Orono High School Graduates

This listing was contributed by Gary White, Orono Class of 1954.
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Garland M. Albers1954
Marlene Ellen Anderson1954
Beverly Bergman1954
Graydon L. Bryant1954
Patricia Ann Cofield1954
B. Jean Courtney1954
Beverly A. Danielson1954
Rodger Harold Diesen1954
Ann Elizabeth Ferrin1954
Arlyce Helen Furst1954
Esther Helen Gabriel1954
Mary Jane Gerber1954
Merlin Glampe1954
Beth Estelle Hehl1954
Thomas Dexter Hopf1954
Kenneth Hohenstein1954
Marilyn Delores Johnson1954
Mary Joyce Klatte1954
Leonard L. Larson1954
Ronald Lepowsky1954
Dennis Carleton Lytle1954
Patricia Joyce Maski1954
Geoge E. McDonald1954
Marion Victoria Merz1954
George Myers1954
Carol Mary Nelson1954
Janis Dianne Nelson1954
Yvonne Faye Olander1954
Thomas Charles Ovshak1954
Elaine Campbell Parke1954
Darlene Peterson1954
Harriet G. Peterson1954
Fred E. Raffety1954
Jo Ann Reiser1954
Richard D. Sonderup1954
Donn A. Stinson1954
Roy Swanson1954
Sally Swenson1954
Cecil D. Taylor1954
Carl W. Thomas1954
Dale Turnham1954
Gary D. White1954

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