Civil War Veterans

Photos of Civil War veterans from Western Hennepin County in the WHCPA Archives.

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Name Photo Link
Abel Willis Cook photo
Addison Gardner photo
Adrian Judson Underwood photo
Alvin Coe Bailey photo
Aretas Smith, David Plant, Henry Russell, unknown, William Smith photo
Aretas Smith photo
Arnold Griswold photo
Benjamin Franklin Keesling photo
Charles Teas Grave photo
Charles Willams Gordon photo
David Archibald photo
David Vaille Plant photo
Elbridge Small Barnes photo
Enos Pray Stubbs photo
George Lewcock photo
Gustav Carl Rodell photo
Hardin Brady photo
Henry Griffing photo
Henry Tennant photo
Jacob Huntsberger photo
James Slane Maxwell photo
Selden, Addison, Madison, Wilber, John Coleman photo
John Demoss Stafford and friend photo
John Fleming Jr photo
John Stafford, Milton Stubbs, David Plant, Arnold Griswold, Frank Hatcher, Maurice Luby, William Perry, Henry Russell photo
Jonathan Langely Grave photo
Kee Wakefiled photo
Mellen Shepard Barnes photo
Lot C Hilton photo
Maurice Smith photo
Milton Aurelius Stubbs photo
Oliver Brown photo
Robert Archibald photo
Robert Burns Coffin photo
Soloman Root Chuchill photo
Stephen Lyons photo
Sylvanus, Albion, William, John, Charles Stinson photo
Thomas Wakefiled photo
William Cook photo
William Elliott Smith photo
William, George, Samuel McCormick photo

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