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-223.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1905, Two views of Stone Arch
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-224.jpgWyer - Deephaven, date unknown, boathouse G V Thompson Estate
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-225.jpgWyer - Cottagewood, 1971, Gluek's dock with Wyer's boats
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-226.jpgWyer - Christmas Lake, early 1900s, artist painting a lily-pad bay
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-227.jpgWyer - Orono, about 1900, Orono Point road and bridge
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-229(1).jpgWyer - 1977, Aerial photos of Cottagewood area 1 of 3
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-229(2).jpgWyer - 1977, Aerial photos of Cottagewood area 2 of 3
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-229(3).jpgWyer - 1977, Aerial photos of Cottagewood area 3 of 3
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-241A.jpgWyer - Deephaven, 1931, Class A sailboats starting race at MYC
Wyer Collection Book No 62006-2-W1-241B.jpgWyer - Lake Minnetonka, about 1922, Franklin Crosby's Ramaley motorboat